Arewa Youths Reply UN, Say Igbo Must Quit Or Their Blood Will Soak Our Ground


Following the recent statement made by the United Nations (UN) for an adequate measure to be taken against Arewa youth that issued a quit notice to the Igbos living in the Northern part of Nigeria, the youths have blasted back.
The Arewa youths have replied back to the UN stating that they can never be arrested on any basis following the statement made by their youth leader, who speaks more on the call made by the UN to arrest them. In a statement he said, “the north is our land, we say or decide who stays or leaves, since the Igbo have been agitating for a nation called Biafra, we decided to help them get their nation quick, our arrest will only accelerate their killing in the Northern part of the country even in their land as well if time is not taken.
Yusuf Musa a member of the Arewa youth said that the blood of the Igbos will flow in the streets of northern Nigeria if any attempt is made to arrest their leader or anyone of them.
“We still insist that the Igbos will leave our Land or risk being killed as done in the 1967-1970 Biafra war, we don’t care what our leaders say in the media, leave our Land or we will soak their blood in our land, this time nothing will stop it not even the UN”, he said.

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