How Nigeria Happened To Man Who Won World Bank Global Competition, Wife Cries Out |The Republican News

World Bank Global competition winner with former Minister of finance

In 2017 a Nigerian won the World Bank Ideas for Action. Which saw him defeating up to 734 businesses to come first out of 118 countries that applied globally.Lets read the full story from the wife ”I’m married to a man who believes so much in Nigeria.

Unfortunately I don’t know if Nigeria believes in him. Going through my gallery, I came across these pictures. And I remembered. I remembered in 2017, My hubby won the World Bank Ideas for Action. Which saw him defeating up to 734 businesses to come first out of 118 countries that applied globally.

He was in Washington DC, speaking in several lined up programs organized by the World Bank. He was also officially declared the overall winner there.
This woman, Kemi Adeosun, the then minister of finance was there in Washington. She was excited. Very happy to be associated with the global winner. Promising heaven and earth on how KITOVU his business, would get some form of partnership from the government. She gave some contacts hubby should reach out to when he gets back to Nigeria.

Funny how the guy that came second, from Uganda, was given a presidential welcome when he got back to Uganda from Washington. He was treated like a sort of hero for coming second globally. And he has gone ahead to get thousands of US dollars in funding’s for his business from the World Bank. Of course made possible by the government of Uganda. Because no individual can get any straight funding from the World Bank.
But his counterpart that came first has not as much as heard a cough from his government. And the contact given by the minister of finance bounced.

The only buzz I saw that went on here in Nigeria about his winning was the several arguments by people on whether it was a Nigerian that won or a Biafran. A section of the populace was trying so hard to “correct” the daily newspapers that it was a Biafran that won. While others argued it was a Nigerian. That was
about that in Nigeria.
All the national daily newspapers carried the news. NTA and other TV channels were there in Washington granting interviews to him.

The government knows how these things work. They know that this business that made them proud globally needs funding, being a startup. And they know that World Bank is there for such. They know he can’t access this fundings on his own, except by some type of collaboration with his government, which made the then minister to make the promises. But he came home and his government turned the other way.

People were calling from different corners making financial requests. They were tabling their family financial needs as if he came home with all the money in World Bank itself. What they don’t know was that he DID NOT SEE SHISHI!

After shining from his exploits in the global arena, they pretended he’s no longer in existence.
What did the bible say again about putting your trust in man?
Because they’ll fail you”

-Mrs Nduka Miracle Chukwuemeka

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Husband Slits Wife’s Throat Over US Nursing School Enrolment |RN

Image result for Husband slits wife's throat over enroling in US nursing school

A Ugandan Boda Boda (motorcycle) operator, from Makata, Nakisunga Sub-county, Mukono District Uganda, attacked his wife, and slit her throat after she informed him that her parents have enrolled her in a nursing school in the United States.

The man, identified as Musa Kisakye allegedly attacked his wife, Mrs Olivia Nangonzi with a knife and left a deep cut on her neck.

Thinking Olivia was dead, Kisaye used the same knife to slice his own neck too, Ugandan news website, Daily Monitor reported.

The Mukono Police District commander, Rogers Sseguya revealed that Kisakye is in critical condition at Kawolo Hospital.

Kisakye and Ms Nangonzi are residents of Makata, Nakisunga Sub-county, Mukono District.

They married three years ago and have one child.

“He thought he had killed me, Olivia said.

“Actually, I was too weak and I could not scream. That’s when he also cut his neck.

“I was preparing to set off to America this very week. Unfortunately, my husband wanted to kill me claiming that he wanted me to [stay] at home without upgrading.”

Kisakye would be charged with attempted murder if he recovers, Seguya said. (

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