BREAKING: Joe Igbokwe’s Family Disowns Him, Says His Views Debasing To Their Family |The Republican News

Joe Igbokwe celebrating the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu

The family of the controversial APC Lagos Chieftain, and the Commissioner for Gutter and Sewage Drainage, Engr. Joe Igbokwe has dissociated themselves from his stands against the collective Igbo interest.

Mr. Igbokwe has been seen in many quarters as a political nuisance whose only stock in trade is to bash the Igbo and anything concerning their interests.

Perhaps, the height of his antagonistic reactions towards anything Igbo has reached its crescendo when he openly celebrated the abduction of Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigerian security operatives from Kenya.

The family in a press release obtained by The Republican News disowned his stands and noise and calls it debasing to their royal family heritage.


I would like to advise the public that as a Family, we are an Igbo nationalist family. We have served the City of Nnewi for generations. We have served and supported the cause of Ndigbo for the entire history of our Family. This dedication to the Cause of the Igbo Nation is at the core of our heritage.

We support all legitimate efforts to improve the plight of the Igbo Nation in a country that continues through policies of exclusion to demonstrate the Igbo are not wanted in the Nigerian Nation!

We condemn the unpatriotic, Igbo-hating and self-serving political actions of Joe Igbokwe, which debase our family’s proud history and heritage.

This self-serving noise, which has been coming out of Lagos does not and has never represented the views of our family! We condemn his actions in the strongest terms possible and caution the public to desist from equating these condemnable actions of this lonely political hack as representative of the views of the collective Igbokwe Royal Family!

As a family, we stand together against Nigeria’s heavy-handed treatment of our people.

We stand with the Igbo Nation!

Johnny Madukaejiaka Oforjebeogu Igbokwe

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