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With the summer wedding season due to soon commence, and barbecues aplenty likely to take place across the country, there’s no doubt that the champagne will be flowing continuously over the next few months.

With that in mind, it may be worth considering how you serve and drink champagne, as there are many easy techniques that you can employ to boost its taste.

Experts from the House of Champagne Lanson have provided their recommendations on how best to enjoy a glass of bubbly.

Here are the dos and don’ts regarding how to drink champagne the right way, according to the industry experts.

Keep it in a cool, dry place

While many people may instinctively place a bottle of champagne in the fridge, it’s actually preferable to keep it in a cool, dry place.

In the instance that an individual doesn’t handily have a wine cellar, the bottom of your wardrobe or a household cupboard could make for an ideal alternative, the experts informed The Daily Mail.

Serve it in a flute

There’s a reason why champagne is often served in a flute rather than another type of glass, and it all comes down to the bubbles.

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When champagne is poured into a glass with a wider rim at the top, the bubbles on the surface of the beverage are more likely to disappear at a faster rate.

Therefore, serving champagne in a flute can not only make the bubbles last longer but also retain the flavour of the drink.

Serve it with dessert

Champagne is frequently offered as a welcome drink at events, with wine then offered throughout a meal.

However, the experts advise serving champagne with the dessert portion of the meal, as a lighter, fresher alternative to the sweeter-tasting dessert wine.


Drink champagne by itself

Adding other ingredients to champagne, such as mint or lemon peel, can really enhance the flavour, the experts state.

If you enjoy experimenting with other forms of alcohol, then why not also trying doing so with a glass of bubbly?

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Pour an entire glass in one go

Apparently, the ideal way to pour a glass of champagne is to first pour an inch into the glass and then leave it so that the foam can settle.

Only once the foam has settled should you then top up the rest of the glass until it’s been filled two-thirds of the way.

Chill your champagne for too long

The experts advise not chilling champagne for a long period of time in the fridge, as it isn’t as pleasant to drink if it’s too cold.

Instead, you should place the champagne in an ice bucket for around 30 minutes before serving to guests.

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Save the champagne for a significant occasion

The majority of champagne isn’t vintage, meaning that it’s sold during the time in which it’s ideal for it to be consumed.

With that in mind, don’t succumb to the temptation to hold onto purchased champagne for years on end. Enjoy it!  (Daily Mail)

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