Four Herdsmen Killed In Southern Kaduna Attack |The Republican News

                  Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufa’i

Godwin Isenyo

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, on Saturday, said four of its members were killed by youths in the troubled Southern Kaduna.

According to the herdsmen, the youths, said to be from Kadara and Gwari communities in Kajuru Local Government Area, were responsible for the killings.

The National Secretary of the association, Ibrahim Abdullahi, speaking at a press conference in Kaduna, claimed the incident occurred when some kidnappers raided the communities and took away some villagers.

He noted that the youths took advantage of the incident and stormed the village, killing four of their members, including a brother to one of those kidnapped.

He said, “MACBAN wishes to condemn the recent unprovoked, unwarranted killing of its members in Kajuru Local Government Area by Kadara and Gwari communities.

“The killings followed a kidnap incident in which Fulani, Adara and Gbagyi people were victims. In fact, the brother and sister of one of the Fulani killed were kidnapped during the incident that led to the attack on the Fulani community.

“As soon as the kidnap was over, the communities decided to attack the nearest nomadic settlements, killing the four youths.”

Abdullahi alleged that there were deliberate attempts by some misguided individuals to ensure that violent crisis spread across the state.

“It started with the amputation of the hands of migratory nomads in Maho village in Kachia Local Government Area, unprovoked attacks and burning of three nomadic settlements in Tsohon Damishi in Chikun Local Government Area, and now, these unjustifiable killings,” he added.

While calling on their members to remain calm and not to take laws into their hands, Abdullahi called on the relevant security agencies to apprehend all the perpetrators.

The Kaduna State Police Command could not confirm the incident as responses to a phone call and text message sent to the Acting Police Public Relations Officer, Mustapha Mohammed, were still being awaited as of the time of filing this report. (

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Probe The Sources Of Weapons For Fulani Herdsmen, CAN Tells Buhari

CAN to FG: Probe sources of weapons for Fulani herdsmen

CAN President, Rev. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle

The President, Chris­tian Association of Nigeria (CAN), his eminence, Rev Samson Olasupo Ayokunle has asked the Federal Govern­ment to probe the sources of the ammuntion being used by the murderous Fulani herdsmen with a view to stop their criminal activities.
A statement by the press secretary to the CAN presi­dent, Bayo Oyedeji stated that Ayokunle asked the security agencies to stop treating the criminals among the herdsmen with kid gloves urged the gov­ernment to rise up to the challenges if the nation must have peace and unity.
“The issues of the ram­paging and murderous Fu­lani herdsmen in different parts of our nation must be stopped. They block high­ways to kidnap and rob, inflicting injuries on inno­cent Nigerians and killing them like fowls.
“No stone should be left unturned in bringing the perpetrators of such crimes to book. Security agencies should stop telling us that they are ‘unknown gun­men.’
“Those arrested should be conclusively prosecuted to serve as deterrent to oth­ers. Their sources of am­munition must be unveiled and those behind the sup­ply should be proscuted. Victims of such senseless violent acts deserve com­pensation especially the people of Southern Ka­duna, Agatu community of Benue state, several com­munties in the Eastern part of the country and South-South.”
Ayokunle who decried the menace of unem­ployment in the country warned those in the posi­tion of authorities to cre­ate enabling environment before it is too late.
“Unemployment of the able bodied youths in our nation, especially gradu­ates of various tertiary in­stitutions is another wor­risome issue; such requires enabling environment for their employment. All the harsh economic measures must be dropped for busi­nesses to flourish. A stitch in time saves nine.”   (Authority)

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Aso Rock Cabal: I’m Not Part Of It, Says El-Rufai

Kaduna state governor, Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai, was in Lagos recently to meet some editors, where he spoke about the Southern Kaduna killings, the cabal in the Villa,  and other issues of national interests. Ismail Omipidan was there for Daily Sun.


During the PDP era in Kaduna state, the governors had good rapport with Senators from the state, including the Senator from the opposition party. With you, what is the relationship like?

One of the things that I initiated was a monthly meeting with members of the National Assembly from Kaduna state across party lines, because I believe that their job is to advocate for Kaduna state’s interest at the federal level and that we should all work together. I hosted them to a dinner immediately after inauguration, but the senator from Southern Kaduna did not come, the two APC senators came, and most of the members of the House of Representatives came. I told them that we need to work together to influence budgetary provisions for Kaduna, to influence projects and so on.

I was doing that monthly until the Governors’ Forum started fixing monthly meetings the same time I was having dinner with the members of the National Assembly. That disrupted it, and I have not met with them now for about four months, but we have now agreed to a monthly late lunch meeting.

The senator from Southern Kaduna maybe, considered himself a PDP senator and may have thought we would not be fair to him; so he has never attended these meetings. I think that once elections are over, you are a governor of everyone and you should try to bring everyone along. That does not mean that I don’t have separate meetings with APC House of Representatives members or House of Assembly members; we do when we have to meet over party issues, and I meet monthly with State House of Assembly members across party lines. They come, and I host them to dinner, they ask what we are doing, and we explain. We are on one page, and I think this is why our State House of Assembly is the most prolific in Nigeria. It has passed about 25 laws.

Shehu Sani’s history is that of an activist, of some type and it is up to you to determine the adjective. He contested the APC primaries and defeated the candidate that I supported (General Sani Saleh), and after the primaries, I brought everyone together and said we all have to win this election. I got Saleh to support him, and we supported him fully.

I think the problem is that because Shehu Sani’s mind is that of an activist, he thinks that the way to position himself, is through the media. He thinks politics is being in the media all the time. Activism is different from politics. Sometimes in politics, you don’t want your name in the media, but activists’ oxygen is the media, and he thinks that the way to remain visible and prepare him for running for governor of Kaduna State in 2019 is to criticise everything I do. Even if I breathe air, he will criticise it.

I told my media team not to respond to him; we are a government of everybody including Shehu Sani. Let the party apparatchik respond to him, let people in the streets respond to him, and I also told them to let’s work, let’s produce results because we will get to the point that nobody can come and criticise us because the boys will beat him up.

Because of the things he has been doing, criticising the President Buhari, saying all sorts of things about me, the party disciplinary process was initiated against him, but he blames it on me. He thinks I engineered it. But frankly, I don’t care about Shehu Sani. I don’t think he is a threat to me politically or in any way. In 2018 when the whistle is blown we will see who has support on the ground in Kaduna. It is not an issue that I bother about.

And with Senator Hunkuyi, we have a cordial relationship. In fact, our relationship goes beyond politics. It is like a family relationship. As a matter of fact, it was Senator Hunkuyi who asked me to run for governorship. I told him I won’t run for any office, except Gen. Buhari asked me to run. I asked him, ‘why don’t you run, since you have the experience.’ So I have a cordial relationship with him, except you know something else, which I don’t know

But we also gathered that Senator Shehu Sani is angry with you because you empowered General Saleh’s supporters at the expense of his own supporters, is that true?

I can choose who to empower. I am the governor of the state, and I have to make appointments, and in making the appointments, I have to balance merit, loyalty and paying off other debts. I don’t owe Shehu Sani anything; he owes me. I asked all of them including Shehu Sani to give me names of people that I will appoint to positions, they gave me, and I looked at them, and none of the people from Shehu’s list is good enough to be a commissioner in my cabinet.

Shehu Sani’s first anger was that the list of commissioners came out and none from his list. In a state where there are about 10,000 PhDs that I have in my data base; I am not going to take a diploma holder and make him a commissioner just because he is Shehu Sani’s man. I don’t operate like that. When President Obasanjo called me and said he was going to make me a minister, I gave him a condition that ‘you don’t appoint members of my team, I will appoint my team,’ and that is the person that appointed me. If you have a difficult job, you have to appoint your own team.

One of the commissioners we appointed has a Ph.D in Physics; he was a director in the Federal Civil Service, I never saw him until the day that I swore him in. We just looked at his CV, somebody brought it, and we appointed him based on his CV because there is a job to be done. Do I do this all the time? No! When we were appointing local government chairmen, I didn’t get involved. I said let us go and look at those who worked for us at the grassroots and appoint them local government chairmen and councillors. There are 225 councillors in Kaduna state, 23 local government chairmen; I did not appoint one. I left it to the party and our leaders, I said go and do it. But when they brought the list, I looked, and there was no woman, I said it is not possible, 23 chairmen and no woman? So, I looked I saw one woman councillor in one local government, and I made her chairman! That was the only thing I did. I got two women to be local government chairmen! That was what I did. I did not appoint one person because they are not working directly with me. But the people that work directly with me, I must have confidence that they can deliver. However, many politicians don’t like this because the PDP system of distribution has become so engrained that people feel entitled that once they help you win an election, you must give them commissioners’ slots or so. Even Obasanjo that made me minister of FCT did not send me one person to work with me.

We hear you are very close to President Buhari and that in fact, you are a member of the Abuja Cabal. Are you part of the cabal?

It is not correct to say I am part of those that influence things in the Villa. Am I very close to Buhari? Yes. I worked very closely with him in the CPC (Congress for Progressive Change) when everyone had given up on him. I know him, I know how he thinks and he trusts me. He knows that I am driven by public interest. Do I participate in federal decision making? I don’t. I am too busy addressing Kaduna problems to be part of it. When I am called for an opinion or when I happen to be around, and I have an input or if I see something going seriously wrong; I drive and go and see Mr. President I have heard A, B, C, D. I don’t think it is not right, you should consider doing C, D, E. I do that and I drive back to Kaduna. My primary assignment is Kaduna. I am not involved in the Federal Government. People like to say and attribute so much to me, and sometimes it is good for me, it gives me a larger than life image. Is there a cabal? There is always a cabal. Even in your own newspaper houses, there is a cabal. Nobody can run an institution without a coterie of two, three, four trusted people. There is always a cabal; the issue is whether it is a positive or a disruptive cabal. Am I a member of the cabal? No, I am governor of Kaduna state; I work for Kaduna state 24/7.

Why have you not transmitted some good things you did in Kaduna like the attachment of portfolios to commissioners-designate to the President?

Every leader has his leadership style, and every governor has his own culture. The culture in the Federal Government is to send names without portfolios.

But that was the culture in Kaduna before you came too.

But I have decided to change it. I am not the President. If I am the President, I probably may do things differently, but if I am the President, also, I may get information and briefings by officials and security agents that may help me do things differently. You don’t know how much briefing or information he has. Every leader has his own style, information that guides how he decides, so I can’t say that what I have done in Kaduna is necessarily relevant to the Federal Government.

We hear Inuwa Abdulkadir’s house in Kaduna has been marked for demolition because of the misunderstanding between the two of you, over Kaduna APC crisis. Can you react to that?

I don’t know about that. Of course, there is a problem between us because he is trying to mess up our party in Kaduna state in pursuit of an agenda and I have told him that if he doesn’t stop doing that, that I will deal with him and I got three witnesses to that.

I didn’t even know Inuwa Abdulkadir (APC, National Vice chairman, North-West) had land or house in Kaduna. I know that he has a wife that lives in Kaduna, I would assume that like most northern elites that he has a house in Kaduna, but I really didn’t know. I don’t know about this.

These things are done as a matter of procedures and duties, and if he has his title and approved building plans, nobody would touch his house. I am not a guerrilla warrior, if I am going to fight you, I will give you notice so that you will prepare. If Inuwa Abdulkadir has a house in Kaduna and he built without title or permission, I will not ask KASUPDA not to demolish just because he will blame me for it; I don’t care about that. On the other hand, if he has his title and approved building plans, you better ask him to produce them to KASUPDA because this KASUPDA is three or so levels below me and I don’t get to know what they are doing.  (The Sun)

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How To End Southern Kaduna Killing-by El-Rufa’i |The Republican News

Wale Ajetunmobi and Frank Ikpefan

Image result for nasir el-rufai

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufa’i

KADUNA State Governor Nasir El-Rufa’i has offered a three-step solution to end killings in Southern Kaduna – a Christian-dominated settlement that has been constantly invaded by suspected herdsmen.

The governor said calming frayed nerves, prosecuting culprits and building peace are ways to go in healing injuries precipitated by the renewed crisis, which recently led to the destruction of lives and properties.

El-Rufa’i, who spoke yesterday on Sunrise Daily, a live programme on Channels TV, described the Southern Kaduna killings as a “reprisal” from trans-human pastoralists from outside Nigeria, saying some arrested suspects who participated in the carnage were helping security agencies in investigations.

He said: “We have studied these problems and we think the solution is in three-step. We are very clear in our mind that, that is the way to go. Based on previous experience and the study of the situation on the ground, and based on what Peace and Intelligence experts have told us; the first step is to restore peace and normalcy to the affected Local Government Areas through enhanced security and military deployment…

“The second step is to prosecute all those involved. We have made significant arrest; the police have paraded some of these suspects. Some have not been paraded because we have not got the entire gang… Most of those we have arrested now are local Fulani and the Southern Kaduna people, because they were also blocking highways and killing innocent people. We have both (groups) in custody… and we are getting closer to arresting the masterminds.

“The third step is the peace building. We need to bring the communities together, because no matter how many policemen and armed forces you put in a place like Southern Kaduna, which has scattered communities, there would be no peace unless people agree to live in peace.”

El-Rufa’i said there are people directly living of the crisis, accusing political and religious leaders for making gains out of the killings.

He said: “There people, believe it or not, that have been living of this (crisis). Subsequent events and prosecutions would reveal this. As I speak, we are aware of some church leaders that have been getting money from abroad to bury Christians that have killed and to re-build thousands of churches that are being destroyed. Because, the more they put these pictures on social media and give the impression that Christians are being targeted, the more the funds flow in.”

The governor cautioned political and church leaders in Southern Kaduna sending a “narrative of exclusion” to desist from making divisive statement.

He said: “There are political and church leaders in Southern Kaduna sending a narrative of exclusion that, only indigenes should live in that part; that only people of particular religion should live there. Unless people agree to live in peace, we will not have peace.

“No peace is possible without justice and foundations of law enforcement. What we have seen in Southern Kaduna is a result of impunity. People came and destroy property for 37 years and no one has ever been prosecuted.”

On the allegation that some traditional rulers and local government chairmen might be part of the problem, he said: “We are working closely with traditional rulers, but I want to tell you that some of them are part of the problems. We are prosecuting some of them. There was a case of policemen who went to Nasarawa State for an investigation. On coming back, they met a checkpoint manned by Southern Kaduna youths who killed four policemen and took their rifles. When the police investigated the matter, a traditional ruler handed over the rifles to police investigators. And we said, where are those people that gave him the riffles? Those are the killers. The traditional ruler refused. We are charging him for murder.”  (The Nation)

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Punishing Kaduna Killings’ Perpetrators Will End Crisis, Says Sanusi Lamido



Lekan Adetayo and Adelani Adepegba, Abuja

The Emir of Kano, Mohammed Sanusi II, on Wednesday met behind closed doors with the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo.

The brief meeting took place inside Osinbajo’s office at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The traditional ruler arrived for the meeting shortly after the Acting President left the Council Chambers where he presided over a meeting of the Federal Executive Council.

He, however, refused to speak with State House correspondents on his mission to Osinbajo.

“You can just report that I came to the Villa,” he simply told the journalists as he made his way out of the Presidential Villa.

As of the time of filing this report, there has not been any official statement from the Presidency on the agenda of the meeting.

The Emir of Kano also attended  the award presentation ceremony of ‘Most Security Conscious Governor’ to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi in Abuja on Tuesday by the Nigeria Police Force.

At the event, the top monarch explained that the bloodshed in Southern Kaduna persisted because the culprits behind the violence were not punished.

He noted that many of the culprits had been identified in the past by tribunals, but nothing was done to them.

Sanusi stated that the nation was facing many threats and accused most leaders of selfishness, stressing that they cared only for themselves and their families.

He attributed the  security challenges  in the country to poverty and lack of education.

The Emir said it was ironic that the Boko Haram sect which claimed to be fighting for Islam was killing Muslims while the Niger Delta militants agitating for resource control were bombing oil pipelines and destroying their natural environment.

He said, “You are a Muslim, you go to mosques, people are praying and you are killing them and saying Allah. In the Niger Delta, we have people who are fighting for resource control, they want money from oil and how do they get the money? They blow up the pipelines.

“There is such a lack of understanding, focus and sense to the violence. How do you blow up your pipelines, resources because you want resource control? How would you blow up mosques because you want to establish an Islamic system?”

He added, “In Southern Kaduna, we have people who have lived together for decades and centuries killing each other because they have constructed fake identities –  settler and indigene – and because of genuinely lack of enforcement of the law.

“Every time there is crisis in Southern Kaduna, people die, there is a tribunal, there is a report, culprits are identified and nothing happens. So, these small instances utterly lead to conflagration.”

Sanusi admonished state governors and other political leaders in the country to make the citizens their focus and responsibility.

He stated that the leaders were focused on constructing skyscrapers and roads and building beautiful state capitals instead of tackling poverty among the populace.

The monarch noted that billions of naira expended on frivolous projects could go into education and agriculture. (

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Buhari Orders Actions To Check Recurring Violence In Southern Kaduna |The Republican News

 Augustine Ehikioya, Abuja

Image result for buhari

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered that decisive measures be taken to stop  the recurring violence in the Southern Kaduna State.

Inspector-General of Police Ibrahim Idris was in the state  on Saturday  and Sunday to assess the situation .

In addition to the conventional policemen deployed in the area, a statement by the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said a squadron of mobile policemen had also been stationed there.

Read more: Gov. El-Rufai Names Mastermind Of Kaduna Killings, Orders His Arrest |The Republican News

According to him, the army was  setting up two battalions in Southern Kaduna. The military will continue to carry out air surveillance across flash points of the area.

The President, the statement said, has also directed the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to carry out a joint assessment of the situation with the sister agency in Kaduna, SEMA, in order to determine the level of response required for urgent aid for the victims.

It reads: “These measures  should soon ensure the return of normalcy to the region, while the Kaduna State government continues its peace building efforts.

Read more: Buhari’s Silence On Kaduna Killings Unacceptable |The Republican News

“The President commended  efforts of the state government and the security agencies in the steps taken so far to curtail the violence.

“President Buhari has, once again,  sent condolences to the people of Southern Kaduna, who have lost loved ones in the recent violence.”  (The Nation)

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Massacre Of Christians In Kaduna Prelude To Breakup of Nigeria, Warns MASSOB |The Republican News

Killing, prelude to Nigeria’s break up,says group

From George Onyejiuwa, Owerri

Founder of the Movement  for the Actualisation of the Sovereign States of Biafra (MASSOB) and the Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike said the massacre of Christians in Kaduna by suspected Fulani herdsmen was a prelude to the break up of the nation.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari should stop playing the ostrich and conduct a sovereign national conference.

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In a statement  yesterday  by the Director of Information of the movement, Sunny Okereafor, Uwazuruike said  it had become imperative for the President to convoke a national sovereign conference following the ongoing crisis in Kaduna State and earlier disturbances by various pressure groups kicking against marginalisation of their zones.

Uwazuruike described the upheavals in Kaduna, where over 800 people have been killed as a manifestation of a diseased nation.

He said it was part of the reasons they have consistently asked for the independence of Ndigbo.

“I have been calling for sovereign national conference since 1999 when I started the struggle but nobody listened to me. Now, look at the crisis in the Niger Delta, the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East and now the planned massacre in southern Kaduna.

“This is an indication that all is not well with the country and it is now imperative for the President to stop playing the ostrich and convoke a national conference to save the country from violent break up.”

The MASSOB leader, however, appealed to Ndigbo to remain calm, assuring that the “much awaited time” for the independence of Biafra was almost at hand.

He added that the 18th anniversary of MASSOB coming up on May 22 may usher in the dream of Ndigbo.

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KADUNA MASSACRE/sdKaduna massacre: Prelude to break up of Nigeria- MASSOB


The founder of the Movement  for the Actualisation of the Sovereign States of Biafra (MASSOB) and the Biafra Independent Movement, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike said the massacre of Christians in Kaduna by suspected Fulani herdsmen is a prelude to the break up of the nation.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari should stop playing the ostrich and immediately conduct sovereign national conference.

In a statement  yesterday  by the Director of Information of the movement, Sunny Okereafor, Uwazuruike pointed out that it has become imperative for the President to convoke a national sovereign conference following the ongoing crisis in Kaduna State and earlier disturbances by various pressure groups kicking against marginalisation of their zones.

Uwazurike described the upheavals in Kaduna where over 800 people have been killed as a manifestation of a diseased nation and why Ndigbo have consistently asked for the independence of Ndigbo from the suffocating Nigeria Federation.

“ I have been calling for sovereign national conference since 1999 when I started the struggle but nobody listened to me, now, look at the crisis in the Niger Delta, the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East and now the planned massacre in southern Kaduna.

This is an indication that all is not well with the country and it is now imperative for the President to stop playing the ostrich and convoke a national conference to save the country from violent break up.”

The MASSOB leader, however, appealed to Ndigbo to remain calm, assuring that the “much awaited time” for the independence of Biafra is almost at hand. He added that the 18th anniversary of MASSOB coming up on May 22 may usher in the dream of Ndigbo.

The Sun

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Buhari’s Silence On Kaduna Killings Unacceptable |The Republican News

 Gbenga Omokhunu, Abuja

Image result for Rev; Ayokunle

CAN president, Rev. Ayokunle

The National leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN) on Friday expressed sadness over the manner the federal and state governments are handling the Southern Kaduna killings.

CAN described President Muhammadu Buhari’s silence on the matter as sad and unacceptable.

Briefing journalists in Abuja on the crisis in Southern Kaduna, CAN National General Secretary, Rev. Musa Asake, said although the church in Nigeria has been subjected to a “systemic genocide and persecution through the instrumentality of Boko Haram, which has killed thousands of Christians and destroyed churches and over 50,000 houses since 2009, the current unprecedented onslaught against Christians in southern Kaduna by Islamic fundamentalists disguising as Fulani herdsmen had reached an alarming stage.”

The continuous killings, Asake said had shown that the Kaduna State government “lacks the will power to arrest the situation and bring it under effective control.

“We know that southern Kaduna has been under 24-hour curfew daily as directed by the governor, yet the enemies of the people are still prowling going from house to house killing defenseless people without government protection,” the body said.

CAN, he said has declared January 8, 2017 as national day of mourning by Christians including those in diaspora, adding that all Christians must dress in mourning attire of black clothes or dresses in all church services.

He said, “I have been directed by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle to bring to your attention the ongoing ethnic/religious cleansing of Nigerian Christians in general and those of southern Kaduna in particular in the last few weeks.

“While we commend President Muhammadu Buhari for waging war against Boko Haram fundamentalists since his assumption of office, his silence on the ongoing genocide in the last few weeks speaks volume of the perceived official endorsement of the dastardly and ungodly acts.

“The recent defense of the President’s silence that the President has received briefing from the governor of Kaduna State on the matter is unacceptable, because the Presidency knows that the people of the affected area had already protested the governor’s unacceptable biased handling of the killings.” (

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