Ohanaeze Urges S’East Gov’s To Support Biafran Groups Stand On May 30th, Make It Public Holiday |The Republican News

South East Governors Forum

As the Biafran heroes and heroines day draws near in the midst of unfounded oppositions from the South East governors, the Ohanaeze Youths Council has joined to demands that the governors make 30th May a public holiday in the region.

Many proponents of Biafran heroes and heroines day have expressed that there is nothing wrong in observing a day in memory of their fallen heroes and heroines and making such a public holiday is a great idea for honouring their souls.

Their press statement is below.



The National leadership of Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, under Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka, after an analysis of the incidents that led to the conceptualization of the May 30th day commemoration have resolved that it is time to take a holistic step towards the economic development of Igboland.

In view of this, OYC, arrived at various resolutions viz:

-The leadership of OYC, is demanding that all the Igbo governors of Old Eastern Region should declare every 30th May public holiday.

-That May 30th should not only be seen as a day we should literarily observe the “sit-at-home order”, rather in honour of Biafran fallen heroes who died during the Nigeria/ Britain genocide against Eastern Nigeria people, it should also be a day set aside to have creative discussions and lecture sessions to continuously design possible ways for economic development of Igbo land and Political Survival of Umuigbo

That Ohanaeze Youth Coucil, is hereby calling on governors of Old Eastern Region to adopt the May 30th as a special Commemoration day for Biafrans Past Heroes.

The Council is also calling on Senators, House of Representatives members of Old Eastern extraction as well as the state Houses of Assembly to join in the movement to institutionalize May 30th as a mourning day and a meeting point to discuss how the survival of the genocide against Easterners will make a genuine living.

We, the Ohanaeze Youth Council-Oyc knowing that Ndigbo was the major target of the 1967-70 Nigeria/ Britain led genocide, therefore Ndigbo should be at forefront of 30the May Remembrance of Igbo Fallen Heroes.

The Council knowing that Ndigbo are the largest African Race with the total population strength of 42.8% of the Nigeria population therefore, accept and adopt the 30th day of May, as Commemoration Day of Biafran Heroes

That May 30th day commemoration should create room for a meeting point for all Igbos both home and abroad to discuss fundamental issues for a wider economic empowerment of Igbo Youths.

The Council is using this opportunity to call on the Igbo technocrats outside Igboland to use May 30th, to locate home and offer their professional services to the socio-political and economic development of Igboland and to identify the bane of Southeast development with a view to ending the plethora of challenges facing our people.

The Council advice the Pro Biafran groups, Massob, Ipob, Zonist, Biafra National Council, Eastern People Congress, Movement of Biafra In Nigeria, Biafra National League to work with political actors of Igbo extraction, governors, senators and Others to make 30th May Heroes Day naturally accepted by Eastern people like how the Yoruba’s institutionalized June 12.

The Council advise governors of Igbo extraction and pro-Biafran groups to shun any threatening comments and action that could lead to tension in the states of Igbo extraction. It’s regrettable on the kind of tension existing in some states, this is as a result of unguided statement of Governors and some pro-Biafra groups.

To quench this regular tension in Igbo land in every 30th May, the Igbo political leaders, Religion leaders, traditional leaders and Pro-Biafran leaders must work in signage and ensure that 30th May become a memorable day of ” Intellectual Discussion in honor of Biafran Fallen Heroes and a day of economic cum Socio-political planning for the survival of Ndigbo in this Contraption called Nigeria.

Comrade Igboayaka .O. Igboayaka
National President, OYC.

Dr. Gift Nwanaga
National Secretary General, OYC

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Return Home And Call A Meeting For Dialogue, We’ll Attend — SE Governors Tell Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB

South East Governors with Security Chiefs in the region after meeting to ban movement of cattle by Fulani herdsmen


South-East governors have said they are ready to engage in dialogue with the Indigenous People of Biafra to resolve their differences.

IPOB had threatened to attack South-East governors and other Igbo leaders outside the country after beating former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, in Germany for allegedly working their interest.

The Chairman of the South-East Governors’ Forum, Chief David Umahi, told our correspondent on Thursday that they never proscribed IPOB, but rather they banned their activities in the region.

The Ebonyi State governor, who spoke through his Chief Press Secretary, Emma Uzo, asked IPOB to convene a meeting and invite the governors for discussions.

He said, “IPOB are our children. They are our brothers and sisters. They fight for their fight on the pages of newspapers and social media, and it does not help. The best thing is for all of us to sit down and talk. The governors are ready to speak with them.

“They should have a way of coming home or convene a meeting and the governors will attend anywhere they want. Let us sit down and discuss it. And they should know that the governors did not proscribed them, they lack constitutional powers to proscribed them. They only banned their activities in the region where they have jurisdiction.”

IPOB on Wednesday through Aloy Ejimakor, counsel for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, wrote to the governors, giving conditions for peace to reign.

The group in the letter, titled ‘Operation Python Dance: An Open Letter To South-East Governors’, demanded “immediate and unconditional de-proscription of IPOB and delisting it as a terrorist organisation. A truth and reconciliation commission on the Python Dance lethal military operations of September 2017.”

The separatist group added, “A public apology for the extrajudicial killing of IPOB members and desecration of the palace of an Igbo traditional ruler at Afaraukwu, Abia State. A genuine dialogue with IPOB on its referendum demand for the restoration of Biafra and discontinuance of the ongoing prosecution of IPOB members and forbearance of any future arrests and prosecutions.”

But the governors said the group were channelling their demands to the wrong people.

Umahi said, “Why can’t they channel their grievances straight to the Federal Government? So, that demand is dead on arrival. It is not the governors that will apologise to them but rather they should apologise to the governors and Ndigbo.”

On whether they will lift the ban on IPOB activities in the zone, Umahi said the issue would be discussed at the meeting (convened by IPOB).

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Fulani Vigilante: MASSOB Calls SE Governors Cowards, PANDEF Asks Them To Form One In North East


Chukwudi Akasike and Theophilus Onojeghen

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra has described state governors in the South-East as cowards for failing to defend the Igbo when leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria offered to raise a vigilante outfit to protect the region.

MASSOB explained that while the governors and leaders in the South-West were suggesting ways to tackle the menace of herdsmen within their states, governors in Igboland could not reject the suggestion.

Director of Information of MASSOB, Sunday Okereafor, who spoke to SUNDAY PUNCH in a telephone interview, said the Igbo should know that the attitude of their governors was an indication that they had no leader.

He said, “We say no to the plan to make Igboland part of Fulaniland. If there is any problem in the South-East, the governors indicted will pay the price; it is going to be a heavy price. We are ready for them.’’

Also, the Pan Niger Delta Forum also condemned the call by the cattle breeders association.

PANDEF warned the Federal Government not to heed the demand of the group, saying the government should stop treating the group with “obnoxious impunity.”

In a statement on Saturday signed by PANDEF’s National Secretary, Dr Alfred Mulade, it stated that the call was misplaced, promising to stand with other socio-cultural bodies, including the Ohaneze Ndigbo and Afenifere, to ensure failure of such plan.

PANDEF asked the group to rather form a vigilante group to tackle insurgency in the troubled North-East.

The statement read in part, “PANDEF stands solidly with its contemporaries, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Afenifere in their similar response as PANDEF’s position on this yet another reckless display of rabid impunity covered by rabid obnoxious immunity.’’ (Punch)

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Eastern Region Assembly Condemns SE Governors Meeting With Miyetti Allah |The Republican News

The Eastern Region Assembly, ERA has responded in strongest terms the demand from the Miyetti Allah from South East governors for the Fulani herdsmen to be part of the vigilante group which are to be formed in the Eastern region. The idea of the vigilante is to form a security outfit to check against the menance of the murderous and marauding killer Fulani herdsmen, and the fact that the same group wants to be part of the vigilante security outfit raised eyebrows.

ERA, in their press release had this to say:


ERA (Eastern Region Assembly) is putting it to the entire governors in Alaigbo and the coastal parts of the region that a successful formation of alien vigilante translates to a successful invasion, occupancy, and outright takeover of our region.

The governors manning the state houses in the region should not forget that they are the custodians of our social pact – common will – and as such will be the ones to be held responsible for whatever social, political, and economic quagmire the region is faced with.

ERA, most especially, frowns at the persistent disunity of the state actors that dot the region, considering the fact that their contemporaries in the West work n-sync with their people. ERA wonders why the needed regional consciousness still remains a spook in the minds of both state actors and traditional leaders in our dear region.

It is the terse submission of ERA’s that as long as the led and leaders in the region cannot sit together and discuss the future of the region the way the West did and was able to anoint Gani Adams, our region will continue to float without any projected destination. Of course, the real reason behind our travails before and after the Civil War is our inability to talk as one people.

ERA was formed with the evasive consciousness of one people, related regional culture, diverse dialects from one language etc. We urge the entire people in the region to borrow a leaf from the West and start doing the needful. We must begin to think of our region first, since it is only in doing so that our tribes will fare better; for no tribe can stand alone: there is so much strength in unity.

ERA will not fail to blame the governors, legislators, and judicial activists in our region should any part of the region fall under indirect administration of aliens whose real goal is to conquer us – religiously, politically, and economically. But we cannot complain without proffering solution. ERA recommends as follows:

1) that the entire people, traditional actors, and state actors fashion out a way to come together vide a regional summit

2) that the regional summit be used to produce a generally acceptable leader who will be supported by the leaders and led in the region

3) that all wrongs in the past be discussed and forgiven in the interest of the region

4) that local vigilante groups in various parts of the region (Egbesu in Ijaw, Bakassi in Alaigbo etc) be reawaken by the state actors and traditional rulers for effective defense of the region

5) that regular meetings be held on rotational basis across the entire states that constitute the region, where issues affecting the tribes and region will be discussed.

Finally, ERA wishes to state that the recommendations put out is not exhaustive per se, since there are numerous others; however, we are sanguine that a successful implementation of these will be a good takeoff. Our governors, legislators, traditional rulers, ohanaeze, PANDEF, IYC, Akwa-Cross Council etc must arise and shield our entire region from this impending disaster. We are one people. We must reinvent our regional consciousness now. A united people are always invincible. God bless us all.

Comr. Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack

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Fulani Herdsmen Killings: IPOB Read Riot Act To South-East Governors, Ohanaeze |RN


**Demands reverse of proscription to get ready for herders

Jeff Amechi AgbodoOnitsha

 incessant attacks by herdsmen in some parts of the country, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has called on South-east governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo to reverse their public proscription of the group or get ready to be held responsible for any major herdsmen attack anywhere in the South-east and other parts of the Biafra land. 

The Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful, who read this riot act in a statement issued yesterday alleged that the South-east governors and Ohanaeze were under heavy pressure from the Fulani caliphate in mid-2017, which made them conspire to leave Igbo land defenceless by their treacherous proscription of IPOB. 

His words: “Going by unfolding events and the imminent danger of attacks by Fulani terror herdsmen in the South-east and South-south, it has become imperative for concerned citizens to compel Igbo governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo to reverse their public proscription of IPOB or else they will be held responsible for any major herdsmen attack anywhere in the South-east or other parts of Biafraland.”

“We are hereby placing all Biafran ethnic nationalities on record, especially the Igbos, that the criminal conspiracy to proscribe IPOB by South-east governors in collaboration with Ohanaeze Ndigbo was hatched to aid the Fulani invasion and conquest of Igboland. Under heavy pressure from the Fulani caliphate in mid-2017, Igbo governors along with Nnia Nwodo and Ohanaeze Ndigbo executives conspired to leave Ala-Igbo defenceless by their treacherous proscription of IPOB.

“By proscribing IPOB and aiding the indiscriminate arrest, torture, murder and detention of IPOB family members at the hands of Fulani law enforcement officers, these Igbo governors working alongside Ohanaeze Ndigbo literally sacrificed Igbo land and the lives of thousands of Igbo people to the marauding herdsmen. 

“They not only opened the door for the invaders to come in, they knowingly aided the slaughter of hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in their quest to please their Fulani masters. Interestingly enough, the same Arewa leaders that prevailed upon Igbo governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo to proscribe IPOB have so far refused to proscribe their own Fulani terror herdsmen that are doing the killings in the South-east, Middle Belt and other parts of Southern Nigeria. How perverse is that?

“How is it possible that seemingly reasonable and apparently educated Igbo leaders could be persuaded by their northern counterparts to proscribe, ban and fight IPOB that are the only people capable of defeating Fulani herdsmen when the same northern leaders have repeatedly failed to offer mere verbal condemnation of the atrocities of their all-conquering herdsmen? One is forced to ask, where are the brains of these Igbo leaders.

“Definitely, these are not the type of people that will defend Igbo land in times of crisis such as now. They are too cowardly, compromised, materialistic and will not hesitate to hand over Igbo land to Fulani jihadists as long as they retain their political power, patronage and wealth. They are infinitely incapable of confronting this common threat to our existence.

“Before the murderous invasion of the home of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Isiama Afaraukwu on the 14th of September 2017 by Nigerian soldiers acting on the instructions of South-east governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo, it was common knowledge that the menace of Fulani terrorists was a distant memory.

“IPOB quietly and effectively checkmated their activities across the length and breadth of Biafra land. We repelled the terrorists and stopped them in their tracks in Delta and Enugu State on six separate occasions without fanfare.

“That there weren’t any Fulani terror herdsmen attacks throughout the period our leader was touring Biafra land was down to the excellent work IPOB did in our communities to keep it safe from herdsmen attacks. Since the invasion of our leader’s home and his abduction by Nigerian soldiers, followed by the hasty and illegal proscription of IPOB by Igbo governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Fulani herdsmen have been emboldened to attack outlying villages with impunity. The most distressing aspect of it is that these governors have no solution to curb the menace.

“There has been more than four reported attacks in Ebonyi State alone in recent times to which Governor Dave Umahi has appeared impotent to do anything about. Instead, he is advocating for the establishment of Fulani cattle colonies in Ebonyi State all because he wants to be a vice presidential candidate to a northerner.

“The blame for any Fulani invasion of any part of Biafra land must be laid squarely at the doorstep of South East Governors Forum and Ohanaeze Ndigbo.”  (The Sun)

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IPOB Proscription: SE Governors Are Confusionists, IPOB Is Igbo Project -Junaid Mohammed


Dr Junaid Mohammad

For trying to renounce their role in the proscription of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), second republic lawmaker, Junaid Muhammad, has described the Southeast governors as a bunch of confusionists. Muhammad made the remark in response to an alleged declaration by Governor Okiezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, that southeast governors only banned IPOB, without declaring it a terrorist organisation.
It could be recalled that the governor had reportedly disclosed that “my duty and responsibility as at that day was to make sure that I avert bloodshed of monumental proportion. But in an interaction with The Guardian , the second republic lawmaker maintained that “owing to the fact that the southeast governors sat and held a meeting to proscribe the activities of IPOB as a result of their agitation, justified their move to proscribe the activities of the terrorist group, what President Buhari did was only to enact a decision, which had been taken earlier by them.
“But I want to assure you that whether they proscribe it or not, whether they regard IPOB as terrorist, illegal or legal organisation, it remains proscribed and if they play games, they are going to be dealt with by the law. “IPOB is an Igbo project, so don’t confuse yourself, the Igbo are the ones financing it, I don’ t care whether the
southeast governors are not in support of the proscription or not. ”  (The Guardian)

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Biafra: We Are Wiser Now, But We Have Not Abandoned The Boys – Umahi |RN

From Obinna Odogwu, Abakaliki

Chairman of the South East Governors’ Forum and governor of Ebonyi State, Mr David Umahi, in this interview, spoke on the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Operation Python Dance among other issues.

Given what transpired in the North East, especially on how Boko Haram got radicalized and started engaging in warfare, isn’t it proper to reach out to Nnamdi Kanu and get him to return to the table for dialogue so that he wouldn’t go and radicalize IPOB members too?

Our situation is different from Boko Haram situation. But if anybody believes that we will abandon those boys, it is not true. We will still be appealing to them to come back to their leaders, let us sit down and discuss. Kanu somehow raised awareness on this restructuring issue. We must give it to him. We are not going to throw him away; we will still find a way; we will be appealing to the federal government for forgiveness. The word, IPOB, is not in agreement with me because when you say the Indigenous People of Biafra, it has its own connotation. When you say indigenous, if you go to America you talk about the indigenous people of America and that is the Red Indies that founded America. There is no indigenous in this sense. It could be Igbo Youth Movement or association and so on and so forth. So having proscribed that and their activities; of course, the federal government says it’s a terror group; we cannot dialogue with them under that name again. They’re our brothers and sisters and it’s a question of getting them to a better level of understanding and partnership.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo according to newspaper reports said that it was better for President Muhammadu Buhari to invite Kanu for a meeting. Do you agree with him?

I can’t comment on what one of our much-respected leaders said. I don’t have opinions to share on this matter but I say that on our own, Kanu remains our brother. We will wish them to rebrand; we will wish them to come to understanding with the leaders of the South- East. Let’s live our today in peace and then it will be their turn to so that we must create a future for them. So that is what I can say about that.

With Operation Python dance about commencing in Ebonyi, and since IPOB has been proscribed, what will happen to anyone that will wear Biafra’s insignia or carry its flag?

Well, there are two issues here. One is that we have appealed to Mr President to withdraw the soldiers in the South- East region at least for now for temper to cool. I am not the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces; it’s Mr President who is. It is an appeal that we have made to him. It is his constitutional powers and rights. So, I cannot say for certain that Operation Python Dance will not commence in Ebonyi State. I don’t have such powers. But if Mr President views it that in his own opinion that he wants to heed to our appeal, that is good. But specifically in Ebonyi State, we are appealing that everybody should be law-abiding. There’s no nation inside a nation. Even if you want Biafra, you have to get it first; become a nation before you start putting up your flag, owning your own secret service and so on and so forth.

So far the members of Indigenous People of Biafra can still go to the Nigeria courts on their own, it means the sovereignty of Nigeria still stands and it’s binding on everybody; and as such everybody must submit to the law of that country, Nigeria. That’s what I want to say. My appeal is that our youths should not do anything that will be against the law. That is my appeal.

And for the army, if the Python Dance is to go on in Ebonyi State the Acting Commander is here and I have instructed, as the Chief Security Officer of the state that it must be done within the rules of engagement; that Ebonyi people must not be harassed; they must not be undue stress on them. If they want to carry out operation anywhere, none of us here wants to be kidnapped; none of us wants to be attacked by the armed robbers. They must be given cooperation to do that. So, this is our measures to know that there is peace.

Recently you were out of the country on investment drive and we believe other governors are doing the same. Don’t you think that the declaration of IPOB as a terror group by the Defence Headquarters will affect the efforts being made by the governors to attract foreign investment to the South East region?

There are things that you don’t have control over and so, you worry about the things you have control over and leave the rest that you don’t have control over. The activities of the members of IPOB in the South East have denied us a lot of investment already; and so it is very, very important that our people should know and understand that. No investor wants to come to a place that is under tension. It is an appeal. I don’t know the effect of that matter but people are gifted differently and we have our duties to perform. I wasn’t consulted before that and I shouldn’t be consulted. So, every coin has two sides. It has its merits and demerits. Let’s put the two before God to help us. He is the only one who makes all things beautiful.

You see, the point is South East. What happened in the South East can have very serious consequences in the North East, South West and so on and so forth. What comes first in my mind and the mind of the South East governors is the life of every Nigerian. Anything beyond the life of every Nigerian is nonsense. Restructuring is secondary. Given the circumstance now, we are taking measures that will ensure that the lives of Nigerians are secured.

The other day, the leadership of Igbo people in the Northern states were in a meeting with us. And they were saying that they don’t want Biafra. They want us to peacefully coexist. We all know that there are differences here and there but we should sit down and discuss it. We should not endanger their lives in the north. They came to report back to us. You can’t shave a man in his absence. You want us to have Biafra. I am an elected leader. You should discuss with me.

You can have the mandate of the people. There are National Assembly members, the state Houses of Assembly, the Local Government Chairmen, the councillors and so on. We should say Ok. We are representing the people. So, there is no such mandate. Let us not agree on certain things because any of you can jump up tomorrow and say that your local government is marginalized and start your own kind of agitation. Such attitude must not be encouraged. So, whatever thing that must be done to secure the confidence of everybody living in the South East and outside of it is welcome. No life that is lost can be regained. And it is only the living that can be president, governor, ministers and so on. Let us secure our lives first and we sit down and discuss.

Fulani herdsmen are causing havoc in many parts of this country. We have not heard about any python dance for them. They always have their way. But in a peaceful environment like the South East, there is Operation Python Dance. What about that?

We asked the General Officer Commanding [GOC] this question. I don’t have the details but the one I can remember is the Crocodile Smile in the Niger Delta. People were not killed. They gave me another kind of dance that was done in Ondo State. He mentioned not less than ten that had happened. They just call it anything. It’s a way of just having a name to go and do the operation. If the herdsmen are targeting the South East, we wouldn’t have the problem in Zamfara, Benue and others. It is the way God wants it. When you find yourself in a certain position, you’ll have to find a way of solving the problem.

Is the agitation for Biafra because of the herdsmen? The answer is no. The question I will leave to our people is: what is it that we really want? We have to define means of knowing what we want. Our people should go back to hard work and determination which we are known for. It is God that blesses people. God can decide to deposit a lot of gold in the South East. So let’s go back to hard work.

When people say that they want to have Biafra, I laugh. This is because if IPOB had ensured that there was no single kidnap in the South East; ensured that there was no single killing of people, armed robbery and all that, people can begin to say that these people can rule themselves. Look at the level of cultism, armed robbery in the South East. There a lot of atrocities that is happening. It shows that we cannot even rule ourselves if we are to become Biafra. Let us go back to hard work which Igbo people are known for. Our forefathers bequeathed hard work, honesty, commitment to duties and all good virtues. Let us go back to them. God has given us wisdom. Let us explore it. Let us not be pushed into war by people who we think are sympathetic to our course only to be left in the blues. It has happened before. Let it not happen again. We are wiser and better now.  (The Sun)

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Kanu Accepted Restructuring Before Invasion, Says Uko |The Republican News


NnamdiKanu-SEgovernors2 (2)

Southeast Governors Forum meeting with IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu


From Geoffrey Anyanwu, Awka

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, had agreed that Nigeria must be restructured before the military struck at his home a fortnight ago.

Founder of Igbo Youth Movement (IYM), Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko, who was present at the meeting of governors of the South East with Kanu, in Enugu, on August 30, 2017, said Prof. Ben Nwabueze, who was at the meeting, convinced Kanu to shift ground on secession.

Ugochukwu-Uko who is also the deputy secretary, Igbo Leaders of Thought (ILT) told Daily Sun he was sure those behind the military invasion and attack on Kanu’s home and Abia State were averse to a peaceful resolution of the loss of confidence in Nigeria by millions of Eastern youths.

“The August 30, 2017, meeting between Kanu and South East governor was historic, in the sense that Nwabueze made Kanu adjust his position in a landmark development.

“Because of Kanu’s respect for Nwabueze, he accepted in principle, Nwabueze’s proposal for restructuring of Nigeria and stepped down the agitation for secession. But, the restructuring should be a return to the 1963 Constitution format.

“Kanu, in reverence to Nwabueze, agreed in principle to the proposal, but insisted on discussing with and carrying along the entire leadership of IPOB, both at home and in Diaspora.”

Uko said it was agreed at the meeting that IPOB would not disrupt elections, including the November 18, 2017, Anambra governorship election.

“The meeting also agreed to meet again within days, to finetune and conclude the agreements.

“But, most importantly, Kanu accepted Prof. Nwabueze’s suggestions that IPOB demands are not absolute, which meant that the group would have to shift ground in subsequent meetings.

“Kanu was cautious not to take solo decisions without carrying his group along and promised to bring the group’s leaders to the next meeting.

“It is, therefore, my considered opinion that those behind the military invasion and attacks, were averse to a peaceful resolution of the loss of confidence in Nigeria by millions of Eastern youths and have chosen to sustain the status quo through force.”     (The Sun)

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Igbo Have More to Lose If Nigeria Breaks Up, Says Okorocha |The Republican News


•Why I never supported IPOB

Governor Rochas Okorocha believes that the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) should be condemned by not only the Igbo but other well-meaning Nigerians. His argument is that Nigeria would always fare better as one united country than exist under several independent entities. He made his position known in an interactive session with journalists in Owerri, the Imo State capital. WILLY EYA recorded the proceedings.

Are you going to contest the 2019 presidential election in the event that President Buhari declines to run?

My name is Owelle Rochas Okorocha and not President Muhammadu Buhari. It is only Buhari who can say whether he is contesting or not. But as far as I am concerned, President Buhari is well now as you can see. He is strong and well; he has gone to the United Nations. So, it is left for Buhari to say whether he would run or not. The man, Buhari has the character to lead this country. We should wait for him to make a statement on the issue of 2019.

What is your view on the proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) and tagging it as a terrorist organization?

I have made my mind clear on this. IPOB is not good for the South East. It is not the best way to complain of marginalization to the Federal Government of Nigeria. There are better ways to do it. And if IPOB must do a thing like that, it should have changed its name from sovereignty. You can call it any name but remove Biafra. Is that the way Ijaw youths and Arewa youths fought? They would have made more impact but for everything that an Igbo man does, we want to go to the extreme. Now you want to separate yourself from Nigeria, meanwhile, the South-South would not go with you; Edo, Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Cross River would not go with you. If they cut us here now as South East, if I need to go to Rivers, I would go and ask for passport and visa and we are all keeping quiet. These guys are kind actually. If there is a crisis, there is no Hausa man in Imo State or Igbo land who has a duplex. There is no Yoruba man who has a room and parlour or a duplex or a N20 million investment anywhere. But the Igbo have trillions of naira investments in Lagos, Abuja and everywhere and the same people are looking for secession. These people are kind. If they ask you to go now, what happens; you lose those properties to Lagos and the South West; you lose your properties in the North and so on and all of us are keeping quiet and supporting IPOB. We thought we were getting at the Federal Government. It was very childish and those who are behind these should stop. I was speaking to the Ooni of Ife and I said do you know that Hausa love Igbo people so much but the Igbo love the Yoruba a lot and the Yoruba love the Hausa a lot. Have you thought of it? Have you ever seen where an Igbo man and a Yoruba man fought and spilt blood? Give me one example in history. But they are cat and mouse. I was talking to the Ooni recently and he said that the Igbo and Hausa are the same family but they are made to become cat and mouse. Look at the situation. The South-South has produced the president, the South West has produced the President and vice. The North has produced many presidents. The hope is that by the Nigerian sharing formula, the next ship whatever arrangement, the next people that should be considered is the South East. But the South East again has created an image of danger to the rest of Nigeria that if they give them the presidency, they would secede. So, where are we in our wisdom and intelligence? You can judge especially those of us in the Diaspora who have never come home. If they discuss the Nigerian problem here, you think they have a solution to it. So, that is my position on IPOB. But my advice is that the Igbo should change their style and condemn this IPOB thing in a manner that should be done. Allow us to flow with the rest of Nigerians now because we shall benefit more than anyone else. Do you know how the Northerners feel? They feel a sense of hate. The question the Northerners would ask you is if Jonathan were in power, will the situation be the same. Believe me, the IPOB would not be at this level. I know the feeling just like I told Nigerians that the Igbo have a feeling of abandonment. But it is the same way the Northerners feel that this is an attack on their government. Wise people should have done things differently. I advised Ndigbo. Politically, you are not at an advantage; economically, you are not at an advantage. Sometimes some come to complain about non-inclusion of Ndigbo in appointments. When Ndigbo were ministers of Finance, Senate President, Secretary to the Government of the federation, Police head, what did you get? You want to hear the hard truth. The Igbo play the worst politics quote me.  They play this politics of protecting one of their own from the South-South zone. It has now become obvious and the Northerners now understand that they can become president with or without Ndigbo. Before, there was a fear about that. So Yoruba and the Hausa now understand that Kano and Lagos determine the elections in Nigeria. So, we must change our style and condemn it. If anybody joins you to praise you and raise your mind to say oh you are marginalized, the person is not helping you. We played very bad politics in 2015 and we must condemn what is happening now and find a way to re-engineer ourselves into the system.

Why did South East governors ban IPOB?

Some of us came out and made a big statement on IPOB. I condemned it from time. I have never supported IPOB. Who is Nnamdi Kanu to tell Rochas Okorocha to follow him to war? He said he was going to war. Most of the elite of the Igbo nation feel emotional about IPOB especially the clergies. I have engaged the clergies and they feel the same way.

The elite should be engaged and made to change their stand because even if you are made the president, these questions must continue to come up. There is something wrong basically. I believe that it is either that enough information is not out there or that they are not taken properly. We must teach Nigerians how to free their minds. This is because when we are communicating, some people already have a preconceived mindset. I see this as a major challenge that we have. I believe that agitation in Nigeria is a way to get more whether right or wrong. I have been to the Northern part of this country and I weep each time in some of them. When I went to Liberia some time, I saw how great Nigeria is. So, there is a need for every Nigerian to move around. This is because if you go to some of these places like Borno and some rural areas, you might come here and speak a different language. Rather than complaining, you might be organizing a fundraising to save the situation.  (The Sun)

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Real Reasons South East Governors Proscribed IPOB |The Republican News


South East Governors: Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Rochas Okorocha, David Umahi, Willie Obiano, Okezie Ikpeazu


From Iheanacho Nwosu, Abuja

THE main reasons behind last Friday’s proscription of the activities of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) by the South-east governors have emerged.

  Sunday Sun gathered that the increasing gulf between opinion leaders from the zone and the Nnamdi Kanu-led IPOB weeks before the ongoing crackdown on the group by the military is one of the reasons.

  The military is currently staging Operation Python Dance II in the South-east. The operation has attracted mixed reactions with Ohanaeze Ndigbo deploring it and calling on the military to withdraw its personnel from the zone. However, a serving senator from the zone disclosed to Sunday Sun in confidence that, “IPOB no longer listen to anybody but themselves.”

  He explained that IPOB leaders had distanced themselves from those who worked to effect the release of Kanu from prison on bail. He disclosed that various efforts made by leaders of the zone to strike a deal with Kanu ahead of the South-east Governors’ meeting in Enugu last week were snubbed.

  Beyond that, it was learnt that moves by the South-east caucus in the National Assembly to discuss with Kanu was rebuffed by the IPOB leader and his henchmen. It was also gathered that the caucus had reached out to Kanu and IPOB urging them to back down on their insistence that a referendum must be held, as the 1999 Constitution does not provide for that, but the IPOB leader didn’t budge but rather maintained that the United Nations should be made to come and conduct the referendum.

“The IPOB was actually getting involved in all manner of things that started endangering the peace of the people of South-east. The governors and leaders had no choice than to seek for the proscription,” the source disclosed.

  Another source told Sunday Sun that members of the IPOB had already started threatening politicians in the region with rejection in 2019. The source said that such politicians were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the influence and control of youths by IPOB.

  To this end, some politicians in the zone were said to have promised huge sums of money to the group to win their support against would be opponents in 2019.

  Sunday Sun also learnt that the governors feared that their inability to contain IPOB might lead to the declaration of a state of emergency in their states.

  According to the source, the declaration of a state of emergency would have swept the affected governors out of office and made blight their political journey.

  He said: “The leaders believe that the situation became tight with the deployment of the military. Though some of them believed that the police could have handled the matter, the deployment of the military was already a source of danger and threat to peace.”   He stressed that the intransigence of Kanu on so many issues the governors initiated to ensure peace forced them to proscribe the activities of IPOB.  (The Sun)

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