2,270 Police Guns Stolen By Criminals While Police Officers Slept Off On Duty |RN

The necessity of a holistic  review and radical overhaul of the police service have become extremely urgent, in the face of unprofessionalism witnessed in the conduct of some officials.  Police minister Fikile Mbalula has detailed how thousands of police firearms were lost or stolen over the past three years. Some of the fire arms were stolen while police men were sleeping on duty at various occasion.

Responding to a parliamentary question from the Democratic Alliance’s Zak Mbhele‚ Mbalula said 743 weapons were lost or stolen in 2014/15‚ 767 in 2015/16 and 760 in 2016/17.

While the majority of the weapons are detailed as having been stolen from police officers’ on duty‚ from their homes or vehicles and from the SAPS store‚ others appear to have been carelessly lost.

In 2014/15‚ 12 guns were left in toilets or bathrooms. In 2015/16‚ nine weapons were lost this way. In 2016/17 a further 14 guns were lost in toilets.

Over the three year period‚ ten guns were lost by police officers under the influence of alcohol‚ and four more were stolen in scenarios where liquor was involved.

Over the three year period‚ 427 guns which officers had properly locked up‚ were stolen during housebreakings.

Twenty one guns which had not been locked up were stolen during the same period‚ Mbalula’s response revealed.

While his response did not cover statistics for the current financial year‚ there have been several big losses reported so far this year. In July‚ 13 guns were found to be missing at the Nqangelizwe station in the Eastern Cape‚ while 32 were found to be missing from two police stations in Cape Town in August.

At the time‚ deputy police minister Bongani Mkongi said police officers were selling the guns to gangsters. “They did not just disappear. They were stolen by our own members. There are SAPS officers stealing guns and giving it to the gangs. It is an inside job. We know this is happening. How do you explain police officers going to parties of gang lords? Of course you are going to lose your firearms‚ because the guns are being stolen‚” he said.   (HINews)

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Another Nigerian Killed in South Africa

The Nigerian Union in South Africa yesterday said that another Nigerian, Mr Uchenna Eloh, was killed in the Western Cape Province of that country.

Kanayo Onwumelu, Chairman, Western Cape chapter of the union, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the telephone from Cape Town that Eloh was strangled to death by South African policemen. NAN reported that Eloh hailed from Eziagu in Eziagu Local Government Area of Enugu State.

“ We want to call the attention of Nigerian Government to the senseless killing of innocent Nigerians by the police in South Africa. At about 11.00 a.m. South African time on Wednesday, a Nigerian, Uchenna Emmanuel Eloh, popularly known as “Monkey’’, was killed by a South African police officer.

He was walking out of his house toward the bus station when a police van stopped to search him, suspecting that he might be in possession of illegal substance. “Three policemen accosted Eloh, one of them, by the name Williams, held him on the neck suspecting that he swallowed a substance, while another police officer held him by the legs,’’ he said. The union official alleged that the policemen dragged Eloh on the ground until he started foaming and suffocated to death on the spot.

“This is not the first time such senseless killing of innocent Nigerians was carried out by South African police officers. We have reported similar killings to the South African Government and Nigeria High Commission in South Africa and nothing was done to bring the culprits to book.

“We want the Nigerian Government to intervene to stop this brutality against innocent Nigerians and stop killing Nigerians out of hatred, racism or xenophobia,’’ he said.

Ikechukwu Anyene, President of Nigerian Union in South Africa, who also confirmed the incident, called for an end to the incessant killing of Nigerians in South Africa. “Our government needs to do something urgently to make it clear that Nigerian lives matter. We have made suggestions on what can be done, but it is now clear to us that the endless talks cannot yield any positive result,’’ Anyene said.

He said that the union had engaged a lawyer to take up the case against South African Police Service. “But, this kind of legal service should form part of consular services to provide legal services to victimised Nigerians,’’ Anyene said.

The union said that the police have opened an inquest into the case. NAN recalled that the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, had in February said that a total 116 Nigerians have been killed in South Africa through extrajudicial means in the last two years.

The presidential aide had said during a meeting with the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Lulu Louis Mnguni in Abuja that nearly seven in 10 of the killings were carried out by the South African police.  (The Sun)

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IPOB Condemns The Killing Of Biafran By South African Police Officers |The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor
Image result for nigerian killed in south africa
In a move that is now considered as a lack of interest and inefficiency of Nigerian government via their foreign missions under Muhammadu Buhari to protect or defend the slightest interest of Nigerians in diaspora, IPOB has stepped up to defend the interest of Biafrans.
In a press release dated 4th of January 2017, the IPOB has  stepped up to act as a  government whose duty is to defend the interest of her citizens around the globe, since the successive government have failed to do just that.
Though this may be seen as a joke to some, it actually means something for those who comprehends the importance of such gesture. They no longer allow the interest of their citizens in the hands of the Nigerian government but into their own hands. That is the first step of telling Nigerian government that they have failed, and they are taking charge of the affairs of the Biafran citizens henceforth.
The press in connection with the unlawful death of an Igbo young man in the hands of South African police  officers via suffocation, has not received any reaction from the Nigerian government. One would ask, why would death of one man receive any attention from Buhari when massacre of over 800 Southern Kaduna indigenes received no attention from the same president.
IPOB Condemns The Killing of Victor Tochukwu Nnadi By South African Police Officers
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Western Cape wishes to strongly condemn the death of Nnadi who died while in the custody of some Officers of the South African Police, Cape Town CBD on 29th December 2016.
According to eye-witness statements and of onlookers, observers and some IPOB members present during the confrontation that led to the arrest and instant death of Nnadi, it was unanimously agreed among them that no other explanation can be given other than that the young man was brutally killed by some sadistic members of the South African police after he was arrested and handcuffed for suspicion of dealing in drugs.
Furthermore, the general opinion is that he was helplessly strangled to death by those police officers whilst in cuffs and even when he pleaded for his life, with his mouth producing foam as well as his whole face bleeding, the police officers never bothered to release his cuffs.
Indeed there can be no justification for this gruesome slaughter of this innocent, young man whom no court of law had previously never convicted of any crime.
We call on every progressive person and organisation in South Africa to condemn this xenophobic killing of this innocent African man so as to prevent future xenophobic killings.
We also call on the authorities to leave no stone unturned in uncovering the truth behind this brutal satanic murder of this law-abiding man.
Furthermore, the death of Nnadi should serve as a timely reminder to all sons and daughters of Biafra that no place, not Nigeria and not even South Africa, can ever be compared to the independent Republic of Biafra. As a result of the genocidal killings and blatant injustices against Biafrans by successive Nigeria’s despotic governments since the end of the war in 1970, millions of our men and women have been forced to migrate from Biafraland to different parts of the world.
Those of us who came to South Africa for safety, help and an opportunity to live a normal life can confirm today that it’s not yet Uhuru. There is nothing comparable to a country where one is treated as a citizen in words and deeds.
There can be nothing comparable to a country that understands that, as a citizen, you are entitled to justice, fairness and human rights. Comrades, brothers and sisters, that country is BIAFRA!
It is sad that Nigeria has hounded many of our people into doing all sorts of things in order to able to make out a livelihood. But we must continue to aim high to be able to stop the plot to criminalize the Biafran people.
Let’s all keep out criminal activities; let’s all always observe and respect the laws of our host country, South Africa. Let’s always represent the best of Biafra: hard work, creativity and humility.
Biafra will not come on its own. It can only come about through a struggle. On that note, we want to invite you all to join IPOB and the struggle for Biafra.
Let’s also learn from the South African experience that says that freedom is not free. It comes after a persistent and uncompromising struggle.
Signed: Mazi Innocent Alia (Zonal Coordinator – Cape Town: Indigenous People of Biafra)

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