European MP Demands That S’Africa Farms Murders Be Put At Top Agenda |RN


Janice Atkinson, an independent Member of the European Parliament for the South East England region, formerly representing the UK Independence Party (UKIP), demanded a parliamentary vote condemning farm murders in South Africa.

Her motion against farm murders was rejected by a majority. She said in South Africa the “situation remains extremely serious”. She described how she had joined the protest against farm murders on #BlackMonday.

“Being a farmer in South Africa is one of the most dangerous professions in the world,” Atkinson pointed out. She added that there were “huge concerns about the functioning of the police” which “strangely enough does not seem to be an issue for the international community”.

She proposed a debate on the matter and demanded a statement from the EU Commission as well as the European Council. Atkinson proposed to have farm murders as the first item on the agenda.

The former Conservative party member, who was expelled from UKIP,  joined the newly formed group in the European Parliament, Europe of Nations and Freedom in 2015. She put forward the motion at the sitting on Monday this week.

Europe of Nations and Freedom, is a political group in the European Parliament with 37 members, the smallest in the European Parliament. The largest party of the group by number of MEPs is the National Front representing almost half of ENL’s MEPs with 17 MEPs out of 40.

The ENF is the parliamentary group of the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom although the Dutch PVV’s MEPs are members of the European Alliance for Freedom and other MEPs are without any European affiliations.

Marine Le Pen announced that a new group in the European Parliament would be launched with representation from seven different member states.

During the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party convention on 30 April 2016, it was announced that Marcus Pretzell, an MEP would join the ENL group.

Atkinson, who is also an associate of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), chided parliamentarians for not taking a stand against the gross human rights abuses currently taking place in South Africa.

Meanwhile South African Police Minister Fikile Mbalula said he was unaware of any demands for farm murder statistics to be made available, despite several requests being made.

“We must never give an impression that there are certain things we are running away from,” Mbalula said disingenuously. “If something has been agreed to, we must honour it.”

But briefing the media afterwards, Mbalula said such crime figures and debates about farm murders would amount to defending “useless things”.

“I don’t want to engage in useless fights,” he said, after the Freedom Front Plus Party castigated the police for failing to provide specific numbers of farm killings and attacks, as they had promised to do.

The Transvaal Agricultural Union SA (TAU SA) said the crime statistics compared badly with the situation over the same period last year.

Henry Geldenhuys, TAU SA deputy president, warned that the situation was spiralling out of control. “The situation on South African farms and small holdings is critical and it is clear that the SAPS’ rural safety strategy is not producing favourable results,” Geldenhuys said.

The TAU says that white farmers are disproportionately targeted in such attacks. The violence meted out is also often disproportionately brutal, with the victims sadistically tortured.   (Free West Media)

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Dlamini Zuma To Transfer White Minority Wealth To Black Majority If Elected

The presidential hopeful says it’s ‘fine’ if the country’s white business community refuses to endorse her bid to succeed President Jacob Zuma as ANC leader.

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma at a cadres assembly in Evaton. Picture:


JOHANNESBURG – Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said on Thursday it was fine if the country’s white business community declined to endorse her bid to succeed President Jacob Zuma as leader of the African National Congress (ANC).

Her priority was to transfer wealth from the white minority to the black majority, who are generally much poorer. Those who opposed the policy were mainly white people or members of the black elite who want to preserve the status quo, she said.

“If we have to choose between our people having a better life and investment, that’s not a choice,” she said, when asked about whether her policies could scare away businesses.

“I‘m not afraid. I‘m not afraid of them. But I‘m not surprised white minority capital is not endorsing me,” she said on ANN7 television in a rare interview.

ANC delegates will vote for a new party president next month, with Dlamini Zuma expected to face Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, a unionist-turned-millionaire businessman who is more popular with foreign investors.

“From where I sit, it’s looking good. The campaign is going well,” said Dlamini-Zuma, who was married to the president.

The winner of the party vote will be favourite to become the next president of South Africa, either at an election in 2019, or before if Zuma stands down or is forced out by the new ANC leadership next year.

Apartheid in South Africa ended in 1994 but much of the country’s wealth resides with the white minority. Successive ANC governments have said they want to empower the majority, though many black people have seen only modest economic gains.

Dlamini Zuma, who has held several cabinet posts and was most recently chair of the African Union, has pledged to tackle poverty and close the gaping racial inequality gap.

Some investors are concerned about Dlamini Zuma’s proposed plan of “radical economic transformation”, which critics have said is a populist term that isn’t backed up by solid policies.  (Eye Witness News)

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[Video] ‘Afrikaner Racists We Are Losing Patience, It’s Hard To Tolerate Your Arrogance, Hate’ – Malema


EFF Party Leader, Julius Malema

Angry Malema’s ‘Afrikaner racists we are losing patience with you and it’s becoming hard to tolerate your arrogance and hate’

These were the exact words of the leader Economic Freedom Fighter’s leader Julius Malema:

“Afrikaner racists we are losing patience with you and it’s becoming hard to tolerate your arrogance and hate”. Angry Malema said the African National Congress (ANC) is the reason for the white arrogance and unhealthy attitude since 1994.

Some citizens have maintained that  these militant words were harsh and violent and is capable of stroking violence of unimaginable proportion in the land, if it continues unchecked. Malema seem to have found his voice after #Blackmonday’s protest against farm murder across the country.

Click link to watch video:

Source: HINNews

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[PHOTO] Truck Crashes Into ‘Black Monday’ Convoy In Middelburg, South Africa

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Black Monday Solidarity: South Africans Mourn, Dress In Black Today Against Crime

South Africans are standing up – in black – to crime… as seen in these photos and videos from #BlackMonday, as citizens mourn together – wearing black – in memory of all those who have died in violent crimes, including farmers. The suggestion to wear black today was made by a devastated farm manager on Tuesday after Joubert Conradie was murdered on his farm near Stellenbosch in the latest spate of farm murder attacks to haunt the country. 70 people have died in farm attacks since the start of the year. Every day an average of 52 people are murdered. South Africans have had enough…


Klapmuts, near Stellenbosch, where Joubert Conradie was killed. Photo: FB/Jeanine Tonkin Lotz

Gatherings are being held around the country. In Vereeniging, the R59 highway has been blocked by trucks and cars. Similar scenes are being seen around Gauteng, near Pretoria; in Bloemfontein in the Free State and in Klapmuts, near Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape, where Conradie was killed.

Louwrens Kniep, organiser of Pretoria’s go-slow, told Jacarandafm News that this is “not only for all the farmers, this is for all the people of South Africa that lost people due to violent crime“.

Source: FB/Jacques Hough

Some hope the Government will listen and take the murders seriously. Others hope the world will listen and intervene. And others hope South Africans will stand in solidarity and make the country safer together.

Australian news report, March 2017. Although some South Africans feel the world has abandoned them and is ignoring the farm murders, both UK and Australian newspapers have reported on murders this year.

Writing on the Boere in Noord group, Carina Swartz said that for all those who are negative, she wishes they could feel what she is feeling this morning – “die gevoel van samehorigheid en saam staan hier kan geen woorde beskryf nie!!!” (“the feeling here of solidarity and standing together is indescribable”)

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2,270 Police Guns Stolen By Criminals While Police Officers Slept Off On Duty |RN

The necessity of a holistic  review and radical overhaul of the police service have become extremely urgent, in the face of unprofessionalism witnessed in the conduct of some officials.  Police minister Fikile Mbalula has detailed how thousands of police firearms were lost or stolen over the past three years. Some of the fire arms were stolen while police men were sleeping on duty at various occasion.

Responding to a parliamentary question from the Democratic Alliance’s Zak Mbhele‚ Mbalula said 743 weapons were lost or stolen in 2014/15‚ 767 in 2015/16 and 760 in 2016/17.

While the majority of the weapons are detailed as having been stolen from police officers’ on duty‚ from their homes or vehicles and from the SAPS store‚ others appear to have been carelessly lost.

In 2014/15‚ 12 guns were left in toilets or bathrooms. In 2015/16‚ nine weapons were lost this way. In 2016/17 a further 14 guns were lost in toilets.

Over the three year period‚ ten guns were lost by police officers under the influence of alcohol‚ and four more were stolen in scenarios where liquor was involved.

Over the three year period‚ 427 guns which officers had properly locked up‚ were stolen during housebreakings.

Twenty one guns which had not been locked up were stolen during the same period‚ Mbalula’s response revealed.

While his response did not cover statistics for the current financial year‚ there have been several big losses reported so far this year. In July‚ 13 guns were found to be missing at the Nqangelizwe station in the Eastern Cape‚ while 32 were found to be missing from two police stations in Cape Town in August.

At the time‚ deputy police minister Bongani Mkongi said police officers were selling the guns to gangsters. “They did not just disappear. They were stolen by our own members. There are SAPS officers stealing guns and giving it to the gangs. It is an inside job. We know this is happening. How do you explain police officers going to parties of gang lords? Of course you are going to lose your firearms‚ because the guns are being stolen‚” he said.   (HINews)

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Prison Warder Commits Suicide After Photos With Inmate Went Viral |RN

Photo credit:

A female prison official working with the Losperfontein Correctional Centre in Brits, South Africa,  committed suicide after intimate pictures of her and an inmate went viral on the Internet.

The incident happened on Monday, October 16, 2017, according to News24.

The Department of Correctional Services said in a statement that it was shocked and grieved by the Incident.

The Department’s regional manager, Mandla Mkabela, said that a team of senior managers and counsellors had been dispatched to the facility to provide the necessary support to fellow personnel.

Mkabela also condemned the conduct of the official seen in the photos adding that the image is very disturbing and strictly prohibited.

“We want to convey our condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased official.

“This is disturbing and strictly prohibited,” Mkabela said.

See photos:

Photo credit:
One of the pictures of the correctional services official with an inmate which surfaced on social media.
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