Six Reasons Why Sex Is Special In Rainy Season |The Republican News

While there is no time of day or season of the year that sex cannot take place, the rainy season seems to possess that extra turn-on for activities between the sheets.

Why is this so? Find out!

You need the warmth. Drenched bodies call for some action and you long for your partner to rock the night! With rains pouring outside, accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning, you need the rain of love inside, and a cosy environment perfect for a beautiful love session.

Pleasant weather. Rains make the weather pleasant and one feels relaxed enough to indulge in the carnal desires. With soft winds blowing, and tiny rain droplets cooling off the entire atmosphere, the probability is that you’re hot and eager to have sex.

Water and fire. When hard-hitting rain collides with the heat generated by the passion of two bodies, only sex can happen! Sex becomes more meaningful and pleasurable when the forces of nature clash to create the magic!

Wet clothes. The human body, when covered in wet clothes, becomes a formula for sexual arousal. Who doesn’t love their partner fully drenched and oozing sensuality without even trying? It’s a sight to soothe your senses, not to mention to act upon it as well.

Perfect season. The dry season can be too dry, hot and sweaty for many people, such that sex takes the back seat on their bucket list. The harmattan season may also be too cold, sometimes, that you are reluctant to take off your clothes. The rainy season, therefore, seems a perfect gift from nature to just let go of all your inhibitions, relax your mind and only consider giving pleasure to your partner and deriving the same for yourself.

Music. Are you musically inclined? Well, which other season has as many songs dedicated to it about romance than the rainy season? Listen to any language of the world, it will have songs dedicated to the rains and romance. The music just adds to the pleasures of the moment and gives a distinct ambience to the entire atmosphere, making it looks like a fantasy come true!

The bottom line: Hit the bed! The rains are here just for a while. So, don’t miss the action! (Punch)

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SHOCKING: Mother, Two Teenage Twin Daughters Impregnated By Same Man |RN


“I almost fainted when I read the text. It was my daughter telling him ‘mummy has discovered I’m pregnant and you know the baby is your own, what do we do?’”

– Mother and her 2 teenage twin daughters pregnant for one man

Linus Oota

Life has become a conundrum for Janet Agbazu, 45 and her 16-year-old twin daughters who found themselves in a mess that beats even the absurdities of the Shakespearean drama. That the widow and her daughter are all pregnant is not the issue, but that they were all put in the family way by the same man.


What’s worse, the villain, a character called Pius Salihu was literally a member of the family––the mother’s live-in lover and for two years, a father figure to the 16-year-olds. Presently, the three women, forced by fate to play actors in this drama of the absurd, are covered with shame. As for the villain in the plot, he is free and abroad, at large.

Pius Salihu moved through the family like a hurricane and reduced the lives of the three women to ruins, leaving them with regrets and recrimination and a very big problem that is now a Gordian knot for the family.

The woman at the centre of the storm

Janet Agbazu, the central figure in this incident, hails from Doma Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. Alago by tribe, she was educated at Government Science Secondary School Lafia and married at 19.

Her husband, Sylvester Anangba, an Eggon from Lafia Local Government Area of the state, died in the 2013 Ombatse crisis that engulfed Nasarawa State.

Until his death, he ran a thriving transportation business. The holder of National Certificate of Education (NCE) from the College of Education Akwanga had met his wife at her secondary school when he did his teaching practice. He married her shortly after she wrote her final examination.

The couple had their first childbirth two years after their marriage and after the ‘double blessing’ of twins, they never had another child––not for lack of trying, though––until the tragic death of Anangba in 2013.

At the time of their father’s death in the Ombatse upheaval, the twins were already in secondary school.

But the family found themselves in a precarious position when relatives of their late breadwinner confiscated his properties––including a house and three cars as well as cash and other belongings.

Left in the lurch by her in-laws, the widow got a lifeline from the associates of her late husband who raised her some money so she could start doing business and therefore was able to sustain the education of her two daughters in public schools.

The family seemed to have found their feet. They were ‘gently rowing their boat down the stream of life’ until a wolf in sheep clothing found his way into their fold and capsized their boat. Today, mother and daughters are at a nadir.

Enter the villain

It was in 2016 the widow met Pius Salihu. An Igala from Kogi State, Salihu, 42, was in Nasarawa State to run a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that focused on women and health. They met at the Lafia township stadium where both of them went to watch a premier league match.

Their relationship started from there and in six months blossomed to the point whereby Salihu, who was squatting with a friend, was encouraged by Janet Agbazu to move into her rented two-bedroom apartment. They began cohabiting in one bedroom, leaving the other room to the twins.

In the next two years, Pius Salihu became the head of the family, playing the role to the letter. He bonded with the twins, constantly taking them out for relaxation. Unknown to their mother, once out of sight, he shed the toga of a father figure and transform into a lover.

As she told Saturday Sun later in an interview: “I was not always around due to the nature of my business. I always leave him at home with them, thinking they were in safe hands. I never for once thought he could do a thing like that.”

Agbazu thought Salihu used charm on the twins, saying: “How he got them so cheaply beats my imagination. Both of them took oaths not to expose the secret affairs. He got them cheap through the use of Babalawo (herbalist) charm.”

She raved further: “It is unthinkable and unbelievable. He was sleeping with me and my daughters at every opportunity. It was a bad thing. After he succeeded in impregnating me and the two of them, he ran away. I can’t find him.”

The whole truth, nothing but the truth

Saturday Sun got a hint of the development on August 13, 2018, and effort to interview the family brought the reporter in contact with Mr Clement Nuanga, an uncle to the beleaguered mother of the twins. Nuanga lives in Toto and the three victims had relocated to his house in their quest for a solution to their problem.

On August 14, the reporter travelled to Toto Local Government Area, a six-hour drive away from Lafia. The reporter had an interview with Janet Agbazu, who narrated the ugly, sad development to Saturday Sun in the presence of her uncle.

Her story: “I’m 45 years old. I lost my husband to the Ombatse crisis in 2013. I am yet to be fully remarried. I live on my own with my two daughters. My husband’s brothers kicked me out of their brother’s house as a widow. It was my late husband’s friends who assisted me with some cash to start a business where I can take care of my children and myself.

“In 2016, I went into a blind relationship with one Pius Salihu, an Igala man. I was blinded by love, deceived by his fine face. I did not bother asking him to take me to his place. Though three years younger than me, he appeared to be an honest and a humble man, I accommodated him and moved him out of his friend’s house to come and stay with me. I had not met a man sexually since the demise of my husband years back, that also contributed to him getting me so cheaply.

“My daughters were old enough to appreciate that I needed a man in my life. I also assumed they were responsible enough to see him as their father. I thought I could trust him, so I gave him all the liberty he deserved in my house. Unfortunately, I miscalculated. Unknown to me, while he was sleeping with me, at the same time, he was having affairs with my two daughters separately. These are small girls that were not exposed sexually. He enticed them with petty things and he got them easily. He was very close to them, so he got them cheaply by taking them out regularly. He also involved them deeply in the activities of the NGO he was running in the state. Sometimes, he would bring up a fake journey to Makurdi or Abuja. He would not travel with the two of them at the same time. Unknown to me, he was secretly enjoying my daughters right in my own house, and my daughters foolishly bought into his deceit”

The endgame

“Two weeks ago, the twins persistently complained of weakness of the body and malaria fever. They complained of stomach pains too. When I asked them when last they had their periods, I was shocked to hear from them that their menstrual flow ceased in May. Meanwhile, I was four-month pregnant for Pius, which is what I had always wanted, because I need a baby boy and the test shows my baby is a boy. The test at the hospital confirmed that Rose was two months pregnant and Mercy, a month pregnant.

“I was shocked because, at 16, my daughters who are students are not supposed to be pregnant. All my efforts, including threats, to force them to reveal the identity of those responsible for their pregnancies ended in vain.

“Back at home, I was outside the house trying to explain to Pius the shame the twins have caused when I heard his phone ringing inside the room. I went in to bring it for him, but the call ended just as I picked the phone, and a text message came in. I almost fainted when I read the text. It was from my daughter telling him that ‘mummy has discovered I’m pregnant and you know the baby is your own, what do we do?’

I saw another unread text from the other twin (Mercy): ‘I can’t keep this baby for you, what do we do.’

I asked Pius about the meaning of the text messages. He became restless and claimed to have received a phone call from his office. He left the house hastily.”

That was the last she saw of him till date.

“I only needed an explanation from him so that we can decide how to solve the problem. It was guilt that sent him on the run. Now, this is the third week. His phone numbers are switched off.”

In this latter part of the interview, Janet Agbazu relapsed into a monologue: “I am really confused, if God has not taken away my husband, I wouldn’t have found myself in this shame. How can somebody be so heartless as to sleep with me and my two daughters? This is an abomination.

I’m sure he used charms on them. I don’t even know his place. I am very confused. I am tired of life. How can somebody useless me and my daughters? God will not spare him wherever he is. How do I explain to people that my twins and I are pregnant with the same man and that he is nowhere to be found? My mind is blank. I looked at life and asked, was it really worth it? I hope for death every day. I never wished to see the next day.”

The reporter asked her: Do you intend to keep the three pregnancies?

Agbazu was confused. That is why she came to her uncle to help provide the way forward.

“Before the week runs out, we will arrive at a solution, but certainly my daughters can’t keep their pregnancy for the same man,” she said.

The family’s decision

While it is imperative to get the twins’ accounts of the incident, to shed light on why they got in between the sheet with a man they knew was their mother’s lover, their uncle, Mr Nuanga, however, would not permit the interview.

He has had a closed-door interrogation with them separately, he told Saturday Sun and his findings indicated that the present quagmire is “a mistake.”

“The sexual intercourse they had with him was as a result of ignorance and lack of sex education; if they know better, they won’t have done it,” said Nuanga.

They could not actually explain what came over them, he affirmed.

The twins, according to him, had no doubt Pius Salihu was responsible for their pregnancies.

“They even told me when, how and where they had met him severally, separately and unknown to each other,” said the troubled uncle.

He also avowed that Salihu perpetrated his crime with the aid of charms.

“Because they are also confused, it is not ordinary,” he insisted.

Clement Nuanga promised to consult some of his people for advice on how to handle the problem, though he hinted that the twins’ pregnancies could be aborted while their mother keeps her own.

“This is a serious matter that I cannot rush in taking a decision,” he said.

Efforts to reach Pius Salihu on phone failed. His phone numbers were switched off.  (The Sun)


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7 Body Smell You Should Never Ignore |The Republican News

        © Provided by Shutterstock


Humans, at their most basic, are smelly beings. So many things about us have a scent, be it our sweat, hair, mouth, or freaking feet. And even if it smells bad, that doesn’t necessarily trigger cause for concern. (After all, my husband’s feet smell to high heaven after a hot workout, but that’s normal.)

What’s not normal is when the scents you’re accustomed to starting to change. Like, when you usually can’t smell your pee, yet all of a sudden sweet-smelling urine starts showing up. Or when your poop smells worse than usual. These are potential signs of something being off with your health, in which case you may need to call a doctor. So if you notice any of these body smells, don’t ignore them – start dialling.

1. You can actually smell your pee.

Normally urine is scent-less, or if it has a scent, it’s usually a very subtle, ammonia-like smell, says Scott Sullivan, M.D., a professor of OBGYN at the Medical University of South Carolina. So if you get a big whiff of sweet-smelling urine without even trying – and it’s accompanied by pain when you pee – schedule a gyno visit. You could have a urinary tract infection (UTI), which means you’ll need to cycle through a dose of antibiotics.

If there isn’t any pain, your diet may be to blame, Sullivan says. “Urine smell is extremely variable and could change a number of times over the course of a week; that’s perfectly normal,” he says. Strong-scented foods, like asparagus or garlic, could have an impact, as could dehydration.

a man and a woman standing in a room © Overture Films 2. Your sweat smells all sorts of nasty.

Let’s be frank: Sweat is not a sweet-smelling scent, um, ever. But there are certain areas of your body – like your pubic hair and underarms – that naturally give off a stronger scent than your hair, chest, and back. So if you smell yourself in those “stronger” areas, don’t freak out right away – as long as things smell the way they normally do, you’re probably fine.

But if you notice a stronger foul smell coming from those more subtle regions, pay attention. Sullivan says a rancid scent could mean your body is struggling with digestion issues. “It’s rare, but it happens,” he says. It may just be a matter of changing up your diet and adding in more high-fibre foods, but your doctor can advise you on the best course of action.

3. Your morning breath sends your partner running.

It’s not the sexiest thing in the world, but if you have bad morning breath you may be snoring or sleeping with your mouth open. Those who do tend to have dry mouth, which typically lowers the flow of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is responsible for cleaning out food particles and protecting the teeth and gums from bacterial infection, says Alice Boghosian, spokesperson for the American Dental Association. If that’s the case, your dentist can prescribe an artificial saliva mouthwash to help fix the problem.

If dry mouth isn’t the problem, have your dentist do a thorough checkup to rule out any dental health issues, like gum disease, which Boghosian says can be caused by plaque. Then head to your doctor, as bad breath could be a symptom of various medical conditions such as sinus or lung infections, bronchitis, gastric reflux, a tonsil infection, and even some liver or kidney diseases.


4. Or it smells like a bowl of fruit.

Just because it’s a more pleasant scent than say, garbage, doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. In fact, if your breath smells like you just noshed on the entire grapefruit section of the grocery store, then head to your doctor immediately – it could mean you have diabetes, says Boghosian.

According to the American Heart Association, getting too many calories from protein, which is usually the case for those eating low-carb, can result in not enough insulin in the body, and that forces us to start burning energy from our fat stores. When we burn energy from fat, it releases chemicals called ketones. (An energy source many are now turning to on the keto diet.) “One of the signs that ketones levels are too high is a fruity smell to the breath, and if that happens it can be very serious and dangerous to one’s health,” says Boghosian. The scent could also be evident in the vaginal area, Sullivan says, so if your partner notices it while he’s pleasuring you (Sullivan notes about 50% of his patients’ partners notice problems first), that could be another warning sign.

© Provided by Shutterstock 5. Your vaginal discharge smells like fish.

Having discharge is normal. But having it come out clumpy or smelling like the raw fish market is not good, and it could be a sign of a yeast infection, sexually transmitted infection (STI), or chlamydia. As soon as you notice these symptoms, get to your gyno. Regardless of your diagnosis, it’s likely you’ll need a course of treatment.

6. Your vagina smells sour.

“Most women have a very subtle, sort of acidic or vinegary odour, and it’s usually one you wouldn’t notice from a distance; you’d have to be very close up,” Sullivan says. But if you notice your scent has become strong – and it’s likely a fishy, sour, or even musty smell – that’s a telltale sign of bacterial vaginosis (BV), an inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria (usually Gardnerella) normally found in the vagina. “It can happen to anybody, and we don’t understand all the ways it can happen – it could be anything from having sexual relations with a new partner to not getting enough sleep or exercise – but this foreign bacteria helps bad bacteria, like chlamydia, do its dirty work,” he says. Treatment typically involves an antibiotic, either through a topical gel or oral medication, and can be cleared up within a week in most cases.

7. Or it kind of smells like something died down there.

It doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but it can happen, and it may mean that a foreign object (like a tampon, female condom or diaphragm) has been left in your vagina, Sullivan says. “That foreign object will start to attract bad bacteria, and that buildup is where the smell comes from,” he explains. Usually, there won’t be a major problem – having your gyno take out the object should clear the odour in a few days – but in rare, extreme cases, it could lead to a bacterial infection and toxic shock syndrome (a severe disease caused by staph bacteria). If you notice the smell and are experiencing a high fever, contact your doctor immediately. (redboook)


‘Pay In Cash’: Secret Trump-Cohen Tape Discussing How To Buy Rights To Playboy Model Story Of Secret Affair With Trump Leaked

Hannah Parry

The secret audio recordings of Donald Trump discussing with his attorney Michael Cohen how they would buy a Playboy model's story about her alleged affair with him, have been revealed © Reuters The secret audio recordings of Donald Trump discussing with his attorney Michael Cohen how they would buy a Playboy model’s story about her alleged affair with him have been revealed


The secret audio recordings of Donald Trump discussing with his attorney Michael Cohen how they would buy a Playboy model’s story about her alleged affair with him, have been revealed.

The tapes, obtained and aired by CNN on Tuesday, confirm that the president knew about his lawyer’s proposal to buy Karen McDougal’s story – despite his insistence that Cohen acted on his own without his knowledge.

Cohen is heard telling Trump he plans to set up a company to purchase the rights of the story from American Media, which publishes the National Enquirer.

‘I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David,’ Cohen said in the recording – thought to be a reference to American Media head David Pecker.

Trump interjects to ask ‘What financing’ which his lawyer responds: ‘We’ll have to pay.’



Playboy model, Karen McDougal

‘Pay with cash’, then-presidential candidate Trump responded.

The audio is then a little muffled, so it is not clear if he then suggested to pay with cash or not to pay, but Cohen’s reply of ‘no, no,’ was heard clearly.

What follows, is again unclear.

Trump’s new lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, insists the president never paid McDougal but had acknowledged that the audio, which dates back to September 2016, captured a discussion related to the buying the story rights.

Federal prosecutors obtained 12 audio recordings from the FBI raids on Cohen’s offices earlier this year.

Trump’s lawyers waived the attorney-client privilege for Trump regarding this recording.  (Daily Mail)

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Six Kinds Of Men Women Shouldn’t Date Once They’re 30 |The Republican News


File Photo: online 

Having a chequered dating history is a part of growing up. What is necessary is to learn from past mistakes and prevent them from repeating themselves.

Meanwhile, here are six types of guys you should stop dating by the time you’re 30…

• The ‘really busy entrepreneur’ guy. While a strong work ethic is a plus, men who are still new in the business world may not be desirable once you’ve hit a certain age. You’re almost 30 and all eyes are on you to settle down. You have work/life balance already. So, dating a guy who doesn’t have such a balance is going to bring you down. He is likely to either forget dates or cancel them outright at the last minute. He puts you second to work and doesn’t think being with you is a priority.

• The top 40 DJ. Also known as the ‘Going Nowhere Musician,’ leave this guy for girls who are still in their early 20s. He probably has funky looks, complete with lip or nose ring. He’s hopeful he’ll make it big one day, but he hasn’t, because all he did was remix others’ music and talk about what you can’t fathom! You have a high-paying job now and you don’t want to be supporting a starving artist who may depend on you forever! Or, maybe he’s a tech wannabe — the latest rave in Nigeria now. The time you faced reality and moved on!

• The lukewarm guy. This one keeps women on the fence. He sees you once a week for dates. He sometimes texts you all day long, and he sometimes goes for weeks without responding to your calls or texts. He keeps you interested, but he doesn’t appear serious with you. Don’t play a Job here! Move really fast on! Why? Because a guy is either obsessed with you or does not care about you at all. If he cancels dates, takes days to respond, and is generally not forthcoming, he’s definitely not into you. And you deserve better!

• The sex-only guy. As an adult, you should be in control of your sexuality. Don’t feel obliged to date someone or do something you are not comfortable with. No man should take you for a ride. Get the drift?

• The weird boy. Yes, he’s 30-something-years-old but he runs after secondary school girls and compares them to you. He uses drugs socially and dresses as if he couldn’t care less about your feelings. He’s the type that will never commit, and he will be an enormous waste of time. So, move on!

• The Mama’s Boy. A man should love his mother, but definitely NOT more than he loves you. A Mama’s Boy has been catered to his entire life and can do nothing for himself. He can’t even iron a shirt or change a light bulb. You are not a teenager and you should absolutely not be competing with a woman you can never compete with. He idealises his mom and, like it or not, you will never be able to live up to his set of absurd standards. You deserve to be his main girl — not second to his mom.

The bottom line: You deserve someone who treats you like gold and also makes you feel wanted. Live your life and stop compromising.  (Punch)

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A Man’s Sperm Can Tell If Partner Is Cheating – Expert |The Republican News

If you think your partner is cheating on you, your sperm is capable of letting you know for sure!

According to a clinical sexologist, Dr Lindsey Doe, up to 40 per cent of male ejaculate is made up of so-called ‘kamikaze’ or ‘fighter sperm’ designed to prevent another man’s sperm from fertilising the egg.

When a man suspects that his partner is being unfaithful, the number of these aggressive sperm increases to tackle the perceived threat.

Explaining the phenomenon, Doe says, “Researchers have looked into the microscope and seen that maybe we have what are called kamikaze sperm; killer sperm; fighter sperm.

“This is because 40 per cent of sperm that is in an ejaculate is actually designed to fight off another man’s sperm.”

This means the fighter sperm isn’t designed to fertilise the egg. Instead, it’s included purely to prevent another male’s sperm from doing so.

Dr Doe describes this method of preventing other sperm from reaching the egg as ‘blocking.’

The fighter sperm uses their tails as coils to set up traps by weaving them together to create walls and barricades.

Doe added that some fighter sperm would go and attack any sperm it sees as a threat in order to kill them.

These fighter sperms are referred to as ‘kamikaze sperm.’

When males suspect their partners are not being monogamous, Doe said, their body will produce more ‘fighter sperm’ as the threat is perceived to be greater.

This does the job of increasing the level of protection against sperm from other males, but it can significantly reduce the number of sperm whose job it is to fertilise the egg and therefore reduce the chances of the female getting pregnant at all.

However, Dr Doe did explain that this theory, known as sperm competition, is under debate and some deny happens at all.  (Punch)

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13 Things To Avoid During Sex |The Republican News


Tunde Ajaja

Usually, sexual intercourse is one activity that thrives on concentration, and that attention it needs often remains pertinent until the two persons involved in it are okay at the end of the exercise.

But, in spite of the excitement and enjoyment that often come with sex, the act may suddenly become nauseating and uninteresting or dreary due to the actions and inactions of the other person involved. It should be noted, however, that a happy sex life is key in a marriage.

Therefore, it would seem somewhat helpful for couples to know the things they would do or say that could make their partner lose interest in the act or truncate the romp in the sack itself, whether for that moment or even subsequent times. Some of these things are:

Don’t assess their private parts unless it’s complimentary:

From findings, there are things people should not say to their partner during or shortly before sex, as such things could kill the libido of the other person the comment was directed at. For example, before or during sex, telling a man that his penis is small; that he is not good in bed; that he’s a two-minute man or that he smells (including mouth odour) could naturally puncture his libido and make him lose interest in the act, no matter how deeply aroused he had been. Likewise for women, telling a woman during sex that she has a droopy vagina, saggy breasts or body, stretch marks, protruding stomach or pot belly, unshaved pubic hair or that she had odour could deflate her interest. Thus, given the impact certain words could have, psychologists and sex therapists advise that comments that do not complement the other person should not come up during sex. Rather, they said such persons should calmly engage the partner in a chat after the act, with the aim of finding a solution.

Touching a partner’s private parts with disgust:

Notably, people are generally cautious of how they and their organs are perceived during sex, thus, any such action, like touching, that suggests disdain could unsettle the other person and make them lose self-esteem, which would impact negatively on their performance. Thus, people are advised to save their reservation until later, unless they could, in a friendly manner, encourage the partner on how best to deliver with what they have.

Being distracted (pressing phone, checking the time or watching television):

 Most of the time, the one signal people get when they are having sex with someone who seems distracted, especially between husband and wife, is that the person’s mind is not there, or that they are not really interested in doing it or that there’s something more important they need to attend to, all of which could be a turn-off for some people. Thus, couples are often advised not to press phone, whether to answer a call or read a message, watch television, glance at newspapers, check the time or bring up a political discussion, as their partner might lose interest in the act.

Being too hard on the sensitive parts:

The stimulation of certain sensitive parts of the body, like glans (for men) and clitoris or nipples (for women) could boost how much people enjoy the act, but when the partner is too hard on those fragile, sensitive parts, the pain could overwhelm them, deflate their libido, and then make them lose their interest in the act, sometimes gradually. And sometimes, being too hard on such sensitive parts could inflict pain on the person, which would be another kettle of fish.

Coughing or sneezing on the partner’s face:

These are natural body reactions that people do not always have control over, but inasmuch as it could be spontaneous, blowing it all on the face of a partner during sex could kill their interest, especially if mucus is involved. They may be forced to stop and clean their faces, and then the zeal to start again might have disappeared. Thus, according to Bustle, an American-based women’s online medium, people are advised to turn their face away from the partner, for the purpose of hygiene and so as not to impede the flow of the partner.

Comparison with an ex:

Perhaps out of discontent with the performance of a partner, some people tend to point out how their ex-partners did it better, perhaps with the aim of getting their spouse to adopt such an initiative, but findings have shown that comparing a spouse with others, at the spouse’s detriment, could be counter-productive, as it tends to affect their self-esteem and confidence.

Don’t leave the scene unless your partner is satisfied:

From previous findings, sexual dissatisfaction could cause disharmony in marriage, and men are known to be able to reach that destination faster than women, some of whom also require clitoral stimulation for them to reach orgasm. Thus, given the disparity in the time they tend to be sexually satisfied, couples, especially men, are advised to make sure their wives also climax before they leave, so as not to leave the partner hanging. This is particularly important because a previous study by an American sleep researcher and neurologist, Dr Christopher Winter, had shown that men tend to sleep after sex because of the secretion of some hormones, like prolactin and oxytocin, in their system after ejaculation.

Don’t be passive:

It is not uncommon for some women to just lie there and leave all the work to the man, and the same thing applies to some men, especially when they adopt the woman on top style. But according to sex therapists, good and satisfactory sex is a product of contributory efforts, because, according to them, seeing a partner actively involved could be encouraging. On the other hand, they said being passive could present the other person making the effort as being selfish. Also, it was found that being passive and not saying anything could smirk of non-approval or just doing it out of obligation.

Don’t assume your partner knows what you want:

According to psychologists and sex therapists, communication is key in any relationship, whether in matters of sexual intimacy or any other thing that concerns the marriage. Thus, when displeased about what the partner is not doing right, couples are always advised to voice out their concern and not resort to frowning or hissing as a way of registering their displeasure. This could bring the act to an abrupt end because the other person might also lose interest.

Don’t be too forward:

For the fact that couples are not strangers to each other, there is sometimes the temptation of trying out new things, especially when there is deep intimacy between them. However, experts are of the view that before trying out something unconventional or something entirely new, in the name of being creative, couples should discuss their new ideas or innovations, so that the partner doesn’t see them as being wild or learning things from outside.

What if you fart during sex:

This is another natural body reaction that sometimes comes unannounced, and if it comes at a wrong time, it is normal for people to feel embarrassed, which is enough to lose composure, but, according to experts, people should not crucify themselves if they fart during sex. They are simply advised to apologise to their partner and move on, without ruining their good time.

Don’t lie about being satisfied:

In order not to feel like an addict or someone who doesn’t get satisfied easily or hurt the ego of their partner, some people, especially women, fake their orgasm. But according to experts, this is not good for the relationship, as they say, it’s a way of masking a problem that needs to be addressed, sometimes giving the man a false impression that he’s okay when he should be treating premature ejaculation. Hence, married persons are encouraged to make their dissatisfaction known to their partner, so that at a later date when they decide to voice out, it would not be seen as being demanding.

Take it easy:

According to experts, quick or violent thrusting could be pleasurable, but findings have also shown that it could inflict some injury on the vaginal walls or some bruises on the penis. Also, in extreme cases, it has been found to also be a risk factor for penile fracture.  (Punch)

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