Obasanjo, Danjuma, Babangida,Tinubu, Adeboye, Mbaka, Atiku Destroyed Nigeria —Femi Fani-Kayode

Former Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode this time around seems not to spear anyone as he calls out the names of prominent Nigerians that destroyed the country and have put the country into a state of worries.

As usual he wrote on his facebook page

” I am conversant with much of world history yet I have NEVER read or heard of a people that are more comfortable with tyranny and bondage and pleased with poverty and suffering than Nigerians.

Push a Nigerian to the wall and rather than fight back he will dig a hole into it to escape.

Consider Gen. T.Y. Danjuma. He still can’t find the balls to speak the truth and reveal all yet he is complaining about others! He more than any other helped put the north in power on July 29th 1966. He also supported Buhari in 2015.

Someone please tell him that Nigerians have already lost their sleep and that he should speak up NOW & free us from the bondage that he helped put us in.

Obasanjo, Danjuma, Babangida, Tinubu, Adeboye, Mbaka, Atiku and all the others that helped put Buhari in power in 2015 and destroy Nigeria will answer to God for what they did.

Due to their poor judgement hundreds of thousands have been killed in the last 4 years and so many lives and families have been decimated and destroyed. The blood of these innocent souls and victims screams from the earth and is crying to God in Heaven for vengeance.

We must be bold enough to speak the truth and the truth is that Buhari is not our only problem but all those who colluded with him and conspired to put him in power in 2015.

We warned them over and over again yet they refused to listen. Worse still they insulted us, ridiculed our concerns, laughed us to scorn, belittled our fears and stubbornly and blindly insisted on putting a beast in power. Now they are ALL complaining!

As a people Nigerians have nothing to lose anymore. We have lost it all already but we just don’t know it or we refuse to accept and admit it!

Our nation, our freedom, our pride, our dignity, our honor and our self-esteem: all gone! The only thing that we have left to fear is fear itself and death: yet, as the Bible says, “to die is Christ and to live is gain!”

I urge my people to shed their FEARS and to find the courage to stand up and speak truth to power! I urge them to be the men and women that they were destined to be and not to accept the tyranny of tyrants or choose to be part of a colony of slaves.

It is time to make a choice between freedom and servitude. It is time to choose between light and darkness. It is time to stand for good and the forces of light against evil and the forces of darkness.

I have made that choice and I urge you to join me: I would rather live free for a short period of time and make a difference than live a slave for one thousand years! ”

(Femi Fani-Kayode, Ex-minister for Aviation)

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“I’ll Resign As Priest By October 1st If Heavy Rain Does Not Fall On Aso Rock Due To God’s Anger Against Buhari” —Rev. Fr. Mbaka

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has threatened to resign his priesthood by October 1, if his latest prophecy comes to nought.

The controversial man of God had declared that “there will be heavy rain in Aso-Rock on the 1st of October” because God is angry with President Muhammadu Buhari.

A report obtained by GNWA Updates, quoted Mbaka to have made the declaration while addressing his congregation in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria.

GNWA Updates believes that Fr. Mbaka was one of those who predicted President Buhari’s reelection, made this comment in reaction to Rev. Ebube Muonso, who accused him of being a fake prophet.

Muonso, whose real name is Emmanuel Chibuzo Obimma, is an Ordained Catholic Priest and Founder of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Reacting to the allegation, Mbaka said: “I don’t have much words to say over what Ebube Mounso said about me, I’m a Prophet of God everyone knows that when I prophesy it comes to pass, and for someone to come from nowhere and question my authenticity, that person is on the brink of extinction”.

Apparently displeased by the statements credited to Rev. Mounso, the Adoration Minister prophesied that there will be darkness in the cloud over Nigeria for complete 5 hours from 12noon till 5pm on October 1, after which a massive rain with thunder will follow.

His words: “To prove my authenticity to the world and Nigerians in general, to prove that am really a Prophet of God, I’m going to make a Prophecy that ‘on the first of October coming month, there will be darkness in the cloud over Nigeria for a complete 5hours starting from 12noon till 5pm then, after it will be followed by a massive rain with thunder.’ If this sign did not occur on the 1st of October, then I will resign as a Prophet.”

Speaking further, Mbaka said: “I repeat again, on the 1st of October, there will be darkness in the cloud over Nigeria for a complete 5hours starting on the 12noon till 5 pm, then after it, will follow up a massive rain with thunder. If this sign did not occur on the 1st of October, then I will resign as a Prophet”.

On his authenticity which has been questioned by the Anambra based priest and rival, Mbaka said: “As for Ebube Mouson we shall meet on the Mountain.”

Meanwhile, October 1 is Nigeria’s Independent Day. The country which gained her independence October 1, 1960, will attain 59 years in Oct 1st, 2019.

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Fr. Mbaka Celebrates Buhari’s Victory, Says God Has Answered My Prayers |RN


Raphael Ede, Enugu


The Spiritual Director Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Reverend Fr. Ejike Mabaka, is celebrating the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying that God has confirmed his prophecy.

Fr. Mbaka who stated this during his Wednesday midweek prayers, said that God of Adoration Ministry is a big miracle. “Our God is a God that answerth prayers. God has answered us again.

“I am happy; I am happy that my God has answered my prayer. Our God has answered our prayer.”

The Catholic priest said that what happened in the re-election of Buhari should serve as lessons to Nigerian politicians.   (The Sun)


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Buhari, Mbaka In Closed Doors Meeting |The Republican News

Juliana Taiwo-Obalonye, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari and the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka are in a closed doors meeting at the State House Villa, Abuja.

Mbaka arrived the forecourt of the president’s office at about 12 noon and went straight to the president’s office.

The cleric, who predicted Buhari’s victory in 2015 recently chastised the Peoples Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate, Peter Obi, for not donating money to his congregation.   (The Sun)

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Expect Unimaginable Hardship In 2019, As Never Seen In History, Fr. Mbaka Tells Nigerians

Raphael Ede, Enugu

The Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Reverend Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has charged Nigerians to pray hard to overcome what he called ‘impending unimaginable difficulty’ this year.

Fr. Mbaka stated this in the early hours of Tuesday during his New Year prophetic message.

He said that the type of difficulty the country is going to face is such that has not been witnessed in its 58 years history.

While praying for the country and its leaders, the outspoken Catholic priest enjoined Nigerians to support President Muhammad Buhari to continue his fight against corruption, noting that the Catholic Church supports the fight against corruption and that was why she created ‘prayers against bribery and corruption’.

“A President that is fighting corruption needs to be supported”, he stated.

This year’s Cross Over programme at Fr. Mbaka’s church seemed to have attracted the highest number of worshippers ever, even as Daily Sun observed that the prophetic message which most times came around 2:00am was delivered around 5:00am by the priest.  (The Sun)

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Mbaka, Obi Altercation Shameful – Catholic Bishops |The Republican News

Friday Olokor, Abuja


The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has described the recent altercation between the Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Peter Obi, and Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministries in Enugu as shameful.

The CBCN, therefore, warned its members against partisan politics, saying doing such amounted to a contravention of the Canon Law of the church.

This was contained in a statement on Thursday by the Secretary-General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ralph Madu.

Madu said the incident did not have the support of the CBCN.

According to him, the stand of the Catholic Church on August 7, 2018 that priests should remain apolitical and must not support or subscribe to any political party has not changed.

He said, “Our concern is for a peaceful election process seen to be free, fair, credible and just. We are for a democratic governance that guarantees peace, justice, equity, development and religious freedom for the common good.

“Mindful of the present charged political life of the country, with the ongoing campaign of political parties gathering momentum, we deem it necessary to again remind all priests and faithful to keep the position of the church on the issue of non-partisan politics.”

He explained that while the Enugu Diocese is taking appropriate measures on the incident, “no Catholic priest or faithful should be involved in partisan politics in obedience to the Canon Law of the church.”  (Punch)

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2019 Election: God Has Revealed Nothing To Me About Atiku, Says Fr. Mbaka |RN

The Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has disowned media reports, which quoted him as saying that former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is a most credible presidential candidate for the 2019 election.
Speaking on Saturday, the fiery priest said the originators of the report were out to cause mischief.
While expressing shock over the comments attributed to him, Mbaka said “I read the report about my support for Atiku with bitterness in my heart as I can see how wicked and evil some people could be.
“Those who are impersonating my names wickedly and politically must be careful. People must fear God and respect His anointed. Whoever is trying to use my name to support or promote Atiku’s political exploits is attracting God’s wrath to himself or herself.
“For now, I have never spoken neither for nor against Atiku. God has shown me nothing about him.
Neither in the public nor in the secret have I said what the reporter claimed. When?
Where? With whom? and under what platform did the mendacious and wicked reporter hear or see me talk about Atiku?”
Mbaka said if those behind the report failed to do the needful, “I will take action against such vulturous and satanic character assassins who have been working hard to destroy my reputation or make me a false prophet.
“I am busy with the work of God and I am now in a deeper contemplative encounter with the Awesome God.
“My concerns now are the healings, deliverances, blessings, breakthroughs etc of my people. I don’t talk carelessly. I speak when God has given me a word. For now, God has not revealed anything about Atiku Abubakar”.
Similarly, Ike Maximus Ugwuoke,
Media and Legal Adviser, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, added that “Fr Mbaka has been committed to the on-going 2017 crusade of Awesome Miracles from the Awesome God in the ministry which started last Wednesday where Adoration worshipers have been giving awesome testimonies.
“He has not been seen or heard in any other public or private forum where he could have made such declarations as claimed by the reporter.
“He is such a courageous man of God whose messages are always dubbed in video CDs for all who care to watch and listen no matter whose ox is gored.
“None of those declarations as contained in the said media report was Fr Mbaka’s. We challenge the fabricator of that report to produce the proof or evidence to back up their claim or recant the publication forthwith else he should brace up to face the consequence of his impersonating and mendacious report.”

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2019: Mbaka Supports, Reveals Why Atiku Should Be Nigeria’s Next President |RN

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, of the Adoration Ministry, has declared that former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar is the new blessing for Nigeria.
He said Abubakar has what it takes to “put smile on Nigerians suffering different marginalization,” if given the opportunity to rule the country in 2019.
Speaking in Enugu, the fiery preacher said the Waziri of Adamawa was advocating a “new order, a new paradigm shift in the government.”
Mbaka said, “Every political relationship is open for negotiations, without pre-set outcomes. Atiku do not fear negotiations, as democrat and businessman that is what reasonable human beings that love his people do. This is even more important if a stubborn resistance against negotiations can lead to unsavoury outcomes, which the present governments have demonstrated!
“For the Nigerian State to have a soul, the constituent parts need to renegotiate and rework the union. It is what will reduce to the barest minimum the feelings of injustice and poverty among Nigerians. It is what will make Nigerians believe that they chose this union willingly, ending effectively the theory of Lugardian contraption.
“It is a perfect antidote for peace. The times call for new ideas For creative solutions, for restructuring, for people to be happy, for people to have means of living, for people to love Nigeria again!
“Atiku is the only person that have contested and is still contesting for Nigerian presidency that love the youths more and have created more jobs for the youths to prove that more than most state government!
“Imagine what he will do when he has the power and resources to do more! Let’s pray that the blessing and protection of God to be with him to put smile in Nigerians suffering different marginalization!”

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Nobody Hates The Igbo In Nigeria, Says Rev.Fr Mbaka |The Republican News


By Enyeribe Ejiogu

Charismatic Roman Catholic priest and Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has advised Southeast youths to stop believing that the Igbo are hated in Nigeria.

Mbaka, in a three-minute video clip released online by the ministry, said that the youths of southeast had for too long been held in bondage with a delusional message that incited the children of the poor to engage in civil disobedience.

His words: “Please don’t let anybody tell you again that Igbo are hated in Nigeria, and we continue to believe such nonsense. The poor youths are encouraged to engage in civil disobedience in the name of agitating for the restoration of Biafra.”

While acknowledging that there was nothing really wrong in pushing for the restoration of Biafra, he, however, stated that the notable sons of Igbo land should be at the forefront of the struggle.

‘Those people who say that restoration of Biafra is what we want, they should come out in the open and pursue the struggle. The struggle must involve the crème of the Igbo. These are the people that should be at the head of the protest. Then the poor would follow the leaders. It is not the children of the poor that should be at the forefront.

“If we are to pursue the Biafra struggle, then the distinguished personalities in Igbo land should be at the forefront. I am talking about people like Dr Alex Ekwueme, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, Peter Obi, Emeka Offor, Andy Uba, and some other Igbo elite.

“It is not proper to send our very young men that are still trying to find their feet in business to the streets for pro-Biafra protests, and they get killed by security forces. Where is the Igbo elite? All of them have hidden in Abuja or gone overseas.

“We don’t want a leader that who will sit back and sacrifice the young sons of the poor by inciting them to go out to protest and get killed by security forces.

“It is the young people who have no money to invest in trading that are incited to go out to the street to protest. The people who should be talking about for Igbo about Biafra are certainly not these young men parading on the streets in name protest,” Mbaka said.    (The Sun)

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Nigerians Are Hungry, Mbaka Tells Buhari |The Republican News

Chris Oji

Image result for buhari

President Mohammadu Buhari

Adeboye, Oyedepo,  Olukoya hopeful

Pope preaches peace

Enugu Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to ease the economic pains many Nigerians are suffering.

The coordinator of the Adoration Ministry, who is famous for his fiery sermons, spoke at the weekend in his New Year message at the “crossover service”.

”Many Nigerians are suffering,” he said.

“Though the President is trying on corruption and security, Nigerians are hungry; they want to see more changes.

“There is the need to assist businessmen and women in their businesses.”

The cleric advised the President to appoint experts who would help him to revive the economy.

Besides, he should consult Church leaders and eminent men of God to advise him and tell him the truth about the economy, he said.

“We cannot reach him for advice because of the kind of people around him,” Rev. Mbaka added.

He urged Nigerians to be patient and be prayerful “as your sufferings and hardship would be over in 2017.

“Nigeria is set to be great again,” he said.

In Ota, Ogun State, the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, Dr. David Oyedepo, urged Christians to obey God’s word to be successful this year.

Rev. Oyedepo, who spoke on Saturday ‎during the night service to usher in 2017 at the church’s headquarters, said:  ”In 2017, the quality of life of any Christian is dependent on the level of his obedience to God.

”The obedience of any child of God can silence every opposition on his life.”

Christians do not need to make noise to be relevant in the society, as they are distinguished by being obedient.

He said every commandment of the scripture was applicable at all times and to all children of God, irrespective of their denomination.

Bishop David Abioye, also of the Winners Chapel reminded Christians to obey to God as it is more important than the economic crisis facing the country.

Bishop Abioye his 2016 cross over message at Living Faith Church Durumi, Abuja, with the topic “Commanding noiseless breakthrough in hard times’’.

He said obedience to God had more relevance because it would naturally enhance the quality of one’s steps in life.

He called on Christian to practise God’s covenant of obedience to flourish even in hard times, adding that opportunities would still come because no circumstance on earth can render it useless.

“Covenant people that obey the Holy Bible usually flourish even in difficult times.

“If the covenant is on the path of grace, God’s covenant is committed to deliver it.

“The quality of your life is a result of the quality of obedience you give God; this is the time to be close to God.

“Seeking the kingdom of God first will always pay to the covenant of obedience like our salaries and allowances being paid,’’ Abioye said.

Cleric, Rev. Fr. Leonard Ojorgu, says the security challenges in the country will soon come to an end.

The Assistant Parish Priest of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ediba, Calabar, the Cross River State capital, Rev. Father Leonard Ojorgu, said during the New Year service that this country’s challenge would end “as God will restore peace.”

According to him, Nigeria would overcome its current security challenges and rise above its problems through prayers, obedience to God and good leadership.

The cleric, who drew his homily from the book of Isaiah 52:7-10, said Nigeria was faced with serious security challenges that needed collaboration of stakeholders to overcome.

He added that “one of the major problems facing the country today is insecurity. The North East has been under series of attacks by insurgents.

“The sect has carried out attacks on villages, churches, schools and mosques in the Northeast. But in this 2017, God will restore peace and unity in affected areas and the country in general,’ he said.’

In Enugu, the Archbishop of Anglican Arch-Diocese, the Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, urged Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of tolerance to build a peaceful nation.

Rev. Chukwuma made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) yesterday, saying: “no nation could develop under an atmosphere of hatred and unforgiving spirit’.’

He urged leaders to continue to preach peace and support the government’s programmes that would promote peace.

The cleric urged Nigerians to be security conscious “so as to easily fish out mischief-makers that are architects of the crisis in some communities and areas of the country’’.

Rev. Fr. Clement Mato of St. Rita’s Catholic Church, Mararaba, Nasarawa State urged Christians to ensure peace among themselves in the new year and shun malice to

promote unity.

He made the call in his sermon , stressing that Jesus Christ preached love all his life and Christians should to emulate him.

The cleric said: “Many Christians are praying for blessings and good life in this year, but how can we get all our heart’s desires in a world or country filled with violence?

“Some Christians pray against people who have wronged them, raining fire and brimstone on them in their prayers.

“As a child of God, learn to forgive and not keep malice; that is how love works and make sure you desist from sin to attract God’s blessings.”

In Abeokuta, the Ogun capital, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese, the Most Rev. Peter Odetoyinbo, urged leaders to be alive to their responsibilities in addressing the prevailing hardships in the country.

Rev. Odetoyinbo, in his New Year Message, said Nigerians needed to pray for God’s intervention “and for the fear of God in leaders as we look into year 2017 with revitalised hope’’.

In Minna, the NigerState  capital, Bishop Martins Nzuokwu, the Catholic Bishop of Minna Diocese, urged Nigerians to seek spiritual revival to sustain good democratic governance .

Rev. Uzoukwu, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Minna, added that “prayers would greatly assist leaders to fashion out policies and programmes that would improve the lives of Nigerians’’.

He said President Buhari needed the support in his commitment to repositioning the country for optimal growth. He lauded the political commitment demonstrated by the President in dealing with the activities of insurgents in the Northeast and the fight against corruption. (The Nation)

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