Why Should We Give Bandits Amnesty? Is It Because They’re Fulani or Muslim? —Omokri Asks Gumi |The Republican News

Dear Sheikh Gumi,

Why should we give bandits amnesty? Is it because they are Fulani or Muslim? What injustice are they fighting against? I read the Quran in Arabic. There is nothing in the Quran that supports your plea. General Buhari has been killing your fellow Muslim Shiite. Why have you not called for amnesty for Shiites who don’t kill, yet you want amnesty for bandits who kill?

Speak the truth, for you will one day die and face God, who is neither a Christian or a Muslim, or a Northerner or Southerner, or a Fulani or Ogoni.

You recently visited Zamfara and openly took a photo with hordes of bandits. These are killer terrorists. They have broken the Hudud of both God and man as outlined in Quran chapter 5.

They have committed the sin of Ḥirābah by waging war on society.

What exactly has the ESN done that makes them terrorists or criminals that the Nigerian military has turned Orlu into a war zone? Is it because they withstood killer herdsmen? Did Buhari’s defence minister not ask Nigerians to stop being cowards and face bandits and herdsmen? Is that not what ESN is doing?

Has Buhari sent helicopter gunships and artillery to the forests of Zamfara, Katsina or Niger to flush out your beloved bandits? So, what other amnesty do you want?

How is Kano’s Hisbah better than ESN? Have you ever heard that an ESN operative was caught in a hotel with a married woman, like the Kano Hisbah commander?

As long as some of our Northern brothers continue to be sentimental, there is the danger that Nigeria will divide, because it is hard to keep a country united with this level of hypocrisy and distrust that exists in Nigeria of today.

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Don’t Marry Ladies From Poor Home With Expensive, Lavish Lifestyle Except Your Grave Is Near —Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

If she has:

Bone straight hair
Designer wear
Expensive shoes,

But, no rich family, [no] high paying job, or business commensurate to her lavish lifestyle, she can never be the one, except Satan wants to destroy you.

Many husbands who complain that their wives cheat are actually to blame.

You meet a high maintenance girl with no known source of income and marry her.

Of course, when you can’t maintain her lifestyle, the outcome will be cheating with men who can!

@views exclusive rights: Reno Omokri, Media Aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan

#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

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Kanu, Sowore’s Bail Conditions And Fulfilment, Shows Igbo Communal Spirit —Reno Omokri

Omoyele Sowore and Nnamdi Kanu

Reno Omokri the former Special Media Aide to the immediate past President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, has blasted the Yoruba for not standing up for Omoyele Sowore while he is in need.

He said that the bail conditions for Sowore is nowhere near that of Nnamdi Kanu but the Igbo rallied round and bailed him out, which shows the old-aged Igbo traditional communal spirit.

Read his statements below.

“Despite the stringent bail conditions set for Nnamdi Kanu, Igbos wasted no time fulfilling it. Sowore’s bail terms are nowhere near as tough as Nnamdi Kanu’s, yet no one has stood for him.

“Yet, while he was in detention and court, many people were talking tough in his defence. It just tells you a lot about Igbo communal spirit as compared to other ethnic nationalities.

“If Sowore was Igbo, he would have been out of jail by now. An Igbo Senator, Enyinnaya Abaribe, risked jail, put his Senatorial office on the line, to stand as surety for Kanu.

“Are you trying to tell me that none of Sowore’s kinsmen have ordinary ₦50 million? I am yet to see a people who love themselves like the Igbo.

“In America, believe it or not, Igbo unions give new comers loans to set up their own businesses. I have seen news stories of destitute Nigerians abroad who need assistance. That can never happen to an Igbo. Other Igbos in that community will rally round and rehabilitate him or her. Let us all learn that self love from Ndi’Igbo and Nigeria will be better for it.”

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Sowore Dug Hole He’s In Now, Romanced Buhari, Told Deliberate Lies, But Should Be Freed —Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, Omoyele Sowore

If you say Omoyele Sowore is a liar, I will agree. He tells deliberate lies to destroy the reputation of those he‘s against, using his Sahara Reporters website. He did it to me personally and my boss, GOODLUCK JONATHAN. Ironically neither Jonathan, nor I ever contemplated his arrest.

I sympathise with Sowore, but that’s not my point here. I can’t help but feel that his travails are self inflicted. I know his nature. He will come out of jail, read this, and use Sahara Reporters to try to savage my reputation. If you have followed the Buhari wave, you know the role Sowore and his Sahara Reporters played to create the Frankenstein monster named Buhari.

What is happening between Sowore and  Buhari is just a romance gone sour. Sowore is not some innocent activist that General Buhari is persecuting. He was an ally of Buhari. He sold Buhari to Nigeria. We must not rewrite history or we will repeat it.

Using saharareporters, Sowore dishonestly “DEMARKETED” President Jonathan as a “DRUNKARD,” _a “SLOW POKE,_” “CLUELESS…” and MARKETED Buhari as “INCORRUPTIBLE.” He marketed Buhari as a man who would not only “CRUSH” Jonathan, but the “messiah” who would “SOLVE” all of Nigeria’s problems.

In 2014, when Jonathan said “I am the most INSULTED president in the world but when I leave office, you will all remember me for the total freedom you enjoyed”, he was referring to Sowore and saharareporters.


Today, General Buhari is trying Sowore, his former partner in propaganda, for insulting him. If insulting a President is a crime, both Buhari and Sowore are guilty due to what they did to ex-President Jonathan. But it is NOT a crime.

Sowore should be freed!

Yet, Sowore is not the victim here. The victim, who refused to be a victim, is former President Jonathan, who Sowore accused of thievery, yet ALL his children schooled in Nigeria while he was President. 5 years after leaving office, no one has found GEJ wanting.

It is possible that people around Jonathan made money, just as people around General Buhari are making money and people around Obasanjo and YarAdua made money. _It is the sad reality of a corruption plagued country that we must all aspire to fix._ But Jonathan was NOT the THIEF, DRUNKARD or WEAKLING Sowore painted him to be. He is God fearing. To fear God is weakness to men like Sowore.

Then President Jonathan is MEEK. MEEKNESS is not WEAKNESS. MEEKNESS means you have POWER, but you RESTRAIN yourself from ABUSING it because you want to BUILD, not DESTROY. Moses was MEEK. Nigerians don’t deserve a MEEK leader. We deserve a General Buhari!

On 4 occasions, Sowore visited Nigeria while Jonathan was President. We knew his whereabouts. He met then CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi, and was in contact with Buhari and El-rufai. But Jonathan NEVER ARRESTED him because _he believed in PRESS FREEDOM._

Sowore marketed Jonathan as corrupt and weak. GEJ would never make a man indicted by the army for theft, as reported by PremiumTimesng, a minister. GEJ deported South Africans in retaliation when SA deported Nigerians. It is Buhari who is WEAK & CORRUPT.

The problem with the average Nigerian, is that we CRY over CONSEQUENCES, and _LAUGH over ACTIONS,_ not realising that _CONSEQUENCE follows ACTIONS_ as DAY follows NIGHT. Sowore and Saharareporters are the ACTION. Buhari is the CONSEQUENCE.        

I look at those shedding tears for Sowore and I remember when Jonathan’s son was crying after his classmates laughed at him *because they read on saharareporters that his father is a drunkard. Even children believe the lies they read on saharareporters!

I am not stretching facts if I say that without Sowore, General Buhari wont be President. It‘s an indisputable FACT. He and Saharareporters poisoned the mind of Nigerians against then President Jonathan. As Christ said “offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!” – Luke 17:1

It is a different matter if Sowore and saharareporters used the TRUTH to turn Nigerians against then President Jonathan, but they used LIES. Deliberate and malignant LIES. You cannot DESTROY another man and expect Providence to BUILD you up!

_Ko le work!_

What Gen Buhari has done to Sowore is a common Northern tactic. I lived in the North. I know. Abacha used it on Abiola. He used Abiola to destroy Shonekan. After Abiola destroyed Shonekan’s government, he was of no use to Abacha anymore, so Abacha threw him in jail.

General Buhari and Elrufai know what they used Sowore to achieve in destroying Jonathan. They are not fools. These guys are more politically sophisticated *than even Sowore/Tinubu know. It is brinksmanship. They won’t sit and watch them do the same to Buhari.

All of you were FOOLED when General Buhari rubbed mentholatum on his handkerchief and used it to induce crocodile tears. You are now seeing the genuine Buhari now? *Who is crying now? _Buhari or you? When we told you did you listen?_ Enjoy Buhari!

Gen Buhari used Sowore & saharareporters against Jonathan and he will NEVER let them be used against him. Sowore should have known that the first person a feudal king kills is the kingmaker that got him the throne. So he can’t remove him from the same throne.

What an irony! Sowore cannot use the same saharareporters to remove himself from jail.
Don’t dig your enemy’s hole too deep so that when you fall into it, you can also escape.

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“Why Buhari Sacked Oyo-Ita As Head Of Service” – Reno Omokri |The Republican News

Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita

A former presidential aide and strong critic of Buhari government, Reno Omokri, has reacted to the sack of Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita as Head of Civil Service of the Federation. Igbere TV reports.

Igbere TV had reported that Buhari on Wednesday, approved the appointment of Dr. Mrs. Folashade Yemi-Esan as the Acting Head of the Civil Service with immediate effect.

Yemi-Esan, a Permanent Secretary in the Petroleum Ministry, takes over from Oyo-Ita, who was asked to proceed on an indefinite leave to allow conclusion of her ongoing trial by EFCC.

But reacting to the development, Omokri said the only reason why she was sacked was because she “exposed” Buhari for “recalling” and “promoting” the sacked Pension boss, Maina.

In a tweet sighted by Igbere TV on his verified Twitter handle, @renoomokri, the ex-presidential aide wrote;

“The ONLY reason this woman has been sacked is because General @MBuhari never forgives.

“He had pencilled her for DISGRACE since the day her memo exposing Buhari as the man behind the recall and promotion of pension thief Maina, leaked.”

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Patriots In INEC Tell Me What INEC Boss Eats For Lunch, Perfumes He Wears, What Happened To The Server – Reno Omokri

INEC Boss, Prof. Yakubu Mahmood

By Ike A. Offor

The former Media Aide to the former president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Mr Reno Omokri has in his latest taunt revealed a lot about the happenings inside INEC. He confidently said that he has been told that there is severe panic within INEC headquarters in Abuja. He also bragged about how much details he receives from patriotic Nigerians inside INEC headquarters.

In his update on his Facebook wall, he had this to say.

Dear Nigerians,

I have been reliably informed by my MOLES within INEC that there is severe PANIC at their Abuja HQ. They are trying to get the company to remove all traces of their connection with INEC. But it is TOO LATE. We already have the EVIDENCE! Let me assure the Chairman of INEC that I know when he arrives at the office. I know which visitors he receives. I know what he has for lunch. I know the colour of his handkerchief. He uses perfume. I know the brand. There are PATRIOTS there who tell me what he plans in his bed chamber!


Earlier on, The Republican News published what he revealed about the identity of the man and his wife who owns the company that did the job of deleting the server for INEC.

Realted post:

Omokri gave details on how the company did their dirty job for INEC to help them wipe out the server and was later asked by INEC to destroy any trace of their job on their server, which he said was too late because by then they have obtained details of the server.

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Reno Omokri To Tinubu: “You Will Become Jagajaga Instead of Jagaban” Once They’re Done With You

Shortly after news broke that men of the Nigerian Police Force have sealed the Corporate headquarters of Oando Plc on Ozumba Mbadiwe street in Victoria Island, ex presidential aide, Reno Omokri took to Twitter to react.

According to the reports, the police sealed off the building following the directives of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the constitution of an Interim Management Team, headed by Mr. Mutiu Olaniyi Adio Sunmonu

Omokri said Bola Tinubu, a National Leader of the All Progressives Congress(APC) was going through this because he had insulted former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

He urged the former Lagos state governor to go and apologise to the ex-president — As that marked the beginning of his crisis.

What he wrote via Twitter thus:

When you opened that your smelly yellow teeth mouth to openly insult Olusegun Obasanjo, a man old enough to be your father, a man who fought for Nigeria in war and led her in peace, I told you God will reward you. Tinubu, go and apologise to Obasanjo.

See how they are disgracing him anyhow with Oando. When you sold your people so cheaply, how will they respect you? In their eyes, a used sanitary pad has more value than you. When will you learn? Jagaban? By the time they finish with you, you will turn to jagajaga!

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15 Lies Buhari Told In His Democracy Day Speech, By Reno Omokri |The Republican News


Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of lying to Nigerians in his Democracy Day speech.

Omokri, in a series of tweets on Tuesday, spoke on alleged lies under the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, adding that the President possibly broke the Guinness World Record on lies.

Omokri wrote, ”1-Buhari lied by claiming to increase foreign reserves. PMB met a reserve of $32 billion on May 29, 2015. In 3 years he has borrowed ₦11 trillion. This is more than PDPborrowed in 16 years combined. It is from this debt that he has ‘increased’ our reserve #BuhariDemocracyDayLies.

”2-Buhari lied by claiming Integrated Personnel And Payment Information System (IPPIS) as an achievement of his government. IPPIS was initiated, started, implemented and completed by the Jonathan administration.

”3-Buhari lied that he “inherited a weak economy”. He inherited the world’s 3rd fastest growing economy, according to @CNNMoney. He failed to appoint a cabinet for 6 months. It weakened the economy and led to the recession.

”4-Buhari lied when he said Nigerians are enjoying increased power supply. This is such an obvious lie. He has not built a single power station. The last power station built in Nigeria was built by Jonathan. I ask you, has your power improved?

”5-Buhari lied saying Boko Haram‘s capacity is ‘degraded’. It runs counter to the testimony of the #DapchiGirls who testified that Boko Haram now have planes and they land them within Nigeria. Boko Haram didn’t have planes under Jonathan.

”6-Buhari lied by saying he has improved the education sector. By his third year, Jonathan had built 120 Almajiri schools and 12 universities. Giving out licenses to the private sector to build a polytechnic is not an achievement. Buhari should be ashamed.

”7.-Buhari lied by claiming 7000 Megawatts power as an achievement. The devil will have trouble beating that lie. Nigeria under Buhari is not even regularly transmitting half that number. Perhaps he means IGP’s ‘TRANSMISSION’ and not electric power transmission.

”8-Buhari lied by claiming the construction of the 2nd Niger Bridge as an achievement. No bridge has been constructed. No contract has been awarded. The ₦2 billion released was money earmarked by Jonathan, not Buhari.

”9-Buhari lied by claiming US FAA Category 1 status as an achievement. Nigeria attained US FAA Category 1 on October 23, 2010, under former President Jonathan. Here is the proof. Buhari is desperate for achievements.

”10-Buhari lied by claiming the visa on arrival policy as his achievements. This policy was unveiled in 2013 by Olusegun Aganga, Jonathan’s minister of industry. Read about it here in this 2013 interview.

”11-Buhari lied when he said he has reduced inflation. In truth, inflation increased by 50% from 9.8% when Buhari took over in May 2015, to 13.34%. The last time Nigeria enjoyed single-digit inflation rate was under ex-President Jonathan #BuhariDemocracyDayLies

”12-Buhari lied about the so-called unprecedented FIRS tax revenue and customs receipt. When you factor in the devaluation of the Naira by the Buhari government. The revenues made is actually about half the revenues made in 2014 when Naira was ₦150 to $1.

”13-Buhari said the ₦2.7trillion capital expenditure for 2016 and 2017 combined is a record.₦2.7 trillion is worth $8 billion today. It is not up to the ₦1.6 trillion Jonathan allocated for capital expenditure in 2013 which was equivalent to $9.6 billion #BuhariDemocracyDayLies.

”14-Buhari lied by saying Nigeria is more secure under him. According to the Global Terrorism Index, Nigeria is now the THIRD most terrorised nation in the world. We were number 4 under Jonathan. We have moved 1 step backwards. Herdsmen now kill more than BH

”15-Buhari lied that he has reduced corruption in Nigeria. According to Transparency International, Nigeria is more corrupt under Buhari than it was at any time during the Jonathan administration. We have moved 12 steps backwards from 136 to 144 on TI’s CP.”

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Reno Omokri: The Accidental Media Aide, By Charles Ogbu |The Republican News





Reno Omokri


By Charles Ogbu.

I have always maintained that apart from conspiracy from both local and foreign scene against President Goodluck Jonathan, another major reason the Otueke-born Zoologist lost his 2015 presidential re-election bid was not unconnected with the fact that he had one of the most criminally inept and fantastically clueless media aides who were more endowed in tongue than they were in that area meant to house the grey matter known as the brain.

Reno Omokri’s recent tirade against Ndigbo confirms this.

An Igbo man and the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, reportedly granted an interview in 2014 where he said that Jonathan was weak and incompetent as president and the best way Reno Omokri who was GEJ’s social media advisor could think to counter the assertion in 2017 was to start hauling invectives at the entire Igbos and listing individual appointments Jonathan gave to them.

In 21st century 2017, a supposed intellectual is listing individual appointments as achievements and even trying to use same to counter the argument that his ex-boss was incompetent while in office.

He couldn’t mention one monument erected by his boss. He couldn’t mention road network or any health or academic centre built for Ndigbo by his boss. All he could point to was individual appointments.

This is a walking shame!

Quite frankly, I should simply pause here and die laughing…. Laughing at a mentally truncated media aide who doesn’t know that the best way to counter allegation of incompetence against his boss is by listing infrastructural facilities and other solid achievements built by this boss of his, not by naming individuals who were appointed into govt positions by him.

With this kind of mental miscarriage from Reno Omokri, do we still wonder why the APC propaganda machinery effortlessly swallowed Jonathan’s media team and successfully painted him as a president who did nothing all through the 5 years he was in office?

If Mr Omokri cannot marshall out facts and figures to counter a mere allegation of weakness and incompetence levelled against his boss by an individual, how could anyone expect him to have any reasonable response to the web of earthquakic lies and brain-resetting propaganda mounted against Jonathan by the very powerful APC lying machine??

Poor Jonathan! He thought he had a media aide in Reno. How wrong he was!

The tragedy of Reno’s situation is that he does not even realise that his failure to list Jonathan’s achievements leaves observers with the conclusion that indeed, Jonathan did nothing for Ndigbo.

In this case, who really insulted Jonathan? Is it a private citizen who said his ex-president was weak and incompetent, the same thing that has been said by Asari Dokubo, Edwin Clark etc or a former media aide to this president who resorted to hauling invectives at everyone rather than listing the achievements of this president to counter this assertion???

In an article titled, “THE LESSON NDIGBO TAUGHT JONATHAN AND FUTURE LEADERS”, Omokri stated that Igbos lost the 1967-70 Biafra because they knew nothing about diplomacy which left them without many friends to help them during those trying time. According to him, the fact that no Igbo leader has come out to attack Kanu over the said interview suggests that Kanu’s position represents the views of the entire Ndigbo about Jonathan. This, he says, means that the Igbos are the ungrateful bunch. In that same article, Mr Omokri categorically stated that Jonathan was the first president to give Igbos the position of Chief of Army Staff and Secretary to the Govt of the Federation and as such, Ndigbo should be eternally grateful to him.

As a full blooded Igbo man, I find this criminally offensive. This is a double-barreled insult to Ndigbo because 1, what was said is a grave misrepresentation of fact. And 2, because Mr Omokri is the least qualified person to say those things, having himself been implicated in a case of identity theft in Feb. 2014 when he allegedly stole the identity of the son to the wife of his brother-in-law, one U.S based Wendell Simlin, to write an article linking the spike in Boko Haram bombing to the suspension of the then CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. (A quick Google search will give you the detail)

What moral right does a spineless faceless suspected identity thief have to talk to Ndigbo? If he was man enough, why did he resort to hiding behind a fake identity just to make a mere accusation?

Let’s treat the no1:

Igbos owe Jonathan nothing! Absolutely nothing. It is Jonathan who owes Ndigbo everything. We made him!

When the bunch of political terrorists known as the Cabal, prevented the gentleman Jonathan from taking over from the good man, Yar’Adua of the blessed memory, it was an Igbo woman, the late Dora Akunyili, who publicly confronted the Cabal and told all Nigerians that Yar’Adua was incapacitated. Her revelation gave birth to the doctrine of necessity which brought Jonathan to power. Without Akunyili, Yaradua would probably still be running the country by now even from the grave while Jonathan would be sitting quietly the exact way Mr Buhari is currently running Nigeria from the land of the WhiteWalkers with Osinbajo sitting quietly like an Arsenal fan when his club is facing a 5-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester United.

We gave Jonathan everything we had in 2011. We even died for him in the North in large numbers. Our support for him was 100%. Even when Jonathan bashing became the order of the day sometime last year, Ndigbo rose to the occasion and defended him even against some of his own people.

In 11th August 2016, I Charles Ogbu, wrote a fact-studded piece titled “IN DEFENCE OF PRESIDENT JONATHAN” published in the Guardian Newspaper which attracted a rejoinder from the presidency titled “IN DEFENCE OF PRESIDENT BUHARI, IS THIS THE CHANGE WE VOTED FOR? YES, IT IS” written by President Buhari’s senior media aide, Garba Shehu to which I again responded with “IN DEFENCE OF THE MASSES, THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT THE CHANGE WE VOTED FOR”.

When I was doing these verbal gymnastics with the highest office in the land over a Jonathan whom I have never met, where was Reno Omokri then? He was hiding somewhere in the U.S, too afraid to write anything in Jonathan’s defence. Now that the monumental disaster, Buhari, has been declared incapacitated, Reno is running his mouth. How convenient!

Our support for Jonathan was driven by a sense of justice, fairness and equity coupled with the fact that his opponent has always been a hopeless murderous ethnic jingoist with generational hatred for Ndigbo.

Why should we now sit back and allow an integrity-challenged Reno Omokri a.k.a Wendell Simlin disparages us for no just cause??

Why did Omokri not denigrate the entire Fulanis when El-Rufai and numberless Fulanis made sport of demonising Jonathan at every turn?

Asari Dokubo, Edwin Clark, Seriake Dickson have all described Jonathan as weak, yet, Omokri neither attacked those people nor their ethnic groups. Why?

Why does he now think he can attack the whole Igbo race simply because one Igbo man purportedly chose to criticise his ex-president?

Saying that a former president was weak and incompetent, is that an insult????

Frankly, I don’t get this! Is Reno such a bad user of the Queen’s language that he no longer understand that “weak” and “incompetence” are but mere adjectives naming an attribute of a noun?

So far, Goodluck Jonathan remains the best president Nigeria ever had. His worst remains better than the best of Buhari. Is this even debatable? He was and still is, a perfect gentleman. Matter of fact, I belong to the school of thought which believes that Nigeria was and still is, too primitive for people like Jonathan to preside over.

But was he weak as president??

Keep sentiment at home let’s find out the answer.

Several months before 2015 election, Jonathan was presented with credible evidence of the treacherous ways of Attahiru Jega, the man he appointed INEC boss but he did nothing! He chose to allow JEGA continue as INEC boss because he felt he (GEJ) couldn’t withstand the pressure JEGA’s sack would bring him.

That was a weakness! Jonathan’s failure to sack Jega was the height of weakness on his part.

#ChibokGirlsSaga remains unresolved till today mainly because Jonathan bowed to foreign pressure and admitted it happened even after his govt had earlier dismissed it as a scam. If GEJ hadn’t bowed to pressure, he would have simply arrested that woman Principal of
Chibok school and within hours of questioning, she would have spilt the beans.

GEJ showed weakness by allowing many people including Buhari to undermine his govt.

Are we really gonna waste our time arguing this obvious fact?

Now, let’s visit the dictionary:

The term “Weak” is an adjective and it means “liable to break or yield under pressure” among other meanings.

So I ask again, was Jonathan weak as president? In the Nigerian context, the answer is YES! Refer to the above instances I just listed out.

What then is the problem here?

Even if we lie to ourselves, how can we descend to the level of believing our own lies as the gospel truth?

My father, the late Emmanuel Nwodo Ogbu Nwachima, once allowed my uncle to take possession of our piece of land on the ground that he didn’t want to make trouble with his brother. To me, that was him being a peaceful man but it also portrayed him as weak.

I remember my father as a good man but each time I see my uncle’s children on that land, I think my dad weak. Context is of utmost importance here.

May I remind Reno Omokri that before Jonathan, two Igbo sons, Alex Ekwueme and Ebitu Ukiwe have held the position of both civilian and military vice presidents respectively. Allison Madueke has equally held a very high position in the military. So why should we be grateful for getting individual appointments of army chief and SGF even after paying with our blood in the North and are still being victimised by the present govt over our support for Jonathan?

Reno Omokri and co need to realise that those who live in glass houses should be wise enough not to start throwing stones around.

As far as Jonathan is concerned, what Ndigbo deserve from Reno and Co is gratitude, not attitude

The Republican News

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God Used Buhari To Expose Ejike Mbaka, Tunde Bakare’s Hypocrisy – Reno Omokri

We found this piece really interesting for our audience and readers and decided to bring it back for more deep sober reflection.

Anyone of us could remember how these two mentioned men of God were speaking up against the immediate past government and could now see how dumb they have become.

The most eye-popping person here is Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka and all his prophesies about how Buhari is the messiah that will take away all the pains of Nigeria. Now, with the pains of Nigerians astronomically increased under Buhari, the same Mbaka has gone AWOL and become deaf and dumb. What happened to his God and the voices that he used to hear?

In this  piece Reno Omokri x-rayed some of the hypocrisy of these men of God.


Wale Akinola

– A former Special Assistant to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan has said that Buhari’s Presidency exposed Pastor Tunde Bakare and Rev Ejike Mbaka of their hypocrisy

– Omokri alleged that Mbaka and Bakare were talkative during 2015 general election

– He said their silence over Buhari’s health issue is the highest level of hypocrisy

A former Special Assistant to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan, has claimed that God made Muhammadu Buhari President to expose Pastor Tunde Bakare and Rev Ejike Mbaka of their hypocrisy. gathered that Omokri made the remark while berating some top men of God who were shouting at the top of their voices during the last presidential election.

The former Presidential aide expressed disappointments on their silence over the current health travail of Buhari.

How God used Buhari to expose Mbaka, Pastor Tunde Bakare's hypocrisy – Reno Omokri       Former Special Assistant to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri

In a post on his Facebook, Omokri wrote: “Pastor Tunde Bakare and Reverend Mbaka, I never knew you guys could be so silent. You used to be so talkative!!!

“Sometimes it seems as if God made Muhammadu Buhari to be President purposely to expose the hypocrisy of some people.”        (

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