Don’t Marry Ladies From Poor Home With Expensive, Lavish Lifestyle Except Your Grave Is Near —Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

If she has:

Bone straight hair
Designer wear
Expensive shoes,

But, no rich family, [no] high paying job, or business commensurate to her lavish lifestyle, she can never be the one, except Satan wants to destroy you.

Many husbands who complain that their wives cheat are actually to blame.

You meet a high maintenance girl with no known source of income and marry her.

Of course, when you can’t maintain her lifestyle, the outcome will be cheating with men who can!

@views exclusive rights: Reno Omokri, Media Aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan

#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

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Rituals My fiancé Must Perform Before We Marry – Woman Explains |The Republican News

Angela-Nwosu1                 Angela Nwosu. Facebook photo

A lady has revealed the various rituals her future husband must submit to if he truly wants to marry her.

Angela Nwosu said that her fiancé must have taken some bath in a river for three consecutive days to qualify to marry her.

She warned that the three-day purification was one of the few other requirements, saying, “there will still be other rituals, and accepting to bathe in the river means denouncing many things.”

She is confident that the rituals expected of her fiancé would make it unthinkable for him to cheat on her or abuse her physically; warning that he will die if he tries any of the stated issues.

Angela wrote on her Facebook wall: “You will forever be bound to me on a deeper level, you will never cheat, if you cheat on me, even by mistake, you will die.

“You will never get so angry to the extent of laying your hands on me. If you touch me violently, the gods will take drastic action on you, and no matter how much I love you and forgive you, the gods will surely give you equal pains…

“Go and ask the random guys that did as little as slapping me in the past, they will gist you.” 

Noting that people will definitely see this as a joke, as usual, she said her duty was to spread the information and ‘pass the message across.’

See the post:


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How Possible Is It To Keep Your Friends When You’re In A New Relationship? |RN

Laura Hampson
a woman sitting at a table with a cake              © Provided by Evening Standard Limited
We all know the drill. Your friend starts seeing someone new and that all-consuming infatuation takes hold of them and before you know it, it’s goodbye brunch dates, hello unread WhatsApp messages.
When you enter into a new relationship, there is so much excitement to see the other person and you love nothing more than spending time together – which means you can often neglect your friendships without realising.Research has shown that when you enter a new relationship you can lose up to three close friends as fitting in time for work, friends, family and a partner can be overwhelming.Yet, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Two woman having pizza together          © Provided by Shutterstock Two woman having pizza together

“I think we need to learn how to actively prioritise friendship in our lives,” Kate Leaver, author of The Friendship Cure, told the Standard. “We are legally bound to our spouse and genetically obliged to love our family, so friendship is theoretically more tenuous and therefore needs better protection.

“We, as a society, put romantic love above all other forms – we can blame Hugh Grant movies, in part, for that – and we just need to reorganise our hierarchy of love so that friendship is vitally and obviously important to us.”

Leaver advised if you want to avoid falling into the all-consuming relationship trap, you must actively prioritise your friends.

She added: “To stop losing friends when you get into a relationship, you must deliberately, consciously and proactively decide to keep the friendship in your life, in a prominent position.

               © provided by Shutterstock

“So fewer ‘we need to catch up’ texts – more actual catch ups. I know it’s hard to keep tiny humans alive, run a career, care for your parents and maintain a relationship, but it’s so desperately important to make time for friendship, too.”

Part of the reason a lot of relationships break down is due to how much we expect from our romantic partners – so Leaver suggested relying on multiple people for emotional needs instead of just one.

She continued: “We also need to get more realistic about what our partners can give us. Part of the reason so many relationships break down is that we are expecting too much from one human being.

a woman sitting at a table with a cake

“If we relied on multiple people for our emotional needs, we’d be safer and better protected by heartache. We often underestimate friendship and mistake it for a relationship defined by fun – and it is fun! – but it is also strategically important for our mental and even physical wellbeing.”     (Evening Standard)

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If A Man Has These 9 Qualities Never Let Him Go – Scientists |The Republican News

Rachel Hosie
            © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited

There are certain traits that the majority of heterosexual women look for in a man: kindness, GSOH, an understanding that the fight for gender equality is very much still ongoing.

But other aspects of your personality could be a deal-breaker for one woman and simultaneously the reason another falls in love with you.

Beauty of all kinds really is in the eye of the beholder, and human uniqueness is what makes the search for ‘the one’ all the more interesting (and difficult).

That said, with scientists having spent decades trying to worhetk out the key to why we fall in love, there are certain things you should look for in a potential suitor which suggest you may have found a keeper.

With the advent of dating apps meaning another love interest is never more than a right swipe away, it can be hard to commit.

So if you’re wondering whether to settle down with your current partner, it might be worth taking a step back and asking yourself whether he ticks the boxes below.

If he doesn’t, that doesn’t mean he isn’t the one for you. But if he does, you’ve likely got a pretty good egg on your hands.

1. He’s smart

While some of us are naturally brainier than others, a new study from the Hanken School of Economics in Finland suggests that the smarter the man, the less likely he is to be unfaithful. According to the research, more intelligent men are more likely to get married and stay married.

So if you’re worried your boyfriend might be too brainy for you, a) don’t be intimidated because intelligence isn’t everything, and b) know that you may have a guy who’s more likely to be faithful on your hands.

2. He makes you laugh

Finding someone you can have a laugh with is crucial – even if everyone else rolls their eyes at his dad jokes, if they crack you up, that’s all that matters.

And a study has shown that men are more likely to have “mating success” if they have a GSOH.

3. He actively supports your career

A study found that husbands were a deciding factor in two-thirds of women’s decisions to quit their jobs, often because they thought it was their duty to bring up their children.

Even when the women in the study described their husbands as supportive, they also revealed that the men refused to change their own work schedules or offer to help more with looking after children.

4. He makes as much effort with your friends and family as you do with his

It’s not uncommon for a woman to end up giving up her own social life to slot into her new man’s. But it’s rare that a man does the same once entering a relationship.

In fact, a recent study found that young men get more satisfaction out of their bromances than their romantic relationships with women. While this is clearly ludicrous, maintaining your friendships is important. So make sure you’re with a man who not only wants you to make time to see your friends but also makes an effort to get to know them too.

5. He’s emotionally intelligent

If stereotypes are to be believed, it is women who are always desperate to talk about feelings and never men who fall hard. Whilst this definitely isn’t true, it’s important each person in a relationship has a certain level of emotional intelligence.

Studies suggest that women are better at taking the opinions and views of their partner into consideration than men, which is essential for a healthy relationship.

6. He respects your opinions and listens to what you have to say

Being closed-minded isn’t a trait that’s exclusive to a particular gender, but if a man is convinced he’s always right and will never consider your argument, it’s not a good sign.

If a man rejects his female partner’s influence, it may be a sign that he has power issues, according to Dr John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

7. He’s willing to put the work in

A study from the University of Texas found that the most successful relationships weren’t down to compatibility, but rather making the relationship work. “My research shows that there is no difference in the objective compatibility between those couples who are unhappy and those who are happy,” study author Dr. Ted Hudson said.

So if you or your partner is always looking for the next best thing rather than committing to make your relationship last, it may not bode well.

8. He celebrates your achievements

Whether it’s deadlifting your bodyweight or learning enough German for a trip to Oktoberfest, it’s important to have a partner who celebrates your achievements.

But this isn’t just to make you feel great – a study published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that couples who did so were more satisfied with their relationships than those who reacted negatively or were indifferent.

9. He shares your values

Having a similar outlook in life could be crucial to a successful relationship, according to a study. The more alike your personalities are, the more likely you are to approach problems in the same way.

You and your partner will share similar approaches to everything from socialising to working if your priorities are the same, and this is likely to lead to a greater level of respect for one another.

Of course, if your partner doesn’t have all the above qualities that doesn’t mean you should necessarily dump him immediately – we all look for different things in a partner and a relationship, after all.

But if he does tick all these boxes, he could be one to hold on to.  (The Independent)

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8 Signs That You Are The Problem In Your Romantic Partnership

Karen Belz
Here are 8 signs that you’re a toxic romantic partner             © Shutterstock Here are 8 signs that you’re a toxic romantic partner  

Sometimes, relationships just don’t work out as you plan. You might look back and laugh about how incompatible the two of you were. But there are a few signs that you’re a toxic partner that you might have missed, and they’re important to figure out if you want your love to improve. (And, if you want to grow as a person.) Yes, it’s hard to take criticism, but those who are self-aware can often form much better relationships.

Of course, there are many reasons why you might want to be less toxic in your relationship. Perhaps you’re emotionally hurting your partner without even realizing it. Or, maybe you’re unaware of how you’re coming off and realizing that relationships rarely last longer than a month or two. No matter the reason, it’s never too late to change.

Here are a few signs that it’s not them, it’s you.

1. You’re always jealous of the people he or she works with.

In fact, you don’t even want to hear about the new person at the office, since there’s a chance that he or she is attractive, kind, and incredibly funny. Even if your partner has never cheated on you before, it’s your worst case scenario, so you can’t help but think of it.

Take a step back here — that’s not fair. In doing this, you’re punishing your significant other for no reason. Instead, remember that the two of you got together because he or she liked you for you. And perhaps if you got to know these coworkers, or at least learn more about them, that jealousy will disappear.

2. You believe that the silent treatment is the best way to handle a fight.

Sometimes it helps to cool down and stay quiet, but if this lasts awhile — and you’re “punishing” your significant other with silence — you’re not effectively communicating at all. There’s a small chance that they’re not even sure what they did wrong in the first place, and keeping it all in and not handling it in a productive way will get you nowhere.

3. You make threats.

Ever hear yourself uttering something like, “If you don’t do X, Y, and Z, I’m leaving”? Unless you’re totally serious — and comfortable with giving an ultimatum — don’t say that. That’s definitely a line used when a relationship is already broken. If you’re spouting it out yet still plan on getting married to this person at some point (or at least, a long-term relationship) it’s definitely a level of manipulation.

Oh — and never say something like “If you leave me, I’ll kill myself.” Since that puts your partner in a very rough situation. If you’re truly feeling suicidal, you absolutely need to talk to someone who can help. Call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255, and they’ll provide what you need. If you don’t, and just know that a line like that will help you gain control in the situation, realize that that’s both toxic and abusive.

4. You tend to guilt trip.

So, two years ago he or she did something kind of terrible. It could have been signing up for a dating site, or it could have been letting you worry all night when they were out and their phone battery died. It happens. And back then, the two of you dealt with it and decided — as a couple — to move forward.

That doesn’t mean these events need to keep popping up. If things were solved, but you still bring it up in the heat of a fight, you’re still not over it. And if that’s the case, you should break up. If that’s not the case, you’re pretty much storing the event as personal ammo, and that’s not cool.

5. You depend on your partner to boost your self-esteem.

It’s always nice to hear some kind words from your partner. Hey, sometimes we dress up for others and want to be noticed. But if your self-esteem levels are totally based on what your partner thinks, you might be a little toxic.

Here’s why: In a good relationship, you need to love yourself to give him or her your best. While relationships should always boost you up, starting at an esteem level of zero might just make you a little clingy and demanding. Remember — your relationship should help to improve, not define, who you are.

6. You’ve realized he or she isn’t “the one” months ago.

You haven’t been happy for awhile, but you’ve settled. It might not seem like a big deal, but it really is. Why? Well, since you’re wasting his or her time. Obviously the two of you aren’t on the same page — if your significant other proposes, saying “no” will be the absolute right decision, but it’ll also crush them. That’s simply not cool.

Holding out until someone better comes along is a selfish move. If you’re not into the relationship, end it now — it’s the best thing you can do for your partner.

7. Everything is their fault.

You can’t look back and think of one false move you’ve made throughout the entire relationship. If you forgot to pay rent, it’s because he or she didn’t remind you. Your morning got off to a rough start since he or she took the last coffee pod you liked. The shower is disgusting since he or she should have known to clean it. You get the gist.

While your partner may have goofed up a few times, not being accountable for anything will make you a pretty toxic individual. It’s okay to say something like, “I should have cleaned the shower” or at the very least, “I should have asked for help with the shower.” But if you continue to act like your significant other is looking to destroy your life, the love will soon vanish.

8. You monopolize every conversation.

Some people are talkers, and some are listeners. But in a good relationship, there’s a balance. If you notice yourself taking over the conversation — especially a conversation about a topic that he or she started — it’s possible that you’re tuning out to everything they’re trying to say.

When a partner feels like they’re not being listened to, they often cease conversation altogether. And a couple that doesn’t communicate is a couple that’s more or less doomed. Make sure to let them finish their sentences, and always ask them about their day. Even if it was uneventful, they’ll appreciate the brief spotlight.  (Hello Giggles)

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Mercy Aigbe’s Husband Remanded In Kirikiri Prison |The Republican News

Image result for Olanrewaju Gentry
                              Olanrewaju Gentry

Samson Folarin

Olanrewaju Gentry, the husband of ace Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, has been remanded in the Kirikiri Prison, Lagos, after he was arraigned before an Ikeja Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

The Chief Magistrate, Mrs. Y.O. Aje-Afunwa, gave him a bail condition in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in like sum.

However, before he could meet the bail conditions, the presiding magistrate had closed for the day.

He was subsequently remanded in prison.

Mercy Aigbe had accused her estranged husband of seven years of assaulting her repeatedly.

The case was said to have been reported to the Area F Police Command as many Nigerians called for the arrest and prosecution of the suspect, who at a time was reported to be at large.

The 52-year-old, however, turned himself in on Tuesday and was subsequently arraigned in court.

The arraignment, which took place in Court 1, Ikeja, was witnessed by officials and representatives of the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Domestic and Sexual Assault Response Team, and the Office of the Public Defender.

Olanrewaju was arraigned by one Woman Inspector, Egbogun Katherine, on three counts bordering on conduct likely to cause breach of the peace, physical assault, and causing grievous bodily harm.

The charges read in part, “That you, Olanrewaju Gentry…on the same date, time and place, in the aforesaid magisterial district, did unlawfully assault one Mercy Aigbe, by beating her with blows all over her body, thereby committing an offence.

“That you did assault one Mercy Aigbe, by giving her blows on her nose and blood started gushing out, which also caused her grievous bodily harm, thereby committing an offence.”

The police prosecutor, Inspector Peter N., said the offences were punishable under sections 157, 168 and 171 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.

The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charges and elected summary trial.

His defence counsel asked for his bail in liberal terms.

The Magistrate, Aje-Afunwa, admitted him to bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in like sum.

She said the sureties, one of which must have a house within the jurisdiction of the court, must submit their tax verification documents and house addresses to the police.

However, the defendant could not meet the bail conditions before the close of work and was subsequently remanded in custody.

The case was adjourned till July 12, 2017.


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Female Vulcanizer Works With Husband In Nsukka |The Republican News

By Jeff Unaegbu


Mr Ogbonna presses tyre as the wife watches

Every day, except on Sundays, the energetic Mrs. Chinelo Ogbonna comes to work at Mechanic Village, dons her work wear and sets out many types and sizes of vehicle tyres one atop the other in front of her husband’s vulcanising workshop.
She rushes at stopping vehicles, wheel spanner in one hand, ever ready to begin the loosening of a deflated tyre for repair. Her husband, a wiry fair youth, does not stand akimbo watching in front of his number 40, New Parts Section shop. He does not assume the pride of a man whose wife is at work with him. No, Mr. Ifeanyi Ogbonna is busy already working on a flat tyre, determined to patch it by fire, not with a cold sealant.
He behaves as if it is a common virtue in women, to behave like his wife. Don’t be fooled. He knows he has a unique wife, and he asks me to soften my wonder at this rare form of feminism, and to make-belief, she were an ordinary apprentice, else it will get into her gait and slow the turn of work!
But not me. I step out of my SUV, looking to quietly observe the whole drama, scratching my eyebrows in measured curiosity. I buy a fairly used tyre and sit like other clients to wait my turn for service if only to catch this out-of-the-box situation.
A big tyre rolls at her command of hand. She stops it besides the press. And I think the man of the shop will take over to excavate the wheel from the tyre. My eyes almost bulge to see her sit the large ring on the tyre flange and jump upon the big handle of the press to free the wheel. I want to demonstrate by reflex. But something stops me. It is her deftness, like one just tearing apart a paper.
She does not care that men are watching. The reflexive but pretentious effeminacy that shows up in some ladies whenever they are in the presence of men, knows no place in her life.
It is not that she is not well-endowed as to mesmerise the world if she wants. But she has packaged all the voluptuousness of her body into that work wear.


Mrs Chinelo Ogbonna working on the tyre

The matter at hand is money. The money to feed her family of a hardworking husband and four children must be fought for. Yes, she has four children and she is still on the side of youth. But here she is, vulcanising, for the good of the society.
Her way of life is a decision she made herself. She is not forced by her husband. There are moments of disagreements between the two. But the quickness with which they settle their differences is beyond public comprehension.
I go on in my mind about the standing values we peddle around and which of them affects us negatively or positively until she calls my attention to tell me she is through.
I reveal to them that they are news. I educate them how this is so. They consent to a public view such as this you see. It may bring more clients, who knows. Welcome, again, to Nigeria….

NB: This is a true story. The address and all names are real. Patronise them if you are in Nsukka.

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If These Bad Signs Sound Familiar, Your Partner Is Perhaps Cheating On You


Nicole Yi
Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You                   © Kayla Coleman Photography Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You  

It’s always an unsettling feeling when you have suspicions of your partner being unfaithful. Trust is such a key component to a successful relationship that once broken, it’s hard to return things to the way they were. But before jumping to conclusions, it’s important to evaluate what exactly is making you doubt him or her. If you’re feeling paranoid, confirm your uncertainties or put your mind to ease before you let them consume you. Read on for six signs that could mean your SO is cheating on you.

1. They’ve done it before.

The saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” is not completely invalid. If your partner has a history of cheating, whether in your relationship or before, it’s more likely that they will repeat the pattern. Although a previous mistake could have been a one-time occurrence, it is worth considering past behaviors.

2. They’ve become more distant.

If you’ve noticed that your partner has been acting cold toward you, it could be an indication that they’re either acting warm elsewhere or feeling guilty about something. Denial of their change in behavior could also mean they’re hiding something.

Slide 1 of 16: Diane Lane And Olivier Martinez In 'Unfaithful'

3. They’re too short or too defensive in their responses.

Your partner may be providing vague details about their whereabouts on purpose. They don’t want you keeping tabs on where they are or who they’re with. If they get uncharacteristically angry or defensive when you call them out, that could be also be a sign that your suspicions are true.

4. Your sex life isn’t the same.

The passion is bound to simmer down after some point. However, if you and your partner’s intimacy level has gone down noticeably, it could mean they’re involved with another person.

5. They’re late.

If your partner is normally terrible with punctuality, it may not mean anything when they arrive to plans tardy. But it’s a common and obvious sign that shouldn’t be overlooked. Later-than-usual work nights, excuses of why they can no longer make it, and showing up late could mean there’s someone else. They’re either prioritizing their time with the other person or losing track of time juggling the both of you.

6. You have a gut feeling.

In most cases, your instincts are usually right. If you just can’t shake the thought and all signs are leading to cheating, trust your judgment and have a conversation with your partner.                                         (PopSugar)

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How To Make Distant Relationship Work |The Republican News

Image result for distant relationship photo

In the past, it was largely uncommon for couples to live distance apart. The belief then was that out of sight was truly out of mind. Then, people would gladly give up juicy employment opportunities and any other thing necessary just to live with their spouses. They believed that it was a matter of necessity for couples to live together for the marriage to work, and that anything short of that could crash the union.

But now, so much has changed. Couples now live far apart, and in some cases, they live in different countries, usually out of job demands or education pursuit. It is even more so as women now form a significant percentage of the workforce unlike how it used to be.

Interestingly, there have been divided opinions as to which is better, between living with one’s partner under the same roof or living distance apart.

A study conducted by researchers from Queen’s University and University of Utah in the United States found that long distance relationships tend to have positive outcomes, against people’s belief. They found that, all things being equal, couples in such relationships tend to communicate more, share more intimate thoughts with each other and nurture the relationship than those who live together and tend to take things for granted. This is even more so as no couple can be in distant relationship forever.

One of the researchers, Dr. Karen Blair, a psychologist, said, “From our findings and interactions with participants, comprising couples who live together and those who live apart, we found that the further apart the couple was, the better they were doing with respect to satisfaction, intimacy and communication. Long-distance forces the couples to work on some of the areas of relationship maintenance that geographically close couples may take for granted, and often overlook.”

On the other hand, some people believe the best way to have marital happiness is for couples to live together, no matter the circumstance, especially given the benefit of meeting each other’s sexual needs anytime the need arises.

Regardless, given that it is sometimes inevitable for some couples to live apart, there are tips that can help such persons to make the most of their times apart:

Stay in touch moderately: It is a given for couples who live apart to think the best way to make their relationship work is for them to talk or chat many times a day, but this might not be true. No doubt, communication is vital in this kind of relationship, and the absence of it can bring the marriage to an end quickly, but some experts have observed that such couples should avoid excessive and unsustainable communication. They explained that once the two persons are already used to talking or chatting many times a day, anything short of that frequency from one person could send a wrong signal to the other person. As a way out, a post on wikihow advised such couples to understand their partner’s preferred mode of communication and work around their schedules to create time for their partner. It added, “If you know you’re going to be too busy to communicate, let your partner know in advance and try to stay in contact as best as you can. If you’re not as busy as your partner, remain flexible and focus on something of interest to you.” Also, such persons are advised to make sure they say hello to each other in the morning and at bedtime. And from time to time, couples are also advised to share pictures, exchange video calls, share audio messages to strengthen the intimacy.

Always open up to your partner: While this is closely related to the previous point, it serves another purpose entirely. Findings have shown that people tend to develop intimate relationship for people they confide in, which is often a product of empathy. Thus, couples in distant relationships are advised to share every, yes every, of their thoughts with their partners, no matter how trivial or mundane it is. This is because once a man or woman has another person of the opposite sex they can confide in, that could lead to gradual alienation of affection, leading to diversion of thoughts and perhaps infidelity. So, as a way out, the post advised that such couples should talk about everything as if they live together, including going for shopping, when cooking or eating, when going to have a bath, etc., so as to promote the feeling of interdependence and boost their relationship.

Reach a compromise: According to a developmental psychologist, Prof. Esther Akinsola, even though it is unavoidable for couples to live apart sometimes, it could be a very difficult experience. Thus, such couples should agree on how frequently they should visit each other and ultimately work towards staying together “even if one of them needs to change job.” She said it is even more important if they already have children. She added, “If they already have children, they have to do something that would bring the family together. As a developmental psychologist, I can tell you that a child needs the input of a father and a mother to have a balanced growth. You cannot be a father and you are several kilometres away from your children and they don’t see you. All they know is that they have a father. That is not going to help that child. So, people who live apart must plan ahead on how to come together eventually.”

Visit each other frequently: To avoid being a victim of that popular saying that out of sight is out of mind, couples are advised to visit each other at every given opportunity. And according to Akinsola, the need for frequent visitation in this case could not be overemphasised. She said it would even be helpful if they agree on a definite schedule that both of them could look forward to.

Never forget important events: Findings have shown that one of the many ways to assure a partner that the love they have for each other is intact is for couples to keep track of notable dates, because people could become very touchy when important dates, like birth dates and wedding anniversary are forgotten. Experts said forgetting a partner’s birthday could make the partner feel forgotten or unimportant. And in such cases, they noted that such oversight could be unforgivable. So, as a way out, make good use of your reminder to keep track of notable dates to reassure your partner of your love. This goes along with rendering support for each other, even from the distance. The post on wikihow added that couples need to make themselves available when needed so their partner would know they care. “If your partner ends up dealing with important issues alone, your partner will eventually not need you,” it added.

Discuss your expectations: One issue that facilitates distrust and causes ripples in many homes is when expectations are not met. And this can be worse when couples are far apart. For example, the woman might expect a phone call from the husband thrice a day, while the man might think once is good enough. This variation could breed conflict in the marriage. Hence, as a way out, Akinsola advised that both of them need to agree on what their expectations are, which would make it easier to measure their respective commitments to each other.

Discuss your sexual needs: It will be unrealistic and somehow deceptive for couples living apart to shy away from discussing their sexual needs, because it is an important issue in marriage that must be discussed. Thus, a post on advised that couples should keep their fantasies alive and plan ahead of their next meeting. It added that they could send each other “teasing texts filled with sexual innuendos and provocative descriptions.”

Do away with jealousy: To some, jealousy is seen as a symbol of true love, and living apart could reinforce such doubt, even based on mere suspicion, but for the sake of the relationship, people in distant relationships are often advised to trust their partners. Believing that a partner would remain faithful is one good way to operate in an atmosphere devoid of rancour and it helps to trust, which is often described as a basic ingredient for a successful relationship.

Other tips suggested by the post included knowing how to apologise, making sacrifices to make the partner happy, avoiding threats of giving divorce, respecting each other’s differences and opinions, give each other pet names and keeping each other updated on each other’s friends and family.

The post also advised such couples to stay positive, give their partner a personal object to hold on to, to enhance remembrance and fondness, stay honest with each other, do things together, like watching the same programme at the same time and be familiar with each other’s schedule and goals.  (

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