24 Nigerian Sex Traffickers From Edo Sentenced To 7 Years Jail Term In France |The Republican News

A French court sentenced 24 members of a Lyon-based sex trafficking ring to prison terms of up to seven years for forcing Nigerian women into prostitution.

Nearly all of the defendants were themselves Nigerian, in the latest case to highlight the growing use of African migrants in the European sex trade.

They include one of Europe’s most wanted women, Jessica Edosomwan, accused of acting as a France-based “madam” to women recruited mainly in Nigeria’s southern Edo State.

Edosomwan was tried in absentia.

Nigeria was the main country of origin for the tens of thousands of migrants who crossed the Mediterranean to Europe by boat in 2016 and 2017.

Many were women and girls lured to Europe with false promises of jobs as hairdressers or seamstresses, only to find themselves selling sex to repay their smugglers.

Seventeen women filed complaints against the defendants but none of the victims attended the trial, with the exception of one former sex worker who found herself in the dock for luring another woman into the trade.

The accused had faced up to 10 years’ imprisonment on charges including human trafficking, pimping, money laundering and helping people live illegally in France.

Prosecutors estimated that the victims, aged 17 to 38, made up to $166 000 a month for the syndicate by selling sex in vans parked by the side of the road for as little as 10 euros.

A French mechanic who looked after the vans was among the 24 defendants.

Last year, 15 members of a Paris-based, female-led pimping ring known as the “Authentic Sisters” – many themselves former trafficking victims – were jailed for up to 11 years for forcing girls into slavery in France.

Similar gangs have also been dismantled in Italy and Britain.

The UN estimates that 80 percent of young Nigerian women arriving in Italy – usually their first port of call in Europe – are already in the clutches of prostitution networks, or quickly fall under their control.

Most of the women come from Nigeria’s Benin City, a human trafficking hotbed.

Many told investigators they had taken part in “juju” or black magic rituals before leaving Nigeria, during which they had to promise to repay the money for their passage to Europe.

Source: AFP

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British Home Office Says Trafficked Nigerian Women Can Return Wealthy Still Held In High Regard

Jamie Grierson Home affairs correspondent

© Getty

Home Office officials have provoked outrage by stating that trafficked women from Nigeria can return to the country “wealthy from prostitution” and “held in high regard”.

The comments are found in an official policy and information note on the trafficking of women from Nigeria, which is used by Home Office decision-makers handling protection and human rights claims.

The guidance has been updated to include a paragraph on the prospects of trafficked women if they return to Nigeria, citing EU and Australian reports that make similar observations, which was not in the last version published in November 2016.

The paragraph reads: “Trafficked women who return from Europe, wealthy from prostitution, enjoy high social-economic status and in general are not subject to negative social attitudes on return. They are often held in high regard because they have improved income prospects.”

Dr Charlotte Proudman, a human rights barrister who represents women and girls in cases of gender-based violence, particularly female genital mutilation, said: “The Home Office’s deplorable policy on the trafficking of women in Nigeria shows the hostility that women victims face in claiming asylum in the UK. Suggesting that trafficked women are wealthy and enjoy a [high] socioeconomic status is fundamentally wrong.

“The women that I represent in immigration courts often suffer from PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] and are always destitute. They have usually been raped repeatedly and beaten and their family have disowned them. Some even face the risk of violent reprisals on return home. The abuse they experience is akin to slavery.

“The picture painted by the Home Office is far from reality and serves only to further myths about prostitution and sex trafficking. The policy will no doubt encourage decision-makers on behalf of the home secretary to refuse even more asylum claims.

“The Home Office needs to issue an apology and immediately amend the policy.”

Kate Osamor, the Labour MP and chair of the all-party parliamentary group on Nigeria, which has looked at the impact of trafficking, said among all the stories of trafficking they heard “there was no happy ending”.

“It’s very concerning,” she said. “It shows the Home Office doesn’t trust people who go through these experiences. You’d expect authorities to take them in, listen and unpack their experience and not treat trafficking like it’s a job.

“This is advice to civil servants who don’t even meet the people, it’s all done by form. They should be told if they say they’ve been trafficked, they should meet them in person and unpack the experience.”

She added: “[According to] the reality and the data, and the people we met, no one ‘makes it’. They get caught up in trafficking and spiral. People are sold on the internet. Those people get caught up in prostitution and should be looked after. They’ve been beaten, their mental health is poor, they’ve been raped.

The Home Office assessment states that a woman who has been trafficked for sexual exploitation and returns to Nigeria is unlikely to be at risk of reprisal or being re-trafficked from her original traffickers but acknowledges they may be at risk of abuse or being re-trafficked depending on their particular vulnerability.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Sadly, modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking are not evils of the past. Through the Modern Slavery Act, the government is committed to ensuring victims get the support they need and perpetrators are brought to justice.” (The Guardian)

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We’re Facing Hard Times, Commercial Sex Workers Cry Out |RN


commercial sex workers

Charity NwakauduAbuja 


The economic situation in the country knows no bounds as it has affected every business including that of commercial sex workers.

Commercial sex workers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are loudly complaining the decline in patronage. They believe the economic downturn is responsible.

A number of the women of low virtue who spoke to Daily Sun that since most average families are struggling to feed, the bugling situation has affected their business. They claim most of their patrons find it difficult to reserve money to come around for sex outside their homes.

For them the movement of some politicians to the rural areas for the 2019 general elections contributed to their poor economic fortunes. They confessed that from the build-up to the elections, most of their good customers have not been stable in the city and some of their rich clients that often visit Abuja have not visited. It has seriously affected their business.

One of the ladies, Hellen, who operates around Jabi Lake said she joined the business two years ago and has not experienced this kind of downturn in fortune: “This administration of Muhammadu Buhari changed everything, everybody is suffering, there is no money. In the past administrations, during campaigns and elections, people made money regardless of the type of business they operated because there was money in circulation.

“But this present administration is the opposite. This change is something else, who knows how the next level will look like. How can someone who is hungry and angry have feelings for women?”

Another lady, Joy, operating around Gimbiya Street in Area 11 agreed there is low patronage: “Before in a night I know the number of short time I get before going for the last game which is usually all night. But now, it is very difficult to get a customer. The few men that come around will be bargaining as if we are selling salt and pepper in the market.”

Fair skinned Loveth who operates around Wuse Zone 4 and Wuse II, attributed the low patronage to the relocation of politicians to the villages to cast their costs:

“Most of my patrons traveled home for the campaign and elections. Even some of my rich customers who used to visit Abuja for official matters, are no longer visiting because of elections.

“The main cause of this fortune downturn is the movement for elections and once we are through with it, everything will take its normal shape.”

A lady, known as lady B, agreed that the election is the main cause of the low patronage not hardship: “People are not yet back from their villages. Abuja is still scanty most of my patrons that went home for elections are not back. That is why nothing is happening.”

However, Janet said there is nothing like low patronage in her side because she does her job very well and no customer that ever patronized her that will like to miss her services:

“Since the beginning of campaign to these elections I have never spent a weekend in Abuja. I am either traveling with one of my clients or the other, based on the highest bidder. I have been busy all through; I just entered Abuja today. When you do your job perfectly, patrons will be begging for your services.”   (The Sun)


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SHOCKING: How US Ladies Engage In Sex With Rich Arab Men, Eat Poo, Drink Urine In Dubai


By Editor,

Below is a narration about how ladies go to Dubai to have sex with rich Arab men who also poo or defecate into their mouth. Such trade is known as Dubai Porta Potty.

Most pictures you see online which shows pretty girls on a yatch in Dubai are actually not all they seem. Such girls don’t only go there for vacation but for ugly sex business – big time prostitution.

They have sex with Arab men who poo or defecate from their anus directly into the mouth of these pretty ladies all for dollars. The ladies also have sex with animals like dogs and camels and mutiple men simultaneously.

Well, below is a testimony from one of such Dubai Porta Potty. Read carefully because at the end you will never envy Dubai returnees who flaunt brand new cars and pictures of vacation in the Arab city, weekend getaway with Arab guys who urinate and defecate on her during sex with multiple men.

This is a trending story of a young America girl who went on a weekend getaway with her friends and some Arab guys who promised to pay them $40,000 dollars for an unforgetable trip,

The trip didn’t quite turn out as she expected.

Read her shocking story below…

I called out a really good friend of mine for being a “Porta Potty” after seeing her on TheDirty, and she admitted everything. By the way she is 22, drives a 2011 Merceds Benz CL550 and owns a Condo in Newport Beach (not bad for a girl who didn’t even graduate from high school) so I wanted the same stuff. I asked her a few months ago about it and she told me when something opens up she will let me know.

Christmas came and she told me that on Jan. 5th there was a trip that she need three girls for, it payed a total of $40,000 for an ANYTHING-GOES trip to St. Bartz for a weekend. That is more than I make in a year, so I said fck it. My girl warned me, she said “sht gets crazy”… I’m a freak in bed so I love it when sh*t goes crazy.

I was really thinking this is my new gig and this is easy as f*ck. Soon, as my STD test came back negative, 4 hours later I had 8K transferred to my account, $3K of it is for to get to St. Bartz and the remaining was my “deposit” which is the going rate at %12.5.

I was so happy… so I get there and soon as I get to the hotel room, there is a note telling me to be ready for dinner and going on the Yacht for 2 nights and that another 12.5% had been deposited and that I would receive the rest of my money $30,000 before I step on the plane for home. $10,000 already for NOTHING Nik, I was thanking you.

Next day, we get on a 200 foot yacht… On it is my friend, me and one other girl, and  Nine Arabian guys. I was starting to doubt what the hell I got into, 6 of them were fat and all of them were so hairy, It was intense. We started drinking to ease the nerves and the guys don’t even pay attention to us or say anything. They just sat there and played board games and smoked cigars.

A few hours later one of their servants comes up and tells us its time. We all go into separate rooms, the servants tell us to get completely naked and lay on the bed and don’t move. I was beyond fcked up at the time and a million thoughts were running through my head. Three of the guys came in the room and all of them were wearing robes, the first guy takes his robe off, makes me get closer to the edge of the bed and then he sticks it in me… 3 to 4 minutes later, he makes this weird yelling noise in Arabian, takes his dck out, jumps on the bed and then cms all over my face. I tried to wipe it out of my eye and he slaps my hand then slaps me so hard in the face that cm splatters everywhere and yells at me to not move white b*tch.

So the next two guys take a little longer maybe 7 or 8 minutes and do the same. Now, my face is just glazed, I hear all three walking out laughing and the servant comes to get me and tells me not to clean my face, takes my hand and walks me to the shower. I thought I was done, NOPE. While in the shower, my three guys come back in and literally just started pissing on me… My boyfriend is into “Golden Shower” so it was nothing new for me. They basically cleaned my face off with their pee. Ten minutes later, I finally get to wash off, and that was it.

We sat down after we washed off, had a great dinner, drank and did some more blowjob. Through out the night, different guys in groups of 1 to 4 would grab us take us in a room and have sex with us.. I wasn’t bad at all.

The next night though, its when it got insane. After all day of out at sea and sex, the servants let us know tonight is the most important night so make sure we look our best. I walked into my sex room and it had plastic all on the bed, I figured they wanted to pee on me on the bed. So, this time instead of 3 coming in the room, only one of them did. He has sex with me, cums all over my face again… and then Nik… he poops a squat and shits all over my chest, and he was pushing it out it became really watery and it got all over my face and in my mouth. I instantly pop up and start throwing up everywhere, he grabs me by my hair slaps me so hard, and tells me he is not finished. But, I could not stop throwing up since I had poo in my mouth. With his broken English, he told me if he doesn’t finish then I don’t get paid. Right there and then, I never had missed my boyfriend more. I just wanted him to hold me and cuddle with me… I couldn’t take it.

So all of Sunday, I was secluded from everyone else, fed only once and dropped back off at the dock with everyone. I was notified that I would not get paid my 30K owed due to the fact I didn’t follow through. I don’t even care, I still made $10,000 but I just don’t see how these girls can do that. Its like having sex with Chubacca and he is pissing and sh*tting on you after. THIS BUSINESS IS NOT FOR ME, Nik, thanks for getting it in my head that it is ok to be a Porta Potty because it’s not. I don’t know how these girls do it over and over. Not worth the money or self respect.


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Lagos Hotel Where Underage Prostitutes Have Sex In Swimming Pool |RN


…facility makes N1.4m from each prostitute yearly


Rent rooms for N4000 daily

• Manager says it’s normal but not for underage

• I sold my virginity for N2000 –Cassy

• We’ll take immediate action –Police

It’s no longer news that many young girls of school age at Old Ojo Road in Ajeronmi Ifelodun and Amuwo Odofin local government areas of Lagos State, who dress in their uniforms and seem to leave for school, do not actually get to their schools. Instead, they are often found in one hotel or the other prostituting and having sex in swimming pools. CHIJIOKE IREMEKA swoops on them


It might sound weird that many children of school age are currently plying the trade of professional prostitution at Old Ojo Road, yet the reality is staring unblinkingly in one’s face.

Old Ojo Road, which situates on the left side of Orile–Badagary Expressway, while driving down to Badagary from Orile, is on the opposite side of Festac Town, yet there is a sharp contrast in lifestyle of both communities divided by  the expressway.

There are a number of unimaginable things emanating from that left wing. If you live in this axis, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that your daughter, who just left home, dressed for school didn’t end up in school rather, was found in a man’s house or in one hotel or the other prostituting.

It’s more cataclysmic when you leave your underage daughters in the care of those young girls who sit at home during the day but disappear at night; those who begin to sleep in the morning into the afternoon. From the first gate to Oluti, a man called Ndokwa owns five big hotels of three-stories each.

The hotels are mainly the locations where most of them ply their trade. The younger girls are encouraged to service the men in these hotels on a daily basis though the hotel’s management said it has no business with underage girls.

At night, it’s a beehive of activities at these hotels. Again, the management of Premier Hotel at Oluti said it has nothing to do with underage girls but there is an overwhelming evidence that these young girls are being influenced by the activities in the hotels where series of girls live and ply their business. Thus, these girls of school age are fast becoming an endangered species as they are being lured into the business of professional prostitution.

They are now the preferred prostitutes due to their seemingly vigorous and ‘tight body.’ According to those who patronise them, small girls are better than those old ladies as they seem to enjoy them more. “Their bodies are still tight unlike those ‘old cargoes’ that stay in the hotels with free and open ‘bodies,’’ said one Lekan found in their midst. “These people you call small girls are not small girls ooo! If you collect, you will know. If you are not strong you can’t handle them.

They have the real action. Fear these secondary school girls that you are calling underage, they don spoil finish,” Lekan stated. Corroborating Lekan, one of the girls, Lucy Amoki, lost her ‘precious flower’ as young as 15 years and does not care how old a man is as long as the man has something to offer. Some of them also joined this business quite early due to the appalling conditions of their families.

Lucy was lured into the business by one Anna, whose parents are poor but acts big all the time. In a quest to be like her, she was shown the way, which she rejected initially but had no other option than to join the bandwagon effect when the heat was much on her.

The young girls are preferred for different reasons. One of them is the perception that they are free from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which the older ones have treated a number of times. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons they are being groomed to take over the business. “These ones are more responsible and harmless because they are still under their parents’ care and still have some fear in them.

With the underage girls, one does not need to think of being harmed or robbed,” said James Brymo. This fear of being robbed was confirmed by our correspondent when an incident played out during one of his visits to Premier Hotel, Oluti.

A man of about 27 years old, who sells Indian hemp in his room, Room 9, came to report to the manager that one of the ladies had stolen six out of 34 wraps of weeds he kept in his room. Sequel to this complaint, the manager summoned the ladies involved and issued a 30-minute ultimatum for them to produce the wraps of weed.

During the correspondent’s visit to the place, during the day, he observed the presence of three major buildings, a three-storey and two other two-storey buildings. It was observed that the hotel rooms occupied by the prostitutes are over 158. Our correspondent arrived at this number based on the number of keys he counted on the key holder at the hotel’s reception.

A number of prostitutes were seen smoking and waiting for prospective customers while others were busy discussing. But their discussion wasn’t too deep so as to notice the presence of a potential customer within

the hotel. Some were drinking while others were smoking and waiting for the night to fall for the club to resume.

Sunday Telegraph learnt that most parents are currently caging their children who have not been led astray, even as other parents whose children have gone haywire are praying to God for their safe return. Shockingly, it was revealed that some of these young girls are being encouraged by their mothers because they bring some kind of ‘uncles’ not known to their fathers and others in the family.

A young girl in SS2, Sola, was alone in the house, crying and when asked what the problem was she opened up and said her mother was disgracing her.

That her mother often brings in men to spend the night in their home. Sixteen-year-old Sola in tears said: “In most cases, I wake up in the morning to see a man in our house and when I ask my mother, she will say that the ‘uncle’ just came. But I noticed that the man sneaks into our house when I have gone to bed. I don’t know what he comes here to do,” she wondered.

“One night, at about 11pm, a woman came and was shouting, telling my mother to leave her husband and people heard the woman. I felt so ashamed. My mother didn’t say a word. Yes, I know the woman’s husband, he is very close to my mother but my mum said there is nothing attached,” she added.

This is what coerced some of them who do not know their left from their right, to join the trade. Interestingly, Sunday Telegraph learnt that some mothers still leave their children at home for all-night trips.

One of them boldly tells her secondary school daughter that she is going out on a date and will not come back till the next day.

Arafat Sholabunmi wasn’t as lucky as the above-mentioned girl as she was drowned in the idea that what her mum does could be equally good for her and she joined the world’s oldest profession. It’s that bad.

She confirmed to our correspondent that most students (her mates) who leave their parents’ house on account of going to school do not end up in school but rather in a man’s house or in one hotel or the other. She noted that they put extra clothes in their schoolbags and while they wear their school uniforms to set out from home, they change to mufti midway and move to their respective destinations.

“If you live in this neighbourhood, you should be careful where your daughters and sons go at night and who they associate with just as the Holy Bible would say, evil company corrupts good manners,” said a resident, Mrs Adeoti Adebowole, a banker. She noted that the area is not safe for raising godly children, especially for the lazy parents who will allow their children to roam the streets aimlessly.

She called on nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and government to help in the rehabilitation of the youths in the community, especially those given to smoking of hemp and other addictive substances.

According to a behavioural Counselor and Chief Coordinator of The Wife, an NGO, Dr. (Mrs.) Nkem Okoro, it’s, therefore, pertinent for parents to check their children’s schoolbags before setting out for school and after, for extra clothes in their bags which they claim to be used for sporting activities at school.

Dr Okoro, who is also a Director of Inspectorate, Federal Ministry of Education, Lagos, said every mother, especially in this area should put her eyes and noses on the ground to understand the behavioural changes in their children, especially the girls. She noted that these young people are at the stage where they are easily misled by peers, imploring parents to teach their children the morals that would sustain them in time of trouble.

“The good morals you drive deep inside your child will deliver him or her when you are not there. Bible says to train up a child in a way he will go and when he grows up he will not depart from it. Though he may deviate along the line but he will return immediately. They are in the age of experimentation,” she said.

It was learnt that as early as in Junior Secondary classes, these children are already dating matured men and having sexual relationships with both married and single men. This is a place where young single girls rent rooms in hotels and pay from proceeds of prostitution.

Worse still, these underage prostitutes have graduated to having sex in the swimming pools all in the spirit of pool party. Those who are aware of the sin they commit in the pools have stopped patronising the hotels’ swimming pools. “Since I noticed this one evening, I swore never to enter that pool again. It’s very common to see, especially when they claim to be having a pool party.

Check their dressing and observe the body movement of the men swimming with them and their facial expression,” said Mr. Patrick Asuquo, a customer, who visited the pool bar on such a day. “Those men and women are useless; and this is the pool people go to swim in and drink the water in the process. Not one person, not two, you needed to see the atrocities going on there.

These are young girls,” he added. Sunday Telegraph also confirmed the traces of sexual perversion in the swimming pool but the hotel management said it’s only for the adults when they pay for the service.

The Manager of Premier Hotel, Mr. Ikechukwu Okonji, confirmed this to our correspondent when he said: “It’s normal;  they are adults. We lock the place but when someone comes to pay for the usage of the pool, why not, he will be allowed but if they are underage we don’t allow them into this facility,” He continued that the hotel does not allow underage girls into the premises, saying that the bouncers at the gate ensure compliance.

“Bouncers will never allow even a man with his underage girl or boy into the hotel.

Any person that wants to come in with a 15-yearold girl will not be allowed in,” he quipped. He also confirmed that there are prostitutes who live in the brothel all year round and pay N4, 000 per day but do not go outside the compound. This brings revenue of N1, 460, 000 annually from one live-in harlot to the company.

When multiplied the amount by over 300 rooms in one hotel, one would see why these young girls are being lured into the business of prostitution. Our correspondent was around when one of them, who delayed in her payment for the day, at about 5:22pm, was shouting that the manager reported her to another person for nonpayment of rent. She, however, paid her N4, 000 and left grudgingly. According to the manager, he detailed the police to arrest any prostitute that stands outside and as a result, they do not constitute public nuisance to the environment. “As you can see, they don’t go outside.

You can see them all seated. Those who want them will come and have them.” On why the owner had five hotels within a short interval, he said his boss doesn’t want competition from anybody so any person that wants to buy any land or property for purpose of building a hotel, his boss will quickly buy the land and build another hotel there. There are so many stories making around the hotels, which Sunday Telegraph couldn’t confirm as at the time of press.

However, a number of these girls have lost their lives to the nefarious activities of ritualists. Sometimes, their bodies are found on the road with certain parts missing. Sunday Telegraph learnt that both girls and boys also indulge in smoking weed and use other hard drugs. Some of them mix tramadol in water and carry it about like bottled water. In fact, most bottled water you see in the hands of these young boys and girls are really mixture of tramadol and other hard drugs.

I sold my virginity for N2000

One of the prostitutes our correspondent met in a funny circumstance said she needed money to buy biology textbook but her poor parents couldn’t afford it at the time and she went to ‘uncle Femi’, who accepted to give her on the condition that she will be his girlfriend, which she accepted for money. But this relationship was short-lived as she joined prostitution when Femi couldn’t give her the money again as promised.

Her friend introduced her to guys who paid her for sex and she eventually became a prostitute. She narrates, “It was difficult for me to wait until my parents raised the money. I didn’t even know how soon.

So, I went to one of our family friends, Uncle Femi and asked him for money. He agreed to give me the money and asked me to come to his place. When I got there, he gave me food and icecream. After that he started playing with me. “I didn’t feel anything strange because we used to play together in my house until he started touching me. He asked me to be his friend, saying if I was his friend, I will not have problem of money again.

So, I accepted and he asked me to prove that I love him by kissing him. I said no but he did it himself and started touching me. I didn’t know what happened again, we did it. He gave me N2000 and I used it for the textbook. From that day, I started dating him because of money until he stopped giving me money. “I told my friend what had happened and she said she was going to introduce me to some other guy who will be giving me more money than Uncle Femi.

So, she introduced me to one Segun Awolabi and this was how I jumped from one man to another until she opened up to me that she has been doing it.

“But we don’t stand on the road or live in a hotel, we know people who will call us when we are needed. I will stop it if there is money to take care of myself in school. I want to become a nurse.” In her reaction, one of the residents who spoke on the menace of the act, Mrs. Elemo Fransisca, a mother of three at Baruwa Street on Old Ojo said: “If you are not careful, this environment will ruin your children.

There are so many wrongs going on here. This is not a place you raise children carelessly.”

“The last thing for me to do is to allow my children to mingle or to go outside at night. The only compound neighbour I allowed them to be staying with almost taught my 17-year-old daughter disobedience and her father almost killed her.

So the neighbour has since then stopped coming to my house,” says pastor’s wife, Mrs. Blessing Adigwe, a medical doctor living on 59 Bawura Street. One of the community leaders, Baba Omojoba, said: “Well, we are managing a situation we find ourselves in.

We are here and we can’t leave our houses and run away. We try our best to arrest the situation. We report the matter to police, especially the clashes between one gang and the other. “But we are working with vigilante and police hoping that it will get better one day. It’s our home.

There are things we can’t question again,” he added. When contacted, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Chike Oti, who claimed that the police are not aware of the matter, said it was good information, which will help them take necessary actions. “This is a good piece of information. We were not aware of this. Please forward the details of the hotels and the area so that we can get immediate reaction on the matter,” PPRO Oti said.

More so, the Director General of National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Ms Julie Okoli said it will clampdown on the hospitality homes that use underage for sexual services.

“Trafficking in Persons Act 2015 is clear about this and we will not allow abuse of it and exploitation of our children in hotels. Our children at this stage should be in school to learn and develop properly and not in hotels. We will engage our sister law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance and if they are found guilty, they must face the music,” she said.   (New Telegraph)

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How Edo Parents Push Their Children Into Sex Slavery |The Republican News

By Cajetan Mmuta with agency reports



The epistle of the horrendous journey by many Nigerians in search of greener pastures in climes other than what the immediate environment provides for the citizens is one full of uncertainties and riddles. There is no doubt that the failure of families, governments and institutional leadership, overwhelming greed, and the Nigerian mentality of ‘get rich quick’ have contributed to the rise in violent crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, pipeline vandalism, corruption and other criminalities that stare the society in the face.

In Edo State, the snag of prostitution and illegal migration seems to have gone a step to sink deep into the psyche of many homes. Consequently, it is quite sad to know that parents have silently compromised their primary responsibilities as the breadwinners of their homes. Wives and daughters have taken the drivers’ seat and the centre seems not to hold in the families. The result today is the resurgence of an alarming boost of slave markets making waves in most African countries, Europe and other developed nations.
Investigations have shown Libya, Togo, Ghana, Spain, Netherland, Belgium, Italy and others have taken the lead in the promotion of these ugly trades in human slavery. Rituals usually take place at popular rivers and shrines where blood oaths that compromise destinies and life-threatening incantations are made.

This happens where the child or one about to travel is being sponsored by relations such as aunties, uncles and or benefactors who hide under the guise of looking for house helps or deploy deceitful tactics on unsuspecting parents to look for young ladies to be sent to school or training when indeed they are actually going for prostitution. In addition, some of these children are usually required to submit to either allowing their public hair to be shared or submits their underwear to guarantee to their loyalty to the madam or auntie taking them overseas.

Churches and other institutions have in recent times intensified campaigns to discourage various wards, families and societies from encouraging the practice. For instance, a promising young lady from Delta State, Miss Florence Abu, narrated how she was lured into prostitution by a Russian based woman through her pastor in Edo State.

“It all started in 2012 when a Pastor in my church, Endurance Ehioze (of the Heavenly Ambassadors Ministries Inc.) at Isihor, asked me to see him. He asked if I would like to travel out of the country and I said yes. I told him that I am constrained financially. So, he said money is not the problem but that he has a sister abroad that would finance my trip.

“He further told me that I can pay off the sister in less than two months, and that, I shouldn’t be afraid since I am a good singer and hairstylist. He also assured me that I might be lucky to come across a white man that will support me. After that day, he gave me the telephone number of his sister in Russia, her name was Vivian Ehioze.
“When I flashed her, she called me and introduced herself. She asked me if I am interested in leaving the country (Nigeria), and she said as long as I am interested I should get my passport which I did by borrowing N30, 000 from LAPO (Live Above Poverty Organisation), and I called her to tell her that my passport is ready,” Miss Abu said.

“She (Ms Ehioze) asked me to give the passport to Endurance (her brother) that he would handle everything. The sister often called me to give me words of encouragement that everything will be fine. A few days later, she called again that I should pack my belongings and move to her mother’s place en route to Lagos. So, when I got there, her mother said it was late to travel to Lagos that day. The next morning she woke me up and said there must be agreements between us because many girls when they get to Russia don’t often pay her daughter back money spent to take them abroad. So, she said that she must take something from me as an oath and that whenever I finish paying her daughter, I will have to pay her some amount of money as well. I was surprised that Endurance who is a pastor encouraged me to undertake such an oath. I had thought that as Christians we would do it in the Christian way.

“Finally, the mother took strands of hair from my head, armpit, private part and she also collected my pant for oath taking. By the time I arrived Lagos the next day, the elder brother to my Madam, Festus Ehioze, came to pick me from God is Good Motors park and took me to a hotel. He brought out a slip of paper from his pocket and said it is my visa and that everything was genuine. He asked me to relax and said that I should use what I have to get what I want. He said his sister is abroad and being molested by people, so, he wants to avenge for her. I was shocked. I even pleaded with him but he refused. He took my phone according to orders from Vivian so that nobody might discourage me.

“When I asked him how I would be able to communicate with my mother, he assured me that Endurance (Pastor) would be the link man if I want to speak to my mother. Immediately, he brought out a gold circle condom that I should pull off my clothes. I resisted him but he forcefully had his way. He said it should be a secret between the two of us and threatened that if I disclosed it to anyone something terrible would happen to me. He took me to his house and asked me to pretend about it.
For the two weeks period I waited for my visa it was hell for me in the house. He molested me regularly but thankfully my visa  came in February 2013.”

Continuing, Abu said: “When I arrived in Russia, Vivian came to pick me up at the airport and she took me to her place in Moscow. The first thing she did was to take my passport away from me. On the third day at about 9pm, she asked me to dress up for a walk. She took me on a road walk where I met a lot of Nigerian prostituting on the streets and that was how I was lured into prostitution. I started paying the money ($45,000). When I finished payment, I was deported to Nigeria.

“After I finish paying I was inflicted by a strange illness; life was so unbearable for me and I was placed under medication for almost one year. The doctors treating me couldn’t handle my case. When I couldn’t bear it, I had to tell my mother about it. It was my mother that used to send me black soap and cream from Nigeria through courier. At a time, it was my mother that sent money to me to pay my house rent. Life there became difficult so I had to go to Nigeria authority in Russia before I was deported.”

When asked if she was not aware she was going to be trafficked for prostitution, Abu said: “I was 18 years old then, my madam lied to me that life was far better over there and that if I don’t want to stay in Russia I can travel to another country. I made all my credits at the ordinary level (School Certificate) but there was no money to further my education. So, when the opportunity came I jumped at it. Besides, my mum owed a lot of debt so, I wanted to help her because of the embarrassment.

“But, what I experienced was completely different from her promises. I was molested to a point that I fell sick. I was using gas water because of the chest pain complications from the torture I received from my madam. Sometimes I would just collapse on the way to church. I was always on drugs. She abandoned me in Russian and came to Nigeria to look for other girls. I couldn’t cope with life so I was deported back with other girls who were going through the same situation with me. If it is possible, some of our girls in Russia would trek back home because the suffering there is much, some of them are beggars there.”

Sober and pained, she advised: “Young girls, all that glitters is not gold. Yes, abroad is beautiful but if you are going to be trafficked by someone you should cry out. Life there is not what they paint on you. Many girls have died; a lot of girls out there are dead and their parents might think they are alive. Out of 300 deported in the last one year about 100 of them are HIV positive. Our girls should learn a trade and empowerment skills by themselves.

In her own account, Florence’s mother, Josephine Abu, who fought back fears repeatedly said: “My daughter was assisted to travel through Endurance our church member; he is second in command to the Senior Pastor. The suffering was too much for me to bear. He said since I owe debts that he would help my daughter to travel abroad. After my daughter travelled, I was paying N1, 300 monthly to LAPO to offset the amount I borrowed to get an International passport for her. He (Endurance) assured me that since my daughter is a hairstylist, she will make money in Russia. For a long time, I didn’t hear from my daughter until recently when information came that my daughter has been deported.”

Similarly, another victim of the Russian prostitution ring to Russia, Miss Naomi Otoijuamu, aged 23, also narrated her ordeal saying she was also trafficked and lured into the red light business in Russia.
“I was living with my elder brother when someone introduced me to a lady called Pat who arranged my travelling.”

Otoijuamu added: “The humiliation was much in Russia; my mum used to call me often to find out how I was coping. I told my mum I wanted to come home but she insisted I must pay back the money used to traffick me to Russian before coming back. I paid about $23, 000 to the trafficker and I fell sick immediately. In a day, I slept with about 17 men on an average; we usually paid the money to who we call an ‘administrator’. I have been very sick since I came back. I stayed in Russia for four years.”

At the moment, both Pastor Endurance and his sister, Vivian, are not only guests of the Edo State Police Command where they are giving the account of their ugly deals to make quick money and luxury but also are in the dark rooms at the Oko Prisons after the court remanded them. While the state government in collaboration with security agencies spread wide their net to catch more promoters of the heinous crime of prostitution, the former is not also taking the matter lightly to improve the image of the state and protect its people.

Speaking on how parents help throw their children into slavery, Mr. Solomon Okoduwa, the Senior Special Adviser to Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State on Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration said: “For me I will say that the role of mothers and fathers in this issue of trafficking or sending children abroad has been very unhelpful. Mothers have in times past promoted illegal migration and trafficking without knowing what their children are going over there to do. From experience, I have travelled with a lot of boys and girls on the journey and they said this is the prayer points their mothers led them into and this is how they asked them to move; they have their mothers accompany them to the shrines, solicit for their madams that their daughter is good enough, she can vouch for the daughter. How their mothers cried that she is selling pure water; that she cannot survive with the pure water.

“They should please ‘assist’, her daughter to cross; when she crosses, she will not betray you.” So, these are the roles of mothers. The mothers also engage in fetish activities to ensure their sons and daughters who are travelling through legal or illegal means, have a prosperous journey. Many of them have also gone the extra miles to borrow money from microfinance banks and the question is since you have the contact to borrow money why not use it to stabilise the life of this one who you really want to have a good future.”
More worrisome is the fact that about 2, 910 male and female citizens of the state have so far been deported and assisted home from Libya and other countries by the state government and are being rehabilitated to be meaningful citizens to both the state and their families. However, some of the returnees are still bent on travelling back to their former locations.

It was not surprising therefore when the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) last week vowed to go after pastors who are in the habit of promoting human trafficking with prayers and sales of unholy anointing oil and handkerchiefs to facilitate the illicit business. The body warned that the perpetrators would face the wrath of God if they fail to repent. Chairman of the CAN in the state, Bishop Oriname Oyonnude Kure, described human trafficking as a sin against God and man, pointing out that the activities of traffickers, which had led to deaths of thousands of youths of Edo State, is worrisome and declared that any pastor involved in the act either through prayers or directly is an enemy of the church.

“The Bible is the spiritual force that binds us all as Christians, therefore anyone involved in human trafficking in the name of a pastor is not of the Bible. CAN is, therefore, saying to such pastors to repent of such sins and stop this evil. God is against it, our culture is against it; our religion is against it and CAN condemn it in totality. We commend Governor Godwin Obaseki for his efforts so far in fighting the illicit trade and we are urging those involved in it to stop or face the wrath of God,” he declared.
However, the state government with the effort of the Benin monarch, His Royal Majesty Oba Ewuare II, has taken far-reaching measures to tackle the menace of slavery of Edo citizens and also encourage them with productive ventures such as agriculture and other skill acquisition programmes to improve their wellbeing.

However, speaking to journalists recently in the capital, Benin City, the Secretary of the state Taskforce on Anti-Human Trafficking, Mrs Abieyuwa Onyemwense said that the state government has said that there are plans to construct permanent shelters for returnee Edo indigenes who were victims of human trafficking and irregular migration.
Onyemwense said that such a facility was necessary to fast-track short, medium and long-term objectives of rehabilitating and reintegrating the returnees.

She explained that the state government already has a robust plan on reintegrating and rehabilitating the returnees, who the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the federal and state governments, have facilitated their return to the state. Onyemwense noted that the approach to receiving the returnees by the state government are far-reaching, which includes medicals, payment of stipends, capacity building and provision of starter-packs, reunion with families and regular monitoring and follow-ups.
“The returnees need a lot of guidance. We have a security team that does background checks right from when we receive them at the airports. There was a recent video of a lady that was threatening to take to arms that went viral; we tracked her down and now she is working very closely with us. So, the system is so robust to spotlight issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.”
Speaking further she said: “We are looking at building permanent shelters for the returnees. It is one of the initiatives of the Edo State Government to see an end to this menace. With that, we can do so much.”

Noting that the centre will serve to harmonise several activities and campaigns against irregular migration and human trafficking, she added: “We intend to run short, medium and long-term programmes for the returnees. This will enable us to follow through with the resettlement programme and ensure that we achieve 100 percent success in resettling the returnees.”
Meanwhile, in a further effort to check the menace the realm has waded in with the monarch of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, forcing the native doctors in Edo State to revoke the curses and oaths placed on victims of human trafficking in the state, which is used to keep the victims under the control of the traffickers.
Following the revocation of the curses on March 9, 2018, Oba Ewuare II declared that trafficked persons are now free from their traffickers and whatever oaths they were placed on.

Going further, the monarch also placed a curse on human traffickers and those aiding and abetting human trafficking in the state.
The king also cursed the native doctors who subject victims to the oath of secrecies and banned the violators of the Community Development Associations and others whose business is to initiate the sons and daughters of the land into various cult groups.
Those who took part in the swearing exercise were priests from various shrines in the state such as the Ohen Okhuae, Ohen Ovia, Ohen noriyekeogba, Ohen Ake, Ohen Niwuo, Native Doctors, Ohen Sango, Odionwere, Iwueki and the Enigies.

Speaking at the event, the monarch said: “You native doctors whose business are to subject people to the oath of secrecies and encouraging this evil act on the land, you have to repent, stop doing it. This is not a joking matter and if you do not repent, you have to wait for the repercussion.
“The palace is not against those practising the act of native doctors but those who use it to perpetrate evil in the land through aiding and abetting human trafficking in the state.
“We want to use this medium to tell those who are under any oaths of secrecies that they are now free. We revoke the oath today.

“What the palace stands for is peace and the development of the state. I want to use this medium to tell you that the act of using charms to aid trafficking, the palace seriously frowns at it.
“We want us to join hands together to fight against human trafficking in the land.”
He added that the state governor, Godwin Obaseki, pleaded with him to help curtail the spate of human trafficking in the state.
According to the United Nations, nine in 10 of the Nigerian women trafficked to Europe come from Edo State, a predominantly Christian state with a population of about three million.  (New Telegraph)

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Kenyan Man Catches Wife Working As Prostitute In Club |The Republican News


An electrical technician in Nairobi, Kenya, found his wife of seven years working as a prostitute at a local nightclub while negotiating sex price with a man.

After confronting her and accusing her of being a prostitute, the couple engaged in a heated tirade of verbal abuse.

The management of the establishment threw them out on the street where the man attacked his wife, attracting a crowd of curious onlookers.

An eyewitness claimed that it was only until passers-by tried to intervene and separate the two that the man spoke out.

He defended his actions, explaining that the woman was his wife and he had caught her working as a prostitute.

Bouncers had thrown them out of the club and they continued fighting on the street, with the man expressing his disgust by physically attacking and calling her names.

The visibly angry man shouted to onlookers explaining to them why he was beating up his wife. As the name-calling went on, entertained onlookers laughed and cheered them on to fight.

The two were separated by members of the public after the fight and insults become too much.

The man is a freelance electrical technician and the couple had been having financial problems for a while. The woman was a housewife and the family solely relied on the man’s salary, which wasn’t sufficient.

Recently she claimed to have got a job as a waiter and the work entailed working late hours during the night shift. Unknown to her husband, the ‘job’ was actually prostitution.


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Holiday Season: FCT Police Warn Commerical Sex Workers Against Ritualists, Other Criminals


From: Molly Kilete, Abuja

Following the incessant cases of murder especially of young women in the Federal Capital Territory(FCT), the police have warned commercial sex workers operating the city to be weary of those who patronise them.

Divisional Police Officer (DPO), in charge of the Garki Police Station, Yahaya Jelani Jega, who gave the warning, said it has become necessary following incidences of recovered bodies of young women killed by unknown persons and dumped on the streets by the killers.

Jega, in an interview with Daily Sun, said for some time now, there has been incidences of ritual killings especially of young women  where the police are called to scenes and that most of the victims were found to be commercial sex worker.

He, therefore, advised women in the trade on the need to be vigilant and get certain information about the people they end up with before embarking on the journey of no return.

Said he, “Commercial sex workers should be careful with who they deal with so they don’t become victims of ritualist, kidnapers and other criminals because we have been recording cases of dead bodies of young women on the streets of Abuja.

“They must try to get the identity of who they follow and pass such information to their friends who will then give the information to the police in the event that they are murdered.

“That way, the police will be able to carry out a proper investigation and get these murderers arrested and prosecuted”. He said.

Jega, in the interview, also alerted resident of the FCT, of new ploy by criminals who now use uncompleted buildings to their operational bases.

He said from these uncompleted buildings, the criminal go out and terrorise innocent residents, rob them of their valuables and even use dangerous weapons inflicting bodily injuries on them.

He, therefore, urged residents to be vigilant by reporting any suspicious movement and persons to the police to reduce the cases of crime in Abuja.  (The Sun)

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Sex Workers Want Federal Government To Legalise Prostitution |The Republican News

Image result for Sex workers in Nigeria

• Some arrested sex workers in Lagos

Eniola Akinkuotu,  Abuja

The Nigerian Sex Workers Association has called on the Federal Government to decriminalise prostitution, saying such would curb the spread of HIV.

The association added that HIV infection had continued to increase because the government treated prostitution as a crime.

It stated that law enforcement agents, especially the police, consequently harassed sex workers and sometimes demand sex without using condoms.

The National Coordinator of the association, Amaka Enemo, said this in Abuja on Wednesday during an interview with journalists at the presentation of  a report titled, ‘Understanding the High Risk of Urban Sexual Networks in Nigeria.’

Enemo was said to have played an active role in gathering information for the report, which was compiled by the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, the University of Manitoba, United States, and the World Bank.

She said, “Sex workers face violence, especially from their clients and law enforcement agents. Sex work is seen as a crime and the police raid streets and brothels to arrest sex workers. They collect money and if the girl cannot pay money, she will have to give sex to the policemen. If the law enforcer does not want to use a condom, the sex worker has to agree and this is why HIV is on the increase.

“So, in this study, all the sex workers we interacted with said their biggest trouble was law enforcers.”

The 36-year-old said several studies had shown that countries, where prostitution is not illegal, had lower cases of sexually transmitted diseases, while Nigeria, where it is illegal, had one of the highest rates of HIV in the world.

She said sex work should be made legal, and the government should not saddle sex workers with the responsibility of paying tax.

Enemo said, “When I visited Amsterdam (Holland), I was able to visit the red light district where sex workers work because prostitution is legal there. I have also visited New Zealand where they have decriminalised sex work.

“When you decriminalise it, there will be less exploitation of sex workers and the violence will reduce.”

Emeno said since HIV is a communicable disease and had no cure, sex workers should be given proper treatment and not victimised.

She said an infected sex worker could directly or indirectly infect as many as 100 people, adding that the government must not hound, but partner them.

Emeno added, “Decriminalise the work so that all of us will be healthy. It might interest you to know that Nigeria has the second highest risk of HIV worldwide and we are hoping to get to zero before 2030.

“How can it end when the drivers of the epidemic are being criminalised?”

In his remarks, the Director, Strategic Knowledge Management, NACA, Dr Kayode Ogungbemi, said sex workers must be taken seriously since married men also patronised them.

He said the message of use of protection must also be taken to mega stores and other places where sexual relationships began.

Ogungbemi added, “This report looks at the history of casual sex, transactional sex and commercial sex. If we do not reach these women, the infection will continue to spread. So, we must teach these women the use of condoms and be going for HIV tests because if we don’t do that, they will continue to spread it. Even married people patronise them.”

Also speaking, the Country Coordinator, Centre for Global Public Health, University of Manitoba, Dr Kalada Green, said the exercise, which was funded by the World Bank, was done in order to improve the efficiency of HIV prevention methods. (

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2 Prostitutes Nabbed For Killing Man


By Lawrence Enyoghasu

The liaison between one Adeyinka Olayinka and a commercial sex worker, Kudirat, in Ifo, Ogun State, has ended in tragedy, with the man stabbed to death.
Daily Sun gathered that Olayinka, who was supervising construction work, had taken Kudirat to a hotel to pass the night on Tuesday, but it turned out to be a fatal error.
According to ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, spokesman for the Ogun State Police Command, when Olayinka had a disagreement with Kudirat, popularly called Angela, over payment, the lady invited her friend, Esther, to join her to retrieve the money. In the melee, the man was stabbed to death.
“Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim contracted Kudirat to pass the night with him on an agreed amount, but the deceased reneged on their agreement, which led to hot argument between them. While the argument was going on, Esther, who is a friend to Angela, broke a bottle and injured the deceased’s friend who was at the scene, while Angela used the broken part of the bottle to stab the deceased in the armpit, thereby cutting one of his nerves, consequent upon which he bled to death,” Abimbola stated.
It was also gathered that the manager of the hotel quickly alerted the police. The DPO, Ifo Division, CSP Anthony Haruna, led his men to the scene and promptly arrested the suspects.
Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, has ordered the transfer of the case to the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for discrete investigation and prosecution of the suspects.  (The Sun)

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