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By Ike A. Offor

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Pastor Xola Skosana


Pastor Xola Skosana lives in Cape Town and hails from Port Elizabeth, Estern Cape in South Africa. His Facebook write ups clearly expresses the impending war in South Africa if something drastic is not done to address the bitter war between the Blacks, who feel robbed after decades of being denied access to their lands, and the whites who feel they earned their lands through their ancestors.


South Africa with its beautiful cities is paraded as a tourist destination when in fact it is a modern slave holding society with Blacks pushed to the outskirts of their land and locked in refugee camps called Townships. We must revolve the land question or remain slaves forever.

Time to fill up the dome or Orlando Stadium to watch Cassper Nyovest perform is over, Blacks must either fill up the land or fill up prison cells. Our dignity is in the land or in a prison cell. There is no middle ground, anything in between is self loathing

I have a relatively decent home by poor Black standards and I will probably live longer than the average Black person whose life is lived on a knife-edge in the township. However the insult of waking up landless everyday is unbearable.

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On X.Mass day, on top of Table Mountain, a world heritage site we don’t own, I have taken an oath and vowed to walk up constitutional hill on the 3rd of August 2017, exactly a year after the people would have voted. Armed with the constitution on the one hand and the South African flag on the other. At the entrance of the constitutional court, commit treason and burn both into ashes, declaring the people’s war against the lack of land.

Blacks have been diverted by Mark Heywood, George Bizoz, Sipho Pityana, with the support of their friends in the West, they have successfully turned us against each other to the benefit of white power. It’s time to go back to the national question and the logical conclusion of our struggle. Black Solidarity Action will lobby for a 3 August Ultimatum Land Coalition Movement (3/8 ULCM) across party political lines. There are many differences among us, but the land quest is our noblest cause, our only moral high ground.

Malema is in and out of courts for making this call. BLF has pronounced on the Land Question as their central program for 2017. Some sectors of the ANC are slowly making this call. PAC, AZAPO, SOPA should not find it difficult to join the coalition. There are many other Black organizations such as Black House Collective, Kilombo, Fees Must Fall and the Labour Movements in the mines, the farms and the factories whose support will be solicited.

I can’t wait for the day when Blacks will wake up in the land they can call theirs. Make love and raise children in the land that is theirs. Go up Table Mountain and be proud owners, go to the sea and be proud owners, go to the mines and the farms and be proud owners. To do what they please, if all they want to do with the land is watch it, roll around or even pee on it, to do so without reservations.

The land is life, the land is wealth, the land is language, the land is spirituality, the land is dignity.


The politicians and all the liars have spoken. Now let the people speak. Promises have been made and votes cast, politicians are guaranteed a salary for another five years, yet the people will remain landless.
Let the people store up food, water and medicine to last them long enough. Let the people save their money under rocks and pillows, anywhere other than the bank. The people’s war against landlessness is coming and it will be bitter.
If the land question upon which the people’s dignity, worth, wealth, health culture and education is not returned by the 3rd of August 2017, Black Solidarity Action will mobilise the masses and declare the first phase of the people’s war, a rolling mass action that will bring the country to a standstill.
We will call on workers in every industry, every factory and every farm, in the mines and in the kitchen, in the boardroom and in the bedroom to withdraw their labour.
Black policemen and women, soldiers and all Black law enforcement agencies will be called upon, in the interest of their families, to put down their weapons, and join the people’s against landlessness.
From this day, marches will be organised across the breadth and length of the country towards all legislatures where the laws to return the Land have failed to be promulgated in the last 22 years of so-called democracy.
On arrival, like Sobukhwe in Sharpville, leaders in front will risk imprisonment, and begin to set alight toothless instruments and symbols of freedom and democracy, beginning with the Freedom Charter, the Constitution and the flag, demonstrating an act of defiance and a vote of no confidence to the current political and economic status quo which has failed to deliver the land.
If a sustained mass action of civil disobedience does not yield the desired results, the next phase of the People’s War will ensue. Spaces of white privilege will be targeted by the people’s arsonists and be burned to the ground.
If all fails, we will be left with no option but to arm the people and take state power with the barrel of the gun, change the laws and liberate the masses.
Everything we do as from now on is only but a rehearsal for the People’s War. Every protest and every picketing is but only a warm up and a training ground for the People’s War pending.
We implore the Black masses to join the Black Solidarity Action as we slowly connect the “live wires” from Fees Must Fall/Return All Expelled and Suspended Students, to End Outsourcing, from a struggle for a living wage in Marikana to the Farms in Dedoorans and Stellenbosch, from Free Apla Political Prisoners to Buy Black End White Arrogance Campaign, from Anti-Racism Campaign to Return the stolen R26 Billion Campaign and more.
Black Solidarity Action is not another political party, but a clarion call to unite black people on the most central question of their betrayed struggle, the land question. Let us take the cause of all isolated Black struggles waged in Azania to the logical conclusion, the People’s War For Land.
War To The Enemy
Peace Amongst Africans
Forward with the People’s War

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