BREAKING: Supreme Court Declares Makarfi Authentic Chairman Of PDP

By Ike Offor



Chairman PDP party, Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi


The Supreme Court has declared Ahmed Makarfi the authentic chairman of PDP.

The legal case that has dragged on from the lower courts through to the Appeal Court and finally to the Supreme Court has finally ended in favour of Makarfi faction of the party.

The five-man Supreme Court judges panel came to a unanimous decision in their verdict and that seals the fate of the party, as it declares Ahmed Makarfi the real chairman of the party.

This is now the end of the road for Ali Modu Sheriff’s faction of the party. He has exhausted all his chances and the apex court of the land has made its decision.

There is wild jubilation in the Supreme Court in Abuja right now.

This could be the comeback that PDP needs since APC has proven to be a failure in all ramifications and has lost the goodwill of many Nigerians.

Now, the party could put its house in order or be the old party and blow their chances in elections ahead.


The Republican News

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RONDEL: Niger Delta Region Comes Up With New Name, Language For Their New Republic




The Niger Delta region seemingly is not joining Biafra for the agitation but want their own state if Biafra has to go.

They stated so succinctly in their press release that The Republican News got hold of today.

The question is are some interest groups, particularly the political elites, sponsoring several groups to come up with new state’s names and demands to trivialise Biafra agitation?


A Demand for the Independence of Rondel from Nigeria in 2018.

We the people of the Region of the Niger Delta (Rondel), represented by members of Rondel Solidarity Movement (RSM) – a newly born aggressive but non-violent umbrella body for all intellectuals, groups and associations in the Niger Delta Region, having lived together in the past as a loose federation under the Benin Empire and the great Ijaw and other kingdoms, desirous of searching for our own country since Northerners in Nigeria have decided to evacuate southerners from ‘their Nigeria’ – we today, 07.06.2017 wish to announce the fusion of our various groups into one strong and united non-self-seeking group to champion our developmental causes and help build our region into a nation of justice, freedom, peace and prosperity.

We have, after over 6 hours of a well-attended meeting held at a secret location in Rivers State, met and made Resolutions which will be remembered as The Rondel Covenant.

The Resolutions are in response to the threat by lazy and ignorant Arewa Youths to divide and destroy Nigeria (disguising as evicting the Igbos – an injury to any Southerner is an injury to all Southerners – the days of divide and conquer has ended) and noting the obvious foot-dragging of the Nigerian government over this issue with no one arrested, tried or jailed despite the fact that the treasonable felons are well known and they are all not hiding whereas a certain Nnamdi Kanu of Biafra was incarcerated for over two years for daring to discuss Biafra and a certain Kola Edokpayi of Rondel is currently incarcerated for daring to challenge the government in Edo state.

Following the treasonable ultimatum issued by the Arewa Youths with tacit backing of the Arewa Consultative Forum and Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs led by Sultan of Sokoto either of who has not openly condemned the felons and call for their incarceration like they would do when the table turned, and being fed up of being described by the President of Nigeria as 5% undeserving of the benefits of Nigeria, thus desirous to found our own country where we will be treated as citizens with full rights, not some species with 5% rights,

We hereby make the following declarations and resolve as follows:

  1. That all the intellectuals, groups and associations in the Niger Delta should fuse into Rondel Solidarity Movement and our demands shift from Resource Control to Independence Movement
  2. That in our country, we shall return power to the true owners of the lands, the monarchs, in English-style power sharing between the Royals and the people in a Parliamentary system.

  3. That we demand Independence for Rondel from Nigeria from 2018.

  4. That Rondel comprises all the six states in the present South-South of Nigeria.

  5. That Rondel is an acronym derived from the Region of Niger Delta, later the Republic of Niger Delta, if the Arewa groups make good their threats.

  6. That Rondel is our name, Rondish will be our Language and Rondland shall be our capital city. Details of these, including the locations of Rondland, shall be in our October 1 book.

  7. That no inch of Rondel in the six states of Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Cross River, Edo, and Rivers States shall ever be ceded to any other people or nation for any reason whatsoever and all those people drawing maps up and down are hereby warned to desist forthwith or risk our disproportionate vengeance including present and future social and economic sanctions.

  8. That our motivations for the decision to leave Nigeria are first President Buhari’s treatment of our people as 5%, Northerner’s nearly exclusive illegal and immoral occupation of our oil wells destroying our ecosystems and the eviction notice by Arewa Youths with the tacit support of government and the Arewa leaders.

  9. That since that treasonable order by Arewa youths, and because no one was arrested, tried and convicted of the high treason, the same matter for which Nnamdi Kalu was imprisoned for about two years, we no longer have faith in one indissoluble Nigeria.

That we state emphatically and without equivocation, that in the likely event of the disintegration of Nigeria, we have resolved to live together in the “Region of Niger Delta’, which we henceforth now wish to call RONDEL.

That we wish henceforth, as a people, to be known and addressed as Rondelites and our languages to be known as dialects of Rondish, which shall be our Official Language, side by side English.

That our capital city shall be a portion carved out of an existing area in the Region of Niger Delta and to be renamed Rondland. Details, including out national anthem, flag, coat of arms and interim Constitution, will be published in our book, “RONDEL MANIFESTO: The Making of a Nation” to be released on October 1, 2017.

That the Igbo people, and indeed all Africans and foreigners, are heartily welcome to visit, stay, live in or do legitimate business unencumbered anywhere in Rondel now and in the future.

  1. That in the event of a breakup and the Biafrans, the Omoluabis, Middle Beltans, etc have their separate countries, we will be willing to enter into economic partnerships to help each other grow their economies and societies to achieve the Millennium Developed Goals.
  • That this Resolution serves as a warning and a Notice to the Nigerian government, the International community, including all the northern states of Nigeria that henceforth, if any Igbo or indeed any Southerner or Middle Beltan Nigerian is ever attacked or killed again anywhere in the north in a hate or xenophobic attack, we shall declare our Independence within three months.

  • This is not a threat but self-preservation.

    That since the Arewa youths have given the Igbos (that implies all southerners, we are not fooled) three months notice to vacate ‘their Nigeria’, we give all northern oil bloc owners three months notice from October 1, 2017, for them to leave the Niger Delta Region or face unpredictable adverse consequences.

    1. That we are now ready to take our destiny into our own hands and end this parasitic forced marriage of perpetual disaster since 1914.
  • That we in the Region of Niger Delta declare today 07.06.2017 as the commencement date for our Independence struggle.

  • That the minimum demand for negotiation is the arrest, prosecution and conviction of all those who were involved in the provocative treasonable felony. Condemning their action or threat to arrest them will not suffice this time.

  • That we wish to declare to the troublesome northerners that Enough is Enough.

  • Thank you.


    Efe Edet-Tamuno
    (Spokesperson RSM)

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    Can Restructuring Still Save Nigeria? – By Yinka Odumakin

    Afenifere is a self-determination platform for the Yoruba.

    Yinka Odumakin, an Afenifere Leader, was a delegate at the 2014 National Conference

    A freelance American journalist, Brian Hall, was one of the last outsiders permitted to freely take a tour of Yugoslavia during the final days of its existence. From early May to mid-September 1991, he interacted with members of the various Balkan “tribes” in Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo and points in-between, taking notes of their comments on their history, prejudices, superstitions, fears, aspirations and opinions of other ethnic and national groups. He wrote a book titled “The Impossible Country: A Journey Through the Last Days of Yugoslavia” in which he described the last days of peaceful coexistence among Yugoslavia’s religious and ethnic communities and highlighted conflicts that would trigger the horrors of “ethnic cleansing” and war.

    In the gripping account of the former Yugoslavia’s decay and collapse in 1991, Hall’s powerful sense of location and mentality is expressed through a blend of close friendships, high-level interviews, and courageous questions. Hall moved comfortably among Serbs who perceived the nation as a “super personality”, Croats who remained ambivalent toward their World War II fascist regime, and Muslims like Bosnian president, Alijah Izetbegović, who claimed only the “freedom to define themselves as a people.” By January 1992, the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia ceased to exist having dissolved into its constituent units.

    Murderous Fulani Herdsmen

    It is only those blinded by hegemonic desire for domination and control that cannot see today that Nigeria presently is wobbling through its last days regardless of whether a Brian Hall is travelling through it or not. Never in the history of this country (save for the civil war years) has there been the level of bloodletting currently going on along its fault lines. There is hardly any day one opens the newspapers now and don’t read of Fulani herdsmen dispatching innocent souls to the great beyond in the hapless Southern and Middle Belt communities of the country. Shorn of pretenses, these hitherto stick-wielding herdsmen who are now the only group “officially” sanctioned armed group in Nigeria (not one of them has been arrested for wielding AK 47 rifles in public) are out on an expansionist mission as the level of violence they are unleashing cannot be about cattle rearing.

    Images of woes from Northern Nigeria, Waves of terror originating from Northern Region put tremendous stress on the pre-existing geopolitical fault lines that negate “unity” of Nigeria

    As a child, I remember how we used to run after their forebears who grazed animals in our communities without any harm befalling us. The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Reverend Olasupo Ayokunle, a few days ago, was moved to deliver a timely warning to the Federal Government on the unhinged monstrosity of the Fulani herdsmen. In asking for the Federal Government to prosecute the herdsmen arrested in connection with the recent killings in Benue and Southern Kaduna to ease tension in the two states, he declared: “We also want the Federal Government to investigate, through intelligence gathering, those unpatriotic Nigerians supplying the herdsmen with weapons being used to perpetrate evil. “If the government fails to stop the provocation by the Fulani herdsmen militia, they should be prepared for war. No ethnic group has a monopoly of violence and no ethnic group should be a monster to others.”

    The CAN President summed up the hopelessness and frustration in the country today as there is official indifference to the ruthlessness and criminality that is going on as the marauders have set evil loose on their host communities. Given the happenings in Nigeria presently, rational thinking dictates that those who think that the only possible means of survival is milking others would, at least, be interested in the continued corporate existence of Nigeria by cooperating with reforms that could extend the life span of the entity, but hail no. They would rather become much more insensitive and unfeeling. They have continued to task the long sufferings of patriots who stand in the gap between Nigeria and disintegration by campaigning for restructuring.

    On May 2, I travelled in company of some compatriots from the Southwest to Abuja to join our former colleagues at the 2014 National Conference for some reunion. On the eve of the meeting, one Bashiru Dalhatu was circulating a text message to Northern delegates not to attend the meeting as his rebel group of Northern Delegates Forum (NDF) had met earlier to declare the reports dead and buried. Attendance from the North at the meeting, however, proved that Dalhatu was representing only his fraction of the country that he misnamed the “North”. He could not have been speaking for those communities in the North whose killers, instead of being arrested, are being compensated with taxpayers’ money. Neither could he have represented Southern Borno where Elder Paul Bassey told the meeting was still under heavy bombardment from Boko Haram despite official claim by government that it has been degraded.

    Minders of the Sokoto Caliphate. Chairman of the Northern Elders Council, NEC, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai

    Those who still engage their brains, of course, know that you cannot exchange commanders of a murderous group for innocent Chibok girls if indeed you are not claiming false victory. One poignant message from Elder Bassey to the meeting was that all the reconstruction the Federal Government is spending fortunes on is concentrated only in Northern Borno with total and virtual neglect of the Southern Borno communities, whereas the hegemonists talk of “one North” glibly. We left the Abuja meeting that faithful Tuesday with a beautiful communique signed insisting on the implementation of the 2014 National Conference recommendations under the chairmanship of Alhaji Tanko Yakkasai.

    The following day saw the presentation of a book by General Alani Akinrinade in Lagos during which the need to restructure Nigeria came on the front burner from speaker after speaker. By Thursday, Alhaji Yakkasai was already telling The Sun Newspapers that Southwest leaders campaigning for restructuring are envious of the North and are unpatriotic. I had to check “envy” and “unpatriotic” in the dictionary again to be sure the elder statesman cannot be right. Any doubt about Taqqiya (deception) at play was put to rest when Alhaji Yakassai told The Guardian of May 12: “I have always suspected the motive behind such clamor (restructuring). The whole idea is to deny the North its God-given advantage of population and landmass which it has effectively used to earn appreciable allocation from the Federal Government. Those behind it are not interested in Nigeria’s unity and progress.”

    This is the crux of the matter for the Yakassais of the North as exemplified also by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) which met in Kano a few days back. And what it all says is that we are dealing with the deepest contradictions flowing from clash of civilizations which are nonnegotiable. It is like the notorious man, Leo Tolstoy, talked about who said he would do all humanly possible to ease the lot of the fellow he was riding on his back, except getting off it. It is clear at this point that the Nigerian contradiction has gone beyond restructuring.

    I watched the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo on Channels TV years back showing his deep understanding of the Yoruba language as he waxed eloquent on the Nigerian situation. He said when something is damaged, the Yoruba would say “o ti ra” (it is rotten). And that when it is irretrievably damaged, they will say “o ti se din” (it is maggot-infested). Nigeria is already maggot-infested. Maybe, it’s about time campaigners for restructuring suspend this appeasement and see how long the hegemonists can run this contraption before it answers the call of nature.

    Culled from Vanguard Newspaper

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    Obanikoro, PDP Bigwigs Joining APC Soon, Says APC Lagos Chairman


    Former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro

    Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State, Henry Ajomale, has said the party is stepping up arrangements to welcome former minister of state for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
    Ajomale, who gave the hint in an interview with newsmen in Ikeja, yesterday, said Obanikoro is coming into the APC along with other bigwigs of the state’s PDP.
    The party chairman said Obanikoro and others had reached out to the party to resolve their issues with it and all was set for their formal defection.
    He said Wednesday’s defection of Lukman Ajose, a PDP bigwig, would open a floodgate of defections from the PDP to the APC in the coming days.
    “We welcome Prince Ajose to the APC. His defection is a plus for us,” he said.
    “But, Ajose is not the only one joining us. Some of the bigwigs in the PDP, including Obanikoro, will be joining us soon. I don’t want to give you a particular date, but all I can tell you is all is set.”
    Ajomale said the coming of Ajose into the party, as well as other PDP members would add value to the party and enhance its electoral fortune.
    He said their coming was particularly gladdening as the party was preparing for the council poll and making early preparations for the general election in 2019.
    Asked if the mass movement of PDP members into the party would not weaken the opposition and make the state a one-party state, Ajomale answered in the negative.
    He said since the PDP was not the only party in the opposition, it would be wrong to say the decimation of the party through defection would make the state a one-party state.
    Ajomale described as false allegations in some quarters that the party was imposing candidates in some council areas ahead of the July elect ahead of the July election.
    The chairman said those making the allegations were blackmailers who were not sure of themselves and their ability to win at the party primary.
    “It is pure blackmail. There is nothing like that. Everybody will be allowed a level playing ground,” he said.
    The Lagos State independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) has fixed July 22 for the council election and July 29 for runoff.
    Meanwhile, NAN quoted a source at the Lagos state house of assembly as saying one of the remaining two PDP members in the assembly had already indicated his intention to defect to the APC and his letter would likely be read at the next sitting of the lawmakers.
    Six of the eight lawmakers who won their elections to the house on the platform of the PDP had earlier defected to the APC on February 16.   (The Sun)

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    South East Governors, Ekweremadu, Onu, Others Attend World Igbo Summit Tomorrow

    From Obinna Odogwu, Ekwulobia

    Prominent Igbo sons and daughters including South East governors, royal fathers, members of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, Igbo leaders of thought, deputy Senate President, Chief Ike Ekweremadu, are expected to attend the Igbo World Congress billed to hold at Ascot Hotels, Enugu on Friday.
    Others expected at the event include, Senator Enyinnanya Abaribe, Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonanya Onu; former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi; former CBN governor, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, business mogul, Arthur Eze and the founder of Centre for Value in Leadership (CVL), Prof. Pat. Utomi.
    The summit, organised by World Igbo Congress (WIC), would feature lectures, life-time award presentation to distinguished Nigerians including Ebitu Ukiwe; Prof. Anya O. Anya;  Mr. Arthur Eze, among others.
    This was contained in a statement signed by the chairman of WIC, Mr. Joe Nze Eto and made available to newsmen in Awka. According to the statement, the group is expected to discuss various issues concerning the Igbo nation and her economy and the best way to move it forward among other key issues.   (The Sun)

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    I May Contest 2018 Governorship Election – Fayose |The Republican News


    Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose

    Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State said on Monday that he would contest in court his removal from office during his first term tenure.

    Speaking in  a live broadcast on Ekiti State Television in Ado-Ekiti on Monday evening, Fayose who was explaining why he chose to put his image on a campaign posters across the state, said that since the apex court had said that his impeachment in 2006 was illegal, he would then have to approach the same court to interpret what that ruling meant and also consider seeking a re-election in 2018.

    He said, “The continuity poster you see my image in and which is spreading across the state can be interpreted in two ways. First is the need for me to ask the apex court to explain its 2014 ruling that my so called impeachment in 2014 was illegal, null and void and consider a re-election in 2018 so that I can complete my term.

    “Second is for me to get our own man,  one who is like Ayo Fayose to continue after my tenure in 2018.”

    He emphasised that the case as to whether he was entitled to complete his tenure or not must first be determined before there could be another governorship election in the state in 2018.

    NAN reported that Fayose got sworn-in for the first term tenure in May 2003, but got his tenure terminated through impeachment on Oct. 16, 2006.

    Meanwhile, the governor has said that he was not bothered by the ongoing strike by fuel dealers in the state.

    He said he would not rescind his decision to stop further erection of filling stations in residential areas, even if they strike for one year.

    He said full demolition of such fuel stations, including those erected near schools would commence on Tuesday.

    Besides, he placed a ban on commercial activities in all fuel stations that were currently on strike.  (

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    3000 APC, PDP Members Defect To APGA In Anambra State |The Republican News

    …As Aguleri youths berate Ezeonwuka over comments

    From Chidi Nnadi, Enugu and Obinna Odogwu, Ekwulobia

    About 3,000 members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC), yesterday, defected to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Ugbene community, Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

    The defectors, led by the National Chairman of Ugbene Great Ambassadors Club, Chief Aaron Onwelukwue, disclosed that their defection was informed by Governor Willie Obiano’s “sterling performance in office” which they crave its continuity.

    Special Adviser to the governor on Security Matters, Chief Chikodi Anara, and Chairman of APGA in the community, Mr. Cajethan Anako, while receiving the defectors pointed out that the people of the area had made informed choice by joining the party.

    He described APGA as a movement which all well-meaning Igbo men should identify with.

    “Governor Obiano is embarking on long term investment for the future of our children. So, Ugbene people have taken the right decision to join APGA,” Anara said.

    Meanwhile, youths from Governor Obiano’s home-town, Aguleri in Anambra State, have berated a member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of APGA, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka, over his claim that APGA was not ready for the November 18 gubernatorial election.

    The youths, under the aegis of Aguleri National Youth Association said the fears raised by Ezeonwuka were misplaced as they insisted that the APGA chieftain lacked necessary information.

    The National President of Aguleri National Youth Association, Nnamdi Ikeli, who replied Ezeonwuka in a statement, expressed optimism that Obiano would return for a second term.

    He urged the general public to disregard the statement credited to Ezeonwuka, saying, “he made an illusionary statement that is not only far from the truth, but one which lacks iota of political awareness and events in Anambra for the past three years.”

    Ikeli noted that Ezeonwuka was becoming old, which might have affected his political reasoning in recent times, pointing out that there had never been a time Aguleri people lost in any challenge or war which was a clear indication that “God is always on our side just like the Israelites.”

    He said the APGA government in Anambra State has performed creditably well under Governor Obiano, which has secured his second term chance.

    He said Governor Obiano would not only win the November 18 gubernatorial election, but also with a high margin, boasting that no other political party in the state would be able to challenge APGA in terms of acceptance, political mobilisation and demonstration of goodwill to Anambra people.

    “We, therefore, use this medium to call on well-meaning Anambrarians to disregard such statement from Chief Ezeonwuka and concentrate on their respective vocations while enjoying the dividends of democracy inherent in the Obiano’s administration,” he said, cautioning against any form of rigging during the poll.         

    Also speaking, the Chairman, Anambra State Housing Corporation, Chief Godson Ezenagu and the leader of Ugbene Ambassadors, Chief Fabian Ekwuazu and the Caretaker Committee Chairman for Awka North, Emeka Onwuzuka, in their separate speeches urged the people to work for the victory of Obiano in the upcoming election in the state.   (The Sun)

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