Only Foolish, Perverted Men Lick The Private Parts Of Women — Maurice Ampaw

Maurice Ampaw, a Ghanaian celebrity lawyer in an interview with Kumasi-based Angel FM alleged that ‘only foolish men lick private parts of women’.

According to Maurice Ampaw the individuals he described as “foolish, perverted and abnormal” have no place in the circles of reasonable people. He also urged Ghanaians to report people engaging in oral sex to the police, to effect their arrest.


He also recalled how he defended a lady who was arrested in 2016 for biting off the penis of a commander of the Ghana National Fire Service in Techiman, Mr Eric Ansah Andoh. The Ghanaian celebrity lawyer said he went to court to defend the lady and won because the man had no business sticking his penis in her mouth.


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10 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sperm, Longevity, Good Skin, Anti-depressant |RN

By Shellie R. Warren (Xonecole)

Something that I’ve been told my entire life is that I don’t have much of a screensaver on my face. Translation — whatever I’m thinking, it shows up on my face.

Luckily, because a lot of the marriage life coaching I do happens over the phone, this isn’t an issue. I say that because whenever I hear one or both my clients say that they don’t participate in oral sex, you should see my facial expression. It’s a combination of “Huh?!”, “You can’t be serious,” and “Come here, you need a hug.”

Aside from the pleasure provided, there are all sorts of health benefits that oral sex provides. For instance fellas, did you know that a woman’s vagina contains 100,000 to 100 million Lactobacillus cells in just one gram of her vaginal fluid? That makes it the ultimate kind of probiotic, which are needed in order to keep your gut healthy, your heart strong, and your brain working at its optimal level. (The more you know!)

I could go on and on about what a woman’s womb can do for a man. But since this site is all about empowering women, let me take a few moments to share what makes sperm and semen (the fluid that carries sperm) a superpower in its own right!

Sperm is the Ultimate Multi-Vitamin


Let’s begin by doing a brief rundown of what sperm contains. A tiny teaspoon’s worth of sperm contains 200 different proteins, vitamins B12, C and E, zinc, calcium, citric acid, glucose, fructose, potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA (a steroid hormone), TRH (a mood enhancer), sodium, copper, lipids and even ammonia (which is a hint of what you probably taste in ejaculate). And that’s literally only scratching the surface!

Hopefully, it goes without saying that sperm can only benefit you if it’s healthy. So make sure that you and your partner get tested for STDs (rapid result home tests are available), that the relationship is mutually exclusive, and that you’re mindful of whose sperm you’re getting (check out “Semen Has Controlling Power over Female Genes and Behavior”).

But once you get the green light, as you can see, when it comes to sperm, it really and truly is ALL good!

Sperm is an Anti-Depressant


Depression ain’t nothin’ to play with. So, if it’s been a few weeks and you’re still weepy and irritable, you can’t sleep and you won’t eat, don’t “Google” a diagnosis or remedy. Make an appointment to see your doctor.

However, there is a direct correlation between women who have unprotected sex (vaginally or orally) and them feeling less anxious and being in a better mood. It’s partly due to the oxytocin, progesterone, endorphins, and serotonin that’s found in sperm.

One study even revealed that 20 percent of women who always used condoms had suicidal thoughts while only 5 percent of those who went without did.

Sperm Makes You Smarter


Have you ever heard of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) before? Long story short, it’s an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant group of small proteins that’s directly related to the growth and survival of your neurons (your nerve cells); sperm has plenty of these in it.

Not only do scientists believe that NFG makes us smarter, but they’ve also discovered that it can relieve symptoms related to depression and even schizophrenia as well.

Sperm is a Tooth Whitener


Roll your eyes if you want to, but guess what the leading cause of dingy teeth is? Not brushing is a given, but if you don’t have enough zinc in your system, that could be the underlying cause.

Guess how much zinc is in a teaspoon of sperm? A whopping 3 percent of what your body needs daily! Being that sperm has calcium in it too, a swig every now and then can strengthen and whiten your teeth too!

Sperm can Keep Your Hair from Falling Out


While you’re out here on YouTube trying to find natural remedies for minor bald spots, maybe all you need is some good lovin’ or a sperm scalp massage, or both. Trust me, I know it sounds crazy but, thanks to the polyamine compound known as spermidine (which is all up in semen), science also attributes sperm to minimizing hair loss. The connection is this — when spermidine is active in our system, it works to increase stem cell growth and also lengthen our hair shaft.

If nothing can convince you to rub some semen on your head, foods that are high in spermidine include green peas, white potatoes, and chicken. (You’re welcome.)

Sperm is Good for Your Skin


Speaking of spermidine, it’s also really good for your skin. That’s because it’s also got tons of antioxidants that help to fight wrinkles, prevent acne, and even out your skin tone. Plus, spermidine contains proteolytic enzymes. Do some Googling on those; they are some of the most powerful exfoliants on the planet!

Does that mean I’m slick trying to talk you into a — cough, cough — facial? I’ll totally leave that to your discretion. But it couldn’t hurt. Just sayin’.

Sperm can Prevent Preeclampsia


Here’s something that just might surprise you. Did you know that oral sex can lower your blood pressure? Since sperm also contains the natural stress hormone cortisol, along with a good dose of melatonin, they work together to keep your blood pressure stabilized.

This is really good info if you’re pregnant because there’s solid data to support that if you swallow sperm in your third trimester, it can lower your risk of developing preeclampsia (dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy).

Sperm Makes You Hornier


Yeah. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard men say something along the lines of, “Once you start, you’ll get in the mood.” Whether they knew it or not, there was actually some truth to that. Since sperm contains the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, once you get extra dosages into your system, especially testosterone, it can definitely boost your sex drive.

Sperm is a Sleep Agent


Having a hard time getting to sleep? Hmm…what was it that Salt (of Salt-N-Pepa) once said? She said her man could knock her out with one shot for the rest of the night, right? If they were having unprotected sex, that very well could be true!

As I mentioned earlier, melatonin (a hormone that regulates wakefulness) is present in sperm. So, if you’ve been having a few sleepless nights, rather than going out and getting a melatonin supplement, save your coins and have sex instead. The sex workout combined with the sperm you’ll receive should be all of the sleep assistance you need!

Sperm Can Make You Live Longer


And finally, if none of the other benefits I just shared convinced you to take some sperm shots, maybe this one will. Thanks again to the beauty of spermidine, sperm can also extend your time on the Earth. That’s because spermidine also helps to regulate your genes as it delays the aging process.



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What A Man’s Favourite Sex Position Says About Him |The Republican News

Many of our unspoken actions simply say something about who we are. If you’ve been wondering how to know your man, let the positions he favours during sex do the talking!


This shows someone who is boring and unimaginative! He loves to maintain eye contact. But, despite those negative ratings, he sure knows how to get results, as he has enough room for any form of maneuvering he desires!

Doggie style

He doesn’t like eye contact and he is not romantic. He loves to dig deep and also loves to dictate the pace. This is how you know someone who is controlling!


He is lazy and would rather lie down there while the woman does the push-ups. He would busy himself with the boobs as the woman sweats it out. But it could also depict someone who is secure enough as to let his woman run the show!  He is also turned on by the visual stimulation — looking up and seeing a naked woman bouncing around on top of him!

Reverse cowgirl

This shows a man who watches pornographic films! He loves great view and gets it his own way! He has acquired too many ideas that he wants to test-run them on you. Yuck!


He loves to cuddle. He wants his woman to feel safe and protected as she lays on her side, taking in the totality of his manhood from the rear! He is romantic and sensitive. He does most of the job, and all his woman has to do is to absorb it!


He is an extrovert. He loves to think outside the box. He gives and receives at the same time! His personal hygiene must not be compromised, however.


He is a summary person! He is not romantic. He doesn’t have too much time for the essentials such as foreplay and other sweeties. He is busy but loves to have his bite, which is immediate and short-time. He is adept at it: he drops his trousers and leans his woman against the wall. Once he is done, he has no time for after-sex cuddling, which most women love! Let’s face it, if you want a romantic guy, you haven’t met one, because he has no time for romance!


He treats sex as a workout! He pushes himself hard, literally, and expects the same of you. He multitasks along the way, if you know what that means! He is a team player who loves mutual efforts! He is determined and confident, with a huge sense of humour. He doesn’t allow someone to bear all the responsibilities, just as he doesn’t believe that he has to carry all the load!


This one has seen it all; and the fact that he is able to persuade his woman to have anal sex means he can talk anyone into anything! He is probably going to leave a wake of destruction on his path. Good luck, girl!

Spread eagle

He is cautious but controlling. He loves to know exactly what he is dealing with. The way he holds on tight and keeps his woman in view shows someone who loves to be in charge of a situation. His woman’s pleasure may not be very important to him, though.


He is laid back and loves utmost comfort. He goes about life with that surprising calm, even in the midst of turbulence. He is easy-going and doesn’t think that he has to break his back doing something he loves to do. He’s got the mentality that says, “Work smart, not hard.”

Downward dog

He is selfish and enjoys life completely at personal level. He doesn’t give much regard before taking certain actions, and he also doesn’t seem to care what the consequences of his actions are. He’s reckless, but not in a fun or endearing way.


He puts others before himself. He finds comfort in giving other people comfort. He’s the kind of guy you want on your team. He’ll never leave you hanging.


He is tough and loves to show it.  (

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What A Woman’s Favourite Sex Position Says About Her |The Republican News


Some people believe that women are… well… deep. That’s speaking figuratively, though. They believe that no one can correctly predict a woman. But sex experts are saying that you can actually know who your woman is through her preferred sexual position!

So, here you go…

She likes experiencing a deep connection with her partner through eye contact, lots of kissing and her ability to withstand 80kg or so of sweaty male pressing down on top of her. Of course, there’s also a chance she likes to lay motionless and letting her man do all the work.

Doggie style
Here, the man enters from the rear as she kneels on all four. She wants to experience everything he has to offer. It may also be her way of accommodating a guy who is not well-endowed below the belt! So, you can trust her with your secret!

This is a sexual position in which the woman sits astride the man. She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to ask. She might also want her guy to see how well-endowed she is and why he should realise how lucky he is to be where he is at that moment.

Reverse cowgirl
This is a sexual position in which the woman faces away from her man. Depending on the curvature of the penis she is working with, this is a good way to hit that G-spot. Sure, it’s not super comfortable for the guy, but what does she care!

This is a form of cuddling in which the man embraces the woman from the back and they both fit together like spoons. A woman who enjoys this sex position likes to feel safe and secure while her man works his magic on her! Like fans of the missionary, she is probably not too keen to put in a lot of physical effort. Unlike missionary women, she isn’t quite interested in maintaining eye contact!

This is a sex position in which two people align themselves so that each person’s mouth is near the other’s genitals, simultaneously performing oral sex. A woman who loves this sex position thinks outside the box and doesn’t believe in the conventional definition of what constitutes sex. She gives and receives at the same time. However, both partners must be scrupulous with personal hygiene!

A woman who prefers to have sex standing is a complex woman. She wants it all: the deep penetration of doggy style combined with the face-to-face aspect of missionary. She is probably best suited for a high-powered corporate position.

Here, the girl gets down on her front and the guy enters her from behind, just the way he’d do in rear entry or doggie style while standing. However, instead of letting the woman’s legs remain on the floor, the guy lifts her by the pelvis and the woman grips the man around the waist with her legs. This sex position is damn hard, not for everyone, and should only be tried by the experienced or the athletic. Like the guy holding her legs, the woman who loves this sex position is probably a gym rat. Bonus points if she walks on her hands throughout the act. Triple points if she is going up and down the stairs.

As far as she is concerned, you don’t exist!     (

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