LagosGuber: Setting Lagos Free From Bourdillon Bondage – Free Lagos Orange Movement

The task by the Free Lagos Orange Movement to liberate Lagos from what they called Bourdillon bondage is a very serious one than many may comprehend. Bourdillon referring to the street name and address of APC national leader, Chief Bola Tinubu, a man mnay see as holding the entire Lagos state on bondage.

The movement is galvanised to rescue Lagos from his clutch and making it impossible for Tinubu to lord it over who rules, or governs Lagos state, in a classic case he did to the present governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

The press statement is as seen below:



Conveners: Mr Olisa Agbakoba SAN, Mr Yinka Odumakin, Comrade Mark Adebayo

Gentlemen of the Press, you will recall that we invited you last week Thursday on the activities of #FreeLagosMovement. You will also recall that policemen came to disrupt the press conference. Today, we are here to make further clarifications on some of the issues we raised. First, the issue of police permission for rally has been settled by the Supreme Court that you don’t need police permit for political gathering, what is more, what we planned to do was a press conference and not a rally. The Commissioner of Police should not engage in any act that will compromise professionalism in its operation. We want to implore the Security agencies to maintain its neutrality before, during and after the election
It is instructive to note that OTOGE was okay when it was done in Kwara, Ogun, Imo because the promoters in the aforementioned states were members of the All Progressives Congress. We implore the police to be professional and stop taking side.

Second, where is the 1.8m APC members that voted for PMB in Lagos during the primaries? How many votes were recorded for the APC presidential candidate on February 23 during the presidential and National Assembly election? These are issues to be interrogated as we go into the governorship election this Saturday in order to avoid rigging. Tinubu, who was made the co-chairman of President Muhammadu Buhari campaign council promised to deliver 3m votes for its presidential candidate and cumulatively, the total votes cast was less than 1.2m. We urge Lagosians to shine their eyes so as not to be short-changed. Tinubu is now more desperate to rig the election and has given all the party members in the council and the state executive council a marching order to ensure that his candidate, Babajide Sanwoolu emerges against all odds come Saturday. We need to be vigilant so that these desperados do not endangered our nascent democracy through their brigandage and acts inimical to free, fair and peaceful election.

Thirdly, those who claimed Bola Tinubu is a democrat, what is democratic about one man deciding who gets what in Lagos? With the obscene pension that he appropriated for himself that his successor, Babatunde Fashola was ashamed of and rejected. Tinubu has become a conduit pipe siphoning the resources of the state through amorphous organizations. From HITECH CONSTRUCTION to ALPHA-BETTA CONSULTING, Lagos has never witnessed such primitive accumulation and financial plundering of her resources since it became a colony.

He has cornered everything for himself and family. Apart from the wife, Senator Oluremi, his in-law, Lola Akande, his nephew, Adedamola Kasumu and his daughter, Sade Ojo-Tinubu that were positioned, his son, Seyi, who is not a member of APCON has just cornered N3BN Outdoor Advertising using the Lagos State Signage Agency, LAASA as a cover. Outdoor Advertising in the state has been compromised by subverting the constitution; same with Land Use Charge all making local government councils weak and ineffective. We also want Lagosians to know that 15% of every tax collected across the state goes to ALPHA-BETTA CONSULTING while the Lagos Internal Revenue that was empowered by the law does not get such ‘outrageous commission’. Even when the former managing director of the ALPHA-BETTA CONSULTING sent a strongly worded petition to the EFCC with evidence, we are yet to hear what the anti-graft commission has done to stem this brazen fraud and rape on the state being perpetrated before our eyes. And you heard his response to the bullion vans that were found in his house on the eve of the election. We didn’t know when his house has become a bank. This has further shown his penchant for his corrupt tendencies.

All these impunity and act of being ‘above the law’ being perpetrated by Tinubu has further reinforced our determination to put an end to his brigandage. As we leave this venue of the press conference, all our local government chapter of OTOGE LAGOS have been fully mobilized to continue the house to house campaign to rid the state of TInubu and his agents who have taken more than enough from our patrimony. What we are doing is for posterity, bearing in mind that all it takes the evils to triumph is for people of goodwill to fold the arms and do nothing.

We are appealing to all Lagosians that come Saturday, March 09 , 2019, they should use their PVCs and vote wisely to end the era of the overbearing godfather (Tinubu) whose godson, Babajide Sanwoolu has even confessed in one of his media interactions that he is tied to the apron string of Tinubu and that he will be economical with the truth if he says , he won’t defer to Tinubu on all issues.
We also want to inform the gentlemen of the press that despite the fact that the APC constitution has no provision for disclaimer, some of the officers of the Party have continue to act in a way inimical to party cohesion and consensus. It is purely an impunity and abuse of process to issue a disclaimer on Senator Tokunbo AFIKUYOMI who has stated clearly on the New Year Day that he would function as Independent Service Provider which was widely reported by the media.

Joe Igbokwe’s penchant for fake news is legendary. You will recall that on several occasions he has been found wanting. Shortly after the minister of information and culture launched the campaign against the fake news, Joe Igbokwe was the first culprit when he made a false claim that President Muhammadu Buhari has replaced his Chief Security Officer, Bashir Abubakar with an Igbo Officer ACP, Obinna Chukwuka in an attempt to portray Mr. President as detribalised Nigerian. It was discovered as a brazen lie. He didn’t stop there, when the news of non-participation in NYSC scheme of former Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun was published by Premium Times, Igbokwe was at it again spewing lies with photo shopped image of Kemi Adeosun in NYSC fatigue with the caption,” Wailers will you keep quiet!”. On December 8, 2018, Igbokwe posted a picture purportedly taken at APC rally in Kano, but unfortunately for Igbokwe, President Buhari couldn’t visit Kano and his lies were exposed. Besides, Igbokwe is a double agent, while canvassing for Bola Tinubu’s presidency in 2023, he is also doing same in the south east for 2023. The question is; If this is the character of APC spokesperson in Lagos, what do you expect from such Party other than impunity and all manner of shenanigans? Igbokwe’s penchant for lies and unfounded allegations is responsible for why people have decided to dump the APC. This is the finest hour to embrace liberty and justify our right to choose without rule of force or intimidation by one man and Yes Men, Women and Boot Lickers.

Finally, the Igbos should not be deceived by the endorsement procured by the APC. The National President of Ohanaese Ndigbo worldwide, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, has issued a disclaimer that its members will not vote for the APC because of its anti-people’s programmes.They should vote for candidate of their choice come Saturday, March 09, 2019. This is a clarion call to all and sundry that this is the best opportunity to liberate ourselves from the iron grip and oppressive regime of Bourdillon that has held the state down for 20 years. Enough is enough!
On March 09, with your PVCs vote for Freedom, Justice, Peace and Development.

Vote to liberate yourselves.
Lagos and Lagosians shall be free.
It’s our collective responsibility. Let’s do it again.
Thank you all.


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Buhari’s Government Worst In Nigeria’s History – Olisa Agbakoba |The Republican News

           Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dr. Olisa Agbakoba

Oladimeji Ramon

A former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Dr Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), said on Tuesday that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is the worst in the history of Nigeria.

Agbakoba, who is one of the leaders of the National Intervention Movement, described the last four years under Buhari as locust years, saying the Coalition of United Political Parties were determined to save the country by bringing Buhari’s reign to an end.

He described Buhari’s re-election mantra of “Next Level,” as a failed document and one lacking in “conceptual overhang”.

Agbakoba, who rated the campaign document of the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, better than Buhari’s, said were the presidential election to hold today, Atiku would win, while Buhari would come “distant second”.

He, however, expressed the fear that Buhari, if defeated, might not be willing to relinquish power, decrying the presence of the service chiefs at the launch of Buhari’s re-election campaign on Sunday.

The lawyer spoke with journalists in his Ikoyi, Lagos office on Tuesday morning.

He said, “We clearly understand that to win the forthcoming elections, we require a united opposition. So, all the parties are simply presenting their presidential candidates but by January, the CUPP will formalise its consensus candidate.

“It may well be Atiku or it may not but the person who will be chosen must be one who has the heavy-lifting, who can get the job done.

“Personally, I’m pro-Atiku because I think he has the heavy-lifting but I will not preempt anything.

“We are all united in the mantra and the strong song around our campaign; that is: Anybody but Buhari. That’s the campaign –  Anybody but Buhari.

“We are making sure that the four locust years from 2015 to 2019 will never repeat themselves in Nigeria. This has been the worst government in Nigeria’s history.

“Unemployment rate at 20 million, youth unemployment is so high, inflation at about 18 per cent, borrowing requirement or interest rate at about 22 per cent; nothing is working. So, we need to do something to reclaim it.

“So, that’s the message; we are working with the united opposition party, which we now have. Obasanjo’s own is called ADC, I am affiliated to the Peoples Trust and all of these come under the umbrella of the third force.”   (Punch)

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Obasanjo Is Not Member Of National Intervention Movement – Agbakoba

OlisaAgbakoba2                                          Olisa Agbakoba


Leke Baiyewu, Abuja

A political group, the National Intervention Movement, has denied any link with former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

A former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), one of the arrowheads of the NIM, said the group was different from the Coalition for Nigeria, another group being spearheaded by Obasanjo.

The NIM has the Convener of the Political Summit Group, Mr. Olawale Okuniyi, as its Director General; and Agbakoba as Chairman of its National Steering Committee.

Other members of the Agbakoba-led committee are a former governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke; foremost political economist, Prof. Pat Utomi, Dr. Kemi George; labour activist, Isa Aremu; Dr. Abduljalil Tafawa Balewa, Rabiu Isaiku Rabiu and Senator Abubakar Gada.

Agbakoba, responding to an enquiry by our correspondent, dissociated NIM from Obasanjo’s CN.

His terse response read, “No connection.”

The senior lawyer could not be reached on the telephone on Sunday to give more details on the differences between the two groups.

Okuniyi had at the official inauguration of the movement in November 2017, said, “We deliberated on reviewing the problem of Nigeria which is more political than economic.

“We decided it is better to find a collective solution to the problem that we should initiate a national political movement. We decided to set up a National Intervention Movement; we are to merge with all other formations to find this solution.”

On the other hand, Obasanjo  in his controversial ‘special press statement’ released on Tuesday titled, ‘The Way Out: A Clarion Call for Coalition for Nigeria Movement,’ had called for the dumping of the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party, and called for the formation of a ‘third force’ to be known as CN.  (Punch)

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Buhari Doesn’t Understand How To Run Government, Says Agbakoba |RN

                              President Buhari and Olisa Agbakoba

Oladimeji Ramon

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dr. Olisa Agbakoba, has said President Muhammadu Buhari is bereft of the understanding of how a government should be run.

He also described the federal cabinet put together by Buhari as incompetent, saying the President is “sleeping on the job.”

“Government’s work is misunderstood even by the President. He doesn’t understand the nature of how to run a government,” Agbakoba told reporters in  Lagos.

According to him, Buhari’s government is performing poorly because a number of his ministers do not have the required competence to handle the portfolios assigned to them.

Examples of such ministers, he said, are Geoffrey Onyeama, a lawyer, appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Kayode Fayemi, the Minister of Solid Minerals Development.

He said though Fayemi and Enyeama were brilliant men, they were round pegs in square holes.

“He (Buhari) needs to sack his entire cabinet because they have failed,” Agbakoba said.

The lawyer also highlighted the objectives of the National Intervention Movement, which was recently floated by him and others.

Agbakoba explained that since the floating of the movement was reported in the media last week, people had inundated him with phone calls, asking him whether it was a new political party and how they could join.

He, however, clarified that “NIM is not a political party but a pressure group to put the government on its toes.”

“Our objective is to mobilise Nigerians to hold government accountable at all levels. We want to grow by inspiring and supporting people to start small groups across the country,” he said.

Agbakoba said the activities of the group would involve active use of the social media to sensitise Nigerians and sometimes hold rallies when necessary.

“It is going to be membership-based and we are going to have friends of the movement.  We are not going to depend on anybody to fund us, we are going to ask Nigerians to fund us; send your N100, send your N200, because it will require a lot of resources. So, in one way, we want Nigerians to claim ownership of the movement. That’s the structure,” he said.

Agbakoba said like Buhari, the state governors had not fared better, describing Lagos State, for instance, as a broken city.

“Governor Ambode of Lagos State says that he runs either the third or fifth largest economy in Africa, but you are all in Lagos. This is a broken city, it is a completely broken city and in the index of the harshest cities to live in the world, Lagos is third from the last,” Agbakoba said.

He added, “Ambode is fixing federal roads when Lagos State roads are deplorable.

“Okorocha is erecting statues of all kinds of people when Imo State owes pensioners.

“Wike is using Rivers State money to buy SUVs for members of the National Assembly.”

Agbakoba said the high recurrent expenditure in the nation’s budget exemplified Buhari’s misunderstanding of how government should be run as well as lack of will power.

“The current budget is about N8tn; 70 per cent is for recurrent expenditure, that means salaries.

“Now, only three million people in Nigeria, working with the Federal Government, ‘chop’ all that money to the exclusion of the 180 million people. So, where’s the fairness? Three million people and 70 per cent, and the remainder 30 per cent for 180 million people.” (Punch)

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BREAKING NEWS: Agbakoba Sues Buhari For Being Petroleum Minister |The Republican News


President Buhari, Olisa Agbakoba (SAN)

By Uche Usim,  Abuja 

Foremost Maritime lawyer and former President, Nigerian Bar Association, Olisa Agbakoba has filed a claim at the Federal High Court, Abuja against the Federal Government of Nigeria via the Attorney General of the Federation, to determine the constitutional qualification of the President of Nigeria to also hold executive office as Minister of Petroleum Resources.

Agbakoba, according to a statement released by his Chambers, argues that on the basis of section 138 of the Constitution disqualifying the President of Nigeria from taking any paid employment or holding the executive office of Minister of Petroleum Resources, the President cannot hold office as Minister of Petroleum Resources.

His other argument is that in any event, the President’s appointment as Minister of Petroleum Resources was not confirmed by the Senate of the National Assembly, as stipulated by section 147(2)of the constitution.

The affidavit supporting Agbakoba’s claim states the determination of the questions in the claim is of vital national importance, in view of the governance chaos at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

He has requested the court to return answers that the President is not validly qualified to be Minister of Petroleum Resources and in any event, the President is also disqualified to be Minister of Petroleum Resources, not having been confirmed by Senate.

No date has been fixed for the hearing.  (The Sun)

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Nobody Should Dare Make Attempt To Arrest Nnamdi Kanu – Olisa Agbakoba |RN



Former president of the Nigerian Bar Association, Olisa Agbakoba, has warned the Federal Government not to re-arrest Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Agbakoba said such a move could have disastrous consequences taking into effect the serious political tension in the country at present.

“I don’t think the call for the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu is correct. I think what we need now is to cool the temperature of Nigeria. So, I will suggest that that will not be a right move”.

” There are other ways to deal with the entire issues of insecurity, Biafra agitations and others. To re-arrest will certainly flare up tempers and I don’t see how that is good. The point here is not whether it is lawful or not, sometimes you don’t follow what the law says. That is why sometimes we say the law can be an ass”.

” Everybody in Nigeria knows that the political temperature of Nigeria is very high and there is a lot of political instability. So, any wise leader will do all he can to cool things down”.

“I am sure there are other ways the state can engage Nnamdi Kanu in a dialogue. That needs to be explored. I will suggest dialogue than bringing up the issue of re-arresting” he said.

The Republican News

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Restructuring: Osinbajo Wrong, Nigeria’s Unity Is Negotiable, Says Olisa Agbakoba

                                    Olisa Agbakoba

A delegate to the 2014 National Conference and former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), tells BAYO AKINLOYE what he thinks about calls for restructuring

Why do you think many politicians are calling for a restructuring of Nigeria?

Nigeria is facing a lot of challenges and the sudden call by politicians for a restructured Nigeria is not well-meaning because they are making such calls for a political end aimed at 2019 and they are already taking their positions. Politicians cannot sit down in one place and discuss solely in their interest to promote something that is fashionable. They have started to bandy around the word ‘restructure.’ Civil societies first used the word ‘restructure’ in 1979. But all through the decades, we have been going downhill. Suddenly, it has become fashionable now to talk about restructuring to gain power because, like it or not, Nigeria is completely fractured. You have the possibility of the All Progressives Congress not remaining in power in 2019; you have the Peoples Democratic Party that is almost dead.

In all this, politicians are taking positions. They are looking for alliances. They are in all kinds of caucuses in Abuja, Enugu and Kaduna and it is the sound of restructuring that binds them all together. One needs to point out very strongly that they can’t use us any way they like. When they find it convenient to use us, they use a word to buy us. Once they win they will go and live in Abuja. They build no roads, schools, hospitals – nothing. And, that is not going to stop. The only way that can stop is to confront the political elite. We can’t restructure if we don’t even know whether to restructure. The political elites’ debate is full of deceits.

What is restructuring and can it address the nation’s woes?

Nigeria’s problem is not about restructuring. Nigeria’s problem can be likened to a marriage that is not working and the husband says to the wife, ‘Let us restructure by living in different rooms or stay together in one room.’ That doesn’t resolve the underlying tension, if the man, for instance, always goes out to act in an unbecoming manner. The only way they can ‘restructure’ their marriage is for the couple to sit down and identify the cause of the problem in the marriage. There is only one way we can begin to talk about restructuring or zoning if that is what we want: How do you know if we want to restructure? How do you know we don’t want to go our separate ways? Because, in 1914, we were forced to live together by the colonialists; in 1960, the colonialists imposed a constitution on us. And then, the military took over, and in 1998, the military imposed on us another constitution.

So, Nigerians have not actually sat down to ask that question that Bola Ige asked long ago: ‘Do we really want to be one country?’ Is it a crime to ask that question? I don’t think so. Therefore, when that question is answered in the positive, then the second question will be: what kind of country do we want? It may not be a regional system; it may not be presidential; it may be parliamentary. I have no idea. All this requires a discussion, that’s my point.

If the political elite is using calls for restructuring to hoodwink the electorate so that they can gain power in 2019, what can be done to stop them?

It’s a huge challenge because the political elite with the resources at their disposal has practically fractured Nigeria. The point where the other components of the Nigerian society are very weak is civil societies. Civil societies, I must admit, even though I am a member, are extremely weak. But that does not mean that people will not speak about it. I want it to be on record that when this happens, I said it. Whether it succeeds or not, I can say what I think is important. Nigerians need to organise themselves and confront the political elite because the political elite does not give us value. At my age, I have not enjoyed any grant from Nigeria. What loyalty do I owe Nigeria? Nothing! My loyalty is not just that I am a Nigerian and hold a green passport. It has to do with something that the leadership of this country has done for me, which is able to persuade me to stand up for the country as a proud Nigerian because its leadership has given electricity, a good life, comfort, health care, etc. Now, there are no such things. The fact that the civil society is weak doesn’t mean those of us who talk shouldn’t say these things.

If the country agrees to restructure, what kind of political structure will you recommend?

I am not sure about the parliamentary system. But, I will prefer a regional system of government. Because I know that part of the problem in Nigeria is that the so-called federal system is not federal; it is unitary. There is too much power vested in the Federal Government. Therefore, I will recommend two things:  to create a more balanced federal system so that the Federal Government does not have all the powers. Whether it is at the state level or regional level, at whatever level, there is the need for the Federal Government to give up a lot of its powers so that the federation is balanced up and then the federation can be more efficient. There are a lot of things the Federal Government should take its hands off – like agriculture, health, education – these are matters that should be handled at the state level, even electricity. Can you imagine if all the 36 state governments had the mandate to power up their states? You will have 36 Fashola, not one Fashola running around Nigeria. Why can’t we simply say in the Constitution that each state should provide its own electricity? Why do we have to have a Federal Road Safety Corps that issues driver’s licence, whereas that is a responsibility for local governments in other countries?

Related: Olisa Agbakoba Throws His Support Behind Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB, Condemns Restructuring Calls

Even if there is restructuring, having devolved power to the states, we still need to look into what the state and federal governments should allow the private sector to do, so that government is lean and efficient and capable of delivering the relevant policies and services that the masses need. As of today, all ideas are based in Abuja –financial decisions, trade policies, etc. They forget that the private sector is richer than the government. I know many Nigerians who can raise any amount of money, three times the national budget. Abroad, the private sector is not something the government trifles with. In a restructured Nigeria, I will like to see political and economic reforms; I will like to see policy reforms. I will like to see a more efficient, easy-to-handle government that cares about the people. Restructuring is not about allowing some politicians to become new masters and still exclude the people. Nigerians are excluded from governance. The restructuring must include equity, justice and fairness. I will like to see a social programme initiated for poor, old, and disabled people. In America, it is called the Social Security Administration; in the United Kingdom, it is called the Benefits Agency. Fifty per cent of the American budget goes to benefits because that’s what government should do: care for the people, the vulnerable. The government is there to assist people.

The UK spends £102bn on its National Health Services. The budget of the NHS is more than that of the entire African countries put together. Our government needs to copy from the examples I am referring to and they can do that by following the standards set by the United Nations through the Sustainable Development Goals. The least of what our government should do for its people; chapter two of our constitution spells that out. And, by electoral law, that chapter of the constitution is incorporated into the constitutions of all political parties. But, what the parties are doing is not in tandem with that. This is part of the restructuring that should take place. Restructuring isn’t just about taking more powers away from Abuja and giving them to states. Restructuring is a complex concept; we must all sit down and discuss and define it. Once that is done, we can then implement it.

You were a delegate to the 2014 National Conference. Do you think there is something in that report that can benefit this country if considered and implemented?

Your question presupposes that we want to be one. The first question is: do we want to remain as one united country? Who told you we want to be one? You can’t assume that. But if we sit down and agree that we have a common agenda and interest to be together, then we can talk about the kind of union that we want. That was the mistake of the national conference. We have been having national conferences going back to the time of Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha, and (Olusegun) Obasanjo. They didn’t create the conferences in order to promote the interest of Nigeria. They created the conferences for their own personal interests. IBB created it to find a way to become a civilian leader – it crashed. Abacha created it in order to become a civilian leader – he died. Obasanjo created his own in order to become a third-term leader – he failed. Goodluck Jonathan created his own in order to have a seven-year tenure and to avoid election – he failed. So, why should I recommend any of such reports?

So, why were you part of the delegation to the 2014 confab?

I went because I felt it was necessary to go. That is why Tunde Bakare and I made it a point not to accept our N12m allowances, because we came there to make a point that, while the conference was a good platform, it was important that delegates looked beyond it and considered the motive of the people that created it. The conference was concluded and its report submitted to (former) President Jonathan, who simply created another committee and changed everything we had said. So, you can see that the four reports I referred to initiated by the four presidents were not born out of good motivations. We need to have a process – and I have no answer to what that process will be – that will give us people who will, out of love of nation and sacrifice, take Nigeria on the great path. Nigeria ought to be among the top 10 countries in the world, but our politicians have crippled the nation and reduced it to a lame duck. We have about 50 to 70 people keeping the country in bondage. What we can do is plead with these people or overthrow them – overthrowing them will be an uphill task but not a mission impossible; pleading with someone like Obasanjo to lead a campaign to tell his fellow old men to allow young men to govern Nigeria and give examples of how it had happened.

Do you support Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation for an independent state of Biafra?

I understand it (Kanu’s agitation), even though I don’t support it. Many young men are frustrated. They have nothing to do and little to lose. Nnamdi Kanu has a right to self-determination. Whether he will succeed is a different thing because it’s a long process: you have to file your papers to the United Nations; you have to set up a motion for referendum; you have to persuade your people. It’s a matter of consensus, not by violence or hate speeches. So, I didn’t support that part of his campaign. But I will support any Nigerian – those northerners who asked Igbo to leave have a right to say so. They haven’t broken any law. They may be politically incorrect but there is no law that says you can’t speak, provided that you don’t speak in a way that generates heat.

It is important also to state categorically that what the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, said that Nigeria’s unity is sacrosanct is not correct. There is nothing sacrosanct about Nigeria’s sovereignty because Nigeria’s law recognises the right of sub-nationalities — the right to self-determination of whatever group is agitated, be it the Ijaw or Igbo, as long as they generate enough momentum and persuade their people to support them. But they must do so within the ambit of the Nigerian law – for anyone to go outside Nigerian law, it will be unconstitutional. (

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