Leaving PDP For APC Is Like Leaving Jesus Christ For Satan, Says Fayose |RN


Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has laughed off insinuations of his alleged planned defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

A former Chief Whip of the Senate and chieftain of the APC in the state, Gbenga Aluko, over the weekend, claimed that Governor Fayose was making moves to dump the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

But in a swift reaction to the claim, Governor Fayose said his reported defection to APC was a ruse. Fayose’s reaction was contained in a release issued by Governor Fayose Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, and made available to Daily Sun, thenEkiti State governor classified dumping PDP for APC as ‘living Jesus Christ for Satan.’

The statement reads, “The news going viral that Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose is making move to defect to APC, is false. It is a figment of imagination of the APC which manufactured the story.
“Joining APC is like leaving Jesus Christ for Satan. It is like wanting to die by taking Gamalin 20, or planning to commit suicide by jumping down from skye scrapper.
“Fayose will never join the APC, rather, he would welcome APC members to the PDP.
*When PDP was embroiled in leadership crisis, Fayose did not leave the party. Is it now when PDP is positioning itself to win back power in 2019.
Is it APC which merely exist only on pages of newspaper in Ekiti that Fayose will join? Fayose is too big for the APC to accommodate.
“Fayose is preoccupied with plan to transit power from PDP to PDP Ekiti in 2018.”         (The Sun)

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Jonathan’s Government Won Gold Medal In Corruption, Says Tinubu |RN

From: Juliana Taiwo-Obalonye, Abuja

A national leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, has said the Goodluck Jonathan administration won gold medal in corruption.

This is even as he said had Jonathan’s government remained in power, Boko Haram insurgency would have taken more territory and devoured more people, adding that the nation would surely have been divided.

Tinubu said so much money grew feet and ran faster than Jamaican runner, Usani Bolt, adding that the money that should have been spent on development was squandered in ways that could cause the devil to blush.

Tinubu said this as the keynote speaker at the book presentation, ;Making Steady, Sustainable Progressive for Nigeria’s Peace and Prosperity: A mid-term scorecard on the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration”, held at the State House Conference Center, Abuja.

According to Tinubu, “the prior government used the public treasury as a private hedge fund or a charity that limited its giving only to themselves.

“So much money grew feet and ran away faster than Usain Bolt ever could. That which could have been spent on national development was squandered in ways that would cause the devil to blush.

“One minister and her rogues’ gallery picked the pocket of this nation for billions of dollars. While poor at governance, these people could give a master thief lessons in the sleight of hand. In governance, they earned a red card but in corruption l, they won the gold medal.

“It was not that our institutions had become infected by corruption. Corruption has become institutionalised”.

The former Lagos State governor affirmed that the war on corruption has been won as President Buhari has set an axe to what he called, “the root of this dangerous tree.”

He noted that fine are the days when a minister can pilfer billions of dollars as easy as plucking a piece of candy from the table.

Tinubu added, “We have much to do to combat this disease. Not only must we track down the takers. In the long term, we must review the salaries of public servants and create universal credits for our people to reduce temptation.”   (The Sun)

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Northern Group Asks Nigerians For Fairness, Equity To Support Igbo Presidency In 2023


…Call on South East to queue behind Kalu, Okorocha

From: Godwin Tsa, Abuja

A Northern political group has called on other regions in the country to support the emergency of an Igbo president come 2023 in the interest of equity, fairness and justice.

The group has, however, called on the people of the South East not to play politics of exclusion, but pull themselves together and queue behind a former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Kalu ,and Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, in order to actualise the Igbo Presidency by 2023.

The group, Northern Front for Justice and Equity (NFJE), lamented that 47 years after former Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd) declared ‘No victor, No vanquished’ and proclaimed the 3Rs of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation after the civil war, the people of the south east region are yet to produce a president. Gowon’s 3Rs were targeted at healing the wounds of the ill-fated war.

Chairman of NFJE, Yunusa Sule, noted that the people of the south east still felt short-changed in the rulership equation of the country as they are yet to produce a president of Nigeria, which he said was indeed a long time and honestly over due.

Besides, Sule equally called on past leaders including  Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Chief Obasanjo, Gen. David Ejoor, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, Chief Alfred Diette-Spiff, Gen. Alani Akirinade, President Muhammadu Buhari, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar and other great heroes in the country, to facilitate the emergency of an Igbo president.

The group, in a statement, in Abuja, on Tuesday, spoke on the need for “Ndigbo to put their acts together and foster unity among themselves in order to forge a common front and collaborate with other parts of the country to actualise their dream of an Igbo presidency.

“It is in this regard that notable Igbo leaders like Owelle Rochas Okorocha and Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu have always called on  Ndigbo not to play politics of exclusion.

 “These two leaders have shown great patriotism as they rejected any attempt to divide this country.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha  who is regarded as a political Nostradamus has always been a leading light ready to take Ndigbo to the promised land.

He has displayed wide vision by building bridges of love peace and understanding across the country History is replete with the fact that God has always picked whomever he pleases to lead a people to a destination

“Ndigbo must support  these  men of sterling qualities  and  stop the ‘pull him down’ syndrome that has characterised their political life.

Democracy  is a game of the majority, therefore the ceaseless attack on the north and a president of Northern extraction cannot help the cause of Ndigbo.

 For the sake of peace equity, and fairness the north sacrificed its political advantage by embracing the rotational presidency, the north should therefore be commended and not vilified.

We are therefore calling on the rest of the country to extend to the south East what was done for the south west in 1999 when the rest of the country including the south east stood down to produce Chief Olu Falae and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as the two leading presidential candidates. Head or tail, a Yoruba man emerged in the person of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. This was done to assuage the injustice felt by the south west with the annulment of the election won by Late Chief M.K.O Abiola.

“It is a gesture that we believe should be extended to the south east in the interest of equity, fairness and justice.

“The South West, South South and the North had taken their turns as presidents of Nigeria at various times since the end of the civil war. Only the South East has not been given the opportunity to produce a president despite being one of the three major ethic groups in the country.

“When Gen. Yakubu Gowon, a former Head of State of Nigeria declared ‘No victor, No vanquished’ and proclaimed the 3Rs of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation   and Reconciliation after the civil war, it was targeted at healing the wounds of the ill-fated war. But 47 years after, the people of the south east still feel short changed in the rulership equation of this country as they are yet to produce a president of Nigeria. It is indeed a long time and honestly over due.”   (The Sun)

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IPOB Shuts Down Onitsha Over Anambra Gubernatorial Election Protest |RN


IPOB Members

By Vincent KaluJeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha and Geoffrey Anyanwu, Awka

Members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) yesterday took to major streets of Onitsha and its environs calling for boycott of next Saturday’s Anambra State governorship election.

The group marched along major roads including Awka road, Old Market road, New Market road to Main Market, Oguta road and Upper Iweka to Owerri road vowing that there would be no election in the state or ‘Biafra land’ unless a referendum was held for the exit of Igbo people from Nigeria.

They waved Biafra flags and distributed handbills with inscriptions such as, “IPOB’s calls for referendum is not call for war”, “Biafra Exit”; “Our Mumu Don Do”; “No election in Anambra, no election in Biafra land, sit-at-home”, etc.

A member of the group, who gave his name as Ogbonnaya, said the people of Biafra should not vote, because the Nigerian system was skewed in favour of the North, stressing that voting would not change anything.

His words: “whether you vote or not, it does not change anything, whoever gets there swears allegiance to the Fulani slave book called constitution and immediately becomes a demon against his people. We need to boycott the elections to avoid giving their government legitimacy. To tell them that we are not miscreants, touts, criminals, toothless bulldog as they branded Biafrans. To tell them that the genuine power belongs to the people and we are withholding it for the good and the sake of our freedom”.

The group warned anybody who comes out to vote on the election day to be ready to bear the consequences.

Meanwhile, in a press statement signed by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful, the organization urged every Biafran, both home and abroad, particularly indigenes and friends, brothers and sisters living in Biafravland to prepare for the total boycott and lock down of Anambra State.

The statement stresses: “It is also very critical to inform every Biafran, be you IPOB family member, businessman, farmer, artisan, driver, teacher, doctor, Okada/Tricycle union, civil servant, trader, market leader, LUBAN, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO), NILODAS, fisherman, market men and women, including politicians who believe in freedom and liberty of a free independent State of Biafra, to boycott this Anambra State election”.

The statement noted that the successful boycott of the election would convey in unequivocal terms the determination and resolve to restore Biafra at all cost. This Anambra election boycott it stated would give that agitation unprecedented global momentum that would move world leaders to accept the inevitable democratic and peaceful break-up of Nigeria, and will be morally bound to consider a possible date for Biafra referendum for independence without delay.

“IPOB recognises the suffering of other ethnic groups all over Nigeria and would genuinely wish their humiliation and difficulties to be brought to an end. We want every ethnic group in Nigeria to be free from the bondage of colonial amalgamation imposed on everybody.

Therefore, it would be desirable for those championing true change to embrace this act of civil disobedience championed by IPOB to liberate all oppressed people in Nigeria,” it further said.

The secessionist group urged other ethnic groups in Nigeria to understand that IPOB under Mazi Kanu was not pushing for an independent Biafra state to spite any tribe or group of persons, but rather to provide a chance for decent living, under liberty and freedom, for Biafran generations unborn.

However, the Anambra State Police Command yesterday said the proscribed IPOB cannot stop Saturday’s governorship election in the state.

Reacting to the protest in Onitsha, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Nkeiruka Nwode (ASP), said the group’s action yesterday amounted to nothing as the state police command was on top of security situations in the state.

According to him, the police in the state had concluded arrangements for effective policing of the state during the election, stressing: “INEC has fixed the election and it must hold. Nobody or group can stop it”.

She assured the people of the state of adequate security during the poll, and asked them to go out en masse to exercise their franchise on the election day.

Also speaking on the security situation ahead of the November 18 governorship election, a red neck officer in the army told Saturday Sun that based on current intelligence, the military will most likely deploy men and equipment to the state to check IPOB members.

“The Army will continue to carry out its routine duties not just in Anambra but across the country. As you know, the army does not engage in election duties, that is why we don’t deploy soldiers to the poling booth. There are enough security agencies on ground in Anambra to monitor and ensure a smooth and crisis free election.

The soldiers will only be moved in if there is a crisis that is beyond the capability of the police to handle, that is where we come in. But for now the soldiers will continue to carry on with their routine duties and ensure the safety of all”, the source added.                (The Sun)

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We Will Shock Buhari In 2019, Says Sule Lamido |The Republican News


Former Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido

•Says APC founders have since deserted the ruling party

In 2015, many thought he was going to challenge former President Goodluck Jonathan, even Jonathan saw him as a potential rival, but former Jigawa State governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido did not run. He told Saturday Sun in January this year that running against Jonathan at the time was like passing a vote of no confidence on him.

Today, however, Lamido has left no one in doubt that he would be seeking his party’s ticket for the 2019 presidential contest. In this interview with ISMAIL OMIPIDAN, held at his home in Kano last Saturday, Lamido declared that Buhari was no threat to the PDP, come 2019.

He said: “What is my business if they endorse him or if he runs? Buhari came from a very small party called the CPC. Without the influence of the ACN and the governors who left the PDP, there was no way he would have won because he came from a very tiny party. If those who came together to make him what he is, are no longer in the party, then he has my sympathy for failing to understand this. Look here, Buhari is no threat to the PDP.

“In PDP, we do not give a damn on whoever the APC presents for 2019 because we are more than two-third. We know that as a party, we have made some mistakes and we apologise to Nigerians. If the likes of Tinubu and Atiku feel concerned about what is happening in APC and those who were originally in PDP leave, what will become of him? He would only be left with his tiny CPC, I don’t know how he would do it, but that is his problem, not mine. In any case, the Buhari of today is not the Buhari of 2015.

“The Buhari of today is fatigued; he is faced with what you call political party management in a democracy. It is not where you give orders; here, you have to build some consensus. You can see he cannot even relate well with the Senate President of his own party. So, the Buhari of today is not the Buhari of 2015. Before 2015, he was Buhari the puritanical. Buhari, who they saw as the only man at the helm of 20 million people that Nigerians in the APC were ready to surrender their trust, their reasoning, their honour and everything because they are so lazy. Look at what (Professor Itse) Sagay said about the APC. He said they are all thieves. So if they are calling the PDP thieves, their own man is saying they are all thieves.”

Few days ago, you wrote the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) a letter where you analysed the situation in the country and said the party must take the lead in rescuing the country. What informed the approach that you took?

A political party has its own kind of authority and by my upbringing and culture, the party is very important. We need to pull Nigeria out of despondency and the first thing that I chose to do was to intimate the party faithful that I am offering myself  for the job should the party consider me worthy of flying its flag because I believe that it is time that we share the same concern for our country. PDP is the only party that can set things right in this country.

If you compare how things were in the country three years ago to what it is now, you will appreciate why things have to change. Many others may likely join the presidential race, but what is important is that in whatever we do, we should ensure that we share the same dream and aspiration and put Nigeria first. Whoever will emerge after the primary should be a PDP candidate who knows PDP very well and who is popular with the people and who can tell Nigerians this is what we are offering you. If the party brings a very good person with a common understanding, it will be very easy to make progress. We either do things right, or by 2019, there would be some problems in Nigeria and PDP is the only party with the capacity and passion for Nigeria. We have been there for 16 years and we stabilised Nigeria.

There are speculations that some of your party members that left are likely to return and some of them have presidential ambition; for instance we hear the former vice president is likely to return but that he wants the party to assure him that when he returns, he would get the ticket of the party. How true is this speculation?

Those governors who left the party at the time first raised the alarm that there was something wrong with the PDP. We went round the country and we saw other political leaders. We said then that what we were going through may likely endanger Nigeria’s stability and security in future, and we felt that the problem was even beyond the PDP. The guidelines and constitution of the party clearly states that the party must meet at least quarterly, but for a whole year, the party never met. We wanted the party to meet so that when the key players are gathered, we can push for the party to do the right thing. It was our efforts that caused things to be narrowly corrected, but in the process, five governors, some key players and some parliamentarians left the party. To me, that was a big mistake because the party you formed and you campaigned for and people gave you their trust in the rain and sunshine because you were part of the party, should not have been abandoned like that. But that is history now. They left because at the time, they felt that they were not happy about the prevailing situation, but I believe that you should not let your anger and personal mood affect your leadership position. So, it was the mood and feeling in them that made them take that decision. Having gone to where they went, have they found comfort there? Have they been consoled? Have they been rescued from what they were running away from or have their problems compounded? So naturally, they would want to come back because they are more agonised and pained where they are now. This is where naturally they belong; where they share a common history with their friends before they became what they are, and they are most welcome. They built a house, which is APC, but now, they are coming back into their home, which is the PDP and we are ready to welcome anyone who wants to come back for whatever reason.

In that house, ACN, CPC, ANPP and some parts of APGA came in, but now, that house cannot give them what they are looking for, so they want to come back to their homes. No matter where the likes of Saraki, Wammako, Kwankwaso, El-Rufai Ribadu and all of them who left go, the political blood running in their veins is that of PDP. No matter how much they try, you cannot really run away from your own soul.

About the issue of giving conditions, I do not think that my brother Atiku would give any condition because he knows that no one can give him any guarantee because the party is not owned by one person, it is owned by the people. If the people say that they want him and find him worthy of picking the ticket, then so be it. All of them are very welcome back to the PDP where they are cherished, loved, admired and on which platform they became what they are politically. It is better than where they are now, where they are humiliated every day. Every now and then Lai would abuse them calling them PDP thieves and they are there watching where they are being abused and they cannot even defend their honour. No matter what you say about the PDP, we are in charge of the APC government because it is the PDP that got APC corrugated. If you take away the PDP from the APC, the APC would collapse.

In 1999, 2003 and 2007, they tried so hard to get to power, but they couldn’t, it was only when PDP members joined them that they succeeded. I am sure that by now they are tired of the situation. It is just like running away from your family to run into another person’s family, then the members of the new family reminds you of how all the members of your family were thieves, crooks and rogues. By abusing your former family, they are also abusing you. They ran into APC for comfort; they were frustrated and were looking for a shelter, but they are being insulted every day. This is because by insulting the PDP, they are also insulting those who moved from the PDP to the APC. I’m happy that they have been there and went through what they went through in that party, so, they should come back to where they are loved because they are part of us.

President Buhari has not announced his intention to run, but some within his party have already endorsed him for 2019. Does the PDP have what it takes to defeat Buhari?

What is my business if they endorse him or if he runs? Buhari came from a very small party called the CPC. Without the influence of the ACN and the governors who left the PDP, there was no way he would have won because he came from a very tiny party. If those who came together to make him what he is are no longer in the party, then he has my sympathy for failing to understand this. Look here, Buhari is no threat to the PDP.

In PDP we do not give a damn on whoever the APC presents for 2019 because we are more than two-third. We know that as a party, we have made some mistakes and we apologised to Nigerians. If the likes of Tinubu and Atiku feel concerned about what is happening in APC and those who were originally in PDP leaves, what will become of him? He would only be left with his tiny CPC, I don’t know how he would do it, but that is his problem, not mine. In any case, the Buhari of today is not the Buhari of 2015.

How do you mean?

The Buhari of today is fatigued; he is faced with what you call political party management in a democracy. It is not where you give orders; here, you have to build some consensus. You can see he cannot even relate well with the Senate President of his own party. So, the Buhari of today is not the Buhari of 2015. Before 2015, he was Buhari the puritanical. Buhari, who they saw as the only man at the helm of 20 million people that Nigerians in the APC were ready to surrender their trust, their reasoning, their honour and everything because they are so lazy. Look at what (Professor Itse) Sagay said about the APC. He said they are all thieves. So if they are calling the PDP thieves, their own man is saying they are all thieves.

If you pick the ticket of the PDP, would you describe the state of the economy today as an added advantage to you?

There is no gain if a government makes mistakes because it is the ordinary people that would bear the consequences of the mistakes. So, do not celebrate a government’s economic mistakes because you would suffer the consequences too. I am not in any way celebrating APC’s failure in government. This government is Nigeria’s government, but unfortunately, the APC got into government unprepared and because they were unprepared, they kept on churning out lies to mask their own failure.

During the campaigns, they invented lies about PDP; they called us thieves, rogues, evil and all sort of names. Now that they are in government, they failed to metamorphose from a political party seeking election to a party in government where the culture is different. Also, because they do not have that sense of being a government in power, they keep repeating the same thing they were saying while they were in the opposition. I am a Nigerian citizen by right and not by the political party that I belong to, therefore, the government of Nigeria is my government. Unfortunately, by the apparatus and culture of the APC, they have so demonized Nigerians such that if you speak, you are mocked. For the first time in this country, we have a government mocking its own citizens. When you complain, you will be called a wailing wailer. If people are wailing because of what they feel is wrong, what a responsible government should do is to find out why they are wailing.

As a father, if your children are crying, you don’t say, ‘look, why did you steal some of the money I gave you for feeding? Shut up’, and then you start abusing your child. The APC justifies irrationality. They are suffering from ignorance of leadership. They think that you are a citizen of Nigeria by privilege, but you are a citizen by right.

Some of those in government now, what has been their contribution to the development of Nigeria? Nothing! But today, they mock Nigerians. Today, the culture of lies has become an art of governance. When Buhari was in London for treatment, Lai Mohammed and other aides kept telling Nigerians that he was perfectly healthy but when he returned, the President himself told Nigerians that he had not been that sick before in his life, but his aides were saying another thing.

It is very sad. Buhari is Nigeria’s president. When Yar’Adua was ill, the opposition wanted to know everything about him. They accused the then government of hiding the true state of Yar’Adua’s health. Now that they are in government, they are playing a far worse role than the government of Yar’Adua played. They are so overwhelmed and do not know what to do because of the power of falsehood and manipulating people with lies. Again, we are Nigerians and we have the right to talk; don’t demonise, abuse or mock Nigerians when they talk because they are asking questions that are very pertinent.

For instance, they made allocations of billions of naira for Aso Rock clinic, yet they say there is no syringe there, but if you complain, APC would say you are a wailing wailer. Aisha Buhari wailed like me, which means she is also a wailing wailer. When you wail, it is because things are being done wrongly and that is why you are wailing. PDP has been wailing, they are wailers and even some in APC have become wailing wailers too, so we are now a wailing nation.

The PDP is preparing for its convention in December, would you say that the party has learned any lesson from the crisis that rocked it before the apex court came to its rescue?

We are going into election year and the chairman that we will elect now will be symbolic. He cannot have his own authority because the election is about the will of the people where there are key players. People are not voting for him on account of his own instructions. He cannot go to Sokoto or Jigawa or Oyo and give instructions on account of his own personality; it is something collective, a family affair. Even the election of a president is only a symbol because he is going to work for the entire country. In electing a chairman, we are going to ask what the person in his own standing can do for PDP. The earlier chairmen like Solomon Lar was very symbolic because he was part of those that formed the party, but those who came after, like Audu Ogbeh, what was he? We have come a long way and by now, the election of a chairman should be less personal in our affairs over the leadership of the party. No one should say it is going to be A or B or C, because ideally, all those big names in PDP should not align with any aspirant. No stakeholder in the party should be seen taking any aspirant to anywhere, we should allow aspirants to go round and meet leaders. Bode George and Gbenga Daniel came to my house to ask for my support, and that is how it should be. If we decide that for the sake of harmony and stability of the party, we decide that we would have a consensus and support Mr. A or B, we can only do that if we are standing on a high moral ground as not been seen to align with anybody. What we want is a party chairman, whom when he wins, will be the chairman of the party in the entire PDP family and we would all give him our support. As far as I know, there is no crisis in the party.

You were in Kaduna recently to inspect your campaign office, and by the next day, we heard that there was crisis involving your supporters and some hoodlums. What really happened?

I decided to come from Abuja to Kaduna to see the level of development in the office and I went there not to campaign or open the office but to inspect it. While addressing the young people, I told them that we, who are their parents and elders in government, have made some mistakes. I told them that some of us exploited their innocence and their age to manipulate them and because we are their parents and they trust and believe us, they supported us. But now that some of us have failed them, they have every right to be angry. I told them that in the next 30 years, those under 30 will be 60 years; I asked them what will be their future? Do they want to end up as street hawkers or barrow pushers? I told them that in the next 30 years, people like me and Buhari may or may not still be alive, so I left. After I left, I saw a story in one of the national dailies written by someone who was not there at the event. When I read it, I knew that the story was not true because nothing of such happened.

It is believed that Kaduna is the traditional home of President Buhari and you went there…

(Cuts in) No, it is not his home. Kaduna is the home of all former northern governors; and all former leaders of northern extraction, it was the center of the administration during the time of Ahmadu Bello. No one can appropriate Kaduna as his home because it is for all northerners. From 1999 till date, northern elders have been meeting in Kaduna and at one point or the other; all our elders were abused by these youths. Even El-Rufai has been abused by these youths on several occasions, so, it is our failure as northern leaders because we allowed our heritage in Kaduna to be turned into a theatre of hooliganism. Every northerner should feel worried about this trend. Elections take place all the time there but somehow, the youths do not see any effort on our part as leaders to address their needs, future and frustrations. We need to restore these youths to the right path and guide them properly.

All the Mallams, pastors, political leaders and elders have a duty to guide them because in the next 25 years, if these youths are not properly guided, we will be in trouble. It is dangerous for us because the youths are disappointed; they are aggrieved because they feel that they have been shortchanged by their leaders. The first thing leaders should do is fashion out a way on how to restore the innocence and honour of our youths; exorcise the seed of evil in them and plant a seed of integrity and honesty.  So my concern is not about campaigning for 2019 but how to restore the future of our youths. I watched a video of a nine-year old boy who was brutalised by cultists just before this interview and I almost shed tears because it shows the increasing rate of cultism in the country. If that boy as little as he is, was literarily brutalised, then where is the love we the parents ought to give to our children?

What are the plans of the opposition to put the economy on the right track if it wins the election?

The human mind is wired to confront challenges. I have seen people create something out of nothing through their ideas. Ideas create wealth and that is why countries like South Korea, China, Japan and other countries are prospering every day. Even if you have a thriving economy on paper, you cannot grow any economy because our chemistry is terrible. This is a country that is not stable; here, people do not have rights and the government does not have respect for its citizens. In the last two years, how much investments have entered Nigeria? Nothing! A country like Angola has been able to attract a $16 billion investment; even Egypt and Rwanda attract investments all the time because there is stability in those countries. Prosperity is not built on wars, but on love and concern for human beings.

In Nigeria, what you get depends on what you can give the political party in government and this is a breach of the oath of office. The government must make everyone feel that they are dignified citizens of their own country; they should show that they love their citizens and they believe in them. When you see that your government is protecting your rights and giving you all that you deserve, you will support it and stand by it because you know that your government is there for you. So, it is not about economic theories because we have so many of them in this country. Prof. Itse Sagay recently said that the ruling party is a party of thieves and corrupt people. Now, if this is the testimony of someone who is part of this government, who will come from Europe and invest?        (The Sun)

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Biafra: Nigeria Risks Full Insurrection, Chatham House Warns Buhari |RN


IPOB members in a rally

A UK Think Tank has warned that fresh insurrection by Biafra secessionists would plunge the country into deeper insecurity.

In an article published today, Chatham House said proscriptions and disproportionate responses to groups that express grievances against or oppose the state risk in fact fuelling the causes of these movements and escalating situations – something Nigeria’s stretched security forces can ill-afford.
In September Nigeria’s military launched Operation Python Dance II, its second military exercise in South East Nigeria this year. It was carried out with the intention of quashing any calls for secession in a region with a long history of antagonism with the central Nigerian state.

Warning that “the stakes are high”, Chatham remarked that Python Dance II escalated into a violent confrontation in which supporters of secessionist group the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) claim some of their members were killed, and the home of the group’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu, was raided. Kanu has not been seen in public since the raid on his house.

“In the southeast, Operation Python Dance II seems to have emboldened rather than silenced IPOB supporters, through adding to the feeling of discrimination felt in the region and by making a martyr out of Kanu”, the Think Tank stated.

“Kanu’s continued absence and violent confrontations risk igniting an insurrection that could destabilize Nigeria’s southeast. The federal government’s response and tactics employed by Nigeria’s military should be called into question as forces are stretched on many fronts.
“In addition to the Boko Haram crisis in the northeast, the military has also been deployed to combat a rise in kidnapping of civilians and violence in the oil producing Niger Delta region.

The proscribing of IPOB could in fact lead to a fully armed insurrection, plunging the country into deeper insecurity and sewing further division in this fragmented nation.”

Revived calls for independence
An attempt in the 1960s to proclaim an independent Republic of Biafra in the same region resulted in the 1967–70 Nigerian Civil War in which 3 million people were killed and millions were displaced.

The desire for independence among Igbo people of South East Nigeria is fuelled by a feeling of marginalization, and historical grievances against a state that they say doesn’t represent them. Feelings have reached boiling point with this latest military action.

The new campaign for Biafran independence is largely championed by young people who were born after the civil war, with no memory of the suffering it caused.

The first sign of reviving the call for Biafra emerged in 1999 – shortly after the end of Nigeria’s period of military rule – in the form of an organisation called MASSOB, the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra. The group was led by Ralph Uwazuruike, who had several brushes with security agencies, and was arrested and imprisoned on charges of treason.

IPOB came to prominence at the centre of the latest wave of Igbo nationalism following the arrival in office of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. The tone of the new president towards the people of the southeast was perceived as at best dismissive, and at times hostile. He was accused of favouring his northern constituents, notably in terms of senior government appointments. The president has yet to visit the southeast. With anti-Abuja sentiment growing in the southeast, IPOB seized the opportunity to reactivate the demand for secession.

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu was at the forefront of these demands. A British-Nigerian political activist, Nnamdi Kanu is the director of London-based Radio Biafra, a broadcast outfit set up to propagate the demands of secessionists. He had been recruited by MASSOB leader Uwazuruike to run Radio Biafra in London. The pair fell out and Kanu later re-emerged as IPOB leader. The station broadcasts daily programmes in English and the Igbo language, including anti-Nigeria and pro-Biafra propaganda.

Arrests and demonstrations
Nnamdi Kanu was initially arrested in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, on 14 October 2015, during a private visit. He was detained and arraigned in court on charges of criminal conspiracy and treason. The Nigerian government accused him of inciting hatred, threatening state security, and mobilizing for secession – an offence which carries a maximum sentence of death. He was twice granted bail, but security agencies ignored the court’s decisions. Prior to his arrest, Kanu was relatively little-known, without the profile his imprisonment has since generated.

After demonstrations were held across major cities in the south demanding he be freed, Kanu was released on 28 April 2017 under stringent conditions which included an order not to be seen in a gathering of more than 10 persons. But rather than resolving the crisis, his release from detention seems to have heightened tension in the southeast. His supporters staged more rallies, announced that they had set up their own security arm, and clashed with government security forces. Things came to a head with the launch of Operation Python Dance II.

The results of military action
Shortly after the raid on Kanu’s home the military declared IPOB a terrorist organization – a move which was endorsed by the Nigerian government but rejected by many Nigerians and international observers. Critics of the conduct of Nigeria’s military make the point that IPOB supporters are not known to be violent and that the protests have been largely peaceful. During the demonstrations some protestors threw sticks and stones but there were no reports of armed confrontation. The EU and the US rejected the decision but Nigeria maintains it is irreversible and has warned foreign governments and organizations not to interfere.

The government’s response to the IPOB and the situation in the southeast is comparable with its response to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN). The home of the leader of the IMN and Nigeria’s minority Shia population, Ibrahim Zakzaky, was raided in December 2015 by the Nigerian army who killed hundreds of his followers and buried them in a mass grave. Zakzaky was seriously injured and detained with members of his family and has not been seen since, despite a court order for his release in December 2016.

Like IPOB, Zakzaky’s group is viewed as a security threat by the government. The state government of Kaduna – home to the majority of Nigeria’s Shias – has banned the group and proscribed it a terrorist organization. Like IPOB, members of IMN are said to have carried out non-violent protests against Nigeria’s government and the treatment of their leader has led to anger and demonstrations against the state.

The risk of insurrection
Such proscriptions and disproportionate responses to groups that express grievances against or oppose the state risk in fact fuelling the causes of these movements and escalating situations.
IPOB may be the most prominent, but it is not the only group advocating secession. MASSOB is also accused of violence by Nigeria’s government, and, like Kanu, Uwazuruike has previously been imprisoned, accused of treason and released. There are several other pro-Biafra groups in the southeast but internal disputes have so far prevented them from presenting a unified front.

The umbrella body of Igbo people, Ohaneze Ndigbo, has openly voiced its concerns and is calling for the government to address the grievances of the region. They may not all support IPOB’s rhetoric but are vehemently against labelling the group a terrorist organization, and condemn attacks against its members.

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Anambra 2017: Igbo Must Play The Politics Now Or Keep Quiet Forever – Joe Igbokwe


Joe Igbokwe

By Joe Igbokwe
Any Igbo who is anybody in Nigeria or anywhere in the world must persuade Igbo in Nigeria to play the real politics now that will make them to have the respect and support of other Nigerians or they should keep quiet forever. I am appealing to all the South East Governors, senators, House of Reps members, Ministers, Speakers of the South East House of Assemblies, South East elder statemen and women, Council of Chiefs in the South East, the Academia, Our distinguished Chieftains of Industries, Investors and our great men and women in diaspora to persuade and help Anambrans to take a decision on Saturday 18thNovember, 2017 to play the real politics of electing an APC governor and consequently move ahead to vote whoever emerges from the North as APC presidential candidate. This is to position ourselves for 2023 President of Igbo extraction.

Igbo have complained of marginalization since the end of the civil war in 1970 and yet we have not played the real politics with other Nigerians to make ourselves relevant.

Throughout history I have known that politics is a serious business. Professor Laski of the London School of Economics teaches that politics is superior to Economics. Bishop Desmond of South Africa says politics is too important to be left to politicians alone.

Another school of thought says that there is no alternative to politics if you want to change the world.

The Jews Igbo claim to have affinity with were in control of the businesses in almost all the great cities in the world before 1945. They ignored politics. It took the tragic political intervention of Adolf Hitler which led to the death of six million Jews to let Jews know the importance of political power over economic power.

In the midst of the June 12 1993 crisis, the late Alhaji Maitama Sule felt that the North is good in Politics and therefore should always produce the political leadership of Nigeria. He said that Yoruba are good in economy and industry while the Igbo are good in business and commerce. Through raw courage, brevity, boldness, dint of hardwork, cultural competence,the late Chief M.K.O Abiola broke the jinx on June 12 1993. Even though he did not live to realize his dream he liberated the people of Southern Nigeria from slavery, and disgrace. If there was no June 12 1993 there would not have been May 29 1999 when General Obasanjo took the centre stage. I am a living witness to the huge sacrifices Yoruba made to get us where we are today. Many of their leaders were killed, some imprisoned here in Nigeria and others chased abroad. The rest is now history but Obasanjo and Jonathan reaped from Chief Abiola’s surpreme sacrifice. If you do not play politics you perish!

Anambra state is strategic in igboland for various reasons. That very important state is the pride of igbo just like Lagos is the pride of South West and Kaduna or Kano, the pride of the North. Anambra is the economic nerve centre of the South East, the richest in terms of anything, the pacesetter. Anambra drives the events. Some people say if Anambra is good Igbo land will be good.

Now what is to be done? All the South East leaders I have mentioned above must persuade the voters in Anambra to vote in APC for strategic reasons. We have to work with other Nigerians if we have to be politically relevant again. Yes, APGA may have done very well in Anambra but we have to look at the big picture right now. 2023 is the shortest distance to Igbo presidency in Nigeria if we take this hard decision today. The late Ikemba Nnewi, the founder and brain behind the party spoke many times about mainstream politics and we must play it now no matter whose ox is gored.

The world will not blame us for taking decisions and then fail but the world will not forgive us for not taking decisions at all. I have said my own side of the story and let history be my witness.

Joe Igbokwe

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