Nigerian Man Brutalised By Indian Neighbours For Alleged Theft, India Police Drags Its Feet

By Chibiko Ikenna Offor

A very brutal video of a Nigerian man being brutally thrashed by his South Delhi neighbours, who accused of theft has emerged.

The man in this video, (click the link below) is a Nigerian young man, whose name has not been known by the time of this report had his legs tied by his Indian neighbours, who took turns to brutalise him with whatever their hands could reach. Some of them had long lumber and base-ball-bat like sticks and they actively took turns to beat the hell out of him while he begged for mercy.

While some folks described this as sheer racism, some claim it is a normal jungle justice culture found in developing countries, where mobs always mete out jungle justice on any suspect without recourse to the law.

It is clamied that brutal mob justice is unacceptabe in India and the Indian police has said that it will commence investigation and arrest one of the mobs, whose face was clearly seen in the video. Initially, the South Delhi police denied that no such thing like this happened in the area under its jurisdiction.

The file number for this case is going to be filed under culpable homicide with IPC section code number 308, against those involved in this mob attack.

In another development, the Public Relation Officer of the Indian police, Mr Deependra Pathak said that “initially a case of attemped robbery was reported and they are coroborating evidences and no action was taken after due medical examination.

But now, since the emergency of this video, judging from certain portions of the video, new evidence has emerged and the Delhi police has taken that into account and necessary legal action been taken.

A human rights activist, Brinda Adige, described the video attack as very, very brutal and horrific.

She said that in the video, it could be seen that bystanders, passerbys were indifferent and none dared to call the police. She said that someone should have called the police for suspected crime than the mob taking law into their hands.

She also said that being an African, the mob were also emboldened due to the fact, that he is most likely not going to register or file for a complaint. And people would take turns to beat him and walk away from there after.

So, she is not very sure if the victim of this bruatl attack has gone to the police to report those who brutally assaulted him. Also, the police has not registered a crime and so she is not statisfied that this case has been handled properly by the police.

Brinda Adige said that human rights violations because someone has been alleged to have committed a crime is not acceptable.

It is also reported that if the Indian police does not take action, it simply means that the police is complicit in the action shown in the video.

There was complaint made with regards to attempted theft, and the neighbours said that the victim they brutalised fell from the stairs and that was how he got the injuries he sustained during the brutal thrashing by the mob. Allegedly, two of the suspects have been arrested.

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