Wife Impregnated By Houseboy, Who Is Her Husband’s Secret Son, Who She Poinsoned

The couple

***My friend who has 3 kids for her hubby through outside help led me into it, she says

By Linus Oota, Lafia

It was a marriage doomed from the beginning, and after 13 years, it culminated in a tragedy. Presently, the couple, who live in Lafia, capital of Nasarawa State, are gradually coming to terms with the fact that they have opened a Pandora’s box.

It started with the husband’s deceit hiding his impotency from the woman he intended to marry; it got messier with the woman’s effort to break her 12-year barrenness by sleeping with the houseboy and she committed worse sin by murdering the 21-year-old househelp in order to keep her secret. Then a final twist: it turned out the houseboy was actually her husband’s son, born out of wedlock while he was a randy youth. This family calamity with the accompanying incest and murder was spawned by too many secrets between husband and wife.

Strange and improbable it may sound, this is actually a true-life story, a revelation that came straight from the horse’s mouth from the main protagonist herself the nine-month pregnant wife, Rebecca Bako, who prodded by guilty conscience on her own volition knocked on the door of a minister on May 20, 2019, to narrate the travails of her matrimony.
Rebecca Bako, arriving at the minister’s house by 8 am at first sat quietly on the bench outside. Few minutes later, she was sharing her story with the pastor in the presence of Saturday Sun correspondent.
It was a bizarre, complex, mind-numbing story of 12 years of fruitless marriage, with what would have been the climax the birth of the nine-month pregnancy becoming an anticlimax.

What was Rebecca’s purpose for involving the pastor?

To make a confession, seek God’s forgiveness and plead with the pastor to talk to her husband to forgive her, she clarified.

In an emotion-laden voice, the beleaguered housewife recounted how a perfect marriage gradually turned sour due to barrenness. Her narrative highlighted the aggravating factors, such as a toxic mother-in-law who harangued her endlessly, her husband’s lackadaisical attitude to their childlessness, her own fear of impending menopause and the bad advice of Rose, her childhood friend.

A marriage doomed by childlessness

Before she began her story proper, Rebecca Bako spent two minutes wiping her tears.
She started with a recollection of the sunny days. “He was my best friend before we got married. We had a beautiful wedding. Our honeymoon was fun. We were ready to have children as quickly as possible so we could move on.”

As with most marriage, barrenness begets misery.

“After 12 years, I didn’t conceive, I became apprehensive because I was not young any longer and I was nearing menopause. My mother-in-law was even more desperate. She pressured her son to take another wife. I understood her position. My childhood friend, Rose, who is married in Makurdi, advised us to adopt a child, but my husband wouldn’t buy the idea.

“My mother-in-law later came to live with us in the house and she became my nightmare. She made life a living hell for me, to the extent that I contemplated suicide countless times because she insulted me and claimed that I charmed her son who is the only son in the family.”
A friend’s sinful counsel
At her wit’s end, she turned to friends for advice.

“At a point, I had to share my experience with my friend, Rose, who confessed to me that she once faced a similar problem. She suggested that perhaps my husband might have been the source of the problem all these years. Her advice to me was to find a younger lover and try having sex with him to see whether it would work. According to her, that was how she gave birth to her three children. When she discovered that her husband was finding it difficult to impregnate her after more than two years of marriage, she devised a means of bearing children for him by having an affair outside, and it had worked perfectly for her, that had been the secret to her 10 years of a successful marriage.”

Rebecca recounted her friend’s advice to her: “Go for a guy who is not yet married, who is strong enough to give you the best of sexual satisfaction any time an opportunity presents itself, whether in the night or daytime. An unmarried man can easily walk away without accepting responsibility since he will equally get married someday to raise his own family, so there won’t be complications of laying claims to the child, but do not let the guy know that he is responsible.”

She at first found such advice impracticable. “I had never cheated on my husband before,” Rebecca said. “But I was equally considering my age too just a year away from menopause. For several weeks, I thought over it. I didn’t understand how I would submit my private part to a man other than my own husband; I didn’t know how to find a man who would sleep with me, get me pregnant, and then just walk away.”

Unfortunately, she had, at the time, reached the limit of her endurance, and the circumstance around her was not in her favour. “I’d prayed to God for a way out, but I didn’t get any immediate solution; worse still, I was conscious of my fast-approaching menopause. I concluded that if I did not act fast, I risked losing my marriage once I reach menopause the following year because my mother-in-law was not ready to take chances. She had taken the matter seriously that I must give way for her son to marry another wife who can bear her grandchildren.”

Seducing the houseboy

Bako decided to take her chances after giving the issue a lengthy contemplation.
“I concluded that it is better I sleep with our houseboy, Kenneth, who is 21 years old. I had seen his crotch whenever he wore his boxer to keep the house clean. I realised that his manhood was long and sizeable enough to perform such functions. My husband had brought Kenneth from his village to live with us. He had just finished his secondary school and was preparing to go to university. I started admiring him anytime my husband went to work.
I summoned the courage and made advances, wooing him with gifts like new trousers and shirts, takeaway food and other attractive items. In no time, he succumbed to me and we started having sex. I warned him never to reveal it and threatened to kill him if tries it. He was not too perfect in bed because of his age, but he was strong enough to give me sexual satisfaction because it takes him longer to release. We progressed in that direction and it became regular.

“After two months of this, I missed my period and the result was pregnancy. I was very happy and informed my friend, Rose that her advice has worked; what my husband could not do for 12 years, Kenneth has done it in less than three months.”

Another diabolical advice

After about four months, Rebecca’s friend, Rose sold her another terrible suggestion. She asked her to eliminate the houseboy who impregnated her. Her reason: He might one day reveal the secret and try to claim the child, thereby bringing shame and embarrassment to the couple.
“Something held me back because he was innocent and did not offend me,” she claimed. “After all, I lured him into having an affair with me against his wish.”

She continued: “But Rose continued to pester me, pointing out the dangers to me. Eventually, I had mixed Sniper (a deadly insecticide), otapiapa and rat killer with his food. I kept the meal for him and went to the hospital for medical checkup. Before my return, he had eaten the poisoned food and later died of stomach pain after four hours in the hospital.”
She cleverly managed the aftermath by convincing her husband the houseboy’s death could be due to spiritual attacks from the village. One week after his death, the body of the 21-year-old was buried, in December 2018.

“I was sad after his death. I regretted taking such action. I prayed to God to forgive all my sins and I distanced myself from Rose––I stopped picking her calls.”
While the death of the houseboy has eliminated the possible risk of future embarrassment, all she got was cold comfort.

“I notice that my husband was sad and affected by Kenneth’s untimely death. He was affected psychologically so much so it almost cost him his job at the bank. He ceased to be a happy man, even with my pregnancy. I tried severally to discuss with him about the future of my unborn baby, but it never interests him, at the time, I was in the fifth month of my pregnancy. Even though the test shows that we are expecting a baby boy, the man was still not happy at all.”

Then comes the dark secret

Three months later, early in the morning of April 30, 2019, her husband had abruptly woken her. She came awake to find him in a disturbed and depressed state. The man broke down, crying uncontrollably, unable to tell his wife the cause of his misery.
After a 30-minute cry jag, he was calm enough to tell her why he was crying. He narrated a terrible and shocking story.

Rebecca recalled: “He started by apologising to me for not being fair to me by hiding from me what he ought to have told me from the first day of our marriage 13 years ago. I was confused. What fairness is he talking about? I became curious. Could it be that I am not the only one hiding secrets in this marriage?”

She recalled verbatim what her husband told her.

“He said: “While growing up many years ago, I lived a very rough life. I contracted a Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and was too ashamed to go to the hospital to treat it, but opted for a local treatment, which was not working. Later I had some medical complications, the untreated virus damaged my testicles and rendered me impotent forever. I didn’t know how to tell you all these years, but earlier before the infection, my girlfriend then in my diploma programme years back got pregnant for me, and refused to abort it, and that cost our relationship. But after three years, she brought a boy to my father. I wanted to reject it but my father accepted the boy and took responsibility while I proceeded to the university. It was the same girl that gave me the disease. She died a few years later as a result of the complications too.”

At this point, his wife had asked about the whereabouts of the boy and how he was faring. Her husband’s reply confirmed her worst fear: “The boy is the late Kenneth who had lived with us as a houseboy. I didn’t want you to know his true identity. I was afraid you might maltreat him or even kill him as most women do to children who are born into their matrimonial homes from another woman. I wanted to protect him since I wasn’t going to be able to get a woman pregnant in my lifetime again.”

The embattled husband once again burst into tears. The couple then came to the knotty part of their matrimonial misfortune when the husband dropped the next bombshell: “ I knew all these while that the baby in your womb is not my own, but I was too ashamed to confront you; now that everything has come to the open, please tell me, who is the father of our unborn child?”

This was how Rebecca found herself in a classic catch-22 situation. At that point, it was clear lies would further complicate the situation.
She decided to come clean, she claimed.

“I burst into tears and cried uncontrollably. I found it difficult to explain to him. Since he had been plain with me, I knelt before him in tears and confessed to him that the late Kenneth was the father of my unborn baby boy and that I was also responsible for his death. I pleaded with him to forgive me of all my sins, that I took that course of action to protect the marriage, and the consolation is that the new baby boy will replace his late son.”
According to Rebecca, her husband’s mien had briefly reflected anger when he learnt about the circumstances surrounding his son-houseboy death. He, however, appeared conciliatory, advising his wife to let go of the past.

Uncertain future

Since their mutual confessions three weeks ago, life has not been the same between the Bako couple. Deteriorating relation between them has put Rebecca on tenterhooks.

“My husband has become a changed person completely,” she said. “He has emaciated, looking sorrowful nowadays. He hardly eats at home. He keeps late nights. As a banker, he gets home around 7 pm. Yet, he still goes out, which is very unusual of him. We hardly talk now. He hardly responds to my conversations. I am worried and even afraid to stay with him under the same roof. I suspect that he might also kill my son too when I delivered. His aloofness really worries me.”

On that note she concluded her story, bursting into tears again.
Pastor Joshua promised to meet with the husband by the weekend to hear his own side of the story before taking any decision.
Saturday Sun correspondent who was privy to the confession subsequently contacted Rebecca’s husband, who was hardly available due to the tight schedule of his job.

Daniel Bako was forthright in his response. “My brother, I am not myself. I am confused. I don’t deserve to be alive again. I am contemplating suicide. I wanted to give Kenneth the best education because he was my own blood, my only child in my entire life. I am yet to decide whether to be alive or not.”

On his wife, he is “confused about what to do with her.” He said: “It is not enough to kill my son in the name that she wants to protect the marriage. What marriage? What she did is an unforgiving crime, even if he (Kenneth) was not my son, it is wrong anywhere.” (The Sun)

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2019: Nasarawa APC Pledges Loyalty To Buhari |The Republican News


President Muhammadu Buhari

Linus Oota, Lafia

Stakeholders of the All Progressive Congress ( APC ), in Nasarawa State, have vowed to stand by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 presidential election despite the wide gale of defections across the country, saying that they would swim or sink with him.

Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura stated this, on Thursday, on behalf of the stakeholders, at the Government House, in Lafia, while addressing them of the party’s commitment to ensuring the return of president Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Those in attendance were Sen. Abdullahi Adamu and all the members of the National Assembly of APC from the state, all governorships aspirants under the APC in the state, all members of the state assembly of APC, top state government officials in the state.

He appreciated members of the party from the state at the National Assembly and in the state for standing by President Buhari despite the challenges.

They all vowed to stand by President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure he is re-elected in 2019, adding that the APC will deliver Buhari in the Northcentral Nigeria despite the exit of Benue and Kwara states from the party.

Also speaking, Sen. Adamu said those who defected from the party have seen their failures in the party, adding that they are battle-ready for them.

National vice chairman, North Central of the party, Alhaji Sulieman Ahmed Wambai, on his part, urged the supporters of the party in the state to remain the focus, adding that in the next three days, about three PDP governors in the East will join APC.

All the stakeholders spoke in firm support of the party in the state to ensure that President Mohammadu Buhari returns back to the office in 2019.  (The Sun)

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Nasarawa: Fulani Herdsmen Brutally Murder 3 SARS Officers, 8 Farmers |RN


Linus Oota, Lafia

No fewer than three police officers of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) and eight farmers were reportedly killed in the Mararaba Udege, Aisa and Aguma communities of Agatu chiefdom, Nasarawa by suspected Fulani herders.

In addition to the killings, houses and food supplies were reportedly burned, with entire communities deserted.

The investigation by Daily Sun revealed that the murdered security operatives, who were on a mission to control the escalating conflict between Agatu and Fulani herders, were ambushed by the Fulani herders.

Police Public Relation Officer ASP Ismaila Usman of the Nasarawa State Command, who confirmed the incident to Daily Sun in Lafia, said: “There was a conflict between the Agatus and Fulani herdsmen, where an Agatu man shot a Fulani man on foot and went away with his motorcycle.”

According to him: “The Fulanis also went on reprisal attack. The attention of the police was drawn and the police quickly swung into action to ensure normalcy returned to the area. But, unfortunately, three of our men were ambushed and killed.”

The police spokesman said that the Command has deployed a team of officers headed by the Assistant Commissioner of Police to the area to maintain law and order.

The corpse of the deceased officers have been recovered and deposited in the morgue, he added.

Also speaking to Daily Sun, the paramount ruler of Agatu chiefdom, Alhaji Ahmed Kwanaki, said that about eight of his people were killed by the same Fulani herdsmen.

He gave the names of those killed as: Sale Ozala, Oyigoso Sale, Danladi Joko, Abdulahi Musa, Adamu Haruna, Musa Adamu, Yakubu Sale, and Shehu Sabo (a Bassa man).

The traditional chief, who was visibly angry, said the killings in his chiefdom continues unabated, and appealed to the state and federal governments to, as a matter of urgency, deploy the military to the area.

He confirmed that the security operatives earlier detailed to the troubled area were overpowered by the Fulani herdsmen, preventing them from accessing the interior where killings are rife.

State chairman of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria Hussain Mohammed said that the Agatu people first killed some Fulani people before the Fulani retaliated.

He, however, condemned the killings of the three police officers, promising to help in identifying the perpetrators of the murders.    (The Sun)


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EXPLOSIVE: “Gov. Al-Makura Is Behind The Killing Of Tivs In Nasarawa”, Benue Acting Governor Says

By Cephas Iorhemen, MAKURDI



Governor of Nasarawa State, Alhaji Tanko Al-Makura


Benue State government has raised an alarm over a fresh plot by armed hired mercenaries to gruesomely attack five major communities in the state.

Acting Governor of the state, Engr. Benson Abounu who disclosed this said security reports made available to him, had indicated that large numbers of hired armed mercenaries have already occupied Benue Valley planning to launch the attack.

Governor Samuel Ortom is currently in China for his annual leave which is expected to end next week on Friday, April 27, 2018.

The alarm came as leaders of the Tiv nation yesterday accused the federal government of failing to protect the lives and property of people of the state against armed Fulani herdsmen that have continued to kill innocent lives in the state.

The Tiv leaders also insisted that Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State was allegedly responsible for the killing of the Tiv people in his state.

Engr. Abounu further informed that from the reports he had received, the mercenaries have already identified and occupied five different locations and communities along the riverine areas of the state waiting to actualize their plan.

He spoke to journalists shortly after a meeting of the State Executive Council held at Government House Makurdi.

According to him, the situation is very pathetic and called for urgent attention and immediate action by the Federal government to safeguard the lives and property of Benue people and other citizens residing in the state.

” We have received security reports which indicated that large numbers of hired armed mercenaries have moved into the Benue Valley and had mapped out five different locations in Benue state to launch possible attacks on five major communities in the state simultaneously.

“This development is absolutely worrisome and unhealthy to our state and we condemn it in totality”.

” The reports further showed that the hired mercenaries would be carrying out their nefarious attacks on those communities occupied by people around the riverine areas of the state”.

” Since we got this report, we have never rest in our oars. I have been meeting with all the heads of security formations in the state for us to find ways of stopping these people “, Abounu stressed.

He appealed to the Federal Government, to as a matter of urgency, deploy more security personnel to the state to be mounted in and around all the border communities so as to protect those living along the bank of River Benue.

But President of the famous Tiv socio-cultural organisation, Mzough U Tiv, Engr. Edward Ujege who also spoke with journalists said, it was unfortunate that President Muhammadu Buhari who swore by the constitution of the country to protect the lives and property in for the citizenry has failed to do so and has continued to keep quiet in the midst of mindless killing by the insurgents.

“The federal government has failed to protect our people and I join the National Assembly in calling for the resignation of all the service chiefs for failing in their responsibilities to protect Nigerians citizens”.

Engineer Ujege pointedly accused Governor Al-Makura of allegedly pushing for the escalation of the crisis in order to deny the Tiv people who have a huge population in Nasarawa State from voting during the 2019 general elections.

“The reason why the Nasarawa state Governor is killing our people there is that they don’t want them to vote in 2019. It is the voting power that they have because between 1950 and 1960, Dent was the Divisional Officer in Benue State and census was conducted and the Tiv nation had the largest population in Nassarawa even now”.

“What is happening now is that they are doing their best to kill everybody to ensure that they don’t have food to eat even the one that they harvested has been burnt down in several villages. As you can see, over 200, 000 Tiv people who have been rendered homeless have moved out of Lafia, the Nassarawa state capital and there is nobody to take care of them”.

He condemned the killing of 78 Tiv farmers in Awe, Keana, Doma, Kadarko and other villages in Nassarawa, and noted that when the killings filtered into the state, he personally called Governor Al-Makura to hear from him and also sent him text messages but did not pick as according to him, those that came and killed the people included members of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS.  (New Telegraph)

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Nasarawa Mass Killings: 17 Get Mass Burial Amidst Tears, Anger |RN

By Cheke Emmanuel

Seventeen victims out of the 78 persons killed in the weekend attacks by the suspected AK47 wielding Fulani herdsmen on Tiv communities in Obi, Awe and Keana local government areas of Nasarawa state got mass burial amidst tears.

Seven dead bodies were given mass burial at a Christian cemetery in Lafia, the state capital, while ten were buried in a mass grave at
Keana Local Government Area of the state.

At the last count, no fewer than 78 people including three policemen deployed to keep peace in Keana and Awe Local Government Areas were
killed by the suspected killer herdsmen in Nasarawa since the renewed attacks on Tiv communities began last weekend.

Governor Tanko Al-makura had blamed the fresh killings of Tiv people on the alleged murder of some Fulani people at Yelawta, a border town between Nasarawa and Benue states of recent when he visited an IDP camp at Agwatashi, Tuesday.

President of Tiv Youth organization in Nasarawa state, comrade Peter Ahemba told journalists in Lafia yesterday that leadership of the Tiv
the community of Nasarawa state was left with no option than to bury the victims outside their places of abode against the Tiv tradition as the
gun-wielding herdsmen were still laying siege in the Tiv deserted villages unhindered.

“We were left with no option than to bury the victims outside their places of abodes (Lafia and Keana) the Tiv villages have all been
sacked and the invaders are still occupying most of them so we could not afford to risk more lives in going to bury those victims in their places of abode as demanded by our (Tiv) tradition”

“This is more than the corpses had already started decomposing at the Dalhatu Araf Specialist hospital Lafia due to congestion at the
hospital mortuary”.

The Tiv youth president further explained that apart from that buried enmass yesterday, many other victims had earlier been buried at
different locations across Awe, Keana, Obi and Doma Local Government Areas of the State, even as the search for the recovery of more casualties was ongoing in the affected communities.

Our correspondent who visited some of the internally displaced persons, IDPs camps observed the many of the fleeing Tiv villagers
were stranded in streets of Lafia, the state capital.  (New Telegraph)

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BIZZARE: Nasarawa Community Where Residents, Cattle Drink Water From Same Source

From Linus Oota, Lafia 

Nyiev community is in Kadarko, Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, with an area of about 330km and a population of about 19,000. The dominant language is Tiv and their main occupation is farming.
History has it that their great-grandparents lived in the area since the 17th century. They migrated from Congo through Cameroon and eventually crossed the River Benue to settle in Kadarko.
The area was part of the old Northern Region, later Benue-Plateau State, now Nasarawa State.
In terms of elections, the people of Nyiev community contributed in no small measure to the voting capacity of the local government.
The perennial water problem faced by the people is unimaginable, as they are forced to source for water at a muddy stream.
When Daily Sun visited the area, it was discovered that once the dry season sets in, water becomes scarce in Nyiev. The stream, their only source of water, soon dries up and they are left with no option than to continue digging down the bed of the stream to scoop water, which comes out in muddy trickles.
The situation is the same in most of the villages that constitute the whole Nyiev community, where locals are compelled to drink water from the same source with cattle, reptiles and other animals.
The perennial water problem in the area, which has over 30 villages, even in this modern age, is compounded by fake promises, as successive governments pledge during campaigns to construct boreholes, which has never come to pass. Some women claimed that they carried their babies on their back daily and stayed several hours at the stream before they could get water, adding that lack of access to potable water had brought serious hardship on the community.
Mrs. Terundu Adaa said successive administrations have failed to address the perennial water scarcity in the community despite several complaints: “Our husbands resorted to digging wells but they dried up in the dry season.
Sometimes they go to Fadama farms to dig in the swampy areas to scoop water out.”
She added that the water problem in the community was so acute that women sometimes spent the night at the Fadama farms waiting for water to well up in the basin.
Mr. Aloho Juku, an elder in the community, said: “Our women sometimes have to stay overnight at the Fadama and wait till the water gathers after digging out sand to fetch water for domestic use.”
He expressed concern over the destruction of farms by the herders in the community, noting that apart from their cattle drinking water from the same source as the villagers, they also destroyed their farm produce.
Juku said the lack of drinking water has become a nightmare to residents of the community and their women trekked long distances from as early as 4.00am to fetch water from pits dug at Fadama areas, which was not safe for drinking.
He stressed that the health of his people was at risk from drinking unhygienic water during the dry season.
He called on Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura to come to their aid by providing potable water for the people.  (The Sun)

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