To Keep His Girlfriend, Man Allows Her To Freely Have Sex With Other Men

A love-struck man has said that he allows his girlfriend to have sex with other men in order to keep her, among other reasons.

However, while his 22-year-old girlfriend, Beatrice, could bed as many men as catches her fancy, 27-year-old Adam cannot date other women, as that would hurt the love of his life.

Adam became struck with the large-breasted Beatrice when they met at a pub in 2014 and had sex together the same day.

He fell irredeemably in love with her immediately, but they didn’t meet again until April 2015, when they started dating.

To keep her in his life, Adam allows his other half to have sex with anyone she likes in a deal they struck one month into their relationship, but she “couldn’t handle it” if he slept with another woman, the Sun reports.

Irresistible: Beatrice Gibbs
Lover boy: Adam Gillet

Beatrice explained how she attempted to end things with Adam a few weeks later, as she knew she couldn’t be faithful.

“I didn’t want to hurt him by going behind his back with someone else,” she said.

Adam wasn’t willing to give up that easily and had a novel idea to make their relationship work.

“He was devastated and suggested we stay together, but I could sleep with other people, as long as I told him who and when.”

Eighteen months into the deal, they are still happy with the arrangement.

Beatrice calls it the “perfect situation”, being able to have a stable relationship but also have fun on the side.

But Adam isn’t allowed to sleep with other women, as he knows his partner wouldn’t be happy about it and it could break them up.

By her own admission, Beatrice “couldn’t handle” it if Adam did the same thing to her, saying she would “hate it.”

Asked if she feels guilty about the deal, she said no.

She admits that sometimes she feels a bit bad the morning after sleeping with someone else, but things quickly get back to normal after a cuddle and a chat.

What many men might take issue with in this deal is that Adam isn’t allowed to stray, but he’s not bothered by this.

“I’m happy for her to enjoy herself,” he said. “I’m not really interested in chasing other women and I know if I did, then

Beatrice wouldn’t be happy about it.”

Adam said it “takes the worry” away about his girlfriend cheating on him, adding: “If I let her sleep with other people she comes back to me.”       (The Sun)

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