BREAKING: More Suspects Arrested For The Murder Of Usifo Ataga |The Republican News

Usifo Ataga and Chidinma Ojukwu

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested more suspects in connection to the murder of the Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga.

This was confirmed by the Lagos State Police Commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu during a briefing and parade of suspects at the Command headquarters in Ikeja.

Odumosu, who had yet to give details on the number of suspects arrested and their connection to the murder, said the case was progressing and the police would never compromise on it.

According to him, a 300-level student of Mass Communication, Chidinma Ojukwu, was still a suspect with her rights guaranteed by the constitution.

He, however, dismissed insinuations that the police were attempting to give her a soft landing.

Odumosu said: “We have established a case of conspiracy in the murder and we have arrested more suspects.”

Recall that Ataga was killed at a short-let apartment where he was spending the weekend with his lover, Ojukwu.

Ojukwu had earlier confessed to having stabbed the deceased to death before stealing his belongings.

In a recent interview with Crime Fighters, she refuted her initial claim saying she returned from an errand to find him lying in a pool of his blood.

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I Don’t Want To Die, I Regret Everything —Alleged Usifo Ataga’s Killer, Chidinma Pleads |The Republican News

Usifo Ataga and suspected killer, Chidinma Ojukwu

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

21-year-old Mass Communication student of the University of Lagos, Chidinma Ojukwu, who allegedly stabbed Chief Executive Officer of Super TV, Usifo Ataga, to death has pleaded for forgiveness saying she is not ready to die.

She attributed her action to influence of hard drugs and smoking.

She said: “I started smoking after I got into UNILAG.”

The Nation reports Chidinma had been in a romantic relationship with 50-year-old Ataga for about four months before the incident.

The undergraduate said she and Ataga were “having fun” when an argument broke out and she stabbed him twice.

Chidinma, who spoke with The Punch in an interview, pleaded with Ataga family to forgive her saying she doesn’t want to die over the case.

“I regret killing Mr Ataga. I don’t know what my future holds but I don’t want to die. Please, I don’t want to die because of this case. I have not killed before.

“I was just trying to comport myself to answer questions during the parade and not that I am not showing remorse. I totally regretted everything I did and I am sorry.

“Mr Ataga’s family, I am deeply sorry for what I did. If I had my life back, I wouldn’t do anything like that. I am deeply sorry and I hope you forgive me.” (Punch)

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Usifo Ataga’s Death: Chidinma Ojukwu Finally Speaks On How They Met During Lockdown |The Republican News

Usifo Ataga and suspected killer, Chidimma Ojukwu

Chidinma Ojukwu, the 21-year-old University of Lagos student who confessed to stabbing Super TV boss, Uwaifo Ataga, to death, has revealed how she met the deceased.

In a recent interview with Daily Trust, Chidinma explained that financial issues caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 made her hook up with some girls who took her to some wild parties where she met the late CEO.

Read what she said below,

“It first sounded like fun when I went out for the first time along other girls. My friend who took me out told me we were going to attend a party organised by one of the latest big boys in town.

“On arrival, it was fun-filled. We had so much to drink. At first, it was shisha that we were smoking. I took a few drags on the pipe and blew the smoke out immediately. Other girls were busy blowing out smoke from their noses and mouths.

“The party ended in the wee hours of the night and we ended up in bed with some guys. The guy I slept with gave me N50,000 and I felt like break-dancing.

“It was at one of those parties that I met Ataga. He picked interest in me because of the course I am reading. We dated for about six months before I started noticing his strange behaviour. He gave me roofies (a street name for Rohypnol) before sex.

“I never meant to kill him. I was not in the mood but he wanted sex. I told him so and we had roofies, after which he was all over me. He forced his way into me, even though it was not the first time we had sex. I felt he was using me to satisfy his sex urge as he never fulfilled all he promised to do for me.”

(Culled from Journalist101, Daily Trust)

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Usifo Ataga’s Autopsy: He Was Tortured, Neck Broken, While Hands Were Tied —Family Opens Up |The Republican News

Usifo Ataga and suspect Chidimma Ojukwu

The death of Super TV CEO, Micheal Usifo Ataga has yet again taken another twist as his family claims that he was tortured before his death.

Ataga was reportedly stabbed to death by one Miss Chidinma Ojukwu, a 300 level student of the University of Lagos, last week, in the Lekki area of Lagos. However, his family has called on the Nigerian police to properly investigate the matter as an autopsy carried on his corpse has shed more light on the incident.

The family believes that there are more people involved in the murder. A family source who spoke under conditions of anonymity disclosed that Usifo’s neck was broken and rope marks were seen on his wrist.

The marks on his wrists, suggesting that he could have been bound. A rope suspected to have been used to tie his hands was reportedly found inside the short-let airbnb apartment situated at 19 Adewale Oshin Street in Lekki phase 1.

The deceased’s elder brother, Dr. Isi Ataga, in a statement entitled: Who will speak for Usifo Ataga?’, also confirmed these findings.

He stated: “Usifo died a horrific death. He was not stabbed two or even five times; he was stabbed multiple times. His hands were bound tightly and the marks were still all over his wrists, accompanied with evidence of torture and assault even as his corpse lay in the morgue.”

“And no one in the entire building heard his screams because he was gagged. Let that sink in, he was bound, gagged and tortured!”

“The now-viral video of the room with the deceased lying on the floor shows a room with blood-stained walls and floor, evidence of a ferocious struggle. One person could never have carried these out.”

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Police Officer, Civil Servant Linked To Akwa Ibom Job Seeker’s Killer Speak On Suspicious Call Records |RN

Iniobong Umoren

PREMIUM TIMES speaks to some individuals fingered in Newswire’s report, including Messrs Ezeugo and Effiong.

By Alfred Olufemi 

A Superintendent of Police, Samuel Ezeugo, and a civil servant, Kufre Effiong, have explained their links to Frank Akpan, the suspected killer of the slain job-seeker, Iniubong Umoren.

According to records obtained from his mobile network provider published Monday by Newswire, Mr Akpan, shortly before his arrest, had telephone conversations with Messrs Ezeugo and Effiong, a revelation that has raised suspicion of conspiracy.

Mr Ezeugo heads the police division that supervised the arrest of Mr Akpan while Mr Effiong, a civil servant at the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta, is a close relation of the suspect.

However, in separate interviews, both men explained to this newspaper that they were only in talks with the culprit to facilitate his arrest.


PREMIUM TIMES reported how 26-year-old Ms Umoren, a fresh graduate of the University of Uyo, was found dead 48 hours after she left home to honour a job interview scheduled by Mr Akpan at a location on the outskirts of Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

The murder suspect, who, according to the police, later confessed to being a serial rapist, confirmed raping and killing the missing lady. He also claimed he buried her in a shallow grave in his father’s compound, after raping her.

“On 30/04/2021, the Command received a report on the disappearance of the victim. Following available leads, men of the Anti-Kidnapping Squad of the Command, led by CSP Inengiye Igosi, consolidated on the initial great progress made by the DPO Uruan, SP Samuel Ezeugo and arrested the perpetrator who confessed to have lured his victim to his house in the guise of giving her a job but ended up sexually and physically assaulting her which led to her death.

“To cover his tracks, he dragged and buried her in a shallow grave in his father’s compound,” Odiko MacDon, the Akwa Ibom Police Command spokesperson, said.

The timeline of events showed that Ms Umoren set out for the interview on April 29.

Her Lagos-based friend, Umo Uduak, who initially raised the alarm on social media, informed the Urua police division on April 29 but the operatives did not swing to action until April 30, following a 24-hour guideline. The police usually wait for 24 hours to see if people declared missing would reappear before launching a search for them.

Mr Akpan’s father was arrested on April 30 and the culprit was arrested later that day. The suspect’s arrest was made on May 1.

The Ezeugo, Effiong connection
As Nigerians continue to demand justice for the late Ms Umoren, Newswire, on Tuesday, published the call logs of Mr Akpan between April 14 and April 30.


Using open-source intelligence tools like cell site locators and true caller app, the newspaper identified some persons the suspect spoke with before his arrest, including Messrs Ezeugo and Effiong.

According to the newspaper’s analysis of the available data, Mr Akpan put a call across to Mr Effiong at noon on April 30. The latter called back shortly after the first call ended.

A few minutes after, Mr Effiong sent Mr Ezeugo’s telephone number to the culprit, who called the police officer immediately after.

The conversation between the senior police officer and Mr Akpan went on for 93 seconds. What they discussed remained unclear since Newswire said it was unable to access a recording of their conversation.

While details of their discussions remained unknown, the Newswire article suggested connivance between Messrs Akpan, Ezeugo, Effiong, and the other people who spoke with him on the telephone. The report suggested some might have colluded to kill Ms Umoren while some others might be engaged in a cover-up scheme to free the suspect.

The article also conjectured that some people who telephoned Mr Akpan or stay in locations around where Mr Effiong was as he communicated with the suspect might be connected to a human parts trafficking syndicate.

As of the time of this reporting, PREMIUM TIMES could not access the conversation records of the suspect and those he spoke with and was, therefore, unable to determine the culpability or otherwise of the individuals. In any case, call logs alone do not offer sufficient evidence upon which individuals can be accused of crimes, law enforcement veterans say.

“At 4.32 PM on April 30, Frank then makes one of the most interesting phone calls in this entire story. Truecaller pulls up the details of the recipient of the phone call with the number

+2348032939326 – one “Kufre Effiong.” Unlike the other people Frank has been known to associate with, Kufre Effiong appears to be from a different world,” Newswire reported.

“On April 30, at 4.40 PM, Frank Akpan placed a call to someone with the number +2348034386086. At this point, I trust it will not shock you to know that when I ran this number through Truecaller, the name that came up was none other than (Mr Ezeugo) …In other words, while the Akwa Ibom Police Command is releasing statements claiming to be solving a crime by arresting a suspect, the suspect was actually making telephone calls to one of the police officers who would later “arrest” him, and speaking to him for a minute and a half,” it read further.

“So putting the entire picture together, we have what appears to be a well-connected criminal gang in Akwa Ibom with links to the police and the Federal Ministry of the Niger Delta, which specialises in sourcing human organs either for the purpose of selling to the international black market or to service local politicians who believe in ritual human sacrifice,” the paper stated, tracing their address to Plot 58, G Unit, Ewet Housing Estate, the Uyo branch office of a medical NGO called the Center for Clinical Care and Research (CCCR Nigeria).

“The first is that the Uyo Branch office of an organisation which specifically offers “supply chain management of health commodities” may have been commandeered by an illegal organ trafficking ring to feed the booming global black market organ trade,” the report speculated.

Meanwhile, there was an unknown number (+2348122386922), which was more frequent in the logs but could not be traced to anyone. This unknown person contacted Mr Akpan no fewer than 12 times between April 4 and April 27, with an estimated talk time of over 192 seconds.

“Finding the individual who owns the telephone number +2348122386922 is central to unravelling the mystery of why Iniobong Umoren had to die, how many more like her have died in the past, and most importantly, who are the big fish behind the entire operation. Exactly what is going on at 58, G Unit, Ewet Housing Estate is another key question that must be answered.”

Effiong, SP Ezeugo speak
PREMIUM TIMES made efforts to speak to all the numbers extracted from the Newswire report but only five of them responded.

The number identified with the most frequent calls was amongst the telephones that could not be reached throughout Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

But of the successful five, one belonged to Nonso Obosi, another to one Blessing Godwin (an unsuspecting victim of Mr Akpan), two were traced to Mr Effiong and one to Mr Ezeugo.

Mr Obosi abruptly terminated the call after our reporter announced the intent of calling — enquiry into their relationship with the suspect.

Ms Godwin shared her near-death experience with Mr Akpan.

Also, Messrs Effiong and Ezeugo, after this reporter pressured them repeatedly, agreed to speak on their connections to the suspect.

Mr Effiong, who is a civil servant as reported by Newswire, further revealed that the suspected murderer is his relation.

“This boy is related to me in a way. He is my little cousin that did this thing and I didn’t want my hands to be connected with this,” he said, explaining the reason for not speaking up earlier.

He said he had been inundated with telephone calls from social media users who rang him on Tuesday to curse him.

Speaking further, he said he played a role in the arrest of Mr Akpan carried out on April 30.

“That boy contacted me on the 30th (of April) while in my brother’s house who is the Chairman of Uruan local government. They were all seated in his place with the DPO (Ezeugo) and DSP when the boy called, demanding for where his father was because the father had been arrested previously.”

“I told the DPO that this boy had contacted me. The DPO said we should see how we can bring him. That was exactly what I did.”

The DPO went to pick him up and handed him to the anti-kidnapping unit of the Akwa Ibom State Police Command.

“I did so, so that they can release his father to go and take drugs,” he said, justifying his call to Mr Akpan.

When asked if he knew Mr Akpan was engaged in crime since they are related, Mr Effiong said, “I don’t live with him. I don’t know anything about him. They returned to the village three years ago. So I don’t know anything. I don’t know he is into all these kinds of things.”

Pressed further on his previous conversations with the culprit, Mr Effiong said although he had following the matter on social media before the arrest of the suspect, he had not spoken to him until he (Mr Akpan) called that afternoon.

“On that day (maybe he felt running to us we would be able to assist him but unfortunately when he came around, he called when the policemen were there and I now had to bring him out. I facilitated his arrest.”

“That was why I sent him the DPO’s number. Not known to him (Frank) that the DPO was around.”

He added that he wrote a witness statement against Mr Akpan at the police headquarters in Uyo, saying the culprit had brought shame on the family and the entire village.

On his part, Mr Ezeugo defended himself, saying he had no prior knowledge of the suspect until a report was made on April 29.

“If I’m in talk with him before or after arrest, does it make any sense?”

“Who arrested the young man you are talking about? I did. If I had spoken to him before or after his arrest, does it make any sense? When you are doing an investigation, you can use any means, provided it is legally fit, to trace a suspect.”

The Divisional Police officer said he could have been accused of collusion if the suspect had absconded. “He is in custody as we speak.”

“This case was reported to me by a girl from Lagos,” Mr Ezeugo said. “I was not in the office then, so I called my boys. I told them to get information from the tracker and give us a specific address. When we got the address, we started moving there but unfortunately, the young man was not there but we met his father.

“After tracing the father’s conversation with him. We found out that the man was in contact with his son, that’s how we picked the father to my station.”

He further explained that the complainant went to the headquarters and met with the commissioner of police, who instructed the anti-kidnapping unit to take over the case.

However, he told PREMIUM TIMES that he is still following up on the case despite the fact that it has been transferred to command headquarters.

Asked if he knew Mr Effiong before now, the senior police officer did not give a definite response. “I may not know him by that name,” he said in this paper’s first interview with him.

He directed our reporter to the state command’s spokesperson, Odiko MacDon, when the question was repeated with a clearer description of Mr Effiong.

Mr MacDon, when contacted on Tuesday, said Mr Akpan is still in custody and would be arraigned when courts resume nationwide. He declined comments on Mr Akpan’s arrest and the role of Messrs Effiong and Ezeugo in it.

CCCR seeks retraction
Meanwhile, the Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research (CCCR) has reacted to the Newswire publication, demanding a retraction and an apology over the suggestion that it might be part of an organ trafficking syndicate.

“Since 2010, the Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research has provided health and social services to millions of Nigerians in over 9 states. In Akwa Ibom state, CCCRN provides health, protection, education, nutrition and household economic strengthening services (among others) to more than 100,000 orphans and vulnerable children and their households, working with the Government of Akwa Ibom state and Nine (9) reputable Community Based Organizations,” the organisation said.

It said contrary to the “Ghost NGO” claim in the publication, CCCR has a functional website containing its track records, physical addresses, email addresses and contact persons for its seven offices in Nigeria.

“We also have an email to which the reporter could have sent an enquiry email It is obvious that the “investigative reporter” conveniently ignored these opportunities to validate who we are and mischievously labelled a charitable organization with over 250 professional staff a “Ghost NGO”.

“The reporter further speculated or alleged that our Uyo Office ‘may have been commandeered by an illegal organ trafficking ring to feed the booming global black market organ trade.”

“Our business is to save lives which we have done creditably over 10 years. We also demand a retraction and apology by NewsWireNGR and Mr David Hundeyin immediately,” the statement read.

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We’ll Rather Die Than Accept Evicted Seriki Fulani Back —Igangan Community Residents Vow |The Republican News

Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho in Igangan

The community warned that bringing back the Seriki Fulani to the town would be tantamount to suicide, adding that they would rather die than to accept Saliu back in the town.

Residents of Igangan in the Ibarapa North-West Local Council Development Area of Oyo State have vowed to resist any attempt to bring back the ejected Seriki Fulani of Igangan, Abdulkadri Saliu, to the community.

According to The PUNCH, the community warned that bringing back the Seriki Fulani to the town would be tantamount to suicide, adding that they would rather die than to accept Saliu back in the town.

“The entire town would rather commit suicide than to accept Seriki back. We would rather lay down our lives than for us and our generations to come to be subjected to the evil reign of Seriki again,” the Convener, Igangan Development Advocates, Oladiran Oladokun, said.

Oladokun was reacting to a statement made by the Seriki Fulani that he would consider moving back to Igangan.

“If given the opportunity to return to the community, I would consider moving back to Igangan,” Saliu whose family members have settled temporarily in Ilorin, Kwara State, had said on Thursday.

Speaking with our correspondent on Friday, Oladokun said the residents of the town have been enjoying a breath of fresh air and relief since the eviction of Saliu and his men.

He said farmers now have renewed hope of returning to their farms to continue agricultural activities without fear of being raped, kidnapped and killed.

The IDA leader said the people of the community would not want anything that would truncate the momentary peace and tranquility that they have started enjoying.

“Our people will not allow that reign, that enslavement to come back now that they have tasted freedom a little.

“We are now relieved. People could not go to their farms for so many months but people are now thinking of going back to their farms and they now have hope of a better life and you want to take that hope away from them? Our people won’t allow that,” the youth leader said.

Continuing, Oladokun said, “In the media, people perceive what happened in Igangan as an exaggeration. But for about 20 years, Igangan lived under the oppressive blood carnage championed by the Seriki himself. How do I know? Why is it that on every occasion, no Fulani was prosecuted?”

“If the Seriki is really who he claims to be and he cares so much about the town, why did he not bring out at least one culprit and say, ‘Igangan people, this one that you claimed killed a farmer last week, this is him, we got him for you. We don’t want criminals amongst us, we don’t want people to tarnish our image.’ Why hasn’t the Seriki done that over the years?

“Seriki claimed he had no control over Igangan but it is a lie; he held control over the town and the killings, he held sway over Igangan, even the Asigangan of Igangan land and the chiefs were helpless and they bowed to him. That is why (when) they (herders) committed a crime, they would go to him (Seriki) and he would tell them to relax even if they killed or raped a woman in the farm. He would tell them it was the Ja’mah (congregation) that did it,” he alleged. (SaharaReporters)

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JUST IN: Wanted Port Harcourt Serial Killer Arrested, Confesses His Actions |The Republican News

The suspect, Gracious David West

** blames curses from his community

The Rivers State Police Command has arrested an ex-militant, Gracious David West, 26, alleged to be responsible for the killing of about 13 women.

The police had declared him wanted on Wednesday after a Close Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) footage showed he had booked into a hotel with a young woman who was found dead on Tuesday.

The suspect reportedly confessed to have killed five women in similar manner in Imo State and seven in Port Harcourt City.

He was said to have been arrested on Wednesday along East-West Road while he was fleeing to Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital.A native of Buguma LGA of Rivers State, West was alleged to be a renowned armed robber who was rehabilitated by a church and was assisted to secure a job at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.

But the suspect was said to have continued his criminal lifestyle and was declared wanted by the Police in June last year. He was said to have been on the run until the CCTV footage exposed him as a member of the syndicate that had been killing women in cold blood, the Nation reports.

Narrating how he strangled his victims, he said: “We were inside the club then we discussed on how much I will pay her. After that we left the club to the hotel at Osas Road. When we got there, they took her up and I said let me look for a way to arrange for food that we will both eat.

“After eating, we slept till the next morning around 5:30am. I brought out a knife. She was unaware there was a knife. So, I told her not to shout that if she does I will use the knife on her.

“Out of fear she kept quite. During that time the television volume was loud. Then I used the wrapper to tie her hands her legs from the back and strangled her with pillow case.”

Confirming his arrest through their official Twitter handle, the police said the suspect was a member of the Degbam cult group, adding that he had made useful statements.

“Investigation is on with a view to ascertaining his motives and possible accomplices. The Commissioner of Police Rivers State, Mustapha Dandaura will be briefing the media on this significant police breakthrough on September 20,” the police said.

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DPO Garba Talawai Impregnates 16-yr-old Housemaid, Kills Her In Katsina |RN

Decompsoing body of Rabi Abdullahi


A decomposing body of a 16-year-old housemaid allegedly killed and dumped in the bush by the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Mashi Local Government Area, Garba Talawai, has been found by the police.
The deceased teenager, Rabi Abdullahi, was a housegirl to the DPO’s girlfriend, Sadiya Danyaya.

DAILY NIGERIAN gathered that the DPO, who allegedly impregnated the girl, made unsuccessful efforts to abort the pregnancy that resulted to the death of the girl.

“When he realised that she died, the DPO sought the help of another policeman to dump the body in the bush,” said a source in the town who preferred not to be named.

Already the Katsina Police Commissioner, Sanusi Buba, has ordered the arrest and detention of Mr Talawai, a superintendent of police, after a preliminary report indicted him in the murder.

In a statement by the command’s spokesman, Gambo Isa, Rabi’s corpse was discovered at a bush path in Mashi on Thursday.
Mr Isa, a superintendent of police, noted that while at the hospital, some staff identified the corpse to be the one brought by the DPO and one policeman on Wednesday.

According to the spokesman, the DPO’s girlfriend had confirmed to the police that Rabi was her maid and that she had been missing since Wednesday — an incident she reported to the DPO.
Safiya told investigators that Rabi went missing after she rebuked her for carrying an unwanted pregnancy.

Mr Isa noted that both the DPO and his girlfriend, Safiya have been detained for a thorough investigation to determine their culpability in the murder.

He said a new Divisional Police Officer has already been posted to Mashi.
“The Commissioner of police, Katsina state Command, CP Sanusi Buba, psc, assures the parents of the deceased and indeed the good people of Katsina state that the command will not leave any stone unturned until justice is done in the matter,” the statement added.

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SHOCKING: Graphic Details Of How Biafran Prophet Nwoko Was Murdered Surfaces [Photos]

Lifeless body of Prophet Anthony Nwoko still sitting on his home sofa, will he was left to bleed to death.

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

THE last may have not been heard concerning the brutal murder and assassination of renowned Enugu-based prophet, late Anthony Nwoko as shocking and devastating pictures of the slain cleric suddenly surfaced.

An unknown source, simply identified as “3rd Eye Images”, today, released to the media, devastating pictures of the slain prophet who was seen lying in the pool of his blood in his apartment in Enugu after his supposed assailants left him for dead.

This is coming weeks after speculations were rife in certain quarters that Prophet Nwoko may not have been murdered and that he died a natural death, otherwise, his pictures would have been sighted online.

The gory pictures, however, confirmed that the fiery prophet was indeed butchered from his forehead down to his skull with a lethal weapon, supposedly a machete by yet-to-be identified group of persons involved in the dastardly act.

It was reliably gathered by our correspondent that some certain persons, involved in the investigation to unravel the killers of the fiery prophet has since gone underground, following threats to their lives.

Recall that the 65 year old prophet, was reportedly killed by unknown assailants on April 15, Monday night at his apartment located at No. 18 Ezebinugwu Street, beside Bright Land International School, Ugbene 2, in the Trans-Ekulu/Abakpa axis of Enugu.

Nwoko had lived alone, so, it was said that his death became known when a neighbour noticed that the door of his apartment had remained open; peeped in and saw the man in the pool of his blood.

The neighbours immediately alerted the police, who in turn, effected the immediate arrest of close neighbours to the slain prophet, although, no official statement has been released by the police.

But until recently, the sexagenarian was a close ally of leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, who prayed for him and the group.

Nwoko, before his demise, had raised the alarm that his life was in danger and that he was receiving death threats from members of the IPOB over his bribery allegations against their leader, Kanu. Late Nwoko, however, was murdered after alleged instigation by IPOB leadership who labelled him a “DSS agent and saboteur” for falling out with Kanu.

However, the CSO of the Enugu State chapter of IPOB, Mr. Victor Egede, has since denied claims of his alleged involvement in the murder of the prophet.

The deceased cleric who uses social media as a means of propagation of his fiery prophecies, last posted on his Facebook account at about 1:40pm on April 14, where he uploaded various online reports of his views on Biafra agitation, including video clips from Kpakpando TV.

(Biafra Family Writers)

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Pastors Kill Brother-in-law For Preventing Church Service In Ogun

Suspects: Ejim and Chukwuka Stephen

Deji Lambo and Tunji Bosun

Operatives of the Ogun State Police Command have arrested two pastors, Chukwuka Stephen and Ejim Stephen, for allegedly killing their brother-in-law, Peter Chukwuyem, in the Papa-Ibafo area of the state.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said in a statement on Thursday that the suspects, while living with Chukwuyem, were using the frontage of his house to conduct church services.

He stated that Chukwuka and Ejim became embittered when Chukwuyem stopped them from conducting church services in the frontage of his house, adding that when the victim went to the farm, the brothers allegedly waylaid and killed him.

Oyeyemi said, “Men of the Ogun State Police Command have arrested two self-acclaimed pastors, Chuckwuka Stephen, 43, and Ejim Stephen, 39, for killing their brother in-law, Peter Chukwuyem, on Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

“The victim, who was married to the elder sister of the two suspects, brought them from their village in Delta State to Papa-Ibafo in Ogun State, where they lived with the couple for some time. While they were living with the deceased, they were using the frontage of his house for their church activities, but when their conduct was no longer pleasant to their brother-in-law, he sent them away from the place, which led to them nursing animosity against the deceased.

“On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the deceased went to his farm with two of his teenage daughters in the morning and met the suspects on the farm. Because of the presence of the two girls, the suspects were unable to do anything to him for fear of being exposed. In the evening of the same day, the deceased went back to the farm alone and the suspects, who had been waiting for him on the farm, accosted him and butchered him to death.”

Oyeyemi said when it was getting late and the deceased was nowhere to be found, his wife traced him to the farm and found his corpse.

He stated that the police arrested the suspects after the daughters of the deceased informed them that they saw Chukwuka and Ejim on their father’s farm in the morning. He added that during interrogation, the suspects owned up to the crime.

The PPRO said, “It was when the deceased didn’t return on time that his wife traced him to the farm and found his dead body. She subsequently went to the Ibafo Police Station, where she lodged a complaint. The two brothers were later arrested by the police at Ibafo based on the accounts of the two daughters of the deceased, who informed the police that they saw the two suspects earlier on their father’s farm.

“On interrogation, the suspects denied killing their brother-in-law, but when they were confronted by the two daughters of the deceased, they confessed to killing the deceased on his farm, because he deprived them the continuous use of his frontage for their church activities.

“The corpse of the deceased was subsequently removed and deposited in the General Hospital mortuary for post-mortem examination.”

Oyeyemi added that the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, had ordered the immediate transfer of the suspects to the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for proper investigation and prosecution. (Punch)

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