There Are Political Herdsmen De-marketing Nigeria – Femi Adesina |The Republican News

Adesina also condemned Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria, for being political in his criticism of President Buhari.

Senior Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina

The presidency said bombing attacks have reduced since President Mohammadu Buhari took up office in 2015.

Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President, said this in an interview with the Crest newspaper.

He also condemned Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria, for being political in his criticism of President Buhari.

Adesina said: “Whatever former President Obasanjo says now cannot be taken as neutral. It cannot be taken as something from a disinterested party because he has a political position where he anchors everything he says. His opinion then cannot be taken as the gospel truth any longer.

“It can only be the opinion of one man and he has the right to that opinion.

“No doubt, there are security challenges in the country, but are things better than 2015? Yes, things are better than in 2015.

“In 2015, do you know how many bombs went off daily in this country? Yes, daily! And with scores dead in different parts of the country! 
“It happened in the North-East; happened in the North-West; happened in the North-Central. Abuja, the federal capital, was not immune from it. But, that has largely been reduced.

“You hardly hear of those bombs going off again because the government has made a big difference. Now, we have challenges in other areas-kidnapping, armed banditry, armed robbery, and all that. Yes, there are challenges but the government exists to solve challenges. And this government is doing its best to solve the challenges. People also exaggerate things for political reasons. We are not saying those challenges are not there. Of course, they are there.”

The presidential spokesman said Nigeria would not disintegrate contrary to predictions.

He said: “But then to now say the entire country has been taken over, to say that the government is failing, is political. Nigeria is still there, it is very solid. It will remain solid. It will remain one, and the challenges will be overcome.

“Government is not the only institution responsible for security. It is a collaborative thing between the government and the governed. Government at the federal level is not the only one responsible for security.

“But what do we find? You find some people, they will go and cause trouble at the local government (level), and they will be calling President Buhari, who is at the centre, to come and resolve it.

“You have a government at the federal level; you have a government at the state level. And you have a government at the local level. All of them-federal, states, and local governments, must collaborate to end this security challenge. The people, as well as the traditional institutions, have their roles to play. It is a collaborative thing.”

Concerning the menace of herders-farmers clashes nationwide, Adesina said the challenges were aggravated by those he termed as “political Fulani herdsmen” to de-market the administration of Buhari.

He said: “The herdsmen-farmers clashes are causing security challenges. There are also political Fulani herdsmen; those ones have been created by hidden hostile hands who want to de-market the government.

“The Fulani issue is there but it is no way near what has been trumpeted, and what has been claimed. To some people in the media, there is no other criminality in the country except Fulani herdsmen.

“Even when other criminals strike, it is Fulani herdsmen. It is stereotyping. It is finger-pointing which is not based on facts. I am not saying that there are no challenges about Fulani herdsmen due to climate change, dwindling resources and things like that. Yes, we have those challenges. But it is not every criminality perpetrated in the country that is done by the Fulanis.

“We have always lived with Fulani herdsmen in this country. They drive their cattle from different parts. When the rains are here, you see them. They move southwest and they get to forage for their cattle and all that. And when the rains go and the water recedes, you find them following the water as it recedes. In the process, they drive their herds into farmlands and it becomes an issue. There was a way that the problem was settled in this country before.

“The problem was there in the first republic, even in the second republic. But it was not as bad as we have it now because climate change has affected vegetation and the water table. Lake Chad, for instance, is ten percent of its former size. That has seriously affected grazing and availability of resources because the herdsmen follow the water. They follow where there is green grass to feed their animals.” (Sahara Reporters)

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Fulani Herdsmen Killed Over 750 In Two Years Under Jonathan – Femi Adesina |RN

      Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina


*says killings didn’t start under Buhari

Olalekan Adetayo, Abuja

The Presidency on Wednesday said over 756 people were killed by herdsmen in two years under former President Goodluck Jonathan.

It said it would, therefore, be wrong to insinuate that the recent killings happened because President Muhammadu Buhari is a Fulani man.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, disclosed these in a video he posted on his Facebook page. He insisted that the recent spate of killings by herdsmen in parts of the country had nothing to do with Buhari being Fulani.

The presidential spokesman said, “Something that is disturbing that I have heard about it is linking those developments to the fact that a Fulani man is President and so, he is brooking such kind of evil acts.

“I think that is very unkind. And I will try to back my position with statistics.

“In 2013, particularly, there were nine cases of herdsmen invading communities in Benue state alone and more than 190 people were killed.

“In 2014, there were about 16 of such tragic developments with more than 231 people killed. And then there was a change of government in May 2015.

“But between January and May 2015, there were six attacks which left about 335 people dead.

“Now, the question is, during that period, did we have a Fulani president?”

According to him, this shows that the issue of herdsmen attacking settlements is something that government must deal with.

“It is the duty of government to preserve the lives of the citizenry. It is the responsibility of government to maintain law and order and that this government is determined to do.

“Therefore, let nobody say that all this is happening because we have a Fulani president.

“We have had many Fulani presidents in the past and this issue of herders and local communities at loggerheads has predated this government.

“But I will just like to appeal to Nigerians that the Muhammadu Buhari government is determined to crack this issue, is determined to get to the bottom of it and it will get done,” he added. (Punch)

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BREAKING: President Buhari Expected Back On Friday |The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor

A press statement released by the Presidency via the Special Adviser to the President for Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina states that the  President Muhammadu Buhari is expected back to the country tomorrow March 10, 2017.

Though the time and point of arrival are not stated but it is clear that the Abuja airport is at the moment closed for flights, and all flights are diverted to Kaduna airport.

Press Release:

In a tweet from the Presidency,  which also read  STATE HOUSE PRESS RELEASE: President @MBuhari expected back tomorrow, Friday MArch 10, 2017


President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to return to the country tomorrow, Friday, March 10, 2017.
The President left the country on January 19, 2017, for a vacation, during which he had routine medical check-ups. The holiday was extended based on doctors’ recommendation for further tests and rest.
President Buhari expresses appreciation to teeming Nigerians from across the country, and beyond, who had prayed fervently for him and also sent their good wishes.

Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
March 9, 2017


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Nobody Wants Buhari Dead But Lai Mohammed, Adesina Should Stop Telling Us Lies- Adebanjo


In this interview with TOLUWANI ENIOLA, a chieftain of Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, says the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, and President Muhammadu Buhari’s spokespersons have not been sincere in their communication of the President’s health status

What is your reaction to the President’s indefinite postponement of his return to Nigeria?

I wish him well and pray for his quick recovery.

Do you think the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, and Femi Adesina are saying the truth about the President’s health status?

I was listening to Lai Mohammed last night. He said the President is hale and hearty. Using the phrase “hale and hearty” for the President who went to the UK on a 10-day leave and had to extend it, shows something is not right.

First, Nigerians were told that Buhari was going on vacation and that he would do checkup.  At the end of the 10 days, we were told his doctor asked him to wait to obtain the result of some medical tests, and he comes out again to tell us he is hale and hearty. From their evidence, both Lai Mohammed and the Femi Adesina are talking nonsense. One said the President is sick. Mohammed said he is hale and hearty. Yet when the time came for him to resume, he didn’t.

Are you saying they are lying?

We should ask: does one do medical tests for somebody who is hale and hearty? That is their language. I am only criticising them based on the evidence they provided. They (Mohammed and Adesina) are inconsistent, incoherent and they do not show sincerity (in their communication of the president’s health status). I am not a fool. Nigerians are not fools.

They are being economical with the truth. Adesina and Mohammed are talking balderdash. They are taking us for a ride. My own experience is that when somebody is sick and you can’t say what is wrong with him, doctors would ask such a fellow to do a series of test. And yet you tell us the man is hale and hearty.

Nobody wants Buhari dead but they are not telling us the truth. Human beings can fall sick, which is natural. What is wrong in saying this man has an ailment? It is now left for people to pray for speedy recovery. Yet, our hopes were raised that there is nothing wrong with the man and yet he cannot resume. They forget that all of us have a stake in his health. They are insulting our intelligence.

Some have been clamouring for a law to stop public office-holders from seeking medical treatment abroad. Is this reasonable?

A law like that may infringe on individual’s rights. We can only say if any public office-holder wants medical treatment abroad, it should not be at the expense of the country. If a public office-holder feels that the medical service he desires cannot be obtained here, he can go abroad but not at public’s expense.

What is your comment on Buhari’s refusal to use the Aso Rock clinic despite the huge budget voted for it?

It is a fundamental issue for us in this country to equip our hospitals so that nobody would have to go abroad for medical treatment. This is one of the things we want the government to change and proffer solutions to. We have the expertise but we lack the equipment.

What is the difference between the secrecy surrounding the late Umar Yar’Adua’s health and that of President Buhari? Have any lessons been learnt?

The present President wrote to the National Assembly that he was travelling abroad on vacation. He also handed over to the Vice-President. So, there is really no problem about that since he followed the constitutional provision. But in the case of Yar’Adua, the late president didn’t write to the National Assembly and he did not hand over to the vice-president.

Do you think Buhari should address Nigerians from the UK and disclose his health status?

We should understand that the President, by the virtue of his position, no longer has any privacy. Nigerians are entitled to know every progress about his health. Those who are demonstrating in the UK were doing the legitimate thing because the citizens over there are well-informed about the medical status of their leaders. Why should our own be different? The same obtains in the United States.  When things are not going well, we attribute it to Nigerian factor. Good governance has a standard. When we don’t follow democratic norms and principles, that is when people will keep protesting.

Did the APC make a good decision fielding Buhari as its presidential candidate based on his health?

I have no comment about that. They picked him so who am I to condemn their decision? It is for them now to decide. If they had known, they should be blaming themselves now. Anybody can fall sick.

The Federal Government has been assuring Nigerians that things would change. With two years to the end of this administration, do you really think there is light at the end of the tunnel?

Let us not deceive ourselves. From the outset, I was one of those who said it was too early to criticise Buhari. But going to two years now, things are going worse, that is the evidence. Yet, they (FG) continue to blame the previous government. That is not right. The All Progressives Congress said it would do better which was why it was voted into power. Now, they are saying something else. There is no light at the end of the tunnel because the instruments responsible for their non-performance have not been changed. You can’t achieve change when the right method is not in place.

It took Buhari six months to form his cabinet. Up till now, there is no economic programme. I don’t buy any jargon or propaganda that there is hope. They are preparing a solution that by the time it comes to fruition, everybody would be in the grave. That is what is happening now. Everybody is complaining. Even the middle class finds it difficult to go to the market. And the government keeps telling us to be patient. Some people are committing suicide. So, by the time your programmes are achieved, who will enjoy it?

Recently, former President Olusegun Obasanjo said the Igbo should have a go at the Presidency. Do you agree?

Why do you people give credence to Obasanjo? Obasanjo is a troublemaker. Seventy per cent of the problems we have in this country were caused by Obasanjo. He has never been consistent. He said (former President Goodluck) Jonathan didn’t do well and changed the tone later. Is that the type of man you want me to rely on? He likes to cause confusion and problems. If he says something today, tomorrow he will say that was not what he meant. I don’t give any regard to his statement.  (

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BREAKING NEWS: President Buhari Extends Vacation, Writes National Assembly

By Ike A. Offor

Image result for Buhari


The speculations about president Muhammadu Buhari’s health and return took another uncertain twist this evening, after an unexpected announcement from the presidency.

Many including 15,000 youths from National Youth  Group announced their eagerness to receive the president at Nnamdi Azikiwe  International airport, Abuja and other Nigerians have been eagerly waiting to see the presidential jet touch down at the airport as scheduled.

The president’s Special Adviser for Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina,  made available a press release concerning the condition of the president, declaring an extension of sick leave by the president.

The Press released is here below:

President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the National Assembly today, February 5, 2017, informing of his desire to extend his leave in order to complete and receive the results of a series of tests recommended by his doctors.
The President had planned to return to Abuja this evening but was advised to complete the test cycle before returning. The notice has since been dispatched to the Senate President, and Speaker, House of Representatives.
Mr President expresses his sincere gratitude to Nigerians for their concern, prayers and kind wishes.

Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
February 5, 2017

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Death Rumours: President Buhari Should Address Nigerians From UK, Says NLC

Image result for Dr Peter Ozo-Eson

Niyi   Odebode, Olusola Fabiyi, Fidelis Soriwei, Olalekan Adetayo and Friday Olokor

The Presidency on Thursday insisted that despite the rumour doing the rounds on President Muhammadu Buhari’s state of health, the President is not ill.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, who said this in an interview with CNBC Africa, which was monitored in Abuja, said Buhari could not be compelled to speak from the United Kingdom.

The Nigeria Labour Congress, however, said the President should speak to Nigerians from the UK.

Adesina insisted that Buhari was only in London, UK, for vacation and was not in any hospital.

He said, “The President is in London on vacation. He is not in any hospital and he is not ill.

“When he was travelling last week, the statement we put out was that he was going on vacation and during the vacation, he would do routine check-up and nothing has changed from what we pushed out last week.

“If anybody has fed something else into the rumour mill, that is just what it is – rumour.”

When asked if Buhari would be willing to talk to Nigerians from the UK, Adesina said the decision could only be taken by the President himself.

The presidential aide said any attempt to compel Buhari to do so would amount to infringement on his rights.

“The fact that he is a President, he still has his rights. Compelling him to come out and talk will be infringing on his rights. The President will talk if he wishes to. If he doesn’t wish to, nobody will compel him to talk.

“The truth is that the President is on vacation and he has given a date on which he will return to work,’’ Adesina said.

Also on Thursday, the Federal Government debunked the rumour doing the rounds that governors met in Abuja on Thursday and deliberated on the health of Buhari.

It said the report was false. It also added that the governors were also not planning to send representatives to London to see the President.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, stated this when he received members of the Presidential Initiative Committee on the North-East, who visited him in Abuja.

Mohammed said there was no need for the alleged visit, stating that the President was merely observing his leave as stated in the letter sent to the Senate before leaving the country.

He called on Nigerians to stop wishing their leaders sickness and death, saying there was nothing wrong with the President.

The minister added, “I would like to use this medium to refute the claim in some quarters that governors would meet in Abuja today (Thursday) and have discussion over the health of the President.

“Those peddling the rumour also claimed that the governors would send emissaries to the President in London.

“The report is false because the governors are not going to meet and will not send any emissary anywhere because the President is hale and hearty.”

Mohammed appealed to Nigerians to stop preaching what he described as hate and also stop wishing their leaders bad things.

He also urged those behind the rumour to stop it forthwith.

NLC asks Buhari to speak to Nigerians

Meanwhile, the NLC has called on the President to speak to Nigerians.

The NLC argued that it would be proper for the President to make a public appearance to dispel rumours in the country about his health.

The General Secretary of the NLC, Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson, told one of our correspondents on Thursday that the President should speak to Nigerians since Nigerians were worried about his health.

He said the President should call the bluff of those peddling orchestrated rumours by publicly addressing the citizenry.

Ozo-Eson said, “In the social media, stories circulate without confirmation; I think that the easiest way is to talk publicly to the nation because the citizens are concerned about their leaders’ whereabouts.

‘If there are those who orchestrated rumours and they are not true, the easiest way is for him to reach out to Nigerians through a public appearance and a statement.

“Nigerians have a right to be certain about the health situation of their President and the people who orchestrate rumours and unsubstantiated reports, one would wish for him to call their bluff by publicly addressing the citizens.”

But the TUC said it would not be necessary for the President to address Nigerians since he had not been away for long.

The President of the TUC, Mr. Bala Kaigama, stated that Buhari demanded a rest and handed over government to the Vice-President.

According to him, Nigerians can talk about the President’s health if he fails to return after the 10-day period of rest he requested.

He said, “Why do we have to make noise about this? He is coming back; if he were to go and stay for a very long time, it is a different thing. If we have patience, he will come back. We are just being unnecessarily demanding.

“This is somebody who demanded a rest and he has handed over the government to the Vice-President. So our concern is how the VP is handling it; but it his health that has become the issue of the moment.

“But we should allow the old man to have his rest. It is normal for somebody of that age to need rest from time to time. If he goes to rest that does not mean that government will not work now. Let the old man enjoy his rest.

“If he does not come back on the day he is supposed to come, that is when can  talk, but for now, let’s allow him to have his rest, why does he have to come and address us? It doesn’t make any sense.”

The Executive Secretary, Anti-corruption Network, Ebenezer Oyetakin, faulted the call for Buhari to address the nation from the UK, describing it as mischief.

He said, “I do not subscribe to that. It smacks of mischief from such people. We are Africans. We have cultural discipline on some issues.

“He has done the appropriate thing by handing over to the VP as Acting President. Let us be patient and maintain a sense of decorum and respect to the institution of governance.’’ (

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