[VIDEO] Woman Delivers A Boy At Polling Unit After Voting For Wike In Rivers |RN


By Ike A. Offor,

It has been seen as a very joyful thing to support that voting for Gov. Nyesom Wike brings life as a woman gives birth to a baby boy after voting for him in Rivers state.

The mood at the polling unit is like a mood in a church during “praise and worship” session when people are caught up in the mood for the holy spirit.

Some of the people in the crowd immediately called the baby, Oga Wike, after the name of the incumbent governor of Rivers State.

It is certain that Nyesom Wike would love to know this woman and her baby boy once the news of his deliverance and his mother’s vote reaches him.

The people in the crowd were almost running away with the baby in joyous mood to celebrate the birth until someone reminded them that the mother is yet to be taken care of but they are running away with the baby.

Congratulations to the mother and her family and welcome to the baby boy.


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Nigerian Mother Gave Birth To Entirely White Baby With Blue Eyes With Her White Husband

Mom exhausted after giving birth, but as soon as she looks down—’ is this my baby?’

By Epoch Uplift

Catherine and Richard Howarth, from England, were a happy newlywed couple when they learned that they were expecting a baby boy.

Richard was pale with reddish hair and Catherine was of Nigerian descent; all of her relatives were darker skinned compared to her, and everyone was looking forward to the adorable baby.

They could not have known they were actually blessed with a one in a million baby!

After a long labour in the maternity wing of the hospital in Milton Keynes, Catherine was already exhausted and “so drowsy on the narcotics.”

So when the mother looked down and saw her child for the first time, she could not believe what she was seeing.

“I looked and said: ‘Is this, my baby?’”

Richard, 34, the father of baby boy Jonah, was just as astonished as his wife.

Richard is white and Catherine is black – and the bundle of joy they had just received was white as well! And as it should turn out later—not only is Jonah white, he also has bright blue eyes!

“They placed Jonah on Catherine’s stomach and that was when I saw him first and then they gave him to Catherine,” the young father reflected on the precious moment of seeing his son for the first time.

It was hard to believe for everyone in the maternity ward at first and Catherine even had to ask the midwife: “You sure this is my baby? Is this my baby?”

The well-experienced midwife just laughed and said “Yes, yes! Of course, it’s yours!”

Of course, they were happy with having a healthy baby boy and Catherine said she just instantly fell in love with the little fellow.

“I looked and I said, ‘wow!’ ” she said. You know, as a first-time mother I said wow I can’t believe I created him. And I just fell in love with him instantly.”

It is common that babies from a mixed-race couple appear to be brighter at birth, but Catherine noted that Jonah’s ears are just as white as his face and hands. The ears are normally the indicator that gives the actual skin colour away.

The couple consulted with Dr Emily Grossman, who specializes in genetics, to solve the mystery of Jonah’s skin colour. The precious baby boy just resembles his mother’s features perfectly but has his father’s skin tone.

“The doctor’s said that it was a one in a million chance. There is one explanation that could explain why that would be,” Dr Grossman commented on the spectacular case.

“Contrary to eye colour, skin colour is controlled by up to 20 different genes rather than just one as with eye colour—each of which has a small effect on colour. You have almost infinite combinations of different colours from two different coloured parents,” she explained. “It is totally, totally by chance.”

The Howarths really had been blessed with a one in a million baby!

Catherine added,”We get so much attention just walking down the street. We always get stopped by people asking. First of all: he is such a cute baby. You should put him into baby modelling.”

The proud young mother sighed,”The first question they ask is: is he really yours? And they want to know the story straight away!”

But the proud parents are fine with the growing interest in their infant son as “he loves the attention. He is a very smiley baby. He loves different faces and is very sociable” Catherine said.





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Doctor Breaks Baby’s Arms During Delivery, Remains Unapologetic |RN

A 21-year-old new mum identified as Lebogang Setshotloe has accused a gynaecologist at Moses Kotane Hospital, South Africa of breaking her baby’s arm during delivery.

According to the new mum, she wasn’t allowed to see her baby girl until a day after delivery. She then found out that her daughter’s arm was broken.

Setshotloe revealed to South African Daily Sun that the hospital had failed her.

“I asked the nurse a day after I had a Cesarean section why my baby’s arm was broken and I was told the doctor had apologised for the mistake.

“This was a lie, as the doctor never even bothered to examine me after the delivery.

“Why was I not informed about what had happened as the mum of the child? This makes me really angry,” she said.

“I want the doctor and the hospital to come and explain to me how my baby’s arm was broken. I want to know what happened,” she cried.

Setshotloe said the horrific experience she went through showed the hospital didn’t care about the people they treat.

Her uncle, Jacob Kobedi, said,

“We want the hospital to take full responsibility for the damage caused by the doctor.

“What they did and how they handled the situation doesn’t show any professionalism.”

North West Health spokesman, Tebogo Lekgethwane, said the matter was being investigated and would be properly followed up.

(South African Sun)

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Mum-to-be Shares Secret Of How She Became A Millionaire And Retired By 28 |RN

George Ryan
Credits: Brand X            © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: Brand X

A 28-year-old mum-to-be who retired after working for just seven years has shared the secrets of her success.

The pregnant blogger, who uses the pen name JP Livingston, amassed a £1.6m ($2.25m) fortune during her short time working for an investment firm.

Despite her starting salary and bonus totalling more than £70,000 ($100,000) she insisted most of her savings came from making cut backs in everyday life which she said anyone can do if they want to make money .

a close up of text on a white background: Credits: Getty                 © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: Getty

JP now lives in a tiny 325 sq ft (30 sq m) apartment in New York City with her husband and dog, furnished mostly with second hand furniture.

The couple are now looking for a bigger home as they are expecting their first child.

The mum-to-be’s knack for saving was sparked after her dad gave her a copy of the classic money management guide Rich Dad, Poor Dad at the age of 12.

One example is she finished college a year early in a bid to gain £106,000 ($150,000) from saving on tuition fees combined with an extra year of income.

The keen saver used a strategy of investing and saving in order to amass the small fortune in such a short amount of time.

When she was working she managed to save a whopping 70% of her income.

At just 26 she became a millionaire and the young retiree said the trick that made the biggest difference to her was to think about what she bought in terms of cost per hour.

She added: “So instead of saying a new unlocked iPhone costs £566 ($800), you might do the math to figure out it would cost you 60 hours of work, or a week and a half of your life.”

The New Yorker also recommended identifying your biggest expenses and making compromises there in order to cut back and save.   (Mirror)

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Heartwarming Photos: Three-year-old Girl Helps Deliver Baby Brother |RN

Sarah Young
a person posing for the camera        © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited

A three-year-old girl got the experience of a lifetime when she helped deliver her own baby brother.

Rebecca Joseloff, a mother of two from Patchogue, New York, knew that she wanted to have her three-year-old daughter, Hunter, present during her home birth earlier this year.

But when the moment arrived, the toddler didn’t just witness her baby brother be born. Instead, she was actively involved throughout the delivery and even made skin-to-skin contact during the postpartum process.

The entire birth was documented in a series of touching images captured by Joseloff’s doula and birth photographer, Nicole Lahey aka Ready Set Chaos.

One of which has since gone viral online with more than 12,000 reactions after being shared by Facebook page Love What Matters.

In the months leading up to her birth, the expectant mother ensured Hunter would be prepared for being in the room by discussing all the things she might see and hear.

She watched birthing videos, learnt anatomy in proper terms, and knew the word ‘placenta.’

“Kids perceive things in the way adults react to it, so if birth is not made out to be scary or traumatic or what not, kids are not going to think that it is,” Joseloff told Café Mom.

Love What Matters/facebook                 Love What Matters/facebook

“Birth is such a natural part of life and such an awesome moment, especially for a brother or sister to be there when their sibling is born; it really makes such an awesome connection for them for the rest of their lives.

When it was time to push, Lahey recalls that Hunter became her mother’s biggest cheerleader, stroking her hair and even holding her brother’s head as he crowned.

“She didn’t cower when her mother roared her brother out and she didn’t get nervous or concerned about it, at all,” Lahey told Love What Matters.

“She asked questions, she played with her babies, she ate snacks, and she kept us all entertained with her adorableness.”

Following the birth, Hunter took her involvement one step further by engaging in skin-to-skin contact with her little brother.

The three-year-old proceeded to take off her shirt and embrace hew newborn sibling.

“She did ask me, ‘Why am I taking my shirt off?’” Lahey said.

“I replied, ‘Brand new babies love the feeling of your skin, and you will love it, too.’

Rebecca Joseloff/Facebook Rebecca Joseloff/Facebook “She was in heaven, and didn’t want to give him back to his mum.”

Despite some people having a negative opinion on young siblings being present for the birth of a new baby, Lahey believes that it should be at the parent’s discretion.

“Every child is different and every parent-child relationship is different,” she added.

“I feel that siblings who watch their little sibling’s birth are much more connected and compassionate with one another.

“If parents really want to have their other children present at the birth, the best thing to do is prepare them with videos, talk about every aspect of birth, and speak about birth in a positive way.”    (The Independent)

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Dying Mum Left Baby Daughter Birthday, Christmas Gifts To Last 17 Years Before She Died Of Cancer |RN

Natalie Evans
Elisa Girotto left her baby daughter presents to last years after she died (Image: Facebook/elisa.girotto.98)© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Elisa Girotto left her baby daughter presents to last years after she died (Image: Facebook/elisa.girotto.98) Elisa Girotto was only able to share one magical Christmas and one precious birthday with her daughter Anna.

The 40-year-old was cruelly robbed seeing her little girl grow up after she lost her breast cancer battle last week.

But before she died, the bank manager made sure baby Anna will have gifts and things to remember her by as she gets older.

Elisa, from Spresiano, northeast Italy, bought Christmas and birthday presents to last her daughter for the next 17 years.

Elisa and Alessio on their wedding day (Image: Facebook @elisa.girotto.98)© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Elisa and Alessio on their wedding day (Image: Facebook @elisa.girotto.98)

The brave mum was diagnosed with breast cancer on the day their daughter was born – August 21 last year.

Elisa married husband Alessio Vincenzotto that month after she was told she did not have long to live.

Mr Vincenzotto told La Repubblica: “Our life started to run on two tracks: joy for the birth of a daughter and a battle against a terrible disease.”

The grieving husband told how Elisa chose books, toys and dolls for Anna’s early years.

For her 13th, her first jewel and a “secret diary” to open on her 14th birthday.

For her special 18th birthday, her mum chose a globe for Anna with pins marking the destinations she recommended visiting.

Credits: Facebook/esserefelicieunaltracosaoriginal© Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Facebook/esserefelicieunaltracosaoriginal

Elisa also recorded messages for each gift and filled two exercise books with pages of motherly guidance for her daughter.

Mr Vincenzotto added: “Elisa ordered them all over the internet. We had to do everything before she left us.”

Elisa didn’t leave her husband out, leaving letters hidden all over their home.

In the last, she asked him to take Anna with him, whatever he was doing, in the hope “she may she follow your example because I trust you.”  (The Mirror)

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Scientists Successfully Grown Lamb In Artificial Womb, Hope To Do Same For Humans

By Ike A. Offor

This is something many have hoped for years to happen but some have dreaded would happen someday, due to some ethical questions they perceive it raises.

A group of Scientists in a research team created a new device that mimics a pregnant mammal’s womb. They have successfully grown a lamb in the laboratory in an artificial womb, which mimicked that of mother sheep

The artificial womb works by two major components; the first one is the circulatory system that goes through an oxygenator. This is the connection through the umbilical cord vessels that allow blood to flow out of the of the fetus through the oxygenator and back into the fetus and exchange gas as a placenta does.

And the other component is a fluid environment that surrounds the fetus and allows the fetus to swallow and breathe amniotic fluid as it’s supposed to during development.

This was tested in the fetal lambs.

Nature communication reports that this lamb grew in the device for 28 days.

In the future, they hope to test the technology in humans.

Some people in the ethics community would strongly question this but it will perhaps grow in the development and perfect to give hope to women who are unable to conceive via natural means. This could as well grant hope to women who have no womb, who would like to have children of their own.

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