Uwazuruike, 4 Others Head To United States For Biafra Inauguration As UNPO Member |The Republican News

MASSOB Leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike

The founder of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) otherwise called Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, is billed to lead four other leaders of the group to the United States of America for the formal inauguration of Biafra as the 46th member nation of the Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organisation (UNPO) of the United Nations.

According to a statement issued by the President of Biafra Internal Government (BIG), Chief Solomon Ordu Chukwu, through the Biafran Director of Information, Elder Chris Mocha, the inauguration is billed for July 31 to August 2, 2020, in Washington D.C, USA.

“A full delegation of Biafran government will attend the Unrepresented Nations and People organisation of the General Assembly in Washington DC. Chief Ralph Uwazuruike is expected to lead four other leaders of Biafra Internal Government during the inauguration or swearing-in ceremony into the UNPO membership”, Chukwu was quoted have said.

He recalled that the successes achieved by Uwazuruike led MASSOB began in November 1, 1999, when it submitted Biafra Bill of Rights to UN in which the group stated that the people of Biafra, consisting of the five Igbo speaking states of the southeast and with large population in Rivers, Delta, Cross River, Akwa-Ibom and Bayelsa states, is one of the Geo- political zones in Nigeria, and numbering about 40 million people, humbly seek to be admitted, registered or in the alternative, be treated as an UNPO member.

According to him: “In the said letter addressed to UN Secretary General, Mr. Koffi Anan (may his soul rest in peace) entitled: “Application for admission as UNPO member, MASSOB led by Chief Ralph Uwazuruike pointed out that world leaders and all other-peace loving people of the global community, had an imperative and conscientious duty not to fold their hands and permit what it called the grand conspiracy of enslavement, violence and destruction against Igbo Christians to go unchecked.”

Chukwu, however, added that it was this first application and several others in recent times that prompted UN to admit Biafra as 46th member of the UNPO on April 22, 2020. He disclosed further that Biafra flag shall be hoisted in front of the UNPO Secretariat, stating that UNPO general secretary, Ralph Bunche, had, in his letter addressed to BIM-MASSOB leader, Ralph Uwazuruike, dated April 22, 2020, expressed his gladness to welcome Biafra as a new member of the international body.

Chukwu equally expressed his happiness that the annual membership fee of 3,000 Euros has been transferred through bank to bank transfers of UNPO since May 27, 2020, preparatory to the General Assembly at Washington DC from July 31 to August 2, 2020.

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RUGA: DSS Invite Uwazuruike Over Video Where He Addressed Threat From Fulani Herdsmen |RN

MASSOB leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike

The former minister of aviation Femi Fani Kayode has questioned on why the DSS invite Uwazuruike following the video he released through social media concerning Fulani invasion of southerners through the name of livestock grazing implementations.

Kayode in his reaction revealed that there are people that need quick invitation from DSS not Massob leader (Ralf Uwazuruike).

Abdul Azeez Suleiman and the coalition of Northern groups who openly threaten the whole nation and Southerners mostly Igbo leaders with 30 days ultimatum following their disagreement over RUGA or livestock grazing implementations have a call to answer from DSS, he said.
The former minister also questioned the silence of DSS since the group issue the ultimatum to the whole nation and also a particular tribe but too quick to invite uwazuruike after his video release.

DSS invite Uwazuruike over this very video, click to watch

Meanwhile kayode earlier reacted over cows and fulanis embedded in a page of the new Nigeria passports, he revealed that the embedded image is for spiritual and symbolic reasons.

It’s the same that Arabic words are embedded in the Nigeria coat of arms, and in the Nigerian army flag . He summarised with do you want to live in a Fulani controlled theocratic Islamist vasal State? He questioned.
Few hours ago information revealed that the United States of America denied many Nigerians entrance into the country.
What’s your opinion over this issue? (Biafrianewsmill)

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Fulani Vigilante: MASSOB Calls SE Governors Cowards, PANDEF Asks Them To Form One In North East


Chukwudi Akasike and Theophilus Onojeghen

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra has described state governors in the South-East as cowards for failing to defend the Igbo when leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria offered to raise a vigilante outfit to protect the region.

MASSOB explained that while the governors and leaders in the South-West were suggesting ways to tackle the menace of herdsmen within their states, governors in Igboland could not reject the suggestion.

Director of Information of MASSOB, Sunday Okereafor, who spoke to SUNDAY PUNCH in a telephone interview, said the Igbo should know that the attitude of their governors was an indication that they had no leader.

He said, “We say no to the plan to make Igboland part of Fulaniland. If there is any problem in the South-East, the governors indicted will pay the price; it is going to be a heavy price. We are ready for them.’’

Also, the Pan Niger Delta Forum also condemned the call by the cattle breeders association.

PANDEF warned the Federal Government not to heed the demand of the group, saying the government should stop treating the group with “obnoxious impunity.”

In a statement on Saturday signed by PANDEF’s National Secretary, Dr Alfred Mulade, it stated that the call was misplaced, promising to stand with other socio-cultural bodies, including the Ohaneze Ndigbo and Afenifere, to ensure failure of such plan.

PANDEF asked the group to rather form a vigilante group to tackle insurgency in the troubled North-East.

The statement read in part, “PANDEF stands solidly with its contemporaries, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Afenifere in their similar response as PANDEF’s position on this yet another reckless display of rabid impunity covered by rabid obnoxious immunity.’’ (Punch)

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Biafra: MASSOB Berates Buhari Over Saying That Nigerian Military Had Mercy On Biafrans During The War

Jeff Amexhi Agbodo, Onitsha

The Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereignty State of Biafra (MASSOB) has berated President Muhammadu Buhari over his comment that Nigeria soldier had mercy on the people of Biafra during the civil war.

The leader of MASSOB, Mr Uchenna Madu, while reacting to the President’s comment described his sudden change or reserve about the Biafra welfare as an alleged ‘mischief and insincerity’.

Madu said: “The sudden reverse or change of tactical approach on issues concerning Biafra consciousness by President Buhari can be likened to an evil man who is dying and confessing his evil atrocities, such death and confessions are beyond the evil man’s control, it is propelled by divine power.

“President Buhari is tactically and subtly making confessional statements that he and his Arewa people think that will pacify the people of Biafra”.

“The eloquently coming together of all pro Biafra groups with the Biafra spirit of oneness and brotherhood including the global successes of 51 years anniversary celebration of Biafra declaration by our utmost leader, General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and successful sit at home exercise by the people of Biafra are all sending jittery and uncomfortableness to the Nigeria President Buhari and Arewa Hausa Fulani people”.

“The beauty and secret of the success that propelled us are the principals of non-violence, consistencies and self-resolute.

“Though we are being persecuted, blackmailed, oppressed, tortured, imprisoned, killed, mesmerized from the oppressors and enemies of Biafra, we shall never succumb, deviate, derail or compromise this divine movement for the actualization and restoration of Biafra sovereignty”.

“No amount of President Buhari’s antics or hypocritical statements or friendly appearances will ever impress the people of Biafra. We know him as the major slayer of our unborn children” Madu stated.   (The Sun)


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MASSOB: Boycotting Voters’ Registration Exercise Is Counterproductive |RN

By Steve Uzoechi


The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has called on all its members across the country to endeavour, as a matter of priority, to register and secure their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) from the nearest Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) registration centre. This is also as the group noted that boycotting the Continuous Voters Registration (CVR) exercise and non-possession of voter’s cards amount to self-inflicted injury that may also derail their effort to realise the Biafran struggle through a valid referendum.

According to a statement issued by the group’s National Secretary, Ugwuoke Ibem Ugwuoke, the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of MASSOB presided over by its National Leader, Uchenna Madu, resolved yesterday that all Biafrans of voting age must possess a valid PVC. The statement read in part: “That possession of the Nigerian voters’ card is not merely for Nigerian elections only but for the Biafra referendum as the only identification card for eligibility of the people that will legitimately determine the Biafra actualisation through a United Nations observed referendum.”

It added that boycotting voters’ registration and nonpossession of the voters’ card amount to a self inflicted injury that may undermine future referendum on the determination of sovereignty for the Biafran state. MASSOB maintains that: “For the proposed state of Biafra to be ordered and declared by United Nations, the voting population of Biafrans through the registration and possession of the voters’ card must be captured in the national demography of the existing political entity called Nigeria from which the voting population of the coming state of Biafra is seeking separation.” (New Telegraph)

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Fulani Herdsmen: MASSOB Warns Southern States, M’Belt To Be On Alert For Major Attacks


From Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), under the leadership of Mr. Uchenna Madu, has called on southern states and the Middle Belt, to be vigilant over alleged herdsmen plans to attack major cities and communities in their areas.

The group condemned the killing of Benue people by herdsmen and added that the Federal Government should take charge by arresting and prosecuting the herdsmen.

Madu, who spoke through MASSOB’s National Director of Information, Mr. Edeson Samuel, commiserated with the people of Benue

“The Idoma, Tiv, Igala and all ethnic nationalities in Benue must understand that their destiny is in their hands.

“MASSOB is also calling on other states in the Middle Belt and the southern states to be vigilant because this group has perfected plans to attack major cities in these areas.

“Until the Middle Belt understands and solidly stand for their inalienable rights of political, cultural, religious and economicalcemancipation from Hausa/Fulani domination, their future generation will experience more devastation than this present onslaught,” Madu alleged.   (The Sun)

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MASSOB Berates British High Commissioner Over Restoration Of Biafra

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State Of Biafra (MASSOB) under the leadership of Comrade Uchenna Madu has berated the British High commissioner, Mr. Paul Arkwright, for allegedly kicking against the restoration of Biafra. 

The group’s reaction followed Arkwright’s statement, saying the British government would not support secession or breakup of Nigeria. Madu, in a release, said MASSOB was surprised that a learned man like Arkwright could make such a provocative utterance. 

“Though MASSOB understands that Mr. Paul Arkwright is working for the interest of Hausa Fulani through the Nigerian government. Mr Arkwright who knows that Biafra agitators have right for freedom of speech should also know that self-determination is guaranteed in the United Nations Charter on Human and Peoples Right to which Nigeria is signatory”. “MASSOB is doubting the credibility of the British High Commissioner in Nigeria. The world knows that Scotland is agitating for full sovereignty from United Kingdom but none of the Scottish agitators was arrested or killed by British government. Instead, they conducted a referendum to determine the wish of the people of Scotland.”

“MASSOB wishes to warn Nigerian government of the consequence of spending millions of pounds on British diplomatic lobbies in order to frustrate the emergence of Biafra. Nobody can stop Biafra because God, history and humanity are on our side, Biafra revolution is indestructible.”

“The Hausa/Fulani led Federal Government of Nigeria cannot stop us. Even Biafra betrayers working for our oppressors in Abuja  cannot stop us because we are optimistic that Biafra referendum will come in 2018. MASSOB is advising Southern Nigeria politicians mostly the Igbo that there will no election in 2019,” Madu stated.  (The Sun)

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Biafra: MASSOB Accuses Army Of Harassment, Seizure Of Properties |RN


From: Obinna Odogwu, Abakaliki

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra [(MASSOB) otherwise known as Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), on Thursday, alleged that the men of the Nigerian Army harassed and conscripted their properties along the Afikpo-Owerri Road.

Briefing newsmen after their meeting in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, the leader of MASSOB/BIM in Ebonyi South zone, Mr. Sunday Ezaka, accused the military of seizing their properties while they were returning from Owerri, Imo State.

He lamented that despite the non-violence posture being maintained by the freedom seekers, the Nigerian security agencies have been harassing, arresting and locking them up in the prisons.

“Last time when we were coming back from Owerri at Masters Energy Checkpoint in Abia mounted by the Military, three of our vehicles were stopped and we were ordered to come out from our vehicles.

“They saw that we are MASSOB BIM in our uniforms both the war veterans; they asked why we should wear the uniforms with all our logos and handout books written Biafra; they said that we should give it to them and until now they have not called us for a recovery of our property.

“They seized 50 of our security uniforms, handout books titled Echo Biafra 10, shoes 15, T-shirts on MASSOB security 50, boots 50; they said they were going to investigate but up till now they have not called us for claims. On 13th of last month, the Area Command of Afikpo Police Division came and pulled down our sign post from our secretariat at Amasiri, Okigwe road” he narrated.

Reacting on the call by President Muhammadu Buhari’s on the Igbo to forget about Biafra and embrace one Nigeria, Ezaka said that the actualisation of state of Biafra is a must.

“The clamour for Biafra is actualisable and you will soon see it. MASSOB Bim started the BIAFRA struggle. I saw in the national dailies that Buhari visited Ebonyi state and said that Igbo don’t need Biafra; I want to clearly let him know that he is making a mistake by uttering such comments” said he.   (The Sun)

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MonkeyPox: Deadline Vaccines Imported From Iran, MASSOB Alleges |The Republican News

From: Obinna Odogwu, Abakaliki

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), on Thursday, condemned in strong terms, the alleged forceful administration of Monkey Pox vaccine in some parts of South East especially in Anambra State which caused pandemonium in the region.

This was even as it alleged that the substance was imported from Iran with the aim of subtly annihilating the people of the region who are agitating for Biafra republic.

In a statement signed by the leader of the group, Uchenna Madu, MASSOB warned the military to be mindful of their activities in the South East and South-South region.

The statement partly read: “MASSOB through our intelligence agency has confirmed that the source of the immunization drugs was brought from Iran without the due process of clearing of imported goods, our intelligence report also proved that NAFDAC was sidelined before administration of the killer poison.

“Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) condemn the forceful immunization and administration of unknown drugs to Biafra children by medical personnel of Nigeria Army which led to the unconfirmed death of about three children in Ozubulu, Ekwusigo LGA, Anambra state.

“We see this camouflaged medical humanitarian service of Nigeria Army as another dimensional step to cause the annihilation of the people of Biafra. This Nigeria military annihilation exercise can be described as “Operation Python Death.

“The unfortunate incident at Ozubulu that snowballed into “Oso Abiola (Safety Run) has opened the eyes of Igbo doubting Thomases that Buhari led Hausa Fulani Islamic agenda against the Christian dominated Biafra land is real.

“The poisonous substance administered in Ozubulu is outrightly different from the medical drugs administered in Nkwegwu, Isukwuato and Mbaise. This is a biological warfare waged against our people by Nigeria state.

“The level of hatred President Buhari and his kinsmen displayed using the instruments of Nigeria state and primitive services of the security agents against the people of Biafra because of the emergence of Biafra can lead them to indescribable acts that will reduce our intimidating population.

“MASSOB wonder why an establishment geared towards total and open extrajudicial killings of armless and non-violent Biafrans, intimidating Igbo leadership, terrorising our people and villages through their Fulani herdsmen and subjecting our economic fortunes to nothingness will suddenly avail themselves as our medical and humanitarian Messiahs?

“MASSOB also wish to reaffirm our unshaken belief and resolute consistency on the actualization and restoration of the ancient kingdom of Biafra through non-violent means.

“Hausa Fulani frustrating and intimidating approach towards Biafra revolutionary struggle will never deter our self-determination movement to freedom” the statement concluded. ( The Sun)

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Ojukwu’s Reincarnation: Most Nigerians Now Sing The Lyrics He Wrote |RN


By Ray Ekpu

At Newswatch, we must have had close to a dozen interviews with Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu after his return from exile in Ivory Coast. We cherished every opportunity to grill the eloquent rebel, not just because he led the Biafra revolt but largely because he enjoyed a much as we did the prospect of a robust forensic combat. Ojukwu was very well informed, eloquent, argumentative, analytical, controversial and loved to give to his prosecutors, that is us, as much as he received. Every encounter with the great man was an exchange of distilled wisdom.

His antecedents excited us endlessly. His father, Sir Louis Philip Odumegwu Ojukwu, was a billionaire of the old – money variety. He wanted his son to study law. The boy refused. Rather, he studied Modern History at Oxford and returned home with a master’s degree in his pocket. His father wanted him to work for his sprawling business empire. He refused and rather joined the civil service as an Assistant District Officer. When he got bored he decided to join the Army as a recruit. His seniors in the Army tried to frustrate him apparently wondering why such a highly educated man from a well-regarded father would choose to be a soldier. He refused to take the bait.

Let’s step back a little bit. When he was at King’s College, Lagos, a school for the children of the elite runners in his days largely by British citizens something spectacular happened. The boys were unhappy about the quality of their food so they decided to go on strike. One of the senior students, Victor Ovie-Whiskey, was assigned to remain at the school gate and to let no one in or out. He was armed with a huge machete. One of the teachers, a tall, brash bully of an Englishman called Slee came around and howled at Ovie-Whiskey, commanding him to get out of the way. Ojukwu, a tiny 10-year-old, was sent by some senior students to fetch water for them. When Ojukwu saw Slee intimidating Ovie-Whiskey he dropped his bucket, jumped up and slapped this huge Englishman. Everyone was stunned. The police were called in and the matter was taken to court. Ojukwu was tried along with other students and freed.

Let’s step forward. Ojukwu waged war against his country, lost it, went into exile in Ivory Coast. Shehu Shagari in a rare moment of statesmanship forgave his trespasses and Ojukwu got accepted into the mainstream of Nigerian life again. But he was not fully forgiven because of even his own party, the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), blocked him from becoming a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was not a man to be deterred by any temporary setback. He trudged on and when Sani Abacha convoked his national conference Ojukwu was one of the respected delegates who thought that if Abacha had a bag of tricks they were ready to open it. At the conference, Ojukwu showed, once again, that he was a man of courage and conviction.

Alex Ekwueme, one of the conferees, was speaking one day at the conference when some of the delegates heckled trying to bring his speech to an abrupt end. Ekwueme was trying to figure out whether to stop or to damn the hecklers when Ojukwu got up from his seat, went up and stood behind Ekwueme like the Rock of Gibraltar. He said to Ekwueme, “Speak”. The hall was in turmoil. The veteran warrior was ready for whatever anybody was ready for.

Why am I talking about Ojukwu now when he is not anywhere around here. The reasons are four (a) at Aburi, Ghana, where a last-ditch attempt was made to save Nigeria from disintegration Ojukwu was a central figure (b) President Muhammadu Buhari talked about Ojukwu’s acceptance of Nigerian unity when he visited him in Daura some years ago (c) the idea of Biafra has gained traction again and we seem to be back all over again to 1967. (d) the negotiability or otherwise of Nigeria’s unity is on parade right now, an idea that Ojukwu had discussed in several seminal interviews in the past.

In a five-hour gruelling interview that Newswatch had with Ojukwu in September 1992. He talked extensively about what transpired at Aburi. “At Aburi I used the term that it was better for us to separate a little and survive than to keep close and burn ourselves up in the friction. This is the statement I made and everybody said Ojukwu calls for confederation. If you go through the tapes again you wouldn’t hear the word confederation coming from my lips. But it is a Nigerian fact, the basis of unity, even today, some people might say doesn’t exist. Let us talk as Nigerians. Let our leaders talk and get us an acceptable form of togetherness.”

President Muhammadu Buhari was probably truthful about his conversation with Ojukwu on Nigeria’s unity in Daura some years ago. After being pardoned for his sins, Ojukwu had no reason to go on the treasonable path again. He had accepted defeat, got back to Nigeria on Nigeria’s terms and sought to be a Nigerian senator. He attended Abacha’s constitutional conference and made his presence felt. And when he stole the heart of the beautiful Bianca Christian Onoh he made Abuja the staging post for the wedding carnival. He was making a statement that he and his wife were fully Nigerianised that is why they chose Abuja as the centre of the Marriage Carnival. It wasn’t that he was running away from a possible disruption of the marriage by an angry C. C. Onoh who was initially opposed to the union. Ojukwu still had a huge crowd of admirers who could have taken care of business if he chose to tie the knot in Enugu.

Please permit this little digression. A few years ago, a certain man, handsome and loquacious who is a politician just as his father was had said that he used to touch Bianca sometime in the distant past. Who could be touching her now? Femi Fani-Kayode, are you back there?

In spite of Ojukwu’s full reclamation of his Nigerianness, he was still a bit sceptical about the sustainability of its unity. In the interview I referred to earlier we had asked him about his book on Biafra. His reply was. “I would tell you that I want Nigeria to settle down a little bit more”. We said: “Nigeria is settled”. He said: “Nigeria is not. You know it is not.” This was in 1992. Twenty-Five years later, Nigeria looks even more unsettled than ever before. There is a shooting war in the North East. Pythons aka soldiers are dancing and devouring people in the South East. Herdsmen are harassing farmers and communities in various parts of the country. There is also a new deadly game in a town known as kidnapping. Just as it happened in 1967 people are asked to leave one part of the country for fear of being attacked. So is it deja vu all over again?

When Ojukwu was alive MASSOB was around. We asked him at one of the interviews what was his take on MASSOB. He never condemned them and never supported them but he thought they were making the right noises. His position was simply pragmatic and existentially prudent. He would have been foolish to condemn them for doing what he had done even though he got his fingers burnt in the process. He would have sounded hypocritical after accepting to be a Nigerian again if he decided to back them. So what would Ojukwu have done now? Whatever anyone may say now is only in the realm of speculation. But I believe he would have continued to insist on what he called a “better togetherness.” A better togetherness is elastic and indefinable, but it means a rejection of the status quo and a pursuit of a less jaga jaga system of running our lives.

He would not have prescribed secession again because there is no pogrom or any existing calamity that has befallen Ndigbo now. He would know that the actualization of Biafra as an independent republic is the equivalent of tilting at windmills in the light of the political and administrative structure of the South East today. He would also have thought that many Igbos would not succumb to the seductive thought of an idea that could bring another war to the Igbos who have not yet fully recovered from the last one. But he would have continued to ask for a “better togetherness”.

That is the rallying cry in various parts of the country today. That was Ojukwu’s thesis at Aburi. After the Biafra fiasco, he never stopped asking for a rearrangement of the country for optimal functionality. Nnamdi Kanu is unlikely to get the Republic of Biafra but embedded in his idealistic, unachievable and melodramatic exertions is the fact that Nigeria needs some structural refurbishment. That is what Ojukwu sought for at Aburi. That is what he fought for after the war and until he died. That is why I think Ojukwu has reincarnated.

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