41% Of Nigerians Living With HIV —Report |The Republican News

By Cynthia Alo

A report has revealed that about 41 percent of persons from Lagos, Kaduna, Akwa Ibom, Benue, Oyo and Kano  states in Nigeria are now living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV.

This is even as Nigeria is reportedly the country with the second largest  number of persons living with the infection totaling 1.9 million according to the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA.

In a statement  made available to Vanguard by the Hacey Health Initiative,  in collaboration  with the United Nations Population Fund Youth Participatory Platform, UNFPA YPP, it was gathered that over 100,000 youths were empowered in four states in the southwest region  through the “Beyond Treatment for Us” (BT4U) Project.

The BT4U project aims to raise awareness, train, and grant young people access to available sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS services.

The statement further explained that globally, HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of mortality among young people and according to UNAIDS, adding that in 2020, 37.7 million people were living with HIV, “and of these people, 36.0 million are adults, while 1.7 million are children between ages 0–14 years.”

The Coordinator at UNFPA/YPP, George Adjete, said: “Apart from reaching over 100,000 people through social media, the project provided Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and HIV/AIDS counselling services to 100 young people. In addition, BT4U trained over 300 adolescents on menstrual hygiene.

“The project also provided 63 young people with free HIV testing services.”Fifty young people trained on evidence-based SRH policy advocacy, 100,591 young people reached with information and support via social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).”

The project was initiated in July 2021 in response to the new political declaration on AIDS 2021 and the emergence of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.(Vanguard News)

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Dead Man Wakes Up At Mortuary Minutes Before Autopsy |The Republican News

A dead man almost met his end twice when the autopsy was about to be conducted on him. Only for them to realize he was still barely alive.


Himanshu Bharadwaj’s family has claimed a miracle after the pathologist at a hospital in Nagpur detected a pulse just as he was picking up a blade to perform an autopsy. The patient was resuscitated and rushed to a separate ward in the hospital after the error was realised.

Meanwhile, a large crowd gathered outside to protest against the perceived negligence, News18 reports.

Bharadwaj was seriously hurt in a car accident involving him and some other persons and he was rushed to the hospital. Though he was still alive at the time they rushed him to the medical centre, his condition worsened and he was declared brain dead – and then medically dead – before being sent for autopsy.
Dr Gedam, of Chhindwara District Hospital, said the patient’s ‘respiration was dysfunctional’ and his ‘pulse was also missing’.

He added:

‘However, his respiratory organs began responding this morning. At times, in brain dead patients, the heart and the respiratory system stop functioning transiently, which seems to be the case here. Himanshu is still brain dead. Thus, we have referred him to Nagpur due to lack of sufficient facilities locally.’

According to the Daily Bhaskar, the man was kept in the mortuary overnight.

A cleaner in the centre was reported to have raised the alarm after the ‘dead man’ grabbed him while he is performing his duties.
The cleaner, while speaking with reporters stated that he was so shocked while he noticed that someone held him in the morgue at the time he was cleaning up the premises.

Bharadwaj’s father is said to be a Bank of India manager.  (Nigerian Hive)

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Two Doctors Fired After ‘Dead’ Baby Wakes Up At Funeral |The Republican News

John Bacon
MAX hospital of Shalimar Bagh.          © Barcroft Media via Getty Images MAX hospital of Shalimar Bagh.  

A hospital in India fired two physicians and promised an investigation after a baby who was declared dead woke up in a bag while the family was driving to his funeral.

The case has sparked outrage across the country, police are involved, and the New Delhi health minister has threatened to cancel the hospital’s license.

Max Healthcare in New Delhi issued a statement saying the “unfortunate incident” occurred Thursday following a premature delivery of twins after a five-month pregnancy. The second child was stillborn; the first was declared dead a short time later.

The babies were placed in plastic bags and the family was driving to the crematorium when they saw movement. They opened the bag to find the live child.

The baby was placed on life support, the hospital said.

“We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident,” the hospital said. “We are in constant touch with the parents and are providing all the needed support.”

Adding to the controversy, the child’s father, identified by Delhi-TV as Ashish, said physicians told him Wednesday that his wife, Varsha, needed an operation for bleeding. Ashish said physicians demanded extra money to improve the chances of keeping the baby and mother alive.

Delhi police said they were collecting hospital records for the mother and treatment records for the newborn babies. Video from the hospital also was being reviewed, police said.

The hospital, with more than 300 beds, is one of 14 in the Max Healthcare locations across India. It is dubbed a “super specialty hospital” on the company’s website, boasting a wide array of medical disciplines.

Max Healthcare said the firings represent a “strict action” but should not be viewed as a finding of fault against the physicians, AP Mehta and Vishal Gupta. Rather, the terminations are a “reflection of our commitment to higher standards of care.”

The Indian Medical Association weighed in on the case, issuing a warning for hospitals that a body’s metabolism can be “suspended” in cases of severe hypothermia and may protect against oxygen deprivation for an extended period of time.

The association is conducting an inquiry along with hospital officials. Dr. KK Aggarwal, president of the association, attempted to take some heat off the fired physicians.

“There is definitely a mistake,” he told Asian News International. “The difference between a mistake and negligence is deliberate action. I don’t think any doctor will do it willfully. But let the inquiry committee find out.”  (USA TODAY)

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Nigerian Man Brutalised By Indian Neighbours For Alleged Theft, India Police Drags Its Feet

By Chibiko Ikenna Offor

A very brutal video of a Nigerian man being brutally thrashed by his South Delhi neighbours, who accused of theft has emerged.

The man in this video, (click the link below) is a Nigerian young man, whose name has not been known by the time of this report had his legs tied by his Indian neighbours, who took turns to brutalise him with whatever their hands could reach. Some of them had long lumber and base-ball-bat like sticks and they actively took turns to beat the hell out of him while he begged for mercy.

While some folks described this as sheer racism, some claim it is a normal jungle justice culture found in developing countries, where mobs always mete out jungle justice on any suspect without recourse to the law.

It is clamied that brutal mob justice is unacceptabe in India and the Indian police has said that it will commence investigation and arrest one of the mobs, whose face was clearly seen in the video. Initially, the South Delhi police denied that no such thing like this happened in the area under its jurisdiction.

The file number for this case is going to be filed under culpable homicide with IPC section code number 308, against those involved in this mob attack.

In another development, the Public Relation Officer of the Indian police, Mr Deependra Pathak said that “initially a case of attemped robbery was reported and they are coroborating evidences and no action was taken after due medical examination.

But now, since the emergency of this video, judging from certain portions of the video, new evidence has emerged and the Delhi police has taken that into account and necessary legal action been taken.

A human rights activist, Brinda Adige, described the video attack as very, very brutal and horrific.

She said that in the video, it could be seen that bystanders, passerbys were indifferent and none dared to call the police. She said that someone should have called the police for suspected crime than the mob taking law into their hands.

She also said that being an African, the mob were also emboldened due to the fact, that he is most likely not going to register or file for a complaint. And people would take turns to beat him and walk away from there after.

So, she is not very sure if the victim of this bruatl attack has gone to the police to report those who brutally assaulted him. Also, the police has not registered a crime and so she is not statisfied that this case has been handled properly by the police.

Brinda Adige said that human rights violations because someone has been alleged to have committed a crime is not acceptable.

It is also reported that if the Indian police does not take action, it simply means that the police is complicit in the action shown in the video.

There was complaint made with regards to attempted theft, and the neighbours said that the victim they brutalised fell from the stairs and that was how he got the injuries he sustained during the brutal thrashing by the mob. Allegedly, two of the suspects have been arrested.

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Nigerian Killed In India After Argument Over Biafra |The Republican News

By Adetutu Folasade-Koyi

A Nigerian, simply identified as N. Chigozie, has reportedly died in India over an argument about Biafra.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that Chigozie’s corpse was discovered at Hennur, north-east of Bengaluru, in the early hours of Monday.

Although Chigozie was said to have died in a motorcycle crash, his brother, simply identified as Nonso, said Chigozie was murdered.

The police said that the deceased, his brother, and four other Nigerians had partied at an African Kitchen restaurant at a place called Byrathi, on Sunday,  August 3, 2017, and that they quarrelled over food and assaulted each other.

“The six revellers quarrelled over sharing food and assaulted each other. The group of friends who were partying discussed information of a separate state in Nigeria (Biafra). The discussion led to assault and the brothers were badly beaten up. Nieskho (Nonso) went to a nearby hospital to treat his injuries and Chigozie followed him on a bike.  On the way from the hospital, Chigozie reportedly died. It seemed to be an accidental death.

Regardless, preliminary evidence indicated that Chigozie, who was speeding on his bike, crashed into an iron railing and died of head injuries. He was not wearing a helmet. But, his younger brother, Nonso claimed he was murdered,” the police said.

A local newspaper, Bangalore Mirror, reported that Chigozie was killed after an argument with other friends over Biafra.

“The victim, along with his brother, Nonso partied with a group of friends at a house in Byrathi. During the party, it was alleged that the brothers and their friends had an argument over a political development in their country. Police said both the brothers were allegedly beaten up.

“Nonso, who had come in his car, drove to a nearby private hospital and was said to have taken treatment. Chigozie, who was returning home on his bike, was found dead near the railway bridge. Nonso suspects that his brother could have been killed. However, prima facie evidence suggests that the death could also be due to an accident.

“The victim could have skidded and fallen from the bike while riding home. It was raining heavily.

But a murder case has been registered based on his brother’s complaint and investigations are on,” the newspaper said.   (The Sun)

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Nigerians Top List of Foreigners Held For Drug Smuggling, Say Indian Officials

Image result for cocaine in bags

Since 2012, the Navi Mumbai police have arrested 14 foreign nationals for smuggling drugs to the city and 13 of them were from Nigeria. One was from Ghana, the Hindustan Times has claimed.

Nigerians have reportedly topped the list of foreigners arrested for drug smuggling in Navi Mumbai over the past five years.

According to the sources from the anti-narcotic cell of Navi Mumbai police, a total of 66 narcotic related cases were registered between 2012 and April this year in the city. Nigerians were involved in 14 of these cases, the police said.

Barely a week ago, the police arrested one Nigerian from Kopar Khairane who had come to sell mephedrone rock and powder. Around 25g of the drug in powder form and 85g in rock form was seized from his possession.

Tushar Doshi, deputy commissioner of police (special branch) said, “When it comes to drug smuggling by foreign nationals, by and large all the criminals are from Africa in general and from Nigeria in particular.

“The number of foreign nationals including those from Africa has also increased in the city over the past two years.”

The police said these Nigerians work in networks which also operate in other cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

Apart from their countrymen, several Indians are also working in those networks.

Maya More, police inspector from the anti-narcotic cell said, “These criminals collect their drugs from people in their networks and then smuggle those to different cities.

“The biggest problem faced while trying to get details about their business is the language issue. We cannot interrogate them properly after their arrests, as many of them cannot speak proper English or any Indian language.”

Officials from the city special branch told Hindustan Times that presently, around 950 foreign nationals from nearly 70 counties are staying in Navi Mumbai and around 50 of them are Africans.

Amit Shellar, police sub-inspector from the anti-narcotic cell said, “Most of the Nigerians arrested for drug smuggling had come to India on a business visa.

“Initially, they would export garments from Mumbai to their country. However, when their business would fail, they would trade drugs for easy money.”

According to the crime branch official, such networks are operating in the city through word-of-mouth publicity.

“They initially target students from the affluent families and help in forming a habit of taking the drug. Once they create a good number of customers, they keep selling it to them,” an officer said on condition of anonymity.

Apart from drug smuggling, several Nigerians were also arrested for online cheating, credit card and debit card frauds among others.   (

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Hindu Nationalist Try To Engineer ‘Genius Babies’ In India As In Nazi Playbook

Annie Gowen

Newborns rest at a hospital in the northern Indian city of Lucknow. These are not the babies mentioned in the story.© Pawan Kumar/Reuters Newborns rest at a hospital in the northern Indian city of Lucknow. These are not the babies mentioned in the story.  

Members of a Hindu far-right organization called Arogya Bharati say they are working with expectant couples in the country to produce “customized” babies, who, they hope, will be taller, fairer and smarter than other babies, according to a report in the Indian Express newspaper.

The group’s health officials claimed that their program — a combination of diet, ayurvedic medicine and other practices — has led to 450 of these babies, and they hope to have “thousands” more by 2020, the report said.

“The parents may have lower IQ, with a poor educational background, but their baby can be extremely bright. If the proper procedure is followed, babies of dark-skinned parents with lesser height can have fair complexion and grow taller,” Hitesh Jani, the group’s national convener, told the newspaper.

Jani explained that the program consists of a “purification of energy channels” and body before a pregnancy, and mantra-chanting and “proper food,” such as meals rich in calcium and vitamin A, after the baby is born.

The newspaper identified the group as the “health wing” of the conservative Hindu group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, but Ramesh Gautam, Arogya Bharati’s national general secretary, said the group was merely “inspired” by the conservative ideology of the RSS rather than being officially supported by it. Arogya Bharati’s website says it is a “voluntary organization of service minded people who have an interest in the health of society.”

On Saturday, the chairwoman for a state child rights commission tried to attend one of the workshops where couples are counseled on how to produce these “genius” babies — as the Economic Times termed it — but was barred by organizers, that newspaper said.

“This is an unscientific thing that’s happening here. It cannot continue,” Ananya Chatterjee, the chair of the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights, said. The group countered that her charges were “politically motivated.”

Responding to a petition from the commission, the West Bengal state high court later mandated that organizers present an affidavit and video of the proceedings, which went off as scheduled.

The program launched over a decade ago and has spread to several Indian states. Organizers said it was inspired by a RSS leader who met a woman in Germany more than 40 years ago. An official said the woman led a post World War II re-population effort in Germany for “signature children” based on the same principles, according to the Indian Express report.

This comment — and its evocation of the legacy of Third Reich era eugenics — prompted immediate backlash on social media, with one critic writing on the Daily O opinion website that this “dystopia in the womb” was “straight out of the Nazi playbook.”

The RSS was founded in 1925 as a volunteer organization to advance the rights of Hindus. Over the years, it has given rise to many of the country’s more successful conservative politicians, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A few of its founders praised in essays and books the totalitarian movements of Nazism and fascism sweeping Europe at the time, scholars have noted.

“The original RSS stalwarts found a political validity in racial resurrection championed by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich,” Angshukanta Chakraborty, an opinion writer on the Daily O website, wrote, adding, “And even now, a racially pure search for homeland or creation of one along racially/communally pure lines appeals to the RSS and is the heart of its ideology.”              (The Washington Post)

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