BUSINESS: Alaba, Balogun, Onitsha Market, Others Will Disappear, Replaced By Online Shops, This Is The Future – Ike A. Offor

Alaba International market, Lagos

By Ike A. Offor

The open markets like Alaba International market, Balogun, International trade fair shopping complex, Onitsha main market and vast others will be gone for good for obvious reasons of changing trends in how business is done around the globe. These shops, markets others will be replaced by booming online businesses and shops in no distant future.

Some will think that this is a farfetched idea while some good number of people will recognise the changing trend on how business is done around the globe. The days of people spending time to travel to markets to buy what they need is fast dwindling due to the booming trend of online shops.

Alaba, Balogun and Onitsha main market and countless of other markets around the world will collapse into online markets or shops. There will be no more need to maintain shops in these market and be there in person to sell to customers who come to buy goods of their choice.

Those diehard doubters should ask themselves where are the video shops that filled Idumota, Alaba and Balogun and Onitsha main market of those early days of video and compact discs movie now? Those who were in those businesses of selling video cassettes and compact discs have all gone out of business today. They would have doubted it then if someone told them then that they wil be out of business in less than ten years from then.

So many American video rental shops, like video vendors, film burster and many others disappeared just because the business of renting videos, cassettes and CDs were sent into extinction due to the emergency of YouTube, and Netflix and others like iRokoTV, which has taken over African films. Instead of people watching rented films, they simply go to YouTube, Netflix, iRokoTv to directly watch the same films. This saved them money, space and time.

This same thing is about to happen to many businesses that now sell via open markets by waiting for people to walk in to buy from them. Buying will be done mostly online in the next 15 years or so and running a shop in these main markets will be unprofitable and waste of time.


Like every online business, there is no need to have a shop where people walk in to look around and pick up what they need. Rather, the warehouse where these businesses store their goods for onward shippping via various means to be delivered to their customers, who ordered via their online website. These online shops aand owners are getting better and bigger and richer than normal shop onwers and their products they supply are increasing in range. You can buy cars, motorbikes, even houses online without moving a muscle trying to walk into their sellers shops.

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos runs the biggest online shop, the Amazon. What does this tell anyone? This simply tells anyone that this is the future means to make real money than runing a shop where people walk in to choose what they want to buy. Anyone can make their choice at the comfort of their home, office or while walking on the street, pay and their goods will be delivered to their doorsteps. This is the future and it is changing fast.


It is advisable for every business owner in these markets to now start to think about opening and running an online business and begin to get good at it before it is too late and they are forced to go bankrupt like many who were in video and CD rental and sales business. The best way is to be ahead of the pack and think ahead and begin to act now. By the time this comes in the next 15 or so years, they have become good with online shop business. If you doubt this, you will be like those video shop owners who never saw that days will come when the market for videos and CDs will be replaced by YouTube, Netflix and iRokoTV.

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Why The Distrust Of The Army By South Easterners And Rejection Of Medical Outreach?

Military-brutality1 (2)

By Ike A. Offor

The Nigerian Army’s entrance to the region for Operation Python Dance was fervent, aggressive and their actions were very brutal and fear-invoking indeed.

Army officers flogged innocent citizens including very aged men and women to instil fear in them in order to subdue them and their thought of Biafra.

The Nigerian army rolled in with their armoured personnel carriers in such manner that depicted war, hate and disrespect for the South Easterners’ basic human rights.

The army left the operation or exercise but began to attack the members of the IPOB and other Biafrans. No one was spared even journalists were beaten, flogged and brutalized. Passerbys are not spared in their display of force and unprofessional misconduct. The office of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ, was attacked simply because the journalists were filming the entrance of the armoured personnel carriers being driven onto the streets. The Nigerian Army later claimed that the overzealous army officers will be dealt with. Up until now, no one has been reprimanded.

Military-brutality2 (2)

Then, the mission to subdue the Biafrans culminated in the invasion of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu’s family home and more brutality was unleashed in his home in which even the family dog was not spared. His family was pursued with the full force of military brutality and disdain and disregard for the law even away from the true nature of the operation python dance.

South Easterners who wore Biafran T-shirts, necklaces, bracelets and other paraphernalia depicting Biafra were all brutalised in broad daylight. There were accounts of deaths, extra-judicial executions of these people. There were accounts of retrieving of corpses of those shot and put away in secret morgue.

All these unlawful and brutal behaviours decimated the trust that the people would have had for any goodwill from the army. The Nigerian Army killed their trust in them, army disrespected their humanity. They violated their basic human rights and put fear in them.

That fear the army sought to instil in them killed the trust for the army and whatever that could come from them. It doesn’t matter anymore if you come with free food or free medical treatment. So, do not complain that they now fear and distrust the army. Isn’t that what the Nigerian Army set out to achieve in their unprofessional military mannerism?

Army should blame it on themselves and not on those South Easterners, who reciprocated to glaring, odd and gross military mannerism. Now, you have got what you wanted.


The Republican News

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Nigeria Will Break Up And The Political Elites Who Impoverished, Hindered Growth Of The Country Are Guilty

By Ike A. Offor




It is a topic that no one wants to address or hear but it is now a reality that we must face one day soon in the future. Some get very aggressive when such topic is raised in either public domain or social media or in private, but the reality is glaringly limpid.

We hate to break up but simultaneously hate to address the national issues that threaten the unity of the country.  Somehow, the unity is forcefully pushed down the throats of everyone irrespective of their complaints about the issues that bother them most.

It is a taboo to have a national discourse or dialogue, as it is a taboo to bring up any issue that is relevant to the citizens or group or region unless the political elites deem it as something they are really interested in. It is always the interest of the political oligarchs and never that of the citizens. And we dare to ask why most people do not want the unity of this country anymore?

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Well, since the ethnic mistrust and structure of the country makes it impossible to have a collective action that end up with revolution to wipe out the clutches of the political elites that have blocked the progress of the country, the disintegration will be done regionally or ethnically.

We could pretend that it is not going to happen or up our culture of sweeping things under the carpet like we have always done throughout our history, but this is a tsunami that will one day soon engulf the country, and the political elites will bear the brunt of the guilt.

It is imperative for Nigerians to begin to prepare their minds, though we expect it not to happen, that Nigeria’s disintegration is imminent because all the signs are there to be seen. As much as we hate to get real or come to terms with realities in the country, something which is a culture in our polity, we are all still afraid that it is imminent.

Nigeria has a very disturbing culture of sweeping everything, irrespective of how nagging and imperative it is to find urgent solution to those problems, under the stinking carpet and pretend that all are entirely perfect.

This culture of sweeping our rubbish under the carpet brings me to the main theme of this article. This culture is why Biafran-Nigerian war took place with concomitant destruction it created. And why Biafra is now at the verge of breaking finally away from Nigeria.

This culture is why our power sector were never prepared for any consequent national development due to population growth and anticipation for industrialisation. The culture is why our leaders sit tight and block national development, if it does not directly benefit them, their cronies and families.

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This culture is why our education system is terribly neglected and our youths are handed out a very poor and terrible future. This same culture is why every other issue is handled with deep neglect and without foresight and proactive thoughts. It is also why our refineries  have been neglected and somehow we expect the country not to be in need of petrol or byproducts of crude oil.

The culture made the elites do whatever they could to keep the country down while they send their offspring abroad to study or live to enjoy good times and drop into Nigeria only when jobs specifically chosen by their political fathers are available for them. It is imperative to deduce that every single Nigerian political elite are unpatriotic and must take the blame when the people finally have enough of this folly called Nigeria. The end is getting very near and they must take the blame for keeping the people hostage for 56 years without delivering on anything to them but to themselves, cronies and families.

Slavery, as an anomaly, always comes to an end. Just like the great musician and philosopher, Nestor Bob Marley sang it, the good will always conquer the evil, the slavery in Nigeria will one day end and freedom will come to those who seek it.

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Some would ask, what slavery? To  such people everything is perfect and they are having a good time but one way or the other, they are those who benefited from the ills of the country through their connections. To those people, they see no reason for agitation or complain or dialogue. They are fine and have nothing to worry about and are deeply indifferent of the plight of the rest of the country.

Unless the political class changes now and begins to do things differently, which undoubtedly is an impossible thing to seek, Nigeria will disintegrate and they have themselves to blame for it.

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