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By Sunday Ani (

An association of Igbo in the Diaspora, the Global Igbo Alliance (GIA), has said that the structure of Nigeria is not working.

The group is conducting opinion poll among the Igbo all over the world to know what they actually want in the Nigeria federation.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Sun, the vice president of the group, Rev. Luke Iwunze explained what informed the poll, what they intend to do with its outcome and how they would achieve result.

What are the details of the GIA opinion poll among the Igbo all over the world?

The poll is aimed at sampling the opinion of the Igbo to know what they want. Do they want Biafra? Are they in support of restructuring Nigeria along regionalism? Or are they comfortable with the status quo; that is remaining one indivisible Nigeria as it is today? That is what the poll is all about and we are inviting all Igbo sons and daughters to follow the link and express their views.


What informed your organisation’s decision to embark on this?

The decision to conduct such poll became imperative following divergent views from the Igbo nation regarding their existence in Nigeria. Right now, the Igbo are divided between those who want Biafra and those who want regionalism fashioned in line with the 1963 Constitution, with no significant number in support of Nigeria as it is today. So, there is need to ascertain the position of Igbo people on this subject

What do you intend to achieve with the poll?

The poll will assist us to know the minds of our people. Already, there is disagreement on what the majority of Igbo want for their future. The poll would help to settle that. As there is no evidence-based proof on the subject, the poll will certainly provide us with a degree of statistical evidence on it, which would then become the basis for our next line of advocacy for the Igbo.


How do you intend to achieve your desired aim with the poll considering that you are not on ground at home to push for the realisation of the poll outcome, probably through legislation or other possible means?

The world of today is global village. We don’t have to be in Abuja or in Nigeria to make a change. When the opinion poll ends, we will have the results analysed. Once that is done, we will work in conjunction with other progressive Igbo groups and leaders to marshal out strategies for its implementation. In other words, when we get to the bridge, we shall cross it. How to make the outcome of the poll have impact won’t be a problem at all. We have our plans but we would rather keep it to our chest pending the conclusion of the poll.

Why is GIA passionate about the current state of the Nigerian federation?

GIA believes Nigeria is a democratic state and people should not be ruled against their will. If majority of the Igbo say they want Biafra, we will put the message across to our people. If they say they want regional government fashioned after the 1963 Republican Constitution, we will definitely follow the same process. GIA believes strongly that either of the two alternatives needs to occur to achieve peace in Igbo land. This is 21st century and things ought to be done according to the will of the people.

Nigeria right now is not working and having been like this for decades with things getting worse by the day, there is need to sit down and re-evaluate ourselves as a country. If Nigeria is not working, let us go back to the drawing table to re-negotiate, not just for the Igbo alone but also for the future of all Nigerians, including our unborn children.     (The Sun)

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