Biafra Killings: U.S. Government Rejects Nigerian Military Panel Report (RN)


Nigerian Defence Headquarters


The panel set up by the Nigerian army to investigate allegations of human right abuse levelled against some of its personnel on Friday said the US expressed dissatisfaction with its first report.
Nuhu Angbazo, chief of military/civil affairs, disclosed this during a press conference at the army headquarters on Friday.

Angbazo said based on the reaction of the US authorities, a special panel was set up to probe the allegations.

“Army headquarters conducted an investigation and disseminated the report to all relevant authorities, including the USA authority through the DA Washington,” he said.

“The USA, however, conveyed dissatisfaction with the report and requested that a more comprehensive inquiry be conducted. Thus a special BOI was constituted to investigate the allegations.”

The panel had been set up to investigate alleged human rights abuse levelled against the military by Amnesty International (AI).

In a report released earlier in the week, the panel had said the army was not guilty of the accusations but AI faulted the report, saying it was not thorough and also not independent.

However, Angbazo said findings of the panel showed how the process of investigating the detainees could be affected due to an inadequate number of investigators in the camps.

The panel’s report also revealed a small number of military police officers in charge of the detention camps in comparison with a large number of detainees.

“For example, at the Giwa Barracks detention facility, there was only one investigator allocated to a Boko Haram suspect,” the panel stated.

“We note that this limits the capability to extract max info from the suspects. Furthermore, this is contrary to the global best practice of using a team of investigators including those from other relevant agencies to interrogate a suspect to determine culpability or otherwise.

“The board was concerned about the inmate to military police ratio especially in Giwa Barracks Detention facility, which holds high-profile inmates.

“The small number of handlers does not allow for relief of duties. This could result in fatigue or stress with predictable effects on the appropriate handling of detainees.”

It further noted that at the Giwa Barracks also, “there were 3,824 detainees… with 29 handlers monitoring the detention facility.”

The board also found out that a common feature evident in all the detention camps was the delay in the legal processing and trial of the detainees even as they were usually not allowed access to legal representation.

It regretted that releasing the detainees that had been cleared as having no case to answer is usually difficult due to lack of synergy between relevant agencies

“We note that this lack of coordination led to duplication of efforts which further compounded the congestion problem in these detention facilities,” the report further read.

On the alleged killing of some members of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), the board noted that contrary to the allegations, key parties it met on the issue said there were no reports of such killings.

“The board interacted with the Anambra state governor, commissioner of police, state director of Department of State Service and some residents,” it added.

“They testified that no one was killed during the incident at Onitsha bridgehead. However, the police report showed that 14 people were arrested on the day.” (DailyTimesNg) Continue reading


Ohanaeze Shocked By Attack On IPOB Women At Abiriba, Slams The Army


IPOB women members

In a very clear strong message ever coming from the apex organisation of the Igbo people, it condemns in the strongest terms the interruption of peaceful meeting of IPOB women in Abiriba, Abia state.
Ohanaeze in its strongest condemnation ever, expressed outrage and disgust of how the Nigerian army officers treated the IPOB women during their peaceful meeting in Abia.
Here is the press release:
1 Ohanaeze Ndigbo is shocked by the recent attack, arrest and raping of innocent IPOB women members at Abiriba, Abia state by some elements of the Nigerian Army at Ohafia Barracks in Abia state.
2. The attack is uncalled for. There is no law in Nigeria that bar people from meeting anywhere as long as they are not armed or violent. There is no law anywhere that forbids people from holding any democratic view even if the view is against official government view.
3. The best the Army could have done is to report unlawful gatherings or suspicious movements if any to the Nigerian police whose duty is to maintain law and order.It is not the duty of Nigerian army to arrest or detain and rape innocent women as they did at Abiriba.
4 The Ag President, Prof Osibanjo should rein in these barbarous soldiers to avoid breakdown of law and order in the society. Their overzealousness in becoming heinous. The Nigerian Army should respect our democratic norms or disband themselves.
5 We demand a unreserved apology from the Army at Ohafia. Even if Ohanaeze Ndigbo does not share the view of the IPOB activists, they are our children and we have the duty to protect them.Besides, they have never been violent in their agitations.
6 Nigerian Army must be the people’s Army and not one protecting sectional interest,

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Maida Yakubu, The Kidnapped Chibok Girl Who Vowed Never To Return Home

■ Mum in shock, falls sick
■ Community leaders say Maida, others under duress


Maida Yakubu, the girl who spoke defiantly cuddling an assault rifle in a recent video released by Boko Haram and vowing not to return home was among the over 200 schoolgirls abducted by the insurgents at a government school in Chibok town, Borno State on April 14, 2014.
Maida was about 14 years old  when she was kidnapped with other girls, sources said. Those who knew her years back in her neighborhood at Chibok said she was dutiful, very shy and hardly participated  in long discussions among her peers at school except with her parents and siblings whenever she returned from school. But all these appeared to have disappeared from her psyche  in  last Saturday’s  video released  by Boko Haram as she held an assault rifle declaring her preference to stay with Boko Haram.
Unlike the 82 others who were released through negotiation with the insurgents on May 6, Maida with three other Chibok girls in the video vowed never to return home, claiming to have found love with the Boko Haram evil  cause.
“We don’t want to return to our parents,” the four girls in black veils declared in Hausa in the video after they were introduced by a Boko Haram functionary  as the Chibok girls that refused to return home. When asked by the Boko Haram man coordinating what appeared like an interview session in the video, Maida who was christened Dorcas said  “Our parents are not doing the wish of Allah and we want them to follow us. We don’t want to go back,” while urging her parents to convert to Islam. This came barely two weeks after she and other kidnapped Chibok girls in another video obviously recorded by Boko Haram, begged for their release. The sudden change of Maida’s position and her appearance with an AK 47, Sunday Sun gathered, shocked her mum as she fell sick.
“Maida’s mum is in shock over that video. She is worried like most of us, because Maida  was  an introvert of sorts. We were surprised to see her talking defiantly and  even holding an AK 47  in the video. That was not the Maida we knew; these people (Boko Haram) have charmed her,” said one community leader who didn’t want his name mentioned in the report. The source said relations and family friends of Mr and Mrs Yakubu have resorted to prayers since the release of the video last weekend.
However, Mrs Esther Yakubu, Maida’s  mum told Sunday Sun on phone  that she hasn’t watched the video. “I haven’t watched the video. I am just hearing about it  from people and I can’t say anything until I have watched it. Unfortunately, I am not feeling well now.” She would not also oblige our  request  to speak on her feeling, maintaining “I am not feeling okay” and  hung up.
Maina Chibok who equally expressed worry about the development maintained the girls appeared in the video under duress. “The feeling among our people in Chibok is that the girls in that video were under duress. They’ve said few weeks ago they wanted to be released. They even begged government to secure their release so why would these four   now turn back to say they don’t want to go back home?Our daughters have been under certain influence,” he reiterated.
Some residents of Maiduguri urged government not to give up until  the remaining  girls are rescued. “We should not lose hope, these girls will still change and want to return home. They are just being deceived by the insurgents anti-Islam teaching and have probably been  cajoled with gifts,” Abdulraham Mustapha, an Islamic scholar said.       (The Sun)

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Buhari Pushing Biafrans Out of Nigeria, Prefers Restructured Nigeria, Ezeife Explains

Image result for chukwuemeka ezeife

Former Governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife

By Chidi Obineche

Former Anambra state governor, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife has accused ailing Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari of coming into office with the mission of “pushing the Igbo ethnic group “out of Nigeria insisting that if the onslaughts continue “Igbo must go”. He speaks on the basis for one Nigeria, which he says must be based on a framework of restructuring. The former federal permanent secretary reviews the 2015 presidential elections saying that ex- president Goodluck Jonathan, knew about the plot to rig him out months before the election, but that he would have returned as president if he wanted. He speaks on his ordeal in the hands of Buhari, alleging that a grand plot to frame him up and silence him was at the last minute stopped by the president. He speaks more on other national issues in this interview with Sunday Sun at his Abuja home.

You just released a small pamphlet entitled ‘Nigeria: The basis of Unity’, do you specifically see any basis for one Nigeria?
There is a basis for one Nigeria, if Nigeria is restructured and justice is made to prevail, no group in Nigeria can under any circumstances consider moving out of Nigeria. There are many reasons for that, but the basic reason is economic, something we call economics of scale. And what does that mean? With larger output you may be getting lower prices up to a point. And then, you have one market. You produce in Sokoto and sell in Calabar, Kano, Lagos. So I started by defining that the welfare of the people is the decision criterion. The welfare of the people should be the guiding principle for what is good and what is important for the country. So, the production of goods and services are basic for the welfare of the people. And this is cheaper in the larger geographical area than in a smaller one. Either Nigeria is properly structured for the people to take care of their affairs including their internal security on a smaller scale of production or there will be ill will.

In other words, the agitations and secession threats by IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) is misplaced?
No. Ok , let me go to the beginning. IPOB is Igbo. MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra) is Igbo. Igbo captives committed most suicides during the slave trade. Why? because we say Eji ndu eme gini? (Life without honour is not worth living). The way we are in Nigeria today, especially under Buhari is useless. At the start of his government, he employed more than 40 people without a single South easterner. He denied South-east of Secretary to the Government of the Federation, the lowest of the six positions that are critically important. He sacked Igbo people and other southerners from the military, Customs. He killed our people for no just cause in Aba, Onitsha, Port Harcourt,  Asaba. The Port Harcourt bloodletting is the one that drives me crazy. I don’t know what to make of that one. Because some boys were rejoicing that Trump won in America you massacred them. How does it concern Nigeria’s security and they came and slaughtered them in their numbers. What that says is that our position in Nigeria is reaching the point of eji ndu eme gini? therefore we may consider quitting. My own submission is that Biafra becomes inevitable if this injustices- marginalization, inequity, all forms of bad things being done to the South- east, if they continue beyond Buhari, then we must not keep hanging in for any reason. Remember IPOB was not there during Obasanjo’s regime, it was not there during Yar’Adua’s time, it was not there during Jonathan’s tenure as president. But because Buhari came with his Islamization agenda and a decision to push the South-east out of Nigeria if we react, our reaction is where we are going, and we must go if things continue the way they are. But not all of us believe that things will continue like this.  Why do we believe that things must change when every day we are confronted with more reasons why our stay here is injurious? Even people who never thought about us are now getting conscious of the inhumanity of our continued stay and are changing their opinions. They are now talking about giving the Igbo the presidency.  Today, Igbo are  a great majority in Nigeria. We are pushing for restructuring, so are the Yoruba, South-south, middle belt. So, four zones are talking about restructuring. Even among people of the North-east, many are asking for restructuring.  Some in the North-west are also asking for restructuring. So, it is a matter of understanding where you are going. Those who say Biafra outright is better than restructuring, I doubt they are right. If you are waiting for something and you don’t get it, Biafra becomes an option.

What would you think is responsible for the reluctance of some segments of the society that are opposed to restructuring?
What is restructuring? Ultimately, restructuring is going back to what we know; what was agreed- a federal system of government with regions. And what has happened? We had four regions – the North, the East, the West and the Midwest. Three regions in the South, one in the North. As we started the civil war, the military worked out a strategy for winning the war and created as  a result 12 states. The northern military leaders also created even more states. Now, we have 36 states. And how did they create them? Today, we have 19 states in the north, 17 in the south. And sometimes Abuja is treated as if it were a state making it 20 states in the north. Even the number of states, is also important.  South-east has five states, North-west has seven. Then, you come down to the number of local governments. Where are the 774 local governments? They are mostly in the North. Look at Lagos State with a very massive population with only 20 local governments while Kano has 64 local governments. That is the issue. Bayelsa has only eight local government states and that is where oil is. Funding is from the center go to the local governments. Since they have dominance of states, dominance of local governments and if they agree to restructuring and say Ndigbo stay in your place, Yoruba stay in your place and we adopt fiscal federalism they think they will lose. Income, revenue that is the myopic reason some of the northern people are talking against restructuring. It is known to most people including Sanusi the Emir of Kano that the North loses most with the breakup of Nigeria. What is the literacy level in the North? And when did education become second to anything in development? So, even right now, what can they boast of? Tomato is alright. Yes. We are not seeing the groundnut pyramids again. But it is not what they are using to build the North.

So they are not contributing anything to the national pool?
There is nothing they are contributing to the national revenue today. But they are taking more than those who are contributing. They have nothing. But they are not contributing to Nigeria because food is not enough. That is why I am a Nigerian because I can see the potentials of things being much better with better organization, better structuring, and justice being allowed to prevail. Those who want Biafra now, now are right. But the best thing that has happened is IPOB and the way it is going about Biafra. IPOB mission involves referendum. We will just vote like the people in Canada, Yugoslavia, Britain, and Scottish even northern Cameroun. Even southern Cameroun people are now saying they are Biafra now. So  for me, I do not quarrel with anybody who is saying Biafra now, now, now. After delaying we will still get it. But I know that if we get restructuring it will be superior to Biafra, now, now. I am not complaining because of the war experience. During the Biafra- Nigeria war we committed all kinds of  ‘Ibenne’ abuse but at the end of the war people just  picked up their briefcases and walked away and would not come back unless if they make enough money to come and bamboozle the people at home to show them that they have arrived with money. With IPOB, there is no need for cleavages, no need for divisions. Since there will be an opportunity of saying your own views. But people must remember that some of us have roots outside. I don’t have any. This is my compound.  Finished.

You like the vision of IPOB. What about the leadership as represented by Nnamdi Kanu?
That is the effective leadership they have.   I don’t know Nnamdi Kanu very well. But if a person can say my life means nothing to me and he puts everything into whatever thing he is championing, that person should be respected and honoured. I would like them to take cognizance of other views. A person saying  no structuring does not seem to have full understanding of history or the society of Nigeria.

And what is that understanding of the society of Nigeria?
The history behind it. We were once alone in Biafra. We committed all manner of ‘Ibenne’ atrocities.

What is the recurring ‘Ibenne’ taboo?
Yeah! Our culture  does not allow us not to give a sleeping ground to a relation. What happened at the outbreak of the war? Our people will come back and be welcomed home happily by relations. In just two weeks disharmony will set in. That is why we have today, excessive individualism. We used to be individualistic. That is our system. But after the war we became excessively individualistic because some people went out in anger because of what their brothers did to them. No land is given to you to cultivate cassava and they will ask you where you have been all this while. You dare not inquire into certain family assets but when you came back you were celebrated.  That will not happen again. We are better with restructuring. With restructuring we control our affairs. We are able to generate power for ourselves; we are deep with ecological problems. We need to take advantage of the land mass of Nigeria and the advantage of being in one space which is the largest concentration of population in Africa. I am emphasizing the economic aspect because that is where the action is. And then the psychic satisfaction of being in one Nigeria. I believe it is not the British imperialism that created Nigeria. I believe that God used the intervention of Britain to create a country which should become big brother and oil point for all blacks on earth. A country which will eventually develop into a super power and raise the dignity and respect of blacks and the African people and ultimately wipe away the shame of slavery from the faces of all blacks. That is Nigeria’s manifest destiny or God’s purpose in creating Nigeria. And we cannot achieve it without being big. Look at Sweden, Norway and all those small countries where the income per head is very big but they are not proper. With Nigeria, because of our population we become a super power easily.

You earlier accused Buhari of accentuating anti Igbo policies. What is in the Igbo person that is reprehensible and provocative?
Go and read Buhari ‘s speeches years ago. About 15 of them are talking about Islamization of Nigeria. He may not even hate the Igbo. I was in his compound. I sat in his parlour and he gave me food. That was about 16 years ago or more when we were trying to make friends politically. Today, Nigeria’s Security Council will meet and no South-easterner is there. There  are so many actions of Buhari that are irritating and provocative. Right now, they are sending herdsmen to the East to cause commotion and fight on Islamic front. If you think they are planning Islamization you are a very dull person.  They are making great progress with Islamization. Benue State governor said that 12 local governments of theirs have been taken. And the strategy is that they talk to a farmer and ask him to change to Islam. If the person agrees, no problem. If the person doesn’t agree, after some time they will bring cattle to the farm and then gradually they will take over the farm. They will fight you, kill you and what house is left they will move in and build more. Incremental Islamization is already on in Nigeria. Anybody who does not understand it is not thinking fast.

Why blame Buhari? Why not ex president Goodluck Jonathan who had a rare opportunity to change the situation with the 2014 National Conference report but failed to implement it until he was removed?
He had no time within which to implement it. But he did everything including adopting it  and taking it to the National Assembly for legislative action. Where you can blame him is that he did not see early enough the need for national confab. And some of us who kept telling him to do it were disappointed that he did not do it early enough. However, a man is not perfect in every direction. Jonathan did a good job. When he came for a meeting in Enugu, I told him that his ministers were sabotaging him on Eastern roads. Enugu to Port Harcourt, Enugu to Onitsha, the two big eastern roads nothing was done on them. I don’t know whether we have right to blame Jonathan for that. In terms of personnel Jonathan brought our people into government and gave them reasonable positions. Why didn’t they use those positions to improve on the lot of the zone?

He also dispensed with them conveniently, people like Stella Oduah, Barth Nnaji
I don’t fully understand that one and I don’t believe it either. What I know is that in terms of personnel, he gave us positions we never had before. He gave us nine positions which we should have used to help our own people. We did not and turned round to blame him. Let me tell you, we had a meeting of South-south, South-east, initially it was South-east, South-south and South-west. When it was purely South-south and South-east,  we had to go to Jonathan. I was the spokesman and you know I say things as I see them. We were not very happy with the appeasement strategy, which Jonathan adopted towards the North. He was trying to appease people he cannot appease. The northern people cannot be appeased. You give them one, they want two, you give two they want 10. That is in the nature of man. If you are bringing they will be demanding.

That was one of his undoing? That was why he lost easily?
No. Jonathan is a very good man naturally, an easy going Christian from all indications. He said it with his mouth that his political interest was not worth a drop of anybody’s blood. He knew there were problems but he felt that stopping the problems may create more problems. If he had insisted on winning he would have won. There was no way he didn’t know what was going on. We got the minutes of Northern leaders on how they planned to rig the elections. Eight days to the elections I was with Jonathan. I told him that Jega will not be there to announce him as winner. I discovered later that there were people who had done that three months earlier that Jega cannot use his mouth to pronounce him as winner. Everyone thought he will act. The children who were voting in the North and the distribution of voting cards were in favour of the North. The cards were not available for us  in Lagos and the South and the minutes of the northern elders said  register everyone  in the North whether they are of age or not. When you go to the East be extremely niggardly but not as much as in the West .Niggardly means allow only a few to register. This was written in black and white. Initially we saw it and reviewed it.  Eventually we saw it in the field, under aged kids had a field day voting. Even Card Reader rejected President Jonathan. These things were planned in detail. The rigging was carefully planned.

But some people accuse Jonathan of naivety?
It is not naivety. The man didn’t want to lose blood. He knew what was going on. Eventually I got intelligence report from our people in the North that the thing is no longer voting; that it is a matter of infidels versus believers. Adamu Muazu, the PDP national chairman and other people who worked at the top level of the campaign voted against President Jonathan. He saw these things coming and monitored them carefully. That was why it was easy to persuade him to congratulate Buhari even before the final results were counted. It was unafrican and wonderful to have done that.  I know I don’t know enough of anybody but I must say that with the video I saw and the close discussions I had with him the man wanted to prevent massacre. Do you know that even in Abuja the equipment for killing were distributed? Killing who? Christians and southerners. I don’t know whether he dreamt about them also and tried to save people’s lives. This is a Christian man, a gentleman and realistic in the extreme.

Ifeanyi Ubah has been arrested by the DSS over some oil deals with the NNPC.  Are you okay with the reasons advanced for the arrest?
Unless it is just happenstance it seems to be a co-ordinated effort to ruin the economy of South easterners. Many of the containers owned by South-easterners are seized and taken to IDPs in the North. Most manufacturers and industrialists from the East are in trouble. Ibeto  for long has been put aside. Emeka Offor, I don’t think everything is moving well. Look at Innoson, the vehicle manufacturer I don’t think he is getting all the cooperation he needs from the government. And he is the only manufacturer of cars in Nigeria. There seems to be a strangulation policy of South-eastern economic people. DSS invited Ifeanyi Ubah for interview and he honoured the invitation. He was not detained. Then they later came, arrested and detained him. They kept him for so long and eventually released him. A few days ago he was again rearrested and detained.  What I am hearing is that NNPC was using his tank farm for storage and they are alleging that some of the products have been sold. Go to court. This is no business of government represented by DSS or EFCC. This is not corruption the type you get EFCC involved in. What I heard is that because he gathered lawyers to go to court that is why they have detained him. This is a case that should go to court. If he had misappropriated oil placed in his care he should answer for it.

President Buhari has been sick for six months now. To what extent has his sickness rubbed off on good governance and what is your advice on what should be done?
This is not an area in which I am strong enough. If somebody is sick I sympathize.  Buhari is sick. I pray for his recovery. I have heard all kinds of things. Some people were even saying things unthinkable not deserving of anybody who knows God. But the problem is that when he is not working as president  some people are working in his name. Those people have no legitimacy to work except that they are using the powers of the president without authorization. But how do you know it is without authororization? They will say the president gave this directive. If it occurs to the president that because of being unwell and not able to function well he knows what to do. But I don’t want people shouting on him.

 You remember during Yar’Adua’s time he was the one that advised him to resign.
Well your brain is younger and fresher than mine. I didn’t remember that he asked Yar’ Adua to resign. If he did , what goes round comes round. He should do what he preached. I was telling some people that if it is the will of God for him to contest in 2019, no man born of woman can stop him. That is where I stand. Buhari should do the right thing. He should not be pushing the South-east out of Nigeria. That is wrong judgment on his part. In fact he has committed many impeachable offences because our constitution provides for federal character but he has flouted it countless times.

 Did anybody challenge him?
I was in the media shouting. Instead of correcting it you sent some people after me with some carrots. For a man like me, I don’t care. God is in charge of my life.

 Were you intimidated?
They were intimidating me. They came to my house while I was enjoying Christmas in my village. By 11pm I was told that some military people had invaded my house. Another time they came, went upstairs to search, found nothing. I was coming down to meet them but they zoomed off with their siren. Another time, I was to chair an event in Awka and the police and military scattered the thing. Then I came back here and made a hell of noise. One good thing for me was that when they combed my track record from permanent secretary to governor to special adviser to president and found nothing, somebody suggested that they put something on me. Buhari himself shouted and said no, don’t do it. I was very, very happy to hear that. But until he gives the SGF position to the South-east he has not started making amendments. Let someone fault me on anything I have said either on radio, television or print media. If they find one lie from me I am prepared to surrender.
How do you look at the performance of EFCC?
You see, the anti- corruption crusade of Buhari is selective and it is not good . You know those who are corrupt and you are working with them. It is not being pursued effectively. Selective injustice is injustice and selective pursuit of corruption is not war against corruption. Lamido Sanusi made statements that are true. Now, he is being investigated all round because he said the truth. By being selective corruption is being fed.

With deep insight you have how do you see a post 2019 Nigeria?
I stand with the West- Afenifere, Yoruba Unity Forum etc.  At the 2014 confab we had Jonathan said without restructuring 2019 election should not hold. I think there should be interim measures. What are we talking about? Go back to  agreed Nigeria. Agreed Nigeria is federal. It was four regions but now you can use the six geo-political zones. The 2014 confab attended by critical representatives of diverse groups in Nigeria, that conference attended by the best brains at that time in the country, that conference that reached decisions through consensus and only few voting occurred suggested the creation of 18 new states after a thorough evaluation of what is happening all over the country. With 54 states it becomes compelling to have federal system of government.
Is that the interim measure you are calling for?
That is a solution to our problems but it cannot be implemented by the executive who don’t believe in it. Buhari does not believe, but Atiku believes. Many people from the North- east and North-west believe. The entire South believes. Don’t mind what Osinbajo is saying, I don’t know who told him to say that. I think it was not from his mind.  And I forgive him. He said he does not support the way they are talking about restructuring. He cannot be different from all Yoruba people, all the Igbo, all the South-south and he alone is different, all the middle belt and he alone is different. We are going to restructure Nigeria whoever likes it or not. I love this country; I want to be part of it. And nobody who thinks in the long term and who wants justice can certainly walk away from Nigeria, which can be restructured.           (The Sun)

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Driver Handcuffed To Police Van Recounts Ordeal |The Republican News

Image result for man handcuffed to police van

                                                          The driver

• AIG detains erring policemen

Alexander Okere, Benin

A 38-year-old commercial bus driver, Kester Edun, who was handcuffed by some policemen to a patrol van and subjected to inhuman treatment for about seven hours in the Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State, says he did not commit any offence.

PUNCH Metro had reported on Thursday that Edun was handcuffed to the van after his passenger escaped arrest.

The victim, a father of one from Delta State, had earlier been stopped by the security operatives from the Esigie Police Division.

The policemen were said to have searched him but found nothing incriminating on him.

His passenger, however, fled when the security operatives found something on the ground suspected to be hemp.

A resident of the area, Augustine Ogbonmwan, who reportedly captured the brutality meted out to Edun on his mobile phone, was also detained by the police.

Edun said it dawned on him that the policemen were after him when they refused to go after the fleeing passenger.

He said, “The security operatives cuffed my hand to their van and dragged me on the road to compel me to admit to being an accomplice to the passenger.”

He claimed to have lost some amount of money and his phone in the process.

He said, “I did not have any incriminating thing on the bus. When the passenger was searched, they found an empty pack of cigarettes in his pocket. Later, the boy ran away. I asked them to run after him, but they ignored me.

“They handcuffed me to the vehicle, adding that I must accept that I was the boy’s accomplice.

“I told them that I did not know the boy, but they cuffed and dragged me from First (Junction) to Third Junction. The policemen parked and started hitting me and I did not know what happened afterwards because I fainted.”

It was learnt that Edun was later taken to a private hospital by the policemen, where he was handcuffed to a hospital bed and later detained in a cell at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for allegedly being a cult member, an allegation he denied.

It was, however, gathered that Edun and Ogbonwan were later released on Wednesday.

The bus driver said, “I am not a cult member. I did not do anything. They should also return my mobile phone and money. I remit N5,000 to the owner of the seized bus every day.”

Meanwhile, it was gathered that the erring policemen had been arrested and detained on the order of the Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Zone 5, Mr. Abubakar Mohammed.

Mohammed told our correspondent that while the zonal command had commenced an investigation into the matter,  the detained policemen would  face an orderly room trial.

He, however, did not disclose the identities of the policemen.

The AIG said the action of the cops was unprofessional and a violation of the principle of democratic policing.

He  said, “We wish to state that the victims, one Kester and Austin Ogbonmwan, are in good health and are cooperating in the investigation.”

Also, the Edo State Government has described the incident as “cruel, inhuman and barbaric.”

It added that that it had ordered a judicial probe into the incident.

The state Governor, Godwin Obaseki, in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. John Mayaki, on Thursday, said the law must be implemented decently.

The statement read in part, “This government resolutely believes that while the law must be rigorously enforced, it must be done within the bounds of decency, civility and legality.”             (

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Military Men Brutalise Lagos Teacher Over Apartment |The Republican News


Lagos Police Command Spokesperson, Dolapo Badmos

Samson Folarin

Two military men attached to the Nigeria Army Ordnance Tailoring Factory, Yaba, have been accused of beating up a teacher, Ojiah Marleth-Adeiza, in a house on Maye Street, in the Yaba area of Lagos State.

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PUNCH Metro learnt that the soldiers allegedly beat up the 40-year-old and damaged his property in a bid to eject him from his apartment.

The men were allegedly acting on the orders of the landlady, identified only as Olawunmi, who is based in Canada.

The victim said when he could no longer bear the beating, he lied to the soldiers that he wanted to get a taxi to move his property out of the house.

He said he used the opportunity to escape, adding that he later reported the case at the Sabo Police Division.

The Kogi State indigene alleged that aside damaging his property, the soldiers made away with N250,000 he kept in the house.

Narrating the incident that culminated in the attack, he said he had rented the apartment from a sibling of Olawunmi, identified simply as  Olalekan.

He said, “I rented the apartment in October, 2016. I approached the house agent, Olalekan, who is the brother of the landlady. He asked me to pay N10,000 per month for rent. He said I should pay five months rent, pending when the house would be in good shape. There was no bathroom in the house; there’s only a toilet.

“When my rent expired in February 2017, Olalekan gave me the account number of his sister to pay a full rent into it.

“When I spoke with her, she asked how long I had stayed in the house. When I told her five months, she said I must pay for the past five months before I would renew my rent. That was when I realised that her brother did not remit the N50,000 I earlier paid for the house.

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“On March 26, her lawyer tried to evict me forcefully and I reported the case at the Sabo Police Station. At the station, the lawyer discovered the truth and signed an undertaking to stop harassing me. I was asked to vacate the house in May 2017.”

Marleth-Adeiza told our correspondent that around 9.30pm on April 2, 2017, two soldiers entered into the house and challenged his rights to the apartment.

He alleged that a Congolese tenant, who allegedly plotted the attack with the landlady, locked up the gate to ensure he did not escape.

“They beat me till blood started gushing out from different parts of my body. While they were hitting me, one of them was speaking with the woman in Canada, telling her not to worry, that they would deal with me.

“I then begged their leader to allow me to go and get a taxi. A few minutes after walking down the road together, I saw a cab  and we boarded it together. I instructed the driver to head straight for the Sabo Police Station. The soldier asked the man to drive towards the house. When the driver didn’t listen to him, he jumped out from the cab. I followed him.  I held him and insisted that he should follow me to the station. Unfortunately, he wriggled his way out and fled,” he added.

Marleth-Adeiza said he later reported the case after sleeping on the road that night.

He said he discovered that aside a new textbook he was writing which was damaged,the sum of N250,000 was also stolen from the apartment.

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The victim said he went to the soldiers’ base at Yaba and saw one of the men, whom he identified as Corporal Shaba.

He explained that the Regimental Sergeant Major pleaded with him to drop the case so that the men would not be dismissed.

“All I want is justice.  They have violated my rights and should be punished,” he added.

When our correspondent reached out to Olalekan on his telephone line, a woman, who claimed to be his sister and asked not to be identified, denied Marleth-Adeiza’s claims, describing him as an ingrate.

She said, “Where he stays is actually an office, not an apartment. He approached my brother that he needed help and he didn’t have money for an apartment. My brother, out of pity, gave him the office space for N10,000 per month and he paid five months rent.

“Olalekan told him his sister in Canada must not know about it and that he was only helping him. Marleth (Marleth-Adeiza) was given the toilet attached to the office, but he messed it up.

“One day, he called Olalekan’s sister and told her that he gave him money for the rent. The matter turned into a family problem to the point that my sister is no longer speaking with Olalekan.

“It wasn’t my sister that called the soldiers. Some Congolese women staying in the house called the soldiers after he broke down their doors and messed up the toilets, which he was not supposed to encroach into.

“The soldiers then asked him to pack all his things and move out of the house. At a point, he was rude to them and they beat him up. He then told the soldiers that he wanted to pack some of his things; he used that opportunity to escape.”

She added that policemen from the Sabo division arrested the Congolese women for their role in the fracas.

She told PUNCH Metro that her brother and some friends intervened in the matter and Olalekan offered a refund of the N50,000 rent to Marleth-Adeiza, but he declined the offer.

She said the claim that the soldiers stole money in the house was an afterthought.

Efforts to speak with Olawunmi on Sunday and Monday were abortive as she did not pick her calls.

She had also yet to respond to a text message sent to her international line as of press time.

When our correspondent contacted her lawyer, identified only as Adetunji, he said he was not aware of the case.

“I am not aware of anything like that, please,” he said.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, confirmed the incident, adding that investigations were ongoing.

He said the police were working with the military to ensure justice was served.

The Acting Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, Olaolu Daudu, did not pick his calls and had yet to respond to a text message sent to him as of  the time of filing this report. (

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