JUST IN: IPOB Raises Alarm Over Plot To Incriminate Group By Security Forces |RN


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has raised alarm via their press release claiming that the Nigerian security forces intend to carry out criminal activities and blame it on the group, in order to frame them as truly a terrorist organisation.

Allegedly, the federal government has big task and problem to prove to the international community that IPOB is indeed a terrorist group, which its flimsy court decision has failed to do so far even within Nigeria.

So, IPOB claims that there is a plot by Nigerian security forces to manufacture evidence by carrying out gross criminal activities within South East and blame them on IPOB members. And they would use it as an excuse to carrying out widespread attacks and killings in the disguise that they are fighting terrorists.

Here is the press briefing:
IPOB press release
Date: 22/09/3017
We the family of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to urgently draw the attention of the civilised world to the dastardly plot being perfected by the APC Hausa-Fulani led Islamic government of Nigeria against peaceful unarmed members of IPOB residing in Biafra land in the next few weeks.
IPOB Intelligence Unit have uncovered elaborate plans by the Islamic APC government of Buhari to incriminate IPOB members in order to justify their controversial and unpopular proscription of IPOB with the attending laughable tag of the terrorist organisation against a world recognised peaceful movement.
This Islamic Hausa-Fulani controlled and dominated security apparatus in Nigeria led by Muhammadu Buhari have resolved to commence another round of their periodic genocidal massacre of innocent civilians across South East and South South within the next few weeks under the cover that IPOB is a terrorist organisation.
They have concluded in their sadistic minds to kill as many people as possible.
They want to spread terror, intimidation and instil fear in the minds of those that will survive this massacre and cause our people to renounce or abandon their legitimate quest for freedom.
The plan is to bring the people of old Eastern Region to submission before 2019 presidential elections.
In the meeting where they concluded this devilish line of action, they boasted that they have succeeded in bringing some South East and South South politicians, especially South East governors under their control, what was left for them to complete the conquest and subjugation of entire Biafraland are the youths.
Tagging IPOB a terrorist organisation and having such authenticated by a court of law was the first crucial step towards setting the stage for the impending genocide.
The wholesale massacre is scheduled to begin in precisely three weeks time.
The military, police and the DSS exclusively staffed by Hausa-Fulani Islamic extremists would carry out murderous simultaneous raids across South East and parts of South-South to eliminate tens of hundreds of young men under the guise of hunting for IPOB sympathisers.
They assumed that having successfully bought over the conscience of South East governors to join them in their genocidal plot with promises of second tenure in office, they can proceed to execute their plan with nobody standing in their way.
To justify and make this genocidal act against the people look real, the Nigerian Army will take condemned criminals from prisons, dress them in military uniforms, then execute them during an unprovoked attack to make it seem that IPOB killed Nigerian soldiers.
They will then call a world press conference to show the media corpses of ‘solders’ killed by IPOB in order to justify their decision to tag IPOB a terrorist group and hopefully dent the standing of IPOB in the eyes of lovers of freedom all over the world.
This evil plan will also involve burning down some police stations in the Eastern Region with the claim that it was done by IPOB sympathisers loyal to the leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
It is presently clear that a special squad has been trained to spearhead and carry this plot to the letter.
The plan is to trigger an ethnoreligious crisis of immense proportion as a prelude to unleashing what they termed the final solution to the Igbo question in Nigeria.
South East governors who till date could not defend their states against wave after wave of Fulani herdsmen murderous invasion have gladly volunteered, in exchange for a second term in office, to collaborate with Arewa North to inflict another genocide on the people of Biafra.
South-South is not left out of this plot because the plan also is to instigate crisis of confidence so that South East and South South can never come together to forge a common position.
After all the only resource that sustains the economy of Nigeria, crude oil and gas, are found only in South East and South South both of which make up Biafraland.
So dividing them makes it easier for Arewa North and their co-conspirators to continue the ruthless exploitation and subjugation of Biafrans.
In the pursuit of this divide and conquer agenda, there is a plan to appoint a person from “South-South” into “a powerful” office in the Federal government either into the office of Chief of Defense Staff or Secretary to the Government of Federation.
This individual will be given the responsibility of ensuring that the people of South-South do not rise in opposition when the massacre of Igbos gets underway.
The idea is to highlight, magnify and amplify perceived differences between South East and South South by Hausa-Fulani controlled North as they did during the war and with abandoned property afterwards.
Further, it would make the unsuspecting “South Southerners” think that they have to save their brother’s appointment by dissociating themselves from the Biafra restoration project.
Furthermore, to seal this well-orchestrated evil plot, the Arewa North will soon appoint a Yoruba to replace the present Inspector General of Police to give the impression that the fight against Biafrans in general and Igbo, in particular, was being spearheaded by the South West and the South-South in collaboration with the North.
Needless to say that these plans will never work because there are more than enough men and women of good conscience in South-South and South West to allow such ploy to take hold.
This divide and conquer of Biafraland effectively deployed in the past, that handed Nigeria over to core Arewa North as their estate will not be allowed to repeat itself because we are IPOB and God Almighty Creator is always on our side.
The world is put on notice that should this impending genocide commence, South East governors, Arewa Consultative Forum, Northern Elders Forum, the Presidency and entire Islamic Core North should be held responsible because IPOB is not and can never be a terrorist organisation.
We do not kill, we abhor lawlessness and till date, nobody can point to a breakdown of law and order incident attributable to IPOB activities.
We are too civilised a people, from time immemorial, to want to dabble into the primitive destruction of lives and properties.
That is the exclusive preserve of the Arewa North, not IPOB.
All we are asking for is a referendum so that our people can decide if they want to be free in Biafra or remain as slaves in Nigeria.


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UNGA: Buhari Condemns Killings in Myanmar, Says Palestinians Suffering |RN

Nigerian President Buhari addresses the United Nations General Assembly in the Manhattan borough of New York

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari addresses the United Nations General Assembly in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S. September 20, 2016. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the killings in Myanmar which have been targeted at the Muslim-majority Rohingya population.

The President also asked the United Nations not to forget the people of Palestine who have been suffering for decades.

Buhari said this while delivering his speech before over 150 world leaders at the 72nd United National General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

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He said the killing of the Rohingya people was reminiscent of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

While expressing fear over the possibility of a nuclear war due to the activities of North Korea, the President urged the UN not to forget United Nations Security Council Resolutions from 1967 on the Middle East crisis which remains unimplemented.

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Buhari said, “New conflicts should not make us lose focus on ongoing unresolved old conflicts. For example, several UN Security Council Resolutions from 1967 on the Middle East crisis remain unimplemented. Meanwhile, the suffering of the Palestinian people and the blockade of Gaza continue.

“Additionally, we are now confronted by the desperate human rights and humanitarian situation in Yemen and most tragically in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. The Myanmar crisis is very reminiscent of what happened in Bosnia in 1995 and in Rwanda in 1994.

“The international community cannot remain silent and not condemn the horrendous suffering caused by what from all indications is a state-backed programme of brutal depopulation of the Rohingya inhabited areas in Myanmar on the basis of ethnicity and religion.

“We fully endorse the call by the Secretary-General on the Government of Myanmar to order a halt to the ongoing ethnic cleansing and ensure the safe return of the displaced Rohingya to their homes in safety and dignity.”

The President thanked the UN for assisting Nigeria to tackle its humanitarian crisis in the North-East.

He also commended the UN’s role in helping to settle thousands of innocent civilians caught in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In particular, we must collectively thank the government of the Federal Republic of Germany under the commendable leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Governments of Italy, Greece and Turkey for assisting hundreds of thousands of refugees.”

Buhari said his administration was fighting corruption but would need the assistance of the international community to succeed.  (Punch)

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BREAKING NEWS: Soldiers Invade Nnamdi Kanu’s Family House, Kill 18 |RN


…….Ransacked and desecrated his father’s palace

From Chuks Onuoha, Umuahia.

Soldiers, in operation Python Dance II, this evening invaded the family House of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, at Afaraukwu, Umuahia, ransacked every part of the house and desecrated the palace of his father, the traditional ruler.

They were said to have shot themselves through to gain entry into the highly secured and fenced compound having dislodged the human barricade that is always present at the gate and house of the IPOB leader.

An unconfirmed family source said that about 18 people lost their lives during the invasion which occurred between the hours of 4 and 5 pm on Thursday.

Another source said that only 4 people were killed by the troop, which opened fire at the palace for more than 30 minutes.

Daily Sun observed that between the time mentioned above, the heavy shooting was heard coming from Afara area of the Umuahia, the state capital, which made residents run for safety.

Meanwhile, the where about of the IPOB Leader is not known as efforts made to obtain information about him did not yield any fruit.

It is not actually known the number of people that lost their lives during the attack.    (The Sun)


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Nigerian Army To Deal With Soldiers Maltreating Biafra Agitators |RN

Soldiers-IPOBmembers in Aba1


The Nigerian Army said it will punish any soldiers or officer found guilty in the maltreatment and dehumanization of some alleged members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Abia state in South East Nigeria.

The Army in a statement on its website said: “Our Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement are quite clear and any officer or soldier that infringed on any of such directive if found guilty, will face the full wrath of the military justice system.”

A video which had gone viral had shown the several Nigerian Army soldiers whipping with stick and clubs some youths allegedly belonging to IPOB.

There were some others where young people rounded up and laid or stacked side by side on the bare ground was commanded by soldiers and compelled to brutalize themselves in twos.

The video also showed the soldiers ordering the youths to rolls in muddy waters and some died as a result of the torture and inhuman treatment by the Nigerian Army troops.

The Army statement signed by the spokesman in Enugu, Colonel Sagir Musa reads in full: “The attention of the Headquarters 82 Division Nigerian Army has been drawn to a video clip trending on social media and other platforms purportedly showing troops humiliating some people at a checkpoint in Abia State, Nigeria.

“The issue is being investigated to ascertain the source and the actors in the clip. Our Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement are quite clear and any officer or soldier that infringed on any of such directive if found guilty will face the full wrath of the military justice system.

“We would like to inform the public that 82 Division is also aware of the planned misinformation and propaganda arrangement by the secessionists’ Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

“They intend to churn out pre-recorded video clips aimed at discrediting the Nigerian Army, causing disaffection among the citizens of this country. They will be using bogus, manipulated and photo-shopped photographs as well as video clips.

“The public should be wary of such mischief, scrutinize and report same to the Nigerian Army or any of security agencies. The Division wishes to reassure the public that it is determined to ensuring the safety of lives and properties in its area of operational responsibility, particularly the entire South East geopolitical zone as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We do not condone any act of indiscipline in the conduct of our operations and training exercises. Any claim of rights violation would be investigated and when confirmed, appropriate disciplinary action would be taken against the erring personnel. ”  (The Sun)

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IPOB: Senior Lawyer Condemns Dehumanising Treatment Of Biafra Agitators By Soldiers

Soldiers-IPOBmembers in Aba

Nigerian soldiers dehumanise Biafra agitators in Aba

‎From: Godwin Tsa, Abuja

A constitutional lawyer, Sebastine Hon (SAN) has condemned the dehumanising treatment of persons suspected to be Biafra agitators by the Nigerian Government.

He submitted that watching the video which has gone viral on the Internet, showing most dehumanising treatment of persons suspected to be Biafra supporters, is horrible and horrifying, to say the least.

The lawyer said it is unbelievable that the Nigerian Army, once respected globally, would condescend to the level of flogging its hapless captives and compelling them to submerge themselves in thick mud.
He, therefore, called on the Federal government to dialogue with the group and adopt the carrot and stick approach in dealing with the matter instead of embarking on naked force.
The lawyer further urged Igbo leaders, political and traditional, to not only just speak up against separatism, but should also engage constructively with the agitators on the need for them to see the futility of their actions.
In a statement in Abuja yesterday, Hon said; “I didn’t believe my eyes when I first watched the video, and I almost became a psychological wreck when I attempted to watch it again.
What that video has depicted personnel of the Nigerian soldiers doing is condemnable in all ramifications. Not even prisoners of war are treated that way!
The promise by the army to investigate is salutary, but I must caution that this should not be a fluke.
For goodness sake, even though the renewed Biafra agitation is, responsibly speaking, not well thought out by its protagonists, but the dismissive aloofness of the Federal authorities is not good either. I can’t fathom why, in a democracy, the Federal Government is blatantly refusing to meaningfully engage dissidents threatening dismemberment of that same Federation, but rather derisively threat them as mere noisy elements. It is never done this way.
For the avoidance of any doubt, I do not support any separatist agitation in Nigeria now; but at the same time, I do not support the Nigerian Government’s demeaning response to the smouldering crisis.
I warned the other day that Nigeria is haemorrhaging and even hanging on the cliff. I also advised that President Muhammadu Buhari should use the carrot and stick approach of the President Obasanjo era – which deservedly beat the Niger Delta agitators to their game.
The actions of the Federal Government and the Nigerian Army are capable of being misinterpreted as anti-Igbo.
In conclusion, however, I wish to strongly plead for caution, especially on the part of the Federal Government. The apparent depicting of Biafran apologists as arch enemies is improper, with due respect.
Igbo leaders, political and traditional, should also not just speak up against separatism, they should also engage constructively with the agitators on the need for them to see the futility of their actions.
A stitch in time saves nine!    (The Sun)

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Gory Tales At Military Human Rights Violation Probe |The Republican News

From Godwin Tsa, Abuja

The presidential panel of inquiry on alleged human rights violation by the Nigerian Military commenced sitting Monday with gory tales from the Moon Valley Communities in Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, who narrated how the entire population of about 30,000 people was allegedly sacked by the military.

Represented by their counsel, Mike Utsaha, the community told the panel that while 28 people were killed in the attack, 91 compounds and properties were destroyed.

They said the attack was carried out by the 93 Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Takum, Taraba State.

In an 18-page memorandum submitted to the panel, the communities narrated how following intense and sustained attacks beginning from 2013 up to 2015, they have been killed and displaced by the combined team of soldiers of the Nigerian Army from the 93 Battalion, Takum, Taraba State and herdsmen on their lands.

The First Petitioners Witness (PW1), Jacob Kwaghkper, a retired Deputy Director of the National Commission for Colleges of Education said since 2015 up to June 2017, the five communities of the Moon Valley have been subjected to intense, sustained and coordinated attacks by soldiers from the 93 Battalion and herdsmen leading to the death of 28 people.

He told the panel that the herdsmen with the support of the soldiers are in effective occupation of the lands of the five communities.

“The soldiers are even providing security for the herdsmen who occupy our lands. The displaced people of the communities who escaped from the attacks have become refuges in Cameroon and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) taking shelter in other towns in Kwande, without any assistance,” the witness lamented

Another witness, Agbo Utah, said his compound was burnt down by herdsmen with the support of soldiers. He further narrated how he was beaten, arrested and detained for a week with other elderly men from the communities by soldiers that disrupted the local government election in 1998.

The displaced communities are asking the panel for the immediate restoration of their lands with adequate compensation.

They want all places of worships, schools and markets burnt/destroyed as a result of the brutal attacks by soldiers and Fulani herdsmen rebuilt.

Earlier in his address at the commencement of public sitting, chairman of the panel, Justice Georgewill said the panel was a unique opportunity for all those who have genuine and verifiable cases of alleged human rights abuses by the armed forces in the course of managing and containing local conflicts and insurgencies to submit their memorandum.

He disclosed that his panel will hold public hearings in each of the six geopolitical zones of the country on selected dates and centres.

Other embers of the panel are; Major-General Patrick Akem; Mr Wale Fapohunda; Mrs Hauwa Ibrahim; Mr Jibrin Ibrahim; Mr Abba Ambudashi Ibrahim; Mrs Ifeoma Nwakama; and Dr Fatima Alkali who is counsel to the Panel.             (The Sun)

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Biafra Killings: U.S. Government Rejects Nigerian Military Panel Report (RN)


Nigerian Defence Headquarters


The panel set up by the Nigerian army to investigate allegations of human right abuse levelled against some of its personnel on Friday said the US expressed dissatisfaction with its first report.
Nuhu Angbazo, chief of military/civil affairs, disclosed this during a press conference at the army headquarters on Friday.

Angbazo said based on the reaction of the US authorities, a special panel was set up to probe the allegations.

“Army headquarters conducted an investigation and disseminated the report to all relevant authorities, including the USA authority through the DA Washington,” he said.

“The USA, however, conveyed dissatisfaction with the report and requested that a more comprehensive inquiry be conducted. Thus a special BOI was constituted to investigate the allegations.”

The panel had been set up to investigate alleged human rights abuse levelled against the military by Amnesty International (AI).

In a report released earlier in the week, the panel had said the army was not guilty of the accusations but AI faulted the report, saying it was not thorough and also not independent.

However, Angbazo said findings of the panel showed how the process of investigating the detainees could be affected due to an inadequate number of investigators in the camps.

The panel’s report also revealed a small number of military police officers in charge of the detention camps in comparison with a large number of detainees.

“For example, at the Giwa Barracks detention facility, there was only one investigator allocated to a Boko Haram suspect,” the panel stated.

“We note that this limits the capability to extract max info from the suspects. Furthermore, this is contrary to the global best practice of using a team of investigators including those from other relevant agencies to interrogate a suspect to determine culpability or otherwise.

“The board was concerned about the inmate to military police ratio especially in Giwa Barracks Detention facility, which holds high-profile inmates.

“The small number of handlers does not allow for relief of duties. This could result in fatigue or stress with predictable effects on the appropriate handling of detainees.”

It further noted that at the Giwa Barracks also, “there were 3,824 detainees… with 29 handlers monitoring the detention facility.”

The board also found out that a common feature evident in all the detention camps was the delay in the legal processing and trial of the detainees even as they were usually not allowed access to legal representation.

It regretted that releasing the detainees that had been cleared as having no case to answer is usually difficult due to lack of synergy between relevant agencies

“We note that this lack of coordination led to duplication of efforts which further compounded the congestion problem in these detention facilities,” the report further read.

On the alleged killing of some members of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), the board noted that contrary to the allegations, key parties it met on the issue said there were no reports of such killings.

“The board interacted with the Anambra state governor, commissioner of police, state director of Department of State Service and some residents,” it added.

“They testified that no one was killed during the incident at Onitsha bridgehead. However, the police report showed that 14 people were arrested on the day.” (DailyTimesNg) Continue reading