Nigeria Will Break Up And The Political Elites Who Impoverished, Hindered Growth Of The Country Are Guilty

By Ike A. Offor




It is a topic that no one wants to address or hear but it is now a reality that we must face one day soon in the future. Some get very aggressive when such topic is raised in either public domain or social media or in private, but the reality is glaringly limpid.

We hate to break up but simultaneously hate to address the national issues that threaten the unity of the country.  Somehow, the unity is forcefully pushed down the throats of everyone irrespective of their complaints about the issues that bother them most.

It is a taboo to have a national discourse or dialogue, as it is a taboo to bring up any issue that is relevant to the citizens or group or region unless the political elites deem it as something they are really interested in. It is always the interest of the political oligarchs and never that of the citizens. And we dare to ask why most people do not want the unity of this country anymore?

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Well, since the ethnic mistrust and structure of the country makes it impossible to have a collective action that end up with revolution to wipe out the clutches of the political elites that have blocked the progress of the country, the disintegration will be done regionally or ethnically.

We could pretend that it is not going to happen or up our culture of sweeping things under the carpet like we have always done throughout our history, but this is a tsunami that will one day soon engulf the country, and the political elites will bear the brunt of the guilt.

It is imperative for Nigerians to begin to prepare their minds, though we expect it not to happen, that Nigeria’s disintegration is imminent because all the signs are there to be seen. As much as we hate to get real or come to terms with realities in the country, something which is a culture in our polity, we are all still afraid that it is imminent.

Nigeria has a very disturbing culture of sweeping everything, irrespective of how nagging and imperative it is to find urgent solution to those problems, under the stinking carpet and pretend that all are entirely perfect.

This culture of sweeping our rubbish under the carpet brings me to the main theme of this article. This culture is why Biafran-Nigerian war took place with concomitant destruction it created. And why Biafra is now at the verge of breaking finally away from Nigeria.

This culture is why our power sector were never prepared for any consequent national development due to population growth and anticipation for industrialisation. The culture is why our leaders sit tight and block national development, if it does not directly benefit them, their cronies and families.

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This culture is why our education system is terribly neglected and our youths are handed out a very poor and terrible future. This same culture is why every other issue is handled with deep neglect and without foresight and proactive thoughts. It is also why our refineries  have been neglected and somehow we expect the country not to be in need of petrol or byproducts of crude oil.

The culture made the elites do whatever they could to keep the country down while they send their offspring abroad to study or live to enjoy good times and drop into Nigeria only when jobs specifically chosen by their political fathers are available for them. It is imperative to deduce that every single Nigerian political elite are unpatriotic and must take the blame when the people finally have enough of this folly called Nigeria. The end is getting very near and they must take the blame for keeping the people hostage for 56 years without delivering on anything to them but to themselves, cronies and families.

Slavery, as an anomaly, always comes to an end. Just like the great musician and philosopher, Nestor Bob Marley sang it, the good will always conquer the evil, the slavery in Nigeria will one day end and freedom will come to those who seek it.

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Some would ask, what slavery? To  such people everything is perfect and they are having a good time but one way or the other, they are those who benefited from the ills of the country through their connections. To those people, they see no reason for agitation or complain or dialogue. They are fine and have nothing to worry about and are deeply indifferent of the plight of the rest of the country.

Unless the political class changes now and begins to do things differently, which undoubtedly is an impossible thing to seek, Nigeria will disintegrate and they have themselves to blame for it.

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