FG, DSS Plan To Cause Igbo, Yoruba Conflict With False Allegation, Carry Out Plan And Blame IPOB —AOKOYA |RN

Oodua Republic

Press Statement

FG allegation of IPOB plan to attack Lagos plot to cause Igbo, Yoruba conflict

Monday May 10, 2021 The statement made by the police today that Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, (IPOB) is planning to attack Lagos represents the high point of intrigue aimed at setting Yoruba against Igbo, a Pan Yoruba group said on Monday

In a statement signed by its official, Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) said police claim that IPOB was planning to attack Lagos is suspicious

‘This is clearly another grand plot to set the Yoruba against Igbo. We do not believe the police claim” the statement signed by AOKOYA official Ahmed Akorede stated

The group said police claim is curious given the silence of the same police force when Fulani terrorists have been attacking the entire South West.

AOKOYA said it is not impossible that a rogue group may attack strategic assets in Lagos and put the blame on IPOB in order to set Yoruba and Igbo against each other.

“This is a game of wits. We urge Igbo and Yoruba to be aware. When Fulani terrorists were attacking Yoruba, kidnapping the people, the police did not mention any name. Now that IPOB is fighting for self determination, the Fulani leadership is looking for a way to divide the emerging Igbo and Yoruba solidarity. This evil plot will fail” AOKOYA said

We call on the Federal Government to send soldiers to flush our Fulani terrorists in Yewa, Igana in Oyo and armed Fulani cells across the South West forests. IPOB is not Yoruba problem. IPOB is nor kidnapping Yoruba people. IPOB is not occupying Yoruba forests. IPOB is not kidnapping, raping and killing Yoruba women and students..IPOB is not killing our farmers. The police should focus on Fulani terrorists in the South West instead of blackmailing IPOB”


Ahmed Akorede

The group urge Igbo and Yoruba to continue to explore areas of cooperation and prevent attempts to set ablaze the growing economic and spiritual ties that have emerged over the past one decade

“We warn the Fulani Federal Government.Do not bomb Lagos, put the blame on IPOB in order to cause disaffection between Yoruba and Igbo. This is an old trick used by Hitler to set people against each other. It is one of the instruments Fulani have employed to keep itself in power. The game is up” AOKOYA said

The police had said that “the threat of IPOB to attack soft targets in Lagos is equally being put on the radar of the command’s intelligence gathering and other security services in the state.

The police said “Strategies are being put in place to neutralize their activities. The command is using this medium to solicit for the support of all and sundry to be vigilant at all times and report any suspicious person or movement to security agencies. Let us adopt the slogan of ‘when you see something, say something.’”

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