South East Will Boil Any Time From Now Due To Their Refusal To Give Us Land —Miyetti Allah

Miyetti Allah Leader, Gidado Siddiki

Early this morning according to the leader of cattle breeders in Nigeria. He expressed his shock on how serious the governors of South East has been in their refusal to give them their lands for cattle rearing.

Leader of the group, Alhaji Gidado Siddiki, in a statement issued in Abuja , said the decision was surprising to them considering the cordial relationship that had existed in the zone between the group and the five state government.

He said that, since they are claiming to be stubborn, and had refused to give us their lands in peace, it will be taken by force and entire south east will be raided and taken over by herdsmen.

He said Miyetti Allah had never failed to appreciate the commitment of the host governors in ensuring their safety, even in their rational insistence that their people must not infringe on the rights of indigenous farmers to cultivate and harvest their crops without any hindrance. He also mentioned that it’s an insult that the Igbos do not value anything that has to do with cow only their business and money and yet they eat cow meats.

Siddiki said: “It is evident that our organization’s advocacy for peaceful coexistence among indigenous farmers and herdsmen is increasingly making successes in the South East.

“This explains our surprise at the latest stand of the governors, which, if implemented, will not only frustrate our people from carrying out our legitimate livestock rearing business in this part of the country, but might be suggestive of a kind of suspicion that might undermine the mutuality of the claim of brotherhood.

“We are mindful if the various negotiations and consultations still going on in respect of the contentious issues of ranching, colonies and grazing areas across the country, we are hopeful that these issues are considered dispassionately in the interest of Nigeria and the generality of it’s citizens.

“We of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders of Nigeria, south east zone, consequent upon the existing understanding we enjoy with our hosts, and in response to the latest stand by the south east Governors forum, wish to reaffirm our confidence in the capacity of our host governors to encourage the growth of our legitimate trade in their geo political zone.

“It is a very trying period in the history of Nigeria and it is our candid view that the south east whose citizens are the major bonding elements among the people of Nigeria, would provide exemplary leadership in accommodating other Nigerians in their midst, in so far such persons are legitimately engaged in their economic pursuits.”

The South East governors had at the weekend in Enugu, during their meeting, agreed that open grazing by the cattle breeders would not be tolerated in the zone by any reason. (Akelicious)

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Over 492 People Murdered By Fulani Herdsmen In Benue So Far In 2018 – Gov. Ortom

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, says over 492 people have been killed by herdsmen since January 2018.

Speaking at the funeral mass and interment of Mbalom martyrs, Ortorm expressed concern that the number may continue to rise should the Federal Government fail to act decisively to curtail the situation.

The Governor, who noted that sponsors of the killer herdsmen are known to his government, explained that the root cause of the incessant killings is the anti-grazing law.

He said that upon the passage of the anti-grazing bill into law, the leadership of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association vowed to unleash terror in the state.

Ortom frowned at the way the Federal Government is treating the Miyetti Allah with kid gloves like they are above the law.

He called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the leadership of the group.

The Benue Governor lamented that since the beginning of 2018, the state has held three mass burials arising from the senseless killings by herdsmen.

He called on the Federal Government to emulate other countries that have embraced animal husbandry as the modern way of ranching.

Governor Ortorm appealed to people of the state not to take laws into their hands.      (New Telegraph)

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Mass Killings Must Be Addressed, Saraki Tells Northern Leaders |The Republican News



President of the Senate, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, on Wednesday, told northern leaders to join hands with the Federal Government in finding a lasting solution to the incessant killings taking place in the country.

Saraki made the call while addressing a delegation of the Northern Leaders and Stakeholders Assembly (NLSA) who visited him at the National Assembly, led by its Chairman, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai.

Saraki, according to a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Sanni Onogu, noted that peace and unity are essential to achieving overall development of the country while commending the group for rising up to contribute their quota in realizing a peaceful and prosperous country.

Saraki said: “By this time, as elders, you ought to be resting, but the patriotism in you brought you out. You said you are political but non-partisan, we are all political and we need to get Nigeria in the right direction.

“Being leaders, this is the time to find lasting solutions. This is not the time for blame. This is the time for us to bring peace and regional dialogue. No society worth its salt will keep quiet in the face of these killings.

“Something somewhere is wrong. We need to meet to bring about peaceful coexistence and unity in this country. Part of the solution is to know that something is wrong.

“I am happy that you are here and we will speak the truth about the problems and to conduct ourselves on how to encourage dialogue and ensure that the right thing is done,” he said.

Earlier, the chairman of the group and leader of the delegation, Yakasai, said the purpose of the visit was to brief the President of the Senate on the formation of the organization, including its aims and objectives.

He said that the group is not out to get a consensus presidential candidate for north as being rumoured in some quarters, but rather to cooperate with Nigerians who share in its vision and mission.

According to him, the group is out to formulate and device methods of preventing and resolving conflicts with the goal of creating and sustaining peaceful coexistence, arrest the drift in the North, restore individual and group confidence, create functional regional unity, among others.

Besides, he said the group will look at the problems of armed robbery, kidnapping and herdsmen/farmers clashes and to find a way to resolve them.

He said the group will soon organize a Northern political summit to address the identified problems while seeking the support of the National Assembly in hosting the event.

Members of the delegation included a former Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu, former Minister of Defence, Haliru Ballo Mohammed, former Governor of Niger state, Babangida Aliyu, former Governor of Kogi State, Idris Wada, former FCT ministers, Bala Mohammed and Abba Gana, former Minister of Women Affairs, Hajia Inna Ciroma, Dr. Umar Ardo, Hajia Zainab Maina, Dr. Mamman Shata and Senator Joseph Waku, among others.  (New Telegraph)

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Fulani Herdsmen Killings: Middle Belt Youths Support Danjuma |The Republican News


Gen. Theophilus Y. Danjuma

Gyang Bere, Jos

President of Middle Belt Youth Council, Emma Zopmal, has thrown his weight behind former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (rtd), who was credited to have called on Nigerians to defend themselves in the face of unabated killings by Fulani herdsmen in parts of the country.

Zopmal, in a press statement issued, in Jos, on Monday, said the statement of Gen. Danjuma over the weekend brought relief on trouble communities whom the Fulani herdsmen have robbed them of peace.

According to Zopmal, “It is very unfortunate that in Nigeria today maiming, killing, raping of helpless women, and destruction of property in the Middle Belt and other parts of Nigeria has become the chosen sport of Fulani herdsmen without any repercussive action by the Nigerian government.

“We are very much happy that Gen Theophilus Y. Danjuma has made a landmark statement unfolding the key actors behind the genocide against innocent Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen terrorists. The revelation came at the right time when President Muhammadu Buhari is playing lips service to this dastardly situation under his watch.

“He is presiding over a nation of people who live beside their graveyards as a result of the activities of this Fourth Dreaded World Terrorist Group but it does not so much matter to him because there’s no report of any Fulani herdsman being killed anywhere in Nigeria.

“The statement of Gen TY Danjuma is a welcome development that will save this country called Nigeria from total collapse. As a reputable national and international personality, Gen TY Danjuma has given a sterling warning to Nigerians and the military to rise up to their responsibilities. We strongly stand behind our father, leader and the leading light in the Middle Belt.”

Zopmal also urged President Buhari to dissolve with the immediate effect his pro-Arewa security chiefs to reflect Federal Character where competent service Chiefs from across the country will be involved in the management of security in the country.

He commended Gen. Danjuma for telling the brutal truth and called on Nigerians to disregard any statement in the name of any Middle Belt group who are faceless cowards that are paid to disparage Middle Belt leaders through their reckless Press Comments.

He continued, “Middle Belt is united under the current leadership of our amiable President of Middle Belt Forum, Dr Bala Takaya. We have realized that some groups of people have been issuing uncouth statements in the name of Middle Belt whereas we do not know where they come from, who they are and whose interest they are representing.

“We salute the courage of General, Theophilus Y. Danjuma, who has been a precious gift to the nation and the world at large. Self-defence is a right of every citizen of the world not only Nigerians. There is no law that stops anybody from self-defence in any part of the world.”

He called on Nigerians to stand up and defend themselves when faced with attack occasion by Fulani herdsmen, saying there is no government security that will give life after death.

Zopmal explained that Gen. Danjuma did not ask Nigerians to take up arms and kill innocent people like the Fulani herdsmen, rather they should defend themselves in times of attacks.

“If President Buhari is really serious about security issues, he should not waste time to probe his Service Chiefs and make the report open to Nigerians so as to save our dear country from this daunting predicaments and whoever is found wanting, should be dismissed and prosecuted immediately. Nigerians did not vote you to preside over their deaths but to provide for their welfare, protect them, and be a father to all.”  (The Sun)

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Muhammadu Buhari, His Two-headed Dragon, His ‘War’ Against Terror (Part 1) – Femi Fani-Kayode



President Muhammadu Buhari


“No-one is more hated than he who speaks the truth”- Plato.

These deeply profound and insightful words of Plato, Ancient Greece’s greatest and most revered philosopher, who was a student of the great Socrates and a teacher of the great Aristotle, are as true today as they were in 400 BC when he wrote them.

You will not read the following account about President Muhammadu Buhari’s so-called “war against terror” in Nigeria’s mainstream media because they have mostly been compromised and intimidated by the Federal Government. You can, however, read it in this two-part essay if you are interested in knowing the truth.

I urge as many of those that care and that can get through it to spread the word and let the international community know the truth about what the Nigerian people are passing through.

Despite the hatred and aggression it always attracts towards its purveyor, the truth remains truth and, for the sake of posterity, it is worth defending and, if necessary, dying for. And the truth about our war against terror is as follows.

Today Nigeria is in the terrifying grip of a bloodthirsty two-headed dragon which is empowered, fuelled and energised by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The first head of that dragon is that of Boko Haram and the second is that of the Fulani herdsmen and terrorists.

This two-headed dragon feeds on the flesh and blood of the Nigerian people and until it consumes or captures every living soul in our nation it shall not relent, refrain or desist.

I say this because, like the leader of the horrendous Nightwalkers in HBO’s famous classic series, “Game of Thrones”, the rider of Nigeria’s Nightwalker dragon is our very own President Muhammadu Buhari and he brings nothing but death and destruction.

Those that expect him to master it, tame it or cut its two heads off are expecting him to drop his most awesome weapon and to fall out of the sky in mid-flight.

He will never do it and it will never happen because that is his strength, pride and source of power. He needs the two-headed dragon from hell to take him to his next destination and to his next level.

Simply put, without the blood-sucking, flesh-eating, bone-crushing and life-taking dragon-beast that he controls and rides, Muhammadu Buhari is nothing.

Blood is the currency in the realm of the spirit and the spilling of it gives him power. The more blood is spilt the more power he gets.

This explains why such little emotion is displayed by our President and next to no concern is shown by him when the people of Nigeria are abducted, enslaved, hacked to pieces and slaughtered by either of the two heads of his beast.

When one scrutinises Buhari’s so-called war against terror over the last three years the first question we must answer is whether we can really expect one terrorist to fight another terrorist successfully?

Simply put, the question is whether darkness can defeat darkness or whether evil can overwhelm evil?

Consider the following.

In 2000 Buhari asked the late Governor Lam Adesina of Oyo state “why are your Yoruba people killing my Fulani people” when Fulani herdsmen and terrorists suffered a series of heavy reprisal attacks and killings after they had attacked and killed many Yoruba farmers in Oyo state.

In 2001 he told the Nigerian people that “Muslims should only vote for Muslims”.

In 2001 he told the Nigerian people that it was his intention to “spread sharia law ALL over the country”.

In 2002 he told the Nigerian people that “Christians have no business with the matter and should not complain when limbs are being cut off in the name of sharia because those limbs are Muslim limbs and not theirs”.

In 2003 he proclaimed that the Muslims of Nigeria should “all work together and win power at the centre because when the Muslims of the north join hands with our Muslim brothers in the south-west we are more in number than the Christians”.

In 2013 he told the Nigerian people that “an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North”.

In 2014 his trusted political associate and a man by the name of Alhaji Lai Mohammed from Kwara state who played a key role in his 2015 presidential campaign and who was later appointed as his Minister of Information announced to the world that it was “wrong, unjust and unconstitutional to proscribe Boko Haram and to describe them as a terrorist organisation”.

In 2016 his official spokesman at the Presidency, Mr Femi Adesina, told the Nigerian people that Buhari would not comment on the cold-blooded butchering and murder of no less than 808 Christians in Southern Kaduna on Christmas day and Christmas eve by Fulani terrorists because the Presidency “regarded the matter as a state-affair”.

In January 2018 Buhari told Governor Samuel Ortom and the elders and traditional rulers of Benue state that “the Fulani herdsmen and cattle-rearers are your brothers and you must find a way to accommodate them” after those same terrorist herdsmen had butchered over 1000 innocent people in Agatu occupied their land two years ago and hundreds more all over the state since that time.

And it is the same story all over the Middle Belt and the south where Fulani terrorists and herdsmen slaughter innocent Nigerians in the most gruesome and horrific manner and circumstances and destroy and steal their homes, farms and land without any fear of being brought to justice or being resisted or confronted by any of Buhari’s northern-Muslim-led security agencies and Armed Forces.

So now I ask, which “war against terror” or “war against Boko Haram” or “war against the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen” are we referring to or is Buhari fighting? Can he really be expected to fight himself?

To people like Buhari unarmed men and women who do not threaten others with violence and who have never killed anyone, like members of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB, are the terrorists whilst murderous and zombie-like beasts that take pleasure in slitting open the throats of babies and infants and in slaughtering thousands of innocent and defenceless men, women and children are not.

I am sorry to tell the world and the Nigerian people that the Federal Government has been lying to them. They have not been waging any serious war against terror, no Fulani terrorists or herdsmen have been arrested or brought to justice and Boko Haram is as deadly and strong today as it has been in many years.

If anyone doubts that they should find out how many local government areas Boko Haram control and how often they attack and carry out successful operations in major cities in Borno and Yobe states.

They are killing as many people today as they did five years ago but the difference is that the government has suppressed the information and ordered a media blackout of these terrible events.

On the abduction of the girls from their school in Dapchi, Yobe state the situation is even more pathetic because it could have been avoided.

When you pay millions of dollars in ransom to Boko Haram over 3 years, when you lie to the world that you have defeated them, when you release thousands of their foot soldiers and commanders from prison and claim that they have “repented” and when you compel the media to suppress the truth about the gains they have made in parts of the country why should you or anyone else be surprised about what happened in Dapchi?

It was bound to happen because you have empowered and emboldened them!

Worse still is the fact that the Governor of Yobe has said that the soldiers that were guarding Dapchi were removed 24 hours before the attack and abduction took place.

The question is who gave the order to remove them and why?

Again the fact that military intelligence (DMI) had formally informed the Nigerian Army and the Federal Government that an attack on Dapchi was imminent and that the warning was brushed under the carpet and ignored raises even more questions.

Finally some time back the Daily Trust Newspaper and BBC Hausa Service reported that on two separate occasions the military came very close to capturing Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, but that they were ordered by someone in Abuja to step down the operation, back off and let him go at the last minute. This again begs the question: who gave the order and why?

We need to know what is really going on because it looks as if some of these people were complicit in these terrible and shocking events!

All this is bad enough yet nothing exposes the level of deceit and insincerity of the Buhari administration more than their reaction to the abduction. First, they said, “no girls were kidnapped!” Then they said, “sorry we lied!”

Then they said, “ALL the girls have been rescued!” Then they said, “sorry we lied!”

Then they said, “SOME of the girls have been rescued!” Then they said, “sorry we lied!”

Then they finally admitted that 110 girls had been taken and that none of them had been rescued, seen or heard from since. WHAT A GOVERNMENT!

Worse of all some of the parents of the abducted girls were detained, threatened and harassed by security agents and the military simply because they told the world the truth about what has happened to their girls and because they were exposing the lies that the government kept churning out.

If anyone doubts this they should please ask Stephanie Hegarty of the BBC who has done an excellent job in this respect and who has kept the international community aware of all the events with her twitter handle and her excellent reportage with the BBC.

That is how bad the situation is and our government has clearly lost control. They are more interested in covering up their own deceit, incompetence and complicity than fighting or stopping the activities of Boko Haram. (TO BE CONCLUDED).

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Bring Perpetrators Of Zamfara Mass Killings To Book, Buhari Tells Security Operatives

By Anule Emmanuel and Onyekachi Eze

  • Bring perpetrators to book, President tells security operatives


…we alerted them 24 hrs before gunmen struck – Gov Yari

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned in strong terms Thursday’s massacre of innocent persons in Birane village, Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State. Similarly, former Vice- President Atiku Abubakar has called on Nigerians to be vigilant in the wake of spate of killings by gunmen in many parts of the country. President Buhari in a message of commiseration with families of victims of the attacks on defenceless citizens, described the killings as heinous and inhuman, especially when the incident left many injured and several others losing their lives.

The President, therefore, directed the Minister of Defence, Brigadier-General Mansur Dan Ali (rtd), to proceed immediately to the state to undertake an onthe- spot assessment of the situation and report back. In addition, he also directed security agencies to immediately mobilise and deploy their members in the vulnerable areas of the state, and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to face the full wrath of the law. He assured the Zamfara State government, victims of the mayhem and residents of the state, that the Federal Government would continue do all it takes to support security agencies to secure lives and property, not only in the affected state but all parts of the country.

President Buhari restated his administration’s determination to put an end to the spate of senseless spilling of innocent blood in parts of the country, and called for restraint to allow the nation’s security apparatus to stem the undesirable trend. Meanwhile, Atiku, while also calling on the Federal Government and its agencies to ensure “stricter enforcement of ban on the proliferation of small arms and other deadly weapons in the hands of criminals”, urged Nigerians to be watchful and vigilant.

In a statement yesterday by his media office, the former vice president condemned the Thursday’s massacre in Zamfara State in which scores of innocent people were forced out of their vehicles and brutally killed by unknown bandits. He noted that in January, he spoke out against the killings in Rivers, Kaduna, Benue States, adding that he was appalled by the continued large scale destruction of human lives by criminal groups. Atiku Abubakar stated that he was concerned about the frequency of these heinous attacks by criminal gangs.

The former Vice President said the ease with which criminal groups have access to dangerous weapons in the country was worrisome and disturbing. He said: “When human beings are falling like flies repeatedly, ambushed by savage mass murderers and killed in cold blood, I wonder what becomes of the sanctity of life. “Apart from identifying, arresting and prosecuting arms suppliers, there should be an intensification of efforts by our security personnel.” He extended his condolences and prayers to the Government of Zamfara State and families of the victims.   (New Telegraph)

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Army Discovers Fulani Herdsmen Militias’ Base In Benue, Arrests Native Doctor

              File Photo: Nigerian Army

Olaleye Aluko, Abuja

The Nigerian Army on Wednesday said it had discovered a base used by armed militias terrorising Benue, Nasarawa and Taraba states at Tor-Dunga Town in the Katsina-Ala Local Government Area of Benue State.

The army added that it also arrested a native doctor, Tordue Gber also known by an alias, Tiv Swem, who allegedly supplied charms to the militias.

Our correspondent learnt that the arrest was made by troops of the 707 Special Forces Brigade, Makurdi, on Monday, who raided the base.

The military, in a release signed by the Director, Army Public Relations, Brig Gen Sani Usman, said the native doctor was arrested along with one of his accomplices, Atoo Francis.

Usman said Francis was however shot dead by the troops.

The army spokesman said, “Troops raided the shrine and arrested Gber, who acted as a spiritual adviser to the criminal militias. Gber is also an ally of the wanted notorious criminal, Akwazar Terwase (alias Gana). It will be recalled that he was declared wanted by the security agencies and has been at large since 2016.

“Preliminary investigation shows that the shrine serves as a hideout for wanted armed militias that operate in Benue, Nasarawa and Taraba states.

“The troops recovered a locally fabricated pistol, two Baretta Pistols, 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition, three motorcycles and assorted charms. Other items include warm clothing for concealing weapons, two mobile telephones and three power generators, amongst other items at the hideout.”  (Punch)

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Defence Minister Blames Herdsmen Killings On Anti-Grazing Law, Route Blockage

Mansur Dan-Ali, Minister of defence
                       Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali

Olalekan Adetayo, Abuja

The Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali, on Thursday described the blockage of grazing routes across the country as the remote cause of recent killings especially in Benue and Taraba states.

He also identified the implementation of anti-grazing law in some states as the immediate cause of the killings.

Dan-Ali spoke with State House correspondents at the end of a meeting of the National Security Council presided over by President Muhamamdu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He said the recent killings formed part of discussions at the meeting and the proposed National Commission on Proliferation of Arms was one of the steps being taken by the Federal Government to tackle the violence.

The minister said, “Whatever crisis that happens at any time, there are remote and immediate causes.  Look at this issue (killings in Benue and Taraba), what is the remote cause of this farmers’ crisis? Since the nation’s independence, we know there used to be a route whereby the cattle rearers take because they are all over the nation.

“If you go to Bayelsa or Ogun, you will see them. If those routes are blocked, what do you expect will happen?  These people are Nigerians. It is just like one going to block the shoreline, does that make sense to you? These are the remote causes of the crisis. But the immediate cause is the grazing law.

“These people are Nigerians and we must learn to live together with one another. Communities and other people must learn how to accept foreigners within their enclave. Finish!”

Asked if he was justifying the killings because of the blockage of the routes, the minister said, “I have told you that the remote cause is part of the grazing law. Since independence, there are clear routes where these people pass.

“On the issue of arms, they are all over. In those killings you are talking about, there are also militias that did the killings. Some people were caught with arms and they call themselves Forest Guards or whatever with AK47.

“There is nowhere in this country where arms are allowed to be carried apart from legitimate security forces.

“So, anybody carrying any arm is doing so illegally. Militias were caught in the same land doing the same killings, so the killings are not done by any particular group, it is a communal issue.”

Asked which one should Nigerians believe between his position and the government’s earlier position that the killings were done by foreign terrorists, Dan-Ali said, “Of course, that is why I said they are militias. Militias are part of illegal immigrants. They are the people.”

The minister said the meeting also featured discussion on the stringent conditions imposed by the United States government for the sale of 12 Super Tucano A29 planes and other weapons worth $495m to Nigeria.

He said while the US government insisted that the payment must be made by February 20, it also maintained that the aircraft could only be available in 2020.

Apart from that, he said the US government had also stopped Nigerian personnel from being sent to understudy the production process of the aircraft as Nigeria did in the case of other countries.

The minister said the council had approved that the Ministry of Defence met with the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, to iron out the contentious issues.

He said, “The contract include cost which is $494m to acquire the Super Tucano A29 plans as well as training, where the facilities will be accommodated and continuous servicing among others.

“Some of the stringent measures include that we will start having them from 2020, which is two years from now. They are also thinking of not allowing our technicians to be part of the production inspection.

“But this is what we normally do in all the defence contracts: we send our personnel to go and understudy especially when it comes to specialised aircraft like in Russia, our personnel are permanently based where the production is being done for this MI35 helicopters.”  (Punch)

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