JUNE 12: Democracy Day And Nigeria’s Dance Of Death — Femi Fani-Kayode |RN

Late MKO Abiola and Femi Fani-Kayode

By Femi Fani-Kayode

Today is June 12th, our nation’s Democracy Day and I have some home truths to tell. The struggle for June 12th was indeed a noble, worthy, cataclysmic and monumental one. It was also something of a nightmare which littered our fields with many corpses and soaked the very foundation of our nation with blood, sweat and tears.

I can confirm that because I was deeply involved in it and for many years I, along with many others, fought for it’s actualisation.

Many were martyred, many were jailed, many were tortured and many were compelled to flee into exile.

Great essayists, keen minds and profound writers and thinkers like Professor Adebayo Williams, Professor Wole Soyinka, Mr. Gbolabo Ogunsanwo, Justice Adewale Thompson and the great Chinwezu kept us going, fuelled our courage, stirred our passion, inspired our spirits and ignited souls with their powerful essays which we read eagerly and voraciously wherever we found ourselves in the world.

This was an intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological conflict and struggle and we threw everything that we had into it.

Chief MKO Abiola was our hero and leader. He was the symbol and rallying point of the struggle and both he and his wife Kudirat sacrificed their lives for it.

I commend the Buhari administration for naming June 12th as our nation’s Democracy Day and I believe that Abiola deserves it. Yet this noble gesture, as commendable as it is, may well be too little and too late.

I say this because the Nigeria of today is the Nigeria of Buhari and not the Nigeria of Abiola. And this presents us with a very different set of challenges which have resulted in a far greater existential threat to our country than the annulment of Abiola’s June 12th presidential mandate and his subsequent murder ever did.

Consider the following. In Buhari’s Nigeria the President is from the core Muslim north. The Senate President is from the core Muslim north. The Chief Justice of the Federation is from the core Muslim north.

Again in Buhari’s Nigeria every single security, intelligence, investigative, military and para-military agency in the country except for the Navy is headed by a northern Muslim.

This begs the question: do the southerners and indeed the Christians have any place or any meaningful stake in Buhari’s Nigeria?

Yet it does not stop there. In Buhari’s Nigeria the core north says “no” when we say stop the genocide. They say “no” when we say restructure. They say “no” when we say establish a federation. They say “no” when we say establish a confederation. They say “no” when we say stop the hegemony.

They say “no” when we say Nigeria is a secular state. They say “no” when we say stop the Fulanisation. They say “no” when we say stop the Islamisation. They say “no” when we say Nigeria belongs to us all.

They say “no” when we say the northern minorities can lead the nation. They say “no” when we say there are many in the south that can govern the country.

They say “no” when we say Nigeria is not an appendage of Saudi Arabia. They say “no” when we say we are equal regardless of tribe or faith.

They say “no” when we say free Leah Sharibu. They say “no” when we say we are not their slaves.

They say “no” when we say we demand a referendum.

They say “no” when we say we want to leave the marriage and break the union.

They say “no” when we say stop playing this dangerous music. They say “no” when we say stop indulging in this dance of death.

They say “no” to everything and to everyone that seeks to resolve our differences in a reasonable and peaceful manner.

And so it has been for the last 59 long and turbulent years of our existence as an independent state and sovereign nation.

Little did we know that in 1960 we had merely replaced our external British colonial masters with a new set of internal ones.

We locked ourselves into a strange and deceitful web and became enmeshed and entangled in a complex catalogue of self-induced and self-inflicted woes.

Today we are a people under occupation and our land has been desecrated by the precence of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of extremly violent, dangerous, well-armed, blood-lusting, blood-crazed and blood-frenzied terrorists and killer herdsmen who are just waiting for the signal from their masters before they unleash unimaginable horror, terror and hell on our people.

Must we wait until we are slaughtered like flies and buried in mass graves, like the Biafrans, the Bosnians, the Tutsis, the Jews, the Congolese, the Armenians, the Red Indians of North America, the Aborigines of Australia, the Incas and Aztecs of South America, the Ouigas of Mynmar, the Yazidis of Syria and Iraq and countless others, before our eyes open and we demand to leave this tinderbox?

Can anyone blame Prince Adekunle Odunmorayo when he said,

“The demand for restructuring is cowardly, useless and unachievable. Damn any restructuring. We want out of this charade. We want a new nation: we want Oduduwa”.

The Prince, who is my kinsman and a proud son of Ile-Ife, has spoken the minds of millions.

Yet it does not stop there. Permit me to add the words of one of the greatest, most moderate, most conservative and most respected leaders of our nation who fought to keep Nigeria together during the civil war, who has dedicated his entire life to that cause and who has had the privilage of leading the country on at least two separate occassions.

On 11th June 2019 former President Olusegun Obasanjo said the following to Premium Times:

“Now you have a situation where three top officials of Government will be from only two northern zones. Ahmed Lawan (who has been pencilled down as Senate President) is from the North-East, the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria is from the north-east and the President of the country is from the north-west. They are all from what we call the core north. How can you have that kind of arrangement and then be absolutely insensitive to it?”

For a modeate and conservative man like Obasanjo to express his legitimate concerns in this way and for him, at an earlier date, to have confirmed the existence of the Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda, is noteworthy, significant and telling.

Given this only a compound fool, a village idiot or a delusional simpleton will dispute the fact that Nigeria is in trouble and that we are sitting on a time-bomb.

Frankly in my view the time for long debates and discussions about our sorry plight and deep afflictions are long over. And neither do I believe that our debilitating problems can still be fixed or rectified.

To those that still share the erroneous belief that we ought to remain in Nigeria I urge and challenge you to consider the following and reflect on our trying predicament.

Those that believe that they own this nation and that they were born to rule it have been insensitive, savage and unrelenting in their quest to conquer our space and they have boxed us in a suffocating and murderous corner.

Every attempt to build bridges with them and reach out to them in love and friendship has failed due to their insufferable arrogance, rappacious thirst for power and unquenchable desire to dominate every sphere of our existence and aspect of our lives. And this applies to every single ethnic nationality in Nigeria who they believe must bow and tremble before them.

What more do we need to see? What more do we need to hear? What more do we need to say?

From a great nation that was once blessed with so much potential, hope and promise we are now nothing but a blood-soaked and demon-infested enclave of sociopaths, meglomaniacs, power-crazed savages, godless barbarians, callous cow-worshippers and bestial cow-lovers. It is only in Nigeria that the life of a cow is more important than the life of a human being!

This begs the question: are we under some strange, inexplicable, mysterious, ancient and binding Luciferean spell?

Is this the work of satan? Have the conjurers of the dark path been at work? Has the Queen of the Coast done her worse? Have they tsken us to the forest in the dark caves of the village?

Are voodoo and magic at play here? Have we been enchanted by the Army of the Dead? Have we been bound by the Whitewalkers that reside beyond the great icy northern wall?

Have we been cursed by the wizards, witches, goblins and orcs of Mordor? Have we been jinxed and hexed by the dark winter forces of the evil Nightking?

Yet spell or no spell, what exactly are we still waiting for in this land of blood, carnage and shattered dreams that is known as Nigeria?

Will inspirational words of faith and hope about a better tomorrow and the gentle expression of lofty ideals about the beauty and power of national unity stop the southern march of the terrorists, herdsmen and hegemonists?

They have already conquered, occupied, pacified and enslaved the entire Middle Belt and the rest of the north. They are now well on their way to “dipping the Koran in the Atlantic ocean” whist flying the flag of their great patriach and forefather Usman Dan Fodio and galloping with fury on his ancient white war horse. Must we wait for them to arrive before taking our leave?

The solution to our problem is to chart one of two courses: to either roll over in submission and let them sodomise and enslave us until kingdom come or to dig deep, find our courage, stand up boldly, hold our heads up high, say “no more” and break out of this godforsaken gilded golden cage.

There is absolutely nothing sacrosanct about this godless and inequitable union and entity. The truth is that time is running out for Nigeria and there may no longer be any alternative to a break up.

They say where there is no justice, there can be no peace. How can there be peace and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria when there is no justice or equity?

What we have is the peace of the graveyard where everyone speaks in whispered tones or is too scared to speak at all.

What we have is the silence of two mighty armies facing and sizing up one another in the field of battle minutes before the onslaught begins and the chaos, turmoil, carnage, madness, savagery, butchery and barbarity unfolds.

What we have is the awkward and eerie silence, fuelled by years of latent hate and resentment, that reigns when brother is about to slaughter brother. These are indeed truly dangerous times as the clock silently ticks and d-day approaches.

Unless there is a divine intervention, at some point the break up that everybody fears is inevitable. And sadly, because no-one is ready to be reasonable and to talk, it is likely to be a very bloody one indeed. May God grant us peace and may He guide and help us all.

Happy Democracy Day!

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Fani-Kayode Praises Past Nigerian Leaders Who Were Absent From Presidential Inauguration (Video)

President Buhari at the second term inauguration, and Mr Femi Fani-kayode

By Ike A. Offor

The Former Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode has in his Facebook and Twitter handle commended former heads of state and presidents of Nigeria for being absent from Buhari’s second term inauguration cemermony, which took place yesterday 29th May. In his facebook write up, he listed the names of past leaders of Nigeria, Africa, European leaders who were absent from the event too.

President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn-in yesterday for his second term in office after being delcared the winner of hotly contested presidential election whose outcome is still being challenged in the presidential election tribunal.

Muhammadu Buhari vied for the post for the second time under the All Progressive Congress party, while the closest contestant from the strongest opposition party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar refuted the victory and claimed he won the elction. Atiku Abubakar is seeking to retrieve his mandate, as he calls it from Buhari via the presidential election tribunal.

Meanwhile, at the presidential inauguration yesterday was a noticable absence of the several past heads of state and presidents of Nigeria at the event. This got the attention of many Nigerians including that of the former minister of aviation., Mr Femi Fani-Kayode.

Fani-Kayode had this to say about it in his tweet:

I commend the courage and fortitude of OBJ and @GEJonathan for NOT attending the fraudulent inauguration ceremony that took place in Abuja this morning when a liar, a pretender, an imposter, an election-rigger and an electoral thief was purportedly sworn in as our President. 1/

The thief was so ashamed of himself that he could not even muster the courage to say “thank you” or offer a speech after being “sworn in”.

Instead he put his tail between his legs and crawled back to hide in his Villa- fortress without saying a word to anyone. Shame on him!

Former Heads of State Gen. Ibrahim Babangida and General Abdulsalami Abubakar didn’t attend the show of shame either. Kudos to them.

In his Facebook update, he listed the names of those leaders who were absent including those of Africa and the rest of the world.

He wrote this:

Obasanjo- absent.

Jonathan – absent.

Babangida- absent.

Shonekan – absent.

Abdulsalam- absent.

Representative of U.S. – absent.

Representative of U.K. – absent.

Representative of E.U.- absent.

Representative of A.U.- absent.

Representative of ECOWAS- absent.

Gowon was the ONLY former Head of State that atended.

Message received loud and clear.

Meanwhile consider the following:

No speech was delivered after the “inauguration”. No thanks were offered to anyone by the President. He had to be reminded by his ADC to wave at the few dignitaries that were at the ceremony. Finally as soon as he left the venue he jetted off to Saudi Arabia for an OIC meeting of Muslim countries.

May God deliver Nigeria!

Also, it must be said that so many have forgotten that June 12 is the scheduled date for actual democracy day celebration of which Buhari’s administration has chosen to invite all world leaders and perhaps Nigerian past leaders have as well chosen to be there that day than at the inauguration.

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Femi Fani-Kayode To Adams Oshiomhole: ‘You Are About To Be Dropped After Being Used’ |RN

Femi Fani-Kayode and Adams Oshiomhole

Femi Fani-Kayode, former Aviation Minister has mocked Adams Oshiomhole, the national chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) over calls for the latter to resign his position.

The national deputy chairman of the ruling party, Lawali Shuaibu, had called on Mr Oshiomhole to step aside from piloting the affairs of the party, accusing the top official of incompetence.

“It is my honest opinion that your ability to ensure this party flourishes is deficient as you lack the necessary composure and you also don’t possess the capabilities and the requisite experience to run a political party,” part of Mr Shuaibu’s six-page letter read.

Reacting to the call for Oshiomhole’s resignation, the former minister mocked the former governor of Edo State.

“When your Deputy publicly calls for you to step down you know that someone powerful and strategic is behind it,” Fani-Kayode said in a tweet on Tuesday.

He advised the former governor to henceforth watch his back.

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Remove Buhari Like Omar al-Bashir Of Sudan — Femi Fani-Kayode Tells Nigerian Youths

Fikayo Olowolagba Fikayo Olowolagba

Femi Fani-Kayode, former Minister of Aviation has called for the removal of President Muhammadu Buhari like that of President of Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir.

Making reference to revolution against Omar al-Bashir by the Sudanese, Fani-Kayode in a tweet on Thursday called on Nigerian youths to revolt against Buhari.

Recall that DAILY POST earlier reported that Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir, stepped down, while the military took over after anti government protest.

Thousands of Sudanese had since poured in to the streets of Khartoum in early celebration of what many think could be the end of President Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule.

Reports had it that the revolution for Omar’s removal was led by a 22-year old, named Alaa Salah.

Speaking on the development, Fani Kayode called on Nigerian youths to summon courage and stage up a revolution to demand removal of Buhari from office.

The former minister wrote: “Her name is Alaa Salah. She led a revolution in Sudan. She called for the oppressive leader of Sudan to step down. She is only 22 years old.

“If only the youths of Nigeria had her courage, strength and conviction Buhari would have been out long ago!

“If you really want freedom you must be ready to risk all by openly opposing tyranny and evil, protesting in the streets and fighting for it. Anything short of that will result in failure and prolonged servitude and slavery.

“Some of us have paid our dues and have fought hard against Buhari over the last four years. We have suffered all manner of hardship and persecution for it. It is time for others to do their bit.” (Daily Post)

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MUST READ: I Warned GTBank MD, Agbaje On Being Used To Fight Innoson – Femi Fani-Kayode

by Eyitemi

Innoson take over GTBank, #InnosonTakesOverGTB: Innoson Motors moves to take over GTBank over N8.7bn debt, LATEST NIGERIAN NEWS, POLITICS TODAY, CELEBRITY GISTS | UNCLE SURU

Former minister of aviation and Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) chieftain, Femi Fani Kayode, has reacted to the now trending news that Popular Nigerian car manufacturing company, Innoson, is set to take over GTBank after securing a court order.

Fani Kayode who spoke through his Twitter handle said he had warned the former Managing Director of Gtbank, Segun Agbaje about allowing himself to b used against Innoson Motors.

What he wrote:

Last year I warned my aburo Segun Agbaje, the former MD of GTB, about allowing himself to be used against Innoson Motors by the barbarians. Now the bank has been taken over by Innoson and Segun has lost his job, his reputation and his name and he has been taken to the cleaners

View image on Twitter:
View image on Twitter
The question from this tweet by Femi Fani-Kayode means that someone or group somewehre were using the Managing Director of GTBank, Mr Segun Agbaje to fight against the business interest of Chief Innocent Chukwuma, and one wonders why.
Innoson take over GTBank, #InnosonTakesOverGTB: Innoson Motors moves to take over GTBank over N8.7bn debt, LATEST NIGERIAN NEWS, POLITICS TODAY, CELEBRITY GISTS | UNCLE SURU
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Police Interrogate Fani-Kayode Over Anti-Fulani Herdsmen Article |The Republican News

                                                         Femi Fani-Kayode

Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja


The Nigeria Police Force on Tuesday grilled a former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, over a three-part essay titled, ‘Five Useful Idiots and the Spirit of the Accursed Slave’.

Fani-Kayode, it was learnt, was grilled for about an hour and then asked to return on another day for more interrogation.

Confirming his interrogation to our correspondent on the telephone, the former minister said the quizzing was cordial.

Fani-Kayode, however, said he would continue to write more of such articles.

He said, “I had a cordial interview with the policemen. The police were courteous and professional.

“I was invited because of my essay titled “Five Useful Idiots and the Spirit Of the Accursed Slave” which was about Fulani hegemony and terrorism together with other write-ups.  No regrets. I will hit harder and write more.”

In the essay which was published in March, the former minister lambasted the Governor of Plateau State, Solomon Lalong, for blaming the herdsmen attacks on Governor Samuel Ortom’s refusal to scrap the anti-grazing law.

Fani-Kayode also lambasted the Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, for describing the herdsmen attacks in Kogi State as a family affair among Kogi indigenes.

He also knocked a former Minister of Information and current chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Prince Tony Momoh, for saying the Fulani herdsmen were victims of tribal politics.

The former minister said in the article that the herdsmen attacks were part of a larger scheme to dominate and recolonise Nigeria.  (Punch)

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IBB, Jonathan, Danjuma, Others On Buhari’s Gov’t’s Target – Fani-Kayode


Former Presidents, Goodluck Jonathan, and Olusegun Obasanjo

Sunday Ani

Former minister of Culture and Tourism as well as Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has alleged that the All Progressives Congress, APC-led Federal Government has perfected plans to silence all opposition voices, starting from the former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In a statement he signed yesterday, Fani-Kayode warned that such move would not augur well for the country’s democracy.

Fani-Kayode was reacting to Obasanjo’s allegation that Buhari was planning to arrest him.
He described as disturbing, reports about Buhari’s plan to frame up, arrest and detain Obasanjo on trumped-up and politically-motivated charges.

“The government is also planning to target other key opposition figures and elder statesmen as we get closer to 2019 such as General T.Y. Danjuma, General Ibrahim Babangida, former President Goodluck Jonathan and a handful of others. It appears that Buhari will stop at nothing in order to ensure that all his critics are silenced.

“The plan to implicate and silence all these leaders, together with key figures in the PDP, such as Ayo Fayose, Emmanuel Udom, Ibrahim Dankwabo, Nyesome Wike, Darius Ishaku, Godswill Akpabio, David Mark, Ike Ekweremadu, Lyle Imoke, Uche Secondus, Sule Lamido, Ibrahim Shekarau, Abubakar Suleiman, Kabiru Turaki, David Jang, Atiku Abubakar, Dele Belgore, Jumoke Akinjide, Nenadi Usman and others is condemnable.”

The former minister also accused the government of planning to give him and potent voices against the government “the Nnamdi Kanu or El Zakzaky treatment.” (The Sun)

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Muhammadu Buhari, His Two-headed Dragon, His ‘War’ Against Terror (Part 2) – Femi Fani-Kayode

This is the same Boko Haram that they told us had been “technically defeated” two years ago and whose leader, Abubakar Shekau, they claimed to have killed a number of times over the last three years but who keeps popping up all over the place like a bad coin.

This is the same Boko Haram that they took 1 billion USD from government coffers a few weeks ago and claimed that they wanted to use it to fight.

The truth is that they have told us yet another lie and anyone that believes the fanciful tale that the money was used to fight Boko Haram or any other terrorist organisation will believe anything.

Now that the Dapchi girls have been kidnapped, the Government will allocate to itself yet another 1 billion USD and tell the Nigerian people the same old story.

Buhari has failed in his so-called war against terror and against Boko Haram and he appears to have lost control of his own security forces.

The whole thing is a mess and a sham and, to some, it is also a money-making venture.

The final clanger and piece of compelling evidence of the sheer insincerity of purpose, irresponsible disposition and utter depravity of the Buhari administration was made manifest when the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, proudly announced to the world that no less than 100 fighter jets had been deployed to look for the 110 Dapchi girls!

Such was the absurdity and magnitude of this particularly shameful mendacity and so embarrassing was it for the Buhari regime that the very next day the Nigerian Airforce was ordered to set the record straight, compelled to admit that the Minister of Information was lying and constrained to clear the air by telling the world that 100 jets had NOT been deployed to look for the abducted girls.

Meanwhile, at the last Council of States meeting, which took place in mid-February, President Buhari walked past the embattled Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state, refused to shake his hand, looked him in the eye and asked “how are your cattle rearers?” with a big smirk on his face.

This is all he had to say to a man whose people, for the last three years, have been subjected to mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide by (according to the International Terror Index) the world’s “fourth most deadly terrorist organisation”, Nigeria’s second most deadly terrorist organisation and those same Fulani herdsmen and cattle-rearers whose welfare he was asking after.

Buhari did not offer his condolences for the latest round of killings in Benue state which had taken place a few days earlier, he did not ask about the families of those that had been slaughtered and he did not ask about the morale of the people in the state.

Instead, he asked about those who have been slaughtering, butchering, tormenting and torturing them for the last three years and those that have been raping their women.

This was callous, cold-blooded and sadistic. I watched the whole thing on video and, as I did, chills went down my spine.

I was utterly perplexed and disgusted by his nonchalance and dismissive attitude and by his manner and disposition.

If anyone doubts what I have said I challenge them to search for the video on Youtube and see it for themselves.

Sadly no less than three days after this strange encounter and the President’s chilling question and inappropriate behaviour, Ortom revealed the fact that in his state 60 more innocent souls had been butchered by those same cattle-rearers since the mass burial of the 73 that had been slaughtered in January.

He also revealed the fact that the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen had flooded his state with over one million cows!

Sadly the governor was to receive even more shockers after that. On the night of Sunday, March 4th, the Fulani terrorists attacked and slaughtered scores of people in Guma, Benue state, burnt down at least 20 houses and displaced no less than 200 people.

Again there was no intervention made by the Armed Forces to protect or defend members of the indigenous population and neither were any of the marauding and killer herdsmen and terrorists apprehended, arrested, brought to justice or shot by our security agencies.

The truth is that whether it is Boko Haram or the Fulani terrorists Buhari is not in the least bit interested in fighting or stopping them.

As a matter of fact, he thrives on their blood-lust and he appears to enjoy the horror and terror that their bloodfest inflicts and unleashes.

Consequently, both heads of the two-headed dragon that he bestrides and rides have been busy feeding on the flesh and drinking the blood of the Nigerian people.

Then came a shocker.

On the evening of Tuesday 27th February, as I was about to board a plane at Abuja airport for my flight to Lagos, I received a phone call from a beautiful and courageous daughter of Numan in Adamawa state.

She told me that Fulani terrorists and herdsmen had just killed our very own friend and brother, Prince Sam Zadok. I could not believe my ears and I fell into a state of utter shock and disbelief.

Sam was a pride to the PDP, a rising star in Nigerian politics and an honest, noble man with impeccable credentials and unimpeachable integrity.

He had such a bright future ahead of him and so much to offer Nigeria. He was a Prince of the Royal House of Numan, a former Commissioner of Youth and Sports, a former Special Advisor to a Governor and the spokesman of the PDP in Adamawa state.

They not only killed him but they also killed 19 others that were with him whilst they were on their way to commiserate with the families of other Bachama sons and daughters that had been slaughtered by the same Fulani terrorists in Gwampa village just two nights earlier.

About 50 Fulani herdsmen ambushed Sam and his co-travellers and they did not just kill them but they also desecrated and maimed their bodies, removed their eyes, cut off their vital organs, cut out their tongues and literally cut them to pieces.

It was so bad that their remains had to be buried immediately and in the dark of the night without the youths of Numan seeing them otherwise there would have been an immediate response, a vicious, bloody and unprecedented backlash and a series of devastating reprisal killings.

Those that murdered Sam Zadok and the Numan 19 are not human beings: they are animals. And as far as I am concerned Zadok and those that fell with him are martyrs because they were killed whilst they were attempting to defend and protect their Bachama kinsmen.

I was restless throughout the flight to Lagos and utterly heartbroken that such a brilliant and courageous young man could be cut short in this way whilst in the prime of his life.

I was so devastated by what happened to him that I proceeded to Prophet TB Joshua’s SCOAN Church in Ikotun for an unscheduled visit immediately after landing in Lagos in order to consult with the man of God and to secure prayers for Sam’s precious soul.

TB Joshua has himself been a victim of terror and he knows how it feels. On 12th September 2014, his Church was blown up by rogue Islamist and jihadist elements in Nigeria’s intelligence and security agencies with the loss of over 200 lives and the whole thing was covered up by the government and made to look as if the building had collapsed because it had a faulty foundation.

Despite that terrible experience, and as a consequence of his faith in God, hard work, commitment, dedication and prayer, Joshua was able to rise up to the occasion, get up on his feet and soldier on.

This, coupled with his raffish charm, disarming simplicity and remarkable humility, has impressed and inspired me immensely and made me proud to call him my brother and friend.

Since that horrific 2014 incident he has not only pulled up his socks and gone from strength to strength but he has also offered tremendous solace and comfort to the poor, the deprived, the wounded and the broken-hearted and to the relatives, loved ones and friends of victims of similar incidents and other tragic events.

I can testify to the fact that he is a kind and gentle man that is filled with nothing but love and compassion.

Given all this, it was only natural for me to go and see him from the airport in an attempt to seek his counsel and wisdom and tap from his strength.

Sadly I did not meet him in the Church that night because he had apparently travelled out of the country and therefore I proceeded to Ikoyi to spend what can only be described as a sad, painful and sorrowful night.

Whilst the entire nation mourned Sam and the other heroes of Bachama that were killed that night, the people of Numan themselves were filled with anger and rage.

As far as they were concerned this was yet another unwarranted and unprovoked attack on their people by the Fulani terrorists who appeared hell-bent on igniting a full-scale tribal war!

Reflective of their rising anger were the words of the Acting Chief of Lawaru Numan, who, in response to another brutal attack that took place towards the end of last year, said,

“Buhari sent the Fulani to kill us. After that, the Nigerian Air Force deployed their jets to drop rockets on our houses. We wanted to defend ourselves, the Fulanis attacked us. They killed my father, he was cut into pieces.”

This sort of thing is not only a regular occurrence in Nigeria today but it is also an unfolding nightmare and a tragedy of monumental proportions. Yet it does not stop there.

Just as my trauma resulting from the cold-blooded murder of my friend Sam was subsiding, no less than 48 hours later the news broke about a yet another devastating attack by Boko Haram on a predominantly Christian IDP camp in Ranna, Borno state.

The reports confirmed that hundreds of poor refugees and other innocent men, women and children were slaughtered, including some United Nations workers, Medicine San Frontiers staff and other foreign and domestic doctors, aid workers and personnel.

Worst still the military base in Ranna where many of them ran to for protection was also attacked, overrun and overwhelmed.

The soldiers were overpowered and swept aside, scores of people were killed and guns, weapons and all manner of munitions were stolen from the armoury and carried away by the Boko Haram insurgents.

It is important to point out that this was the same IDP camp in Ranna that the Nigerian Airforce dropped bombs on in January 2017 which resulted in the cold-blooded murder of no less than 200 poor and innocent refugees, most of whom were women and children.

The only explanation that the airforce and government gave at the time was that the bombing and consequent loss of life was “a mistake” and none of the pilots involved was brought to justice or faced any sanctions.

That is the type of insensitive, callous, barbaric, unacceptable, inept and unaccountable leadership that Muhammadu Buhari has provided for our people and for the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Meanwhile the two-headed dragon of Boko Haram and the Fulani terrorists that he rides and derives his strength and power from has continued to relentlessly feast on the flesh and blood of the innocents in our land.

Permit me to conclude with the following: two days after Boko Haram attacked Ranna in Borno state, Fulani terrorists and herdsmen once again unleashed massive slaughter, carnage and terror on the indigenous Christian population in Mambilla, Taraba state.

Many of the local indigenous farmers and their families were butchered and chopped up into small pieces after they were dispossessed of their farms, homes and land.

Two days after that, on Sunday 4th March, the Fulani terrorists attacked a number of farms in Abraka, Delta state and not only massacred scores of innocent people, including women and children, in cold blood but also raped the women and cut off the fingers and toes of those those that they did not kill for “daring to resist” them.

Rarely have such horrific events been witnessed in our shores.

Under Buhari’s watch, our nation has become a theatre of war and a veritable human abbatoir where mass murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide, terror, fear, ritual killings, barbarity and all manner of evil reign.

He needs to be stripped of his power and removed from office whilst the two-headed Whitewalker dragon that he rides and with which he torments and bestrides our nation like a colossus must be mastered, tamed, brought to heel, slaughtered, beheaded, carved into pieces, burnt to ashes and buried in the deepest recesses and bottomless pit of the filthiest public latrine.

May God deliver Nigeria!

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The ‘Fulanisation’ Of Nigeria And The Perfidy Of The British (Part 2) – Femi Fani-Kayode


Perhaps the most insightful and concise contribution that I have read about the history of the Fulani and their inordinate ambition and insatiable thirst for domination and conquest was provided by Mr Gbonkas Ebiri.

His research and analysis of this topic are as historically accurate as it is outstanding. Permit me to share his words.

“Kingdoms that accommodated Fulani herdsmen in the past were eventually overthrown by the Fulani. In all situations, these herdsmen took up arms and fought for a Fulani leader to overthrow the kingdoms that accommodated them and their cattle. Examples in history:

The first Fulani Jihad was at Futa Jallon. Fulani pastoralists migrated here in large numbers from North Africa in the 1600’s (they migrated in smaller factions earlier).

Futa Jallon was a mountainous rich agricultural land. Shortly after the Pastoralist migrations, Fulani clerics migrated as well. they were called Ulamas.

In 1726, the Fulani community elected one of their own by the name Ibrahim Musa as their leader and gave him the title of Al-Imam (Leader of the Muslim community). Shortly after his election he proclaimed a jihad against the local rulers of the region and enlisted the herdsmen as soldiers in his Jihad.

His successor after his death and new Al- Iman, Ibrahim Sori completed the Jihad in 1776. The new Fulani aristocracy drove out many of the natives. Those they did not drive out, they enslaved.

Slave trade thrived in the region after the Jihad, this was when the slave castle at Goree Island (Point of no return) was built. They captured mostly the people of the Mandinka tribe (this was the tribe of Kunta Kinte).

Another region not far from Futa Jallon was Futa Toro. It was rich in Agriculture and the stretch of the Senegal river passed through it. By the banks of this river was fertile farmlands.

This region was of great importance to the Fulani pastoralists who migrated to the region around the same time they migrated to Futa Jallon. They could have the cattle feed and drink by the banks of the river. Shortly after the herdsmen arrived, clerics migrated as well.

They formed the majority of the Torobde clerics. A Fulani cleric called Sulayman Bal was nominated by the clerics as the spiritual leader. In the year 1776, Sulayman Bal launched a Jihad against the Denyanke dynasty and enlisted herdsmen into his army of the faithful.

They were overthrown and replaced with a new aristocracy of Fulani leaders. He died while trying to expand the empire to the regions of Trarzas. His successor, Abd al- Qadir completed the expansion and expanded the empire Southeast.

In our own Nigeria, the Fulani migrated as herdsmen and lived in communities. As at the time Dan Fodio arrived, they had Fulani leaders in almost all the Hausa City states with a large concentration in Katsina and Kano.

These leaders included Moyijo at Kebbi, Mohammadu Namoda at Zamfara, Salihu and Mohamadu Dabo of Kano. Very much like the previous Jihads, Dan Fodio was recognized as the leading cleric and given the title of ‘Sarkin Musulmi.’ (Leader of the Faithful).

He formed a community after his confrontation with the authorities at Gobir and called on the faithful to join him, from the community he launched his Jihad.

Majority of his soldiers were herdsmen and another faction natives that fell for his charismatic leadership. Dan Fodio would eventually give flags of leadership to the Fulani leaders of the various Hausa cities.

By far, the Dan Fodio’s Jihad was the most successful and all Fulani Jihads in West Africa. He would also replace the Hausa kings with Fulani aristocrats, and like the previous Fulbe leaders, the new empire was hostile to the natives.

Their lands were taken from them and they were relegated to second-class citizens in their ancestral homeland. Many of them were forced into slavery under an oppressive feudal system and others sold to Arab slave traders.

At Ilorin, the shortsighted rebel Afonja made it so easy for the Fulani to get rid of him. Unlike the other kingdoms where they migrated on their free will and chose their spiritual leader, Afonja personally wooed the Fulani to his kingdom and appointed Alimi as the cleric of the province.

Both vital foundations for a Fulani takeover were given on a platter of gold by the warlord. Very much as in all cases, the Fulani got rid of him and ensured the throne of Ilorin for their kinsman.

So far they have not been able to invade beyond Ilorin. The warriors at Ibadan fought them back as well as Benin warriors. To conquer the south, it is important to have Fulani herdsmen and clerics stationed in the land.

It is important to indoctrinate natives who profess same religion with them to trade their ancestry for a religious theocracy of a divine cleric.

Among the Yoruba people, they will succeed as they did in the old Ilorin emirates when many natives of old Oyo empire enlisted in the army of Alimi’s descendants to invade villages under Oyo and capture their fellow kinsmen as slaves to be sold to the Portuguese.

All observations of history prove beyond doubt that giving colonies and settlements to Fulani people under the guise of land for grazing is very dangerous.

The Fulani is obsessed to conquer the South and take it from the ancestral owners like they did to the Hausas. The South owns the Ports and oil. It owns the best companies and rainforests. That is what they secretly want and not grazing land for cows.

With scattered Fulani settlements in the south, they will bring their clerics and launch a new phase of Jihads from our base…. Cattle colonies is a plan to conquer the South.

Herdsmen are foot soldiers of the Fulani empire and the demand for lands in the South is the first step in future to take over the ancestral lands of the Southern people”. (CONCLUDED).

I commend Mr Ebiri for his courageous submission and I wholeheartedly concur with his conclusions and findings. He has said it all and there is very little left to say.

It is left for the Nigerian people to either resist the attempt to ‘Fulanise’ their entire nation by learning from the lessons of history, increasing their depth of knowledge, creating awareness about the formidable challenges with which they are faced and rise to the occasion or they can sit back, act as if there is no danger or threat and be indoctrinated, stripped of all they have and all they are, conquered, dehumanised, enslaved and overwhelmed. The choice is ours.

And if anyone still doubts the assertion that we are in mortal danger I would urge them to read the words of Professor Ango Abdullahi, the spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum and a leading member of the Fulani cabal, in a recent interview with the Sunday Vanguard Newspaper where he told us “why herdsmen must kill”, where he sought to defend, justify and rationalise the bestial and barbaric acts of mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing that the Fulani herdsmen and terrorists have unleashed on the people of the south and the Middle Belt and where he claimed that the British had “granted” what he described as “grazing routes” in the Middle Belt and the south to the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen as far back as 1914!

Never in the history of our country, other than during the civil war, has a mass murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing, the slaughter of infants and babies, rape, destruction and the burning and pillaging and violent occupation of other people’s lands and homes been justified and defended in this way.

Professor Abdullahi has proved to the world that we are a nation of bloodthirsty barbarians and sociopaths where human life has no meaning and has no value.

His views reveal nothing but madness in its most brazen form and the truth is that this reckless and irresponsible elderly man is playing with fire and is courting nothing but disaster for his Fulani people. Simply put he is begging for war.

I am disgusted and appalled by his cold-blooded, blood-thirsty and blood-lusting mindset but I cannot say that I am surprised. That is their way and these are their thoughts!

In addition to Abdullahi’s absurd and provocative submissions, the sceptics should also read Professor Umar Muhammed Labdo’s insulting assertions about Fulani supremacy and the Fulani being “born and destined to rule” over the whole of Nigeria.

If, after reading the contributions of these two supposedly “learned” Fulani men, some still do not understand what is going on or that we have a major challenge in this country, then such persons are indeed part of the problem and are in dire need of help.

Permit me to end the concluding part of this essay with the following.

To those who say that my words are too blunt, plain and harsh and that suggest that I should be more circumspect and temperate when discussing the powers that be in our country, the state of our nation, the Fulani invasion and our ruling Caliph, I say the following: I am the Servant of Truth and the Voice of the Voiceless.

If I do not speak up and say what others know but dare not say who will speak for the downtrodden, the enslaved, the weak, the oppressed, the slaughtered and the silent majority?

It is a calling and I cannot but do as I do and say as I say. I cannot but speak bluntly and plainly, calling a spade a spade.

In any case bullies, tyrants, conquering foreign hordes and alien invaders neither understand subtlety and restraint nor do they appreciate its nuances.

Worse still they misconstrue gentle words and a kind and generous disposition for weakness and this fuels and feeds their appetite for bestial acts and tyranny and encourages their naked aggression.

Unlike most, I fear not the heathen hordes that seek to conquer and enslave our people nor the bloody sword or the mighty roar of the uncircumcised Philistines.

I fear not the armies of Rome nor the occultic Egyptians with their satanic covenants, ancient spells and powerful invocations.

And neither will I bow, quiver or tremble before the Chaldeans or the Amalekites that rule our land with their unrelenting display of violence, barbarity and cruelty.

I am led by the Holy Spirit of the Living God and I trust in Him for all. He is my strength, my shield, my glory and the lifter of my head.

I am in the Lord’s power and hands and not in that of my adversaries or the enemies of my people. Most importantly I am persuaded that He will never leave me or forsake me.

I am also guided by the wise counsel of our very own Nobel Laureate and celebrated bard, Professor Wole Soyinka, who wrote the following historic and powerful words in his famous book titled, ‘The Man Died’ many years ago.

He wrote, “the man died in him who remained silent in the face of tyranny”.

Today I proclaim, may the man never die in any of us.

Again I am inspired by the compelling, beautiful and eternal words written by the great 19th-century author and English sage, Thomas Babington Macaulay, in his famous poem titled ‘Lays Of Ancient Rome’. He wrote,

“Then out spake brave Horatius, the Captain of the Gate: to every man upon this earth death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods?

And for the tender mother who dandled him to rest, And for the wife who nurses his baby at her breast.

And for the holy maidens who feed the eternal flame, to save them from false Sextus that wrought the deed of shame?

Haul down the bridge, Sir Consul, with all the speed ye may; I, with two more to help me, will hold the foe in play”.

Today I pray that we be like brave Horatius and hold the foe in play.

Finally, I am strengthened and encouraged by the words of King David in Psalm 27 when he said,

“The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?

When evildoers assail me uttering slanders against me, my adversaries and foes, they shall stumble and fall”.

They say courage is a virtue and the word of the Lord says “perfect love casts out fear”.

I, therefore, urge each and every one of us to cast out any and every fear of the enemy and of our collective adversaries, no matter what lies ahead or comes our way and, instead, stand firm and strong with heads held up high, giving thanks to God.

Finally, we must always remember that it is not how long we live that matters but what we stood for during our sojourn on the earthly plain, no matter how short or brief that sojourn may be.

I would rather speak truth to power, live a short life and die as a free man on my feet than remain silent in the face of slavery, tyranny and evil, and live a long life on my knees.

To Mahdi Buhari and his Fulani terrorists and herdsmen, I say this: southern Nigeria will never be ‘Fulanised’ or conquered and neither will we be Islamised.

We are and shall remain a nation of freeborn men and women, who are proud of our history and heritage and who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in defence of our freedom, our faith, our values, our plurality, our land, our resources and our people.

Any attempt to enslave or subjugate us by guile, deceit, subterfuge or insincere and false notions of integration and assimilation and the force of arms shall be resisted and shall ultimately fail. Of this, I have no doubt.

May the Living God guide and defend us and may He grant us peace and justice.

(Femi Fani-Kayode is a lawyer, a Nigerian politician, an evangelical Christian, an essayist, a poet and he was the Special Assistant (Public Affairs) to President Olusegun Obasanjo from July 2003 until June 2006. He was the minister of culture and tourism of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from June 22nd to Nov 7th, 2006 and as the minister of Aviation from Nov 7th, 2006 to May 29th, 2007. He runs a syndicated column on The Trent. He tweets from@realFFK.)

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The Dangerous Delusions Of Umar Muhammed Ladbo – Femi Fani-Kayode |RN


Femi Fani-Kayode

By Femi Fani-Kayode

“Nobody should try to remove Buhari in 2019. All Fulanis in Nigeria today our eyes are open. All of us are behind Buhari.We have seen that they want to destroy the Fulani because of Buhari. We would be ready to follow him and fight it”- Alhaji Bello Abdullahi Bodeji, President of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), The Sun Newspaper, 3rd February 2018.

I was tempted to respond to the unveiled threats and the bellicose and boastful words of this provincial cattle-rearer and itinerant Fulani herdsman called Bello Abdullahi Bodeji in this contribution but when I picked up the Saturday newspapers I realised that I needed to deal with a far more insidious and dangerous individual whose views are as abhorrent, frightful and unacceptable as Nazi Germany’s Adolph Hitler’s ever were.

This is a long essay but please stay with me till the end because the message and information that it seeks to convey is vital. Permit me to begin.

In a fascinating and provocative interview, the Punch Newspaper (3rd February 2018) asked one of the greatest advocates, most consistent proponents, most powerful voices and most compelling rising stars of Fulani supremacy, hegemony, irrendentism and power, Professor Umar Mohammed Ladbo of the Humanities Department of Maitama Sule University, Kano, the following question.

“You say Benue belongs to Fulani by right of conquest. Is such a right greater than that of the original owners or people who the Fulani met there?”.

Ladbo’s response betrayed the mindset of the quintessential conqueror and ethnic supremacist.

Though long, I shall qoute him extensively and fully in order for readers to get a clear picture and vivid glimpse into what can only be described as a diseased mind. He said,

“Don’t talk about original owners. Now that the right of conquest is recognised worldwide. And many of the people, who live presently in different countries, they are there and are living there by the right of conquest.

And this right of conquest is recognised, even by our Supreme Court. One of my followers on Facebook, who is a lawyer, said he could mention 10 cases in which our Supreme Court recognised conquest as one of the basis of getting titles for land.

So, don’t talk about that. Who are the original owners? Original! When did they come? We submit that the first father of the Tiv was Mohammed Alla, who migrated from Katsina, that is why today, you have Katsina Alla! Let them explain, what is the meaning of Katsina Alla?

So, this Fulani man, when he got to that area and fathered Tiv, there were other Fulani people there. That was why he came to join his own brothers.

So, if you are talking about any original owners of the Tiv land, it is actually the Fulani. And the Fulani are the fathers of the Tiv and the Jukun are their mothers.

Many of the people living in the area they live today migrated to that area. And I also mentioned in my Facebook post that Fulani are very kind and benevolent conquerors because when the Europeans settled in North America, that is, today’s USA and Canada, they massacred all the people.

That is why there is no one to call them settlers today. They killed them all and destroyed their means of livelihood. When the Europeans settled in Australia, they killed the Aborigines.

That is why there is no one to call them settlers now. But Fulani, we did not kill anybody. We ruled over the people and some people are asking if it is true that Benue belongs to Fulani?

Why are they not Muslims? Now, the answer is Fulani did not force anyone to embrace Islam. Even today in Kano here, you have people who are not Muslims and they are originally from here.

We call them Maguzawa. That is why the missionaries had the opportunity to come here and convert them to Christianity. You have them in Bauchi and even in Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara and Katsina”. (CONCLUDED).

Why am I not suprised by these frightful and startling submissions and assertions and this false narrative.

For Professor Ladbo to essentially claim that “the fact that we Fulani did not kill all those we subjugated and all the indigenous people we defeated in battle, conquered and enslaved is something that Nigerians should be grateful for” is cruel, demeaning, dishonorable, insulting, disingenious and shameful.

Worst of all it is not true. It is false and it is historically incorrect. The fact of the matter is that the Fulani conquerors slaughtered more people in their series of jihads in northern Nigeria than ANY other invasion force in the history of Africa.

Has this so-called “professor” never heard about the barbarity and genocide committed by Usman Dan Fodio when he offered either “the sword or the Koran” to those he conquered in the north?

Has he never heard of the massacres and mass murders that accompanied the Fulani jihads, the destruction of the Habe empire and the establishment of the Caliphate?

Ignorance is a terrible thing but deceit and historical revisionism is even worse.

To say that the Fulani were gentle and kind in their conquests of parts of northern Nigeria and in their quest to establish their caliphate and forcefully spread Islam is a lie from the pit of hell.

It is like saying that Lucifer loved God and never rebelled against him or that Hitler’s Nazis showed kindness to the Jews or that the white slave-owners of the pre-civil war “confederate” southern states of the United States of America loved their black slaves.

The truth is that the history of the caliphate is paved, painted and tainted with ethnic cleansing, mass murder, genocide and blood and their cruelty to those that they attacked, conquered and enslaved was legendry.

They utterly humiliated, broke down and destroyed their subjects and took everything away from them including their dignity, liberty, land, identity, religion and culture.

Worse of all they effected a relentless “scortch the earth” policy, burnt everything in sight, raped ALL the women, enslaved ALL the children, took millions of lives and even slaughtered the animals.

That is the history of the caliphate and Fulani conquest and not the rosy picture that Professor Ladbo and other historical revisionists seek to paint.

This is not hate, it is history.

Sadly Ladbo’s hubristic delusions was not limited to the above.

He went a step further down the abyss of hate and delusion by telling the same Punch Newspaper that
“the Fulanis are destined to continue leading Nigeria”.

He said the Fulanis brought literacy to the country and that the Fulani tribe had transcripts dating back to 500 years ago “when no other tribe knew how to write”.

Permit me to share his exact words:

“Those who rule are those that are more civilised and educated. Now, Fulani happened to be more educated than all other tribes in Nigeria before the Europeans came.

We are the ones who brought literacy here as we have manuscripts, hundreds of them, which were written between 300 and 500 years ago, when no other tribe knew how to write.

And that is why the lot fell on our people to lead in this country and we are still leading the people. We are destined to continue leading people; but I know, if people read this, they will say he is a supremacist or something like that, no!

It is not like that. This is a burden and we pay for it. Sardauna was killed because he was a ruler. If he had not been a ruler, why would he have been killed? Murtala Mohammed (former Military Head of State) was also killed. Why? It was because he was a ruler.

It is not something we are proud of: it is a burden but we have to shoulder the burden because we are the ones who are qualified for it.

In 1840 the Yoruba defeated us in Osogbo and sent us packing but you are talking of only one defeat when we conquered the whole of the North including Kano and even Benue. We are the owners of Benue by conquest.

Our man was already ruling Borno by then, there was no need to attack them. We don’t even eat cow meat. It is you Yoruba and Igbo that are ready to die for cow meat. Look we are destined to lead Nigeria for long” (CONCLUDED).

It is also trite history that the Fulani came from Futa Jalon in modern-day Guinea (from a place called Vulture Mountain) and that their progenitor, Usman Dan Fodio, did not set foot in what was to later become modern-day northern Nigeria until 1797 or begin his jihad until 1804.

So when this Kano “Professor” compares the Fulani to “other tribes” in Nigeria “300 to 500 years ago” he is making a grave error because the fact is that at that time the Fulani were not even here!

If any tribe or ethnic nationality can be described as modern-day immigrants and aliens in Nigeria it is the Fulani. Every other tribe in our nation has been here for centuries, thousands of years and indeed from time-immemorial but the Fulani are relatively newcomers to our geographical space.

As a matter of fact they have far more in common genetically and in terms of bloodlines with the Tutsis of Central and East Africa (who also originally came from Futa Jalon and who are also migrants) than they do with ANY tribe or ethnic nationality in Nigeria.

They were not originally part of us and neither are they completely negroid. Their blood is mixed with Taurag and Berber blood and they are a product of long-term and thousands of years of cross-breeding between the local black Africans of Futa Jalon and the Arab, Taurag and Berber traders that plied that route.

To suggest that they were indigenous to the land that was later to be known as “Nigeria” or even “northern Nigeria” before the mid-1800’s is simply not true and it is historically incorrect.

That is the bitter truth and another is as follows.
The last three years have proved that the Fulani know far more about cow-herding and cattle-rearing than they do about nation-building and governance.

They have also proved that they place far more value on the life of a cow than that of a human being. What on earth could be more backward, primitive, uncivilised uneducated, illiterate, condemnable and reprehensible than that?

Contrary to what Professor Ladbo would have us believe, the Fulani are not more educated than others, they are not more literate than others, they were not educated before others, they are not born to rule, they are not destined to lead, they have no understanding of collective and all-inclusive leadership in a multi-religious, multi-racial, multi-cultural nation and, as long as Jesus is on the throne, they will not lead or rule Nigeria forever.

Permit me to end this contribution with an interesting and insightful extract from Professor Ozodi Thomas Osuji’s well-researched and seminal essay titled ‘The Fulanis Quest To Rule West Africa’. He wrote,

“I have been reading up on the Fulani. I am now a walking encyclopedia on them. I have accepted that they want to rule all of Nigeria.

They conquered the Hausas states (1804-1809) and now they want to conquer all of Nigeria. That six million Fulanis in Nigeria (and 13 million in all West Africa) want to rule 150 million Nigerians is amazing!

When five million white Afrikaners ruled 45 million Africans in South Africa we described their behavior as racist.

But in the Fulani case folks do not seem to grasp the racist angle to the whole bizarre thing where the most uneducated group in Nigeria wants to rule the most educated folks in Nigeria, such as the Edos, Ijaws, Efiks, Igbos and Yorubas.

Fulanis originally lived in Morocco as part of the Maghreb Arabs that conquered the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal in 711 A.D. and swept into France in 732 A.D. before the Franks (Germans…Arabs still call Germans Franks) under their leader, Charles Martel, the Hammer of God, stopped them at Tours, near Paris, at the famous battle of Poitier.

Many of those Arabs mixed with Africans and are now called Fulanis. They drifted south and eventually settled around Senegal and Guinea. Fulanis drifted into Northern Nigeria in the eighteenth century (1700s).

They used a well-known ruse (which they are now using all over Nigeria) to get Hausas to attack them and used that pretext to attack and conquer Hausa states.

Their leader, Othman Dan Fodio named himself the Sultan of what he called the Sokoto Caliphate and appointed his relatives the Emirs (Chiefs) of major Hausa towns.

Apparently Fulanis want to extend their rule all over Nigeria. We must check the diabolical intention of the Fulanis, a minority Arab group that wants to rule the majority of Africans in Nigeria, just as a minority white group wanted to rule the majority of Africans in South Africa. This must be stopped. Democracy requires that it be stopped”. (CONCLUDED).

Osuji is absolutely right.

And just in case anyone is still in any doubt about how determined the Fulani are to hold on to power in Nigeria they should consider the words of Alhaji Ahmad Usman Bello, the National Chairman of the Fulbe (Fulani) Development Association (FULDAN).

Last week he told the Nigerian people that ”any ethnic group that fights the Fulani will be doing so at their own peril. No-one can defeat the Fulani in Nigeria”.

As we lawyers say, ‘res ipsa loquitor’ (meaning ‘the facts speak for themselves’).

Ahmed Usman Bello, Umar Muhammed Labdo, Bello Abdullahi Bodeji and all those that share their reckless views forget that hubris comes before nemesis and that pride comes before a fall.

May God deliver them from their dangerous and provocative delusions before it is too late.

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