Tragedy: Family Of Four, Doctor, Parents, Sister Perish In Benue Road Auto Crash |RN


Friday Olokor, Jos

The Igbo community in Jos, Plateau State, have been thrown into mourning following an auto crash involving a family of four who were travelling for a wedding in Anambra State.

The victims were indigenes of Ufuma in the Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Although details of the crash were still sketchy, PUNCH METRO learnt that the four victims, out of eight members of a family, were killed when a vehicle in which they were travelling had an accident between Aleyede and Oturkpo in Benue State.

The victims are a patent medicine dealer, Simon Onwubalili; his wife, Ifeoma, who was a staff member of the National Examination Council; a graduate of Medicine awaiting induction into the NMA, Dr Ijeoma Onwubalili; and her sister, Gracious  Onwubalili.

However, the driver of the car with number plate, Abuja ABC 105 PH, and one of the family members, Marvel Onwubalili, survived the accident.

They were said to be going for Ijeoma’s traditional wedding scheduled for December 31, 2017, when the accident occurred.

It was also gathered that the induction of Ijeoma in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, was to take place in the first quarter of 2018.

The first son of the family, Onyedika Onwubalili, confirmed the incident, saying “Yes, it is true,” but gave no further details.

Another family member, who did not want to be named, said the incident happened on Sunday.

He said, “Simon Onwubalili and his family left Jos on Saturday en route to their hometown of Enugu Abor in Ofuma, in the Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State. Their chauffeur-driven Toyota Highlander somersaulted on the way. The man had a thanksgiving service in church penultimate Sunday and shared the invitation cards of her daughter’s induction into the NMA.

“They hired a driver to take them home where Ijeoma, who recently graduated as a medical doctor, was to hold her traditional marriage on December 31, 2017.

“Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it as the journey was cut short somewhere along Oturkpo-Enugu Road. The driver was speeding and suddenly found himself in the path of an oncoming vehicle. In an attempt to avoid the vehicle, the car somersaulted several times and they died.”

When contacted, the spokesperson for the Benue State Police Command, Moses Yamu, said he would get back to our correspondent.

But he had yet to do so as of press time.  (Punch)

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Nigerian Male Househelp Disguised As Female, Deflowered Four Daughters Of His Host, Impregnates Two

Male-househelp-under-disguise-as-female (2)

Zenabou: Male househelp who disguised as female maid

By Ike A. Offor

This is a very disturbing narrative coming out of Nigeria, where a male househelp disguised as a female maid in order to have access to families with children.

This male pervert in his early adulthood decided to disguise as a girl to gain access to families with children and to work as a maid.

He obtained an identity card with a female name, Zenabou and was employed as a maid to a family with four daughters, which was a big mistake made by the parents of these girls.

He dresses up as a girl, with bra, female underpants, even a bikini to hide his manhood. A closer look to his picture, would reveal a female bikini, a female scarf tied around his waist.

He ties a scarf as a girl, which is a very common practice in a religious country like Nigeria, where women almost always covered their heads with all sorts of scarves.

Zenabou wears a bra, stuffed to create a protruding young breast of a young girl. He also wears female clothes to create a perfect female look.

He also trimmed or shaved his eyebrows, as it is commonly done by girls or ladies these days, which is used to create a perfect eyebrow makeup that is en vogue.

One could easily say that he even has some female facial outlook, and perhaps this helped to give him a perfect disguise as a female maid, which helped to fool the parents of the unfortunate family.

This pervert, Zenabou planned out carefully his lines of actions very well and has such numbing audacity to have carried out his trade in such spectacular fashion without feeling of guilt.


To demonstrate that he is purely for preying on little girls, he carried out his evil acts within three months of being employed by unlucky Nigerian parents with four little girls, among who are two who have reached puberty age.

After three months, all the four daughters of this Nigerian family were deflowered. Their virginity were cunningly taken away from them by the male househelp who disguised as a female housemaid.

The two other daughters who have reached their puberty were impregnated by this Zenabou, the pervert.

Though this narrative raises a lot of questions on how parents screen and employ househelps in Nigeria, it raises further question how parents access and assess those working for them in their house.

How did the mother and father of these children assess this male/female maid and what was her  or his relationship with him/her while working for their family? What sort of relationship do Nigerian families or parents have with their housemaids and how do they assess them or relate to them?

While it is not in our position to answer these questions, it is in our position to warn parents to be very careful who they employ as househelp, babysitters, or maids in their homes. They should do more to ascertain the true sex of their maids, or would-be-househelps. And the true identity and qulity of those they employ as househelps in their homes.

Male-househelp-under-disguise-as-female1 (2)

They should leave no stone unturned when handling issues pertaining the welfare of their children.

We only hope that these children, both those who lost their virginity at such early age and the two who are now pregnant are well taken care of.

What a very painful way for one to lose children within the confines of one’s home. Sad, very sad indeed.

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Pregnant Housewife Tortures Housegirl For Eating Children Food |RN

                 • Juliet • Blessing Photos: Samson Folarin

Samson Folarin

A pregnant housewife, Juliet Ozoarinze, has been arrested for allegedly torturing a 10-year-old girl, Blessing, in Ijesha, Surulere, Lagos State.

The mother of four was also accused of assaulting the victim since she started living with the (Juliet’s) family in July 2017.

She was alleged to have used different objects on her over allegations of being tardy in running errands, not being prompt in answering summons and practising witchcraft.

The suspect’s husband, Kenneth, was reported to have returned Blessing to her aunt, Vivian, on Tuesday, October 17, after the wife allegedly used a knife to cut the 10-year-old in the hand for allegedly stealing and eating the food meant for her children.

Vivian, who gave the couple the child because Kenneth was a family friend, told our correspondent that Kenneth said he was returning the child because of the injury.

She said, “Blessing’s mother lives in Abuja and she has four children, including her. She had been saddled with the care of all the four girls. We thought the couple could assist with Blessing’s education in exchange for helping them with house chores.

“The man suddenly brought the girl back to our house. The woman used a knife to cut her in the hand and the man said he was not happy with the wife. After he left, I saw that she could barely sit and I asked her to remove her clothes. I was alarmed at the extent of her injuries and she told me that Juliet had been torturing her since she started living with them.

“I called Kenneth and asked if he knew about the girl’s injuries and he denied. He came back and was angry to see all her sores. I asked him to pay for the girl’s treatment, but he refused and said he didn’t have money.”

She said after she could not raise money for Blessing’s treatment, her neighbours advised her to approach a human rights organisation.

She explained that after several attempts to convince Kenneth to foot Blessing’s medical bill failed, she reported the case at the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender.

An official of the agency told PUNCH Metro that when Blessing was brought to the office, she could not sit due to the extent of her injuries.

She said, “The woman is a housewife and mother of four children. She is currently pregnant with her fifth child. The girl had been cruelly treated and poorly fed by Juliet. Instead of sending her to school as her family promised, they enslaved her.

“When we checked her body, we saw many physical injuries ranging from knife cuts to marks of flogging with wire and other objects. She could barely walk or sit because she had severe injuries on her buttocks and had also been hit on the head and waist with a pestle.”

PUNCH Metro learnt that the OPD reported the case to the police at the Itire division, and the suspect was arrested.

When queried on what the victim did, the suspect allegedly claimed that Blessing stole her children’s provisions and food.

She reportedly denied beating her with objects.

“The police asked Blessing what made her mistress to beat her and she replied that on an occasion, she was forced to accept that she was a witch. The Divisional Police Officer promised to charge the woman to court at the end of investigations,” a social worker said.

The Director of OPD, Mrs. Olubukola Salami, confirmed the incident.

She said, “We are concerned about the surge in the number of child abuse cases in Lagos State despite legislative measures and several awareness and advocacy mechanisms put in place by the government.

“While OPD will continue to get perpetrators to face justice, we urge all residents of Lagos to be vigilant and report all forms of child abuse in their community.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said he would call back, but had yet to do so as of press time.

Our correspondent, however, gathered that the suspect had been arraigned in a magistrate’s court for the offence.   (Punch)

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