Julius Malema ‘An Instigator’ Of Farm Murders – Duncan Prinsloo |RN

A man from Bronkhorstspruit, who lost his wife during a farm attack in 2008, has accused Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema of instigating farm attacks. 

Duncan Prinsloo
Olivia Phalaetsile

Duncan Prinsloo (70) was shot in the back during the attack. He marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria with AfriForum on Saturday.

The protestors want government to declare farm murders a priority.

An emotional Prinsloo called on Malema to “prove he is a man”.

“I want to say to Malema today, who is the big instigator of farm murders. I want to challenge him today, I will give him a rifle, I will load it, and I will stand still, so that he can finish what they begun. I want to see if he is a man because he can shout out to the youngsters and tell them to go murder the farmers in their farms.”

“He must be able to show whether he is a man, or whether he is a mouse. I don’t even call him Mr Malema because that refers to a man. I want to challenge him today and I am very serious about that. I don’t mind dying, he can come finish what they didn’t finish and let’s see if he has the guts to do what he teaches the youngers to do.”

The EFF could not be reached for comment.   (Jacaranda)

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[Video] ‘Afrikaner Racists We Are Losing Patience, It’s Hard To Tolerate Your Arrogance, Hate’ – Malema


EFF Party Leader, Julius Malema

Angry Malema’s ‘Afrikaner racists we are losing patience with you and it’s becoming hard to tolerate your arrogance and hate’

These were the exact words of the leader Economic Freedom Fighter’s leader Julius Malema:

“Afrikaner racists we are losing patience with you and it’s becoming hard to tolerate your arrogance and hate”. Angry Malema said the African National Congress (ANC) is the reason for the white arrogance and unhealthy attitude since 1994.

Some citizens have maintained that  these militant words were harsh and violent and is capable of stroking violence of unimaginable proportion in the land, if it continues unchecked. Malema seem to have found his voice after #Blackmonday’s protest against farm murder across the country.

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Source: HINNews

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The White Man Remains Enemy Number One, Says Malema |The Republican News

Julius Malema – Image – Front National

White people must not think the EFF has forgotten about the land issue, said EFF leader Julius Malema on 20 April 2016 in a packed hall of the University of Pretoria’s Mamelodi Campus.

“The white minority claps hands while the EFF takes President (Jacob) Zuma over the coals and thinks we have forgotten that black people want the land returned. But we have not. They are next.”

This statement by Malema confirms the Front National’s argument on two issues: The white man who still votes for the DA, while the DA forms coalitions with the EFF, should not think that their adopted nephews will overlook them. Also, our position on participation in the public marches against Zuma together with the EFF. Julius uses the whites with their posters simply as useful idiots – when he’s finished with Zuma, those same fellow protesters are next to his list.

EFF supporters were invited by bus loads to a campus for a memorial ceremony for anti-apartheid activist Solomon Mahlangu, who was hanged in 1979. When Malema arrived after 12:00, the hall was so full that people had to sit on the floor.

Floyd Shivambu, deputy president of the EFF, introduced Malema as “the next president of South Africa.”

“We stopped Nkandla, and the Guptas were gone. Now we are going to retrieve our country,” said Malema to loud applause.

“All the beautiful buildings in this country were built by black people without being paid. It also belongs to us. We are going to take the land with everything in it whether they (white people) like it or not.”

“But Zuma is not our enemy. Zuma stands between us and our enemy, the white man.”

“It is the white man who killed Solomon Mahlangu, and although we must focus on reconciliation, we cannot be friends with white people.”

He said white people should stop crying because black people are the actual victims.

“No white man came here with the land.”

Front National says again: Stop looking at Julius Malema as a dumbhead and a non-entity. The tremendous growth of the EFF and the radical pronouncements he makes attract more and more people to his party. 2019’s election may only cause him to play a much, much bigger role in South African politics than now, at the expense of the already shaky DA.

We need to make every effort to secure ourselves, get involved with community forums and mobilize ourselves politely to try and resolve self-determination as soon as possible. A vote for the DA and taking to streets with the EFF will not give us much more mercy or time. We also see that one complaint after another is taken to the Human Rights Commission and the Court against Malema, its like the water off a duck’s back. Malema and his EFF are not only a threat to ANC and Jacob Zuma, but he is also a significant threat to EVERY white in South Africa. Even those who join hands and take to the streets. We can no longer deny it.

(Front National)

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EFF Not Ruling Out Resigning From Parliament To Force Early General Election-Malema

While only considering it as a last resort, Malema’s red berets aren’t ruling out resigning from parly to break the quorum and force an early general election.

                      Image Credits:Gallo


Now that would be quite the upset, wouldn’t it? Despite the DA saying they’ve not been chatting to the EFF about it, Malema has said that his party would quit parliament if the DA stood with them.

Why, you might ask? Well see, if parliament doesn’t have a certain amount of MPs it can’t get quorum which means the Constitutional Court can order Baleka Mbete to dissolve parliamemtn and call another general election.

“If we combine the EFF numbers and the DA numbers and we resign from Parliament, then this thing is no longer a properly constituted Parliament,” Juju said.

Malema has, however, made it clear that this is a very last resort, but not out of the question if Maimane’s blues were keen… but it doesn’t look like the DA’s even aware of the plan yet.

“No. It’s not true,” DA federal chair James Selfe said.

“A revolution is not like a birthday party, you have to work for it, you have to ensure that everybody else is convinced and that there is no longer an option but to resign from Parliament,” Malema said.

Source: News24

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Trump To Send Alt-Right To South Africa For Political Ideology Revolution

                  Trump to send Alt-Right to South Africa

An opinion published in The Star newspaper titled Trump’s Alt-Right coming to SA by Ebrahim, a foreign editor for Independent Media, stated that the Trump administration is targeting South Africa as a destination in need of its Alt-Right ideology. If Trump decides to send South African Joel Pollak, the editor-at-large of Breitbart news as the new US Ambassador to South Africa, then the agenda of the White House in South Africa is clear.

The primary reason to send one of Trump’s most valuable ideological weapons to South Africa would be the perceived need to overturn a ruling party, which is a pillar in the world of progressive left wing and inclusive politics.

This will not be bad at all, as the ANC government is corrupt… Racial laws against whites, farm murders, rise in crime, escalating poverty and exclusion of whites from the workplace by the revolutionary black empowerment laws.

Pollak’s main competitor for the job of US ambassador to South Africa is said to be Mike Cernovich, who is known as the alt-Right’s social media firebrand. He has been vocal in his ambition to influence South Africa’s foreign policy on race relations and to counter its support for Palestine. One of his infamous tweets was that “the white genocide in South Africa is real.”

The white genocide is real and not reported on by mainstream media. It is the same as with the way President Donald Trump was and still is treated by the media.

In the first 14 days of February, eleven people were murdered on farms in South Africa. It is shocking that the ANC government refuse to acknowledged the aggressive killing of whites.

If the DA is the only viable vehicle for right-wing politics in South Africa, then its coffers are destined to be injected with cash, with an elusive paper trail that leads all the way back to Washington. This is juxtaposed against the ruling ANC which has become sidetracked and pre-occupied with its internal political succession battles and struggles against corruption, leaving it vulnerable and unprepared to counter and overcome sophisticated attempts at regime change at the ballot box.

While the DA might be the choice of the Alt-Right Trump agenda for South Africa, it is an opportunity for the white minority to have some “Trump Protection” and an ambassador who will be sympathetic toward the current situation. There is no reason for Donald Trump to resort to bribing a political party in South Africa to get the necessary results. This bribing “political” actions was the trademark of the previous US administration.

While the ANC are embroiled in their revolutionary radical changes and stripping the country of its assets, they will have to make a radical turn away from corruption, and focus on what is right for all peoples of South Africa. Prosecuting the guilty of corruption, including top ANC members, service deliveries, border protection, and accountability. For once, the ANC must realize that apartheid is history, and can longer be blamed for the 22 years of destructive governance by a party that holds its own interest at heart. Under an Alt-right Trump ambassador to South Africa, the ANC will have to make revolutionary changes within its own party if they want to remain part of a democratic country.

Whether Joel Pollak or Mike Cernovich are positioned as the US ambassador to South Africa, both would make a difference to South Africa. Pollak has in the past referred to the ANC as dangerous, believes affirmative action is disastrous and the ANC parliament is weak. Of course, through a long-standing diplomatic agreement, the “Host Government” must accept all ambassadors. Will the ANC reject either one of these two Trump choices?

(South Africa Today – South Africa News)

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South Africa: Blacks Attacks On Whites Have Escalated In The Recent Times |The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor

There have been serious attacks by South African Blacks on Whites on several occasions in different provinces or regions across the country.

According to some few South African Whites communities, the attacks are orchestrated by  the fiery party leader of EFF, Mr Julius Malema speeches.

Malema is a known strong  freedom fighter in South African. He was the former youth wing leader of ANC until he fell out with President Jacob Zuma and was expelled from the party and was charged to court.

Julius Malema then formed a new political party named Economic Freedom Front, EFF, a party which has gone since its formation to become the third biggest and strong opposition party in South African politics.

This very attack on these farmers, a man and his wife, took place on the Christmas day. Mr Dawie Kayser Bossof  and his wife were kidnapped and badly beaten and found in a very bloody state in the hospital.

The attack was described as absolutely barbaric by the white folks who were interviewed by The Republican News reporter and online interviews by the editor.

The whites who were interviewed were very worried that their calls and cry is not getting out there and the needed help is not coming to them. Some of them sounded very scared , angry and desperate about these attacks and for their lives.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorImage may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Image may contain: one or more peoplesouthafrica

Of  course, anyone who knows the history of apartheid in South Africa and how the black people suffered during those era of discriminations would see these attacks differently.  But as many condemned it then, many should join hands to condemn it now. Secondly, apartheid ended 22 years ago, some of the Whites cried out.

The question is, what is the government of President Jacob Zuma, the state prosecutor doing about the attackers and the crimes they are committing?

These attacks are incredibly serious and something must be done before things get out of hand in the country. And it must be done very fast.

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