EFF Not Ruling Out Resigning From Parliament To Force Early General Election-Malema

While only considering it as a last resort, Malema’s red berets aren’t ruling out resigning from parly to break the quorum and force an early general election.

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Now that would be quite the upset, wouldn’t it? Despite the DA saying they’ve not been chatting to the EFF about it, Malema has said that his party would quit parliament if the DA stood with them.

Why, you might ask? Well see, if parliament doesn’t have a certain amount of MPs it can’t get quorum which means the Constitutional Court can order Baleka Mbete to dissolve parliamemtn and call another general election.

“If we combine the EFF numbers and the DA numbers and we resign from Parliament, then this thing is no longer a properly constituted Parliament,” Juju said.

Malema has, however, made it clear that this is a very last resort, but not out of the question if Maimane’s blues were keen… but it doesn’t look like the DA’s even aware of the plan yet.

“No. It’s not true,” DA federal chair James Selfe said.

“A revolution is not like a birthday party, you have to work for it, you have to ensure that everybody else is convinced and that there is no longer an option but to resign from Parliament,” Malema said.

Source: News24

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