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Samson Folarin

Tragedy struck in Alaja community, Megida, in the Ayobo area of Lagos State, after a 40-year-old petty trader, Ablavi Hunkpati, fell into an abandoned well and died.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the mother of four was running from a scorpion when she slipped and fell into the well said to be about 100 feet deep.

Our correspondent learnt that after failed attempts by residents, relatives and sympathisers to rescue her, officials of the Lagos State Fire Service were called to the scene.

Her remains were subsequently recovered and handed over to the police by officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency.

The Togolese woman, her husband and their four children were said to have lived in the house for over 20 years.

A resident, who did not identify himself, said the incident happened on Saturday around 2pm.

He said, “The woman has been living in the house for over than 20 years. As of the time she packed in, that well had been abandoned. Usually, people sit and relax on the planks used to cover the well. She was trying to run from a scorpion. She rested on the planks, which gave way. That was how she fell into the well and died.”

When our correspondent visited the house on Monday, he observed that the abandoned well was at the entrance into the victim’s room and parlour apartment.

The house had also been cordoned off by security operatives.

A relative of Hunkpati, who identified himself only as David, showed our correspondent a bottle of soft drink he bought for her before the incident.

He said, “She kept the drink on a drum and wanted to rid the planks on the well of insects because children usually play around there. She had finished cleaning the place when she fell.”

David explained that the victim had sighted a scorpion, and panicked when she fell into the well.

“She screamed and we rushed to see how to help her, but it was too late. She had died before anyone could do anything because the well is over 100 feet deep. We called the fire service, but when they came, it was too late,” he added.

It was learnt that the victim’s husband and children had gone to Togo to break the news to other family members.

The Public Affairs Officer of the Lagos State Fire Service, Mrs Bola Ajao, who spoke for the acting Director, Rasak Musibau, said firefighters arrived as soon they received a distress call about the incident.

She said, “We received the distress call around 2.59pm and the Abesan Fire Station, being the closest to the area, responded. The officials arrived at the scene around 3.06pm. By the time they got there, it was discovered that some of the victim’s relatives had lowered themselves into the well with ropes. They, however, could not bring her out. The fire service men recovered the woman’s corpse.

“We have been telling residents that no matter how little an emergency may appear, they should always get in touch with emergency workers. The person who tried to bring the deceased’s woman out was not trained in safety techniques and it is possible that it was in the process of dragging her with ropes that the situation aggravated.”

Our correspondent learnt that LASEMA workers handed over the remains of the deceased to the police from the Ayobo division.

“The body was put in a body bag and handed over to the police. But before we left the scene, we were told that the victim’s family members had shown up to collect it,” an official said.

A representative of the deceased’s family, who identified himself only as Volvo, said the family had accepted its fate.

He said Hunkpati would be buried in Lagos on Friday.  (Punch)

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This 20-foot Python Is On The Loose In Missouri |The Republican News


Alissa Zhu
Ben Trexel holds his pet Burmese python, which is on the loose.© Submitted photo Ben Trexel holds his pet Burmese python, which is on the loose.  

A 20-foot long Burmese python is on the loose somewhere in the Ozarks.

Ben Trexel is asking for people to be on the lookout for his pet, which he last saw Thursday at his home near Rogersville, Missouri.

“I don’t want him killed,” Trexel said. “But if someone feels threatened, I understand.”

The brown and tan python’s name is SS Wraps and is as thick as a football, Trexel said.

“SS” stands for Super Snake, Trexel said. It also refers to a double s-shaped design on the snake’s back. “Wraps” because the snake is very long.

SS Wraps was only six inches long when Trexel bought it from a pet store nearly nine years ago.

“I used to hand-feed him little baby pinkie mice,” Trexel said. “I’m pretty attached to him.”

Trexel said the python has since graduated to eating larger animals, such as rabbits and chickens.

Trexel said the last time he saw his snake was Thursday evening. It was curled up in a ball in the corner of its cage.

By the next day, the python was gone.

Sometime in the night or early morning, a tree branch had fallen through the roof of the porch, where Trexel keeps the cage, allowing for his python to escape.

Trexel said he has been searching for SS Wraps ever since. Trexel has notified all his neighbors and has a search party organized for Saturday.

“He means a lot to my family,” Trexel said. “I don’t want anybody harmed and I don’t want him harmed.”

Trexel said that recent rains have caused a nearby creek to swell. He’s concerned that the python might ride the creek to the Finley River and Ozark.

“If you see him, I will be there in a hurry, no matter what time it is,” Trexel said.

The python is usually relaxed and tame, Trexel said.

“I’ve never had him even try to bite me,” Trexel said. “He’s shown no signs of aggression in the nine years I’ve owned him.”

Don’t startle the python, Trexel cautioned.

“He is a reptile,” Trexel said. “Nobody knows what a reptile thinks.”   (USA TODAY)

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