Michael Jackson’s Former Los Angeles School Vote To Drop His Name From Auditorium

Parents at a Los Angeles elementary school have voted on whether to drop Michael Jackson’s name from the auditorium after damaging paedophilia allegations made against the late pop singer in a documentary.

Gardner Street school’s Michael Jackson Auditorium has become a thorny issue ever since the airing of “Leaving Neverland”, an HBO documentary which alleges the singer molested two boys when they were seven and 10 years old.

Jackson attended the school in 1969, but left after his family band, The Jackson 5, scored their first big hit, “I want you back”.

Officials at Gardner Street school would not say when the results of this week’s vote would be released.

“Following remarks by some parents and team members about the current name of our auditorium … we gave the opportunity to parents and employees to decide on the issue,” said principal Karen Hollis.

The auditorium at the school, in the heart of Hollywood, was named for Jackson in 1989 before first allegations of abuse were laid on the singer, who died in 2009 of a drug overdose.

A 13-year-old boy complained about being abused by Jackson in 1993, but the case was settled out of court. The singer was tried in 2005 for the alleged abuse of another minor, but acquitted.

“The name should probably be removed, it’s not right for an elementary school. The documentary gave a very clear picture of the situation”, Robert Fitzgerald, a parent told the Los Angeles Times.

Another parent disagreed, however.

“People in this country have done much worse, have been convicted and still have their names on buildings”, said Myreon Arslan.


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Teenager Impregnated By Own Father, Gives Birth In Benin, Seeks Help For Her Education |RN


Tony Osauzo, Benin


A 13-year-old girl who was impregnated by her father has given birth to a baby girl at Central Hospital in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

The teenage mother, who put to bed last Saturday, was said to be in Primary Six when her father put her in a family way and was taken into protective custody by the Edo State government.

She is the eldest daughter of her 42-year old father, Friday Moses, who hails from Cross River State but lives in Edo State.

The randy father, who was a commercial motorcyclist, reportedly started having sex with her daughter at the age of seven after the death of her mother.

Following the incident, an Edo State Family Court in October last year, sentenced the man to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour without an option of fine.

The teenage mother in a chat with journalists said she would like to continue with her education and become a medical doctor.

She disclosed that at the time she was impregnated by her father, she was yet to write her First School Leaving Certificate examination, adding that she would be happy if her education is supported by good-spirited individuals.Meanwhile, the Medical Director of the Benin Central Hospital, Dr. Philip Ugbodaga, has directed the management of the hospital to cancel the medical bills of the teenager.


Dr. Ugbodaga announced that the hospital was in collaboration with the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to take proper care of the teenage mother and her baby, pointing out that subsequent assistance for the victim would come as the situation arises.   (The Sun)


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Lagos Woman Beats Teenage Househelp To A Pulp |The Republican News

By Agency Report



A 38-year-old trader, Iyabo Lawal, who allegedly beat her teenage housemaid to a pulp, was on Monday hauled up before an Ikeja Chief Magistrates’ Court.

Lawal, who resides at 91, Olonade St., by Alagomeji Bus Stop, Yaba, Lagos, is facing a charge of assault occasioning harm.

She pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Police Prosecutor, Insp. Benson Emuerhi, said the woman beat her housekeeper, 13-year-old Kehinde Local and inflicted serious injuries on her legs.

Emuerhi told the court that the accused committed the offence on May 11 at her residence in Yaba, Lagos.

He said a report had reached the Office of the Public Defender (OPD) through a complaint via social media about the victim being physically assaulted by the accused.

“The victim was brought to Lagos from Cotonou, Republic of Benin to work as a housemaid at the accused’ s house.

“Lawal usually beat the housekeeper and inflict injuries on her whenever she does something wrong in the house.

“The woman again beat her up to a pulp and inflicted injuries on her for not waking up on time to do house chores,’’ Emuerhi said.

According to him, the accused was, however, arrested by the Police following a tip-off.

The offence contravened Sections 172 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

The Chief Magistrate, Mrs O. Sule-Amzat, granted the woman N20, 000 bail with two responsible sureties in like sum, who should be gainfully employed.

She also said the sureties must be property owners in Lagos State with an evidence of two years tax payment to Lagos State Government as part of the bail conditions.

Amzat adjourned the case until July 3 for hearing. (NAN)

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SHOCKING: My Madam Forced Me To Eat My Faeces, Drink My Urine, Tortured Maid Recounts

By Uchenna Inya


  • She often stole my money –Madam

The chicken finally came to a roost as Mrs Nkechi Bartholomew who tortured and disfigured her 12-year-old maid, Faith Nwanja, has been arrested. Mrs Bartholomew, a trader who sells weave-on and attachments in Onitsha, Anambra State, inserted a big stick which she uses to turn semovita and ‘fufu’ into the girl’s private part. She also forced the girl to eat her faeces and drink her urine. Faith lost one of her hands during the torture.

Faith was accused of stealing her mistress’s money ranging from N100 to N200. She was almost tortured to death but for the woman’s sister who rescued the girl. Bartholomew adopted Faith from Okofia community, Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State when she was eight years old and took her to Onitsha.

But Bartholomew allegedly disfigured the girl. Nwanja was brought back to the village in mutilated condition by Bartholomew’s sister who was arrested, prosecuted and remanded in prison. Police then went after the main suspect, Bartholomew but she escaped. Since February, the woman had been at large until Wednesday when she was arrested by the policemen from the state command who have been trailing her.

The woman was arrested in Onitsha and brought to Ebonyi State Police Command, Abakaliki. Bartholomew’s husband is a food vendor in Onitsha and is at large. The woman alleged that Faith often stole her money. She admitted that she usually beat up the girl. She has been married for eight years but has no child.

Bartholomew said: “I usually beat Faith because she steals; she always stole my money. I did not hit her with iron, I used a big stick to beat her. I told her to stop stealing my money ranging from N100 to N200. But when I confronted her for stealing my money, she will always deny it and that annoyed me a lot. This is why I always beat her up.

“The parents of the girl voluntarily brought her to me. I did not forcefully adopt her as they claim. When she started stealing my money, I called her mother on the telephone and reported the girl to her. It is the devil that made me treat her the way she is today. I am pleading for forgiveness.” But Faith alleged that her madam always tortured her with sticks, hot iron and other dangerous things. She also alleged that Bartholomew, who hails from the same area with her, always inserted a stick into her private part.

Faith equally accused Bartholomew of chaining her and that she only ate once in a day which, according to her, was usually in the evening. She said: “My madam, Bartholomew, disfigured me like this. I was a complete human being when she took me to Onitsha.

She inserted her fingers in my eyes and inflicted these injuries on me. “She usually put stones inside my mouth. She said I don’t normally brush my teeth and since I could not do it, I must always suffer for it.“The husband had never beaten me; he always got annoyed seeing me being tortured by his wife.

At times, he would summon the courage and quarrel with his wife because the wife is bigger than the man. “My madam used to lock me in a dark room after beating me up. I was taken home by my madam’s sister who told her to take me home but she refused. My madam used to tell me that nothing would happen if I die, that she would spend her money and regain freedom if she is arrested if anything happened to me. “I was attending school in the village before she took me to Onitsha. But since four years that I went to Onitsha, I have not gone to school.

I only eat in the evening every day. “My madam used to insert stick into my private part. After beating me up, she would bring two gallons and place my two legs on them. She would tie my legs on them and insert the stick which she uses to turn semovita into my private part.

“Whenever I am pressed and decided to go and defecate she would meet me there and force me to eat up the faeces. After eating the faeces, she would force me to drink the urine,” Faith stated. Faith’s mother, identified simply as Ngozi, in an exclusive interview with our correspondent, said her daughter was subjected to all manner of torture and degradation. She said: “My family has been good to Nkechi’s mother which was why when she came pleading with me to give her my daughter in 2014 since she was yet to have a child, I obliged on the condition that Faith must be enrolled in a school since she was in primary two, going to three when she left the village,” she said. Ngozi further explained that after Nkechi took her daughter Faith to Onitsha, she stopped picking her calls and even changed her SIM card, after warning her not to call her line again.

She explained that she became worried in 2015 when Nkechi didn’t bring back her daughter as she promised. In 2016, the story was the same and each time she went to Nkechi’s mother, she would say that Faith would be brought back home. In August 2017, Ngozi said that she travelled to Onitsha after so much failed promises to return Faith in search of the daughter and she had to stay three days looking for her mistress Nkechi but couldn’t find her because she didn’t know the exact address of her residence. But before her journey to Enugu, Ngozi said she saw Faith in a dream crying, saying she was being maltreated which made her embark on the journey in search of her. According to her, after the futile trip, she pleaded with Nkechi’s mother to allow her to go with one of her sons to Onitsha since he knows where his sister is living. She refused, so she went to Onitsha for the second time alone all to no avail.

Ngozi said in December 2017, she went to Nkechi’s family house and insisted that they must bring back her child. “I told them to get ready to kill me and tell my people why they killed me, but they must give me my child because I didn’t sell her to Nkechi. Even Nkechi’s younger brothers beat me up because I wanted my daughter back. We fought so much that villagers had to gather and told Nkechi’s brother to tell their sister to bring back Faith,” she stated.

The woman disclosed that after the fight in December 2017, on February 2018, they brought back her daughter, but it was Nkechi’s younger sister that brought back Faith instead of Nkechi herself. On getting the news that Faith had been brought, she quickly rushed to meet Nkechi’s mother and asked for her daughter. But the woman told her that Faith went out to play. “I said that was not true, Faith left me when she was eight years old and now she is 12 years old, and instead of coming straight to see her mother she went to play, that is not possible. “I entered their apartment, used my leg to break the door leading to Nkechi’s younger brother’s room, but Faith wasn’t there.

I went straight to her mother’s room, broke the door only to see my daughter kept beside the bed. “Out of fear I ran away, she started calling me to come back that she is Faith. I said that wasn’t possible because you won’t believe she is a human being; her nose was broken, part of her ear chopped off, her face filled with wounds both fresh and old, her mouth swollen, her hand broken, patches all over her head. “I said no, this couldn’t be Faith, I called her the second time she answered, she called me mummy, I shut her up, asking who is your mother? I asked her my name she said Ngozi, she called my husband’s name, her grandmother’s name, she mentioned it. I collapsed’; I hugged her and wept bitterly and took her home.

“I reported the matter to the police and while Nkechi’s sister who brought Faith back was still preparing to leave for Onitsha the next morning, policemen came and arrested her,” she stated. Ngozi said that Faith took time to narrate her ordeal in the hands of her mistress, Nkechi.She said that one day she went to the toilet but her madam’s husband was already there and when she couldn’t go back anymore, the thing dropped on her pants and on coming out of the toilet, the man called the attention of her wife to the act and Nkechi allegedly told Faith to pass the excrement on the floor and forced her to eat it.

“When my daughter was done eating it, Nkechi ordered her to lick her fingers which she did. At another time she urinated on herself and the woman ordered her to drink her urine. “She told my daughter that eating her excrement wasn’t wrong after all she was the one that defecated. “Faith said that sometimes she beats her up and put her inside a drum and after some days she would come and ask why she was still alive. “She used a razor to cut my daughter’s flesh in the name of cutting her hair and she would be bleeding. “She told me that they didn’t allow me to see her the day she came back because of the fresh wound on her mouth, that they wanted it to heal a little bit before handing her over,” Ngozi narrated.

Faith’s grandmother, Mrs Nwite Nwanja, decried the inhuman treatment meted on Faith who was named after her. She said that she gave birth to 20 children and all of them died except for Faith’s mother who survived.”I suffered to bear children and out of 20 of them only John, Faith’s father survived.

My second grandchild Faith was named after me and I love her so much but look at what a woman did to her. She has been deformed by people I helped so much. Of all the good things I did for them, look at how they paid me back. I want justice for my granddaughter and my family. Nkechi has shown her wickedness and Satan would be the one to punish her for that,” she said. Head of Department, Child Development of the state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Godwin Igwe, said the health condition of Faith had worsened after her torture.

“The child was battered, dehumanised and subjected to degrading treatment by Mrs Nkechi Barth at Onitsha in February. That Child has been undergoing a medical examination by a team of gynaecologists, a team of orthopaedic doctors because of serious harm inflicted on her reproductive system, her hand, her ear, teeth and all over her body.

“The woman inflicted injuries on all part of her body. Last week, her medical examination was concluded and the hospital management said the report would be released to the police as soon as it is demanded,” he said. The state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Loveth Odah, said Faith was subjected to inhuman treatment for four good years.

“Ehe Ebonyi State Police Command in its sustained drive to purge the society of ills, vis-à-vis, evil childminders/ traffickers, the command dragnet, caught one Nkechinyere Bartholomew Mbah, 32 years old, a native of Ohage Okoffia in Ezza South Local Government Area of the state, and that all effort to locate the suspect proved abortive. Miss Faith Nwanja was however traced and found disfigured with lacerations all over her body. “She was subjected to inhuman treatment for four years.

The Commissioner of Police, therefore, wishes to use this medium to warn, parents, to care for their underage children who are vulnerable to inhuman treatment by their supposed guardians, using Faith as a case study. The future of little Faith is totally at the mercy of God,” she said.   (New Telegraph)

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SHOCKING: Mother Of Four-year-old Girl Sells For Her N100 |The Republican News

By Uchenna Inya ABAKALIKI

A four-year-old girl in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state Uloma Igwe has been sold to a widow, Nwali Josephine for N100.

The girl’s mother, Veronica Igwe owed Nwali Josephine N100 during a transaction at Abakaliki Rice Mill.

The woman insisted that she must be paid the money and Veronica Igwe decided to use one of her children in exchange for the money pending when she will pay back.

Nwali then took Uloma to her house at CAS campus of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki where she has been since nine months.

However, the bubble burst when the girl became seriously sick with a swollen stomach.

A resident of the area contacted the state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Ministry who stormed Nwali’s house and rescued the girl.

The ministry is currently making preparations to take Uloma to a hospital for medical treatment.

Nwali was summoned by the Ministry and handed over to the police.

Mrs Elom Cecilia in charge of child maltreatment at the Ministry confirmed the incident.

“It is child abuse and exploitation because the poor girl did not transact any business with her. This is a serious child abuse

“We received a call that a woman called Nwali Josephine was maltreating children. We hastened up immediately and went to the scene and saw the children. One of the children is four years. Her biological mother, Veronica Igwe told us that she doesn’t even know the woman should sell her child.

“She told us that she met the woman at Rice mill Abakaliki and bought something on credit from the woman. She said she could not pay the
woman N100 that was remaining and suggested to the woman to take her child if she cannot endure for her to pay her the money and the woman accepted to take the child.

“We invited the Mrs Veronica to our office and she honoured our invitation. After interviewing her, we handed her over to the police for further investigation. The child has not been united to his parents because he is sick. We are taking her to the hospital for because her condition is very bad.

On his part, Director of Child Welfare and Protection in the Ministry, Godwin Igwe described it as child trafficking.

The child was placed in debt bondage and it is one of the criteria for human trafficking. The woman who took this girl for N100 debt is a
widow, she gave birth to a baby last Saturday and she has three children already before the present baby”, he said.   (New Telegraph)

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Mother Admits Putting Four Newborns In Concrete, Says Can’t Afford To Raise Them |RN

Police searching the flat in Osaka                 © Other Police searching the flat in Osaka

A mother in Japan has confessed to putting four newborn babies into concrete-filled buckets, saying she could not afford to raise them, police say.

Mayumi Satito turned herself in at a police station in Osaka, saying she was racked with guilt for not caring for her children, according to local media reports.

Human remains were found in four buckets at her flat the following day.

Police searched her apartment                   © Other Police searched her apartment

Satito told police she gave birth to the children between 1992 and 1997.

She admitted putting the babies in concrete, police said, but it is not yet known how they died.

Officers are interviewing the 53-year-old, who lives with her son, and trying to determine whether she killed them or whether they were stillborn, the Asahi Shimbun reported.

The woman lived in Osaka                     © Other The woman lived in Osaka

Satito has been charged with abandoning bodies, but further criminal charges could be brought.

Japanese media has quoted her as saying she had no one to talk to or turn to, but it is not known why she chose to confess now.

Despite ranking as the world’s third-largest economy, poverty remains a problem in Japan, particularly among women.

The country’s culture can make it hard for single mothers, who still face stigma and can find it hard to return to work after having children.

More than 15% of Japanese children are living below the poverty line, according to Japanese health ministry statistics.

Poverty rates in Osaka – the commercial centre of the Japanese island of Honshu – are particularly high.    (Sky News)

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Pregnant Housewife Tortures Housegirl For Eating Children Food |RN

                 • Juliet • Blessing Photos: Samson Folarin

Samson Folarin

A pregnant housewife, Juliet Ozoarinze, has been arrested for allegedly torturing a 10-year-old girl, Blessing, in Ijesha, Surulere, Lagos State.

The mother of four was also accused of assaulting the victim since she started living with the (Juliet’s) family in July 2017.

She was alleged to have used different objects on her over allegations of being tardy in running errands, not being prompt in answering summons and practising witchcraft.

The suspect’s husband, Kenneth, was reported to have returned Blessing to her aunt, Vivian, on Tuesday, October 17, after the wife allegedly used a knife to cut the 10-year-old in the hand for allegedly stealing and eating the food meant for her children.

Vivian, who gave the couple the child because Kenneth was a family friend, told our correspondent that Kenneth said he was returning the child because of the injury.

She said, “Blessing’s mother lives in Abuja and she has four children, including her. She had been saddled with the care of all the four girls. We thought the couple could assist with Blessing’s education in exchange for helping them with house chores.

“The man suddenly brought the girl back to our house. The woman used a knife to cut her in the hand and the man said he was not happy with the wife. After he left, I saw that she could barely sit and I asked her to remove her clothes. I was alarmed at the extent of her injuries and she told me that Juliet had been torturing her since she started living with them.

“I called Kenneth and asked if he knew about the girl’s injuries and he denied. He came back and was angry to see all her sores. I asked him to pay for the girl’s treatment, but he refused and said he didn’t have money.”

She said after she could not raise money for Blessing’s treatment, her neighbours advised her to approach a human rights organisation.

She explained that after several attempts to convince Kenneth to foot Blessing’s medical bill failed, she reported the case at the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender.

An official of the agency told PUNCH Metro that when Blessing was brought to the office, she could not sit due to the extent of her injuries.

She said, “The woman is a housewife and mother of four children. She is currently pregnant with her fifth child. The girl had been cruelly treated and poorly fed by Juliet. Instead of sending her to school as her family promised, they enslaved her.

“When we checked her body, we saw many physical injuries ranging from knife cuts to marks of flogging with wire and other objects. She could barely walk or sit because she had severe injuries on her buttocks and had also been hit on the head and waist with a pestle.”

PUNCH Metro learnt that the OPD reported the case to the police at the Itire division, and the suspect was arrested.

When queried on what the victim did, the suspect allegedly claimed that Blessing stole her children’s provisions and food.

She reportedly denied beating her with objects.

“The police asked Blessing what made her mistress to beat her and she replied that on an occasion, she was forced to accept that she was a witch. The Divisional Police Officer promised to charge the woman to court at the end of investigations,” a social worker said.

The Director of OPD, Mrs. Olubukola Salami, confirmed the incident.

She said, “We are concerned about the surge in the number of child abuse cases in Lagos State despite legislative measures and several awareness and advocacy mechanisms put in place by the government.

“While OPD will continue to get perpetrators to face justice, we urge all residents of Lagos to be vigilant and report all forms of child abuse in their community.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said he would call back, but had yet to do so as of press time.

Our correspondent, however, gathered that the suspect had been arraigned in a magistrate’s court for the offence.   (Punch)

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Modern Day Slavery: Thousands Of Children Rescued In England |RN

Thousands of children in England have been rescued after being exploited for slave labour, suffering sexual or domestic abuse, a damning new report has found.

According to the study, more than 1,200 children have fallen victim to modern slavery. Anna Longfield, the children’s commissioner for England who is behind the report, believes the true number is likely to be far higher as cases go unreported.

Longfield has called on politicians to act.

“Child slavery leaves deep scars on the lives of those children who suffer horrendous exploitation by adults – and this could well be only the tip of the iceberg,” Longfield said, according to the Daily Mail.

“These appalling crimes need to remain in the spotlight and be consigned to the past.

“I hope today’s report highlighting a large number of children living vulnerable lives will be a spur for politicians to act.”

According to the report, which cites the government’s National Referral Mechanism (NRM), a scheme designed for the UK to account for all modern slavery victims and support them, at least 1,203 children aged up to 17 were referred to the scheme, up from 901 in 2015.

British nationals accounted for the largest group of slaves, with a total of 247. Up to 209 are thought to have been sexually exploited.

Albanians were the second biggest group at 223, with 150 referred for potential labour exploitation.

Vietnamese children came third with a figure totalling 200, more than half of them feared to have been forced into labour.

The report warns, however, that there are much more “invisible children” who may be “particularly vulnerable” because of failures in identifying them as modern slaves.

This was backed by a spokesman for the Human Trafficking Foundation, a British charity, who said the issue in identifying victims is two-fold.

“The data around child trafficking masks the scale of the problem, not only because many children are hidden or too scared to come forward, but also because we are often failing to recognise child victims of modern slavery when they actually do come forward.”

Jakub Sobik, from the organisation Anti-Slavery International, accused the UK of failing to adequately protect children.

“Child slavery affects thousands of British children and those trafficked from abroad,” Sobik told the Daily Mail.

“But the UK is not well prepared to protect them. Trafficked children go missing from the care system at an alarming rate.” 

Prime Minister Theresa May last year defined modern slavery as “the greatest human rights issue of our time,” and pledged £33 million (US$42.6 million) to coordinate a government response to the crisis.

However, she faced a backlash in April from the Commons Work and Pensions Committee for failing to deliver on her promises.

The committee claimed there were “inexcusable” failures by the UK government in dealing with modern slavery, as one of its reports found that while thousands of victims will not come forward, those who do identify themselves as modern slaves and testify against their abusers are being left destitute because of a lack of sufficient support.

(Source: RT)

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50-year-old Nabbed For Defiling 15-month-old Baby |The Republican News


Simon Utebor, Yenagoa

A suspect identified as Oku Ekanem has been arrested in Bayelsa State for alleged defilement of a 15-month-old baby.

The incident reportedly occurred in the Swali area of the metropolis.

The 50-year-old Ekanem, said to be an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, was arrested by men of the state’s security outfit codenamed, Operation Doo Akpo.

It was learnt that the incident, which occurred about 1 am on Monday, provoked anger among residents, particularly women lawyers under the auspices of the International Federation of Women Lawyers.

The suspect, who was said to be a lover to the mother of the child, Blessing Joshua, was allegedly caught in the act.

Joshua, the 40-year-old mother of the victim, said she was shocked when she caught Ekanem defiling her daughter.

She said, “I heard the scream of my child and ran to where the cry was coming from. I was shocked when I saw him (Ekanem) defiling my child.

“ He claimed it was the work of the devil and I told him that this would be the last time the devil would use him. I invited the police.

“He was arrested, but he denied the act. But a test carried out at the hospital showed that the minor was defiled.”

Reacting to the development, the Chairperson of FIDA in Bayelsa State, Dise Ogbise Erhisere, described the act as “barbaric and wicked, which can impede the healthy development of the child.”

Calls to the spokesman for the Bayelsa State Police Command, Mr. Asinim Butswat, proved abortive as his mobile phone failed to connect.         (

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Economic Recession: Police Detain Parent For Using Son To Loan N8,000


Spokesperson for Lagos State police Command, Doplapo Badmos

Samson Folarin

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested some suspects in connection with the alleged trafficking of a 15-year-old boy, Ajala Samuel.

As of the time of filing this report, it was learnt that one of the prime suspects, one Iya Ibeji, was leading the police to where the victim was held in the Mushin area of the state.

PUNCH Metro had exclusively reported that Samuel’s parents ran into a financial crisis which made them to take the teenager to a Lagos trader, Iya Meta, who gave them N8,000.

The payment was said to be for the two months that Samuel would work for her.

However, Iya Meta sent him to some three women, who claimed to be traders on the Lagos Island.

The traders, who claimed to have paid Iya Meta N72,000 for Samuel’s service, passed him to another family.

Trouble started when Samuel’s parents, at the expiration of the two months he was supposed to work for Iya Meta, raised the alarm that he could not be found.

Iya Meta was said to have directed them to the Ijora Badia Police Division, where she said the matter was being handled by two policewomen, Titi and Funmilayo.

The two policewomen allegedly told Samuel’s parents to pay the N72,000 given to Iya Meta for the victim’s service, failing which he would have to work till October 2017.

A mild drama played out around 8am on Thursday when Iya Meta called our correspondent, saying she had caught one of the three women she gave the victim to.

“I was riding on a motorcycle when I sighted the three women on the road. When they saw me, they took to their heels. I gave them a chase and called on people that they were kidnappers. We eventually caught up with one of them, Iya Ibeji,” she told our correspondent on the telephone.

Our correspondent advised her to immediately report the case to the nearest police station.

PUNCH Metro called the victim’s stepfather, Idowu Isiaka, informing him of the development and suggesting he should call Iya Meta to ascertain her location.

Isiaka later informed our correspondent that the matter had been taken to the Adeniji Adele Police Division.

However, it was learnt that policemen from the Ijora Badia Division sent a signal to the Adeniji Adele Police Station, asking that the matter be transferred to them.

When our correspondent called Isiaka to get an update on the case around 2pm, he said the police had detained him and Iya Meta.

He said, “The police are angry that I reported the case to PUNCH. They said you implicated their officers and that I shouldn’t have reported to you. They have detained me along with Iya Meta. They said they would transfer the case to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba.”

Iya Meta said she had no hand in the trafficking of the victim and appealed for our correspondent’s help.

“Please help me. I am innocent and I didn’t collect anything from these women. They have turned everything against me,” she said.

She informed our correspondent that the police had already followed Iya Ibeji to Mushin, where the victim was.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said investigations were ongoing into the incident.                   (

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