RUGA: DSS Invite Uwazuruike Over Video Where He Addressed Threat From Fulani Herdsmen |RN

MASSOB leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike

The former minister of aviation Femi Fani Kayode has questioned on why the DSS invite Uwazuruike following the video he released through social media concerning Fulani invasion of southerners through the name of livestock grazing implementations.

Kayode in his reaction revealed that there are people that need quick invitation from DSS not Massob leader (Ralf Uwazuruike).

Abdul Azeez Suleiman and the coalition of Northern groups who openly threaten the whole nation and Southerners mostly Igbo leaders with 30 days ultimatum following their disagreement over RUGA or livestock grazing implementations have a call to answer from DSS, he said.
The former minister also questioned the silence of DSS since the group issue the ultimatum to the whole nation and also a particular tribe but too quick to invite uwazuruike after his video release.

DSS invite Uwazuruike over this very video, click to watch

Meanwhile kayode earlier reacted over cows and fulanis embedded in a page of the new Nigeria passports, he revealed that the embedded image is for spiritual and symbolic reasons.

It’s the same that Arabic words are embedded in the Nigeria coat of arms, and in the Nigerian army flag . He summarised with do you want to live in a Fulani controlled theocratic Islamist vasal State? He questioned.
Few hours ago information revealed that the United States of America denied many Nigerians entrance into the country.
What’s your opinion over this issue? (Biafrianewsmill)

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Biafra Designed To Be Realised Without Bullets – Uwazuruike |The Republican News


BIM Leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike

From David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi

Leader of Biafra Independence Movement and founder of the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (BIM-MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, yesterday, disclosed that his organization was the first in the continent to adopt the non-violent approach in the struggle for independence, assuring that BIM-MASSOB would continue to be a role model for groups seeking self-determination without resorting to violence.

 Uwazuruike noted that the struggle for new Biafra should not be handled in a manner similar to a coup, adding that the decision to adopt a non-violent approach to actualising self-determination was in the interest of Biafran people, and should not be seen as an act of cowardice.

 “We are not violent because we know that is the only right way through which we can actualize Biafra. I challenge the critics of non-violent approach particularly Mr Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to mention one country that achieved independence through violence,” Uwazuruike submitted.

Uwazuruike who spoke through the movement’s Director of Information, Mazi Chris Mocha further explained that in his careful planning of MASSOB in 1999 through non-violence, he envisaged that he would actualise Biafra without a single bullet fired, no life would be lost and no exodus involved.

He said that no single nation had ever achieved independence through violence and challenged anyone that had an example to mention just one nation that achieved independence through a violent process.

He explained that he spent the time to educate his members on the philosophy of non-violence since the moment violence became admissible the whole objective set out by BIM-MASSOB would be defeated.

He, however, disclosed that on several occasions the federal government had wanted BIM-MASSOB to adopt violence so that it could find enough excuse to crush the new Biafra struggle and to brand it a terrorist group before the international community “but we have always resisted that as mature agitators.”  (The Sun)

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MASSOB Lauds South-East Governors, Ohanaeze Meeting With Nnamdi Kanu |RN


From Jeff AmechiAgbodo, Onitsha 

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) under the leadership of comrade Uchenna Madu yesterday commended South-East governors and leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo for meeting with the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, describing it as a new beginning for Ndigbo.

The National Director of Information, Edeson Samuel, in a statement, said that it was a welcome development and a new beginning for Ndigbo because according him ‘united we stand and divided we achieve nothing”. The group stressed that it would no longer accept any insult on the Igbo leaders, saying ‘we cannot allow our fathers to be insulted by these Hausa/Fulanis that have no generational value.’

MASSOB also condemned the attack on President of Ohaneze Dr Nnia Nwodo by Arewa group and Chief Ralph Uwazuruike”. The statement read in part: “It is on record that Raph Uwazuruike was expelled from MASSOB on 30th November 2015. It was published in national dailies e.g, The Nation newspaper of Tuesday, Dec 2015 front and page 43 entitled ‘MASSOB sack Uwazuruike”.

Uwazuruike is frustrated. This is the character of a drowning man. He will always look for an excuse to justify his negative action”.

“For Raph Uwazuruike and BIM saying that they do not recognize Ohanaeze Ndigbo and its leadership is laughable and should be disregarded because they have nothing to offer Ndigbo. Raph Uwazuruike is BIM leader. We are not contesting that.

So, he should not be addressed as MASSOB leader because he remains expelled”.

“The leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo did not invite Uwazuruike because they know the real Biafra agitators.”       (The Sun)

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MASSOB Threatens Showdown Over Detained Members |The Republican News

Image result for MASSOB

From Aloysius Attah, Onitsha

Members of the Chief Ralph Uwazurike-led Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB and Biafra Independent Movement, BIM, yesterday threatened to occupy the streets of Anambra indefinitely over the continued incarceration of their members in prison for the past four years.

MASSOB-BIM Leader for Anambra South, Chief Arinze Igbani and the Acting Regional Administrator for Awka South, Sunday Ozoilo, in a joint press briefing in Onitsha accused some judges in Anambra State of constituting a clog in the wheel of freedom for their detained members.

Citing the case of four of their members, Chukwuemeka Arua, ThankGod Mark, Chidi Nweke and Emmanuel Akachukwu, who have been languishing in prison custody since 2013, after they were arrested in connection with the MASSOB sit-at-home order, Igbani and Ozoilo noted that the four were granted bail at Ogidi High Court on June 14, 2017, but the presiding judge was unable to sign the bail documents before proceeding on annual vacation. The MASSOB-BIM leaders who presented the court documents to authenticate their claims noted that the judge who had earlier chided the police for not filing any proof of evidence for armed robbery and conspiracy against the accused for the past four years, later turned around to insist on confirming the authenticity of land documents tendered by their sureties from the Ministry of Lands before allowing the detainees to breath the air of freedom.

They called on the National Judicial Council, Federal and State governments, including various human rights bodies both local and international to come to their aid before they are provoked into violence.

The Biafra agitation group also disclosed that 12 of their members are also struggling to free themselves from various spurious charges brought against them because of their struggle for Biafran independence in various courts in Onitsha, Atani, Otuocha and Nteje, noting that 18 years after their continuous agitations for Biafra, they can never be cowed into submission by various state agents. “Our members were arrested by Special Anti Robbery Squad and after severe torture and other dehumanizing treatment, they were charged to court and remanded in prison custody.

Those cases have lingered while most wives and children of our members have been living like widows and the fatherless.

The hopes of the four families to reunite again with their breadwinners were dashed last month because of the insistence of that judge who is an Igbo woman.

The implication is that they will still remain in custody till after vacation in September. Our patience is running out,” they lamented. (The Sun)

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MASSOB Opens Voice Of Biafra Radio In Germany This Week |The Republican News

Image result for Radio Biafra

From: David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi

If the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) is to be believed, a new Radio Biafra, the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI), will be opened in far-away Germany this week. The radio would broadcast on short waves (SW) band, this week.

This was contained in a statement issued and signed by Biafra Director of Information, Mazi Chris Mocha.

Meanwhile the Leader of Biafra Independence  Movement (BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, on Sunday in Ojukwu Memories Library, New Owerri, Imo State  Capital, listed some activities lined up to mark the 18 years of the founding of the movement for the actualisation of a sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB).

Uwazuruike said the celebration in Onitsha, Anambra State on September 13, would be part of activities lined up for the 18 years of non-violence and non-exodus by MASSOB.

The MASSOB leader added that the Radio station would be the authentic voice of the Biafran people and would always educate, inform and enlighten our people on issues of Biafra and not to spread hate messages or blackmail.

He maintained that MASSOB-BIM would continue to play a leading role in our quest for Biafra, assuring Ndigbo that it is only through Non-Violence that could lead them to Biafra independence without firing a gunshot.

On Anambra State governorship election, on November 18, Chief Uwazuruike insisted that the election must hold as planned, adding that MASSOB was not interested in any political party.

“When there is no election the constitution is very clear on this.  And what do you get in return, a military administrator will be appointed in Anambra State to the detriment of Ndigbo,” he argued?

He said the group had no regret that Radio Biafra London was set up in 2009 by Chief Ralph Uwazuruike and handed over to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu only for the same Radio to be used to blackmail its leader and spread hate massages, saying that Kanu was only out to make money and fame and not firm and credible to propagate the Biafra struggle.        (The Sun)

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137 Biafran Agitators Arrested In Enugu, C’ River, Ebonyi |The Republican News

Image result for Biafran protesters in enugu

Ihuoma Chiedozie and Gibson Achonu

Economic activities within Owerri were on Monday paralysed by the splinter group of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereignty State of Biafra, who stormed the major roads and streets of the city in celebration of Biafra Independence Day.

The protesters, who arrived in buses from the 27 local government areas of the state with flags and placards bearing various inscriptions, depicting commitment to Biafra, wore military uniforms and chanted Biafra songs.

The protesters comprising of men, women and youths, arrived the busy Douglas Road by 8am from where they moved to the popular Ama JK Junction, Wetheral Road, Tetlow Road, Royce Road and Bank Road.

Acknowledging cheers from supporters, who incessantly shouted, “On Biafra we stand!”, the protesters defied the scorching early morning sun as they proceeded to the Maria Assumpta Roundabout, popularly called Control-Post, where they later assembled.

Armed policemen who were closely watching the agitators did not stop or harass the protesters ostensibly because it was non-violent.

In a telephone chat with our correspondent, the leader of the Biafra Independent Movement, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, said that the march was organised to prove his commitment to the actualisation of the Biafran project.

He said, “I challenge anybody who claims to be of a higher command and authority than myself in the struggle to actualise Biafra to come out and prove his mettle. Of course, nobody, group, or association can do this because they lack the capacity and membership to do so.”

Uwazuruike, who expressed satisfaction with the peaceful protest, said he was optimistic that the Biafran project would eventually be realised in no distant time.

Meanwhile, more than 40 pro-Biafra activists were arrested by the police while holding a rally to commemorate ‘Biafra Day’ in Enugu, on Monday.

Forty-seven were arrested in Cross River and 50 were nabbed in Ebonyi.

The arrested activists in Enugu were members of the Biafra Independence Movement, a group led by Uwazuruike, a former leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra.

Major pro-Biafra groups, MASSOB and the Indigenous People of Biafra, celebrate ‘Biafra Day’ on May 30, but BIM commemorates the defunct Biafra nation on May 22.  (

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Biafra: MASSOB Vacates Freedom House

From George Onyejiuwa, Owerri

The factional leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Uchenna Madu, said the group has vacated its headquarters, Freedom House in Okwe, Imo State and closed down all other camps as part of its internal reorganisation for strategic growth.

He also said in the spirit of Biafra brotherhood, the group had forgiven its founder, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike and that he was now free to return to his father’s compound in Okwe which is the headquarters of the pro-Biafra movement.

This was just as the movement noted that Uwazuruike’s expulsion and three years exile from his father’s compound which houses the MASSOB headquarters were enough punishment for trying to derail the Biafra cause.

In a statement by Samuel Edeson, national director of information, yesterday, said MASSOB, under the leadership of Madu, had forgiven its former leader, Uwazuruike.

According to him, the decision to vacate MASSOB headquarters at Okwe and to close down all other camps was taken after the meeting of the national leadership of the movement under Madu. He said the movement would continue with its non-violent agitation until the independent state of Biafra is actualised.

“The national leadership of MASSOB has forgiven Chief Ralph Uwazurike, former leader of the movement who ran away from Okwe on March 15, 2014, and was subsequently expelled from the movement on  November 30, 2015. He is now free to return to his family house in Okwe which incidentally houses MASSOB headquarters.

“We considered  Uwazuruike’s three years exile from his father’s compound as enough punishment for trying to derail the agitation for selfish interest.  MASSOB has handed over Uwazuruike’s atrocities against the people of Biafrans into the hands of  Chukwu Okike Abiama and  Igbo ancestors.”

MASSOB, under the leadership of our leader, Madu, would continue to operate non-violently from our new office, no more camps with respect and regards to other genuine pro-Biafra groups,” Edeson said.

“It is part of our internal reorganisation for strategic growth and positive functions.”

MASSOB wishes to inform Imo State government, security agents and  Okwe,  host  community that starting from March 5, 2017, MASSOB ceases to operate in Okwe and any group of persons or individuals found  within the family compound of Uwazuruike or inside the former MASSOB Freedom House, Okwe, are  not MASSOB members but  criminals.”  (The Sun)

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