Sausage Hawker Who Fed Prisoners On The Street Of Lagos Gets Stocked Shop, Free 2 Years Rent

Luck has smiled on 27-year-old Ugochukwu Ibere, whose story of benevolence went viral last year when he gave out all the sausages he was hawking to prison inmates being driven to a destination along Marina, Lagos, as Rite Foods Limited opened a shop stocked with Bigi drinks and cartons of sausage rolls for him.

Ibere’s act of kindness was discovered by Mrs Adenike Ajitena who sighted him during a traffic jam giving out all his wares to the outstretched arms of the inmates.

Speaking at the opening of the shop, Rite Foods Managing Director, Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, represented by Mr Adesewo Joseph, Regional Sales Manager, Lagos, said the company decided to reward Ugochukwu for giving out the little he had to help humanity.

“ This gesture is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. Rite Foods Limited is opening a beautifully branded shop, painted, branded with a signage of his business name ‘Ugochukwu Ibere Stores.’ And the company is further starting him up in his business with tools such as deep freezer, generator, stabilizer, free 100 cartons of sausages and free 100 cases of drinks. This is in addition to paying the rent of the shop for two years”, Adegunwa said.

“ Aside our products being proudly Nigerian and truly worldclass, we are passionate about rewarding Nigerians who show exemplary feats such as Ugochukwu.

“ Mind you, this is not the first time we are doing such a gesture. We have other CSR projects we engage in. Again, this is not a one off stop event. This is a continuous effort.”

Ugochukwu told Sunday Vanguard during the event, “ If I was told that this will happen to me, I will not believe it. Now, I am a proud owner of not only a shop but also a warehouse.

“ I encourage everyone to give. You might not know where help will come.”

Speaking to Bella Naija after the story broke, last year, the Lagos hero, as he was tagged then, said, “A few years ago I worked as an apprentice in a cosmetics shop. I was supposed to receive a payment at the end of my term. But I was warned by other employees that the owner would find a reason not to pay me. He’d always invented reasons to fire his boys right before their payment.

“So I made the decision to quit. But when I told him, he dragged me to the police. He told them lies about me. He told them I’d stolen so much money. And they tortured me. They tied my hands and legs and they hung me from the ceiling. They beat me. I went deaf from all the slaps.

“ For ten days I was given no food. My fellow prisoners would share little bits of their meals.

“Honestly I was about to die. And I started to pray to God. On the tenth day, the guards decided that it would cause too much trouble to let me die. They told my employer: ‘After what we did to him, he must be innocent. Because he’d have confessed if he was guilty.’

“They released me into the world like a madman. And I’ve carried the memory ever since. I promised myself that if I ever found someone in a similar situation, I would help. So when I learned that prisoners pass down this road, I chose to hawk in this location. I waited until I finally saw the truck, and I pushed all my food through the bars. My fellow vendors couldn’t believe it. They asked me who would pay me for the food. I told them: ‘I didn’t do it for any man. I did it because of what God did for me.”

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[PHOTOS] Facebook Post About A Poor Family Results In A Stranger Donating House |RN

A simple Facebook post by Dr Obinna Oke about his childhood friend, one Joshua Nworie, soon resulted into ripples of blessings, literally, for the Nworie family.

Obinna’s friend, Joshua, was born in 1986, but his was a short life that ended in 2009.

Joshua died at a tender age of 23, leaving a severely poor, widowed mother and four siblings who had no viable means of fending for themselves.

The family lives in Nsokara, Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

Obinna, in a late 2017 Facebook post, narrated how he made it a point of duty to visit his late friend’s family in their village, Nsokara, taking little gifts along each time.

The young doctor says after some time, Joshua’s mother, Mrs Nworie, wondered aloud if the regular gifts Obinna brought for the family was actually not a repayment for an unstated debt he probably owed his late friend, Joshua.

The young man noted that this was not borne out of malice on the part of Mrs Nworie, but was rather a pleasant surprise for the bereaved mother that a ‘mere’ friend could be this faithful and kindly to a family of his late friend.

This did not discourage Obinna from being a benefactor, however little, to the Nwories. He explained that Mrs Nworie was almost going blind with cataract, but their finance — or, lack of it — effectively prevented her from seeking medical help while time ticked for her eyes!

Meanwhile, while Obinna’s post attracted the usual Facebook responses of like, love, etc., one Mr Nnamdi Ikeagu had a better response.

Ikeagu, whose Facebook timeline indicates that he is a banker, had a better idea: He donated a four-bedroom bungalow to the indigent family!

Mrs Nworie also received medical attention for her ailing eyes, courtesy of Joshua’s friend, Obinna.

The entire Nsokara village was agog as  Obinna unveiled the new house, handing the keys to an ecstatic Mrs Nworie who felt it was a dream from which she wouldn’t want to wake up.

Obinna Oke took to his Facebook post to thank those who made the house possible, with photos of the event trending on the social media.

Obinna wrote: “I sincerely appreciate all of you who came out yesterday for the dedication and handover of this four-bedroom edifice to Joshua’s family.

“Honestly, we did not expect such a huge number of you. The entire village trooped out to behold the rarest act of benevolence and kindness for a bereft, poor widow by a total stranger, Mr Nnamdi Ikeagu.”

Obinna also acknowledged Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Polycarp Nworie Chibueze; parish priest of St. Charles’ Catholic Church, Nsokara, Rev. Fr Paulinus Nweke; Rev. Fr Paschal Tochukwu Ekediegwu, who blessed the house and dedicated it to God as the representative of the donor, Mr Nnamdi Ikeagu.

“Thank you so much, Fr Paschal, for driving all the way from Enugu and for all the rigours you passed through to find us. God will continuously bless you,” Obinna prayed.

Writing further, Obinna enthused, “Finally to the ‘saint’, the best of humankind who, single-handed, built this multi-million (naira) magnificent edifice and all therein for Joshua’s family and who provided three times surplus refreshments for all who came, Mr Nnamdi Ikeagu…

“You turned a family once used as the best example of abject poverty, penury and calamity to a family now envied by all in Nsokara village!

“I want to tell you something, sir. Aside, God, you are the Messiah, the father, the mother, the brother and the sister that Joshua’s family knows today and would ever know.

“The prayers of Mama, Ukamaka, Jacob and the entire family shall always pour out for you. And so are mine, and indeed the entire village and everyone…

“When asked how she felt, Mama Joshua was trembling. She was terribly shaken. Her lips were smacking. She murmured, producing inaudible sounds. Ukamaka was crying. These are feelings I will not attempt to describe…

“Thanks to all of you who invested in Joshua’s story; all of you who gave, prayed, shared, liked or commented. This sweet end to such a bitter (story) is what I never anticipated. This is the best reward for my writing. I feel so accomplished courtesy of you all especially Nnamdi Ikeagu.

“I know Joshua is happy now and prays for each of you wherever he is. And so is beloved Grace. May their souls continue to rest in peace.

“Please dear friends, always remember this: ‘Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Luke 6:38.’

“All for the love of Joshua.”

See the photos:


Rev. Fr. Paschal Tochukwu Ekediegwu handing the keys to the house over to Mrs. Nworie on behalf of the donor, Mr Nnamdi Ikeagu. Facebook photo


The Nwories, Obinna and the ministers in front of the house. Facebook photo
The Nwories in front of their old ‘house. Facebook photo
Facilitator, Obinna Oke, giving a speech at the handing over of the house to the Nwories. Facebook photo
Obinna Oke with the Nwories in their old house. Facebook photos
Obinna Oke with his friend’s mother, Mrs Nworie. Facebook photo
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