SIT-AT-HOME: Schools Declare Emergency Holiday, Others Shut, Residents Panic Over IPOB Order |RN


by Chidiebube Okeoma, Raphael Ede and Edward Nnachi

Private and missionary schools have shut down in Imo State as a result of the sit-at-home ordered by the Indigenous People of Biafra on Monday, May 31, 2021, throughout the South-East region.

Residents of Owerri also resorted to panic buying on Thursday in order to prepare for the possible fallout of the order.

While some schools were shut down till Tuesday next week, others gave their pupils one week rest at home.

The schools asked the students to stay at home for the period to avoid any casualty.

For instance, a message from schools run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri asked parents to keep their children at home from Thursday, May 27, to Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

The message from the Directorate of Education, Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri, read, “Leveraging on the already scheduled public holiday for tomorrow, we have considered it expedient to allow the students/pupils enjoy a longer weekend to resume on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

“Boarding students should not be forced to go home. Those who wish to stay back in school should be taken care of.”

Residents storm various markets to buy foodstuffs in readiness for the sit-at-home.

At Eke Onunwa and the Relief Market, there was an unusual rush by buyers at various foodstuffs stands.

The state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba, asked the people to ignore the separatist group’s sit-at-home order.

He said that the state government had the capacity to enforce law and order during and after the period.

IPOB had said human and vehicular movement would be restricted across the South-East on Monday to mark the anniversary of the Biafra 54 years ago.

As a result, it said all markets, parks, schools, airports and others would be shut down.

The group’s Director of Media and Publicity, Emma Powerful, stated this in a statement on Thursday.

The statement read in part, “We, the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra, ably led by the prophet of our time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to announce once again that this year’s annual Biafra Remembrance Day and candle light procession will take place on Sunday night, 30th of May, while a sit-at-home and total lockdown takes place on Monday, 31st of May, 2021, and not May 30 as earlier announced.

“The adjustment is to enable churches to hold their normal services on Sunday, May 30, without any obstruction. But there will be no human or vehicular movement throughout Biafra land on Monday May 31.

“Every person in Biafra land is therefore, advised to observe a sit-at-home order on Monday, May 31, 2021. That day is a sacred day in Biafra land in honour of the over five million Biafrans massacred by the wicked Nigeria forces during the civil war.

“There will be a total lockdown all through Biafra land on that day as we remember all our fallen heroes and heroines, including agitators, who have paid the supreme price in the course of our struggle for independence since 1967 till date.

“All markets, filling stations, motor parks, airports, seaports, banks, schools, etc as well as social activities in Biafra land are to be shut down on that day. Everyone is to remain indoors in Biafra land from 6am to 6pm on that day. People are to stock their houses with food items before that day so they won’t have need to shop on that day.”

Similarly, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra declared Sunday, May 30, 2021, a special day of prayers for Biafra restoration.

It said that this year’s Biafra Day celebration would be unique and special because it fell on a Sunday.

A statement on Thursday by National Leader of MASSOB, Uchenna Madu, directed all churches in Biafra land to observe special prayers and supplication for the repose of the souls of fallen Biafra heroes, including those killed by Nigerian security agents, Boko Haram and herdsmen. (PUNCH)

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Eastern Nigeria: Soldiers, Police, Others Abducted 2000 Persons, Disappeared 500, Extra-judicially Killed 140 Since Jan 2021


Onitsha-Nigeria, 26th May 2021

It is the new finding by the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law, a leading research and investigative rights group that no fewer than 2000 law abiding citizens of Eastern Nigeria have since January 2021 been abducted by soldiers of the Nigerian Army and operatives of the Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Navy, Department of the State Security Service and others; and out of this number, at least, 500 have disappeared or feared killed in secret custody of the Army or made victims of unlawful executions who will never return alive. The abduction involved the victims being secretly arrested at ungodly hours, falsely and criminally labeled without conclusive investigations; held secretly amidst torture and other degrading treatments or punishments; and treated ‘extra jus’ detention without fair court trial and access to the victims by their families, physicians and lawyers. It is also our finding that out of no fewer than 140 killed in the two regions by the named security operatives especially soldiers and police since January 2021, at least 120 are independently found to be combatively uninvolved or victims of extra-judicial killings. The military and police killings involved not less than 40 killed in Imo, 30 in Akwa Ibom, 20 in Abia, 15 in Rivers, 13 in Anambra, 10 in Ebonyi, 8 in Cross River, 5 in Enugu and none in Delta. All the States mentioned are collectively the victims of the military abductions and disappearances.

The above findings followed our recent review of the ongoing ethnic and religious profiling and cleansing embarked upon by Nigerian military in the East particularly in the States of Imo, Abia, Rivers, Ebonyi, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Delta and Cross River States; discreditably and questionably code-named: Operation Restore Peace”. The new review shows that Imo State topped the list of the abductees with no fewer than 500, followed by Abia, Ebonyi, Rivers and Akwa Ibom with average of 300 abductees; Anambra 200 and average of 100 abductees each Cross River, Enugu and Delta States. These abductions, killings, maiming, torture and disappearances by military and police also bear stark evidence of persecution, hate and crude policing and solidering as 99% of the victims cutting across the three heinous crimes are members of Christian faith with most of them belonging to Igbo Ethnic Nationality. Intersociety did not find any evidence showing that such violent clampdowns are also extended to members of Fulani Muslim population resident in the East whose jihadist elements have since 2016 killed over 400 rural and urban Igbo Christians and their neighbors and forcefully occupied over 500 of their farmlands, bushes and forests. Further checks also indicated that the non indigenous Muslim population in the regions are pampered and treated sacredly by the drafted Muslim dominated and controlled security heads.

In the area of inter-agency responsibility as regards to the abductions, killings, and disappearances, etc; soldiers of the Nigerian Army are the most crude, brutish and unprofessional; accounting for many of the killings and most of the disappearances. In Imo State alone, soldiers accounted for many, if not most of the 40 deaths including ten passersby or residents of the State killed at Army roadblock checks and during patrols. Soldiers also accounted for most of not less than 20 killings in Abia State; falsely labeled “IPOB/ESN members”. In recent repelled “unknown gunmen” attack at Army roadblock in Aba, for instance, soldiers including members of the reinforcement military squads opened fire and killed scores of passersby including Keke riders and later labeled them “IPOB/ESN members”. This was after the attackers had retreated safely having been out-gunned. During the recent Orlu shootout between soldiers and the “unknown gunmen”, out of eleven bodies displayed and labeled as “slain IPOB/ESN gunmen”, at least six were not combatively involved; same was the case in another attack that took place few days ago in Awka-where out of seven displayed slain bodies of “IPOB/ESN gunmen”, at least five were not combatively involved. Soldiers also shared same responsibility with police and SSS (DSS) in the area of late night house raids and instant killing of sleeping or resting citizens and their abduction. A clear case in point was in Iriebe, Rivers State where soldiers and police raided a house at late night and opened fire killing a single mother of two and three others and labeled them “IPOB members”. Instances are many to mention.

Soldiers also took the lead and accounted for over 90% of the 500 disappeared persons. This they did by abducting large number of lawful citizens at roadblocks and during late night raids, etc and hatefully labeled them as “IPOB/ESN members”. The soldiers after abducting the citizens are found on several occasions to have refused to hand them over to the Police as required by Nigerian Law, but abduct them to unknown locations where they run high risks of being killed and buried in secrecy. Till date, soldiers are still holding 110 abducted Obigbo residents in far away Nigerian Army Commando Base in Bida, Niger State; and out of the number; two have been tortured or starved to death. The victims were abducted in Obigbo, Rivers State since October/November 2020 or since past seven months.

Soldiers, police and DSS shared responsibility for abducting no fewer than 2000 Easterners since January 2021. This they jointly did through late night house raids, house-to-house search, stop-and-search and other forms of operational patrols. While police personnel abducted and kept most of the abductees alive amidst torture and other inhuman treatments including detention without trial; soldiers and DSS are notoriously known to abducting and taking the abductees to their secret dungeons where access to their families, physicians and lawyers is totally blocked and denied. DSS operatives and soldiers including personnel of the Nigerian Navy are also noted for holding their captives for several months or years outside public knowledge, official records and court trial. The most shocking of it all was our recent discovery of secret transfer of between 300 and 350 abducted Eastern citizens to Makurdi Prisons (Correctional Facility) in Benue State. They were among those abducted in Imo, Abia, Anambra and Ebonyi, etc and held in secrecy for months before secretly transferred to the named Prison facilities. The abductees also represent bulk of those abducted by Police. Information concerning the whereabouts of those abducted by soldiers and DSS including the estimated 500 disappeared citizens has remained unavailable; thereby raising serious concerns over their safety including whether they are still alive or not. Survivors among them, likely in their hundreds are strongly suspected to have been secretly transferred to secret military dungeons in the North using hired rogue commercial transport companies.

Finally, apart from soldiers of the Nigerian Army being at the forefront of the ongoing killings in Christian Eastern Nigeria, they are also responsible for many of the referenced abductions and most of the disappearances. These killings, maiming, torture, abuses, abductions and disappearances are fueled by domination and control of the officer corps of the military formations in the two regions by Muslims who wantonly exhibit jihadist and hateful attitudes towards the general citizens of the two regions including seeing and treating them as “infidels”. In Delta State, such killer military operations are coordinated by 63 Brigade under same domination and control of Muslim officers and non indigenous others. Same goes in Anambra State under Onitsha 302 Army Artillery Regiment and Ogbaru Navy Base, Imo State under 34 Brigade Obinze, Abia State under 14 Brigade Ohafia and 144 Battalion at Asa and Aba and Navy School of Finance and Logistics at Owerrenta; Rivers State under 343 and 5 Battalions, Elele and 6 Division in Port Harcourt; Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa States under 2 Brigade, Uyo and 16 Brigade, Yenagoa; Cross River State under 13 Brigade and its 130 Battalion and 341 Artillery Regiment in Ogoja; Ebonyi State under 24 Army Support Engineering, Abakiliki; and Enugu State under 82 Division and its 103 Battalion, Awkunanaw.


Principal Officers:

· Emeka Umeagbalasi

Criminologist/Board Chair

· Barr Chinwe Umeche

· Barr Obianuju Igboeli

· Barr Chidimma Udegbunam


Phone/WhatsApp: +2348174090052, Email:, Website:

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Kanu Responds To Osibanjo: “No Region Will Prosper Individually If Nigeria Breaks Up” |RN

Mazị Tony Kanu responds to Prof Yemi Osibanjo’s assertion that “No region in Nigeria will prosper on its own if Nigeria breaks up”

He reminded the vice president how one tribe or region made it back to being the economic powerhouse of Nigeria after they were defrauded of all their money and left with nothing but £20 to fend with irrespective of their millions in banks across the country.

His full response is below

Professor Osibanjo sir,

Being a bona-fide Igbo son, I boldly put it to you that you are free to speak for the western region and other regions but not the eastern region. Don’t bother about what will happen to Ndị Igbo if Nigeria breaks. Keep your love & concern for the Igbo and leave us to our fate as separate Igbo nation when we achieve that.

And to be clearer on this, sir..

If after the 1966-1969 Igbo genocide, our rich fathers & brothers who were “vanquished” and each given a miserable £20 in a bid to keep them impoverished and stagnant, were able to beat the odds and later became both local & international shining lights and multibillionaires in just over a decade and half from that time, it’s commonsensical that the outstandingly ingenious Igbo of today will turn the eastern region to the new ‘Singapore’ or ‘Dubai of Africa’ if given the chance as a separate Nation.

As a reminder, today Ndị Igbo are unarguably the most successful ethnic group in Nigeria, and beyond, despite what they faced in the late 1960s. No other ethic group in Nigeria could have attained such enviable position had they been in the Igbo man’s shoes after the genocide.

Sir, with all due respect, it is laughable that you think a 21st century Igbo won’t do better if alone.

In fact, telling the Igbo how they’ll become a huge failure if they break away from Nigeria has become boring load of hogwash.

Nigeria is United Nations’ member-state. Section B of article 73 of Chapter XI of the United Nations charter allows for the peaceful demands of ‘self-determination’ by the eastern region of Nigeria.

The Igbo man has a right to self-determination. It is NO CRIME.

May I also let you know sir, we the Igbo KNOW that the eastern region have been systemically kept retrogressive because some other regions are keeping us on their snail-speed due to the eastern region being chained in the Nigerian contraption, and the federating system being operated from hell’s deepest parts. Had the Igbo become a separate nation after Nigeria’s independence, or may be the regional system of government maintained, the eastern region and their people would have been way better-off today and would have progressed with that lightning speed the Igbo is naturally blessed with. As a separate entity, the Igbo nation would have been rubbing shoulders at the international top; Not having a very bright ethnic nation like NDI IGBO being part of a Country now placed on the lowly rated level of the likes of Niger Republic & Chad.

Final word, Sir.

You are certified and trusted clergy. I’m guessing, with your “spiritual eyes” you may have seen the downfall of Ndị Igbo if they break away from Nigeria.

With that, and your position in Nigeria and your ability to send the word directly across to Nigeria’s top seat of power, the Igbo are begging to be allowed a peaceful separation from Nigeria so that your “prophetic position” will be confirmed after the eastern region have left Nigeria to go and die in hunger, poverty and retrogression as you have indirectly predicted.

That won’t be too much to ask, knowing that I’ve spoken the minds of at least 60% of Igbo people today.

Best regards, Sir.

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North Will Suffer If Nigeria Breaks Up —Dr Gumi |The Republican News

Sheikh Dr Ahmad Abubakar Gumi

A prominent Islamic scholar, Dr Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, has declared that Nigeria will disintegrate and that the North will suffer most compared to the other regions.

According to him, in the face of a possible break up, the Southwest will be relatively stable; Southeast will be stable, but the North will be volatile.

Narrating what Nigeria will be like if disintegrated, the cleric said, “I see chaos and probably Nigeria can even disintegrate. And disintegration will be bad for Nigeria,” he was quoted by Sun.

“Let me tell you about the North if there is disintegration. The worst thing any country will like is to have an unstable country as a neighbour.

“So, Southwest will be relatively stable; Southeast will be stable, but the North will be volatile. How can we contain Boko Haram in the Northeast? No way.

“How can we contain the problem of the herdsmen in the North? We cannot contain them.

“In fact, the little weight the Southwest and Southeast are adding to fight them is what is suppressing them, but if you go and leave us with them we will just eat ourselves and you have a very volatile North and I do not think we will have peace there because the borders are not barbed-wires and there are so many inter-marriages.

“In fact, Nigeria will just be like another Lebanon or Yemen. Nobody can control the North because nobody has monopoly of power in the North.

“The herdsmen, if they have any iota of political acumen, even if they are evil since your man is in power what do you do? You lie low to allow him to have the power.

“You don’t become so virulent that you end up destroying the northern power by attacking people everywhere not caring who is there. Let me tell you this.

“Nobody is in control of the North now. No northern politician has that clout to embrace everybody in the North.

“Everybody in the North is with his clique and that is a very dangerous situation for the country. The Southwest is divided into two equal house and nobody is in control there too, but generally, the people there are not violent.

“They can negotiate and stay in peace. The people of the Southeast seem to understand each other because their own is business. I see it to be more stable even though the Kanu IPOB people are there because generally the population there can understand and negotiate.

“They can only have population problem if people ask them to go back to their region. But the North? So, you can just imagine

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