Buhari’s Government Continues With Clampdown On IPOB: Police Arrest 15 Biafrans In Ebonyi State

IPOB: Biafrans march in Ebonyi state

At least 15 people said to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have been arrested by the Nigeria Police Force in Amasiri, Afikpo North local government area of Ebonyi State.

A spokesperson for the police in Ebonyi, Loveth Odah, the 15 were arrested at their convention ground in Amasiri.

According to the police, the arrest was made after receiving a report that some secessionist groups planned to hold a two-day convention in the state.

“The Ebonyi State police command in active collaboration with other security agencies in the state, while acting on credible intelligence report that IPOB/MASSOB/BIM members will have their 2019 convention in the state, on 13 and 14 August 2019, embarked on a massive ‘show of force’ covering the entire length and breadth of the state with particular focus on identified flashpoints.

“The exercise dominated the entire state and frustrated the activities of IPOB/MASSOB/BIM members thereby denying them the opportunity to hold their meeting in the pre-arranged venue.

“They were, however, traced to a hideout in the bush around Amasiri, Afikpo North L.G.A of the state where 15 members led by one Rev. Ogbonna Nnachi, ‘M’, about 70 years of age were arrested.

“Items recovered from them include Biafra currency (two pounds), branded Biafra T-shirts etc.

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Rise Of Biafra Is Inevitable – Nnamdi Kanu |The Republican News

Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha


Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu,has said rise of Biafra was inevitable following unfolding events.

Kanu, who stated this yesterday in a message to Biafrans in Munich, Bavaria Germanysaid the group was relentless, resolute and determined. He added that all enemies within and without would be put to shame.

“I thank the good people of IPOB for the huge turnout yesterday in Bavaria Munich Germany. Not minding the short notice, you proved your determination to restore Biafra, so that we can all return to our beloved homeland.

“The world is aware that IPOB is the most organised, peaceful and largest freedom movement on this earth. Biafra shall be free.

“Our victory over the multitude of forces of darkness is assured. We are relentless, resolute and determined.

“The collapse of Nigeria is imminent as the rise of the nation of Biafra is inevitable.

“All enemies within and without shall be put to shame,” Kanu said.  (The Sun)


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Biafra: MASSOB Berates Buhari Over Saying That Nigerian Military Had Mercy On Biafrans During The War

Jeff Amexhi Agbodo, Onitsha

The Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereignty State of Biafra (MASSOB) has berated President Muhammadu Buhari over his comment that Nigeria soldier had mercy on the people of Biafra during the civil war.

The leader of MASSOB, Mr Uchenna Madu, while reacting to the President’s comment described his sudden change or reserve about the Biafra welfare as an alleged ‘mischief and insincerity’.

Madu said: “The sudden reverse or change of tactical approach on issues concerning Biafra consciousness by President Buhari can be likened to an evil man who is dying and confessing his evil atrocities, such death and confessions are beyond the evil man’s control, it is propelled by divine power.

“President Buhari is tactically and subtly making confessional statements that he and his Arewa people think that will pacify the people of Biafra”.

“The eloquently coming together of all pro Biafra groups with the Biafra spirit of oneness and brotherhood including the global successes of 51 years anniversary celebration of Biafra declaration by our utmost leader, General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and successful sit at home exercise by the people of Biafra are all sending jittery and uncomfortableness to the Nigeria President Buhari and Arewa Hausa Fulani people”.

“The beauty and secret of the success that propelled us are the principals of non-violence, consistencies and self-resolute.

“Though we are being persecuted, blackmailed, oppressed, tortured, imprisoned, killed, mesmerized from the oppressors and enemies of Biafra, we shall never succumb, deviate, derail or compromise this divine movement for the actualization and restoration of Biafra sovereignty”.

“No amount of President Buhari’s antics or hypocritical statements or friendly appearances will ever impress the people of Biafra. We know him as the major slayer of our unborn children” Madu stated.   (The Sun)


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Biafran Secession: Ojukwu Had No Choice – Mobolaji Aluko |The Republican News


Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

Ojukwu was ambitious. He admitted this fact in an interview held in Umuahia on 4 November 1968. This is no news. The lack of ambition is not a virtue. Suffice it to say that in 1967 the question of ambition is secondary to what had happened to easterners and what was happening to them. To date, there has been no conclusive evidence suggesting that Ojukwu was bent on creating Biafra in order to satisfy some inordinate ambition. Available evidence points otherwise. After the initial phase of the pogroms in the north in July-August 1966, Ojukwu urged eastern survivors to return to the north after conferring with his friend, Ado Bayero (the Emir of Kano). (Ojukwu had just appointed this man the Chancellor of the UNN, as a replacement to Zik.) The easterners who heeded Ojukwu’s call met more massacres. There is no need to revisit the pogroms of 1966 here. It is sufficient to say, a vast majority of easterners were disenchanted with a Nigeria that did not guarantee them freedom of life and property.

An estimated thirty thousand had been murdered in other parts of Nigeria. Their relatives were not happy. Millions had returned empty-handed as refugees from other parts of Nigeria. Easterners’ property had been “abandoned” for looting in other parts of Nigeria. Millions were looking up to Ojukwu to provide the kind of leadership that would lead to the fair resolution of this problem. On 19 October 1966, Gowon imposed a food blockade on Eastern Nigeria. On 31 October, Ojukwu wrote the other military governors inviting them to a meeting either in Port Harcourt or Calabar. The idea was to discuss the problems of course. Meanwhile, he also sent delegates for talks with representatives of other regions. These delegates were talking until the eastern participants felt unsafe to continue, or so they said. But tell me why I should not believe them. On 4 October, Gowon turned down the eastern proposal for confederation. UNN students began to protest chanting that “the push is complete.” In effect, they were reminding Ojukwu of his earlier caveat that the east would not secede unless “pushed out”.

These demonstrations continued all around the region. On new Years’ eve 1967, Ojukwu warned that time was “running out while the ship of state is drifting.” These were the circumstances that foreshadowed Aburi. At Aburi, Ojukwu pressed his case. He did so successfully because he had one, not necessarily, as Kirk-Greene put it, that Ojukwu was “the cleverest” or had “skillful histrionics and superior intellectual adroitness.” Indeed, this characterization of Ojukwu vis a vis the other actors is true. (In fact, Brigadier Adekunle said that it was because Gowon was indolent.) But I cannot see what Ojukwu could have done if he had no case. Ojukwu went to Aburi as the sole representative of a people struggling for survival. He successfully negotiated self-determination for them. On the other hand, Gowon had ascended the highest throne in the land. He was beginning to feel comfortable in that post. The majrity of non-eastern elites were also comfortable. The fleeing easterners had abandoned property, civil and military positions which people from other parts of the country were quick to fill. While his colleagues of the SMC were wishing away the past, Ojukwu was serious consolidating his argument on that past. Ojukwu’s success at Aburi owed more to the logic of immediate circumstances than to his political brinksmanship.

Back in the east, this success shored up Ojukwu’s popularity. Rather than offset this popularity, Gowon’s unilateral repudiation of the agreements fueled it. The crisis deepened because the interests of the two sides were diametrically opposed, in part, arising from the meddling of external interests. As easterners clamoured “On Aburi We Stand,” the rest of the country clamoured for its repudiation. Ojukwu warned in a broadcast that, if by 31 March 1967, the federal side had not implemented Aburi, he would take “whatever measures may be necessary to give effect to those agreements.” Ojukwu started to issue the “Survival Edicts” aimed at countering the federal blockade.

The federal government declared a state of emergency in the Eastern Region and announced the creation of 12 states on 26 May 1967. In response, Ojukwu presented three options for the consideration of the Joint Secession of the Council of Chiefs and Elders. These were: (1) accepting the terms of the North and Gowon and, therefore, submitting to the domination of the North; (2) continuing the stalemate and to drift; and (3) to ensure the survival of the people of Eastern Nigeria by asserting their autonomy. It is now history that the assemblymen and chiefs chose the third option. On 30 May 1967, Ojukwu proclaimed the independent state of Biafra. If one accepts the ambition thesis, then the Joint Session had given legitimacy to Ojukwu’s inordinate desires.

But one cannot successfully condemn Ojukwu’s action in presenting these options without suggesting [viable] alternatives that Ojukwu may have left out in his submission to the Joint Session. Could Ojukwu have postponed secession? In view of the federal government measures, such a postponement would have been unwarranted. For instance, the creation of states was unilateral and designed to undermine the geographical basis of Eastern Nigeria. Apart, from secession, the only option left to Ojukwu was to step down. This would have been dishonorable at a time when Easterners’ grievances had not been addressed. In these circumstances, the real option open to Ojukwu was resignation. But this was dishonourable. People who never wished the easterners to live may continue to vent their frustration on Ojukwu for fulfilling a responsibility. This is how Nigerians come across when they scapegoat Ojukwu for leading their war of survival. No one can in good faith single Ojukwu out as a “former rebel,” except if we accept that such a person is a crass ignoramus. One does not have to be Igbo or easterner, or their friends to see this fact.

The unpreparedness of Biafra to withstand the rigours of independence at that time was widely known, even by Ojukwu himself. He took time to warn the Joint Session of the grave consequences of secession. (Don’t mind that he would tell the world a few days later that no power in “Black Africa” could beat Biafra in war.) Most people in Eastern Nigeria realized that it was better to try and die fighting than just wait to be annihilated. The dangers were real. They were not merely “perceived”, as i read often on Naijanet.

Ojukwu realized that the people were not looking for a wimp. A good number of capable officers could have filled the void, had Ojukwu created one. Some of these were the surviving executioners of the January 1966 coup such as Emmanuel Ifeajuna, Chukwuma Nzeogwu, Tim Onwuatuegwu and Ben Gbulie. There were also their Yoruba counterparts who had taken refuge in the east. These were Major Ademoyega, Col. Banjo, Lt. Olafemihon and Lt. Oyewole. All these January officers had no jobs or commands in the army parlance. (To give them commands to Nzeogwu & co. would be to give them power. Their remaining idle was not good as well.) I am sure that the saying, which my elementary school teacher later thought me, “an idle man is a devil’s workshop,” was already in vogue at the time. The January officers played cards and chequers. Nobody, including Ojukwu, was at ease with these men’s presence. They had done it before and could well do it again. Actually, Major General Alex Madiebo, who later became the Biafran Army Commander, grumbles in his book that Ojukwu gave these men a lot of amenities in order to placate them. Proper attention has not been given to the implications the presence of these men may have had on the declaration of Biafra. (AllAfricannews)

(First published on Wed, 19 April 1995)

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Buhari Must Not Die, He May Not Be Stable Until End Of His Term- Primate Elijah Ayodele


Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele


By Olakunle Olafioye

AS a follow up to his earlier prediction on why Ali Modu Sheriff must be stopped as PDP chairman, foremost Nigerian seer and cleric, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, in this interview reacts to last week’s Supreme Court verdict, which returned the Ahmed Makarfi-led National Caretaker Committee as the lawful leadership of the party.

He also speaks on the agitation for Biafra being championed by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) among other boiling issues.   

In your predictions published on August 14, 2016, you alluded to the fact that only the faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Ahmed Makarfi could revive the party. Now with the Supreme Court having ruled in favour of the former Kaduna State governor, is that an indication that the party will bounce back?

We have just started. With Makarfi back in the saddle, PDP will be on its way to gradual recovery if they take the right steps. As it is PDP needs proper cleansing. Makarfi can still bring the party back but if the party brings the wrong person for the presidential election in 2019 the party may not win. Then, APC will now have crisis with Makarfi returning except they are able to put their house in order and re-strategize if the party is to retain power. At end of the day, it may neither be APC nor PDP that will get central if they fail to present sellable candidates.  I don’t want to talk about candidates now; at the appropriate time, I will reveal that.

What I am saying is that Makarfi can still stabilise PDP. What happens in Osun does not mean that PDP is back. They should reorganise the party properly and do the right thing in the party. At the same time, APC is cracking. If APC wishes to retain the Presidency they should also ensure they put their house in order. Then the vice president’s life is in danger but God will see him through. Many things will still be exposed to the plots against him. There are so many things we don’t see now; the vice president is struggling against the cabal. As it is now the villa is vacant.

What do you mean by this?

We still need to pray very well for Buhari to recover quickly. He may not be stable until the end of his term. I am also seeing a big referendum coming in Nigeria but I cannot see when or how it will come because God did not show me that. Honestly, Buhari needs prayers. His family needs to pray very well for him. I am not saying the medical treatment he is receiving will not work, but it is not the lasting solution. It is only God that can sustain his life. Buhari must not die because if he dies it will affect a lot of things in the North. But I see the national flag being flown at half mast but I don’t know where that is coming from. Oyegun’s seat is shaking. His position will be in crisis if Buhari fails to continue.

The agitation for the state of Biafra is still on. What is your view on it?

Nnamdi Kanu’s life is at risk especially because of the way he talks, his misuse of words. Forget about all he is doing, let him continue to pray to the dead souls. Kanu will not lead Biafra. Biafra vision may be actualized in the nearest future, he will not lead the Igbo to actualize the vision. He is taking some wrong steps that will fail him to actualize his dream as a leader of Biafra. Then the Igbo should not expect the Presidency in 2019. Their time has not come. I am talking as a prophet, not as a politician. Kanu is still going to face a lot of challenges and if he is not careful enough, he may miss it. He must be careful so that he doesn’t lose his life in the cause of this struggle. He needs to be extremely careful and watchful.

There will be election in Anambra although there will be crisis. If the governor remains steadfast with his party APGA God can help him to sustain that seat but he if he attempts to take wrong steps, he will see the other side of the voters. In a nutshell Nigeria is sitting on time bomb.

No party can do it. That is why I said Buhari should leave the issue of corruption because if we continue to play money politics, the fight against corruption will continue to be a mirage, even the EFCC cannot effectively fight corruption under the current arrangement until we stop money politics.

The Badoo crisis in Ikorodu seems to defy security solutions and many people believe it is more of a spiritual challenge. What is your view on this?

Let me say that the police have been trying their bit. They are not spirits, the residents are also doing their bit but the step they are supposed to take is to continue arranging prayer programmes involving churches and mosques and pray to God to arrest those behind the Badoo killings. I said it in 2013 that terrorism is coming to Lagos. This is part of the terrorism. Yet we still need to be more security conscious in Lagos.

There are other things that will follow. The security operatives just need to be ready to contain it. Christian association needs to come together, organize vigils for three days to make sure that Badoo is rooted out of Ikorodu. I am telling Lagosians that very soon those behind it will be exposed and Ikorodu will be free from this crisis. (The Sun)

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There Will Be No Niger Delta Republic But Biafra, Old Midwest Is Not Niger Delta – Asari Dokubo

Image result for Asari Dokubo
By Asari Dokubo
I‘m from Ijaw, the heartland area of Niger-Delta region in River State Biafra land. We know that Nigeria MUST divide so that people will control their resources.
Niger-Delta is NOT the oil producing states. The proper meaning of Delta is the starting point of a land where a River took branches and spread to different places before flowing into a Sea or an Ocean.
What gave the name “Niger-delta is two words; “Niger” meaning the River Niger and “Delta” which means the area of land where a River spread to different places before flowing into an Ocean or Sea. The compound word is “Niger-Delta.”
This means that it is only the areas of land where the River-Niger took branches and spread into different places before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean is the area that is called “Niger-Delta” which the states are; Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta only”.
Nigeria in their fraudulent way claimed that Niger-Delta is the oil producing states which is a pure lie and a deceit. And any body who claimed that he is from Niger-delta whereas there is no branch of River-Niger in his land needs to go back to Geography class.
It’s the same “oil that will kill them” that made Yakubu Gowon create Niger-Delta after the civil war with the help of the O.I.C which is also part of the divide and rule tactics.
This idiosyncrasy has eaten the mindset of our people to think that Niger-Delta is the oil producing states which they assumed to be; Cross-River, Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Abia, Imo, Anambra, even Lagos and Borno (Mad people!)
Remember that “Niger-Delta”(On quote) has become the British colonial extention in Nigeria and if we take a step to become Niger-Delta Republic that means we are falling from frying pan into the fire like the foolish grasshoppers. Meaning that Nigeria will be your colonial master with a strong support by the British and our people will remain amalgamated with the Muslims in Edo and in Ondo State with their Ifa traditional religion?
And tomorrow, when a religious crisis will be triggered our people will be subjugated by the same Islamic group from Ondo with the help of the, ISIS and they will come and Islamise and kill our people because of “the same oil” and you will call it persecution and be asking “who did this to us?”
Again with the structure of Niger-Delta by the O.I.C, that means Niger-Delta will be a combination of Biafrans in the Riverine areas, Bini kingdom (The Yoruba Cousins) and the Oduduwas in Ondo, i.e people with different value system, cultural differences and religious sentiments which is the same syndrome that put Nigeria into a mess.
Una plans will fail in Jesus name!
We are Biafrans, the Juju which the Hausa/Fulani did to our people never to speak with one voice has already failed. Biafra will remain a Christian nation forever and any one or two persons who was frauded to become a Muslim in our land whereas his family members are Christians can easily be reconverted. I know that God is with us.
Asari Smith Sokipiri Dokubo
(Edi-Abali of kalabari)

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Boycott Nov. Anambra Gubernatorial Election, Nnamdi Kanu Calls On Voters


IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu


The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has called on eligible voters in Anambra State to boycott the November 2017 gubernatorial election in the state should the Federal Government fail to organise a referendum in the South East to determine the fate of Biafra.

Kanu made the call, on Tuesday, at Isiama Afara-Ukwu Ibeku Umuahia, the Abia State capital, while addressing a mammoth crowed of IPOB members that gathered in his father’s palace to welcome him.

Kanu equally threatened that the people of Southeast and others under the Old Eastern Region would boycott the 2019 general elections should the Nigerian government under the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari fails to hold a referendum for the South East.

The IPOB leader, who faulted acting President Yemi Osibanjo’s statement on why he (Kanu) was not amongst the south-east leaders and stakeholders invited to Aso Rock for a roundtable discussion, vowed not to relent in the struggle for the agitation for a sovereign state for Biafra.

According to him, “Nigerian government should build as many prisons as possible to jail all Biafrans because there is no going back and we are ready to go there (Prisons) unless the federal government give us Biafra.

“We are starting with Anambra come November this year. There will be no governorship election in Anambra State. In 2019, the whole of Biafra Land will not vote for any President. There will be no Senator, there will be no House of Reps, there will be no House of Assembly and there will be no Councillorship elections in Biafra land if they (Federal Government) fail to call for a referendum,” he said.

The IPOB leader urged his members to remain steadfast and calm as Biafra remains their only hope.

“We are not like any other people. People like us don’t come twice. That’s why I know that with the last breath in this very body that Biafra will be restored. There’s nothing anybody can do about it. Tell them that’s what I said. Nobody on this earth can stop Biafra.”

Those Kanu addressed included other Igbo socio-cultural organisations like  World Igbo Citizens (WIC) Ikwerre/River State chapter, who came to show solidarity with IPOB towards the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Some leaders of the WIC who spoke to the media said they supported Biafra restoration and Nnamdi Kanu because of his strong will and commitment towards the emancipation of the people of South East and South-south from marginalisation in the hands of Nigeria.    (The Sun)

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