Engaging Those Agitating For Biafra Is The Sure Means To Resolving The Issue


Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says engaging in dialogue with those agitating for an independent state of Biafra is a sure way to resolving the issue.

Speaking at the Biafra conference in Abuja on Thursday, the former president said Nigerians must treat the country with care.

‎He said the country’s fundamental problem was that it had lacked national leaders.

“We never had a national leader. Our leaders at the beginning were mindful of their regions. That is our problem till today,” he said.

‎”I have maintained that the young officers who struck in 1966 were naive but there were some element of nationalism in some of them. Be that as it may, it set us back.”

He said the war showed the bad side of the country.

“The language used in the war did not help matters, the people on the Biafra side called us vandals and we called them rebels,” he said.

“We thought we would end the war in three months, but it took us 30 months, and the federal side nearly lost it.

‎”Civil war is more difficult than fighting in a foreign land because we are fighting to unite.

‎”‎Even a soldier of mine who tried to rape a woman… I had to chase him with a gun. He did not succeed in raping the woman, and I did not have to gun him down.”

Obasanjo said some of those agitating for Biafra today lacked an understanding of what it entails.

“Some of the people agitating for Biafra today were not even born then. They don’t know what it entails,” he said.

‎”But I think, we should even appeal to those saying they want to go, we should not tell them to go, we should make them understand that there is enough cake to share. We should massage Nigeria just like in a love relationship.”             (The Cable)

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BIAFRA DAY: BIM/MASSOB Protest Goes Into Its Second Day In Onitsha

Biafra Day: BIM/MASSOB protest continues in Onitsha

The peaceful protest embarked upon on Monday by members of Chief Ralph Uwazuruike-led Biafra In­dependence Movement/ Movement for the Actuali­sation of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, as part of a seven-day activities for the commemoration of their 17th year anniversary of the re-declaration of Sovereignty State of Biafra, continued unabated yes­terday in the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra State, the strong base of MASSOB.
The BIM/MASSOB members had on Monday grounded business activi­ties in the commercial city, and continued the protest yesterday along the major streets of Onitsha under the watchful eyes of securi­ty agencies who, however, did not open fire on the protesters as before.
The group, as early as 8 am, converged on Obosi in Idemili North Local Gov­ernment Area from where they matched in a convoy of over one hundred Keke Napep and Buses, bran­dishing the Biafran Flag and fliers along Obosi, Nk­por road through the Lim­ca road to upper Iweka and Bridge Head, chanting and dancing to Biafra songs.
The Divisional police officer (DPO) in charge of Onitsha central police station, SP Ikechukwu Egbochukwu who led the monitoring team, con­firmed the protest match but said the police patrol was on the ground to ensure it was peaceful.
He, however, referred newsmen to the Anambra Police Public Relations Of­ficer ASP Nkiru Nwode for confirmation and brief­ing on any further devel­opment.
When contacted, the PPRO said that Anambra did not witness any MAS­SOB protest since Monday claiming that Anambra was peaceful and calm and therefore no person was arrested except for the gang of kidnappers smashed by the police at Urum in Awka North LGA.
She said the police also rescued the kidnap victim and recovered the gang’s rifles.
Meanwhile, MASSOB/BIM Director of Public­ity, Mazi Chris Mocha said although the celebration was for seven days, they had no activity slated for yesterday but since it was a peaceful exercise there was no cause for alarm.  (Authority)

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BIAFRA: Biafrans Remembering Boxing Legend, Dick Tiger And His Heroic Acts


Boxing legend and Biafran soldier and trainer, Late Dick Tiger Ihetu

By Kimberly Ada B
As Biafrans are getting ready to immortalized those who gave their lives to Biafra struggle and to those that gave up everything they have amidst social criticism just to be ” Biafran” on the May 30th sit in, we must remember one man that took our fight globally, Middleweight and Light Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the world, the Biafran, late Dick Tiger Ihetu.
Dick Tiger was a lieutenant during the Biafran war. He trained young soldiers. When he sensed how his people were slaughtered, he rushed home to help. Most of his boxing money was used to cater for them during the war.
Dick Tiger called a press conference one morning in New Jersey Atlantic city where he was scheduled to fight, and said ” pressmen, I called you to let you know that I am relinquishing this O.B.E title I won in London because I can not wear this around my waist while the British government are supplying ammunition to kill my people in Biafra.
In the morning, he mailed the title back to London, with a note.” I am hereby returning the O.B.E, because every time I look at it, I think of the millions of men, women, children who died and are still dying in Biafra because of the arms and ammunition the British government is sending to Nigeria and its continued moral support of this genocidal war against the people of Biafra. Signed, Dick Tiger Ihetu.
Such a Heroic act. They called me Dick Tiger of Nigeria, they still claim me. They would kill me, they would kill us all. I am a Biafran, he said to a radio personality.
Dick Tiger said, ” Without Biafra, the championship title is no good to me. The United States is a good country, a very nice country, but Biafra is my home. I was born a Biafran, I will die in Biafra. He said.
DickTiger was the greatest boxer to come out of Africa, and not taking anything away from one man that invited him to America, the boxing great, Hogan Bassey.
On June 15th, 1967, Dick Tiger publicly declares his allegiance to the Biafran State and renounced all association with Nigeria.
On each of his fights. He requests for the Biafran anthem to be played before he fights. Six times Ringman of the year. Knocked out Ruben Carter, whom Denzel Washington portrayed in a movie called ” Hurricane”.
Dick Tiger died in 1971 from cancer at 42 and was buried in Amaigbo.
Biafrans remembers you always. Rest on, the great Biafran Hero.
All hail Biafra.

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137 Biafran Agitators Arrested In Enugu, C’ River, Ebonyi |The Republican News

Image result for Biafran protesters in enugu

Ihuoma Chiedozie and Gibson Achonu

Economic activities within Owerri were on Monday paralysed by the splinter group of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereignty State of Biafra, who stormed the major roads and streets of the city in celebration of Biafra Independence Day.

The protesters, who arrived in buses from the 27 local government areas of the state with flags and placards bearing various inscriptions, depicting commitment to Biafra, wore military uniforms and chanted Biafra songs.

The protesters comprising of men, women and youths, arrived the busy Douglas Road by 8am from where they moved to the popular Ama JK Junction, Wetheral Road, Tetlow Road, Royce Road and Bank Road.

Acknowledging cheers from supporters, who incessantly shouted, “On Biafra we stand!”, the protesters defied the scorching early morning sun as they proceeded to the Maria Assumpta Roundabout, popularly called Control-Post, where they later assembled.

Armed policemen who were closely watching the agitators did not stop or harass the protesters ostensibly because it was non-violent.

In a telephone chat with our correspondent, the leader of the Biafra Independent Movement, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, said that the march was organised to prove his commitment to the actualisation of the Biafran project.

He said, “I challenge anybody who claims to be of a higher command and authority than myself in the struggle to actualise Biafra to come out and prove his mettle. Of course, nobody, group, or association can do this because they lack the capacity and membership to do so.”

Uwazuruike, who expressed satisfaction with the peaceful protest, said he was optimistic that the Biafran project would eventually be realised in no distant time.

Meanwhile, more than 40 pro-Biafra activists were arrested by the police while holding a rally to commemorate ‘Biafra Day’ in Enugu, on Monday.

Forty-seven were arrested in Cross River and 50 were nabbed in Ebonyi.

The arrested activists in Enugu were members of the Biafra Independence Movement, a group led by Uwazuruike, a former leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra.

Major pro-Biafra groups, MASSOB and the Indigenous People of Biafra, celebrate ‘Biafra Day’ on May 30, but BIM commemorates the defunct Biafra nation on May 22.  (

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Ex-Governor, Ikedi Ohakim, Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke Pay Visit Nnamdi Kanu

By Ike A. Offor,

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Chief Ikedi Ohakim

The former governor of Imo state, Chief Ikedi Ohakim paid a surprise courtesy visit to IPOB leader, Mazi Nnmadi Kanu in his family home .
Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke also paid a courtesy visit to Kanu when the governor was there. Top Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke took the honour to serve kola nuts, as IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, hosts Ohakim
Chief Ohakim was seen exchanging pleasantries with Nnamdi Kanu’s family members in a very cordial atmosphere.
Ohakim had also a one on one conversation with his host but the content of their discussion was not made available to the public.
Some questions were raised in some quarters why these Igbo personalities were unable to pay Kanu a visit while he as in prison for almost two years, but many are now trooping in their numbers to pay him a visit. Were these folks afraid that a visit would expose them to danger or persecution? Hopefully, that question will really be addressed someday.

MASSOB/BIM: Why We Cancelled Sit-At-Home To Mark Biafran Day

 By Philip Nwosu


The Movement for the Actualisations of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and the Biafran Independent Movement (BIM) has cancelled the sit at home order earlier suggested to mark the independent anniversary of Biafra.

MASSOB/BIM, in joint press conference in Lagos said on May 30, 2017, people of Igbo nationality in Lagos and other parts of  world will celebrate Biafra independence, not by sitting at home as earlier scheduled, adding that, “on that day, everybody should come out and celebrate, we are not mourning, we are celebrating.”

The leader of MASSOB/BIM in Lagos, Mr. Chukwuma Eyisi urged Biafrans to come out on May 22 to celebrate the independence of Biafra which they said was achieved on May 30, 1967, adding that the authority to recognise Biafra does not belong to Nigeria, “it is an international matter.”

He said on the days of the celebration,  the group will continue to abide by its principle of non-violence, explaining also that Biafra will celebrate its independence like any other sovereign state in the world. The group said like the Palestinian Liberation Orgainsation, MASSOB had achieved  recognition by observers at the United Nations, adding that structures that make Biafra a state were already established within the organsation.

MASSOB/BIM)led by Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has earlier cancelled it planned sit at home order slated for May 30, explaining that it  would rather hold football matches in major cities across the south east.

The movement has in place of sit-at-home protest on May 30 planned  week-long beginning from  from May 22 and ends on May 30.

Eyisi who is also the zonal leader of MASSOB/BIM in Lagos said: “MASSOB-BIM wants to celebrate Biafra on May 22. It is our day, a day that Uwazuruike, our leader hoisted Biafran flag on May 22, 2000 and we want to celebrate it. It is the day we have mapped out every year to thank God for keeping us alive in the last 17 years when the renewed struggle for the emancipation of Biafra was started by our leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike”.

They stated that it was on May 22, 1999 that their leader, Chief Uwazuruike hoisted Biafra flag in Aba to signal the group’s loss of interest to be part of Nigeria any more.

The Lagos MASSOB-BIM leaders  stressed that the peaceful and non-violent approach of the group in its struggle have made them to remain focused and undaunted, adding that MASSOB was not part of any planned May 30 sit-at-home protest.  (The Sun)

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Ohanaeze Shocked By Attack On IPOB Women At Abiriba, Slams The Army


IPOB women members

In a very clear strong message ever coming from the apex organisation of the Igbo people, it condemns in the strongest terms the interruption of peaceful meeting of IPOB women in Abiriba, Abia state.
Ohanaeze in its strongest condemnation ever, expressed outrage and disgust of how the Nigerian army officers treated the IPOB women during their peaceful meeting in Abia.
Here is the press release:
1 Ohanaeze Ndigbo is shocked by the recent attack, arrest and raping of innocent IPOB women members at Abiriba, Abia state by some elements of the Nigerian Army at Ohafia Barracks in Abia state.
2. The attack is uncalled for. There is no law in Nigeria that bar people from meeting anywhere as long as they are not armed or violent. There is no law anywhere that forbids people from holding any democratic view even if the view is against official government view.
3. The best the Army could have done is to report unlawful gatherings or suspicious movements if any to the Nigerian police whose duty is to maintain law and order.It is not the duty of Nigerian army to arrest or detain and rape innocent women as they did at Abiriba.
4 The Ag President, Prof Osibanjo should rein in these barbarous soldiers to avoid breakdown of law and order in the society. Their overzealousness in becoming heinous. The Nigerian Army should respect our democratic norms or disband themselves.
5 We demand a unreserved apology from the Army at Ohafia. Even if Ohanaeze Ndigbo does not share the view of the IPOB activists, they are our children and we have the duty to protect them.Besides, they have never been violent in their agitations.
6 Nigerian Army must be the people’s Army and not one protecting sectional interest,

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