Forget About Biafra Being Promoted By IPOB, Buhari Tells Igbo |The Republican News

…Promises South East better deal in 2018

From Obinna Odogwu, Abakaliki

President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed to the people of South East region not to buy into the idea of Biafra being promoted by the members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

He assured Igbo of fair share of his developmental projects next year, revealing that some key projects had already been designed for the region, especially in the area of road infrastructure, agriculture and social services, captured in the 2018 budget.

Speaking at the Abakaliki Township Stadium, as part of programmes lined up for his one-day visit to Ebonyi State, President Buhari asked Igbo to work for the country’s unity, saying  the agitation for the realisation of Biafra was “a senseless propaganda” being promoted by “some misguided youths” in the region.

He said dividing the country across ethnic lines was tantamount to betraying the efforts of Nigeria’s founding fathers.

“I am asking you all not to buy into the senseless propaganda on secession. Igbo is Nigeria and Nigeria is Igbo, both are inseparable.

“We must, therefore, continue to commit ourselves to the development of Nigeria by sustaining our national unity without compromising our cultural identities, a Nigerian where the aspirations of its people is guaranteed without prejudice to tribe or religion, a Nigerian where we can sleep at night knowing that tomorrow will be better than today.

“The task of nation building is a continuous one. Our founding fathers from all corners of this country worked together to actualise the creation of one Nigeria. After independence, the same founding fathers worked together to maintain this one Nigeria.

“Yes, they had differences of opinion at times; after all, they were only human. And yes, they had moments of weaknesses and doubt, but again no one is perfect. However, one thing they all protected until the end of their lives was having one Nigeria for all Nigerians. Today, Nigeria is 57 years old. Nigeria has gone through many pains, but has also achieved significant successes.

“Its citizens are leaders in all aspects of human development, but we rarely celebrate these successes. Some misguided Nigerians will rather channel their energies to propagating negative stories and senseless rumours. Over 68 per cent of Nigeria’s population is under 25 years old. They have little knowledge of Nigeria’s journey. They were not born during the dark days of the civil war and nation building afterwards.  The task of nation building is a continuous one; it relies on the successful transition of factual knowledge from one generation to another. This means it is our collective responsibility to ensure we do not betray our founding fathers as we transfer the Nigerian project from one generation to the next.

“As our national anthem says, the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain. So, parents, speak to your children about the importance of their heritage, culture and being open-minded. Teachers, teach your students about the history of the nation and how it was a correlation of diversity that brought it to existence. And as leaders, we must lead by example, tolerance and acceptance of diversity.”

Also speaking earlier, when he addressed stakeholders, Buhari had said his visit to Ebonyi State was  a demonstration of the belief in the unity of Nigeria.

“When I met with the leaders of the South East in Abuja last month, they raised several issues of concern, including the state of the roads and infrastructure in the region. I want to assure you that we will deliver on our promises. Our 2018 budget included many strategic projects for the region in the area of road, power, agriculture and social services.”

President Buhari expressed delight to be in Ebonyi State, noting that he was glad that the state has fared well.

He praised Governor Dave Umahi for his developmental strides while thanking traditional rulers in the state for bestow on him a chieftaincy title.

He said: “I am delighted to be in Abakaliki today to interact with the good of Ebonyi State and again with the South East region as a whole. I want to extend my gratitude to the people of Ebonyi State for their hospitality and the warm reception since my arrival a few hours ago.

“I will like to commend His Excellency, Governor David Umahi, for his vision and commitment to the development of Ebonyi State, which included some of the projects I commissioned since my arrival. They are laudable.

“I am also grateful to the traditional rulers of Ebonyi State who bestowed on me the traditional title: Ezi Enyi Oma 1 (Good friend 1). I thank you for this honour and kind gesture.”

Governor Umahi thanked the president for “supporting the state in many ways.”

“You have helped us quite a lot, especially in the area of agriculture revolution and solid mineral. Today, you made us a giant in agriculture and so, we have here with us 2,000 bags of rice and 2,000 pieces to give to our president.

“It is a prayer answered because you have sown in the land of Ebonyi and God has given you the strength and health to partake in that seed that you planted. We are grateful to give back to our father who has given so much to us,” Umahi said.

The president, incontinuation of his visit to the South-East would be in Anambra State today where he is expected to meet with chieftains of the All Progressives Congress (APC).  (The Sun)

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IPOB Press Release: Claim Of Sacking Of Nnamdi Kanu Mere Childish Prank By Unintelligent People

IPOB-Biafra-coat-of-arm (2)
Few days ago, some media houses carried the fake news of sacking of Nnamdi Kanu as Director of Radio Biafra which made rounds on social media and other electronic platforms.
The Media and Publicity Secretary for the indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Emma Powerful has released a press statement on behalf of IPOB refuting such frivolous claim, calling it a mere childish prank played by unintelligent people, referring to secret service of the Nigerian State, DSS.
IPOB not only refuted this spurious claim but touched on other issues and false claims, which it says came from DSS-engineered subterfuge that fell flat on its face.
Here is the press statement:
We the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its leadership worldwide under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the prophet of our time, wish to clarify that the DSS/Ministry of Information engineered speculation regarding the position of our leader is a cheap diversionary tactics designed to test our dedication and resolve in the run up to the much-anticipated boycott of Anambra elections on Saturday November 18th, 2017. Not minding the involvement of two key ministries of government in the propagation of this falsehood, we remain fiercely resolute and undeterred by the crude antics of a drowning government. They have lost every sense of shame. The only option left open for them is to periodically opt for hyper-dramatics in an environment devoid of any form of investigative journalism.
By seeking to deflect attention away from multiple fronts of attack IPOB have subjected the Buhari regime to, DSS and their propaganda arm, the Ministry of Information came up with this laughable concoction about the dismissal of our leader, which they know, even by their own very low standards of news management, is so hilarious that no sane mind will believe it. Biafrans and the entire humanity knows that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was abducted by Nigerian soldiers on the 14th September 2017, therefore no amount of fake stories about our leader and our movement planted through government friendly media houses, will dent our resolve to restore Biafra. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the only person with absolute command over entire Biafra restoration effort, remains the rock upon which the entire edifice of IPOB is built. The preposterous and laughable idea that he has been sacked from Radio Biafra he personally established in London and IPOB he founded is tantamount to saying that the Sun is no longer part of the solar system. It is not only unthinkable, it will be foolish of anyone to contemplate it.
The world can now see how the Caliphate cabal is running Nigeria through fabrications and unadulterated falsehood in the hope of twisting the minds of the gullible and the easily deceived. For anyone to believe that faceless hitherto unheard of individuals can wake up one evening and announce the replacement of a man who commands 50 million people with presence in over 100 countries of the world, making him only second to Pope Francis as the personality with the largest cult following on earth, is plain stupid. Anybody who peddles or believes such a story needs his or her brain examined. This is another classic DSS engineered subterfuge that fell flat on its face as all on their previous efforts to rubbish the personality of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu did. Many more weird and ludicrous stories will emerge in the coming days. The more IPOB applies the pressure, the more bizarre the antics of this shambolic APC Government becomes.
No amount of fabricated falsehood or carefully packaged lies by DSS and Lai Mohammed’s Ministry of Information will ever erase the fact that Nigerian soldiers last September invaded Kanu’s compound and abducted him. The Minister of Defence Mansur Dan Ali on Channels Television admitted during an interview that troops went in search of our leader in his home without court warrant in a supposed democracy. This invasion led to the death of 28 people shot by Nigerian soldiers. It doesn’t take much to understand that fake stories is part of the strategy of government to stop people from asking them where Nnamdi Kanu is. By regaling the gullible few with wild stories such as the sacking of our leader, they hope to cheapen a very serious matter of abduction and possible extra judicial execution. We advice the discerning public to disregard such junk news and continue to demand for the whereabouts of our leader from the Buhari regime.
We must not forget the case of purported splinter groups set up by DSS such as REIPOB, TRIPOB, RENIPOB, SEXIPOB etc. Non of them made it from newspaper pages into the real world. This latest show of shame by DSS and the Nigerian Army proves that they are still holding our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in their custody and are hoping to create a diversion with this talk of his replacement when they know such is impossible.
We have all become accustomed to the crude antics of this shameless Nigerian Government and her security agencies who are so desperate to create confusion and pandemonium within the hierarchy of IPOB. That they came up with this ludicrous propaganda of the replacement of the irreplaceable IPOB leader is confirmation of their desperation. IPOB is arguably the most disciplined mass movement in the world today, if not all the years of torture of Benjamin Madubugwu, David Nwawuisi and Bright Chimezie Ishinwa would have provided DSS the key witness against Kanu in the treasonable felony trial they have been looking for.
This fabricated news of the sacking of our leader is nothing more than mere childish prank played by unintelligent people in a supposedly intelligence agency. No right thinking person would waste his or her time on such nonsensical gimmick.
We have concluded that instead of DSS to remove Nnamdi Kanu as IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, even in military custody, will remove Jubril the Sudanese who is parading himself as Buhari and return him to Sudan where he belongs. Fabricating, concocting and peddling lies against IPOB through government friendly newspapers and media houses to the amusement of the undiscerning public is an exercise in futility. Our leader cannot be demystified with cheap lies. IPOB under the leadership and supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, even in custody, is unstoppable, unquenchable, irreversible and irrevocable. We are waiting for their next installment.
The Republican News

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Biafra: Court Rules On IPOB’s Motion Against Proscription Jan. 17 |RN

                    IPOB members

Ade Adesomoju, Abuja

The Federal High Court in Abuja on Tuesday fixed January 17, 2018 for ruling on the application by the Indigenous People of Biafra challenging the order of proscription made by the court on September 20, 2017.

The Acting Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Abdu Kafarati, had on September 20, 2017, issued the proscription order upon an ex parte application by the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN).

But, in a motion filed before the same judge on September 22, the group through its lead counsel, Mr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor‎, contended that the proscription order was unconstitutional adding that it was obtained by the AGF by suppressing vital facts.

IPOB’s motion canvassed 13 grounds in opposition to the order proscribing it and also designating it ‎as a terrorist organisation.

Justice Kafarati fixed January 17 for judgment after hearing Ejiofor and the Federal Government’s legal team led by the Solicitor-General of the Federation and Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Justice, Mr. Dayo Apata, on Tuesday.   (Punch)

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Biafra: Nigeria Risks Full Insurrection, Chatham House Warns Buhari |RN


IPOB members in a rally

A UK Think Tank has warned that fresh insurrection by Biafra secessionists would plunge the country into deeper insecurity.

In an article published today, Chatham House said proscriptions and disproportionate responses to groups that express grievances against or oppose the state risk in fact fuelling the causes of these movements and escalating situations – something Nigeria’s stretched security forces can ill-afford.
In September Nigeria’s military launched Operation Python Dance II, its second military exercise in South East Nigeria this year. It was carried out with the intention of quashing any calls for secession in a region with a long history of antagonism with the central Nigerian state.

Warning that “the stakes are high”, Chatham remarked that Python Dance II escalated into a violent confrontation in which supporters of secessionist group the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) claim some of their members were killed, and the home of the group’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu, was raided. Kanu has not been seen in public since the raid on his house.

“In the southeast, Operation Python Dance II seems to have emboldened rather than silenced IPOB supporters, through adding to the feeling of discrimination felt in the region and by making a martyr out of Kanu”, the Think Tank stated.

“Kanu’s continued absence and violent confrontations risk igniting an insurrection that could destabilize Nigeria’s southeast. The federal government’s response and tactics employed by Nigeria’s military should be called into question as forces are stretched on many fronts.
“In addition to the Boko Haram crisis in the northeast, the military has also been deployed to combat a rise in kidnapping of civilians and violence in the oil producing Niger Delta region.

The proscribing of IPOB could in fact lead to a fully armed insurrection, plunging the country into deeper insecurity and sewing further division in this fragmented nation.”

Revived calls for independence
An attempt in the 1960s to proclaim an independent Republic of Biafra in the same region resulted in the 1967–70 Nigerian Civil War in which 3 million people were killed and millions were displaced.

The desire for independence among Igbo people of South East Nigeria is fuelled by a feeling of marginalization, and historical grievances against a state that they say doesn’t represent them. Feelings have reached boiling point with this latest military action.

The new campaign for Biafran independence is largely championed by young people who were born after the civil war, with no memory of the suffering it caused.

The first sign of reviving the call for Biafra emerged in 1999 – shortly after the end of Nigeria’s period of military rule – in the form of an organisation called MASSOB, the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra. The group was led by Ralph Uwazuruike, who had several brushes with security agencies, and was arrested and imprisoned on charges of treason.

IPOB came to prominence at the centre of the latest wave of Igbo nationalism following the arrival in office of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. The tone of the new president towards the people of the southeast was perceived as at best dismissive, and at times hostile. He was accused of favouring his northern constituents, notably in terms of senior government appointments. The president has yet to visit the southeast. With anti-Abuja sentiment growing in the southeast, IPOB seized the opportunity to reactivate the demand for secession.

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu was at the forefront of these demands. A British-Nigerian political activist, Nnamdi Kanu is the director of London-based Radio Biafra, a broadcast outfit set up to propagate the demands of secessionists. He had been recruited by MASSOB leader Uwazuruike to run Radio Biafra in London. The pair fell out and Kanu later re-emerged as IPOB leader. The station broadcasts daily programmes in English and the Igbo language, including anti-Nigeria and pro-Biafra propaganda.

Arrests and demonstrations
Nnamdi Kanu was initially arrested in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, on 14 October 2015, during a private visit. He was detained and arraigned in court on charges of criminal conspiracy and treason. The Nigerian government accused him of inciting hatred, threatening state security, and mobilizing for secession – an offence which carries a maximum sentence of death. He was twice granted bail, but security agencies ignored the court’s decisions. Prior to his arrest, Kanu was relatively little-known, without the profile his imprisonment has since generated.

After demonstrations were held across major cities in the south demanding he be freed, Kanu was released on 28 April 2017 under stringent conditions which included an order not to be seen in a gathering of more than 10 persons. But rather than resolving the crisis, his release from detention seems to have heightened tension in the southeast. His supporters staged more rallies, announced that they had set up their own security arm, and clashed with government security forces. Things came to a head with the launch of Operation Python Dance II.

The results of military action
Shortly after the raid on Kanu’s home the military declared IPOB a terrorist organization – a move which was endorsed by the Nigerian government but rejected by many Nigerians and international observers. Critics of the conduct of Nigeria’s military make the point that IPOB supporters are not known to be violent and that the protests have been largely peaceful. During the demonstrations some protestors threw sticks and stones but there were no reports of armed confrontation. The EU and the US rejected the decision but Nigeria maintains it is irreversible and has warned foreign governments and organizations not to interfere.

The government’s response to the IPOB and the situation in the southeast is comparable with its response to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN). The home of the leader of the IMN and Nigeria’s minority Shia population, Ibrahim Zakzaky, was raided in December 2015 by the Nigerian army who killed hundreds of his followers and buried them in a mass grave. Zakzaky was seriously injured and detained with members of his family and has not been seen since, despite a court order for his release in December 2016.

Like IPOB, Zakzaky’s group is viewed as a security threat by the government. The state government of Kaduna – home to the majority of Nigeria’s Shias – has banned the group and proscribed it a terrorist organization. Like IPOB, members of IMN are said to have carried out non-violent protests against Nigeria’s government and the treatment of their leader has led to anger and demonstrations against the state.

The risk of insurrection
Such proscriptions and disproportionate responses to groups that express grievances against or oppose the state risk in fact fuelling the causes of these movements and escalating situations.
IPOB may be the most prominent, but it is not the only group advocating secession. MASSOB is also accused of violence by Nigeria’s government, and, like Kanu, Uwazuruike has previously been imprisoned, accused of treason and released. There are several other pro-Biafra groups in the southeast but internal disputes have so far prevented them from presenting a unified front.

The umbrella body of Igbo people, Ohaneze Ndigbo, has openly voiced its concerns and is calling for the government to address the grievances of the region. They may not all support IPOB’s rhetoric but are vehemently against labelling the group a terrorist organization, and condemn attacks against its members.

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BIAFRA: UN Delegation Led By Ibn Chambas Is Fake, Says MASSOB |RN


Mohamed Ibn Chambas

Carpets UN, Ohanaeze over ‘one Nigeria’ stance

From: Obinna Odogwu, Abakaliki

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), on Saturday, said that the United Nation’s team who reportedly met with the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo, in Enugu, and proclaimed the indivisibility of Nigeria was a fake group.

MASSOB says it only recognises an authentic UN leadership not tthe one that came to the country.

The UN delegation led by the Special Representative of the Secretary General in West Africa and the Sahara, Amb. Mohammed Ibn Chambas, had visited the Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo President General, Chief Nnia Nwodo and other principal officers of the Secret organisationation in his Enugu residence, where the world body proclaimed the indivisibility of Nigeria.

But reacting on the UN’s position, MASSOB leader, Uchenna Madu, in a statement issued to newsmen, in Abakaliki, described the UN team as fake group, insisting that the “authentic United Nations” does not support injustice and unfairness.

He expressly dismissed the position of the “so-called United Nations” team on the indivisibility of Nigeria as anti-fairness and justice.

“Though MASSOB have respect for Igbo elders, Ohanaeze Ndigbo as an Igbo socio political group are not agitating or canvassing for Biafra actualization and restoration. They should operate on their limits because the people of Biafra know their true leaders who represent them on issues of Biafra.

“Since the so called United Nations representatives meeting with Ohanaeze Ndigbo leadership borders on Biafra freedom and Nigeria’s disintegration, they would have involved the leading pro-Biafra groups which will bring huge respects and honour to their leadership in Igbo land” the statement said.

“It was not Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the so called United Nations representatives to Enugu neither was it Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the much clamour for restructuring and regionalism. Also, it was not Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the condemnation of anti-Igbo song of genocides from Hausa/Fulani by the real United Nations.

“It was not Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the condemnation of anti Biafra pogroms by the revered Pope of Catholic Church on the Islamic sponsored and systematic genocides against the people of Biafra from President Buhari led Nigeria Islamic government. It was not Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the voluntary obedience to sit at home exercise by the people of Biafra on 30th May 2017 as a mark of respect for Biafra day celebration, all these eloquent achievements and feats were effectively achieved because of the non violence activities of MASSOB, IPOB and Biafra People National Council (BPNC),” the statement added.   (The Sun)

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Biafra: Dialogue Is The Option, Says Okwara |The Republican News


President Muhammadu Buhari

By Emmanuel Clement

Rev. Divine Okwara, popularly known as De Prophetic Commander, is the the senior Pastor of Divine Prayers and Prophetic Ministries International. In this interview, he speaks about the state of the nation.

Nigeria at 57, any hope for this country?    

I congratulate and rejoice with all Nigerians for the peaceful independence celebration. There is hope for the country. You cannot give up on a country that still exists. Am complementing the effort of the president, but he needs to look very well on the power issue, I mean power supply, he needs to improve on it because it’s becoming alarming. We can’t celebrate 57 years without constant power supply, we can’t celebrate 57 years with lack of security in the country, and we can’t celebrate 57 years when the average Nigerian cannot boast of even one square meal a day.

Are you in support of Biafra agitation?

What would have happened to our unity if the Biafra agitators had succeeded in breaking away from Nigeria? What would have happened if the Arewa youth had carried out there ‘Igbo –must-go’ October 1st threat? We would have been in a state of war, and war doesn’t solve problems but dialogue does. I am not in support of Biafra agitation. Biafra agitation should stop. The best way to handle Biafra agitation is through a round table, dialogue with them since they feel they are not well treated. These people are hungry. Let the president do the needful by calling them to order, call the youth to order. He is a father, whenever children misbehave, the father calls them to order and caution them, they will listen to him. The president should tackle the issue as a father; anyone who is a president of a country is a father to all and not to some people. We should see ourselves as one in order to avoid a civil war or second world war. There should be a room for restructuring.

What is your assessment of the security situation in Nigeria?

Mr. President is doing the best he can do as a man, but the kidnapping is on a high side, they need to improve, people are no longer secure again in their house, they are scared, and people are dying every day. If there is security, foreign investors will come in and invest in this country. We need more of manpower and security. Nigerian police are trying their best but they need to improve more even Buhari can’t walk alone in a street they will kidnap him. In Asaba , I witnessed a case where the best of some women were cut off and their private part too, and left them on the street.

Recently peter obi said Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra state has failed the people of the state, what’s your take on that? 

Peter obi left a good legacy for Gov. Willie Obiano, when Gov Willie Obiano took over, he ate from his godfather. Let’s go to the history of Anambra State, light enters the city of Anambra State when Peter Obi was the governor. Before now, in Anambra State, there was no good road, security. You enter upper Iweka, your fellow brother will point gun at you and collect your phone, money, valuable things and nobody will do anything about it, but when Peter Obi came in, he sent them away and those people spoiling the road, he cleared the portholes and put street light.

On the issue of road and power, Peter Obi did very well in his time. Obiano is good as far as I am concern, I have not seen anything bad Obiano has done, he is not a failure, his intention for a second time is worth it, I support him. Our governor should encourage the ones that are trying. You need to see how Governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Emmanuel Udom talks good about the former governor, GodsWill Akpabio; he praises him for a job well-done. If Obiano is criticising Peter Obi, he is not doing the right thing, someone that helped him to power, he should not under estimate the power of a boss. If people are the ones advising him they are not doing well, if he has any issue with his boss he should reconcile with him, instead of criticising him. He should respect hierarchy; Obiano should know that he is a son to Peter Obi and so should not to castigate him.

Is it true that Nigeria is really out of recession?    

We are still in the recession, the masses are still crying but I think it is better than the earlier stage of President Buhari.

What is the forward to this nation?

Nigerians should come together as one, if the country is one, we will move forward. Together we can move mountain. Nigeria is a great country indeed.

What is your advice to Mr. President?

I will tell him to bring everybody together; one tree cannot make a forest. President Buhari cannot be everything and be in everywhere.    (The Sun)

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IPOB Members Deteriorate Prison Conditions – Uchenwa |The Republican News

                      IPOB members

Ogbonnaya Ikokwu

The Assistant Comptroller- General, Zone E, Nigeria Prisons Service, Mr.  Alloy Uchenwa, says the presence of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra in various prisons in the zone has compounded the conditions within the prisons.

Uchenwa spoke at the Abia State office of the zone after a meeting with the officers of the command on Thursday.

He said, “It was a miracle how we were able to convey 100 IPOB members to court. The challenging logistics situation in our prisons has been compounded by the detention of 100 Indigenous People of Biafra members within the Zone E custody.”

Uchenwa identified logistics as one of the major challenges of the prisons.

He said a situation where “more than 90 per cent of inmates are awaiting trial” was worrisome, stressing that prison congestion was another challenge confronting the prisons.

He called for the building of more prison cells to ease the challenge of overcrowding, stressing that a situation where cells created for 500 inmates were occupied by 1000 prisoners was unacceptable.  (Punch)

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