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Apostle Johnson Suleman

By Maazi

Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has released 38 prophecies for the year 2021.

Suleman in his prophecies predicted happenings within the Nigerian government, some African countries and the world in general.

Speaking during the crossover service in his church, the fiery preacher predicted conspiracy against Nigerian Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

Apostle Suleman foresaw a new sect of the Boko Haram terrorist group springing forth in 2021.

He also predicted that power will leave the North.

See full text of Apostle Suleman’s prophecies below:

I. Fire outbreak in the eastern part of Nigeria.

2. Covid 19 casualties not as worse as expected.

3. I see people protesting against police.

4. Black day in Aso Rock.

5. Foreign Society intervening in National crisis.

6. Serious conspiracy against Prof, Osinbajo.

7. I see a liquor company losing staff. Saudi Arabia will experience an attack.

9. New faction of Terrorist breaking out of Boko Haram.

10. House of horror (Where kidnappers’ victims are kept) expose.

I I. Terrorism sponsor in Nigeria nabbed.

I 2. A renown social media influencer loses life.

13. Music industry needs prayer against restriction and ban.

14. A king dethroned.

15. Warri (Delta Sate), a day of horror (Prayer needed).

16. Joseph Biden’s health needs urgent attention.

17. Collapsed Bridge (Let’s pray for preservation).

18. CBN be alert. I see fire outbreak.

19. A year of great revival for Christians.

20 I see cows fighting their owners.

2I. Politicians to be jailed. (Nigeria).

22. Ghana to have major economic crisis.

23. I see pirates kidnapping in Ghana.

24. Togo to mourn a leader.

25. Train going off the rail but crisis averted.

26. Niger Delta to mourn a great leader.

27. Northerners to turn against leadership.

28. CNN to have major crisis.

29. I see family of a veteran Yoruba musician crying over his demise.

30. I see Ebola return but not in Nigeria.

3I. Agricultural boom and constant rains.

32. Inter-tribal crisis (Nigeria), prayers needed.

33. Let’s seriously pray against a plane crash.

34. Power to leave the North.

35. U.K Prime Minister needs to pray over his health.

36. I see influx of strangers (Nigeria border).

37. Major TV Channel burgled and razed down with fire.

38. Divine intervention for a Nigeria Footballer.


$5m Suit: Apostle Suleiman Urges Otobo To Confess Her Sins


Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Friday Olokor, Jos

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, on Sunday, advised his Canada-based accuser, Stephanie Otobo, to confess her sins for the allegations levelled against him before claiming to have repented.

The cleric also demanded to see, among other things, “the explosive incontrovertible evidence” she had boasted about; the travel documents “she promised to reveal and the nude pictures she claimed to have in her possession.”

While urging the public to take her claim of being ‘born again’ with a pinch of salt, the cleric said Otobo must provide answers to some salient questions over allegations that he had amorous relationship with her before she could be believed.

Suleman in a statement by his Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu, expressed doubts about Otobo’s new claim of being born again, coming on the heels of the fresh suit instituted by her against him in Canada.

He stated, “A girl, who lied that she had her marriage introduction in the Apostle’s office, should be honest enough to do her damage control in the office of the court where she filed her suit by providing supporting proof rather than this suspicious ‘handing it over to the Lord’ when the time came for her to have her day in court.

“Apostle Johnson Suleman has refused to be blackmailed and his refusal has frustrated his accuser and her sponsors who now hope that this issue will die a natural death but you cannot play with the Lord’s servant and now go to Him without first confessing.”

The cleric pointed out that repentance must come before her accuser could claim to be born again.

Suleman added, “After besmirching the reputation of a man that she has never physically met, Stephanie Otobo, who filed a suit for $5m against Apostle Johnson Suleman in a Canadian court in abuse of court process, now claims she is born again and wants to put the whole saga behind her and forget the matter and withdraw the case?

“Her father called her a liar. Her mother called her a liar. Her best friend said she was a blackmailer and when given the chance to prove them all wrong, she suddenly becomes born again? No! We refuse to accept that. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. He who comes to the Lord must come with contrition.”  (

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DSS Arrests, Arraigns S’South CAN Chairman’s Son Over Support For Apostle Suleman

Image result for Johnson Suleman

Ovie Okpare, Warri

Operatives of the Department of State Services have arrested and arraigned a Warri-based legal practitioner and son of the South-South Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Mr. Tareri Avwomakpa, over his Whatsapp message allegedly calling for support for General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Our correspondent gathered from reliable sources that Tareri, who was on Tuesday invited to the Delta State office of the Service in Asaba, the state capital, was however detained and later charged at a magistrate’s court. He was later granted bail by the court on Thursday.

Tareri was alleged to have posted a message on the social media platform, Whatsapp, where he called on Christians in the country to support and accompany Suleman to honour the invitation by DSS at its head office in Abuja.

The message he had sent to his contacts, which was obtained by our correspondent on Thursday, read, “URGENT!!! The DSS has invited Apostle Johnson Suleman to appear b/4 (sic) the Abuja office for interrogation by 10 am on Monday 30/1/17. Let every Christian come out in a procession to accompany Apostle Suleman to the DSS office. He spoke for us all.

“We stand against the shameful silence of Nigerian government over the killing of Christians in Nigeria; intimidation/harassment of the church with state security agencies and the Islamic agenda of this regime. United we stand & together we will win this battle. Christians awake!!!!! Pls forward this invitation to every contact and God will fight your battles in Jesus name.”

When contacted on Friday, Tareri confirmed his arrest and that he had been granted bail by a magistrate’s court after he was arraigned for attempting to incite the public against the Federal Government.       (

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Apostle Suleman: Watch Your Tongue, Many Watch Your Sermons, DSS Warns

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Apostle Johnson Suleman

Olusola Fabiyi and Friday Olokor

The Department of State Services has asked the General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, to stop granting interviews.

Investigations by our correspondent also indicated that the cleric was directed to watch his tongue because of the importance attached to his messages by his followers.

A security source at the DSS told The PUNCH that Suleiman was equally told by security operatives to know that his followership cut across Christianity and Islam and should therefore mind the way he speaks.

The pastor was quizzed by the DSS on Monday in Abuja over his alleged sermon asking his followers to kill any herdsmen found within his church premises.

He had claimed that he was warned that unknown herdsmen were planning to either ambush him on the road or invade his church to cause havoc.

A few days after the alleged directive, he was said to have told members of his congregation at a religious crusade in Ekiti State recently to defend themselves if they were attacked by herdsmen.

The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, was alleged to have stopped the DSS operatives from arresting the cleric on January 25, thus provoking controversy on the issue.

During his interrogation by the DSS, on Monday night, however, Suleiman, who was accompanied by a former governor, was said to have been told that some unsuspecting Nigerians could cash in on his messages to cause havoc in the country.

The source stated, “We asked him why he made such a provocative statement and he defended himself.

“He (Suleiman) said he made the statement based on available information that some herdsmen were planning to attack him and that he merely asked his church members to defend him and the church property.

“While we didn’t argue with him, we asked him to note that his followership cuts across the two dominant religions, which are Christianity and Islam.

“We also asked him to note that the Federal Government was doing its best to curtail the activities of the herdsmen and also fight crime generally.

“He said he knew, but added that the government needed to do much more and that he was not out to cause religious crisis but was merely expressing his anger at the refusal of government to take actions that he said could reasonably convince Nigerians that it (the government) is not partial.”

The source, who spoke on “strict confidence”, said both parties also agreed not to speak with the media on the outcome of the interrogation.

“None of us would speak on the issue. We need to douse tension in the country. That’s our agreement,” the source added.

In order to avoid further controversies, he explained that this was one of the reasons why the DSS asked Suleman to postpone his coming for interrogation from 10am to 8pm.

“We needed to manage the crisis and the crowd. That was one of the reasons we agreed that his coming should be devoid of any razzmatazz and long convoy,” the source added.

Reacting to his visit, Suleiman, who refused to speak on whether he was banned from speaking during his interrogation, commended the DSS operatives.

He said they exhibited what he described as professionalism in their work.

Suleman’s spokesperson, Mr. Prank Shuaib, who spoke with one of our correspondents on behalf of his boss, said the cleric was happy with the outcome of the interrogation.

He said, “It was a friendly interview that was devoid of any rancour. We need to commend the DSS operatives because they exhibited the highest degree of professionalism during the interview.”

A source added that though the cleric spent about three hours with the security operatives, the discussion between the two parties was less than one hour.

“Apostle Suleman spent about three hours in DSS but his discussion with the DG (Director-General, DSS) about his preaching was 55 minutes. It was a very friendly and cordial meeting between Apostle Suleman and the DG of DSS.

The source confirmed that the cleric was told to be cautious of his words because he had a large audience, including both Christians and Muslims, who watched his satellite channel, Celebration TV.

“The DSS categorically told him that there is the tendency for his followers to misinterpret him while mischief makers could, at the same time, capitalise on it to cause crisis in the country,” he added.     (

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EL-Rufai Should Produce Herdsmen He Paid Money, Says Apostle Suleman

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Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, on Sunday challenged the Federal Government to compel the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, to produce the Fulani herdsmen he gave money.

The governor, he said, should be made to answer charges of murder and other related crimes against humanity.

The fiery cleric made the demand in a statement issued by his Communications Adviser, Phrank Shaibu.

He said naming the beneficiaries of the money would disabuse the minds of Nigerians of the conflict that Christians were the targets of incessant attacks by Fulani herdsmen.

This came as the cleric prepares to appear before the Department of State Services today with not less than 30 lawyers for reportedly asking members of his church to defend themselves against attacks by Fulani herdsmen.

He advised security agents not to allow politicians and ethnic warlords to use them, warning that such a development might lead to grave consequences for Nigeria.

According to him, failure to compel El-Rufai to produce the herdsmen who purportedly collected money from the Kaduna State Government would be an indication of the insincerity of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The governor of Kaduna State confessed that he paid money to some Fulani herdsmen as compensation to stop the killings in Southern Kaduna. That means he knows those who have committed atrocities against Christians. El-Rufai must be made to produce them to answer charges of murder and other crimes. El-Rufai can be safely regarded as an apologist of the herdsmen and with a fact.

“On July 12, 2012, he tweeted the following, ‘We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes.”

Suleman said the governor’s response to the killings in Southern Kaduna had been  consistent with this mindset.

He said, “In a recent chat with newsmen in Kaduna, the governor made different remarks to substantiate his love for the herdsmen and their activities. First, he said when he became governor, he traced the attackers to Cameroon, Chad, and Niger and sent a message to them that one of their own, a Fulani like them, was now governor. This comment displays a dramatically bigoted mindset.

“A governor of a state in Nigeria was making appeals based on ethnic kinship and brotherhood to a group of foreign killers of people in his state! In other words, he was appeasing his murderous foreign kinsmen at the expense of indigenes of his state who are not his ethnic kinsmen but whose safety and interests he swore to defend.

“The governor’s shocking statement indicates that ethnic solidarity trumped his constitutional obligations to protect Southern Kaduna citizens from the external threats of foreign Fulani herdsmen.”

The Federal Government, Suleman said, would be engaging in double standards by asking the DSS to invite him while allowing El-Rufai to move about freely.

According to him, the fact that the governor has immunity does not preclude him from investigation.

“There’s no end to the killing of Christians in Kaduna. Those behind the heinous crime are known to the governor. Yet no one has been charged with murder. Instead, people like us, who speak the truth, are being persecuted. The Federal Government must not give the impression of partiality or suggests that Christians are the target of this administration,” he added.

Suleman wondered why his recent speeches had been taken differently by agents of the Federal Government when all he had done was to remain consistent in telling the truth.

He said, “Which is worse? Saying the truth or offering money to murderers? Did El-Rufai offer money to ghosts? For you to pay someone money, the person must have a known and fixed address. As the chief security officer of the state, was it not his business to arrest and put these hoodlums on trial? How come no one has been caught or being prosecuted for the massacre in Southern Kaduna? Obviously, there is more to it than meets the eye.”  (

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DSS Invitation: As A Law-Abiding Citizen, I Will Honour The Invitation-Apostle Suleman

Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation/Kunle Akinrinade

DSS invites Apostle Suleman over 'inciting' sermon

•Pastor says ‘I don’t hate Muslim, Fulanis’

The Department of State Security Service (DSS) yesterday formally invited the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman for interrogation, four days after its botched attempt to arrest him in Akure.

Suleman indicated last night that he would honour the invitation.

But he also dismissed insinuations that he was inciting one segment of the society against the other or that he hated Muslims and Fulanis.

The DSS, in a letter to  Suleman, whose church is based in Auchi,  asked him to report at its headquarters in Abuja tomorrow  “for an interview by 10am over an inciting statement.”

An attempt by operatives of the agency to arrest  Suleman in his hotel room  in Ado-Ekiti was aborted by Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State who rushed to the hotel and took the pastor to the Government House.

Suleman was in the state for a crusade.

A top source said: “The service decided to invite Apostle Suleman to interact with him on whether or not he delivered any hard sermon and what informed it. Such interaction can reveal the mindset of such a person.

“There is no way the security service can be silent on any act capable of breaching the nation’s security.

“After the interaction with him, we will determine the next step. It can be in form of caution, signing undertaking or whatever the law says. It will be preemptive to say anything on the invitation.”

When contacted, Apostle Suleman’s Communications Adviser, Mr. Phrank Shaibu, said: “The General Overseer has received an invitation from DSS.

“Even though the invitation is ridiculous, as a law-abiding citizen, Apostle Johnson Suleiman will honour it.

“We also consider the invitation as an afterthought after the botched attempt to arrest Apostle Suleman.”

Suleman, in a statement yesterday, denied hating Muslims or Fulanis as being speculated in some quarters.

Read also: BREAKING: Fayose Stops DSS From Arresting Pastor John Suleiman (Video) |The Republican News

He said he merely asked members of his church to kill herdsmen who move close to the church’s headquarters in Auchi, Edo State.

Suleman said he was moved to make the call based on the mindless killings across the nation by Fulani herdsmen.

He said his driver in Lagos and Chief Security Officer of the church in Auchi are Muslims in whom he has absolute confidence.

Suleman also said some of his friends are Fulanis while a number of his family members are still Muslims, most of whom have benefitted from his philanthropic gestures.

He said: “I have friends as Fulanis. I have members as Fulanis in our northern churches.

“I have a driver who drives me whenever I am in Lagos, he is a Muslim. He has been driving me for years till date.

“I have bought him two cars as well.  If I am not tolerant, a Muslim should not be driving me.

“I discovered that the Chief Security Officer (of our church) was also a Muslim. Yes, he was a Muslim supervising the security unit our church.

“Funny enough, majority of my callers on this issue have been Muslims; they have re-echoed what I said on the tape and do not hold contrary views about it.”

He said that killings by herdsmen must be tackled collectively to save the nation, saying many of them were carrying out too many nefarious activities.

“I do not have issues with the Fulani people; I have seen and read of some good people from there. I have also seen extremely nice Muslims.

“For example, the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is a Fulani man and also a Muslim. There was a church that was destroyed in his province, he personally rebuilt it.

“The Fulani people who are very enlightened understand the intricacies in this matter and most of them have been speaking with me.

“Whereas the herdsmen who are the perpetrators of this evil are happy with these developments because it has become a religious problem and this is part of my anger,” Suleman explained.

He went on: “There are still real Fulani herdsmen who are nomads and still taking care of their cattle everywhere.

“They carry sticks around. But these particular (killer) herdsmen carry guns, sophisticated weapons and the likes.

“I have made it clear that my anger is with the Fulani herdsmen and my point is; that no one should lay down to be killed by these people. Only cowards do that.

“And I stand my ground that the herdsmen who are killing should be dealt with.”

Earlier in a separate statement in Abuja on Wednesday, Shaibu said the church “wondered why its General Overseer could be so harassed for merely expressing his opinion on the menace of Fulani herdsmen, when freedom of expression is one of the rights guaranteed by the nation’s Constitution.

“The Fulani militia, masquerading as herdsmen have stated that they are going to kill him.

“Everyone knows that they are armed with AK47 and have already killed over 7000 persons in Nigeria. Women have been raped and houses destroyed.

“Yet, not one of them has been caught or is being prosecuted by the DSS or Federal Government.

“Are we saying that the man should fold his arms and allow the same Fulani militia to kill him?

“Is he wrong to give his security aides orders that they should kill any of the so called herdsmen found near him or his church? Is there nothing like self defence in our law?” he asked.

Shaibu said that the firebrand pastor’s message which may have drawn the ire of the DSS and the Federal Government was directed at the Fulani militia, in the guise of herdsmen,that have openly declared intention to kill him.

Shaibu said even if  the comments made by Apostle Suleman were found to be inciting , as alleged by the SSS, “a government that believes in robust debate as a means of strengthening democracy would simply have invited him for explanation , rather than attempting to kidnap him.

“We expected a more civilized conduct from a government that promised Change.”

“What most people do not know is that Apostle Suleiman’s father was a Muslim. He was born into a Muslim family.

“He has brothers and sisters that are Muslims and enjoy very cordial relationship with them.

“So to brand him anti Islam or anti Muslim is being mischievous or taking apostle’s message out of context,” he stated.  (The Nation)

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