Buhari Begs Biden To Bring American Soldiers To Help Nigeria Tackle Insecurity, Wants AFRICOM Hq In Nigeria|RN

President Joe Biden and President Muhammadu Buhari

■ Wants US to bring AFRICOM headquarters to Nigeria

Nigeria is in a crisis at the moment, as several cases of insecurity have been reported across the whole federation, ranging from students kidnapping, to burning of judicial buildings and even the attack on correctional facilities by gunmen. The slow response of the president on the presiding issues, shows that Nigeria and her government are handicapped by the situation of things and require external support in other to overcome the troubles they currently face.

This is why President Muhamadu Buhari made a request from the United States government on Tuesday the 27th of April 2021, when he was scheduled to have a meeting with the world power nation, requesting for support from troops of the United States Army to help Nigeria combat terrorism and insecurity, as reported by the People’s Gazette.

The request was made by the president after he asked the United States to relocate their project AFRICOM (Africa Command of the Army), from it’s headquarters in Germany to any selected country in Africa (Nigeria most precisely- since it was her president that made the request). The president highlighted the numerous problems the country’s security experts were facing and begged for the support of the United States which they feel would help them bring an end to terrorism and banditry in the country.

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