EXCLUSIVE: Atiku’s Wife Jennifer Leaves Home As Husband Takes Morrocan Fourth Wife, Welcomes New Son |RN

Alhaji Atiku and Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar

■ The relationship was kept entirely from the public, going under public radar even as Mr. Abubakar sought the presidency against Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.


Atiku Abubakar’s hankering for a large and boisterous household had been taken in good faith by his wives of many years. But his seemingly audacious entanglement with a new wife of Morrocan origin appears to have dropped a match in the powder barrel for his hitherto favourite spouse.

Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar, third wife of the former vice-president, has excused herself from her matrimonial home, seething about her husband’s decision to take a fourth wife, Peoples Gazette can report based on information from family sources. She has yet to file for divorce and it was yet unclear whether or not she planned to do so.

Although Mrs. Douglas-Abubakar only recently relocated to London from their family homes in Abuja and Dubai, she has mulled her husband’s action and its consequences since Mr. Abubakar first introduced his new wife to the family in 2017, sources said. He married the Morrocan that year and in 2018 they welcomed their first son together.

The relationship has been kept entirely from the public, going under public radar even as Mr. Abubakar sought presidency as the major contender against President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

“He saw the relationship as a personal matter,” a family source told the Gazette over the weekend. “But it is understandable why the public would be interested in what is going on even in the most intimate corners of his household.”

Mr. Abubakar, 74, has for decades been vocal about his quest to manage the affairs of Nigeria’s governance systems. He first sought presidency in early and mid-1990s before being tapped as vice-president by Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999, leaving office in 2007 after two terms.

Since then, Mr. Abubakar, a retired customs chief with vast imprints on Nigeria’s logistics and manufacturing sectors, has run in every presidential election either as a primary contender or main party flagbearer.

His political exploits and structures have deepened considerably since 2015, without any fracture amongst his three wives and twenty-eight children. Until now.

“Many people have become too used to his suave appearance that they often forget that he is a devout Muslim,” a family source said under anonymity to comment on Mr. Abubakar’s personal concerns. “His faith allows him to take four wives or even more and we all know he has the financial and intellectual ability to elevate all his wives and children.”

The Gazette understands that Mr. Abubakar’s other wives have been more accepting of the Moroccan new wife than Mrs. Douglas-Abubakar, whom sources said was considered to be the worst hit by the development.

“She saw it as a let down because of the special level of care she had been receiving from the former vice-president,” a family source said. “She just felt the Moroccan woman had arrived to take her place.”

Our sources said Mrs. Douglas-Abubakar was expected to get over the matter since the Moroccan wife has been at home for three years and their new son has already clocked two.

A seasoned attorney of Igbo extraction, Mrs. Jennifer Abubakar has long been renowned for her critical roles in her husband’s political and vast business interests.

It was widely believed that her devotion to her husband’s success informed her alleged involvement in suspicious movement of funds on his behalf, which culminated in her indictment by the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs a decade ago.

The Anambra-born lawyer has since denied the scandalous allegations, dismissing them as a fruitless expedition of her husband’s political detractors.

She declined multiple requests from the Gazette for comments on her decision to move out of her matrimonial home against the backdrop of her husband’s new marriage.

A spokesman for Mr. Abubakar also declined comments about the brewing rancor in the household of the former vice-president, who is expected to run again for presidency in 2023.

Earlier this month, ThisDay reported that the presidential candidate of the opposition PDP in the 2019 general election had recently sold his stake at logistics giant INTELS for $100 million, in an apparent move to buffer his war chest in time for party convention and primaries.

If handled well, the fallout from Mr. Abubakar’s marriage to a fourth wife may not necessarily constitute a stumbling block for his political fortunes in 2023, said political analyst Shola Olubanjo.

“For those of us who know Atiku Abubakar’s journey with Jennifer Douglas, it is difficult to say that the former vice-president should not take her reservations, whatever their nature, seriously,” Mr. Olubanjo said. “Now that 2023 is gradually taking the front burner, he has to move fast.’

Nonetheless, Mr. Olubanjo expressed confidence in Mr. Abubakar’s ability to resolve the issues before campaign season to avoid being bogged down by personal challenges.

“He’s a shrewd politician and businessman,” the analyst said. “We shouldn’t expect anything less from him with respect to his household.” (Peoples Gazette)

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BREAKING: COVID–19: Atiku’s Son Tests Positive, Infects Bauchi Governor, Bala Mohammed, His Entire Estate In Abuja

Former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

The worst case of corona virus may have landed in the hands of Nigerian health officials as the son of former Vice president, Atiku Abubakar, Mohammed infects many at once.

The son of Atiku just returned from the USA and had suspiciously a high temperature but took no precautions to self-isolate or go in for a test.

He rather proceeded to his house in an estate in Abuja, where he with his children and wife had contacts with several kids and members of the estate.

He refused to go in for a test and kept on having contacts with as many people as possible in and around his estate in Abuja.

His sister got worried and called NCDC personnel and they came and tested him and he was pronounced positive by the officers of the NCDC.

This made the NCDC to ask every residents in the entire estate to self-isolate in their respective homes as this could prevent a widespread of this virus. Right now, families with their children are in panic and wailing.

A source who spoke to The Republican News confirmed that the entire families in the estate have been quarantined in their homes to stop further spread until they are all tested and isolated for a given period of time.

Meanwhile, the state governor of Bauchi has made public the fact that he met the son of Atiku, Mohammed Atiku Abubakar in the same flight from the United States and they mingled with the rest of the passengers. Gov. Bala Mohammed confirmed that he has gone for screening to ascertain if he is positive or without the COVID-19.

In a press release by Bauchi state government, it is confirmed that the governor had contact with the son of Atiku, who tested positive, so, the governor has gone into self-isolation. Though, he has been tested, it is not clear yet what his status is.

Bauchi state governor, Alhaji Bala Mohammed

The former Vice president, Atiku Abubakar in a tweet confirmed that his son tested positive for corona virus and has been taken in for treatment.

The right thing to do now is to get all his family members and the entire residents of his estate and all those in the same flight he flew from the USA to Nigeria quarantined and tested.

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Obasanjo, Danjuma, Babangida,Tinubu, Adeboye, Mbaka, Atiku Destroyed Nigeria —Femi Fani-Kayode

Former Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode this time around seems not to spear anyone as he calls out the names of prominent Nigerians that destroyed the country and have put the country into a state of worries.

As usual he wrote on his facebook page

” I am conversant with much of world history yet I have NEVER read or heard of a people that are more comfortable with tyranny and bondage and pleased with poverty and suffering than Nigerians.

Push a Nigerian to the wall and rather than fight back he will dig a hole into it to escape.

Consider Gen. T.Y. Danjuma. He still can’t find the balls to speak the truth and reveal all yet he is complaining about others! He more than any other helped put the north in power on July 29th 1966. He also supported Buhari in 2015.

Someone please tell him that Nigerians have already lost their sleep and that he should speak up NOW & free us from the bondage that he helped put us in.

Obasanjo, Danjuma, Babangida, Tinubu, Adeboye, Mbaka, Atiku and all the others that helped put Buhari in power in 2015 and destroy Nigeria will answer to God for what they did.

Due to their poor judgement hundreds of thousands have been killed in the last 4 years and so many lives and families have been decimated and destroyed. The blood of these innocent souls and victims screams from the earth and is crying to God in Heaven for vengeance.

We must be bold enough to speak the truth and the truth is that Buhari is not our only problem but all those who colluded with him and conspired to put him in power in 2015.

We warned them over and over again yet they refused to listen. Worse still they insulted us, ridiculed our concerns, laughed us to scorn, belittled our fears and stubbornly and blindly insisted on putting a beast in power. Now they are ALL complaining!

As a people Nigerians have nothing to lose anymore. We have lost it all already but we just don’t know it or we refuse to accept and admit it!

Our nation, our freedom, our pride, our dignity, our honor and our self-esteem: all gone! The only thing that we have left to fear is fear itself and death: yet, as the Bible says, “to die is Christ and to live is gain!”

I urge my people to shed their FEARS and to find the courage to stand up and speak truth to power! I urge them to be the men and women that they were destined to be and not to accept the tyranny of tyrants or choose to be part of a colony of slaves.

It is time to make a choice between freedom and servitude. It is time to choose between light and darkness. It is time to stand for good and the forces of light against evil and the forces of darkness.

I have made that choice and I urge you to join me: I would rather live free for a short period of time and make a difference than live a slave for one thousand years! ”

(Femi Fani-Kayode, Ex-minister for Aviation)

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Atiku Releases Details Of INEC Server ‘Proving’ His Victory Over Buhari In Presidential Election

PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar

•••Atiku to INEC: I got my figures from your server

Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has challenged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to deny that the results of the February 23 presidential election he tendered in his petition was not the authentic result and same recovered from its (INEC) server.

The former vice president insisted that his figures were from the INEC’s server.
Atiku’s latest position was contained in his reply to INEC’s reply to his petition before the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal.
INEC had declared President Muhammadu Buhari as the winner of the February 23 election, having polled 15,191,847 votes to defeat his closest challenger, Atiku, who polled 11,262,978.

Not satisfied, Atiku had, through his team of counsel, approached the tribunal to challenge the validity of Buhari’s victory.

Atiku, in his 139-page petition before the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal, stated that from the data in INEC’s server, the true, actual and correct results showed that he (Atiku) secured a total of 18,356,732 votes to against Buhari’s 16,741,430 votes.
The PDP presidential candidate stated that the results were from 35 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as there was “no report on server” about the election results from Rivers State.
INEC, on its part, dismissed Atiku’s figures, describing them as fake.

But, Atiku through his team of lawyers led by Dr. Livy Uzuokwu (SAN), in his reply, submitted that the server from which the figures he tendered were derived belong to INEC.
According to him, “In response to INEC’s reply to the petition, the petitioners plead that the scores published by the petitioner in paragraph 10 of their petition are the same scores officially published by INEC and the same result was also published by the INEC in its official website.

“The figures and votes were transmitted to the INEC Presidential Result’s Server 1 and thereafter aggregated in INEC_PRES_RSLT_SRV2019, whose physical address or unique Mac Address is 94-57-A5-DC-64-B9 with Microsoft Product ID 00252-70000-00000-AA535. The above descriptions are unique to the INEC’s server.”

He added that there is no conjecture in the votes and scores in the table pleaded by the petitioners and that the figures are factual.
“The spokesperson for Muhammadu Buhari’s Campaign Organization openly admitted that the data in question was in the INEC’s server when he wrote and submitted a petition to the IGP and the DSS asking the security agencies to investigate the PDP for allegedly hacking into the server of the INEC and obtaining the data in question.

“Specifically, Mr. Festus Keyamo (SAN), the spokesperson of Buhari claimed in the said petition that it was Atiku who smuggled the data into the server. The petitioners hereby plead the said petition to the security agencies and the second respondent is hereby given NOTICE to PRODUCE them at the hearing. The petitioners also plead newspaper reports, television broadcast and news reports in the social media on the public admissions made by the 2nd respondent’s authorised spokesperson on the issue.”
He further revealed that he would, at the trial of the petition, rely on experts on Microsoft, IBM and Oracle among others.

The petitioner however denied that the website was invented by them for the purpose of this case or at all and put the 1st respondent to the strictest proof of the allegation.
He further added that the contents and the results in the said website were generated from the INEC’s server.

“In addition thereto, the petitioners contend that INEC, through its officials, agents and Chairman, having represented to the general public, the electorate, and the petitioners, who acted on same, that results of the 2019 elections would be transmitted by electronic means, is now estopped from asserting anything to the contrary. In any event, the Electoral Act did not outlaw the transmission of election results by electronic means.

“The petitioner, in further response to paragraph 5 of the 1st respondent’s reply, state that the 1st respondent, through its Returning Office for Presidential Election, the Chairman of the 1st respondent, committed grave errors in the final collation exercise. For instance, in Form EC8E, by false crediting Okotie Christopher with wrong political party and wrong scores. In the same vein, he falsely credited Rev. Dr. Onwubuya with a wrong political party and wrong scores.

“The petitioners state that the final result as declared by the 1st respondent are those that were transmitted online to the website of the 1st respondent ( The petitioners visited the said website on several dates, one of the dates being Friday, the 12th day of April at 4:58p.m. The petitioners hereby plead and shall rely on the said final results as published by the 1st respondent on the said website.

“The petitioners state that the information, data, documents, footages, images and photographs relied on by the petitioners are products of officials of the 1st respondent are not false, skewed, suborned or spurious as alleged by the 1st respondent.

“Contrary to the evasive denial of the 1st respondent in paragraph 11 of its reply to the petition, the petitioners aver that the Table containing votes of candidates in paragraph 21 of the petition are not conjecture, but the result of the acts of the officials of the 1st respondent who complied with the directives and training instructions, of the 1st respondent on electronic transmission of votes as evidence in: i. The 1st respondent Training Manual on Elections Technologies (Use, Support and Maintenance) 2019; ii. Print out of votes of candidates from the Smart Card Reader Machine; iii. Printout of votes of candidates from the 1st respondent’s server.”

Responding to INEC’s objection that his counsel is not enrolled on the Supreme Court list, Atiku submitted that his petition, as filed, is competent and duly signed by a legal practitioner who is enrolled in the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 1982.

“He is licensed to practice in Nigeria and is also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He has severally represented the INEC in previous election petitions since 1999. He was also the Honorable Attorney General of Imo State (1994-1996).”

New Telegraph recalls that the INEC, in Preliminary Objection to Atiku and PDP petition filed by its lead counsel, Yunus Ustaz Usman (SAN), contends that the petition is incompetent and/or lacking in merit, frivolous and respectfully pray this honourable tribunal to dismiss the petition.

The INEC had specifically denied the existence of electronic transmission of results as it is unknown to the Electoral Act, 2010 (as amended) and Regulations and Guidelines for the conduct of the elections 2019 and put the petitioners to strictest of proof thereof.

Witness statement on oath of one Chidi Nwafor, an employee of the 1st respondent, and currently the Director, Information and Communications Technology averred that: “…That with particular response to the issue of server and electronic transmission and collation repeatedly referred to by the petitioners, I hereby say as follows:

“That as at date, there is no legal framework in place for electronic voting, transmission and collation of scores or results of the electioneering process.

“That the Smart Card Reader, till date, was used for authenticating registered voters, not for sorting, counting, transmission or collation as these processes are still manually done, given the state of the law.

“That the 1st respondent has no server that contains the purported results the petitioners are claiming they got from a purported server.

“That in spite of the scheme at the time, counting, sorting, transmission and collation of votes during the 2019 general elections, and the presidential election in particular, were all done manually and not electronically.

“That the purported figure of 37,668,305 being bandied by the petitioners as the actual number of accredited voters is unknown to the 1st respondent and never existed in its record. (NewTelegraph)


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Presidential Ticket: Atiku Won’t Disregard Jonathan’s Advice On Obasanjo – Aide |RN

                                           Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar

• Ex-VP resigned from APC since Oct. 18 –Findings

Olusola Fabiyi, John Alechenu, John Ameh, Friday Olokor, Leke Baiyewu and John Charles

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar says he has not ruled out the possibility of holding talks with his former boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo, in pursuit of his political ambition.

Atiku’s Media Adviser, Mazi Paul Ibe, stated this on behalf of his principal during a telephone interview with one of our correspondents in Abuja on Sunday.

Ibe explained that Atiku, a master of consensus building, would not discountenance the importance of carrying everyone along.

He spoke in reaction to the advice given by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Jonathan had, in an interview, described ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo as “the boss of bosses.”  He had advised the former vice-president to reconcile with Obasanjo in order to realize his political ambition.

Ibe said, “His Excellency, former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, is a savvy politician and he will not discountenance the importance of carrying everybody along in order to build a consensus.”

Atiku meets PDP leaders

It was gathered on Sunday that Atiku had been meeting with leaders of the PDP.

The News Agency of Nigeria reported on Sunday that the former number two citizen had met with members Adamawa PDP executive at all levels, as well as state chairmen from the six states that made up the North-East.

He was also said to have met with the PDP national vice-chairman in the North-East.

The Adamawa State PDP Secretary, Abdullahi Prambe, said, “The meetings have been fruitful.

“Our meetings with him (Atiku) have been fruitful and from his body language, he will soon return to the PDP.”

“With Atiku, the party will carry more weight and more people will come back.”

NAN reported that Ibe, Atiku’s spokesman, declined to comment.

Reps’ APC caucus disagree with Atiku’s reasons

The caucus of the All Progressives Congress in the House of Representatives on Sunday faulted the former vice-president’s reasons for resigning from the ruling party.

The caucus disagreed with Atiku’s position that “factionalisation and lack of democratic principles” forced him out of the APC.

Part of Atiku’s statement had read, “While other parties have purged themselves of the arbitrariness and unconstitutionality that led to fractionalisation, the All Progressives Congress has adopted those same practices and even gone beyond them to institute a regime of a draconian clampdown on all forms of democracy within the party and the government it produced.”

But, the leader of the APC caucus in the House, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, told The PUNCH that Atiku was hasty in drawing his conclusion about the party.

He said, “Anytime any member of your family, in this case, political family leaves, you feel saddened. Also, we haven’t had an election as such since 2015 to determine whether or not there is democracy in the party.  2019 will determine that and I wish he had tarried a little while.”

The Chief Whip of the House and leader of the majority North-West caucus, Mr. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa, said Atiku misrepresented facts.

He said, “It is a clear misrepresentation of facts to accuse the APC and the President Muhammadu  Buhari-led administration of being undemocratic. I vehemently disagree with the former VP in this respect, especially when he is widely speculated to have defected to the Peoples Democratic Party, a party that was widely adjudged to be the most despotic and undemocratic party we have ever had in the history of Nigeria’s democracy.’’

Senators fault el-Rufai’s criticism

Some members of the Senate, including some APC senators,  have faulted Governor Nasir e-Rufai of Kaduna State and other politicians who criticised Atiku’s  resignation from the ruling party.

Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, (APC, Kwara-South), in a telephone interview with The PUNCH, said the former vice-president should not be underrated.

Ibrahim said, “Let us be strategic in the APC. We should not take it from the angle of the Governor of Kaduna State who said he (Atiku) is a serial defector. This is the kind of words that make you lose what you have.”

The lawmaker noted that while many critics of Atiku’s resignation thought it was for his presidential ambition, the former vice president could choose to back a candidate against Buhari.

Also, Senator Shehu Sani (APC, Kaduna-Central) said el-Rufai’s condemnation of Atiku was inspired by their long-standing rivalry since the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He urged the APC to consider grievances expressed by the former vice-president, and not criticise him like the Kaduna State governor.

He said, “The attacks on Atiku for changing political party are uncalled for. The APC should carefully study the issues he raised and make the necessary corrections that would convince other party loyalists to remain in the party.”

But Senator Adesoji Akanbi (APC, Oyo-South) said as much as Atiku’s exit from the APC would be painful to the party faithful, the former vice-president had the right to join any association or party of his choice.

Akanbi said, “Everybody has a right to exercise his or her freedom of association. Whatever the reason given by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, it is a matter of choice.”

However, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP, Bayelsa-East) urged Atiku “on behalf of my colleagues” to return to the PDP.

He said, “First, he has not moved to the PDP.  He has only resigned from the APC. We are appealing to him to please come back to the PDP which he founded.”

Senator Samuel Anyanwu (PDP, Imo-East) described Atiku’s exit from the APC as a bonus for the PDP. He added that the ruling party was on the verge of witnessing a mass exodus of its members to the opposition party.

He said, “It is an indication that the PDP is set to take back power in 2019. Those who left the PDP are now coming back. In days to come, you will see members of the National Assembly and serving governors who left the PDP returning to the party.”

Former VP resigned since Oct. 18

– Findings

The PUNCH has discovered that Atiku had  actually resigned from the APC since October 18, 2017.

One of our correspondents’ findings showed that the resignation was kept secret until the former vice-president issued his exit statement last Thursday.

In the letter exclusively obtained by The PUNCH, Atiku said he left the APC because he could not “reconcile” himself with the ruling party’s dismal performance.

The resignation letter was addressed to the card chairman of the APC in Jada 1, Jada Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

The letter, which was titled ‘resignation,’ was received by Usman Muazu.

The letter dated October 18, 2017, read in part, “I wish to inform you of my decision to resign my membership of the All Progressives Congress in this ward with effect from the date of this letter.

“I’m resigning from a part we formed and worked so hard, with fellow compatriots across the country, to place in government.

“I had hope that the APC government would make improvements to the lives of our people and the continued existence and development of Nigeria as one indivisible nation. This hope has now been dashed.

“I’m unable to reconcile myself with the dismal performance of the party in government, especially in relation to the continued polarisation of our people along the ethnic and religious lines, which is threatening our unity more than any other time in the recent past, and the unbearable hardship that our people are currently undergoing.

“Let me emphasise again that this is not about me. We have to have a country before people can aspire to lead it.

“While wishing you well, let me express the hope that in the near future, a substantial number of you will join forces with us to, once again, defeat impunity, and restore vision and purpose to the politics of our great country.”

Former gov hails Atiku’s exit

A former governor of Plateau State, Fidelis Tapgun, on Sunday expressed satisfaction with the exit of Atiku from the APC.

He, however, warned the PDP not to give him automatic presidential ticket in 2019.”

Tapgun in an interview with The PUNCH in Jos, said, “If Atiku is leaving the APC and coming back to the PDP, he is coming with a lot of supporters.

“We all know that Atiku  leaving the APC is 99.5 per cent minus for the APC.

“The PDP is now back on its feet, a lot of the wrong things done in the past are being corrected. So, all of us are happy to see Atiku back in the PDP.”

Tapgun said he did not expect the PDP to give Atiku automatic ticket for 2019 presidency, describing such practice as undemocratic.

He said, “I don’t expect the PDP to give him an automatic ticket. We want a political party which practises democracy. Anybody who wants to contest the 2019 presidency should indicate interest. There should be a level playing field for anybody who wants to contest.”     (Punch)

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BREAKING: Immigration Revokes Residence Permits Of Expatriates In Atiku’s, Other Companies


Former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

Adelani Adepegba, Abuja

The Comptroller-General of Immigration, Muhammad Babandede, has revoked the residence permits of the expatriate workers in six companies, including Intels Nigeria Ltd., said to belong to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

The affected workers were also directed to leave the country before November 30, 2017 failing which they may be deported.

The Immigration Service Public Relations Officer, Sunday James, said in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja that the revocation was in the exercise of the powers vested on the CG in Section 39 sub-section 1 of Immigration Act 2015 and Section 5, sub-section 5 of the Immigration Regulation, 2017.

Beside Intels, other firms affected by the directive included PRODECO International Ltd., West Africa Machinery Services Ltd., Net Global System International Ltd., MGM Logistics Solutions Ltd., and ORIEAN Investment Ltd.

The FG had earlier terminated Intels contract with the Nigerian Ports Authority over allegations that the firm did not comply with the government’s directive on the Treasury Single Account.

James in the statement said the revocation of the expatriates’ residence permits followed the withdrawal of the operational licenses of their employers by the Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority.

It said, “The Comptroller/General of Immigration Service, Muhammad Babandede, hereby revokes the residence permits of the expatriate staff of the underlisted companies.

“Consequently, the CGI has directed that the expatriate staff of the affected companies leave Nigeria not later than November 30, 2017, failure of which they might be recommended to the Minister of Interior for deportation.”   (Punch)

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Atiku Condemns Circulating Anti-Igbo Song In The North|The Republican News


Waziri Adamawa, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku

…Says, ‘Nigeria does not need a Rwandan Déjà vu

A former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has condemned a song purportedly circulating which disparage people of Igbo ethnic origin of Nigeria. The song was also said to have wished the Igbo dead.

In a release issued, on Monday, a copy of which was sent to Daily Sun, the  Waziri Adamawa, rejected any attempt to send the country in the way of the infamous Rwandan genocide, of which the song circulating was capable of achieving.

The statement read: “It has come to my attention that a song disparaging people of Igbo origin, and which wishes them dead, is circulating in some parts of the nation. I totally and unequivocally condemn this development, and I call on all men of goodwill to rise up against this evil.

“This song is reminiscent of the beginnings of the Rwanda Genocide. Nigerians need to be aware that the Rwanda Genocide was believed to have been ignited by a song titled Nanga Abahutu (I hate Hutus), sung by Rwanda’s then most popular musician, Simon Bikindi. God forbid that we should have such a déjà vu in Nigeria.

“I call on the security agencies to thoroughly and decisively swing into action and apprehend, try, convict and severely punish those behind this ungodly song which incites racial hatred.  Simon Bikindi was convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for igniting and aiding the Rwandan genocide. Thus, let those who think they can treat their fellow citizens so unjustly know that within and outside Nigeria exist mechanisms that will ensure they answer to their crimes.

“I call on all men of goodwill to remember those immortal lines from our former National Anthem “though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand”.

“The effects of hate in any shape or form were made even more evident over the weekend, in a mass shooting incident that left many of us reeling with shock. I commiserate with the people of Ozubulu in Anambra State, who lost family members in the fatal shooting that also left almost a score injured. I pray that peace will return to their minds and their community soon, even as the police work hard to get to the bottom of the matter. May God comfort them as no man can.

“The difference between us as Nigerians is not a difference in our tribe or our religion. It was and remains a difference based on whether we are good Nigerians or bad Nigerians, and I am very certain that the good Nigerians far outnumber the very few bad ones.  (The Sun)

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2019: No Way For Buhari, Atiku, Others Who Are Over 60 – Arewa Youths |RN

By Kenny Ashaka

Barely one week after the National Assembly gave consent to the request of youths in Nigeria for a lowering of the age limit to participate in elections into political offices in the country, the National President of the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, Yerima Shettima has asked politicians who are above 60 years of age to perish the idea of seeking elective offices in 2019.

According to Yerima, politicians above 60 years who have occupied political offices should give way for the younger ones since they have failed Nigerians. “You have your yesterday and you failed your yesterday you cannot fail today again and you think of doing a great damage to our yet unborn children and you expect us to fold our hands. Now we are building for our own children too. So you cannot fail your yesterday and come and champion my today. It is impossible. This cannot happen again,” he said.

In this interview, the Arewa youth leader explained why the North is against the outcome of the 2014 National Conference, saying delegates from the North went to the conference without an agenda.


Let me draw your attention to one statement you made in October 2013. You said “the problem of the average Northern man is not where the president comes from, whether from the North or South…

(Cuts in) And I maintain it.

“What they want is a government that will provide dividends of governance, give them free education, ensure that they have food on their table. It doesn’t matter if the person is a Christian or a Muslim or Pagan or Idol worshipper…

(Cuts in) For as long as he would do justice.

“Nobody cares. If we find a better alternative somewhere other than the North we will mobilize and support the person. This was in the year 2013…

(Cuts in) And I have never changed from that…

Are you still standing on that statement at a time your people are clamouring for a president of northern extraction?

Well, at this point in time we seek for good governance from any angle it comes. But time and events have also clearly shown that even the North we are talking about has not enjoyed anything out of all these arrangements. Now, let me give you an example. We had the government of Yar’Adua who came from the North, thinking that that government would appease a lot of things in the northern part of the country. Look at the situation in the northern part of the country. Today, you are in Kaduna. If you go to the core North, Sokoto, Maiduguri, Jigawa, Katsina states and other places, you will ask yourself where are all these northern governors? And what are they doing with all the powers that we are talking about that we have acquired over time? Where did the government miss the point? There is simply a missing link between the ruling class and the average northerner. This is why there is hardship all over the northern part of the country. The issues of Almajirai, poverty, backwardness, lack of proper education in the northern part of the country are things giving us sleepless nights all the time.

Now you begin to ask yourself where are we missing the point? To us, there are so many views to all these. Some of us are thinking if it was a military regime that would have been a different thing but this is a democracy. We had Yar’Adua in place; he stayed for only two years and he died. Jonathan took over for six years we couldn’t get the eight years we sought for and now again Buhari from the same Katsina State in the North-west who came and in less than two years he is sick.

Clearly, you could see that we have not enjoyed anything in all of these arrangements. We have not gotten exactly what we wanted. A lot of things are not normal. So now we are praying that the president gets well and comes back because at least we will be relaxed and say, ok 2019, probably he might not contest and we will look for a vibrant young man…

You told me earlier that people of the age of above 70…

(Cuts in) I am talking…haba will I take him off his tenure? But I am saying we should manage him till 2019 because we can’t take that constitutional right away. That’s what I am saying. But definitely in 2019, never again will we allow anybody up to 60 years and above to be at the helms of affairs in the country, anywhere. We will no longer be looking up to any old man of 60 and above again and be hoping that something good will come out of him.

Are you working towards that?

We are working on that. That’s about the new order and consciousness we are talking about. We will definitely produce a young man who we believe will form a team with the southern people to move the country forward where there will be justice and equity to all, where everybody will be treated equally; where marginalization story will be a thing of the past, where clamour or agitations will be history and will never surface, where I as Arewa Youth leader, will no longer exist anymore, where the Igbo organization can no longer exist.

It will be a just society where everybody will get anything he or she wants easily. There will be justice and equity, fair play to all. Some of us will not have any business going into the trenches, where OPC, MASSOB, Arewa Youths, Niger Delta Avengers and other groups will not have business any more. Rather, we will be talking about Nigeria, Nigeria and Nigeria all the time. That’s the type of Nigeria I am talking about.

That leads me on to the next question, restructuring. Do you think restructuring can help fix the kind of Nigeria you are looking at?

You can only have a peaceful country and then think of how to restructure. What do you have to restructure at this particular time? I am an advocate of restructuring but right now as it is I think there are times when you do the right thing… the atmosphere, for now, may not be proper for restructuring. I am an advocate of restructuring but I think for now let’s see how we can save the country from agitations and build a united Nigeria from now till 2019 so that by the time we finish the election the next government will think of how to do that one. Perhaps those who are campaigning will even put it as part of their manifestoes.

The restructuring I am talking about might be different from the one you are talking about because it appears a complex concept. We must all sit down and define it because as it is, it is beyond mere devolution of powers. Do you think there is something in the 2014 National Conference report that we can leverage on to achieve the kind of restructuring…

(Cuts in) I will not support the 2014 National Conference because, one, our people who attended the conference did not have a northern agenda they presented at that conference. So for us we are never part of that conference.

Must they have a Northern agenda?

Every zone went there with their agenda. The South-west, South-east, South-south all went with their agenda. But the North did not have an agenda.


Well, it is unfortunate. Some of us saw it coming with this same style of old order where some few people will just sit down and foist their thinking rather than going back to seek for opinion from stakeholders. All the youths and elders should have sat down and come up with an agenda that would have been productive to our people. Instead of doing that they just went with some few individuals who now went to represent us without proper agenda and that is why you see the North totally opposed to many things that were raised at the national conference because we did not come up with a clear picture of what we want. That’s why we had that meeting in Kaduna, All Northern Youth Leadership Summit for two days.

We made our position very clear to the Federal Government then that just get it into your head that those that have come to represent us do not have our mandate to represent us there. We made it very clear. So anything you say there and agree on when you come back home we will not accept it. It will not work. And we have been vindicated. If people like us at this level you think that our views are not important you can just sit down in the comfort zone of your room and office and a few of your people who are retirees, may be from civil service with your thinking, the North is not that same North again. We look at issues and we agree before you go ahead. In the past, you can do that. But we have come of age. We have very sound, intelligent young men now that can shape not only our region but the country to the next level. We have competent hands now to move the country forward. So you can never do this business-as-usual thing that has never taken us anywhere. You keep repeating the same old style.

If you keep doing the same old style over and over and you are not achieving results why don’t you change and do another thing. Why must it be the same old style? So we said this cannot continue. So anything you think of doing now in the northern part of this country you must ensure that the youths are fully in the picture. The consequence is that It will unite us because we are the engine room where machinery will be put in place to ensure that we work with our energy to ensure that that thing gets a life.  But if you are thinking with your style of old order and you think you can bring it to this digital age and you think you can foist it on us, the brain does not carry this analogue style anymore. So it cannot work. As you talk we don’t even understand what you are saying. So we are in tune with the realities of today. And anybody who wants meaningful progress must be in tune with the realities on ground today. Things have changed. Events have changed a lot of things. So we must accept the reality that these young men have come of age. They should be allowed to pilot the affairs of this country.

As I speak I am not just talking as a northerner but I am thinking as a Nigerian where all of us must come on board to build the nation of our dreams. Never again should we allow any old person to come and decide our fate. You have your yesterday and you failed your yesterday you cannot fail today again and you think of doing a great damage to our yet unborn children and you expect us to fold our hands. Now we are building for our own children too. So you cannot fail your yesterday and come and champion my today. It is impossible. This cannot happen again. (The Sun)

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You Are Unable To Stop Buhari, Northern Elders Tell Atiku, Lamido |The Republican News


The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, is yet to announce plans for the 2019 presidential elections. But Nigerian politicians are already getting set for the epic battle.

Interestingly, the north, the region, where the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari hails from, is also getting agitated by the day. The Professor Ango Abdullahi-led Northern Elders Forum, NEF, was the first to stir the hornet’s nest, when in October last year it declared that it would be ready to back Buhari, should he present himself again in 2019.

Specifically, former INEC Secretary, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, who spoke on behalf of NEF, at the group’s summit, said: “So, those who are disposed to listen, please listen. Northern votes were not wasted in electing President Buhari. In 2019, we will also use our votes in a manner consistent with our interests as northerners. We did not make a mistake in putting up a solid, united front as northerners in spite of our ethno-religious differences.”

But barely a week after the summit, Dr. Junaid Mohammad, who though attended, declared in an exclusive interview with Saturday Sun that in 2019, Buhari, was no longer going to be an option, adding that “I think those who are bothered about 2019, should please start getting alliances across, and start planning how to bring down the APC government, through constitutional means, and to also make sure they deny the PDP, a second chance of ruling the country again. APC is not doing well; I don’t think Buhari is going to do any better. The crowd around Buhari has nothing to offer.” He declared that even if Buhari was to present himself for election in 2019, he would neither campaign nor vote for him.

Since then,  however, the names of two northerners, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and former Jigawa State governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido, have dominated the media space, as possible challengers to Buhari, should he decide to run again. In fact, Adamawa State governor, Senator Jubrilla Bindow, who is of the APC, has since declared ahead of APC primary that it was either Atiku or nobody else.

But prominent northern leaders have described those angling to run against Buhari, in 2019, as enemies of Nigeria who should be stopped in the overall interest of the nation.

Those who spoke in this direction are: former Kaduna State governor, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, a chieftain of Arewa Consultative Forum, Senator Joseph Waku and Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, former Commissioner of Police, Lagos state.

Describing Atiku and Lamido as enemies of Nigeria, Tsav said: “What are these two men looking for again? What do they want? Surely they are pursuing personal interests and not national interests. Atiku and Lamido should realize that Nigerians can’t be deceived. These two men are pursuing personal and not national interests.”

Frowning at the timing, Tsav added that   it was too early and premature to talk about 2019 now, adding that: “Politicians are very funny people. To me, 2019 is still far away, so why must they be talking about 2019 now?  Although both of them have constitutional right to talk, aspire and even plan, they should remember that only God knows what will happen tomorrow. They should tread softly, softly. Anyway I don’t see any of them stopping Buhari.”

The former Lagos State Police Commissioner, further said: “These men are distracting the nation. They should go and sit down for now and allow Buhari to continue the good work that he is doing. They should not distract the President. They can’t do what Buhari is doing; they should allow the man to work”.

On his own part, Alhaji Balarabe Musa said: “I’m not saying Atiku and Lamido are not good materials, but when you talk of experience, Buhari has an edge over them. You   must remember that Buhari has been there before as a military Head of State, as such, I believe that he has an edge over them’’.

The former Kaduna State governor, who sees nothing wrong about politicians talking about 2019, in 2017, also said: “The issue is not about whether it is too early or not to talk or discuss about 2019, it is the constitutional rights of every Nigerian to freely discuss and talk. But, I believe that Buhari’s experience will be a major hurdle for Atiku and Lamido to cross’’.

For Waku, he said: “Buhari is doing a fantastic job. What I expect all Nigerians, including Atiku and Lamido to do, is to have the same vision with the President. However, both are entitled to their views and plans. But left to me, I don’t see Atiku and Lamido going anywhere. They can’t stop Buhari.”

Advising Nigerian politicians to learn a lesson from what happened to the late Kogi State governor, Alhaji Abubakar Audu, Waku, again said: “Only God knows tomorrow. Why this talk about 2019 when we are still in 2017? Nigerian politicians should learn a lesson from what happened to Audu. The man was leading in the election, and was poised to win. Both he and his supporters were looking forward to collecting a Certificate of Return, but what did Audu get from God? He got a Certificate of Death. This should be a lesson for all of us. Although Atiku has not formally come out to say that he wants to contest, his supporters   and his own body language seem to suggest that he wants to contest. My advice to him and Lamido is that they should take it easy. Buhari is doing well; we should all join hands with him to build a virile nation”. (The Sun)

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Awujale: Obasanjo Fought Adenuga Because Of Atiku |The Republican News

Our Reporter

Awujale: Obasanjo fought Adenuga because of Atiku

Excerpt from Awujale: The Autobiography of Alaiyeluwa Oba S.K Adetona, Ogbagba II, Mosuro Publishers, 2010, pp. 187-195

The EFCC in Lagos had come calling brusquely on Mike Adenuga (Jnr), Chairman Globacom on 9 July 2006. They broke his gate, swarmed into his house and kept him under ‘arrest’. When I heard about the arrest, I called the legal firms, of Ayanlaja SAN & Adesanya SAN as well as Professor Biodun Adesanya SAN to take up the matter and secure Mike’s release. They swung into action and gave indication that they would take the matter to court.

By evening, it was no longer necessary to go to court as Mike, following his statement to EFCC, had been released with instructions to report regularly to the EFCC headquarters in Abuja. Mike proceeded to Abuja, accompanied by his lawyer, Prof. Biodun Adesanya SAN. Indirectly related to this case, the EFCC had quizzed and released Mohammed Babangida, Ibrahim Babangida’s son. The EFCC purportedly were on the trail of some money belonging to the Petroleum Trust Development Fund (PTDF), but there was really more beneath the veneer.While Mike was in Abuja, he was counselled to see Obasanjo to extricate himself. For four days, he made attempts to see Obasanjo but was unsuccessful. After a few days in Abuja with no case pressed against him by EFCC, he returned to Lagos. Not long afterwards, and in the heat of this mess, Obasanjo did two things that puzzled me. He called Mike to meet him at a social event in Lagos –Engr. Olapade’s birthday celebration. Mike and Obasanjo were both captured by press photographers in the newspapers at the event. Following the celebration, Obasanjo asked Mike to accompany him to Ota. It was in Ota that he solicited for the construction of the Administration Block of his university, Bells University in Ota. Mike agreed and Carchez Turnkey Projects Ltd handled the project for him. It appeared the whole matter, the EFCC hunt, simmered and Mike continued about his business. On a trip to Ghana, he ran through his Nigerian daily newspapers and discovered that the situation was unfolding in a more revealing version. The EFCC had arrested Mohammed Babangida. Mike read between the lines and proceeded to the UK on exile. When I visited the UK, Mike came to see me, and wanted me to facilitate a meeting with Obasanjo so that he could present his side of the case. The allegations against him were as follows:a. That Abubakar Atiku, the Vice-President, gave Mike Adenuga money from the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) which were invested in Mike’s bank, Equatorial Trust Bank (ETB), and that the funds were used in paying for the Globacom licence.b. That as a result of the connection in (a) Atiku was a major shareholder in Globacom. And Atiku used his clout to ensure that PTDF money got into ETB.c. That General Ibrahim Babangida, the former Head of State, was also a major shareholder in Globacom.

It was not enough for Mike to merely present his case to EFCC, for it seemed the EFCC was under some remote control. The Presidency was after Atiku. Atiku at some point was the Chairman of the PTDF; an attempt was being made to indict him for alleged illegal and unauthorized channelling of PTDF money into Globacom. All sorts of rumours were flying around and the Presidency wanted to pin down the case against Atiku. If Ibrahim Babangida also fell into the trap, so much the better.

A wide opening presented itself and EFCC seized it.

G.Subair is Mike’s second cousin. His father died young and he grew up, just as I did in my early life, living with Mike’s mother. He worked for Mike and was seconded, amongst other things, to open the Kaduna office for Globacom. In need of accommodation or office space, he leased, on behalf of Globacom, a house, at 2-3 Dawaki Road in Kaduna belonging to Mohammed Badamasi Babangida and used that address in official correspondence and memoranda. Mohammed is the first son of President Ibrahim Babangida. This was Babangida connection to which EFCC hung on when they were rummaging through Globacom documents. This was, according to them, irrefutable evidence that Babangida was a major shareholder in Globacom and that his son, Mohammed Babangida, or G.Subair or Mike was fronting for Babangida in this venture.

Mike told me how he had raised money through the BNP Paribas Bank in France and how he paid to New York for the Globacom licensing fees. All the money involved could be traced with supporting documents to France and New York in the form of a huge loan. The Bank BNP Paribas on its part had a letter stating clearly their involvement in the transaction and Mike wanted to present this among other documents to President Obasanjo. I called Obasanjo and relayed the facts as I had them from Mike to him. I requested for his fax number so that I could fax Mike’s letter explaining all the transactions and the Bank of Paribas letter to him. As soon as he gave me the fax number, I faxed the documents to him. Still, Obasanjo was not satisfied. It seemed that it was all a ruse because they were really after Atiku and Babangida and wanted Mike to implicate them. Mike refused to cooperate. If he was not going to cooperate, they thought, harassment would do it. On 19 August 2006, I made a statement to the press asking Obasanjo to caution Nuhu Ribadu, the head of the EFCC, about his mode of operations. I denounced the harassment of citizens by EFCC and urged them to go to court if they had anything concrete against anyone.

While Mike was in exile, we shared a moment of relaxation together. We took a holiday together in south of France with some members of our families. I had with me my wife Olori Kemi, my daughter, Ronke and Oba Adekoya, the Dagburewe of Idowa. Mike came along with his two daughters and his niece.

While on this holiday, the President of France, Jacques Chirac, was going to be holding a conference with African Heads of State in Nice. Coincidentally, we got to know that Obasanjo was booked to stay in the same hotel where we were staying. Later, we learnt he had changed his mind and would not be attending the conference. Then not long afterwards, we were told he had decided to attend after all. By the time he finally decided to attend, all the rooms in the hotel were fully booked and he was now booked into another, Embassy Hotel, which was a stone’s throw from when we were. I got to know that he would check in at 8.00am on the day of the conference. At 8.330am, I went to his hotel and took Mike along with me. From the reception, I spoke to him on the phone. When he asked from where I was speaking, I told him I was downstairs in the lobby of his hotel! He said he would send someone down immediately to lead me up to his suite, and he did so. I left Mike behind in the hotel lobby. When I got to his suite, there were already a number of people in the corridor, in his living room and the dining room waiting to see him. His ADC took me straight to see him in his bedroom. I had hardly settled down when he started talking to me about his deputy, Abubakar Atiku. He was at daggers drawn with Atiku. When he exhausted all he had to say about Atiku, he jumped on Theophilus Danjuma, his estranged friend. They fell out after Danjuma had served him as Minister of Defence. I sat there just listening. He needed to get a lot off his chest. He told me how would leave the Chirac conference immediately after the opening because he wanted to attend a PDP campaign in Gombe at 5.00pm that same day. He was lead campaigner for the PDP and Umaru Yar’adua for President.

He reeled off a number of events where he was going to be engaged in the coming months, including the opening of the Obajana Cement Factory. Wait a minute! Something struck me at the mention of Obajana Cement Factory.I told him that I had heard that he and Aliko Dangote jointly owned the cement factory. I told him that I heard Dangote was fronting for him in the venture. His reply was to query whether I believed what I heard. I countered by saying whether I believed it or not was irrelevant to the question that I had asked him. He said nothing further on this. Before we left his room, I pointed out to him that now that he was approaching the end of his term in office, there were some people to whom he owed apologies: Chief S.O. Bakare (Oluwalogbon) was one. Chief Bakare gave everything to support Obasanjo when he was down. In spite of Obasanjo’s condemnation by the populace, Bakare still stood by him. I had forewarned Bakare that Obasanjo would eventually dump him. Notwithstanding, he stood by Obasanjo. In the end Obasanjo walked away. A few months in office they separated as friends.

I told Obasanjo that Mike Adenuga was in Cannes and that I had brought him with me. He was waiting in the foyer downstairs. I told him that the reason I brought Mike along was that it was not unlikely that Obasanjo would hear that Mike was in Cannes while he was in town and would deem it discourteous if Mike did not show up to pay his respect. Now that I had told him, that Mike was downstairs, it was now up to him, if he wanted to see Mike, to send someone to bring him up. Obasanjo objected to Mike coming to see him in his suite. Instead, he said he would see Mike downstairs on his way to the conference. At this point, I volunteered to go downstairs and wait with Mike. Obasanjo again objected, insisting that he and I should go down together. Soon after, his ADC came into the room to remind him about the time. He went into his bathroom, got ready and we went to the lift with his Foreign Minister.

When we got down, Mike came forward to greet him. ‘I have nothing against you, it is a matter of principle’ Obasanjo told Mike. Mike in turn said, ‘Your Excellency, I understand. Thank you.’ That was all the exchange they had.

When Obasanjo left office in 2007, we met at the 90th birthday ceremony for Chief T.O.S Benson in Lagos on 23 July 2007. As a matter of fact, we sat side by side. In the course of our conversation, I told him I was going to be in Abeokuta the following day. He said he would be in Ota when I was there, but that he would specifically come to Abeokuta to host me for lunch. He kept his word. So much so that he called me on the phone when lunch was ready! I assured him that I would not miss lunch and I would be with him as soon as I was through with my meeting.

I went as promised for lunch with Oba Adekoya, the Dagburewa of Idowa. When we got there, Obasanjo also had Alhaji Ola Yusuf from Owu, Abeokuta, who had come to see him and he too joined us for lunch. We were four at table. It was sumptuous lunch, and I had never been treated to anything like it in our long relationship.

Mike Adenuga was still in exile abroad and Obasanjo steered the lunch talk in his direction. He asked me to ask my son meaning Mike Adenuga, to return home. I requested that he should leave the matter until after lunch and it would be tackled on a one-to-one basis between us. He agreed.

After lunch, we went into his private sitting room. I declared that what Nuhu Ribadu, Chairman of EFCC, was doing in respect of Mike Adenuga was wrong and he was doing it at Obasanjo’s behest. I told him that I refrained from interfering because I wanted to see how the law would pan out on the issue. The kernel of the matter really, as I told him, was his disagreement with Abubakar Atiku, his deputy, and they had taken the matter almost life-and –death level. Mike Adenuga was a pawn in the crisis and he should be given the right to defend himself.

I reminded Obasanjo that he was no longer in office and he should back off in his pursuit of Mike. I went further to let him know that if Nuhu Ribadu did not desist from molesting Mike, I would go into the ring with them. Here I made clear that I would take him and Ribadu to unnecessarily and unjustifiably pursue Mike. Obasanjo promised to see Ribadu and to ask him to back off. He further promised to give me a feedback on this.

When I did not get his feedback, I called him a number of times, but the phone would ring and not be answered. Eventually, I called his aide, Bodunde Adeyanju, who on picking my call passed the phone to Obasanjo to speak to me. Obasanjo told me Ribadu was out of the country and he would get back again to me on Ribadu’s return. I told Obasanjo how difficult it had been to reach him on the phone. I offered a solution. I would ask Mike to send him a phone which he would give his aide, Bodunde, as an intermediary. This way, all I had to do was call that number and Bodunde would pass it to him if he wanted to speak to me. He agreed and Mike sent the phone down the next day. But still Obasanjo did not come back to me on the issue.

Mike remained in exile in London and nothing much was heard again or raised by the EFCC about him. Later in 2007, I called Mike in London and told him I wanted to know why he had refused to return home. Since he had no skeleton in his cupboard, then he should return home. I explained to him that the purpose of the wealth with which he had been divinely endowed was to care for his needs, and his interests. It was also for use to defend his honour and integrity. For these reasons, I urged him to return home.

Thereafter, Mike returned home. Nobody touched him and no institution has prosecuted him because there was no genuine reason from the onset for anybody to touch him. However, the construction project at Bells University slowed considerably while Mike was in exile and a few solicitous calls from Obasanjo to Mike while he was in exile did not change the pace of work. On his return from exile, the school Bells University had the temerity to write to him seeking for a meeting to discuss the continuation of the project. When I got to know, I offered to be in attendance at the meeting and sent word round that I would be in attendance. I had the intention to lambast all of them. They must have sensed it because up till now, the meeting has not been held!

All the enormous goodwill which Obasanjo carried into office was squandered with a performance that left him with a second term short of tangible achievements. Eight years in office was ample time to put electricity on a very strong footing. Eight years was enough to put down a strong foot against corruption and make a clear difference. Eight years was adequate for orderliness and the rule of law to triumph in every facet of our society. These were the basis upon which I gave him my support for the office. Some new State Governors have shown how much good can be achieved in a shorter time.” (The Nation)

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