Execution Of Nigerian In Saudi: Pathetic, Tragic – Abike Dabiri-Erewa |The Republican News

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said execution of a Nigerian woman by Saudi Arabia Government over drug-related matters was pathetic and tragic.

Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (TheNation)
Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (TheNation)


Dabiri-Erewa said in a statement by her Media aide, Abdur-Rahman Balogun, on Tuesday in Abuja, that the news of the tragedy was painful.

According to her, it is regrettable that in spite of wise counsel for Nigerians travelling to Saudi Arabia by relevant government agencies to obey the countrys laws, some Nigerians still go and foul the law.

Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (ElitesNigeria)

This particular execution is very worrisome, especially when over eight Nigerians have been killed in the past few years over the same issue in Saudi Arabia, she said.

The presidents aide disclosed that no fewer than 20 Nigerians were currently on death row in Saudi Arabia and that many were in prisons serving various jail terms.

Our major concern, however,is whether the trial was fair to the convicts as it was not open and some of them were said to be implicated without a defence counsel.

Dabiri-Erewa said that Nigerian government had made pleas on behalf of some Nigerians, to the Saudi Arabia government, to temper justice with mercy, but that it had not yielded positive results.

We are not saying our citizens in Saudi Arabia should be committing crimes, but we want Saudi Arabia to temper justice with mercy especially on offences that carry capital punishment.

We are appealing again to our citizens to avoid crime and criminality in Saudi Arabia and other countries and be good ambassadors to Nigeria anywhere they go, she said.

Saudi Arabias Interior Ministry had said that four persons, including one woman, were executed on Monday for drug trafficking, bringing to 53 the number of persons put to death for offences with capital punishment this year.

Two Pakistani men, a Yemeni man and a Nigerian woman were executed in the holy city of Makkah, the ministry said ina statement.

In 2018, Saudi Arabia carried out death sentences on 120 persons for dealing in illicit drugs and some other related offences.  (NAN)


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Xenophobia: South Africans Believe Nigerian Men Are Taking Their Women, Says Dabiri-Erewa


Special Adviser to the President on Foreign Affairs, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa

The Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa on Saturday said South African politicians fuel xenophobic attacks by telling citizens that foreigners, including Nigerians, are dating their women and taking their jobs.

Speaking on a television programme, she admitted that there were foreigners who commit crime in South Africa, and they can be dealt with, but not by discriminating against Nigerians or any other race or country, an online news medium, The Cable reports.

Dabiri-Erewa who spoke on The Osasu Show, noted that xenophobic attacks in South Africa were driven by hate speech and misinformation.

She said, “There are people who commit crime in South Africa, such people are in any country. If South Africa is fighting crime; let it fight crime, not fight brothers and sisters, who are legitimately working in South Africa,

“Don’t forget that these attacks happened in the past. This is the seventh attack. The last one was in 2015… the king of Zulu made some remarks that were inciting, that led to the last attack.

“This particular one, let’s look at the circumstances. Fine, there are economic issues everywhere in the world. Politicians are campaigning and telling their people, ‘you know what, drive these criminals away, they are taking your jobs, and they are taking your women too’.”The SSA advised South Africa companies operating in Nigeria to do more to educate South Africans on the need to stop xenophobia.

She said, “Imagine MTN sending text messages to everyone in South Africa, saying Xenophobia is bad, don’t do this and that.

“They should embark on some corporate social responsibility. Those multinationals should get up and do something. DStv should be doing various jingles on why xenophobia is bad, they should take over the awareness campaign.”   (

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United States Embassy Releases Statement On Nigerians Travel To U.S

By Ike A. Offor
In what has been seen as a clash of interest and cracks in the government when special adviser to the president on foreign affairs, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa handed out some travel advisory, which was later countered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the U.S embassy gives out some clarification to all that.
Abike Dabiri-Erewa has been criticised in some quarters as trying to do someone else job, referring to the job of the Minister of Foreign Affiars, Mr Geoffrey Onyeama, whose ministerial job it is to hand out travel advises to Nigerians.
While some quarters saw  it that she was worried about few cases of Nigerians being turned back from the United States on their arrival at their various ports of entry. There have been cases of some citizens of Nigeria been humiliated with questionnaires about their jobs right at the airport. One Engr. Emmanuel Omin was given a test at the airport to prove his capability as a software engineer, though he was invited by U.S. Software company Andela for a job.
The U.S. Embassy gave out this statement in its website to clearly state that Nigerians should not be afraid of traveling to the United States.
Here is the official statement:
The U.S. Embassy in Abuja wishes to clarify that there is no reason for Nigerians with valid visas to postpone or cancel their travel to the United States.
Nigeria is not named in the Executive Order on Immigration issued on March 6, and there is no prohibition against Nigerian lawful permanent residents or persons with a valid visa or other U.S. government authorization from entering the United States.

U.S. Travel Caution, Rebuttal From Minister Signals Clash Of Interest


Adelani Adepegba,  Abuja

There are strong indications  that the United States of America authorities’ refusal to allow some Nigerians with valid  visas entry into  the US  has caused a division in the Federal Government.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, on Tuesday countered a travel advisory by the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, barely 24 hours after it was issued.

Onyeama, at  a press conference in Abuja, stated  that Nigerians with valid US visas were free to embark on their trips.

Our correspondent gathered on Tuesday that certain elements in the Federal Government were displeased with the advisory issued by Dabiri-Erewa in which she advised Nigerians against visiting the US for now until there is clarity on US President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy.

The advisory, which was against the backdrop of the barring of some Nigerians at the US  ports of entry, was believed to have offended some top functionaries of the government.

A source said that Onyeama might have been directed to issue a rebuttal on the advisory in order to assert his position as the one in charge of the nation’s diplomatic relations.

The source said, “The rebuttal of Dabiri-Erewa’s travel advisory clearly exposes the division in the Federal Government. For the minister to have issued a counter-advisory without broaching the issue with the SSA (Dabiri-Erewa) or even taking time to find out the veracity of the report confirms the deep crack in the government.

“Onyeama may have been pressured to stick his neck out  by a top member of the cabal and this is clear from the hastily organised press briefing he held.”

Onyeama  at the briefing refuted the report  that Nigerians were being sent back at the US borders, adding that he had reached out to the US ambassador who he said denied the incident.

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He insisted that his ministry was the right authority to speak on the nation’s external relations and asked the public to ignore the alleged barring of Nigerians by the US Government.

The minister stressed that the most authentic sources of information on the issue of the nation’s foreign relations should be the President’s spokespersons and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He said, “On the issue of Nigerians being turned back from the US, this is not the case. If the Nigerian government is speaking on any external relations, you will hear it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Office of the President.

“I have reached out to the US Ambassador to Nigeria and the country’s high level officials who said nothing of such had happened. I can tell you to ignore the advice to reconsider travelling to the US because there is no basis for that,” he added.

Onyeama said Nigeria is not among the countries currently under US travel ban, noting that both countries enjoyed cordial bilateral relations.

Dabiri-Erewa had said that at least four Nigerians were denied entry into the US in the last two weeks, adding that her office had been receiving reports about the incident.

She advised Nigerians without any compelling or essential reasons to visit the US to consider delaying their trips “until there is clarity on the new immigration policy.”

But a victim of the US travel ban, Francis Adekola, had narrated to The PUNCH how he was detained for over 10 hours at the Atlanta Airport on February 15 and then placed on the next available flight  and returned to Abuja via Johannesburg.

A software engineer, Celestine Omin, had also tweeted his experience with the US border protection guards who delayed him and subjected him to mental humiliation when he visited America on the invitation of a tech firm, Andela.

The US Mission to Nigeria, however, denied that Nigerian citizens were barred from visiting America, pointing out that those denied entry might have had immigration issues peculiar to them.

The embassy spokesman, Russel Brooks, said Nigeria was not among countries affected by Trump’s executive order on immigration.

“On the statement  issued by the special assistant to the president, again Nigeria was not named among the six countries, Nigerians are still able to travel to the US just as they were previously. An individual’s ability to travel to the US is based on that individual’s circumstances,” Brooks said, noting that the US Department of Homeland Security which  was in charge of all the US ports of entry was free to allow or deny entry to any visitor.

He advised those barred from entering America to contact the homeland security department for clarification on their cases.

Meanwhile, a group, the Nigerian Coalition for Quality Governance, has tackled the minister for defending the US travel ban, saying he should rather put Nigeria first.

In a statement by its National Coordinator, Gbenga Omoniya, it said Onyeama should have been circumspect in issuing his denial  “if he had taken the time to go through the experience of Mr. Adekola.”

It said, “While we’re not questioning the right of the foreign minister to an issue that borders on foreign policy as this, Mr. Onyeama has undoubtedly put the wrong foot forward in calling on Nigerians to ignore this travel advisory in the face of verifiable evidence that Nigerians are being unfairly targeted and included in the dragnet of the US immigration authorities.”

The group admonished the minister “to wake up to his responsibility” and put the nation first.

It asked him to confirm the cases of those affected by the travel ban many of whom it noted might have had no one to complain to.

“Rather than engaging in spurious denials that has no basis in fact, we enjoin the Foreign Affairs minister to collaborate with the relevant agencies of the Federal Government in making sure that Nigerians are treated with dignity and respect wherever they may be; Trump is putting America first, Onyeama should put Nigerians first,” the group admonished.  (

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Avoid Travel To United States, FG Advises Nigerians |The Republican News


Special Adviser to the President on Foreign Affairs, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa

Nigeria is advising its citizens against all but essential travel to the United States because of the lack of clarity on new immigration rules, the government said on Monday.

A special adviser to the president on foreign affairs, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said in a statement that Nigerians “without any compelling or essential reasons” should consider delaying.

“In the last few weeks, the office has received a few cases of Nigerians with valid multiple-entry US visas being denied entry and sent back to Nigeria,” she said.

“In such cases reported to the office, such affected persons were sent back immediately on the next available flight and their visas were cancelled.”

Dabiri-Erewa said “no reasons were given for the decision by the US immigration authorities”.

The recommendation to postpone trips was given “until there is clarity on the new immigration policy” from Washington, she added.

Of the 2.1 million African immigrants living in the United States in 2015, 327,000 were born in Nigeria, according to data from the Pew Research Center, published in February.

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on January 27 to bar people from seven, Muslim-majority countries from travelling to the United States for 90 days.

It also stopped all refugees for 120 days and Syrian refugees permanently. The ban caused global outrage, as well as chaos across the United States, before it was frozen by a legal ruling.

Trump is expected to sign a revised travel ban on Monday.


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