Herdsmen Flee As Eastern Security Network Invades Fulani Camp In Abia, Kills Many Cows |The Republican News

Eastern Security Network

■ We are formidable, we have dealt with them, their cows are dead, we have chased them away.

Operatives of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) have reportedly invaded the camp of Fulani herdsmen in Isiukwuato, Abia State, chasing them away and killing dozens of their cows.

In a video shared by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, and seen by SaharaReporters, ESN operatives were seen burning houses and cows allegedly belonging to the herdsmen.

“Video of men at work last night across all the towns and villages of the old Bende Division, especially Isiukwuato,” Kanu captioned the video shared on his Facebook page.

“ESN has commenced the combing of parts of Isiukwuato forests last night and engagement with the enemy is ongoing and will continue until they no longer present a threat to our communities along that axis.

“Our intel so far has revealed that those terrorising Isiukwuato are rogue elements in the Nigerian Army & police who pass on their victims to Fulani killer herdsmen. #ESN shall find and neutralise these murderers and kidnappers in the coming days, be rest assured.”

A lady was also heard in the video accusing the Fulani of being behind the rising insecurity in the Eastern region.

“We are here to tell these idiots, these stupid Fulani that this place is not for them, they must leave our land. We are formidable, we have dealt with them, their cows are dead, we have chased them away,” she said.

“They should leave our land, there is no place for them. We cannot allow you to stay in our land, you kill our people, you rape our women, you think you will go scot free, there is no place for you. These are their houses, we are setting fire on (sic) it. They should leave our land.”

Kanu had in December 2020 launched ESN to protect the people of South-East and South-South regions from terrorists and bandits allegedly trooping in from the North.

The IPOB leader described the outfit as a replica of the Western Nigeria Security Network, also known as Amotekun, earlier launched by the governors of the South-West to curb insecurity in the region.

“The sole aim and objective of this newly formed security outfit known as Eastern Security Network is to halt every criminal activity and terrorist attack on Biafraland,” Kanu had said.

“This outfit, which is a vigilante group like the Amotekun in the South-West and the Miyetti Allah security outfit, will ensure the safety of our forests and farmland which terrorists have converted into slaughter grounds and raping fields.”

SaharaReporters reported that the military search had been ongoing for days, and had no time frame, as the army was acting on “orders from above.”

From drones and hidden cameras believed to be installed by the ESN, a video captured the Nigerian Army helicopters and their vehicles and soldiers searching for the camp of the ESN to make arrests.

However, there have been clashes between the military and ESN operatives in Orlu, Imo State, leading to the death of at least five persons.

Recently, it was also learnt that some Nigerian soldiers resigned and joined the ESN, on the grounds that the ESN, being funded by both international and local donors, had better welfare packages for its officers than the military.

“The Kanu ESN boys are not a bunch of rookies and untrained fellows brandishing guns. I personally know five guys from my hometown in Anambra State who left the Nigerian Army to join the ESN. Two of them were formerly serving in Operation Lafiya Dole, Borno State, before they quit.

“We are being reliably informed that there are other soldiers, particularly of the South-East extraction, who will soon leave for other various reasons and they are likely to be recruited into the fold,” a military source told SaharaReporters.

In July 2012, about 356 soldiers in the North-East and other theatres of operation had resigned from the army – some on voluntary retirement, while others cited loss of interest as their reason for disengagement. (SaharaReporters)

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PDP Will Not Win Any Seat In Abia Come 2019 – BB Apugo |The Republican News

A member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Prince Benedict Benjamin Apugo has said that the APC would win Abia, in 2019.
President Buhari last week went back to London over his health condition; do you think the president is still capable of carrying on with the affairs of the country effectively?
Mr. President has gone for a medical checkup just like any other human being could have done; I don’t see any strange thing in it. It is the people who are mischievous that are creating all these nonsense. But we here are praying that God Almighty will continue to grant the president good health to continue with the good intention he has for this country. I don’t think anybody should have cause to fear, he will return safely and continue with his good works.
The leadership of the National Assembly has come out openly to condemn the anti-corruption war by the present administration. What’s your take on this?
Well, the problem is that these people who are corrupt are fighting back but I don’t know the extent they will go. We need a strong judiciary to be able to handle these corruption cases. You see, when a corrupt person who looted his state goes to the senate, you bring a bill for anti-corruption court,  what do you think the person will do?” You think he will let it sail through? That is exactly what is happening. I don’t think the strategy being employed for the anti-corruption war is bad, but the people fighting back are making it look childish because most of them in the senate there are supposed to be in jail. Like my own former governor, he is supposed to be in jail. So, that is why it looks like nothing is happening. They are not supposed to say those words they said the other day. It makes mockery of the red chamber, they should guard their utterances and not to betray the trust the people have in them.
We were told that Gov Okezie Ikpeazu visited you last week Thursday for the first time since he became governor, how do you feel about the visit?
Well, I am an Abia indigene. You see sometimes our people don’t know how to play politics, for the fact that people belong to different political parties should not make them enemies. But because of the selfish posture of certain people that have managed Abia politics, that is why it looked like heaven fell down when Gov Okezie Ikpeazu came to pay me a courtesy call. Last week Thursday was the first time he was visiting since he became the governor. So, he is our governor and I use this opportunity to congratulate him for his victory even though it was Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) internal matter, but it is victory and I congratulate him for that.
People are of the opinion that the governor’s visit was a bit late, do you see it that way?
Well, people are entitled to their opinions, they might see it that the visit came very, very late, but the fact remains he visited and I have accepted him. I accepted him because he is not TA Orji’s governor; he is governor for all Abians. Like I have always said, within this period he is governor of Abia State, he should use it to answer his name which is Ikpeazu, not TA Orji because I believe he has been answering the name of his predecessor. He (Ikpeazu) is a young man who should have his name immortalised for what he will do in Abia State.
Now that Ikpeazu is going to be the governor of the state till 2019, do you think he is going to bring the much needed infrastructural development to Abia State?
If he wants to immortalise his name, like I told him when he visited me, he should work for Abia people and forget about using Abia money to give T.A Orji as a way of paying him back for facilitating his election. I am repeating it; he should use such money to develop Abia state instead of sharing it out to people who do not mean well for the state.
What are those things you will want the governor to do while in office?
I made the governor to understand that we cannot develop Abia without an outlet and the easiest outlet Abia should have is the Airport, whether it is cargo or airstrip where somebody can fly from Abuja or Lagos and land, go round Abia and see places to enable him or her decide on the type of investment he would want to invest in, in the state. I advised the governor on job creation and also on the need to develop our tourist sites that will enable people to visit Abia state because nobody is coming here; the immediate past governor, T.A Orji killed this state. Nobody comes to Abia state and if people don’t come, how would they know that there is a place call Abia state? I advised him on these and I believe very strongly will do something about them.
Do you see the visit as a way of trying to reach out to the opposition particularly those in the APC?

People may be saying with the visit, I will now be interested in what Abia state government is doing. But the fact remains that  over the years because of what has been happening, I have not been interested in Abia state government. I am interested in Abia state, not the government. I will be interested in Abia government if Gov Ikpeazu starts implementing one or two of those things I have asked him to do. I’m not talking about APC, if the governor wants to join APC he is free to join. APC is a political party that anybody can join and a lot of people are joining now. But when we say people are free to join APC, not people like T.A Orji because he is a political liability and will remain perpetually so.
What is your advice to those that contested the election with the governor and later took him to court, but lost?
My advice is that Ikpeazu should embrace them, he should even visit them and they too should take it as a game. I have said it earlier that because people are in different political parties should not make them enemies. So, Ikpeazu should embrace them, so that they can all work together for the interest of Abia people. And if they have advice, they should go and give him, Ikpeazu should open his hands and door and receive them. Ikpeazu should not be afraid of T.A Orji again because now, he has gotten some people backing him unlike before when he felt it was only T.A Orji that was backing him.
Abia state is controlled by PDP; recently you said your party APC will win the state in 2019. How possible with that be?
APC will make it in 2019. If Ikpeazu wants to join my party, like I said earlier, he is free, in fact everybody is free except the person I told you earlier is a political liability and everybody knows that. But if it is PDP, forget about that because it cannot win even council election.
APC will win in all the zones. Forget about what T.A Orji’s boast the other time, where he said he has never lost any election and he will continue to win. Where did he win the election? Did he win by getting three votes in his boot as a sitting governor? We know how he has been wining the elections and he knows that those things that have been aiding him are no longer there. He is now like a short distance runner who had always been aided by the wind to win his race and suddenly the wind ceases and the runner crashes out.
T.A Orji did not win anything; it was all those nonsense that happened during former President Goodluck Jonathan that aided him, he did not win anything. Even in our village here, when he backed some people to contest our village election, he lost all in Ibeku land and he has now resorted to using the court to remove the person that won. But we will make sure it does not happen.                   (The Sun)

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South East Senate Caucus To Boycott Buhari’s Town Hall Parley |The Republican News

Image result for south east senate caucus

SouthEast Senate Caucus members with President Buhari

The Southeast Senate Caucus yesterday resolved to boycott today’s town hall meeting with President Mohammadu Buhari in Enugu.

President Buhari is scheduled to hold what the organisers called the Economic and Security Summit with stakeholders in the region today.

Caucus Chairman Enyinnaya Abaribe said the region’s senators would stay away from the town hall meeting.

The senator cited lack of adequately consultation as the reason for their resolution to boycott the meeting.

But the Abia South senator admitted that though there was an attempt to consult the caucus prior to the meeting, it was not adequate.

He said: “The Southeast Senate Caucus will not attend a planned town hall meeting with Mr. President in Enugu, having not been adequately consulted.

“Again, it is the view of the caucus that what the Southeast needs is development and not to be tagged with any other issue like security. The Southeast has been utterly neglected and marginalised over time, especially with regard to addressing factors that stimulates development, including the place of the Ndigbo in the present administration.

“So, if we are to hold a town hall meeting, the agenda must be restricted to purely the development of the region. The agenda must be articulated to address the issues as highlighted.

“This has not been done. That is where the issue of lack of adequate consultation comes in.” (The Nation)

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Abia Governor Tells Senate Committee To Facilitate Federal Roads’ Repair |The Republican News

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Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has said availability of roads, like the oil, lubricates trade and commerce.
The governor urged the Federal Government to repair its roads in the Southeast and Southsouth.
Ikpeazu spoke in Umuahia, the state capital, when he hosted members of the Senate Committee on Works, led by Kabiru Gaya.
The governor noted that when roads are in good condition, they aid economic activities and help states to increase their revenue base.
He said bad roads in the Southsouth and Southeast, especially Abia, made it difficult for commerce and business survival.
According to him, a journey from Aba to Ikot Ekpene or Aba to Port Harcourt, which took 30 minutes, currently takes up to five hours.
Ikpeazu said most federal roads in the state, including the Aba Ikot Ekpene, the Umuahia Ikot Ekpene, the Ohafia-Arochukwu Federal roads, posed a threat to lives and property and endangered the security of communities.
The governor said good roads and electricity were essential for the five policy pillars of his administration.
He said trade and commerce were key factors in the policy.
Ikpeazu urged the Senate committee to ensure that Federal roads in the state were repaired.
Gaya said the committee was in the state to inspect some deplorable Federal roads as part of their oversight function.
The senator assured that the committee would report its findings to the Senate.
He said the committee would ensure that contractors handling Federal roads carried out their functions well.
Gaya said the Federal Government was committed to providing good roads to Nigerians to save lives and reduce man-hours commuters wasted on the roads.
The senator hailed Ikpeazu for developing the state and uniting the senators from Abia to ensure that the bad roads in state were given attention. (

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