Actress Taken To Hospital After Another Suicide Attempt |The Republican News

Actress: Princess Shyngle


Controversial Gambian-born Ghanaian actress, Princess Shyngle, was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after she attempted suicide again.

The actress, who attempted suicide in 2018, made another attempt on her life in the United States of America and is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

This is the second time the actress will be attempting suicide in three years

Footage shared online shows her on a hospital bed. A medical report also shows the substances she consumed in her attempt to end her life.

“Depression is real. I gat this,” she captioned the video which has now been deleted off her Instagram insta story.

In 2018, the actress was rescued by a neighbour and rushed to a hospital in Lekki, Lagos, after taking an overdose of a medication. She reportedly also drank bleach.

Though in an Insta-story post back then, Princess Shyngle who debunked the suicide attempt report, stated that she had a nervous breakdown which landed her in the hospital.

She also admitted that she has been battling depression, as she thanked those who stood by her during her stay in the hospital.

Recall the movie star recently announced that she was getting divorced from her husband, Gibou Bala Gaye, three months after their marriage.

According to her, she was leaving her husband over domestic violence allegation.

She also shared receipts and audio recordings of her estranged husband confessing to domestically abusing her. (The Nation/Agency reports)

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BREAKING: Reggae Superstar, Bunny Wailer Is Dead, Aged 73 |The Republican News

Reggae Superstar, Bunny Wailer

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Legendary reggae singer Bunny Wailer died in the Medical Associates Hospital in Kingston this morning. He was 73.

“Yes. He died about 8:00 this morning. I’m still right here with him,” his manager Maxine Stowe told OBSERVER ONLINE a short while ago.

Bunny Wailer had been in and out of hospital since his second stroke in July 2020.

Hailing from Trench Town, Bunny Wailer’s given name is Neville Livingston. He is a founding member of The Wailers, which included Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

Marley died of cancer in May 11, 1981, while Tosh was killed at his St Andrew home on September 11, 1987.

Bunny Wailer’s albums include Blackheart Man, released in 1976, and Rock ‘n’ Groove which came out five years later. His hit songs include Cool Runnings, Ballroom Floor, Crucial, and Bald Head Jesus.

In 2017, the Jamaican Government awarded Bunny Wailer an Order of Merit, the country’s fourth highest honour. The Government again recognised his contribution to Jamaican music in February 2019 with a Reggae Gold Award.

Brian Bonitto

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See Beautiful Photos Of Ghanaian Model Who Dated Both Davido, Wizkid Before They Became Superstars


Nish Kards is a beautiful Ghanaian model who allegedly warmed the beds of Davido and Wizkid years ago when they were yet to attain this superstardom pool they both swim in now.

Nish Kards

The light-skinned model was born in Ghana on September 13, 1981. Often known as Ghana’s Kim Kardashian, the elegant lady gained attention for being in a romantic relationship with Nigerian superstars such as Davido and Wizkid.


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Nollywood Actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim Says She Removed Her Womb To Live A Normal Life |RN


Nollywood actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim

Nse Ikpe-Etim, the Nollywood actress who won the ‘Best Actress in a Drama’ award at the 2014 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards amongst other awards, has revealed that she had to remove her womb to live a normal life. The 44-year-old actress who rose to prominence in 2008 for her role in ‘Reloaded’, engaged her fans with her life ahead of the premiere of ‘Heaven’s Hell’ which she featured in. In an event tagged ‘Conversation with Nse’, she disclosed that her father died when she was 15, leaving only her mother, who was a teacher, to take on the burden of raising the family.
Nse Ikpe-Etim who disclosed that she is never going to have a baby, revealed that she removed her womb to live a normal life after she was diagnosed three years ago with Adenomyosis (a condition whereby the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus).
“I was told I couldn’t have kids,” she said to the now sombre audience. “And so, I had to have a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) to make me have a life again and to stop going through what I was going through. And I’m literarily telling women and men, it really doesn’t matter if you can’t bear children. What really matters is what you would do for the world, for the universe. Tears dropped and then my husband squeezed my hand. It was reassuring there was someone there and it was telling me that this is reality, my reality.”   (Unclesuru)
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“Mr P” Peter Okoye Slept With My Wife, Ruined My Marriage, I’ll Revenge, Diamond Platnumz Alleges |RN

The Nigerian music industry in 2019 continues to be notorious for artistes controversies, and another one which could be the father of all music controversies that have happened in 2019 could probably be hitting the industry sooner than expected.

Tanzanian singer; Diamond Plantnumz has accused former P-Square Co-member, Peter Okoye popularly known as Mr P of sleeping with his wife, Zaria. The singer revealed in an interview with his radio station, Wasafi FM that Mr P through that act, caused his marriage with Zaria to crash.

However, after making such bold revelation, Diamond’s Ex-wife has taken to social media to debunk the news, calling her ex-husband a pathological liar who once denied his own child.

She said; “I was about to sleep and people started sending me these voice notes about how Nasibo (Diamond Plantnumz) went to his radio tarnishing me, how i had a relationship with P-square, my personal trainer and all those things. And i’m just here thinking if you guys are gonna believe any words that come from a man like him, the same man who denied his own blood.

“If you all are gonna believe anything he say, then you all are just stupid just like him.”

Mr P is married to Lola Okoye who has bore two kids Cameron & Aliona for him. He is however yet to give a response to the accusation by Diamond, but we hope he does that quickly so this wouldn’t facilitate the end of his marriage.

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Chief Osita Osadebe, Highlife Maestro’s Son, Onyinye Is Dead |The Republican News

                                                             Late Onyinye Osadebe


The first son of late Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, Onyinye Osadebe, has died.

The sad news of his death was confirmed and revealed by popular Nollywood producer, Crystal Touch movies boss.

Crystal Touch boss wrote: “What a world!!! Good night Onyinye Osadebe (Afunwaelotanna) I thought you are here to keep up your fathers legacy, it’s so sad you are gone too soon! May your soul rest in peace #SonoftheLateChiefStephenOsitaOsadebe! Adieu Afunwa!”

It would be recalled that few years ago, Onyinye Osadebe was crowned the Igbo Highlife King.

The coronation was carried out by the Governor of PMAN, Dr. Prince Emeka Morocco Maduka (Eze Egwu Ekpili), who believes that Onyinye Osita Osadebe will replace his Late father as a King of Highlife.

“Onyinye is a very good artiste that he will be greater than his late father Osita Osadebe that Nigerians”. Dr Maduka had declared.

The Igbo music veteran, Late Dr Ozoemena Nsugbe, before his death also predicted that a new king of highlife will soon emerge and it would be Onyinye Osita Osadebe.

Onyinye Osita Osadebe was born in 1990 and graduated from Enugu State University of Science and Technology with a degree in MicroBiology and Brewing.

Recalled that last year September, one of the late highlife musician sons, Okechukwu Osadebe, 18, was killed in a flood that ravaged Atani in Ogbaru local government area of Anambra state.   (BrushNewsonline)


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BREAKING: Reggae Music Star, Ras Kimono Passes On |RN


Reggae music legend, Ras Kimono

Reggae legend, Ukeleke Onwubya, popularly known as Ras Kimono, is dead.

The singer reportedly died on Sunday in a Lagos hospital after a brief illness.

In a recent chat with PUNCH, the reggae star said, he had been a vegetarian for over 37 years and neither smoked nor drunk alcohol.

He said, “I have never smoked and I don’t drink alcohol. I tell people I have been a vegetarian for 37 years. Even when my friends were having sex with two girls at the same time in those days, I didn’t join them. I have never done what these girls and boys call threesome despite being famous and I am sure there are other people who have never done that too.

“When people attribute recklessness to youthful exuberance, I get worried because I once passed through that stage too. I believe it is all about your upbringing. The fact that you are young doesn’t mean you should be wayward.” (Punch)

Details soon.

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Pairing Me With Paw Paw Was Becoming Boring – Aki |The Republican News



Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze

Famous comic actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, has entertained Nigerians home and abroad for nearly two decades. Understandably so, the actor seeks to manifest his versatility through contemporary movies hence his involvement in the award-winning soap opera, The Johnsons. In this interview with LANRE ODUKOYA, he speaks about his latest cinema work, Lara and The Beat, childhood aspirations, being married and sundry issues.

How do you feel today that you’ve become famous and rich by the industry standard?
I feel happy and grateful to God that finally, I can see that I’m living my dream. Of course, everybody wants to be better than who he is today. When I was growing up, I wanted to be in the limelight, I didn’t just want to make money, I wanted to be known as well. I think I’ve paid my dues and now deserve some accolades.

What are the prices you’re paying for stardom?
The kind of life I want to live sometimes, I realise that I cannot live it and it bothers me. I just want to follow everybody to the football pitch and play soccer like them, walk down the road without people trying to touch me and ask for the time I truly don’t have. Being a celebrity has taken away my privacy almost completely.

How is life as a married man?
Well, you can tell how life has been in marriage from the way my skin glows and the joy written all over my face. It’s been a beautiful journey really. But you know I really don’t talk about my family like that.

You played ‘Big Chi’ in the movie titled Lara and The Beat, how was the experience?
Big Chi is larger than life character and I enjoyed playing it. I love it because I’d also been looking for the kind of role that pairs me with another person the whole industry knows me with. That tag team characterisation was beginning to bore me. Like I said, playing in the village setting where you wear tattered clothes and go about around the streams or the market shouldn’t just stereotype me. Of course, you know I’m in The Johnsons series already. And that tells people how versatile I am as an actor. Lara and The Beat is a professionally done job. When I got on set, I realised that every single person was a professional. With the calibre of professionals I met, I didn’t have to sweat too much to deliver my part.

How was it like acting alongside the songstress, Seyi Shay, who was a ‘first-timer’?
Well, she tried. Initially, when we met on set for the first time, I saw a bit of naivety in her and she was confessing, “sorry o, it’s my first time”, I understood that and as time went by, she dug into the character, she started becoming Lara and she was awesome at the end of the day.

With the insight the movie gave into running a record label, would you consider delving into the music business?
I’m an Igbo man first of all so I won’t rule that out. As an Igbo man, we do businesses and maximize profits. So, whatever would make me earn more money, I can never be averse to it. I’m a movie producer already. I have short and I have another feature film I did that was shot in Dallas, the United States, it’s titled: Take the Spotlight and it’s a Hollywood vs Nollywood movie.

At the time you started, the cinema culture hasn’t been imbibed, how does it make you feel to see yourself now on the big screen?
I’m so happy and it makes me realise that as we have this transformation and transition, I grow with the development. From the normal things we do like Enugu and Asaba movies to doing a sitcom in the leading city that has been running for four years now and being on set every passing day on the production is a privilege I’m grateful for. I did a cameo appearance in the movie titled The Meeting and Omoni Oboli’s flick, First Lady, had previously brought me to the big screen. Owing to my time, they usually create a little space for me so that I can attend to other engagements.

Do you actually miss the village clown stereotype roles that made you popular?
The truth is that it’s the kind of movies people want because they want to laugh. A lot of my guys in Europe and America always tell me; “my brother, those are the movies we want to watch.” They want something that would remind them of where they’re coming from. When you begin to do contemporary movies where you want to sound more American than Americans, they don’t like it. So, what I give depends on what the audience wants.

When setting out in life, what was the first thing you ever wanted to be?
My brother, it has changed from time to time. I wanted to be a lawyer, later I wanted to be an engineer and also wanted to be a medical doctor too. That was how hot the brain was. My uncle was a medical doctor and I wanted to be like him.  (New Telegraph)

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The Problem With R Kelly: How The Star Is Finally Facing The Music |RN

Katie Bain
R Kelly in concert in February 2018.           © Getty Images R Kelly in concert in February 2018.  

R Kelly’s 25-year career has been defined by two constants: allegations of sexual misconduct involving underage women and a succession of hits that helped insulate the R&B superstar from the legal repercussions of these claims.

Rumours about Kelly have swirled since the Chicago native swaggered onto the R&B charts with the release of his 1993 debut solo LP 12 Play. The title was a wink to the carnal braggadocio that would come to define much of Kelly’s output, with the title implying that while other men offered foreplay, Kelly’s sexual prowess was three times as potent. It would in retrospect be a foreboding declaration.

The title of Kelly’s next collaboration was similarly suggestive, if more problematic. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number, the 1994 debut from R&B singer Aaliyah, was co-produced by Kelly and named after a track he had written for her. Kelly was 27 at the time. Aaliyah was 15. In a 1994 interview she called him her “best friend in the whole wide world”, and in August year they were married at a Chicago suburb Sheraton with a forged marriage certificate falsely stating Aaliyah was 18.

Divorce proceedings began two days later when her family learned of the wedding. The marriage was annulled by fall. Aaliyah received $100 from Kelly as part of a settlement also stating she would not pursue legal action and neither would publicly discuss the matter (Kelly has long denied the pair had a sexual relationship). Age Ain’t Nothing’ But a Number went platinum, and Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash eight years later.

Halle Calhoun and R Kelly attend a Party at Gold Room on August 7, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.© 2016 Prince Williams Halle Calhoun and R Kelly attend a Party at Gold Room on August 7, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia.  

While the singer was Kelly’s most famous target, their relationship demonstrated a template repeated with scores of underage women, some allegedly as young as 14 and almost all of them black. Lawsuits and stories define Kelly as controlling and physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually abusive.

Myriad women say he lured them with talk of boosting their singing careers before manipulating them into obedience and servitude (Kelly “unequivocally” denied the allegations, claiming to be “alarmed and disturbed” by their existence). Critics allege that society’s entrenched bias against black women and its subsequent failure to protect this demographic has allowed Kelly to maintain his star power, while high-powered men like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Louis CK have seen their careers swiftly crumble in the face of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

R. Kelly attends a Party at Gold Room on August 7, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.© 2016 Prince Williams R. Kelly attends a Party at Gold Room on August 7, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia.  

“The bottom line is that R Kelly and his victims are the perfect storm of people we don’t care about,” activist Kenyette Tisha Barnes, who started the #MuteRKelly campaign last year, recently told BuzzFeed. “We protect problematic black men in the black community, and we discard black girls in all communities.”

But a new wave of allegations and the reinvigoration of #MuteRKelly have brought decades worth of charges back into the spotlight. On 30 April, the Women of Color faction of Time’s Up threw its support behind #MuteRKelly, with prominent black entertainers including Ava DuVernay, Shonda Rhimes, Viola Davis and John Legend calling for “investigations and inquiries into the allegations of abuse made by women of color and their families for two decades now”.

The campaign is also demanding corporations including RCA Records, Ticketmaster, Apple Music and Spotify cut ties with the singer. In response to the campaign Kelly’s management has referred to it as an “attempted public lynching of a black man who has made extraordinary contributions to our culture”.

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 06:  R. Kelly performs onstage at TD Garden on October 6, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Natasha Moustache/Getty Images)© 2016 Natasha Moustache BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 06: R. Kelly performs onstage at TD Garden on October 6, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Natasha Moustache/Getty Images)  

In a social climate now vastly less tolerant of predatory men, the hope is that Kelly, now 51, might be brought down for good.

Robert Sylvester Kelly was born in Chicago in 1967. Raised by a single mother, he was sexually abused starting at age eight, when he was asked to photograph an adult sexual encounter. In his 2012 autobiography Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me, Kelly wrote of being repeatedly raped by an older female family member and sexually abused by an older man in his neighborhood.

Singer Robert Kelly (aka R. Kelly) was arrested in June 2002 following his indictment in Chicago on 21 counts of child pornography.  (Photo courtesy Bureau of Prisons/Getty Images) Singer Robert Kelly (aka R. Kelly) was arrested in June 2002 following his indictment in Chicago on 21 counts of child pornography. (Photo courtesy Bureau of Prisons/Getty Images)  

Kelly was first accused of having sex with a minor nearly 20 years later. A 1996 lawsuit claimed Tiffany “Tia” Hawkins met Kelly in 1991, when he visited her high school choir class. She was 15. He was 24. Hawkins said they began having sex shortly thereafter, and that the relationship lasted for three years and caused psychological and emotional trauma that led her to attempt suicide.

The case was settled in 1998 with the condition that Hawkins was prohibited from discussing it publicly. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, she received a $250,000 settlement.

By 1996, Kelly’s career had hit the stratosphere. He had written Michael Jackson’s 1995 smash You Are Not Alone and released I Believe I Can Fly, the soaring ballad that became his signature. The song won three Grammys at the 1998 ceremony – best song written for a motion picture, best male R&B performance and best R&B song.

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 27:  R. Kelly Performs During the Hliday Jam at Fox Theater on December 27, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)© 2016 Prince Williams ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 27: R. Kelly Performs During the Holiday Jam at Fox Theater on December 27, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)  

But behind the scenes, Kelly’s social life was unsettling, with underage women often being invited into his circle. In 1999, his former assistant Stephanie “Sparkle” Edwards told Chicago Sun-Times reporter Jim DeRogatis that “[Kelly] likes the babies, and that’s the sickness”.

DeRogatis’ reporting was instrumental in forming a comprehensive narrative of the mounting accusations against Kelly. Published in 2000, his first major report outlined charges including group sex with underage women.

In 2001 and 2002, DeRogatis anonymously received two videotapes showing a man who appeared to be Kelly having sex with two young women of indeterminate age. These tapes were turned over to Chicago police, with the second resulting in 14 child pornography charges against Kelly. It took six years for the case to go to trial.

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 27:  R. Kelly Performs during the Holiday Jam at Fox Theater on December 27, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)© 2016 Prince Williams ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 27: R. Kelly Performs during the Holiday Jam at Fox Theater on December 27, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)  

There was no shortage of other problems in the meantime. A 2001 lawsuit filed by Tracy Sampson claimed Kelly took her virginity when she was 17 and an intern at his label, Epic Records. In April 2002, Patrice Jones filed a lawsuit alleging Kelly had impregnated her when she was underage, and that she was taken to get an abortion by someone in his circle. (Jones said she met Kelly at a Chicago McDonald’s while having dinner with her date and another couple on their prom night.)

In May 2002, Montana Woods filed a suit claiming she was secretly videotaped having sex with Kelly. All three cases were settled out of court for undisclosed sums received in exchange for signing nondisclosure agreements. Susan E Loggans, the lawyer who represented two of these women, told the Chicago Sun-Times that Kelly made additional payments to several women who threatened similar lawsuits.

“The thing that makes me sick to my stomach is it’s impossible, in Chicago, to walk three or four blocks in the music communities of the south and west side and not find ten people who have stories about R Kelly, or their cousin has a story about him or their sister,” DeRogatis told Vox last July.

FILE- In this Nov. 6, 2015, file photo, R. Kelly performs during the 2015 Soul Train Awards at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. A Mississippi sheriff's deputy is suing singer R. Kelly, alleging that Kelly had a yearslong affair with his wife that broke up his marriage. Representatives of the rhythm and blues crooner, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, didn't immediately return requests for comment Thursday, April 27, 2017. (Photo by Al Powers/ Powers Imagery/Invision/AP, File)© Powers Imagery/Invision/AP FILE- In this Nov. 6, 2015, file photo, R. Kelly performs during the 2015 Soul Train Awards at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. A Mississippi sheriff’s deputy is suing singer R. Kelly… 

In May of 2002, Kelly was arrested on child pornography charges stemming from images found on a camera during a police raid of his home in Florida. (These charges were dropped when a judge ruled that police didn’t have sufficient cause to conduct this raid.) Meanwhile, his 2003 album Chocolate Factory was nominated for a pair of Grammys and featured two of his biggest hits, Step in the Name of Love and Ignition (Remix).

In 2005, Andrea Kelly – who R Kelly married in 1996 and with whom he has three children – filed a protective order against her husband, who she says hit her when she asked for a divorce. The child pornography case went to trial in May 2008. Kelly was found not guilty, as neither the young woman – whom Kelly is seen urinating on in the tape – nor her family would testify.

R Kelly and Halle Coulhoun attend a party at Gold Room on August 7, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.© 2016 Prince Williams R Kelly and Halle Coulhoun attend a party at Gold Room on August 7, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia.  

During the trial, Kelly met Jerhonda Pace, a 15-year-old fan who skipped school to stand outside the courthouse each day. They began having sex a year later. Last July, Pace’s story was published in an exposé by DeRogatis that alleged Kelly kept Pace and other women in an abusive cult, and that he slapped, choked and spit on her when he caught her texting a friend.

Last week, DeRogatis and reporter Marisa Carroll published a story about Lizzette Martinez, who says she began having sex with Kelly when she was 17. (The story also focused on a woman still in Kelly’s “cult” whose parents believe has been brainwashed.) On 4 May, the Washington Post published a piece featuring six women who say they were in abusive relationships with Kelly, including two women telling their stories for the first time.

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 27:  R. Kelly Performs during the Holiday Jam at Fox Theater on December 27, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)© 2016 Prince Williams ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 27: R. Kelly Performs during the Holiday Jam at Fox Theater on December 27, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)  

“R Kelly has close friendships with a number of women who are strong, independent, happy, well cared for and free to come and go as they please,” his management said in response. “We deny the many dark descriptions put forth by instigators and liars who have their own agenda for seeking profit and fame.”

Whether this groundswell against Kelly will result in an indictment remains to be seen. On 26 April, Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault, demonstrating how deeply #MeToo and Time’s Up have permeated the culture. R Kelly has sold 60m albums, but he is hardly at the height of his powers.

There is only one show on his current tour schedule and sources close to him told BuzzFeed his finances and career prospects are dwindling. Meanwhile, #MuteRKelly is trending.

But for as adamantly as Kelly and those around him have maintained his innocence, there also seems to be a part of him that understands the nightmare of getting no acknowledgement from someone who has hurt you.

Singer R Kelly at the Chicago Recording Company in Chicago, Illinois, August 27, 1994. (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)© 2017 Paul Natkin Singer R Kelly at the Chicago Recording Company in Chicago, Illinois, August 27, 1994. (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

[They] didn’t want to talk about it,” Kelly told GQ in 2017 while reflecting on the person who sexually abused him. “[They] didn’t own up to it. Told me: ‘Sometime when you’re kids, you think you’ve been through something or did something, that you didn’t do, probably was a dream.’ Things like that. But it was definitely not a dream.”

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 27:  R. Kelly Performs during the Holiday Jam at Fox Theater on December 27, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

The bad dreams R Kelly has caused for nearly 30 years now seem more real than ever. So, too, does the possibility of finally seeing him held accountable for these crimes.     (The Guardian)

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Obtaining My PhD At 63 Wasn’t Stressful – Alex Usifo |The Republican News




Nollywood actor, Alex Usifo

Ace actor and educationist, Alex Usifo, in this interview with LANRE ODUKOYA, spoke about his career, thirst for education and nagging issues in Nollywood.

Why have you not produced a movie in recent times?
Have you forgotten that I went back to school at some point? I was in school for five years. Doing a PhD programme is not an easy thing. You must have passed through a university before; so, you know what I am saying. Babcock University is not an institution that tolerates absenteeism or laziness. If you are not serious about your education, it will be glaring.

How was the experience studying for a PhD?
I find it disturbing when people say I stressed myself by going back to school for PhD. If you are fond of reading, it can’t be stressful at all. I have always liked education and I read a lot. Once I am not working, I read. What people think or say about you is irrelevant; you should think of why you take such step. If you think about what people would say, you won’t do a thing.
When I wanted to do a diploma degree in mass communication, I was discouraged by many people. They told me journalism would not fetch me money. I was advised to settle for a lucrative course as the media paid poorly. In other words, nothing is good enough for people.

Would you say the postgraduate experience was better than your undergraduate days?
When you are young, your level of concentration may not even be as good as when you are old. When I started my masters, I was already a man capable of producing grandchildren; so I knew what I wanted. I did not need someone to force me to read or tell me what to do. But when I was younger even though I liked education, I didn’t put in 100 percent attention. There are two different stages.

Why did you wait for many years before obtaining your masters and PhD programme?
To get a good education, you need money. I waited until when I would not be a liability to anyone. I waited until no one would say I was disturbing him or her. I didn’t want to rely on anyone to pay my school fees. When it comes to education, there is no age limit as long as you are not sick. If I can still get my lines correctly at my age, why can’t I go to back to school?

Are there plans to become a lecturer someday?
At every point in time in my life, I impact on people; you do not need a PhD to be a lecturer. The knowledge you get from having a PhD can make you a better human person.
But if I just wanted to do a PhD and put the certificate in my house, it is not anyone’s business. The important thing here is that I went back to school because I wanted to. I have reached a stage in my life where what someone thinks about me is not important. The only thing I may consider important is when I am doing the wrong thing. So, we should be worried about people who do illegal things, not those of us who have gone back to school to empower ourselves.

What are those things that have kept you relevant?
I believe in God and the grace has been sufficient for me. I thank God for all I have achieved so far. If I don’t like what I do, why should I continue doing it? I like what I do and I enjoy doing it. They say winners never quit; I refused to quit and that is why I am still relevant. I also try to improve myself as an actor. If you must speak Yoruba or Igbo language, you must speak it very well. The same thing applies to the English language too.

Was there a time you wanted to quit acting?
There was never a time I planned to quit. If you check properly, you will know that my absence was as a result of the need to go back to school. Even before I did my PhD, I needed a break from my masters too. It took me two years to do my masters and five years for my PhD. If you are studying for seven years, your visibility will be reduced.

Why couldn’t you go to school and still act alongside?
The fact that you saw less of me doesn’t mean I didn’t balance it. I was still occasionally going out to shoot. Where did you think I got the money to sponsor myself? I didn’t get a scholarship or loan from anyone. I got my PhD at 63; former President Olusegun Obasanjo got his own at 77. When it is time, people will realise the value of education.

How much fortune have you made from acting?
I don’t lack jobs; I am presently involved in a Yoruba film and I know how much I was paid to be part of that. I just concluded a job in Lagos too, I’m based in Ibadan.
Acting in Nigeria is not bad. We have people who are earning a living from it and we have people who are still trying to make an impact. It is like any other profession; you have those who are making money and those who are not making money. It is also a matter of time for those who are not making money from it yet.
When people say there is no money in acting, does that mean as a civil servant I would be earning more money? I know about all these things; so, I understand what I am saying. The people enjoying as civil servants are at the top. The same thing applies to journalism too. How much does a reporter take home as a graduate? So, why are people concerned about Nollywood? People are fond of blowing anything that has to do with Nollywood out of proportion as if it has never happened before or it has not been happening. Everything we experience in Nigeria happens to all third world countries. You cannot compare acting in America with that of Nigeria because it is a developed country. Nevertheless, we still have people who are doing well in the industry.

Are your children into acting?
They don’t have to. They also have their own aspirations in life. Acting is something anyone can decide to go into eventually. AY did not know that he would become an actor and he is doing well now.
Even if none of my children goes into acting, I will not feel bad because we all have our own destinies. I am not a father that will force any child into anything. My father didn’t force me to become an actor; so why should I force my own children? If a child shows interest, my role is to guide him or her.

How many children are you blessed with?
I have three boys and a girl. I have adopted children that have their own children now; so, I can call those children my grandchildren too. But none of my children has given birth; my eldest child is 20-year-old while the youngest is nine-year-old.

What kind of father are you at home?
It is left for the children to actually speak for me. But I will say I am a wonderful father because I feed them and I pay their bills. They have a car to themselves too that they use whenever they like; so, what else? I also take them to certain places I feel they may want to visit.

Have you ever thought of retiring from acting?
Actors don’t retire; producers don’t retire as well. It is only when you cannot talk or walk, you are no longer useful. If you are blind, you can still act. I am proud to be an actor. As I speak to you now, don’t you hear me well? I am mentally and physically stable. If these things are in place, why shouldn’t I continue acting?

What other things do you do?
I am a consultant; I specialise in knowledge management. But one thing about me is that I don’t lobby for things I know I can do.

Do you have plans to join politics someday?
There is nothing wrong with joining politics, but everything is wrong with the way we play ours in Nigeria. That is why people like me are not interested in politics; I don’t want to be involved in their dirty game. In other countries, politics is not bad. Without politics, how do you govern the people? How do you choose people who will govern you? But even if we vote in Nigeria, it doesn’t count.

What are those things you wish you could have done better?
I don’t have regrets because I am still doing what I have always loved to do. I enjoy acting and I will never leave it except God says I should stop. If God doesn’t say that, I will continue till I die.

How long have you been married?
This year, my marriage will be 25-year-old. God has been wonderful and I have been playing my role well. But the grace of God cannot do certain things for you. There are roles you still have to play as the man of the house if you want your marriage to work.

Do you apologise first when there are issues between you and your wife?
If there is a need for me to apologise, I don’t hesitate. Once there is pride in a relationship, you cannot call it a good relationship. When my wife does wrong too, she apologises. (New Telegraph)

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